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Investors from every part of the United
Ftates ihow continual confidence In Unrle
Bam refinery stock, aa can be proven from
the books by th many substantial remit
tanra received during the pant three
weeks, whtla there are hundreds of deals
pending which tha company ia closing
very day.
Completion of Work Means 80-Cfent
. Tha completion of tha great work well
under headway will advance thla Block
In ' solid value to at least 80 centa par
ehara and better Just a aure aa ynj are
a foot high. To complete thla work ia
Juat -,a question of securing funda with
which to buy material and pay (killed
labor. The company has already ralaed
right at one million dollars. It has nearly
nine thousand stockholder. All are Work
ing for the company. They will be In
creasing their holdings and getting tnelr
neighbors to Invest . In thla stock even
while you are reading this announcement.
Hundreds of them will Invest thousands
of dollars aa the company continues to
J;row, while every day new people are
otnlng our ranks by making substantial
remittances. Tha- Uncle Ham company Is
a big enterprise, does business on a big
scale and by Its commanding position Is
able to secure the greatest results front
the least amount ( money Invested. It
has low advertising rates from almost
every leading newspaper In the land. This
announcement will appear In all the met
ropolitan papers and will be read by more
than twenty million people. The stock Is
In good demand, as the price at which It
la selling Is based upon assets, and In
vestors from all over the country are mak
ing substantial remittances. During the
past few days a one thousand-dollar draft
was received from Illinois. Another for
twenty-six hundred and twenty-five dollars
came from South Dakota. Another from
Iowa fr four hundred and fifty dollars.
Another from Philadelphia for seven hun
dred and ten dollars. Several from Ohio
for from four hundred and fifty to seven
hundred and ten dollars. Another from
Canada for seven hundred and ten dollars.
One from Missouri for fifteen hundred.
One from Michigan for two hundred and
fifty dollars. While amounts from .thirty
dollars to one hundred and fifty dollar
have come from every state In the Union,
and several very representative deals have
been closed up on the Installment basis.
Sacrifice Price Allotment of Stock Will
Sopn Be Sold.
About pne month ago the company offer
ed to accept $150,000 at the sacrifice price
offered herein to you. With the remit
tances already received and the deals now
actually pending more than 190.000 of this
amiunt will be- subscribed. Don't deceive
yourself for one minute that you will bo
Able to buy any of this stock fit tha oom
pony at anywhere near thla price after
this amount has been subscribed. The
stock Is worth more than double what It
is bringing the company right now and Is
being sold at this low price In order to
raise a large amount of money quickly rr
that the company will be in a position to
continue to crowd to completion work
now under headway. Nov matter nhere
you .live, whether It be Florida or BrUlsh
Columbia,. New Tork or Texas, this giant
Independent company has stockholders
large and small, and aa before stst.Hl In
very part of tha American continent, und
you can Invest your money In this stock
and depend on a Square Deal, for th
company's stockholders, representing
very part of America, Is a 'guarantee In
itself of protection to you.
Part of the Company's Karirlugs to
' ,. Pjr Dividends. . :.V- -.,.'1
"whan you purchase - this stock '' yon
will receive 'regularly semi-annual divi
dends equal to good Interest on your
Investment until everything Is , com-
rioted whon the full earning power pf
he company will be paid the stock
holders In dividends. It takes time to
complete every great work, but this
company is moving forward very rapid
ly. With Its present prestige and
strength and large returns from its oil
Speakers -at Fiobauee Veetiue Predict
Surpassing. Feoord for 1937..
.... i
Tople of Next Meeting Will Be the
Opcnlmsj; of Tvreaty-Foarth
Street, with )F. D. Wead
- aa Leader, -
At the first meeting of the Omaha Rool
Estate exchange Wednesday hopeful ex
pressions were given of the outlook for the
new year. The annual review of the city
as shown by the newspapers was taken as
a criterion for the promise of even better
times for 107.
Charles F. Harrison of Hartlson A Mor
ton spoke briefly aa to the rea estate bust
Ms of 1906 and showed that while it was
OXtremely gcod, yet but 1,100 new buildings
wore erected during the year as compated
with S.S00 built In the year lSfc'T. The
amount of' building for 1S8T reached $6,000,000,
while that of 190U would, Including South
Omaha and Dundee, not go - beyond
tJ.000,000. '
"I do not mean to say from this thai
Omaha has not greatly prospered during the
year Just past,',' said Mr. Harrison, "for
Its growth has been Internal rather than
external. This Is especially true of the
enormous Increase of the Jobbing Interests.
It la shown further In the fact of the total
deposits in the Omaha, banks during the
year 1904, which demonstrates the tremen
dous Increase of the city's business wealth
In the past decade. However, we can but
admit that the growth In real estate values
has not been commensurate with our In
dustrial growth."
Hew la Omaha's, Tim.
George O. Wallace was of the opinion
that the tremendous development of the
west and the present high tide of pros
perity sow, was Omaha's time.
"We know,, what we ought to do," said
he, "and we ought to do It now. Th
comparison of the building years of 188T-8S
and 8 with that of 1906 la no. . criterion.
