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Office, 10 ferl St. Tc). 48.
i i -
Liabllitia ' of Untoi Transfer Oompanj
Greater Thau Suppose!
Arrangement Made to !' t'pper
Stnry of qreat Western Freight
depot for Wnrrroone for
' h Preeent.
Ftank K. Everest waa yeeterdsy
pointed by Judge 8mlth McPheraon of the
I"nlted Btate court receiver for the Union
Tranrfer fompnny, against which creditors
brought, bankruptcy proceedings, follow
ing the flea, which destroyed the company!
warehouse and atock on South Main street.
Mr. i Bwrufi appointment. (lt la said,
waa made at the request of a number of
tha credltora. It waa announced yesterday
that tha liabilities of the firm were found
to be greater than 'at first reported and
will exceed the assets, which consist of
book accounts and he Insurance of $,0ca
by about $2S,nno.
V. A. fcouthard, manager and principal
atockholder of tha I'nlww Transfer com
pany, could hot be Been last evening, fol
lowing (thi announcement of the appoint
ment of F. F. Everest aa receiver, but It
la understood that the company, despite the
bankruptcy proceeding, hope to procure
a satisfactory settlement of Ita present
troubles and resume biiHincss in a short
'time. . In fact, ao aure la tha company of
being able, to resume business within a
short while, that negotiations are pending
to- lease the upper floors of the large
freight office and warehouse of the Great
Western railroad on Ninth avenue.
rattan saloon and restaurant, and asked
him to do what he could to straighten out
the entanglement In his business affairs.
Mr. Larson Is authority for the statement
tat all, Goldstein had when he left here
was $J5. which he loaned him, and a val
uable diamond atud.
Services at St. Pawl's rknrrh and
Pablle Offices (lose
At St. Paul'a Episcopal church Chrlstmaa
services will be held this morning at 10
ii'glock. There will be special music and
the rector, Rev. H. W. Starr, will preach.
This will be the order of the aervlcea:
Orirnn Prelude OfTertol re Batiste
Processional Hymn N 61 Hark, the
Herald Angela Ml tig
Anthem Sing, O Heavena
First Ijeeson.
Te Deum In B-Flat
Second Lesson.
Jubilate ...J
one. Burning brands were carried a long
distance, which et fire to the roofs of a
number of dwelling houses. Only by hard
work waa the blase prevented from extend
ing across the street to the yard of the
Green Bay Lumber company. ,
N. Y. Plumbing Co. Tel. JTO. Night 6oX
A. Mrlutr Jt Co.
New Location of Wholesale Bakery,
lit Myneter Street, Council Bluffe, la.
Home-Made Bread a Specialty.
Visitors Welcome.
' ' - t
SSfe Stephah Bros, for the latest and best
inverted burner. 629 West Broadway.
Matters a ptatrlot fosrt.
The petition in the divorce suit of Arthur
B. Deuel agalnat Or a Anna Deuel waa filed
In the district court yesterday. Following
a recital of" the alleged Ill-treatment he
had- received forseveral years at tha hands
of lls wife, who, he says, on inore than one
occasion threatened to "cut his hear out"
wltfc ' tne- carving knife, the plaintiff
charges his wife with deserting him and
returning to her former home in Michigan.
At. the tltjie ills wife left -him Deuel alleges
aha took wlrh her the proceeds of the
sale of their home. -'
Mfltnii Campbell la another husband who
(ailed to find, married life a paradise, according-
to his petition for divorce filed
yesterday. Ha alleges that hi wife, O. R.
Carnpfcoll. to whom he was married In Pot
tawattamie county in September, 1903, put
hint1 In such fear of hla life by repeatedly
.evghreatealng to kill- httn that hla health
guve way and ho became almost a physical
wreck. On ..June. 1 Campbell tsserta hla
wife threatened' to ahoot and kill him with
a ahotgun, but' compromised matters by
leaving him and since refualng to live
with, him.
