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Firs Chlsf Gmt Teebnfqm ofHs Opposi
tion to Doubls Shift. ,
reiki. Cls) Cessltee
Oppose Bleaswr
Oalr II era as
of Relsttea to Omaha's
Welfare, The? fay.
. ., .
The Commercial club commute, which
went to Lincoln 'Wednesday to preaent to
the legislative committee on labor argu
ments why the proposed double shift bill
for the fire department should, not ba passed
returned well pleased with the showing
r . Just what kind of a report the labor com
mittee will present Is not yet known, but
the Commercial, slub oommlttee hope to
.defeat the bill on purely business grounds.
The Douglas .sounty delegation Is divided
on the .matter- . . ; ...
The bfir wm , fc brought up Thursday.
Those whd went for the Commercial club
were W. 0. Wright Frank Carpenter, Frank
Sanborn, David Cola. Kd Georse. Byron
Hastings, .""yyslteV ; Jardlne, John I. Brady
and O. W. Hoebler. Chief Salter of the
fire department accompanied the Omaha
committee to explain" conditions as -they
dually Alet In Omaha end to give expert
testimony on the question of a double shift
system. N : ' ''''
' In Justice te hlms'eff Chef Baiter wanted
It understood he did not go to Lincoln with
any Idea of either opposing or supporting
the bill, but merely on requeat of the Com
mercial"" club and rtth permission of the
Board of Flre and Police Commissioners.
States His Position.
"I really did not want to go, but felt' It
my duty when the Commercial club made
the requeat. and If any of my statements
had the effect of placing the double shift
bill In an unfavorable light I could not
help that, for I sgid only what could be
verified by Investigation and answered such
questions as' were asked me," Chief Baiter
explained.' An Impression got out that the
chief went to Lincoln with the avowed
r purpose oi opposing lot measure.
Part of the facta and figures presented by
Chief Salter Wednesday before the commit
tee on labor, of which Representative Ed
Leedcr la ohalrman, ws:
Bhould the double shift system be adopted
It would entail an additional coat of nearly
$100,000 to maintain the department on a
safe footing, allowing for a reduction of
one man from each hoi company and
figuring tho salaries on a basis of the high
est that might be paid according to present
conditions. At present th department has
117 men besides the chief, two assistants
and a sccretary'the snlarles amounting to
J11B.100. With the double shift system In
operation and allowing but five men to
each hose company. In place of six aa at
present, and eight men for ah engine com
pany, the salaries would figure tlM.OCO, or
a difference of seventy-seven men and
$78,WiO Ip expense.
. Constat? Down to Brass Tacks.
. Chief Salter explained that by reducing
the number of. men on tha hose wagons
and engines the salaries would be reduced,
but to cut tha department, under the double
shift, from tha, figures presented by him,
would make the department inefficient and
rouse excessive Insurance rates. At present,
he said, the men receive twenty-four hours
In "offs" each Id, at days and ten days a
year vacation with pay, making about
seventy-two days a year off duty. The
chief explained how leas than five men to
a hose ' company would not be practical
even under the double shift system. He
said: -
fOnemart hag 6 lokaot-e- of the horses,
one man staya at tha plug, ; a third man
i may ba absent for one of several reasons
t jnnA there yau have two men to carry a hose
i A and handle )t. It Is not feasible "
f , j ; Kdv Oeorge, one of the Commercial club
! committee, said the Commercial club was
I opposing the bill on straight business lines
i land hud not the least desire to entail any
unnecessary hardHhlp or. the firemen,
"The double shift system has been tried
i elsewhere and found wanting." he said.
s "By the best figuring the adaption of the
( system would entail an added expenditure
f of nearly tioo.000 and would not yield re-
I 'turns commensurate with ths expense. It
: Is, therefore, patent that tha taxpayers
would ba paying for something they would
ot To reducs ths force numerically
1 to offset the added expense would be out
I I of the question, because the force is none
1. Moo strong as It is.1
Several Colored Mrs Wha Were en
' Fated Trala Pass Throaa-h
the City.
' Beveral porters who were on tha Sonth
trn Pacidc No.' 10 when It struck" broken
rail Monday morning at Death's Curve,
nrar Gardner. New. arrived in Omaha
Thursday enroute to their homes In Chi
cago. N"' pa."ner wss injured in this
wre'k, although tho 'engineer was killed.