While 1.7U0 or more residences were erectftd
during one of those, years,. It waa only a
few years following that we had 1.700
mpty houses In ths city. What we are
building now Is solid and not of the boom
order. We are worth In fact and not on
paper.". -
D. C. ' Patterson talked briefly upon th
subject of the extension of the fire limits
of the city and thought that they should
t coextensive wuq in city limits. ,
B, 8. Curtis did not concur In an ex
tension of tha fir llmlta He rather fa
vored their elimination entirely. "By cut
'ting out the fir limit restriction, Farnam
strtet would bs built up with substantial
j flit fT ho Uttl hcIP luiet ft Irritation, control the
Vassf KJLt V lO U tnfiammstlon, check tbo progress of tho dis-
J esse. Our sdrico It give ths children Ayer'e
ff -f Cherry Pectoral. Ask four doctor 11 thlsia hit
I nirftiin sdrlcsslto. He knova best. Do at he say.
ssles It will be able to build and equip
more properties several time over In the
next. year than It haa been able to com
plete In the past. If you will consider the
lm merits of the Uncle Sam company
you will admit this and readily see where
a few hundred dollars Invested now can
not help but grow steadily In value till the
stork goes to par, or $1 per share. Such
conditions should Interest you. as it has
thousands of others, and that's why this
company Is taking up valuable space In
this paper to give .you an Idea of the work
It Is doing. so that you may become In
terested and eventually Invest your' money
where It will help you and this Company,
too. .
IWt Investment in the United State
There can be millions of dollars made In
the producing and refining of petroleum and
not break any law or commit Injustice to
your fellow man. The Uncle Sam company
Is the only large organisation In a position
to step In and take advantage of the great
opportunities open for an Independent com
pany. tFeoplo are tired and disgusted with
the oppression and bullying ways of the
criminal trust and are ready and willing
and wsltlng for a chance -to cut loose from
the trust manufactured goods and buy In
dependent products. It has been the Oil
trust which has dared to attempt to make
perjury and graft respectable In the United
States and the American people, while slow
and conservative to act, are going to stop
such methods In the most effective way
they can. and. there Is no better way and, Jn
tact, no other way to defeat the ends of a
commercial pirate like the criminal Oil
trust than to refuse to patronise their hire
lings and buy their trust-mtde goods. The
Uncle- Sam company owes Its support and
success to the common people only. There
are no millionaire frenzied financiers any
where In Its makeup. It has stockholders
thicker than democrats In Arkansas In the
seven states where' It Is building Its dis
tributing stations and reaching out and pa
trollng the country with Its oil wagons. It
will be but a matter of a few months' work
until this company can have distributing
stations built in every principal trade ren
ter In Oklahomn, Kansas, Missouri, Arkan
sas. Illinois, Iowa and Nebraska. There
are hundreds of good men, trustworthy and
good hustlers, ready and willing to help
the Uncle Born company push the sale of
Independent oil. The Uncle Sam company
ran operate three hundred and fifty main
distributing stations and' keep a thousand
anti-trust wsgons delivering oil to every
hamlet In the before-named seven state
practically Just as easy as It can operate
the sixty-seven distributing stations now
nearly completed.
One Success Generally Follows An
i other. .
In less than two years' time Uncle Sam
company haa built and placed In opera
tion two great refineries. Uncle Sam re
finery No. 1 at Cherryvale, Kan., has been
In successful operation considerably . over
one year. Uncle Sam refinery No. 2 on
the banks of navigation by Atchison, Kan.,
has been In 'successful operation for sev
eral months.' Uncle- Sam refinery No. t
on the banks of the Arkanns river by
Tulsa, O. T., Is practically completed and
will be In operation this month. It. has
built nearly 200 miles of main trunk and
lateral pipe line. It has buHt and equipped
five main trunk pipe line pu.nplng stations.
It has equipped to date thiity-iour mam
distributing stations, and haa thirty-three
more nearly completed, situated in the
principal trade centers of Kansas, Okla
homa, Nebraska' and the very big trade
centers of Iowa, Missouri and are going
Into Arkansas and Illinois. . It baa fifty
six tank wagons patrolling the streets and,
and delivering pure Missouri Valley anti
trust oil to scores of trade centers In the
before named , states Tight-. now.), lb r Is
building more tank wagona foe Immi.'diute
delivery. ' It haa thltty tank Cars 1 1 tha
service and fifteen more bought with
SiMiraiiienu delivery by January 15tfl. I!
as thousands of. barrels of crude and
manufactured oils In storage. It has
bouxht and nald for and devetoDed valun-
able oil properties. From Its own or con- I
irousa on wens- it can suppy aauy nearly
740 barrels of crude oil. while Its miles of
lateral pipe lines roach other producing
oil properties owned by Independent men
two-story structures Instead of blllcoards,"
said Mr. Curtis. "No one cares to build
two stories underground and ons story
above ground. Iet our -people build when
and ths way they will. That Is the way to
trulld Up a city."
Short, talks were .made by W. H., Green
and ons or two others along genert.l lines.
Opening of Tvreaty-fourth,
The toplo assigned for the next meeting is
"The Openm of Twenty-fourth Street
South of Cuming." Thls subject will be
mads the special order of the meeting,
the discussion to be led by F. D. W,ad.
