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Telephpns Dougiss (18. ,
Genuine January Clearing Sale
Several years ago the first Genuine January Clearing Sale was launched by Thompson, Belden & Co., and so -widely have
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All our 11.7s Bleached Table Cloths In this
January sale, each.
. AU our 82 8S Bleached Table Cloth In
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All our $3.00 Bleached Table Cloth In
this January sale, $209 each.
- All our tin Bleached Tab-.? Clotha la
fhl January sale, 82.60 each.
' AH our HM Bleached Table Cloths In
fhl January sale, WOO each.
All our t&.Ot Bleached Table Cloths In
thla January sale, fR.ft each.
, All our $2.25 Bleached Napkins In this
January sale, 81.G9 dosen.
, All our $3.00 Bleached Napkins In this
January sale, $2.00 a dosen.
. All our $3.26 Bleached Napkins In thla
January sale, $2.28 a dosen. v
, All our 8160 Bleached Napkins In this
January sal $2.3 a dosen.
Delivery of Packages.
During this January sale we
will consider It a great favor, If
you will kindly take all packages
with you whenever It la possible
for you to do so. ,
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turses who are taking care of them.
Us provided the law ahall not apply
parties la ease of epidemic, pestl-
or calamitous visitations. The pen
provided la a line of from $100 to
Vl:e Joint resolution Introduced by Root
if Cass providing for a test of tbs rail
way commission law before the supreme
court will have to be changed. In the
opinion of some of the senators, before It
wll DM. Itte resolution -la , heeded by a
whereas," , reciting, the occasion for mo
M-ODOsed test 6f the luw'. These are rhu-
maraud la aubstance aa follows: Because J The remarks pt the new lieutenant gov
of irregularities In giving nolle of tV.e i crnor wrre hearUlr ars'SVed. ow'u
pro posed amendment, because the straight j pied the chair the remainder of the brief
Amrwra.tln and republican votes were
counted . for the smendment, because of
questions relating to the arrangements of
the official ballots and because neither the
constitution snor the law contained any pro
vision for the commission at the time. The
resolution ssks the .attorney general to
bring the test case expeditiously 1n order
that the validity of the amendment can be
determined before the legislature adjourns
sins die. ,
peedy Test 4 Amendment.
of the members expressed there
after the reading of the resolution.
U favoring the elimination of the "where
as" snd passing the bare resolution asking
for the test. They are inclined to think a
simple resolution would be better than a
Joint resolution, declaring It would be just
as effective and could be passed In two
days, whUe a Joint resolution would have
to go through the same tedious process as a
bill. Inquiry among members of the sen
ate developed that, the sentiment Is la
favor of a speedy teat of the railway com
mission law. s
Senator Patrick's anti-lobby law evoked
a' smile when It was read. The title of the
bill, which gives a general Idea of Its pro
visions, is as follows:
A bill for sa act prohibiting legist itivs
counsel, agents, employes or lobbyists from
attempting to Influence members of the
legislature otherwise than by appearance
lwfore the proper committees thereof, or by
public address, newspaper articles, written
or printed atatements. arguments of briefs.
me) cu proving in.i non- i
lata or agents shall go upon the floor of
The bin provides thst none of those lobby
ettner nouse ' except oy inviimon ot me
house. It also directs printed briefs or ar
guments shsll be printed and twenty-Are
copies filed with the secretary of state be
fore being delivered. The penalty pro
vided for' recalcitrant lobbyists Is a fine of
from. $100 to $1,000 or Imprisonment In jail
from ten days to a year.
'In the grist of bills offered by Root of
Cass Is 'one repealing the section of the
criminal code under which the governor
his been accustomed to pardon two long
, term criminals every Fourth of July. Sen
ator Gibson's employers' liability bill Is
alee among those offered.
tlosrrwrtl Takes OSlee.
The farnal Installation of Lieutenant
Governor Hopewell took place after the
sauatv bad, reconvened at the close of the
jelot session. As soon- as the senate had
been called to order McKesson of Lancaster,
moved a vote of appreciation be extended
to the retiring lieutenant governor and the
motion was unanimously carried. Wlbtou
of ?awnee, Epperson of Clay aud Root of
Cass were named. to escort the., incoming
official tt) tae chair.
