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Office, 10 Pearl flt. Tel. 48.
f: - anon Regno..,
XMruv. tfrug. 7J: -. i
fltockert sells carpet ! ... '
Fin engraving af, 1-erTert.,,; . . .
TM Roger' tony Fout beer.,-.-Plumbing
aYKl boating, Blxhy'A Son.'
Lewi Cutler. ftsirrl director, 'phone 17.
Woodring rhdijrtakiqg oompany. Tel. s.
Talk to msffkrj'About it.
,cWn)or Masonic lodge .will bold a epfw-
iiim.1. ui rniui mr worn in me
AND uAre ! .
.A beautiful anM'ornaiTienlar.gaB burner,
the Welfla(l chirk lamp, complete,' U-'ii.
Btephan. I-os CJ9 Wtit Broadway. . .
Mr. nndr. g; B. ttahn of Washington
avenue left lajit evening f0r n aix weeks'
trip to Tex New 'Orleans and California.
nm-btaa and .Mock . Nnrlnn. w ...i
fe. ?ck; A" ot5r "Tane... Penlon
Wlckharn Coal Co.. 10 Pearl street. Both
'phones . , . .,
fZ W. CT?.V.0. P'tur.
Council Bluffs Paint, Oh and Olaaa com
pany, Merrlam Wee.' -
Assistant .County Attomy't. T,. Roeii is
preparing to renwvo- Mm erne the county
court houwf am 'will cwirpy the room
sdjolning- In offloM'of County Attorney
iSS. , ,, , ...I K
r.V jl?1? "fttln thl. evening of
Council Bluffs lodg of Elk thre will
Ml InitlAtinn nll. - j ..
vices. I,uncn will be served at the ciosc
of the, meeting. . . . .
IVtUty Sheriff Clarence 'Wool man yes
terday., received from Ueorge A Lincoln,
state flah ayd gams, waidsu, noUce of bis
appointment as deputy waruen. The posi
tion has been held here by Oft C Drown
Ernest Medley and Vina Smith,' both of
were marriau . yestcraay by Rev
fenrjr LLong.
, . Belaar railed Daw a
For delivering a poor iunjlty of lumber
w j - ' ItULB Ul
" " m uuvpiii.uin. am nrrnH rn
tto furnish hardwood and aoft wood lumber
In any reasonable, quantity at rensonabls
prices and, on sfiprt .notice. . C. Jlafer,
council xnuirs, it.
Annual t0 discount on mouldings. Alex
Mdera Art Btoie, 333 Broadway.- . .
' -M ' .
.!.- u Real Relate Triniffri.
Theae tantfers war Veportad to The Bee
January 7, ytt)ie Pottawattamie County
ADsiracF company of. Council Bluffs:
The Ahdereeh Co. to Maggie Buck!
lot !..ln original plat lot 1W lot II,
ln "riln P'' lot 184; lot 3, In
original-, plat lot 188. and lot 1 In
prlKlmil plat lot- iS6, in - Council
iu its, . ja. w a. S,X0
J. K. Sloore and wife to H. IWohn-
aon; n4 nwi 1M4-38, w d 1000
Pete?: IkWaW 1q .llarry O. McOee. .
S t rtD- . V .r " w'te iq -ji nomas . .
i B. Math. Jot 14. In hloi lr In
tral sub in Council JrflufTa, la., w d 1,700
Vllllam Jenkins and wle to Alfred
nrwiVati,at,BH oiw 14-77-44.
a-ouncll Bluffs Real Estate and Im
l provemenv.mpany te Remrie B.
tmrslpr, lots and 10, In block 7, In
rpjngaide add. .to .Council Bluffs,
r,wi'P?? f od" w'lf'e"to ita'rjor' JenaVn.
Blurfs a w"tf r, d1, 10 Counc,i
Oenevleva Hogan and huaband ' to ' F.
J. Day. block 67, In Railroad add. to
Coupoll-, Vluffa,- Th.; w d .
Executor of A. Cochran estate to Wli
llan. J 4'slls( lot . o block 12, in
Cochran- add. U Council Bluffs, Ia
exrs a. , .i
J. O. Oulll to X P. Qreenshlelospart
of- tot . in hrw-JtTw; In" -Central sub.
In CoHncIl .Bluffa la... w d... ,
IlernSaa -BirtJflinrand wfT t6!" Cora
Henton, lot II, In block 15. In Bryant
,.,Br' -.tJ Council Bluas.,
w a
Wj" ald hueband toCar
rftll W. Kimball, lot 82. In Mayne's
1st add. to Council Bluffs, la., w d..
JO. Bttenhelmer to B. V. Day, lot
!A?fWS7k-30' ,,n . Jllddel'w sub. in
(roifhcH Bluffs, la., w d . .
Jesslea J.- BiMentonf et al. to"F."j".
nay, lots l to -44. in Mrick 87. In
Railroad add. to Council Bluffs, la.,
q c d.