The committee, to! which waa referred the
matter of additional water extension In
needed districts submitted the following
Tour committee appointed to ascertain
If a water supply can be obtained for the
new districts in need of water beg leave to
report that we had an Interview with the
water company and Water board and find
that no new supply of water mains had
been put In recently on account of the
litigation over hydrant rentals. Sinoe going
over the situation thoroughly with the at
torneys for the water company and Water
board we are npw of the opinion that the
water company will likely afford a water
supply In districts reasonably In wed of tt
under conditions with which the Water
board ctn reasonably comply without
prejudice to the city.
Tha committee recommended that the fol
lowing petition be submitted to ths Water
board: .
We. as representatives of large property
Interests and more especially of property
In those districts, the development of which
Is retarded by the lack of water Supply,
respectfully request you to take the action
nncoesary to obtain on reasonable terms an
adequate supply of water for the districts
of the city rapidly building up and so
urgently in need of water.
The petition was presented at Wednes
day's mooting arid signed by all members
present and will lie submitted to the Wster
board at Ha next meeting.
la Llae nltk ttie far rood tin.
The National Food and Drug act which
takes effect January 1, HOT, does not af
fect Chamberlain's Cough Remedy In any
manner. No special labels are required oa
this remedy under that Act, as It Is free
from opiates and narcotics of every char
acter, making It a safe remedy for mothers
U use with their children. This remedy
has been In ust for so many years, and
Its good, qualities are so well known, that
no ene heed hesitate to use it whea
troubled with a cough or cold.
: Mangura Co.. LETTER 8PECIALI8T9.
-Datrysaea Admit OsTesse.
For adulterating cream with a coloring
extract, Peter Ilendrlckson, East Omaha,
and O. J. Gunderson, Fifth and Orace
streets, were fined $6 atd ousts and $1 and
costs, respectively. In police court Wednes
day morning. Their arrest waa ordered on
complaint of Health- Inspector Joe Scully
and the dairymen admitted the charge of
uoltxs the extract.-but danied that.ji was
detrimental to the purity of the cream.
Judge Crawford found them guilty as
charged and asseaeod fines In ac co-dance
with their varying degrees of Iniquity as
It appeared that the cream waa of higher
standard than that of Hendrickson. .
who are glad to ret away from the clutches
of the bullying trust.
Oil Sale Growing Rapidly, .
A few minutes in the sales department
of this company would convince the most'
skeptical of the magnitude of the Uncle
8nm oil ssles. Don't wait until the sales
of Uncle Bam manufacturing oils are past
four thousand dollars per day, but send
In your remittance for from fifteen to
twenty-five hundred dollars and help your
self and a good cause while the opoprtunlty
Is open for your acceptance. The time to
make a good investment In any manufac
turing enterprise Is In the stage of Its
greatest development. Just at this time
the Uncle Sam Company has more unfin
ished construction than at any time In Its
career. A few thousand dollars now will
go further and do more toward Increasing
the earning capacities of construction so
nearly completed than at any other time.
When any man or enterprise offers you a
good bargain he should have a reason for
making such an offer or have an argument
to convince you that the offer Is a bargain
in fact as well as name. W show you
cause why this company is selling this
stock at a sacrifice price. The company
right today could supply on hundred. .and
twenty main distributing stations. In
other words the company could sell twice
the amount or oil that It Is selling If It
had these distributing stations completed.
It takes from ten to twelve hundred dol
lars to buy the ground, pay for the storage
tanks and pay for tank wagons for a sta
tion. Th company Is making a special
offer herein of twenty thousand shares for
twenty-live hundred dollars. This twenty
five hundred dollars will equip two of
these new stations and pay nearly half on
the third one. The profits of even two
stations will In a short time reimburse the
company for this outlay. So you can read
ily see that this company, with Its vast or
ganisation and commanding position, can
Invest money to an advantage where an
Individual could not. We solicit you In
good faith to help us with this great work
and share the profits. If you can't buy
twenty thousand shares, buy a less amount
and it, together with hundreds of others
as they are continually coming In, will
secure the same end.
Kansas. First.
Uncle Sam company was started In Kan
sas In the memorable oil struggle of the
Independent oil producers In their fight
for protective laws during the session of
the Kansas legislature In 1906. Tha stock
holders who subscribed the first $60,000 for
ithis company were practically all Kan sans
who were heavily Interested In, tha Kansas
oil fields . and who commenced an active
fight for self-preservation for ell properties
of which they would hot sit Idly by and see
confiscated by the well known 'millionaire
anarchists who have plundered every oil
field successfully until they attempted their
holdup in the Jayhawker state, and aa
usual got called. There is principle as well
as financial gain back of this enterprise, it
1 leading the light for a square deal In
tha oil . fields. It 1 pushing the fuel oil
outlet and has already been the chief
cause of nearly doubling the price at which
the trust attempted to practically confis
cate the vast production of Kansas' heavy
oil. Few fwople realise It but storage, tanks
for both fuel and refined oils homing' ap
proximately 11,000 gallons each are either
completed and In operation or unloaded
In nearly revery. big county . In Kansas,
except those clone to other Independent
refineries in the gas belt of Southeastern
Kansas. When the Uncle Sam company
said ,lt would patrol Kansas .with anti
trust oil wnitons the. oil- trust hirelings
traveled up .and down " the state tell
ing the people It was a' bluff. These per
jurers are being kept busy nowadays ex
plaining' why they told these lies and are
busily engaged, manufacturing new ones
but to no avail.' For the Uncle Sum com
pany had a purpose and is fulfilling that
purpose, is toeing the mark is making
gcod. it is Dacxea rjy nanaans witn tnou
Bands of Kansas taxpayers among its
heaviest stockholders -and there Is not a
single county In Kansas where from ten
Movement Set on Foot by Commercial Club
for Biter Traffic
CoBtarressman 'Kennedy Says Actual
Establishment " of Barge Llae
Woald Promote Chssees for
Government Appropriation.