Mr.' Hopewell was led to tha rostrum and
too his place beside lieutenant Governor
McGtltoif an4 the latter, banding him the
gavel, said:
In surrendering you the gavel I dlre to
ay that I hope and trust you will have the
same oonstdrratlvn llutt has been accorded
ja as presuduig oOiuer. I hope and trust
:f Powder f
' ft..-' St IK W stwa tne eAs
tbeee) place are made aafa, .
The Annual Great Linen Sale Goes Merrily On
AU our 84.50 Bleached Nankins In this
January sale, $8.38 a dosen.
Extra Special.
208 dosen of John 8. Brown Sena.
$8.7$ Napkins in this JANUARY BALK
300 dosen of John 8. Brown A Bona $4.50
Napkins In thla JANUARY SALE $2.75
All our $1.60 Bleached Satin Da ma ok In
this January sale. $1.00 per ard.
AU our $1.00 Bleached Satin Damaak, In
this January sale, 75c per yard.
AU our ec Silver Bleached Damaak. In
thU January sale. 49c par yard.
you will find it as great a pleasure as I
have found It.
Judge Hopewell responded briefly and
with feeling as follows:
Gentlemen of the Senate: I consider It a
hiinrk. Itii1m.i1 t rt ftrMllA HVCT
this honorable body. 1 trust I may so dv1
I. . Mu - will m mat with 'VOlir H T-
proval. I think It Is expected that much
legislation very important to the whole
state will come ' bef ore ua for action. If
platform phages and pre-election promises
mean anything, the majority and the mi
nority members of this body should work
hand In hand to enact lawa' which are
honest and Just and which vmi promised
your constituents you would help enact.
Personally, I feel I am Inexperienced In
parliamentary . practice. The last experi
ence I had was thirty years ago In a de
h.tlnr arhonl where I rot my education.
j feel f will have the support of the mem.
n of this body In-my , endeavor to, do
what is just. j
First Day for Introduction t Bills
II rl Kirs Good Grist. ,
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Jan. $. ( Special.) The
morning session of the senate was short
and was taken up almost entirely by -the
Introduction of bills. " The' senate was
called to order at 10 o'clock by the lieu
tenant governor.' ' Wlltse Of Cedar, Hol
brook of Dodge and McKesson of Lancas
ter were appointed to see that the sen
ators got their share of tha tickets to the
Bualnesa started when the head of In
troduction of bills was reached. A short
lull followed the snnouncement of the
division when McKesson of Lancaster
jumped up and offered a bill which was
designated as Senate Tile No. 1. King of
Polk was close second and then bills
began pouring In from all ever the cham
ber until fifteen had been stacked up on
the secretary's desk. m .
When the bills were all In and read by
title the first time Gibson of Douglas read
his report from the committee on em
ployes, which was announced Wednesday.
The report was adopted and the employea
lined up In front of the president's desk
and took the oath required by law.
Randall of Madison moved the pay of
the clerk of the committee of the whole
be fixed at $4 a day and after some dls-
cusslon as to whether or not the pay of
.... nravl.,M. wv
provided by
tloa carried.
Wilson of Pawnee, Hanaa of Cherry and
Glover of Custer were named as members
of a joint committee U decide about ad
journment. The morning ssssioa ad
journed until 1:45. ' '
The senate met sgsln after the joint
session and transacted a amap amount of
routine buslncsa Senator Gibson of the
employes committee made an additional
report, recobimending for appointment P.
II. Wlntersteen of Dodge county as cus
todian of the cloak room aad.J. A. Denaon
of Caaa as doorkeeper of the gallery. They
were elected without opposition and sworn
On motion of Wilson of Pawnee the en
ate then adjourned until IS o'clock Tues
day, by which time it is hoped the full list
of committees will be selected.
The following bills were Introduced into
the senate today: M;, ,
8. F. No. 1 By McKessoa of -,4?raeter.
Provldlug for cti&UKoe ef venue iu justice
oas'S snd for the tsxlng of accrued coats
against the party Hiking or the change.
a. r. no. uy King of ruta.. rouoiting
the giving or taking of ree railway
transportation except Co or by railway em
ployee or certain other excepted classes
and providing for a line ! . from $ivw . to
I1.UU0 for violations.
S. F. No. S by Root of Cass. A joint
resolution directing the attorney general to
Institute quo warranto proceedings to test
the legality of the railway commission
8. F. No. 4 By Root of Cass. Fixing the
liability of railroads for damages for Injury
to employes and providing fault of fellow
servant, or accepting of Inaurmnca or relief
shall be no bar or defense.