Frank Knox, one of the porters, wss suf
fering from a broken nose, J. Jackson had
Itla hand aeverely ctrt by gloss and
Adams was also slightly Injured.
Jobasoa Case Delnyed.
rtnrinv tn a' delay the hearing on the In
function case of Cook Johnson, poultry
man, to restrain Postmaster Palmer from
withholding mall addressed to Johnson, the
ase has not yet come to trial and in tho
m.hii mail Is accumulating In the
postornce for Mr. Johnson, being held thars
under the fraud order Issued agalnat him
aom time no bv the postmaster general.
The hearing of the case has not been defi
nitely fixed as yst and it may not take
Complies with all requlrementa of
"For oref dity yean." wrkea
gentleman tn Lest Angeles, "1 have
used ArbociW Coffee Many tiroes
my family Eas tried other coffee only to
comeback to cue oil reliable, unchanged
lie ArbudW No other coee haa
tliis uniform never (ailing aiot&a, I care
hot at what pice. I have often wished
I could tel you this." Many other
people have the saroe opinion
ArWtUs was ike tret lussiii psflagoj
tales, ami its atlas sac nil afl lU etien Md
place unlit sfter the rli of the UneMn
term of the federal court.
Jasaea . KJteaea Write lilrtii
B Real at Ilia "
The funeral services over James B.
Kitchen will consist merely In the reading
of an address which wss written by Kir.
Kitchen In Novemlx'r, 1S96, upon
upon the theme, "Where Life I,
there Death Is King." These serv
ices will ha held at the Kitchen home at
l p. nv Friday and the body will be takpn
v,hworXK Ktn.; rr1day lfnt for
burial. Mr. Kitchen wss a member of aev-
eral secret organisations, but none of these
wll partlcipste In the obsequies. George
E. Prltchrtt. vice president of the Kitchen
Bros. Hotel company, will read the ad-
dress left by his dead associate. There
will be no active pallbearers in Omaha,;1"1 ,n8 engineers In their demands for
but these have been seelcted as honorary: i mor8 P "nd houra.
General John C. Cowln, Oeorge E. Prlteh- ' "Tn committee haa been dismissed," said
ett, Guy C. Barton. VT. W. Morsman. 1 Mr' MnhWr- "nd verythlng adjusted sat
Oeorge F. West. John R. Rlngwalt. Bamuei i l"f,rtnrl"r to both "aM- T"" agreements
Bums and C F Weller i are all signed and will be effective February
At 10: Friday night' the body will be ! ,or a" tne engineers employed on forty
taken to Leavenworth and will be accom- 1 "n roads- "iu ' Chicago,
panltd by Mr. Kitchen's nephew,' Ralph T ln"r withdrew their request to
Kitchen; the la tier's son, Richard; Miss
Rubel and Mr. Catherine Bprague, niece
and sister, respectively, of the deceased.
Definite arrangements for the funeral of
Major Furay have not been made as yet,
ttknnvk I. a It, w. 1 1 ...
" ' " ' , ' ' TW'" . TO "'a. Da'uJ" I
day morning at Rt. John church Tiim I
Knlghtg o( Columbus and other Catholic
organisations will participate In the cere- I
monies. Interment will ba at the Holy '
Bepulcher cemetery,
Major Furay had a kindly feeling for the
lata Colonel' Frank: E ' Moo res. The two
were . the closest of friends. Mr. Furay i
and Charles H. Gulou were Mr. Moores'
original bondsmen, Mr. Furay- remaining
such during Mr. Moores' term of eight
years as clerk of the district court, and
when the late mayor waa elected In 1897
Major Furay called on his friend and
asked to be one of the bondsmen. Mr. Fu
ray was bondsman with George T. Mills,
park commissioner, during Mr. Moores'
mayoralty career.
When Mr. Moores was In trouble over
an alleged mlaapropriatlon of fees as clerk
of the district court Major Furay wrote to
him: "Never mind, old comrade; I'll stay
with you."
Colonel Moores wrote back, saying he
never would allow a bondsman, to pay a
cent for. him.
Toathfnl Executive of Milwaukee
Will Be Star at McKlnley
Clnb Banquet.