Erejneer Ileritod Goes Into Cort
Ctnrice to tho (jpmpany.
Revenae Make Works 'Pro table
Reqalres Rates t'oaatderable Is
ISaoaaa of Slew Ordlaaaee,
Klersted Bays.
W. -Klersted. the expert hydraulic engi
neer, In his report upon the water works.
now In the hands of tbe city, has this to
say relative to rates which should. In hi
opinion, be charged by the water w-nrks
In considering what sbould be a fair gross
Inonme on the property of the Council
Hlufls Water Works company It Is neces
sary to take Into conxlrieratlon not only
in present wortn or existing property, but
also the probable cost of the needed Im
provements, all of which are of a character
which add nothing to the revenue crodudng
capacity of the plant. Accordingly, the
Income should be based upon the .valuation
or pnytual property as follows:
Present worth as estimated 3480.1M
doing value as estimated 20.74
Meed improvement a estimated...., 107,182
Total . r,l30
The gross Income should be sufficient to
provide for the operation, maintenance.
depreciation and renewals of the physical
preperty. Accordingly the gross income
m ine i mincii iuns piani arter tne com
pany snail nave expended 1107.1X2 In Im
provements should approximate ft,8!A.
miould these Improvements be not made.
then the cross Income should not exceed
7H,dS7, or even less, for a poor water
service. It Is believed, however, that the
acceptance or tne larger gross revenue,
accompanied by an Insistence noon the
stated extensions. Is the proper course of
procedure, fpon this basis It Is estimated
that the cost of the water service per
l.mD.OoO srnllon annual consumntton nn ih
basis of the present yearly consumption of
l.v42.iiuu,tiuu gallons Is made up as follow
Operation per 1,000,000 gallons consump
tion $37.10
jmaintsnance, renewals and depreclg-
. tion 13.30
interest per 1.000.000 gallon annual con
sumption 95.00
Total ., IKS. 80
or im, in round numbers, per 1,000,000 gal'
Ions annual consumption.
Division of Income.
This amount of IS, .which has been esti
mated aa the cost of orx-rutlng and main
taining the water service per 1.0U,000 gal.
Ions Is not a fair measure of this cost at
tne faucet of the consumer, for the reason
that only about 75 per cent of the service
delivered by the pumps is actually avail
able at the fauoet. Accordingly an..f-8
service at ne pumps is wortn 1M.WJ at the
it Is' further estimated that the propor
tlon of the gross Income of f.tS.SS. rt-m-e
sentlng hydrant rental, Is from 16.6 to 19.3
per cent and averages 17. W Der cent thereof.
and accordingly the gross income becomes
suhiecl to a .division a follows: .
From hydrant rent.; .' 116,790
f rom private consumer , .iS,t"6
check and the cost. Including the ex
pense1 of the officer- trip to Harlan, hut
when tha latter presented It at the bank
he was Informed that Buck had no funds
there with which to meet It. This neces
sitated a second call by the officer on Buck
and the latter, the constable learned, was
obliged to take a cow and calf whlcH he
owned and sell It to obtain the needed cash
to square matter and avoid arrest.
X large, new line of 1907 pattern In wall
paper. Council Bluff Paint, Oil and Glass
company, Merrlam block.
flee our show w Indole for granite war
this week. Odd and end sal on granite
ware that will make you buy. See price
In our window. Bwalne Mauer, 336 and
333 Broadway.
Fourteen transfer, total.
Mr. Easily Wsrimertk , Breseo In-
dleted by Grand Jnry.
Ampng tha Indictment returned Wednes
day by the district court grand jury was
one against Mrs. Emily Wordsworth
Bresse of this city, on the charge of prac
ticing medicine during the year 19ii6 and
1906 without lawful authority. She waa
taken Into custody yesterday and promptly
furnished a 32SO cash bond, the amount
named by the court. Tha Indictment
charges that Mrs. Bresee did wilfully and
unlawfully profess to be a physician and
did assume the duties of such, prescribing
and furnishing medicine for tha sick. Fur
ther, that she professed to cur and heal
diseases without a certificate or license
from the proper authorities.
Patients -who had been treated by Mrs
Bresee testified before the grand Jury that
he told them she had a wonderful medi
cine which .she Imported direct from Ger
many with which she could cure almost
any ailment or disease.' Her patients, -the
testimony showed, would be seated around
a table in her parlor and be served with
"little tablet" upon small dishes.
From the testimony before the grand
jury It appears that Mrs. Bresea la a
disciple of what Is known as "biochem
istry" and that to her patrons or patients
she represented herself a "biochemist."
She I said to have told them that th
human body wa made up of a certain
number of 'element aand that all these
element except two had been discovered,
that her medicine contained alt of the ele
ment of the human body except these two
and oould cure- almost any disease. Fur
ther, that when the two missing elements
were discovered any and every disease
could then be cured.