Mr. Mart B. Judon, wife of John E
Judon. aa brought cult against the Mod
ern Woodmen of America to recoTetti.aoo
oir poltry 'of llfj Insurance issued to her
husband In her Xavor. Judon recently died
at St,. Bernard's hospital, where he had
bean committed as an insane patient. .
, ... Woodman
.Dudley Buck
... Thlekstun
Introlt Hymn 3t1 O, Lamb of Grid
Gloria. Tllil Woodward
Hymn oH O, Little Town of Bethlehem..
Offertory Solo Christmas Song
Panctus Stalner
Hymn 2X-Bread of the World
Gloria In ICxcelsi Old Chant
ProcesHlonal Hymn 69 It Came Upon a
Mltlninht Clear
Organ I'oHtlude There Were Shepherds
in the Field Mailing
The following hours will prevail today at
the postofflcc: Stamp window, general de
livery window and. money order and regis
ter departments will be' open from 8 to 11
a. m. Carriers will make but one delivery,
leaving the postofflce at ft a. m. There
will be a business collection in the after
noon, carrier leaving the postofflce at 1
o'clock, and In the evening at 7 o'clock.
Rural free delivery carriers will make their
regular delivery.
The public library will be closed all day.
and Mrs. Dalley, the librarian, and her as
sistants will be enabled to enjoy the holi
Your money'e worth and a little more if
you buy your Shoes of S. A. Pierce & Co.,
corner Broadway and Main atreet.
MarrlnKe Licenses.
Licenses to wed were Issued yesterday to
the following:
Nttme and Residence.
C. J. EiikcIh, Fort Dodge, In
Stella K. Lewis. Council. Bluffs, la..
Henry Clotfelter, Plsxrah, la
Nettle Clotfelter, Plsguh, la
Samuel II. Dlvelblles, Omaha ;
Elisabeth L, Dlvelbliss. Omaha
M. M. McKeen, Council Bluffs, la....
Belle Ifarwood. .Council Bluffs, la...
Henry Streeterm, Lincoln, Neb
Pearl Scott, Lincoln, Neb
Irma Hubbell, Weston, In....
Catherine Crtibill, Council Bluffs. Ia
J. Frank Renfro, Huron, B. D M
Mildred A. Bertram, Huron, S. D 28
Charles II. Johnston, Ottumwa, la.,.,' 23
Alma M. Thomas. South Omaha 18
Carl C, Johnson, Council Bluffs, la. fS
Madge M. Maxwell, Council Bluffs, Ia....2n
A. C. Hull, Nashville. Tenn 28
Ethel W. Henrluh, Council Bluffs, Ia 22
, Go for your holiday wlnea, liquors and
cordials to L. Rosenfeldt, 619 Soath Main.
Phone S3. -
Combination gae and electrio chandeliers
and the celebrated Welabach Incandescent
gas-burners. Why not see us before you
buy. We can certlnly please you on price
and quality of goods. Btephan Bros., 629
Weat Broadway. "
"'1 ' - -: 1
Gnldsteln la tn Mexico.
The report that Adolph Goldstein, former
agent ' In Council Bluffs for the Miller
Brewing company of Milwaukee, had gone
to Mexico, proves to have been correct.
Friends of the young roan are In receipt
of letters from him dated In Mexico In
which he eaya that he Intends to return
here as soon aa he -can make arrangements
te square up hi accounta with tha enmpany
and hla other credltora.
.It has been loarnad that on leaving hare
Goldstein Hrat went to Kansaa City with
tha hop tit - being able to aeoura money
fom. relatives-with which t aottle his
accounta here. Falling to do so, he went
to Mexico, Before' leaving Council Bluffs
Goldstein turned over everything he had
to H. A. Larson, proprietor of tha Man-
Day te Foralre and Forget.