Speaking of the McKlnley club banquet
arrangements, John J. Ryder of the com
mittee having the banquet In charge says:
"We considered ourselves fortunate In
being able to secure Mayor Sherburne M.
Becker of Milwaukee for this annual event.
He Is In constant demand as a speaker at
political and commercial banquets and will
oome to Omaha from Louisville, Ky.,
where he addresses the Board of Trade a
day or two previous to our date. While
not as radical a republican as La Follette,
Mayor Becker' Is every whit as forceful.
His fight for tha mayoralty against -democrats,
socialists and 'conservative' repub
licans was one of the most notable po
litical battles ever fought In Wisconsin.
Becker always has something to say that
makes people talk.
"In cldltlon to the Wisconsin leader
we havo the promise of I'nlted Btates Sen
ator Norrls Brown that he will make all
possible effort te gut back from Washing
ton In 'time for the'toanerurt,' and the tone
of hi letter 'leaves no doubt of Ms in-'
tentloA to be with us. ' He wants to' meet
and become acquainted with the ' Omaha
leaders tn business and politics, and has
let his friends so understand. The Mc
Klnley club, because of Its position as a
boosting club purely, provides a safe meet
ing ground for men of all elemonts tn the
party, and Senator Brown has always been
a very popular man with the membership.
He knows, too, that his friendliness Is
heartily reciprocated.
"Governor Sheldon has also given the
committee an acceptance of Its Invitation,
conditional on his official duties permitting
the trip. As matters demanding his Im
mediate attention will be pretty well set
tled by tho end of the month, we are conti
nently counting on his attendance.
"Tickets will be on sale with the mem
bers of the club the coming week. Those
wishing to attend must make their reser
vations early, because we expect to test
the capacity of tho Millard to accommo
date the crowd on the evening of Janu
ary IS."
Thirteenth Street Restanrnnt Keeper
Threatens to Exterminate Ills
Whole Family.
Theodore Klgbey, proprietor of a restau
rant at 10 Bouth Thirteenth street, went on
the warpath Wednesday night by threat
ening to exterminate his family. His wife
ard children wsnt to the city Jail for pro
tection, and during their absence Rlgbey
transferred his attention to roomers In ths
house, who also complained to the police.
Sergeant Samuelson and Officer Glover were
sent to the scene, of the attempted carnage
and placed Rigbey under arrest. His wife
appeared against him In police court Thurs
day morning and testified" that her husband
had threatened many times to kill her and
their children. In sentsnclng Rigbey to tn
days in jail Judge Crawford said hs would
either have to be good or spend the rest of
his life la prison.
the National J'ura Food Law, Guarantee No. 2011, filed at Washington.
(avC thch Afiamon ahotw
mjs nro wc mc3T
IsfCtW. TVstkmiy WkoW-nrpry
to aT cofee basnets bsmg so Slue sreataf
thaa aar compcoioo. at lad, k is larger thaa tha
next four Uqjmt anas im tb world comLisod,
naturally eaa sad actually do g bennr
cof es m ARi53X Ibaa) anyooTsLe caa fnre
ft tha pries; Bsssg tU f'j artkle k is
asU at lis asrtowest ssargia oi ffoU.
Some grocer, will try to wll
you instead loose coffee which the
toaster i. suhamed to tell ia a
Union Pacific Genml Manirer Satitfitd
With Eesult of Conference.
Guilaeeri Complimented ' aa Betas
Able Body af Nr., 14
hy Stroasi Eierntlve
la "tone.
nernl Manager Mohler of the Union Pa-
(cillc, who has been attending a meeting of
j ,ne executive committee of the managers
I r tne western roads, returned to Omaha
rhursday morning. Mr. Mohler waa one
cf committee of twelve who represented
IO"r-ven western lines In the conference
have the time reduced to eight hours and
said their purpose In asking for eight hours
; was simply as a basis of value: that they
; knew trains could not be run between ttr-
mlnals on that time and that to Inslst.on
I eight hours as a day's work would chahge
every terminal on most of the roads and
make men abandon their homes at the
preaent terminals. :
"The conference was most representative
and Mr. Stone of the engineers showed him
self to be a man of unusual ability, fairness
and tact. All the chnlrmen of these lines
,un.n nn. .nnnorir,. a....i. ,
telllgcnt body."