To organize a company for the' establish
ment of a boat and barge line on the Mis
souri river from Omaha to St. Louis, a pub
lic meeting will be held at the Commercial
cltfb rooms Friday afternoon at 4 o'clock.
Members of the Commercial club and
Omaha Grain exchange and all cltlxena In
terested are expected to be present.
This Is the result of a Joint meeting
held Wednesday of the executive com
mittee of the club and the board of di
rectors of the exchange. Charles H.
Pickens of the transportation committee
of tho club ssld that the boat Jlne from
Kansas City to St. Louis .had proven a
success and the Kansas City Commercial
club had decided to buy more boats. Con
gressman John It, Kennedy gave his opinion
that tho actual operation of boats' on the
rtver would lend great weight In congress
In the matter of appropriations for the
improvement of the river. President Wat
tles of the Omaha Grain exchange said he
snd a number of his business acquaintances
had talked the question over and were
ready to put their money Into a boat line.
At the meeting Wednesdsy, after an ad
dress by Congressman Kennedy, Chairman
WUhelm appointed a committee to draft
resolutions sxpresslng the sentiments of
Omaha's commercial bodies on the general
proposition of $60,000,000 annual appropria
tion for rivers and harbors, and specifying
what part of this amount ought to be spent
annually on the Missouri river. ,
Resolatloas Are Adopted.
This committee, consisting of G. W. Wat
tles. John M. Guild and H. II. Baldrlge.
prepared the following resolutions, which
were adopted:
Whereas, The city of Omaha Is, and for
many years haa been, a fvput Jobbing cen
ter, the Jobbing trade of this city during
the last year having been more than $&,
OUJ.OnO; and.
Whereas, The city of Omaha Is a great
live stock and grain market, having re
ceived live stock during the last year to
the value of twitiOJO, and having received
during the last year at this market more
than 15.0u0.000 bushels of grain, and having
large storage elevators with capiclty of
more than i.000,uu0 bushels; and.
Whereas, The city of Omaha la a great
manufacturing center. Its manufactured ar
ticles during the last year having exceeded
$li. u).ju0 In value: and.
Whereas, On account of these great In
dustries there Is a general demand for
water transportation from Otuaha to Gulf
ports: and.
Whereas, The Missouri river Is navigable
from Omaha to the Gulf and haa been suc
cessfully used for boats for many years
In the past; and,
WhereaA Th said river la now being
used and navigated as for north as Kan
sas City, Mo.; and.
Whereas. A corporation has recently been
formed In the city pi Omaha for the pur
pose of establishing a line of barges pro
pelled by steojn. to be operated from
Omaha to Kansas City and St. Louis.
Therefore, be It
Resolved, That It la (he sense of the
Omaha Cuutuvrclal club and Of the Omaha
to fifty stock holders could not be sum
moned ter the protection of Uncle Sam prop
erties by 'phone or telegraph In a very few
hours. In other words, like a sentry on
duty. Uncle 8am stockholders are every
where, demanding a square deal for Uncle
Sam oil, soliciting their neighbors to buy
It and demanding that the merchants han
dle the same and stand by a home Kansas
Industry, and are putting up a knock-down
argument which the slick tongued trust
hirelings simply cannot answer or over
come. Shipped to Nebraska.
Several months ago Uncle 8am promised
to establish a main distributing station at
Omaha. Last week a deal wss closed
through the First National bank of Omaha
for a fifteen-hundred dollar property abut
ting the Missouri liver and the Burlington
sidetrack. It's paid for. Warranty deed to
company. Tanks are shipped. Deals have
been closed In Falls City and Nebraska
City and tanks have been shipped. Deals
are pending In Beatrice, Wahoo, David
City, Oram! Island, Hastings, Falrbury,
Columbus, Tecumseh, Blair and Lincoln,
and it will be but a matter of time until
from all of these principal trade centers
Uncle Sam tank wagons, backed by the
strong anti-trust sentiment in Nebraska,
will be practically reaching the entire oil
market of the Ooldenrod state. As In Kan
sas, Uncle Sam stock holders are every
where. There are over six hundred In the
state and nearly two hundred thousand
dollars of Nebraska money back of Uncle
Sam. These estockholders and their neigh
bors and friends can be depended upon and
any man of enterprise in the commercial
world knows what It Is to have home peo
ple help them to sell their goods.
' Iowa. , "
Main distributing station for Iowa has
been purchased at Council Bluffs. Three
whole blocks- right at the end of the princi
pal paved street in Council Bluffs, with
sidetrack of three of the big railroads of
Iowa running clear through the property
from whlcii connections to the other five
railroads of Council Bluffs the accessible.