8. F. No. a By Oibson. Making common
carriers liable for injuries) to employes,
making contributory nea-llgence a question
for the Jury, and Providing the accepting
of relief -benertta or insursnce ahall not be
a bar to a claim agalasl tue common car
rier. 8. F. No. By Root of Cmss. Prohibiting
the shipping of Intoxicstlng liquor between
points in the stste without labeling tbs
package In large letters "lnto.-tlnff
Liquor,'' and prohibiting the coaaigning ef
liquor to fictitious persons and providing
for h nne ox tiuu to
B F. No. t-By Root of Case. Making the
place of manual delivery of Intoxicating
Louor the place of aale. ,- . .
8. F. No. e By Root cf Cae. Provtd'ne
that 4amage cases for death by Injury
Mj nil be prosecuted in the name ef the
widow and next ef kin and fur their ex-
I cluklve b iicnt.
8. F. No. a By Latta of Burt. Amend'ng
WW well be, too. from a consrvaUveJuae. " Jt hardly needed UIs assurance uls a-cbmnKnaahie-twstness proposition. - j,
One' Thousand New and Fashionable Separate Skirts on
Special Sale Friday, January 4th, at 8 a. m. at Half Price.
These- handsome and perfect fitting skirts are made by the best
manufacturers In America from Imported French models. 'Every skirt
Is new In design and every style Is an exclusive one with Thompson,
Bolden & Co. Our skirts are made by the three leading houses In New
York, Bonwlt, Heineman and Newgrass.
Voile skirts, regularly sold at S30 JANUARY CLEARING SALE
PRICE, 116. -
Black voile, black panama separate skirts, regularly sold at $25
All the swell novelty stripe, plaids and fancy mixed skirts at 'ab
solutely HALF PRICE.
All the black taffeta silk skirts at HALF PRICE, all the $15
skirts at $7.50-
Kindly take notice that this Is not a sale of the common or ordi
nary style of skirts, but the very highest grade, such as well dressed
women love to wear.
SPECIAL NOTK The great sale of coats continues at half price,
also the great sale of high grade furs, as well as the fine tailor made
All our $1.00 Silver Bleached DamaJik. In
thla January sale. 75c per yard.
All our $1.25 Silver Bleached Damask, In
this January Sale, f9o per yard.
All linen.
All our $1.7$ Silver Bleached Napkins,
In this January sale, $1.00 per dozen.
AU linen.
All our 66c Figured Huck Toweling-, la
thla January sale, 66c per yard.
All our 50c Figured Huck Toweling, In
this January sale, 42',c per yard.
All our 10c Huck Towels, In this Jan
uary sale, Sc each.
All our 15c Huck Towels, In this Jan
uary aale, 10c each. '
the present lew so as to reduce all passen
ger rates within the state to 8 cents a
a. F No 10 By Epperson of Clay. Pro
as 8. F. No. 8.
8. F. No. 11 By Patrlrk of Sarpy. Pro
hibiting lobbying before the legislature
and providing for a penalty of from $100 to
$1,000 orImprisonment from ten days to a
t. F. No. 12-By Root of Case. Refining the
offense of adultery and providing the pen
alty shall be not to exceed a year In Jail.
8. F. No. IS By Root of Case. Fixing fes
to be charged by the county Judge and
providing for a regular fe- of $1 for per
forming marriage ceremonlea.
8. F. No. 14 By Root of Cass. Repealing
the law providing the government may
grant unconditional pardons to two long
term p.-lsoners In, the penitentiary on July
4 of each year.
1 8. F. No. to-By Rot t of Cass. Amending
the present ssme law miklnr the clovod
sesson for redr fox and srey .squirrels from
February 1 to August Si and providing a
penalty of $5 for each squirrel killed dur-
Ir.g the closed season.
Conjcress Memorialised to Act on the
(oiko (taestlon.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Jan. t. (Special.) Speaker
Nettleton called the house to order
promptly at 10 o'clock and after roll call
and prayer by Chaplain Crosswalt, the
Raper resolution memorallxlng congress to
give Its moral support to a move to help
out the people of the Congo Free state
and prevent further brutalities there wss
carried, i
E. W. Brown of Lancaster, Farley of
Hamilton, Fletcher of Antelope, Quacken
bush of Nemaha and Graff of Cuming were
appointed a committee to hear the evi
dence In the contest between Carlln of Rock
and Coryell of Brown.