Four Sample Steel Cars.
The Union Pacific Is building at its
Omahtw shops four sample steel cars, two
for freight, one for passenger service and
one mall car. Steel car construction Is
attracting the attention of railroad man
agers all over the country because' of their
great superiority over the old wooden type.
The difficulty has been that steel cars
were built along the same lines as the old
wooden cars, and this has made them too
heavy, although they were considerably
stronger. The problem Is now to develop
a, car wkloh will get the additional strength
from the use of steel without piling on too
much additional weight.
. Deniarrsge Law Btar Help.
The railroads claim the new demurrage
law Is a great help to them In getting coal
to tha centers where It Is needed. Under
this new arrangement the dci.lers are re
quired to unload the cars within a certain
time or pay a heavy demurrage, while
under the old ruling cars were held for
weeks before they were unloaded. Take
the Instance of the Burllngtonaaloni, which
Is the heavy coal carrying line Into Omaha
because it brings coal here from all dlrec
tlons. Before the demurrage clause was
enforced It was no uncommon occurrence
for that roud to have 500 loaded cars on
the tracks In Omaha at one time. Thurs
day that roud had 200 loaded cars and all
these probably would be unloaded before
they began to draw demurrage. Omaha Is
consuming more and more coal every year
as the homes Increase In number as well
a the manufacturing Institutions.
lagan of Hotel Clerks Who Want
Law to Prevent This Sort
of Rasrallty.
"Dow with the readbeat." .
With this slogan as the shibboleth of their
cauipalgn the, hotel uterks tat- Omaha-will
go Into the meeting of the Nebraska and
Iowa Hotel Clerks' association next Mon
day night with a determination of devising
a bill to be passed Into law at the legis
lature which will give them and their em
ployers some protection against the dead
beat -more effectual than that now pro
vided. The meeting will be In the building of
the Hotel Reporter on Fourteenth street.
Beats Oat Attack of Pneumonia and
Is Worth Several Dead
Men, He gays.
Word come from the home of "Tom"
Johnson, 4110 Rurdette street, that his
threatened attack of pneumonia has been
dissipated. - Mr. Johnson, one of the oldest
and best known residents of the city, suf
fered a stroke of apoplexy' something over
a year ago, but was able to be out every
day during the summer. A bad cold con
tracted recently threatened to develop Into
pneumonia, but the danger ta now past
snd the veteran' assessor and politician as
sorts he is still worth several dead men.
Tho Time to Bny Vrm Usd.
Many land investments have yleldnd 104
per cent during tho past year. This has
been especially true of the cheap lands In
Nebraska, Kansas, tho Dnkotas, Texas and
Arkansas. Wheat lands, in many cases,
have paid the purchuse price out of one crop.
Uand has made a thousand fortunes where
mines have made one. The most glowing
prospectus of a mining company sounds
tame beside the astuul profits reaped from
bountiful crops and Increusing land values.
And prices are still going up. Now la the
time to Invest. Look for bargains In tha
want ad pages of The Beo.
Dan B, Butler Makes Blaf Hit.
City Clerk Pun B. Butler has scored a
ten-strike In the new official roster of ths
city he has issued. The little card folder
Is succinct and at the same time compre
hensive. It really contains informiition
that a person might be able to use. differ
ing In this respect from many similar af
fairs. (OLD 111 SEALED
ro yoga
package bearing his name.
Doa I lake a, aekber & look not tke fmc
untcshi ki cup qualiry. No Bisonr Waara yoa
buy ArbudU ARJOSA, or wkat you pay
lor a, it's tti ssas oU aaifom Aibacklss
If yout grocer will not supply, write to
r - i
hills and Fewer yiredl
If you wish to keep strong and vigorous and have on .your cheeks the
glow of perfect Jjealth. take Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey regularly, according
to directions and take no other medicine. It Is dangerous to fill your system
with drugs, they poison the body and depress the heart, while Duffy's
Pure Malt Whiskey tones and strengthens the heart action and purifies
the entire system. It is recognized as a family medicine everywhere. Duffy's
Pure Malt Whiskey hps stood severe tests for fifty years and has always been
found absolutely pure and to contain great medicinal properties.