Also like the Nebraska Omaha site it is ac
cessible for barges to unload oil from the
Missouri liver. There Is a maximum freight
rate law and an antl-discrimlnatlon law In
Iowa and from Council Bluffs Uncle Sam
company will soon apread out over the en
tire state and especially the western and
northern parts.
Missouri. ,
Site haa been purchased and tanks ship
ped to Joplln. Wagons are already In oper
ation In Kansas City, Mo., and Uncle Sam
has a big distributing station at St. Joseph,
Mo. Denis are on foot for stations at Jef
ferson City, Springfield, Chlllicothe, Sedalla,
Boonville and St. Louis. Missouri, like Ne
braska, Iowa, Kansas, ' Illinois and Arkan
sas, has been one of the principal backers
of this giant Independent organisation.
There are over twelve hundred Missouri
stockholders and the sentiment of the peo
ple of Mlf-sourl In favor of Independent oil
Is deep rotted. ' The Mtssourtans are down
on the trust and you can depend on their
staying that way. The Uncle Sam com
pany will heve at least eighty distributing
stations In Missouri when it finally gets Us
great , work completed.
Bites have been secured and paid for and
tanks shipped to Hobart, Kingfisher, El
Reno, Stillwater, Watonga, Perry and
Chandler. , Deals are pending for Outhiie,
Oklahoma City, Norman, Shawnee, Enid,
Alva, Pawnee, Sapulpa, Durant, South Mo
Alester, Blackwell, Woodward, Chickoshti
and Anadarko. With the great refinery In
the heart of the greatest oil held in Okla
homa, practically - In the center of the
new state, where the merchants and the
business men or Tulsa raised the money to
furnish the Uncle Sam company twelve
acres of valuable land and' other conces
sions, snd where public sentiment is so
strong In favor of a square deal end
against the criminal oil trust that In toe
fall election, after the trust had brasenly
made Its talk that It would control the
constitutional convention, however, out of
one hundred and twelve delegates to the
constitutional convention there are Over
one hundred and five members absolutely
pledged to a square deal, and the con
Grain exchange that an aggressive move
ment should te at once Inaugurated for
the purpose of securing a large appropria
tion, at least $2,t00,000 per annum, from the
government of the United States, for ithe
purpose of Improving the Missouri river at
and near Omaha and between Omaha and
Kansas City, Mo.; to the end that the said
river may be more successfully and safely
used for the purposes of navlgaiion.
Resolved, That In our Judgment this work,
can be most successfully prosecuted by en
gineers selected solely for the proposed
Improvements, and not by local commis
sioners. Resolved. That our congressmen and sen
ators be urged to use their Influence and
endeavors to secure an adequate appropria
tion rrom congress at me present session
for the purpose of Improving the navigation
of the Missouri river, and that they be re
quested to work In harmony with other
senators and congressmen, representing
states along said Missouri river, to the end
that the waters of the Mt-aurl river may
be again ueed to facllttat the commerce
of the great Transmlssouri country.
Resolved, That a committee be appointed
to represent tho Omaha Commercial club
and the Omaha Grain exchange to assist
the senators and congressmen from this
state in securing the appropriations as
above suggested.
Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions
be sent to the rivers and harbors committee
and to the senators and congressmen repre
senting this-state.
The premise of the resolutions regardlnf
the barge line Is not regarded as premature,
for the" reason that the resolutions will not
be sent out until after the meeting Friday.
Congressman Kennedy will have a copy of
them to assist him In his work In congress
oh behalf of the river.
Against Bartholdt's Plan.
Mr. Kennedy' spoke against Congressman
Bartholdt's proposition to vote $600,000,000
government bonds to Improve ths country's
waterways, saying the country's revenues
are great enough to vote $50,000,000 ' an
nually. He gave his opinion that the gov
ernment which Is able to spend several
hundred millions of dollars In an Isthmian
canal Is able even to spend $100,000,000 an
nually on Its livers snd harbors.
"Omaha must get busy and talk enthusi
astically about the river," said Mr. Ken
nedy. "You can't sit by silent and let the
appropriations be made and expect Omaha's
Interests to be proteected. If Kansas City
makes all the noise and gets all ths ap
propriations for the lower part of the river
that town will get better railroad rates
through water competition and Omaha will
be left whee It Is."
He said the Important thing at present
was for Omaha to take a stand on the
general proposition, .and then, after con
gress hud committed Itself, to begin work
tor the Missouri's share of the money.
Hs ssld he would be glad to present
Omaha's demands to the subcommittee
which haa charge of the appropriation work
for Nebraska, Wisconsin and Iowa.'
Mr. Wattles talked on the practicability
of a boat line on the river and the oppo
sition of the railroads. He said In the last
two years practically all of the corn ex
ported by Nebraska has gone by way of
ths Oulf porta
ktma. WXXBX.OWS soora anrmir
bas been used for ever SIXTT TEARS b
rllLLlONS of MOTHERS for their CHIU
CURES WIND COLIC, and is the heal
remedy for DIARRHOEA. Sold by Drug,
gists in every part of the world, be sure
tnd ask for
vention, after being In session for several
weeks, Is formulating a constitution which
will make forever Impossible In that state
the criminal aggression which has cursed
and ruined other oil fields. Under such
conditions as these, the big Tulsa refinery
Uncle Sam No. 3 Is worth ten times as
much to the stockholders of this company
as It would have been under other condi
tions. Investors must admit the strong
points of such conditions as they exist In
the Central West and must admit that the
Uncle Sam company la the organisation of
the hour. In the arena at the right time,
with a path before It which Is plain and a
success which Is certain.