One of Mr. Bresee' patient, a well
known Insurance agent of this city, testi
fied before the grand jury that she had
told him that she could get a diploma or
certificate to practice medicine, but did not
want on! '
Mr. Bresee .and her husband, Albert E.
Bresee, occupy apartments over 32! West
Broadway. In the city directory Mr.
Bresea Is described a a dealer In, manu
facturer and repairer of furs, while
Mr. Bresee I described ft a "biochemist."
Until a few days ago a sign, "Mrs. B. W.
Bresee, Biochemist," hung at the foot of
the stairway, but ha since been replaced
with a "furrier" shingle,
. Mr. and Mrs. Bresee have been residents
of Council Bluffs for about twenty year.
Coming here from Missouri Valley. Up
to two year ago. Mrs. Bresee conducted
a cloak-making and millinery business In
the rooms . over 421 West Broadway. A
number of years ago Mrs. Bresee created
somewhat of a sensation by claiming to
be a descendent of a member of the royal
family of England and that documents and
many valuable, royal jewels, which would
have established her claim, had been stolen
from her.: . " 1". :
Sine hanging out her shingle a a
' "biochemist" Mr. Bresee ha enjoyed an
id.- i
N. J, Plumbing Co. Tel. 350. Night. 003.
f Owner heed money and will tell th fol
J lowing lit bargain prUje:
jpa-elllng'.' room,' jrioilern, ' No. Ill 8.
yfeverlth Bf " ! ,,' . ( .. ' .
Dwelling, urqom, modern, No. 614 S.
-J, Seventh flt.
-"V Dwelling, 7 room, barn. ate. Frank Bt.
Several' lot,' E, Washington Av.. nicely
graded,' ' ' ' " t. ,
x lot,yt Qroadway. nicely graded.
Forty-four lot, near S. Ninth Bt. .
CBAS- T- prnCEX 1 Broadway,
Independent 'Phone Connection, v
Cople of the- call' Issued by President
H. A, Kinney , or Woodbine and Secretary
J. F.- Glenn of Denlsoh' for a mettlng of
th Southwestern Iowa Independent Tele
phone association. ' to be held In thi city
Saturday. January 26, . ha v been received
here. The meeting will be held at' the
( Or nd, hotel and tbe bpenlng session .will
be at .lO a.jiw, - M.- .
- Th .purpose of the meeting I explained
" Is the noUo a follow:
-.awTh"' object -'Of 1 the meeting' will be to
Tuplete, the ..organisation of th Beuth
intern association aa a member of the
.'wa. Independent Telephone association
f under the new -plan, and to elect a repre
' aentallva to attend the- next atate meet-
il'f.' also and l,,or Important to discuss
I toll lines, connections, rntes, routing and
i gettlrtnenta for this district. With Council
; Bluffs. 6ouU Omaha and Eastern Nebraska
open to us. with Omaha coming In within
! a year, with copper-to Sioux City, Harlan,
i Ienlson and Dea Moines 'tiearlvl all the
way. It Is 1 is Jor bettor organisation and
ro-operatlou among the Independents if
thev are to give the service which the
people deoiand. Other new lines are
rieeded .and thnna iImuiM . lu tiA i.
3 To assist In accomplishing thla purpose
j Is the oblert of this meeting.
. It Is desired also to compile a map of all
1 Independent toll - lines In this district,
t Com prepared therefore with a knowledge
. of your nelghbor'a lines as well as your
own so that the mnp may be complete In
s every detail. It Is expected tht officers
, of the stste sssoclatlon will be present.
i Independent telephone men of Eastern N.
braska are especially urged to be present.
Total tss.m
The estimated hydrant rental propor
tloned among 288 hydrant now In us.
amount to about 364.13 per hydrant - Th..
city council In the ordinance proposing a
revised schedule of rate placed the
hydrant rental at 145.
Regarding Income from private sources
Mr. Klersted says:
Neither a municipality nor a private cor
poration can afford to sell water to private
consumers without having some minimum
price per inlt of volume of -water as -a
measuie of the expense of producing water
service. In order1 that the consumers who
use water liberally enough to equal or
exceed the cost of production and main
tenance shall not be called uoon to make
good the deficit of those consumer who, era of financial prosperity and number of
rh-'nin?',.,r'c!ed,iWOU'd u,e nd. pay. Jor erlppled and sick persons could be een
thS "fTrodu'ction" amUnt ,M th"n the foot of the stair, le.dlng to
It will be remembered that Chairman her apartments. It was not an unusual i
i . .I H,clttl water works com- sight to see three or four Invalid chair
mlttee Insisted that consumer should be , t. . - ,
charged only for what water they actually at Um" "tandlng on Broadway In front
used, and taking thia position, opposed any her apartment, while the owner were
minimum rate, .being treated upstair.