CAU.TTON When you ask your druggist, grocer or dealer
for Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey, be sure you get the genuine. It's
the only absolutely pure medicinal malt whiskey and is sold only
in sealed bottles; never in bulk. Look for the trade-mark, the
"Old Chemist," on the label, and make sure the seal over the
cork is unbroken. Price $1.00. Illustrated medical booklet and
doctor's advice free. Duffy Malt Whiskey Co., Rochester, N. Y.
Impressive Fer'crmancs of Impcrtatit
Character by Gieat o:resa.
Splendid Company r Supports Her
Efforts, and Brilliant Audience
Gives Her an Enthusiastic
Mme. Helena Modjeska snd company in
"Macbeth," a tragedy'-in-' six acts and
fourteen scenes, by. :WUliam -tihakespeaie.
The cast; ,
Duncan, king of Scotland.....
Mc, -Edward N. Hoyt
.. it?. Thomas R. Mills
Malconl ...
Macbeth ..
M4ss Claia Athy
CharJes D. Herman
Mr. iMward lowers
MJr fe:'C f;Knv"lu ' e full light . a dagger,
Koss .
Mr. I..
.. Me. Tom
Robi nson
... Mr. Gilbert Parker
. Mr. DuIIhs McDonald
..... Mr. Hirry Tubbett
Drunken Porter
Kleance, son to BHn(nio.,..Miss May Smith
Slward, early of Northumberland, gen-
ml of the English forces
Mr. John McUeod
young Hlward, ins son,. ...... ;,!
Master itoneri iiirrio
Cvtnn sn nfflcer attending on Macbeth
Mr. Bonner Keel
Gentlewoman, attending on Lady Mac
beth Mlns Klsie rancnuri
A Doctor Mr. Arthur Hinton
A Bleeding Sergeant. .Mr. Sand McPhe am
A Messenger
Mr. John Alexander
h ( , 1 Ail iml 1 71
First Murderer .
Second Murderer
Mr. Cyril Ward
An Old Man Mr. Andrew Anson
Lady Macbeth. .Madame Helena Modjeska
First Witch Miss Amy Btnne
Becond Witch Miss Margaret B'lcklin
Third Witch Miss Grsce Vsresl
First Apparition Mr. J. MooreWnd
Becond Apparition Miss Jean Arthur
Third Apparition Miss Jessie Brown
Omaha will remember Helena Modjeska
an standing wide-eyed and gasping, staring
at her hand, the anguish of a soul torn by
remorse written on her face, while her
whole attitude and aspect depicted the ter
ror and misery and sorrow of a kindly na
ture overborne by sin. )
It Is Just a little singular that Mmo.
Modjeska should have chosen to make
her farewell appearance In the sleep-walking
scene from "Macbeth," but she did,
and she depicts with terrible realism the
blttesness of that spectacle, prophetic as' it
was of her impending doom, when all the
fabric of her wrong-doing, born of ambi
tion snd foxtered in lust for power, should
come crashing down upon her and bury
her bonnalh Its ruin. It msttera not here
to debate the question as to which was
first the sinner, husband or wife, or to
argue as to which was the greater. Laily
Macbeth In Helena Modjeeka's hands be
comes the equal partner of her lord and
sharer In his Inmost thoughts. Ehe fur
nishes htm with that finer quality of
courage which he larks, but saps her own
strength in giving the inspiration for his
bloody deeds. All this Is made cleur by
the star whose light will soon be lost In
voluntary eclipse. It Is a great character,
and lias been daemed worthy the Lt ef
forts of ths greatest of tragediennes. In
this attitude Mme. Modjeska has ap
proached It. and with careful, well consid
ered steps she develops It from the first
scsne, In which a newly hatched hope
fledges Itself into bloody resolve, to that
ending wherein remorse and horror for
the crime blots out all else. The climax
is reached by such degrees as lessen the
shock, but do not disturb the impressive-
ness of the cumulative effect.
Herman Klne Macbeth.
Supporting Mme. Modjeska is a company
of uncommon excellence. Mr. Herman gives
such a presentation of Macbeth as might
In the main be called a star performance
Itself. He shows a rare and discriminating
Intelligence in his reading of the lines,
majestic in their poetry and Impressive in
their tenor, set down for the part, and il
luminates their meaning perfectly. Once or
twice during the evening he seemsd to re
cede from the high plane on which he
pitched his conception of the part, but only
for an Instant, and these brief relaxations
were more than compensated for by the
fire and vigor with which he renewed his
effort to make the real Macbeth live. Al
together Mr. Herman quite dominated the
situation, sharing with the star the credit
(or the success of the evening.