Council bluffs yesterday witnessed the
romerrlage of two couples who had been
divorced, but had decided to celebrate
Christmas by making up and trying it
again. They were Samuel II. Dlvolblss
and Elisabeth L. Dlvelblss, both of Omaha,
and .Henry Clotfelter and Nettle Clotfelter,
both of Plsgah, Ia. Rev. Henry DeLong
performed the ceremony for both couples
in his office in the county court house.
Rev, Henry DeLong also performed the
marriage ceremony of J. Frank Renfro
and Mildred A. Bertram, both of Huron,
S. D.
H. V. Battey, clerk of the district court,
issued ten marriage licenses.. A year ago
Chrlstmaa day ' happened on Monday and,
tha Saturday beCore Mr. Battey broke
tha record by issuing thirteen marriage
license a. -
Elevator at Srolat Boras.
The Cooper elevator, located on tha Mil
waukee tracks at Neola, la., was de
stroyed by fire yesterday morning. Tha
cause of the fire Is unknown. The building
waa completely destroyed, together with
about 17,000 bushels of corn and oats. Tha
lose on tha buildings- will be about SS.COO
with about two-thirds Insurance.
The Cooper elevator waa the largest In
Neola and the blaxo was'a most spectacular
iv j. j.
r .... ,
ji t-uropean countries, eating cy
I Chocolate is universally recog-
.nized as a' food, not as a sweet-,
meat Merchants eat it during the day
to sustain their energy. It is given to school children as
the most ideal food for their growing bodies. It is con
sidered a splendid thing for soldiers in the field, where only
the most sustaining edibles can possibly be of value.
(NUd ia acconlaace wuh the National Put Food law.)
is the most nutritious form of all chocolates. It is not only
the finest .piece of chocolate ever blended, but when
combined with the "pure cream of the milk, a good size
cake ia equivalent to a luncheon. ' Sold in
five- and ten-cent packages by everybody.
445 a 431 Wwet SOIh Jttrwot, Www Yarb
I i otoi' , .
a-v1" ' ' I
Davis, drugs.
Stockert sell carpet,
Fine engravings at Lefferf.
Ed Rogers' Tony Faust beer.
Plumbing- and heating, Blxby A Son.
Lewla cutler, funeral director, 'phone fl7.
W of Hiring Undertaking company. Tel V.
Particular people like our ahoes. 8. A.
Pierce A Co., corner Broadway and Main
Brldensteln & Smith, Fourteenth avenue
and Sixth atreet, eoal, wood and feed.
'Phones 182.
All nixes of atorm dnors, storm sash,
storm windows and weather strips at Oeo.
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. McDonald left yea
terriay to spend Chrlstmaa with rslutlve)
at Bonaparte, la.
George F. Pltner and Louisa Anderson,
both of Omaha, were married In this city
Sunday by Justice Field.
The engagemant of Miss Elizabeth Stew
art of thh city and Captain Wtldman vt
Fort Crook -has been announced.
Shrewd buyers say Overshoes and Slip
pers are the best. S. A. Pierce St Co.,
corner Broadway and Main street.
Your money' worth and a little mora If
you buy your Shoes of S. A. Pierce c Co.,
corner Broadway and Mali! street.
A beautiful and ornamental gas burner,
the Welslmoh chick lamp, complete, $1.26.
Stephan Bros., 628 West Broadway.
Miss Haxel Moore arrived from Chicago
yesterday to spend Christmas with her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Moore,
A. B. Carlson, sged 74, died Sunday at
his home, 1C19 Avenue. Q. Besides his wife,
he Is survived by five daughters and on
John Balck arrived yesterday morning
from Cotllla, Tex., to spend Chrlstmaa
with his sons at Urinwold. He will return,
to Texas Thursday.
Miss Nora Brown arrived yesterday from
New York to spend the holidays with he
parents. CaptHln and Mr. J. J. Brown,
WO South Seventh street.