Rate to Private Consumer. The litigation involving the ownership
A rate of 37.38, Mr. Klersted say, .1 a of what 1 known at the "Keelln place:
fair minimum rate to be charged against ,on East Broadway, was brought to a close
each property service, entitling th oon- yesterday In ths district court by the filing
umei to the use of 30,000 gallon of water of a stipulation In the suit of Augusta A.
yearly through a faucet exclusive of bath ' Keellnc1 against A. A. CJark and others,
tubs, closets, sprinkling, etc. j The case had been sent back by the su-
II e figure the proposed minimum rate preme court. Under the stipulation Mrs.
as follows: . i ' j Keellne gets the title to the property on
Faueet rate $7.53 paying Crark aomethlng over ll.SOO and as-
Hlth"r..?i.0"" '"' J00 umlng the two mortgages which Clark
Iowa Eieontlre Deliver Second Intaiurgl
Addrett Befor tbe LarilatOTs.
tates thonlel liars' Greater Power,
bst Vnltes Ktatee Moat Settle
Some New Problema
of Government.
DBS MOINES, Jan. ' -(Specials-Governor
Cummins this afternoon delivered
hi second Inaugural address, saying In
The condition under which we II v are
utterly unlike the condition that gave
form to our Institutions and which pre
scribed the scope of ancient laws. With
a wealth that In a few years has whirled
us out of obscurity to the very pinnacle
of financial greatness: with this wealth
multiplying Itself with amazing rapidity,
estalillHhlng monopolies, crushing and
? rinding Its way, without any Instinct of
alrnees or any emotion Of sympathy,
toward the complete extinction of compe
tition and Independence; with forests in
its grasp; with ore beds occupied; with Its
reach and strength drawing together the
manufactories of the country; with the
paoklng houses and live stock markets
joining Into one vast combination; with
22O.000 miles ol main track rairway grad
ually taken from the ownership of a thou
sand companies and converted Into a half
dosen systems, all dominated by a few
men, and oftentimes by the game men,
servlns with mlixht and main tnese mas
ter of finance, bent on paying Interest
and dividends upon stocks and bonds that
aggregate nearly three times the original
capital Invested, as well a laying aside
Immense sums for extensions and additions
that ouaht to be constructed from inde
pendent capital: with labor unions that
are trying to mass tne power -ot me wora
Ingmen against the associated strennth of
employers-ytheso things present" a situation
never before presented to organised so
ciety. The farmers snd the retail mer
chants are about the only people remain
ing to exhibit the force . of competition,
and the latter are shivering lest the mall
order house shall Boon make way with
Rlotons Extravagance.
When' we add the riotous extravagance
and the shameful Inefficiency of municipal
administration, both arising largely from
the prodigality of prosperity, we have the
picture upon which the American people
are now looking. No ..wonder we are be
wlldered, and that we are a little nervous,
as well as very proud. No wonder that
magazines and newspi-pers are filled with
discussions, suggestions, criticism und de
nunciation. No wonder that the patriot
and the demagogue, the wHe man and the
fool, the philosopher and the' agitator, the
radical and the conservative, are abroad
in the land. Understand me all of them
are natural and many of them are un
avoidable. I am not even prepared to say
that, essentially, they ca.n be changed.
I am, however, sure that they require of
government something that has never
been done before, and that If we cling
too closely to the wisdom of tha fore
fathers and fall to exercise a little wis
dom of our own, the history of our fore-,
fathers will be the only part of the his
tory of this country worth preserving.
Herein He the application of my former
statement. No man knows Just to
do, although all men know that something
ought to be done.
The speaker then referred to the recent
address of Secretary Root .and an article
on the same subject by Mrk Twain, and
ln this connection said:
as w do against the unfair sggresslon
upon the prlvllrges of the people; but we
ought not to be frightened by the scare
crow set up by those whd have already
posnesxed a field to which they have, no
nonest title. - -
When you give the Investors of th
United 81 ate a fair chance to put their
money Into railroads, knowing that the
amount actually put In will measure the
amount upon which Interest and dividends
are paid, and knowing that the man mho
has made no Investment can have no
profit, you will find that, there will be
difficulty In obtaining all the funds that
are required to either construct new rail
roads or Increase the trackaae of oM on.
It takes some courage, I know, to resist
the Insidious and Insistent sppesl. but It
Is cheering to observe that It Is becoming
less persuasive every day.
I have referred to but two of all the
subject which are challenging the ripest,
best thought of the people. I have referred
to them for Illustrations,' for the spirit
which animates us In examining them
should move us along every path of re
form. We should emancipate ourselves
from Idolatry with reopert to things that
are. We should emancipate ourselves from
the desire to change simply to effect a
change. Because there Is much good In
the existing order, we should not be turned
a way from th effort to make it better;
but we should not overthrow what has
been done simply to prove that w can
overthrow It.