Hart of York, Wilson of Custer and
Quackenbush of Nemaha were appointed
a committee te confer with a senate com
mittee on adjournment. The committee
reported that when the house adjourned It
be until 10 o'clock Tueaday morning.
Whttham of Johnson Introduced the fol
lowing resolution, which carried by a vote
of 59 to 17:
Where ft has been the custom In the
past for lobbyists In the employ of the
rsllroAils snd othr rornoratlons of this
stste to have access to this floor st all I
times, and as each member of this body
can vote Intelligently on each and every
measure that may be Introduced, without
being buttonholed or bulldosed by any per
son on earth, therefore, be It
Resolved, That If any lobbyist shows up
On the floor of the house while this body Is
In snsston, thst the sergeant-at-arms be
Instructed to eject him, forcibly If neces
sary. The joint session of the senate and house
was called to order at t o'clock by Lieu
tenant Governor McGllton. McKesson of
Lancaster, Lee of Douglas and Mllllgaa of
Dixon were appointed to notify stats offi
cers of the meeting snd to present them to
take the oath of offloe. Ned Brown of
Lancaster and Saunders of Douglas were
sent eut to bring In Senator Millard to
occupy a seat next to the speaker. Wllsoa
of Custer, Aldrlch of Butler and Saunders
of Knox were appointed a committee to
escort the supreme Judges to the platform.
Governor Mickey read his messags. Tbs
oath was administered to Governor Shel
don by Chief Justice Sedgwick, following
which he swore In the other officers. Gov
ernor Sheldon delivered his message. The
sessioa adjourned until 10 o'clock Tuesday.
J. A. C. Keayon,v manager of the. South
Omaha stork yards, Is here laying his
wires to prevent any legislation which
might affect his business. Hs Is not mak
ing his presence public
Tbe following bills were Introduced:
H R. No. i. by Lee of Dour las To au
thorise street railway oompaniea to extend
aid and to acquire the capital stock and ,
Donas pr interurosn rauroaus. ana to au
thorise street railway companies and Inter
urban railroad romoanlea to operate, lease
and purchase the lines of each other.
H. R. No. t by Cu Idles of Saline Amend-Ins-
the game lawa
H. R. No. $, by Leader of Douglass-Providing
Omaha firemen shall work only
twelve hours a day.
H. R. No. 4. by Cone of Saunders A fel
low servant law to conform to the national
H. R. No. a. by Hart of York County
option bill.
Maa Believed te Be Willis sa Fltsslss
' saaas at Oaeaaa Dies la?
LA PORT K, Ind- Jan, I (Special Tele
gram.) A maa supposed to be William
Fttsaimmoas of Omaha from the fact that
cards were found In his clothing bearing
addresses of Omaha buslnees men, was
struck by a Miobigaa Central train at
Bm, Jan. I, 1107.
All our 15c Huck Towels, In this Jan
uary sale, 15o each.
All our 7Ho Brown Linen Crash. In this
January sale, 3Hc per yard.
All our 12tye Brown Linen Crash, in this
January sale. So a yard.
All our 15c Brown Linen .Crash, In this
January aale, UHc a yard.
All our Bleached Linen Crash, In
this January sale, 9c a yard.
All our 15c Bleached Linen Crash, In thla
January aale, 12Mfi a yard.
AU our 18l-8c Bleached Linen Crash, In
this January sale, 13c per yard.
All i our 15c Checked Glass Toweling, In
this January sale, 11c a yard.
All our 16 2-Sc Checked Oless Toweling,
In this January sale, 12Vfcc a yard.
600 dosn Rubdry Wash Cloths, In this
(January sale, lVic each.
Watch our ad and our Sixteenth
street and Howard street windows
every day for great bargain offered
In this January sale..-.
Michigan City last night and Instantly
killed. .
The authorities will communicate with
Omaha authorities In an effort to' establish
hs Identity. . . , ,
(Continued from- First ''Page.)
expressed In the written enactment.- In the
ascertainment of that, wplfl. Lam not at
liberty to ignore the -ulUnjats object of the
law. That object was. Ahe, establishment 0f
uniform,, railroad . rates, t reasonable . la
amount.. The former law had failed to ae-
cnninllsh this and was. Oiarmtnrtk itMnk.
neA Inatend of bfelnrwlnt ' h ki.
nea' Ineteoa otng wiped off the books
having served Its purpose,. . additions)
and severe liabilities were, created and more
drastlo remedies and penalties authorised.