High grade granite work, from the best
Barre Imported granites, lettering, carving
and tracing. Fine monumental work a
specialty, bheeley & Lane, 217 East Broad
way. Before buying a suit or overcoat it will
pay you to see E. S. Hicks. Oood aulta
from SJ6 to 136. Pants, SW to $10. Every
thing nrst-claas. E, S. Hicks, 13 Pearl
Major O. H. Richmond, chief of pollco,
presented each married member of his
force with a ten-pound turkey and the
single men with a boa of fragrant cigars
The young mon of the First Cona-rena
tlonal church will hold a reception Thurs
day evening at the parsonage compli
mentary to Mlto o. Smith, son of the pas
tor. Dr. O. O. Smith.
William McMlcbael, colored, suspected of
knowing something about the W. W. Carter
holdup late Saturday night, waa taken Into
custody last evening by tha police and
will be held for Investigation.
The children need School Rubbers. Beat
atock at 8. A. Pierce & Co., corner Broad
way and Main atreet,
D. 8. Kerr haa merchandise for exchange,
farms for sale, all kinds of city property
for sale and on monthly payments. Houses
for rent, bit Broadway. 'Phones 417 and
406 Red.
I am in the market to buy 600 ton of ma
chinery iron, , 300 tons tove iron, 20 tons
of rubber and 20 ton copper and brass.
Write for prices before you sell. J. Katel
man, A03 8. Main St. Both 'phones 650.
Ivanhoe cotnmandery, Knights Templar,
will meet this evening In regular con
clave, when the newly elected officer will
be Installed.
Hafer, the Council Bluffs lumberman,
has best assortment of building material In
the middle west. Get his prices before you
ouy eisewnere. - ,
Joppa council, Royal and Select Masters,
will meet In xpeclal assembly this even
ing for election and Installation of officers
for the enduing year.
The hearing of the saloon men charged
with lifting the lid Sunday was continued
In police court yesterdav at the request
or tne defendants until Thursday.
If your boy Is a kicker, our Shoes will
hold him. 8. A. Pierce & Co., corner
urouuway ana Main street.
Oak camp, Royal Neighbors of
America, will meet In regular sexslon this
evening In Woodmnn hall, in the Merrlam
Mock. Following the business meeting en
tertainment will be provided by the spe
cial commtttee.
Carl, the Infant son of Mr. and Mnr." f).
M. Applequlst. 1017 West Broadway, died
yesterday. The funeral will bo held this
afternoon at 2:30 o'clock from the Swedish
Lutheran church and burial will be in Fair
view cemetery. '
J. Carl Pryor Is home from Simpson col
lege. Indlanola. He will leave today for
Birmingham, Ala., having been appointed
delepate from Simpson college to the Na
tional Fraternity congress which will con
vene In that city next week.
The hearing of Attorney W. H. Schurs
and Mnhlon Brown, attache of the city
engineer's office, charged with violating aa
ordinance of the city by expectorating on
the public sidewalk, waa continued In po
lice court yesterday until Thursday.
The county officers "who were re-elected
yesterday presented Elmer E. Smith, chair
man of the republican county central com
mittee, with a handsome Knight Templar
charm in recognition of the good-work ho
did In securing a victory for the entire re
publican county ticket.
Bob Williams, a negro with a propensity
for using a knife, waa arrested by the
police lust night. It waa aald he asked
some boys for some Christmas money, and
being refused, drew a knife. He recently
served a short sentence in the county Jull
for unlng a knife on a white man.
H. V. Battey, clerk of the district court,
received notice yemerday from the warden
of the Fort Madl on penitentiary that Wil
liam Hall of this city, who was sent up
for eleven months for burglary last Jan
uary, had been .discharged, having served
the full sentence without any good time
Mrs. Kate Vencll, wife of Michael Venolt.
BU18 Suuth Fourteenth street, died Sunday
at the Slate Aaylum at Clarlnda. The re
mains were brought here yesterday and
the funeral will be held Wednesday morn
ing at 8 o'clock from St. Franc-la Xavler'a
church and interment will be in St. Jo
seph's cemetery. She leaves beside liar
husband two son.