Seen Call for Mr, Montague.
, Mr. Montague was the reclplentvaf what
Is an honor decidedly rare In Omaha, a
scene call. At the close of the scene la
which be voiced bis grief at the massacre
( Us family and vowed but vow of veo-'
Pure Mali
B?ance against he tyrant who had slain
th'm, he was recalled to bow Ills acknowl
edgement of the storm of applause that
followed him. Those lines were never read
with more force or better judgment as to
emphasis and Inflection In Omaha. Mr.
Mills as Malcolm shows strength, and Mr.
Lewers Is satisfactory as Bunquo. Others
In the long cast contribute to the success
ful production of the play.
Piece Rlaboratcly Staged. .
The piece has been staged with much
elaboration. In the witches cavern a realis
tic touch has been added that hlghtens
the general uncanny effect and gives the
wlerd slstcis all the verisimilitude of those
encountered by the thanes on the blasred
heath and after sought by the king in their
den. in the banquet hall something of
the pleading, effect is sacrificed to the
effort to preduee a startling illusion. The
lights are turned off, and Banquo actually
appears under a ray of blue light. This
detracts, rather, from the scene. It would
se?m that Macbeth could as well see
C. Phillips'1"" auoience woum understand 11 quits as
i well. A slight awkwardness In restoring
the light on the disappearance of the ghost
lends further objection to the plan.
Heccpfteu to Mtnr Warm.
Mine. Modjeska has reason to feol pleased
with her. reception at the Boyd last night,
for it was not only an enthusiastic audi
i ,, ,
dice, but a studious one us well. The in
tellect of Omaha as well as the wealth and
fashion was there, and the warm applause
that caused the star and her leading man
to appear again and again to bow acknowl-
edgenient of the appreciation of their ef-
' '
; ,l,rt" as a genuine tribute to the efccel-
lence oi me performance.
Robbed of Ills Trousers, Nam Morris
Dona tho First Thins; In
For the Immediate present, at least, Sam
Morris of 2011 Webster street Is fancifully
attired In a barrel of the latest London
cut, due to the operations of two burglars,
who stole the trousers of Mr. Morris early
Thursday morning, and, on account of the
portly form of Mr. Morris, he has been un
able to find trousers that will fill the va
cancy. Mr. Morris was wakened about I
a. m. Thursday to hear the two burglars
running down the stairs leading from his
room, but too late to rescue his Irouiers,
which contained only 35 cents and some
Burglnrs also entered the house of W. M.
McElry, 630 South Twenty-eighth street,
Wednesday night by breaking open a rear
window. The thieves ransacked tho house
and broke open two trunks, bat obtained
nothing, as they were evidently in sea sen
of money only.
Demented Srgro Poura Toiler Into
Celling:, Sending Terror Through
out Neighborhood.
Repeated fusillades or revolver shots
startled the occupants of the house at 182
North Twenty-third street shortly before
noon Thursday and gave the Impression
that some desperate outlaw was in the art
of committing murder. The police were
notified and a hurry run was mad in the
patrol wagon by Sergeant Renlfrow and
Officer I-ahey, who found John Howard,
colored, shouting the celling or Ma room
Toitb Talk No. 104
In my office you will find much
that Is dreadable in dentistry haa
been taken away. For Instance,
there Is no pain In the Ailing or
crowning of teeth when my pain
less method is used. Again I In
sert porcelain fillings that cannot
be seen atid one no bng-.-r dreads
the display of gold in the front
Another thought you'll find my
Instruments, ortice, linen, etc., In
perfect harmony with those who
desire cleanliness In their' dental
'Fhone Doug. t7. lit Bee Bldg.