Dlffereace lav: Laws. .
For the offense with whtfch the defendant
stands charged the preceding Elklns taw
prescribed punishment only, by fine.- The
view entertained by the i present congress
respecting this offense finds expression In
the .provision authorising, the additional
penalty of Imprisonment In the peniten
tiary. And Jhe court Is asked to hold that
thla same congress deliberately Intended to
pardon all unlndlcted prior offenders, whose
conduct It wss, nic e than all other causes
combined, that moved congress to enact
the rigid and far-reaching measure of
June M.
"My opinion Is that whereas a i common
law the repeal of a penal statute extin
guished all penalties for offenses against
its provisions In the absence of an express
saving clause, under section 1$, the re
peal of a pennl statute extinguishes no such
penalties In the absence-of an express ex
tinguishing clause, which the rats law does
not contain, that the so-called saving clause
In section 10 was Inserted for the sole pur
pose of definitely prescribing the rule of
procedure that should control tha pro seen,
tlon of causes then pending In various
stages In the courts, thus avoiding the con.
fusion and controversy which, as experience
has shown, must otherwise have resulted.
The court overruled the demurrer te eight
of the Indictments and sustained It as to
technical grounds In others.
Usee of Three Assoelatloas Aeeased
f Favorlag Steadard Oil.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 1 Discrimination
In favor of the Standard Oil company by
railroads la charged In a complaint filed
today with the Interstate Commerce com
mission by the National Petroleum asso
ciation against the lines constituting the
Central Traffic association, the Trunk Line
association and the New England Traffic
The city council of Atchison, Kan., has
filsd a complaint against 'the Missouri Pa
ctfio and other western railroads, alleging
that the defendants operate, free of charge,
elevators In Kansas City, Mo.; Leaven
worth and Coffeyvllla, Kan., but refuse to
do so In Atchison.
The Board of Trade of Kansas City, Mo.,
complains that the Chicago, Burlington
Qulncy and other lines running Into Kan
sas City charge $3 a car for the reoonalgn.
ment of grain shipped out of the city. The
board requests thst the commission pro
hibit the levying of such a charge, or that
the charge. If levied at all, be made Just
and reasonable.
Big New Yark Deaartsseat Store
Ceasea Over te S. A B. Greea
tassais Esrlaslvely.
NEW YORK. Jan. $. (Special Telegram.)
Messrs. Chapmen Co., a large Brooklyn
department store snd a member of the
H. B. Claln syndicate, have discontinued
the uso of their own "Merchandise" stamp,
after a little ever two years' trial. They
have decided to confine themselves exclu
sively to tbe "8 H." green trading
stamps. This decision was made necessary
by tbe greater drawing power of the "8.
H." premium systsra over their own
merchandise plan.
The determination of Messrs. Chapman 4k
Co. is a substantial tribute to the per
manency and merit of the B perry eV Hutch
inson company's green stamps, which bare
attained a world-wide reputation.
DIAMONDS-Frenaer, 1st and Uedga.
Cily Cne f nttcr and One Oontrressmaa (
Freisnt win fsstioa ConTtnet,
Haasbroaah Has ' Ameadmeat te tbe
Homestead Law Setting Aside Itil
las; of Departmeat la Matter
f Cammatesl Eatrlea.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
WASHINGTON, Jan. l.-'Bpeclsl Tele
gram.) Nebraska was represented by a
lone member on the floor of the house to
day when that body convened. Judge Norrls
of the Fifth district being the only one to
appear when the speaker's gavel fell. The
other members of the delegation are ex
pected to arrive In town tonight or tomor
row morning. During the holidays Judge
Norrls quietly went to his home at McCook.
where he remained until the. first of the
ynar, arriving in town yesterday. Judge
Klnkald, who Is making a trip to Panama
with a number of members of the Cali
fornia delegation. Is expected to return to
Washington on next Monday. On the sen
ate side Senator Burkett was the only Ne
braskan, Senator Millard being expected to
arrive on Sunday.
Iowa was noticeably unrepresented, both
senators being, st home, Senator Dolllver
looking after his fences, while Senator
Allison, who has been exceedingly 111 dur
ing the summer. Is not expected to arrive
before the middle of next wees. Both of
she South Dakota senators were also ab
sent. Senator Gamble to remain In the state
until after his election as his own . suc
cessor. Pleased With Nettleton's Elect loa.