The preliminary hearing of Harvey Nee
ley. the negro char tied with slugging and
robbing W. W. Carter, an elderly white
man Horn Bentley, Ia., was continued in
police court yesterday morning until
Thursday. Neelev waa released on a bond
In the sum of fJOO and his alleged victim,
who had been huld over Sunday In the city
Jull aa a witness, was also released.
The remains of Charles R. Lelchsenring,
who died suddenly at the home of D. N.
Martinson, 214 West Broadway, Sunday,
are at Woodring'a undertaking rooms. Ut
ile is known here about the deceased, but
papers show that he was a veteran of the
civil war and In receipt of a pension. Pend
ing an effort to communicate with rela
tives no arrangements have been made for
the funeral.
C. B Roblnaon, ton of Mra. Kllxa J.
Robinson, 7X4 South Twenty-fourth street,
wua Mil -d in the railroad yards In Denvci
last Saturday, but beyond notice of hla
death no particulars of tha accident have
been received here. He was a member
of Council Bluffs lodge. Ancient Order ot
United Workmen. Word was received that
the widow would start from Denver yes
terday morning with' the body. Burial
(Services will be held in Omaha and will
be under tn auspices ot the lodge.
f -V r'.-':-V- "'' rTH'aYsTs'esssiis i a s ' "i" "" "" " .......
tV 'F
There is no other train over any Southern Route that
can compare with this depend upon it
Daily from Chicago, St. Lonis
and Kansaa City to Los Angeles,
Santa Barbara and San Francisco,
Commencing December 16, 1906.
Fifth season of service. New
features a brand new train
throughout. Run8 over lowest
altitude and most southerly route.
v '' .v-'-a
v-t- - .;
Drawing-room and Compartment Pullmans, Mission-style Rock Island
Diner, and unique Mission-style Buffet-Library -Observation Car.
Drawing-room and Compartment may be occupied en suite a par
ticularly desirable arrangement for family use.
feSBl : Entire Observation Car given over to pleasure and entertainment.
'IrfrLV il-V-.'S
A second fast daily train, over same low altitude route, carries Pullman
Drawing-room and Tourist Sleeping Cars.
Numerous important details of the journey and interesting scenes en route
are contained in a dainty booklet that
is yours for the asking and you need
it if you are going to California.
For reservations write or wire V
1323 Farnam Street,
Omaha, Neb.
I Kwa Cltr
t 1-.;. , '
Fit Up $10,000 aa Earnast of Faith is
Ability to Cora CosBnmption.
- &' , 1
ness and alao by his care and brotherly at
tention to hla two motherless sisters. Oray
will contest the suit and claims that there
was a mutual agreement to broek the en
casement.. Helps Nebraskan Home.
In order that J. A. Ix-e, held aa a prisoner
in the Polk county Jail, might eat Chript-
LIFE CONVICT PARDONf-D FOR CHRISTMAS ma dinner with hie mother In Kejrney, N b.
. ' s : Judere James A. Howe contributed the 18
I cent lacking for hla fare. The cmirt re--,
colved a letter from Ijee' mother inclosing
OlTldeel Report of In sa ranee Contmla
sloa Is 1,1k el y. to Defeat Any
Legislation at Coaila
From a Ptaff ! Correspondent.)
DBS MOINES, tiec. 24 (Bpectal.) AJl
doctor of Iowa are -watching the results
of a 20,000 bet on the results of two
methods of treatlrrg tuberculosis patients.
Dr. J. W. Klme of Fort Dodge, who su
perintends the sanitarium for the treat
ment of tuberculosis patients by tha sun
shine and open air treatment, put up
$10,000 that he could cure a tubercular
patient by that method, and Dr. T. H. Lln'd
ley of Cedar Rapids has put up a like
amount aa an Indication of his faith in be
ing able to cure a patient by the drug
method. lie does not specify what the
drug is and there is considerable mystery
surrounding the nature of the drug, which
la known only to Dr. I.lndley. The terms
$10 and asking that her boy be released and
sent home. The money waa 20 cents short
of enough to buy the ticket. The court con
tributed the 30 cents arid sent the prisoner
to the train in the custody of a bailiff.