Juat a Question of Time.
If you doubt that this company Is not
pushing, ahead every minute, hour and
day, come to Kansas City , and we can
take you to two of the largest Iron works
In the Missouri valley which have their
buildings full, their yards covered and ex
tra gangs of workmen hammering out Un
cle Sam storage tanks to best the band.
Besides these carload after carload haa
been shipped during the past month into
tha various states above named. Besides
this, there are other firms working on
tank wagons, others making metal barrels,
others making merchants' tanks, while
very day people are coming from adjoin
ing states and looking ovef the Uncle Sam
fuel oil burners and going through the fuel
oil department at 604 North Sixth street,
Kansas City, Kan., leaving orders for
petroleum stoves and heaters. It will be
but a question of Just a few months until
the Independent oil men . will have the
Central West covered and the trust whip
ped to a standstill In the states above
mentioned. People don't want the trust
made goods and the trust hirelings know
It. But it takes time to complete distrib
uting stations and get to where the people
can be supplied. Less than two years ago
the trust threatened to leave the state of
Kansas in darkness if they passed the pro
tective oil laws. At that time there was
hardly an Independent oil wsgon in the
state. In less than sixty days now inde
pendent oil wagons will be patrolling every
county In the state where there Is a trust,
wagon ' as fast as these distributing sta
tions can be completed. Reports are com
ing In dally from all Uncle Sam distribut
ing stations that the trust Is having a hard
time to keep Ha men to do Its dirty work.
In several Kansas points where these hot
air blowhards for the trust who are paid
so much per to talk on the street corners,
and put up their spells on the trains a
year ago made their brags how they would
do up the Independents, the trust has made
as many as from three to five changes In
the past year, and a great many of their
old standbys are ' quitting them every
month. Kansas may have their differences
and fuss around among themselves but
there Is One proposition where all Kansas
practically stand together and that Is
where the Interest of one part of Kansas
are placed In Jeopardy by a foreign thiev
ing combine. The Kansas oil fields prac
tically reach from Kansas City on the
north clear through to the Indian Terri
tory line. There are good Indications of oil
and gas right in Kansas City. . Several
light wells have been found.
There are good oil pools already devel
oped In Miami county and from there on
slgsogglng In a distance of from twenty
five miles to fifty miles wide cUar through
to the southern borders of the state. Kan.
sss pluck and determination and Kansas
hard earned money developed these oil
fields under the bait held out . by the trust
of $1.38. oil. Scores of close Kansas corpo
rations were organised in this state and
developed good properties only to build up
their prodfrctlon to where their Investment
was a good one and to receive the blighting
touch of the criminal trust as it showed
its teeth when It boycotted the entire Kan
sas oil fields after hammering down the
price to a horse-thief schedule of leas than
thirty cents per barrel. There are a w
Imported trust hirelings temporarily at the
head of two or three newspapers who have
tried to cover up the facts and white
wash the trust's corrupt methods In deal
ing with one of the largest Industries
In Kansas and one which affects every
farmer r and every . laborer and profes
sional man In the entire Kansas oil
belt reaching as above stated. This whole
Judge tattoo Will Ordrr Attorney for Coal
Doalera Pretested.
Conrt, Decides Not to Order Dlsbar-
nt and Maadamns Contem
plated by Attorney' Will Be
Dropped as Result.
As the result of. the action taken by
Judge Sutton on Wednesday morning, W.
J. Connell, attorney for the coal dealers,
will not present to the supreme court on
Thursday his application for a mandamus
on Judge Sutton, as he had planned to do.
At the opening of court Wednesday morn
ing Judge Sutton announced that he had
concluded not to enter any order of disbar
ment until the contempt proceedings, con
templated by him, had been heard and dis
posed of. He further stated that the trial
of the coal cases would not commence
next Tuesday, aa had been ordered, but
would be delayed Until the '' case against
Mr. Connell for contempt had been dis
posed of.
In that connection he further stated that
on next Tuesday morning he would direct
ths county attorney to prepare and file an
Information against Mr. Connell for con
tempt of court. Mr. Connell thereupon
arose and said to. the court, that he naa
no objections to the proposed action of the
court with reference to his alleged con
tempt but on the contrary was very glad
that he was to have an opportunity . to
present his defense against any charge of
contempt, and to have It appear on record
Just what had occurred during the recent
trial of ths State against Samuel E.
Howell. Mr. Connell further said that he
would file his answer to any charges made
against him without delay, and would be
ready for Immediate hearing of the con
tempt charges. . .
Time for Hearing; Not let.
Hs further stated he could not be present
In court on Tuesday owing to his absence
in St. Ixuls In the damage suit of Dr.
Rosewater, which Is to be heard at that
time before the United States court of ap
peals, but that hs had no objections to ths
order being made In his absenos directing
the county attorney to file charges against
him for contempt. Judgs Sutton stated that
he would not make such an order during
ths absence of Mr. Connell, and It was
thereupon agreed between Judgs Sutton
and Mr. Connell that all further action In
ths matter would be deferred until the re
turn of Mr. Connell from St. Louis.