Congressman Norrls today, speaking
about the election of Dan M. Nettleton as
speaker of the house, said: "Dan Nettleton
Is one of the pioneers of our state. In my
Judgment he Is one of the best qualified
members of eur legislature and he will ho
found absolutely fair. He won't permit an
Injustice to be done to rich or poor, corpo
ration or Individual. At one time Mr. Net
tleton was a prominent candidate for con
gress In the Fifth district but was de
feated 'for i the nomination by W. E. An
drews. Trie legislature has not only hon
ored a good man, but they have done honor
to the entire party of the state. I have
great faith in Dan Nettleton, both as a
friend and aa a neighbor."
Breckearldae Appears tor Indians.'
R. W. Breckenridge and daughter, who
have been sightseeing In New York, arrived
In Washington today and were among the
Nebraskans present at the reception given
by the president In honor of the diplomatic
corps tonight. Mr. Breckenridge Is In
Washington In the Interest of a bill now
pending before the Indian affairs committee
of the house In the Interest of certain bands
of Santee Sioux of Knox county, Ne
braska. Barkett Has Soma Bills.
Senator Burkett today introduced a bill
to prevent the nullification of state antl
gambllng laws. The Intent of the bill Is to
prevent transmission by ' telegraph, tele
phone er through the express'compsnles of
messages bearing commissions to bet upon
horse races, or In fact any other form of
Senator Burkett also today Introduced
bllls'to Increase the pensions of the follow
ing Nebraskans to $30 per month each:
John E. Meglerme, Lincoln; Samuel Steele,
Tecumseh; Thorrfes Harrop, Roca.
. Hospital lev Fort MrKensle..
Representative Mondell today Introduced
a bill appropriating $4M)00 for the erection
of a hew hospital at Fort McKenaie, Wyo.
He also presented a bill providing that all
lands a) toted to Indians in severalty or
reserved for their use In common, suscep
tible of Irrigation, may be . leased for a
term of not exceeding twenty-five years for
cultlvstlon under irrigation, In the discre
tion of the secretary of the Interior. -
Amendment to Homestead Law.
Senator Hansbrough today Introduced a
general bill relating to commutations of
homestead entries. The scope and pur
poses of the proposed measure are thus
explained by the senator: "Under a ruling
of the Interior department, made February
27, 110$, It was held thst In order to com
mute an entry tinder the homestead act
the entrymsn must have resided upon the
land for eight months continuously after
six months of constructive residence. Prior
to the above mentioned ruling it was pos
sible for an entryman to leave his land
for a month or so at a time without
jeopardising his right to commute at the
end of eight months' residence.
"Slnoe the ruling hss gone Into effect
many entrymen have acted under the old
rules of the department, not knowing of
the new one, and have left their land for
short periods, with the result that when
they endeavored to commute their proofs
were held up. The proposed bill gives these
people the right to make their proof under
the old ruling of the department In many
parts of the country It Is Impossible on
account of climatic conditions to remain
the entire winter' upon a homestead."
Protection af Mineral Iinds.
Mr. Nelson In tbe senate and Volstead of
Minnesota in the house,, today Introduced
in their respective bodies a bill proposing
te put Into law tbe recommendations con
tained In President Roosevelt's mersage
for the preservation of mineral lands now
embraced In the public domain. These
bills, which are identical as to phraseology,
provide that lands containing ccal, lignite,
petroleum or natural gas shall be reused
under a system t6 be devised by the secre
tary of the Interior. The first section pro
vides that all coal, lignite, petroleum or
natural gas shall be rt served to the United
States, that patents made disposing of such
lands shall contain a provision specifically
making such reservation.
Another provision of this bill Is to the
effect that unless the transfer expressly
mentions that coal, lignite, petroleum or
natural gas are conveyed, it will be pre
sumed that such depcslts are not conveyed.
Entrlee for land containing coal, etc, shall
be made at the local land offices and pat
ents Issued as under the present law by
authority of the secretary of the Interior.
Representative Volstesd in speaking of
his bill so .far as the house Is concerned,
said tonight:
This bill Is presented as a basis (or dis
cussion. Ths president's recommends tlon
In this connection has already b?en actd
upon, In a measure, by the houss com
mute on public lands."
Paetal Matters.