An agry mother of Nichols, Ia., atopped
a Christmas wedding by writing to County
Clerk Coffin ordering him not to give a li
cense to allow her son Clayton to marry
Miss Josephine Ames, The license was re
fused. etioor" TeerPT "Tomorrow
The first meeting of the teachers Jhir weak
will be tomorrow eyening when the eu i
tional council of the Btate Teachers' asso
ciation will meet tn parlor. A of the Cham
berlain hotel. It la expected that the con
vention of the BtaU Teachers' association
this week will be the largest and most Im
portant the association has ever held. The
convention opens Wednesday evening for a
two day program. The educational coun
cil will be In aeaslon Tueaday evening and
Wednesday. But two papers will be read
before the educational council, They will
city closed a deal with Miguel Molinoro.
a capitalist of Buenoa Ay res, Argentine
Republic, for the delivery of tOO Hart
Purr gasoline engines to go to that coun
try aa soon aa manufactured. They are
to be uaed in plpwlng with gang plows,
that being a great wheat country.
of the wager are that if either doctor cure
hi patient he 1 to be paid the 110.000 by (he p, &f tw committee-, one on a
the other doctor. It la poasible that both mrv,, . ,ha .v.tems of Tows
patients may die, in which event neither an(J other Btateg and the other be are
doctor will get arlything.- It la possible port on gpertHi aid to high schools. The
that both doctors will cure their patients, flri(t renort wtJ1 made by George B. Far
In which event they will exchange checka rell of cilnton and the other by F. C. En
for f10,000. If one doctor falla and tha ,gn pf Iowa City. It la understood that the
other aucceeds the successful doctor Is to .dres of Btate Superintendent Riggs will
get $10,000 of the other doctor' money. ,jeal largely with a discussion of the new
The patients , have been elected and tha ,,ate teachers' certificate law.
treatment is now under way. It Is tha
t'attlo Poisoned by Lye.
SIDNEY, Ia., Dec. 24.-Speclal.) Dick
Porter, a well known farmer and stock
man, living- northwest of Sidney, had a
dozen head of catUa poisoned by licking Ice
most novel wager that haa ever been made
in tha state of Iowa. The Iowa Medical
Journal k-sued today tells of the wager,
which is attracting the attention of tha
entire medical fraternity of the state. .
Pardon for Chrlstmaa Gift.
Governor Cummin this afternoon gave a
Christmas gift In the form of a pardon to
Thomas Smith of Albla, who is serving
a sentence' for shooting a man while doing
duty a an oflieer. Smith arrested a
drunken man and was assaulted by hood
lums, one of whom he shot fatally. Smith
was a life convict.
More strict on Baby Farms.
More stringent lawa In regard to baby
farm a may be enacted at tha coming ses
sion of the legislature. Senator C. C. Dow
ell of i'olk county said today that he be
lieved tha baby farms should be under the
jurisdiction of the slate and that the in
fanta born In them should be the wards of
the state. He favors an Investigation and
charged that auftlcient is known of their
operations to warrant an Investigation, and
If the traffic that Is reported to be going
pn la found to exist in fact, he favored
placing every institution under direct Juris
diction of the state.
No Insurance Legislation.
A a result of the division of the In
surance commission In its report on de
ferred dividends It la being predicted that
the coming legislature will not pass any
Insurance legislation. If it doea turn down
the entire commission n port It Will be
doing what former legislature bava al
ways done with all commission reports.
The report of the commission was filed
with Auditor Carroll today with the res
ervation made that aupplemental state
ments will be filed by Kendall nd Jones.
Wants aifl,OUO na Balm.