Ths result of this action by Judgs Sutton
prevents Mr. Connell from presenting to
the supreme court st Lincoln on Thursday
his application tor a mandamus to compel
Judge Sutton to permit him to appear In
the trial of the remaining coal cases. As
Judge Sutton has announced that he would
not make an order disbarring Mr. Connell
until after the contempt proceedings against
him are heard, all further action In the
way of a mandamus must be delayed until
after that time,
Connell Ready for Action.
Mr. Connell already has received from the
er his brief o the law which he in
oil belt. If given a square deal, a free
market Snd a fair price will blossom like
a rose and Its prosperity be f elt 4o the en
tire limits of all Kansas. In other word
they may make fun of the Jay hawkers, but
you can't skin one part of this stale and
get another part to help you, for rvery
Kansan realises that the prosperity of his
Kansas brother means his prosperity as
well. The wUile state of Kansas Is stand
lng to a man behind the Independent oil
Interests and It Is a cinch that they are
going to stick together In this fight until
they win It and they are Just as sure to
win as water seeks Its . lowest level, and
that's why an Investment In this greut or
ganisation which has been on the firing
line of the fight for two years, doing Its
duty for a square deal, Is as safe and se
cure as government bonds. It Is certain
W receive loyal support In Kansas and
even one-half of the oil sales of this state
would pay handsome dividends on every
share of its stock, while the adjoining
states are going to do almost as well.
What We. Want to Do.
Aa before stated, the company has raised
right at one million dollars. Kvery doilar
of thts money Is back of the enterprise.
This company should complete at once the
balance of two hundred distributing sta
tions. We should also complete the bal
ance of the river pipe line, which will
ony take about pne hundred miles, and
this Is a small amount when you stoat to
consider that the company has already
completed one hundred and fifty-one .nlles.
The company should also, during the next
four months, Increase the Atchison re
finery. Uncle Sam No. 2, to twenty-four
hundred barrels per day, Cherryvale re
finery to six hundred barrels per day and
Tulsa to twenty-four hundred barrels. The
company already has under construction
a big paraffin plant at the Atchison re
finery and machinery ordered for a lubri
cating plant at Tulsa, The market Is
waiting for us, the people want the oil
Never was there a greater opportunity
fpr any enterprise than Uncle Sam, and
never was there a time when bo many
people were hoping and praying for the
success of an 'enterprise which Is build
ing up right In the face of one of the
most cruel and oppressive combinations of
hundreds of stolen millions with their un
speakably dirty methods of competition.
Besides this the Uncle Sam company has
maintained from the first that this Kansas-Oklahoma
oil Is nature's own fuel,
and there is not a taxpayer In any of the
Central West states who does not Know
that the fuel problem Is already a serious
one and becoming more serVus every year.
The oil trust, the railroads and the coal
trust are apparently all working to the
same end. to give the consumer the worst
of It. When you help the Uncle Sam com
pany you heln advance the flag of reason
able. Independent fuel. If yru don't think
so call st any of the Uncle Ssm distribut
ing stations and get a barrel of oil and
sn oil stove and compare it with the cost
of your present supply of fuel. Uncle
Sam will hsve forty-four of the his:
Kansas counties equipped fo fuel fi by
the middle of February, . wl '.e thirty of
them, are equlnped right now.
There are thousands of farmers, mer
chants and professional men in the United
States who. out of the love of Justice, and
to help further a worthy cause, should buy
a thousand shares of thlsstock at one
hundred nnd flftv dollars and could mnk
It possible for this comnanv to complete
all of Its work right nway. This company
has already made It possible for-tho tlx
pavers of Kansas to buy the best wnter
white kerosene anvwhere In the stnte s.t
an average price of four dollars snd a half
per barrel laid down In n hamlet' In the
state where under oil trust combinations
th former average orlce wss from eight
dollars to twelve dollars and a half per
barrel. The oil trust. bn.s almost a syste
matic control of all big nvr trnnsac.
tlons In the United Fttntes. The only way
on earth this comnanv can complete Irs
rreat undertaking Is to r1e thee funds
In amounts ranrtn from fifteen dollars tn
five thonsan1 dollars from Independent In
dividuals... Tt cannot be Vne any other
wsv and we know what wo are talking
about. The same management Is Ht the
bead o this rnmnanv as was st th begin
ning. We are 1ut common everyday Ksna
sns snd we know we csn re is everv dollar
needed to complete everything . to per
fection equal to anything the trust or
tended to present to the supreme court, to
gether with a printed abstract from the
official records of the stenographer showing
all the proceedings relating to the numerous
controversies between himself and Judge
Sutton. Mr. Connell asserts that .the offi
cial record Is an absolute Justification si
far as he is concerned, and that after read
ing the same he felt like throwing him
self a bouquet for having kept his temper,
during the ten days' trial of the Howell
case. .
Leaves United States National to Go
to a Wyoming State
Edward M. Warner, chief clerk In the
discount department of the United States
National bank, has - resigned to become
cashier of the Saratoga State bank at Sara
toga, Wyo. He left Tuesday to take up his
new position. He has been with the United
States National bunk ' for six years. Six
other men have gone from this institution
In the last few years to become cashiers
of western banks. They are: Frank Beach.
ft JiyLy ,
What Do Youi Weigh?