First BUI In trssle,
Following " ths Inaugural of Governor
Cummins today both branches of the legis
lature met In their respective chamber
and the first bill of the session waa In
troduced In the senate by Jamison of
Clarke, a bill to Increase the compensa
tion of the Insurance actuary of the audi
tor's department to 33.000. The movement
to adjourn over till Tuesday next failed
and both houses wllf meet tomorrow morn
ing at 10 o'clock.
Chase Men Bee Dolllver.
When th Tenth congressional district
legislator called upon Senator Dolliver
thla afternoon and presented their petition
there wa no demand upon the senator to
deliver hfs support at once" for Chase.
Representative Iee acted as spokesman
and did ask that the petition be given
consideration. Senator Dolliver assured
them that their petition and all others
would be given consideration and assured
them that the question of the appoint
ment wax an open one. He asserted, and
all the legislator from the Tenth district
In the delegation, assented, that It would
be Improper for him at thie time to com
mit himself upon . the appointment. Mr.
Lee assured the senator that they did not
ask him to do this, but were only con
cerned to know whether or not the appoint
ment was already .settled and If not set
tled thon that their petition be given con
sideration. Senator Dolliver assured them
tha appointment was not settled and that
their petition would be considered and
taken up with the other member of the
Iowa delegation. The conference wa held
In a very friendly mood and the Chase
men are quite well satisfied with Its re
sult. Tomorrow th other delegation will
present their petitions.
Tbe THIRTT-TniRD Ter in tne Outcry of lU
Remington Typewriter
I 1 'in 1 BBacsBS 1 11 saaaganBaaBSsanasBgat
Shows an Increase In Output of
: n : ;;
Typewriters come and typewrite jo
Bat the Remington ran on forever '
Remington Typewriter Company
1619 Farnam Street, Omaha.
Stats Rights. .
Do not Imagine that I am clearing the
way for ths conclusion that the powers of
the states should be either abolished or
curtailed. On the contrary I bulleve that
the authority which must be esereised
by the state ha Increased) rather than
diminished. My proposition I that the
development of the country has made it
necessary to exercise governmental func
tions which cannot be exerted by the
states and never have been:' arid which
cannot be employed by tlite general govern
ment prcause tne constitution does
schedule I
Total .,
For large consumer
placed as follows:
For more than 30.000 and less than 300,000
gallons yearly, 20 cent per 1,000 gallons.
For more than 200,000 and less than 720,000
gallons, IS cent.
For more than 720,000 and less than
1.200,000 gallons. 13 cents.
'or more than l,3uO,C)0
!!".!!!"."!"!"'." 6 00 tormeTly sumed. W, C. Keelln and
sure. Bauuer are aecreea to nave no title
In the property.
The defendants indicted by the grand
Jury and under arrest were arraigned
yesterday. Counsel were assigned by the
court to those having no means to employ'
attorney a follows: John Pruett, At
torney R. J. Organ; Hal Merrlam, Attorney
Hazleton; Charles Ethertbn. Attorney R,.
1 1 1 ..
pecial rates may bV' mad", provided nb J- r"an: Frank "burn. Attorney H.
water 1 sold at a rat less than 6 cent 1 Robertaon; Fred Sohlsfler, Attorney R.
i ." aiiuus. j j. Organ
inis metnod, Mr. Klersted suggests, will.
If adopted, lead to a generally metered
system. ,
A. Met agar V Co.
New Location of Wholesale Bakery.
61 Mynater Street, Council Bluffs,
Home-Made Bread Specialty.
Vlaitor Welcome.
Btephan Bros, for the latest; and best
Inverted burners. 623 Weat Broadway,
create them. The Intefautte commerce
clause of the constitution is not broad
enough for these days, simply, becaune. we
have an Interstate commeroe the charac
ter of which was nut dreamed of when
the clause was written.. The corporation
carrying on Interstate ' commerce cannot
be adequately regulated by the states for
th obvious reason that the Jurisdiction of
the state, even In the absence of the pres
ent prohibition in th constitution, ceases
at its border. We take nothing away
from the state when we' enlarge tfe-se
grants to th United State. We ' only
bring into existence a new power, to meet
a new condition, and bestow it upon the
oniy nana inei can use ine. inter
state commerce clause has already been
strained to the point of breaking. The
taxing authority has already been wrested
from It true purpose, and atlll the court
halt upon tn hltner side 01 adequate law.
why should we hesitate -to call a consti
tutional convention, and make our organic
law as great and broad and strong as the
subjects it is to control? 1' There are two
reasons, each of which move a class bf
11 own. ,.- ...
Constitutional Amendments.