Iowa postmasters appointed: Badger,
Webster county, Charles C. Knudsen, vies
A. E. Hovey, removed Kemlgala, Appa
noose county, Lafayette Oordy. vice O. L.
Flener, resigned; Ledgard, Kossuth county,
Joe Jenks, vice W. A. Wright resigned..
Joseph C. Shoch has been appointed reg
ular and Howard Kulpl, substitute rural
carrier for route at Columbus Junction,
8. D.
Axel W. Petersoa left yesterday for
Key.erburg. III. .
P. B. McCarthy and daughters, old-time
pioneers of the Black Hills country, arc
registered at the Henshaw from Rapid City.
Uordon Smith of Denver. Bruce Wilcox
of Alliance, R. Carter of Lexington. Allen
O. Fisher of Andrews. Oeorge H. Mead of
Hastings, H. hi LeC'rone of Kennard and
C. O. Murphy ef Aiuswwrth are at tbe ller
Grand, - ,
I Removal
WE are now located in our new build
ing at 1614 Harney St., where vve
are prepared to handle a larger business
than ever. We receive sums of money
ranging from $1.00 to $?.000.00 and
allow dividends from date we receive it.
Thus, far our rate has been 6 per cent.
Resources, $2,C0M00. Reserve, $65,000.
The Conservative Savings Loan
Governor of Minonri 0 fieri Suarreitioni for
Lwa to the Lijjiilatura,
Municipal Ownership af All Pnbltc
I'tllltlea Is Favored and Legls
latare Asked to Make
It Possible.
JEFFERSON ClTY, Mo., Jan. I.-Oov-ernor
Folk In his message to ths legis
lature today recommended a number of
acts relating to life Insurance companies,
among others a standard policy for all
life companies, prohibiting discriminating
and rebating, regulating the election of di
rectors snd requiring nonresident companies
to keep at least 70 per cent of the premi
ums received from Missouri pollcyholdars
Invested within the state.
He also recommended the enactment of a
law making It a crime for anyone for com
pensation to lobby with the members of
the legislature. . ,
The railroads, he said, should be required
to carry passengers within the state for
! cents a mile.
Primary Law Desired,
There should be a state primary law for
the nomination of all elective officers, In
cluding United States senators. The elec
tion of senators by the people, be said.
has long been demanded, but It cannot be
obtained until the federal constitution Is
amended. Public opinion will ultimately
force this reform, but In ths meantime
the next best thing can be secured by
having senatorial candidates voted for at
a state primary.
He advocated a registration law applicable
to all towns of 10,000 Inhabitants. He rec
oni mended a law making It a felony to
register a bet upon a horse race, either
on a blackboard or any other substance, or
to telephone a bet on a horse race to any
other stau or to telegraph or use any de
vice to accomplish the registration of bets.
He also recommended legislation .to sup
press bucket Shops.-.
Rigid child labor laws, prohibiting a
copcern or corporation from selling higher
In one part , of the state than In another.
adding a prison punishment for violation
of the anti-trust laws, and making the pen
alty for the maximum freight law to apply
to persons, corporations and partnerships;
also a statute providing proper penalties
for railroad corporations of the directors,
employes or agents of any railroad giving
rebates on shipments within the state.
PnbllcKy for Corporations. . .
Every corporation, he ssld, should be re
quired to furnish each stockholder with a
balance sheet of Its business once a year.
There, should be an annual tax In the na
ture of a privilege tax of Via of 1 per cent
on the capital stock of all corporations,
both domestic and foreign, doing business
In the state. The state Should regulats
the charges of public service corporations
In order to prevent extortion. To determine
the reasonableness of rates there should
be power to Inquire Into and determine
the actual amount Invested In such cor
porations and to furnish rates on a reason
able basis. The reason of this should be
to eliminate fictitious values.
Hs recommended that the people -of each
city or town be authorised to purchsse or
own and operate any utility of a public
nature whenever they shall vote to do so
and to Issuu bonds In payment thereof.
Favors Maalelpal Ownership.
The necessary law should be enacted
giving the municipalities of ths stste full
power to regulste tolls, charges and rates
for gas, electric lights, telephone snd other
public utilities within such cities and com
pelling the Interchange of telephone service
and fixing, and 1 regulating the charges
thereof. It was the province of the gen-
! era I aasembly. he said, to put an end to
wrongs by preventing one corporation from
owning stock in snother, and authorising
quo warranto proceedings to be filed to
dissolve any worporatlon a majority of the
stock In which Is acquired by a holding
company. This wss necessary, he urged,
to prevent the creation of monopolies In
trade and business In the state.