Are you too light for your height Would you like to
"put on 15 or 20 pounds more flesh? Would you con
aider trying a food for thirty days that will coat you nothing'
m case k tails This ia'the only condition under which,
PEPTOL the flesh builder. ia aold. We cannot atate
just how many pound you may gain in that time, but we
do abtolutcfy guarantee that you will gain in flesh.
is undoubtedly the greatest discovery of the age the out
come of years of experimenting by the greatest food experts
in the world. It embodies in highly condensed form the
very food elements that make flesh predigested and ready
for immediate auiroilatioo. It creates appetite and helps
digest other foods. It ia the quickest and only absolute)
certain route to permanent and substantial increase in weight.
Give PEPTOL s trial aUrt today. For aale by all first
class druggists or send one dollar to ua for the first supply.
Ths Peptol Company,
First National Bank Building-, Chicago.
(LasusSeiyi bstUe Cm, alka.)
Ha hirelings can trot across. The balance
of the stock when sold, figuring from plat
experience, will bring the company ovel
nine hundred thousand dollars. The quirk
er we con raise the monev the quicker
great results can be achieved. We sold it
you In good faith to send In what you can
spare and ask you to solicit your friends
to do the same, and If you are In a terri
tory where Uncle Sam oil wagons are d.
Ilverlng oil or any other Independent oil
wagons are operating, to demand that yoisr
merchant handle Independent oil and so
licit and request yortr neighbor to use It.
This is your fight as well as ours. We
will be slad to send you rurther particu
lars on request and will send you reports
trl-monthly keeping you Informed as to tha
progress of the Independents' cause.
Prices of Stock.
.$ 15 00
. 9.W
.. tf.M
. 45 00
. .00
. 7&.00
. 80.(10
,. 106.00
. 130.00
1.16. (0
.. 1W0
. 2-Jfi OO
.. 460.00
no shares
1I0 shares
shares .
(t0 shares
7ou shares ,
8i0 shares
9W shares
l.oiio shares
l.ftoo shares
2.000 shaces
2.6"t shares
8. WO shares
.. .....
Monthly Payment Offer.
From the start the Uncle Sam OH Com
pany has made it possible for men of llnv.
Ited means to Join the company, and In ad
dition to offering treasury stock at the
above mentioned price will sell on monthly
payments aa follows: onimy
Six monthly,
100 ....
2O0 ...
"0 ...
400 ....
600 ...
8"0 ...
70 ...
800 ...
00 ...
1,000 ..
1,500 ...
2.000 ...
2,500 ...
3,000 ...
....$ 2.00
.... 4.00
.... 6.00
.... R.OO
.... 10.00
.... M.00
.... 14.00
.... 16.00
.... 1S.0O
.... 20.00
.... 80.00
.... 60.00
.... 60.00
$ 2.60
20.00 ,
Special Offer.
3.6flO shares
. .$ 60000
.. 710.00
lorno .1.. '"' ' .1,000.00
are8 .iw.o
A,000 shares 2 6O0.U0
How to Send Money.
Remit by postofflce money order, bank
draft or personal checks. If you send
currency, always register your letter.
Make all drafts, checks and money orders
payable to the Uncle Sam Oil Company.
Your stock will be sent to you by reg.
lstered mall. Our office force Is rushed '
with work and do not expect your stocks
to reach you for at least two weeks after
your remittance arrives at the Uncle Sam
Kansas City State Bank, Kansas City.
Kan., Commercial National Bank, Kansas
V. I KH '' Mon,Kmery County National
Bank, Cherryvale, Kan.; Atchison State
Savings Bank (oldest state bank in Kan
sas, Atchison, Kan.; Wm. Stryker, ex-8tata
Superintendent of Kansas, Tulsa, Okla
homa; also a million dollars unincumbered
assets, mostly Iron and steel from the
banks of the Arkansas clear across thre
hundred miles to the banks of tho Mis-'
The Uncle Sam Oil Co,
or H. H. TUCKER, Jr., Soe'y
Wyandotte BlrJrj.. Kansas City. Kan 1
Lyle, Minn.; Albert Sanders, First National.
Arlington, Neb.; Herbert Reckmeyer, Sara
toga 8tate bank, Saratoga, Wyo., who now
leaves to go with a larger bank farther
west; James R. Wright, Rexburg Stets
bank, Rexburg, Idaho; Fred Cuscaden,,
Erlcson State bank, Erlcson, Neb.; Charles)
F. Greunlng, Bank of Mullen, Mullen, Neb.'
Snstalns Fracture of Lear Whllsy
Coasting- Down Hill on New
Year's Day. ;
Anna Mel v In, a 7-year-old girl, suffered
a severe fracture of the leg, while coasting
east from the Boulevard north of Ames
avenue New Tear's day. With a larger
neighbor boy, Oscar Cain, she was coasting
and young Cain offered to steer her down
the steep Incline. Instead of ateerlng her.
he Is said to have given her a shove and
let her go down alone. Not being able1 to'
steer the sled It ran her against a tres at
the bottom of the hill and broke her leg.
She was attended by Dr. Vance, who de-1'
elded to send her to. a hospital and put ths.
leg In a cast. The injury was quite painful
tha bone being driven through the flesh.