I, for one, stand clearly and unequivo
cally for amendments to - the constitution
of the United States; for an amendment
that will give th voters a chance to aav.
directly, who their senator shall be; for
an amendment that will -glvs the 'voter
a cnance to say, aireouy, who their cresl
dent and vice- president shall be; for an
amendment that will give. the interstate
commerce clause scope enough to enable
Congress to regulate and control things
which the developments of commerce have
nationalized; tor an amendment that will
allow congress to unify our marriage and
divorce law. f
We ought to stand a resolutely aa-ainst
any invasion 01 ins real ngnta or capital
Hard Coal.
Wa' have all the different sixes of hard
oaL Brtdenstetn At Smith, Sixth and Four
ttntb avenue) Both 'phone 132.
Mnrrtaae Licenses.
i, Licenses to -wed were Issued ytsterday
to th following 1
,iim and Residence. Age.
d - t'ardwell, Lincoln, ' Neb ss
hubs, Lancoin, fieo
i .IIM
Union Revivals Draw Well.
The attendance at the union revival
meetlnga In the First Presbyterian church
Is Increasing nlghtjy.. Last evening tha
church wa filled to ' its capacity. Thi
evening Rev. James O'May will preach
his closing sermon nd beginning Sunday
the services will be In charge of Rev. W.
B. Clemmer, pastor of tha First Christian
church. There will be no services Saturday
This afternoon at 3 o-clock the meeting
will be led by Rev. O. W. Snyder of St.
John's English Lutheran church. At i
o'clock there will be a meeting for child,
ren conducted by Rev. Marcus p. Me
Clur of the First Presbyterian church.
Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock In th
First. Presbyterian church there will be
a mauling for men conducted by Rev.
Chgrle . Mixyne of Trinity Methodist
church. At the same hour In St. John
English Lutheran church there will be a
meeting for women conducted by Rev. O.
0. Smith of the First Congregational
church. Th evening union service will be
gin at 7:30 o'clock.
Combination gas and electric chandallsra
and the celebrated Wlsbach Incandescent
! gas burner. Why not see us be for you
j buy. We can Certainly please you on price
I and quality of goods. Btephan Bros., 23
West Broad wayi
, D. L. KERR has 160-acre Improved Okla
homa farm lo exchange for Council Bluff
or Omaha residence. Houses on monthly
payments and for rant. Addreas 646 Broad,
way. 'Phones 417 and 406 Red.
Back Takes l th Chock.
When Constable Palmer of Justice
Greene' court reached Harlan Wednes
day evening, with warrant for th arrest
U.h.1 A I,.. L.ik Ui, lAl..
jThonjias'c. McDonsld. South Omaha. .....30
Oerar LaNeve Faster. Denver, Colo H ot L. J. Buck, charged with passing a
worthies check for 33 upon James Mont
gomery, a saloonkeeper on Squth Main
street Buck decided that he preferred to
settle rsther.than be brought lo Council
Bluff . ln custody of th officer. - At th
same time Buck still maintained that ha
had no recollection of passing th check
while In .this city and. Insisted that it wa
a caae of mistaken identity. He admitted,
however, that he waa- In "Council Bluff
th night th check wa passed upon Mont
gomery and that possibly he was in th
latter' saloon. t. ,
Buck at first banded Constabl Palmer a
check for th amount ot the. worthless
Tuda Bacon. Shelby, la..
1 Rrneat Medley, Council Bluffs....
;Vlna Smith, Council Bluffs
esorge W, Carman Omaha...
l arrl Wright, Omaha ............
hoc gtoro for Bale.
Will Invoice about' 33,000.' dblng a good
slneas and making money., Will discount
Per cent for. quick sale. Dupca, 4k Denn.
JA neat window and many bice things In
Look In', there la aomethlng In It you
t. O. Mauthe, IX Wast Broadway
Convict Fools L. S. Coffin.
. FORT PODGE, la., Jan. 17.- Special.)
Ths faith of Hon. L. S. Coffin, who
maintains a horns for reformed convict
In Fort Dodge, In their reformation wa
strained. If not shattered, when today in
district court he was forced to settle a
ball bond for 3100 which he had signed
for Edward Klein, a former convict.
Klein was an expert penman and book
keeper.. He applied to Mr. Coffin for
horns a Hops Hall, the home for ex-con-vlct
near Fort Dodge. Thla wa given
him, and later Mr. Coffin secured him a
place a bookkeeper for the Bradshaw
Brick and. Tile company. Within a Juw
week h forged hi employer' name to
a check and waa arrested. Mr. Coffin
signed hi ball bond, but when th lime
for his appearance at court drew around
th bird had flown.
WEBSTER CITT. la.. Jan. 17.-Bpeclal
Telegram. F. W. 8pncer. roadmaster of
ths Northwestern, lost hi left leg in thi
city. He attempted to board a moving
engine and missed his footing snd fell. The
leg was amputated Just below the knee .
Ansalaraasntcd Copper tllvldcnd.