- --- '
Miss May Coyne, a promi
nent young woman of St. Louis,
Mrx, who was a great sufferer
from malaria, chills and fever,
was cured by DUFFY'S PURE
"I was a great sufferer for many
months from Miliaria, accompanied
occasionally by chills and fever,
brought on from living In a swampy
ectlon of the country. I tried nu
merous remedies, with little or no re
sult. A friend advised me try
result that Lam now enjoying perfect
health, and do cheerfnlly recommend
It to anyone suffering from that
disease. Any one Is at liberty to write
to mo as to the good DUFFYY'S MALT
WHISKEY has done me.
"Hoping this will be of good to some
one, I am, MIS3 MAY COYNE. 2930
Lucas Avo., St. Louis, Mo., Nov. 1st,
Miss May Coyne Joins the thousands
of men and women who have been
cured by this great family medicine,
and of her own free will Is anxious to
tell the people what It has done for
full of hok'S. Howard is demented and was
under the impression that his majesty of
the land of brimstone was after him. How
srd was taken to the city Jail and locked
up for safekeeping. Howard recently
achieved notoriety by trying to sell an In
fallible cure for asthma and hay fever to
Mayor Dahlman and others In ths city hall
Information Bureau of PostofTlce Is
MnklnsT tho Postmaster's
Hnlr White.
The old adage of "telling your troubles
to a policeman" is not In It with the num
ber and variety of Inquiries received at the
Omaha postoffice during the day for In
formation. These run all the way from a
pathetlo Inquiry for a lost child, wife, hus
band, father, mother or sweetheart, sup
posed to' be swallowed up In the great
maelstrom of dally life In thla metropolis,
to an Inquiry as to the reliability of i
A letter was reveled Thursday morning
asking "confidential" Information as to the
accuracy of the skill of certain advertised
astrologers, fortune tellers In foretelling
the future, offering liberal compensation
for the Information, as the writer (from
Sibley, la.,) had some Important matter to
confide to the fortune teller, whose advice
was asked for.
Only recently a Jealous wife wanted the
postoffice department to keep track of the
letters received by her husband and save
out a few for her, but not let him know
anything about It.
Then, again, there occurs the dally kick
for the nonappearance of some expected
letter or Inquiry for the recovery of a let
ter which the writer forgot to stamp, or.
in some cases which they forgot to ad
The day's routine in the Omaha postoffice
la filled with stories of hope deferred dis
appointment, Joy, sorrow and unwritten ro
mances that would make a thrilling story
of life surpassing In reality the wildest
dreams of a novelist's fancy. And It la
just these . troubles that Is making Post
master Palmer grow more gray each day.
Man Accuses Wlfo of Hurllnar Tang.
Ible and Intangible Bind,
geons at It.
Tf all Is true that William Waack sl
leges In a petition filed In the district
court Thursday he probably will not be de
prived of a decree of divorce from Louise.
C. Waark. He says she threatened him
with a revolver, saying, "I will blow your
head off;" offered to cut his head off with
a butcher knife, struck htm over the head
with a granite dish full of milk and
"whitened" him and his brother with the
mlk. He says she used. In fact, dishes,
pans, knives ard every culinary article 1,
the house and threatened to destroy his
looks and sight and "face" by throwing
blue vitriol upon him. He alleges that ahe
followed him to work and denounced him
before his employers, and had him arrested
twice without cause. He went to Lincoln
to get work, and she followed him there,
he says, and had him arrested.
Waark says he earns lit a week as a
steam fitter and that lie has always given
his wife 110 or 113 of this. He asks a di
vorce, the custody of their two children
an an order restraining his wife from fol
lowing him or their children or threatening
them with bodily harm.
Prealdeat Belleva Visits Eastera
retirees for Notes osi Sam
saev Assemblies.
Dr. Guy W. Wadsworth. president of
Bellavue college, returned Wednesday from
New York. Philadelphia, Pittsburg. Wheel
ing, Cincinnati and Chicago, where he had
been in the Interests of the college, princi
pally to Investigate the methods of operat
ing summer assemblies at the eastern col
leges. Bellevus is to have a summer as
sembly this year, snd Pr. Wadsworth Is
endeavoring to get the work outlined as
early as possible. Dr. Wadsworth attended
s reunion of the Amherst foilege class, iu
which he grsdusted.
Rev. Anderson Crane of Obsrlln, Kan.,
has been enguged as business manager for
the college and he will manage the affairs
of the summer assembly as well. Ha haa
resigned his pulpit position at Obrlln and
baa already arrived at Boltevua.
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