Saloons Only on flnffraace.
The liquor traffic, he contended, does not
exist In the state as a matter of right,
but of suffranee. Yet it has sn exemption
from authority denied other Interests. The
traffic should be made to observe the law
Just like any ons elss.
Hs recommended the amendment of t
anti-brtbory law so that witnesses could 1
forced to testify,' but relieving them fro
prosecution by reason of their testimony.
The governor Invited conaideration of tl.
propriety add advisability of tha tidoptlo.
of a resolution msklng application to cm
gress to call a convention for propose
amendments 'to : the federal oonstltittioi
particularly with reference to election v
senators by the direct vote of the peopl
and for a Just income tax.
Krsrs Perjarer Convicted,
PITTBBl'RO. Jan. 1 William B. DeCoata,
the negro tailor arrested for perjury after
his testimony In the Hsrtje divorce trial,
wss fnuixl siU' by a Vrv this sftsrnoon
Ths negro coachman, Clifford Hooe, had
previously been sentenced to six years In
the penitentiary on conviction of perjury.
The excellent qualities of
bare secured theil great aale
Alweyi .W-eti;r is raj ptttne
cafetlvo prorao Qebifla
DrM 4CcU taOneteay, OrTt 3 Ifcryi
Notice! i
Fair anal Warmer In Nebraska Te- '
. day, Imn er Rain Tomorrow
Warmer In West Portion.
WASHINGTON, Jan. I. Forecast Of the
westher for Friday and Saturday:' '
For Nebraska Fair, warmer Friday; Sat
urday snow or rain; warmer In west por
tion. For Kansas Fair; warmer Friday and
For Iowa Fair Friday; Saturday, fair
For Colorado Fair Friday except enow
In the mountain districts, warmer In north
and west portions; Saturday rain or enow,
mow In the mountain districts.
For South Dakota Fair In east, stvow in
west portion Friday; Saturday warmer;
snow In east portion.
For Montana Rain In southwest, snow
and warmer In north and east portions
Friday, Saturday rain or snow; colder in
west snd north portions. .
For Wyoming Snow and warmer Fri
day; Saturday snow, colder In northwest
Local Record.
OMAHA, Jan. . Official record of temper
ature and precipitation, compared with tha
corresponding day of tha ast three years:
1908. 1804. 1003.
Maximum temperature .. 28 . 1 a 14
Minimum temperature ... 12 21 Is 4
Mean temperature .j 18 26 ti 5
Precipitation 00 T .00 .01
Temperature and precipitation departures
from the normal st Omaha since March L
and comparison with the last two years:
Normal temperature IK
Excess for the day ." 0
Total excess slnoe March 1, 1906 159
Normal precipitation 08 Inch
Deficiency for the day , OS Inch
Total rainfall since March 1 36.61 Inches
Deficiency since March 1 8.79 Inches .
Beficlency for cor. period, 1906., t. 62 Inches
eflclency for cor. period, 1908..- 1.64 Inches
Reports from Stations at T P. M.
Station and State ' Temp. Max. Raln
of Weather. T p. m. Temp. fall.
Bismarck, -clear 8 4 .00
Cheyenne, cloudy S2 " S8 ' .00
Chicago, cloudy 34 64 .00
Davenport, cloudy 26 82 , .00
Denver, cloudy 80 40 . , .00
Havre, cloudy 44 .00
Helena, cloudy 40 40 .00
Huron, clear 4 8 10 .00
Kansas City, clear 26 88 , .02
North Platte, clear , , -
Omaha, clear 28 - 1 28 .0
Rapid City, cloudy 14 - - '.00'
St. lxuls, raining 88 U . .1
St. Paul, clear 10 36 ' . .00
nlt t-k Cltr. cloudy '.. 84 84 T
Valentine, clear 12 22 ' .w
Wllllstonv clear 14 14 .00
"T" Indicates trace of precipitation.
indicates below sero.
L. A. WEL8H, Local Forecaster.
Woodward fUS .
uvr a Bargess.
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Bargain Matinee, SSo-BOo-7Bo
The Musical Farce Matinee, 26'j-oOo.
Night, 26c-60c7tc-$i,.00
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