NEW YORK. Jan. 17-Directors of th
Amalgamated Copper company declared
the regular quarterly dividend of lVfc per
ant and an extra dividend of 1 par cent.
From Chicken-Pox
to Cholera
Cure-All No Longer Tolerated.
In early day every barber shop was
an operating room and the town phyil.
clan resorted to bleeding as, the sure cur
lor all ailment from chicken-pox to chol,
era. Aa a result, many, including our first
President, died prematurely, .
The present low rats of mortality is due
in large measure to tne advances mad
in medical science and ths knowledge of
ths specmc treatment needed for such dls
ease known. . ,
There I no disease mora common among
American and English people than dyspep
sia, bo prevalent na n become that thou
sands suffer with It half unconsciously
consider th symptoms as natural to their
physical constitution and resign themselves
to living on in that condition.
There I a remedy for dyspepsia, and
only one, recommended and endorsed gen
erally by physician: Stuart Dyspepsia.
Tablet hav stood th test of year of us
by million of sufferers, have been sub
jected to governmental nnalysea In Europe
and America and alone hav been found
to contain tbo elements whloh nature ha
put Into th stomacn for digestion pepsin
diastase and other ferment.
Stuart' Dyspepsia Tablet relieve th
stomach and bowel in a perfectly natural
way ty neiping mora ao tnelr work. If
th stomach is wean in gastric Juice. Stu
art' Tablet mak up tha deficiency. If
th muscle ar Inactive, Stuart' Tablet
Invigorate them. Btuart Dyspepsia Tab
jets uigeai evsry lunn or rood entering
th stomach, one grain of th active Drln-
elple of these Tablet being capable of di.
geatlng 3.0UI grain of meat, egg and other
food. They ar not cathartio pHls their
action is Blraply that of a digestive.
Stuart's Dyipepshv Tablet curs nothing
but dyspepsia, waterbrash, sour stomach
and kindred aliments resulting from the
Imperfect digestion of food, but these dis
eases they positively cure.
We will gladly send you a trial package
to prove th truth of our claim. Stuart'
Dyspepsia Tablets can be gotten of all
druggist t 60 cent. F. A. Btuart Co
(3 Btuart Bid.. Marshall. Mich.
lown Hew Notes.
AMFS Demnnt Jtlshee. the enalneer
who died In Missouri Valley last week
was a son of Mrs. E. T. Blshee of Ames
While Mrs. Blsbee was absent at the
funeral a message came from her other
son in Tucson. Arlx., that he waa seri
ously Injured, probably both legs broken
In an, accident In a mine where he Is bend
assayer. ' Mrs. Blsbee Is awaiting further
AfRfl-Th Amaa noiilfrv show, which
Just closed, was the largest held In lown
this season. Twelve hundred and twenty
birds were on exhibition and hundreds o
dollar were given in prises. Matt W
Baldwin of Sioux City was a prize winner
in several Instances. The suooess of the
show was such that Ames will eek a
31.000 appropriation from the state leg
islature. 1
Efforts to Bring About Immediate
Action Are of Little
PIJ3RRE. . S. D.. Jan. 17.-(Spectal Tele
gram.) In both house today effort wer
made to pull th stalwart resolution for
an Investigation of Senator Gamble and
the other congreaslonal representative
out of the hand of the committee and
make them special order for. tomorrow.
In the. senate the move was headed by
Engleshy and opposed by Dillon and on
roll call It was voted down by a vol of
M to 19. In the house Jarmley led th move
to Instruct the committee on the elections,
to which It wa referred, to report tomor
row. Thi was opposed by Glass and his
motion was tabled by a vote of 48 to 40,
all the Yankton county delegation voting
ngninst the motion tq table." ' ',
The senate rules committee reported out
the Cook resolution for ' an Investigation
ot- the congressional delegation and state
officer to report at an Indefinite time.
which will be adopted by the Insurgent
vote, but which "ln the regular course of
procedure without action under suspen
sion of rule cannot get through both
house before Tuesday.
. The first general debate In the house was
over the report of the election committee
on th primary bill which has been materi
ally amended. Glass moved Its adoption
under suspension of the rule, in which he
wa sustained by Hebal and opposed by
Browne, Eastman, Foster, Pplce of Yank
ton and reterson of Lawrence, the report
going over without action.
The am committee reported favorably
on the resolution for the election of United
States senator by popular vote,, after
amending to a demand for a constitutional
convention for that purpose.
The Klelnsasser resolution for postage
went down without a murmur ot dissent
at it death.
The first hous bill were pased In O10
bouse to turn the fee In state land sales
from the Btate general fund to the local
roads fund, and provided the method of Is
suance of state patent to lands.
ln th enat tha anti-pas bill produced
a flurry. Immediate action wa opposed
by Dudley and Bweeney, who were voted
down. The committee report with emer
gency clause attached was adopted 25 to 20.