Claiming $10, 000 aa a balm to her wounded
Iowa Firm fiets Illg Contract.
CHARLES CITT, Ia., Dec. 22. tSpe
cjal.) The HMrt-Parr company ft thla
'; . Bnay Year nt Atlantic.
ATLANTIC, Ia Dec. 24. Speclal.)-The
year just paBsed haa been one of importance
to Atlantic. After the setback to business
caused by the removal of ten saloons tha
first of the year, the business Interests
have arranged themselves to the new con
dition and are rapidly pushing a'-'-xd. Tne
new government building, costi.. $"0,A00,
has been completed; two fine residence,
costing $10,000 and $,000, respectively, have
been erected; six mile of sewers have been
laid, eight miles of permanent . Jdewalka,
brick crossings put in all over town and
much Improvement made to the electric
light plant. A new wholesale grocery
house haa located here; the Atlantic m
brella factory has been established; a new
cement post factory erected, and numerous
smaller buildings built. The - Atlantlo
Northern & Southern Railroad company,
with a capital of $600,000, has been formed
to build a road out of here north to Man
ning and south to Vjlllsca. An effort Is
being mad to establish a knitting factory;
the Ulrlck patent seed tester will be incor
porated into a company, more Improvements
made In the light plant and 1W7 made a
banner year for Atlantic.
Gore-Eaton Knptlala Today.
SIDNEY, Ia Dec. 24. (Special. )The
crowning aoclal event' ot the yuletlde In
our city la the marriage of Dr. Frank A.
Gore and Miss Lillian Enton, which takes
place at 7:30 Chrlstmaa evening at the
home pf the brlde'a parents, former Slut
Senator William Eaton and wife. The con
tracting parties are two of Sidney's best
and most popular young people and their
prominence renders the event one of un
usual Interest. After their bridal tour
they will be at home to their friends In
Sidney, February 1, 1W7.
It makes the toilet something to be en
joyed. It removes all stains and roughness,
prevents prickly heat and chafing, and
leaves the skin white, soft, healthy. In the
bath it brings a glow and exhilaration which
no common soap can equal, imparting tha
vigor and life sensation of a mild Turkish
bath. All Gsocers and Druggists.
On vay ia to pay no attention to it; at
m least, II Ul Ulllll II UBTCivpn imv puvuiuvuia,
xDLL or bronchitis, or pleurisy. Another vay is
to asa your ooctor aooui atct a fucrry
Pectoral. If he says, "The pest thine for
Lswsil. Mm.
y ft Pectoral, ir he says, "The
I s i colds," then take it. Doss be
f lKf' VI ill J Wekavaneaaereul We pub 1 tan
A VaV M saTVaVaM thar9rmalMrHonrpTprtlaTa.
Broadway. Fifth Ave. and 27th St. NEW YORK
feelings for a broken vow of marriage Dr.
Impregnated with lye. Nelgltbora living Georgia Stewart haa ' tiled suit agaliut
nearby, after doing the family waahlng, liarry S. Uray of this city. Mia Stewart
bad thrown out the water, and the rattle claims that Gray broke the promise of mar-
were atracted by the alkali or briny tasta rlage. That he la Indebted to bar fur $fs in I
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to date none have died from tha effect of claims to have been won to love and adore
the polrion. him while ana nursed hlin through a alk-
I VERY drop of water
Aid used In brewing
Ston Beer la drawn
irum our wrtesiaji wen
(1,400 feet deep). This
water la Ideal for brew
ing purpose, being pure
and sparkling, and pos
sessing In Itself health
riving properties. Tha
absolute purity of our
water eupply la one e
aentlat feature In add
ing to . lb tons I lee
sparkling clearness and
healthful . quality, that
is found only In our
beer.l yAslt for Ston
Beer down town." Order
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all 11 appointments
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When ii Chicago'
Stop at The
1 '1" ,
Strimord Hotel
European Plan
JtflBd, Elerant, OulH. Located cor
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