Wires In Sonthwest Ar Down and
Trnlns Dclnycd ns Rcsnlt
of atorm.
KANSAS CITT, Jan. 17. Missouri,
practically all of Kansas and the northern
half of Oklahoma and Indian Territory, are
covered with a sheet of Ice and mow, ac
cording to weather bureau and railroad re
ports received here this morning. Nearly
an Inch ot rain ha fallen in th last
thirty-six hour, continuing up to - this
morning. nd thi ha been followed by
freezing weather.
The principal damage ha been to tele,
graph, telephone and trolley wire. In Kan
aa City today street car aervlc wa In
terrupted on many lines, while wire com
munication ln all direction wa Impeded,
the weight of Ice having carried down
wire and pole by the score. Train Into
Kansas City . were reported delayed from
one to three hour, those from th east
snd north suffering the most strlous delay.
Th northern half Wf Missouri seems to
have born th brunt of th atorm.
Kt firings
Th waters of Hot Springs, th therapeutlo valu of whloh
1 known throughout th world, are owned, controlled- and
dorsad by the United State ovo varum en t.
Come and enjoy outdoor life throughout the winter In th plney
wood of th Ossrk Mountains; enjoy the beautiful drives, fas
rlnatlng trail. or horseback riding and many other outdoor
port. Every minute of your stay In Hot Spring,. Arkansas, ..
will b a pleasure, and you will return home healthy and rested,
both In mind and body. No resort can give yon better hotel factU ,
ltles than this paradise of winter resorts. - .- -.. .
(Open all th Tear) (Open beginning Jan. 36)
have all the modern comfort and luxuries of the best '-resort
hotels; for full Information regarding them, write ' to Lyman'
T. Hay, Mgr.
There Are Many OTHER Hotels of All
Grades With Prices lo Suit Everyone - ,
For full Information relatlv to those hotels, bath faollltle
and general features of the resort, aa well as a Booklet contain
ing a circular from R. M. O'Reilly, Surgeon General United States
Army, endorsing the waters of Hot Sprtngs for Oout, Unmt.
tlsm, aranralgla, MetalUo or Malarial Volaon, X.ooomotor Ataxia,,
Bright' Disease Stomach Troubles, etc write th . .
Iron Mountain, Wabash. Rock Island and Illinois Cutral
Railroad furnish excellent facilities to Hot Spring.
Bnonir of Tons nearest vallway Agent.
Winter Visitors Excursions
- will enable you to viit your friend in Mason Cky, '
Carroll, Harlan, Dubuque, Waterloo, Marshall,
town. Fort Dodge, la., Faribault, Mankato, Austin,
Rochester, or Red Wing, Minn., at about
One Half tha Usual Rate ' "' '
- Tickets on sale Saturdays and Sunday.
Notify your friends that the sain rat apply tha
Other way. Pull Information from '
, Cltf Tlcktt Agtpt, tStt Farnam St., Omshw. '
y i 1
We Proml Nothing but What e
Can Fulfill. We are SkillfuT, Workers'
and Honorable Helper. Our Practice
la Founded on Twenty-four Years ot
Actual Experience In Special Work.
Not a Dollar Need B3 Paid unt,lCuied;
If you ar conservative In business you will trad with rallabl nrins. If
you ar suffering with any diease peculiar to men you will cnult us. wa
hav the 7oot thorough and the best equipped office for treating dleaeot
men that money and Ingenuity can produce. We ar not a cure-all. w trsai
those cases that we accept with the most V dern methods. We glvs you good,
honest, slncer wprk. We tnvlt you try method at our expen. W
certainly hav a professional bar fain to offer to every Buffer? aa our tarn
and fees are so reasonable that no honest pron need uffr. If you ar lca
you l av nothing to loae by opnultlng u. v. k.
If you ar unabl to -mil, writs to us for our fpaclsl aelf-diagnpal blank
and gat our honsct opinion.
E. Cor. 18th and Farnam Sta., Omaha. Neb.
(IswiM asnum awn mmii.i nmtttti swssies nosam Mm saw mm m onjWfcXwJwJ
Body Gnawed by Rats.
CHICAGO. Jan. IT. Mr. Maggie Munn.
formerly proprietor of the Hughes hotel at
Blsbee. Aria., whs found dead In her room
In a small hotel on th west side of the
city today. The circumstance surround.
Ing hsr death caused the police tu arrest
her husband, Alfred Munn. although there
Is no direct evidence that he wna connected
with her death. Munn asiwrted that his
wife died of pneumonia and tnat ha. I
not been near her for more than a week.
The body of Mrs Munn has been shuck
InKly gnawed by rats. It. is sold she had
been dead for more than twelve hour
whan bar death was resorted.
Do you live near .
28th and Leavenworth Sts.?
wm take your wani-aa ior ine atum "
at ' tbe tame rates as the main office.
Branch Want-ad Office OMAHA BEE