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Jm-s son. Wlllyum. got thru the knnnl
kornmj t . uv whtch l'nkel Joes chere.
man. Ti the fellers tin t don t git no pie
ttxt s Hliviivn kl'kln'. Why. there rul
inllyiins 1:i thet kontract fer Nebrasky men,
an I nkel ,bie nui Just looktn' out tr his
home tellers. I tell ye tVre's no fly a on
l'ike j(ie. He's all wright. He noes
H"k"r, Hockey and Allm h. and he's
Il.irernn s leHlinR m;m In th-se dlsgins.
I til fer him first, second arid all the time,
miles i make up my mind to axsept after
sum big kommytee kails on me sn refuso
to t it k no fer an answer. Trulv your
packet. Mil. IxxM.KV of Omaha.
I. 8 Pay yer fair to I.inkln and get re
seats an' present 'em to our friends. Ageer,
Snider A Co. I ll send yer express franks
fer yer rnobeels next mall.
Semi-AMiiai Pre-InvenSory Clearing Sale Begins Wednesday.
Esoosd Tims Effort Bu Beea VU3 to Get
Him Out f Jail.
Effort o B Mane In I ralalittorr to
" LTylHK Ta on
the Hwru Fnnri af the
Wednesday begins a sale which will long be remembered for its unusual bargain
'offerings. We never carry goods over from one season to the next, preferring rather
to start the new season with fresh, new merchandise. For that reason we shall cut
prices deeply Wednesday and all the balance of the week, in order to clear the
stocks before inventory.
jilMY M
1 1
From n Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Neb., Dee. 24 (Special T. le
ram.) William Campion, in Jull at S.ward
for child abandonment, who was paidorud
recently by Oovernor Mickey nrt-r con
Tlctlon on a paternity charge, wan anln
pardoned this afterrwii n by the governor
and the pnrdon Is broad enough to cover
two changes and any order to the C( ntrary
which may be Issued by tlm Jurlite of the
district court. The sheriff of the county re
fused to reooRnlEe the rlnlit of the governor
to Issue the pardon In this case and attor
ney! for Campion secured a writ of habeas
corpus from Judge lotion returnable Janu
ary 2, and the prisoner has been released
Under ll.Oot) bornl. The woman In the case
has married since Campion was sent t J ill.
He strenuously denied responsibility. Cam
pion has been li Jull for over thlrten
months rather than Rive bond that he would
pay a Judgment of $1,000 s-eurrd nua'nst
fclm on a paternity charge. The matter was
finally taken before the (rovernnr, who afttr
reviewing the evidence, ordered th" min's
release. The county authorities doubted the
light of the governor to pardon In a s-ml-rlmlnal
case, and he wa then arrested and
convicted on a charge of abandoning tfie
child. A hearing was held on thN today and
the governor issued his second pir.lon' to
th man.
InrrMwi nte's I'ostaite.
Tha Lincoln postal authorities have mae'e
ruling that blanks sent out by the state
auditor for the line of county tre:is.ireis
tn making their annual reports must be
ent as merchandise. Henry Seymour r-ir-rled
his ninety bundles to the po-tofflc.
each with a 6-cent stamp attached, when
tha clerk made him stick on 4 cents more
to each bundle. Kver since that time th"se
planks have been going out as "blanks"
and the deputy auditor Tias written to the
authorities at Washington for a ruling on
the matter. . ' , ,
MnHf t Tax Fraternal.
An cffort Wui tie mart during the legis
lature to get the revenue law amended so
that tha reserve' funda of fraternal so
cieties can be assessed; and taxed. 1'nder
the present law the supreme court has rule!
that this fund can t. offset by the out
Standing' policies, which virtually wipes
out the assessment.
State House to be Closed
The state house will lie closed tomorrow
and all of the state officers and their em
ployes will observe Christmas with the true
Christmas, spirit. -Treasurer Mnrtenscn is
till at Ord, but the-other officers will be
In Lincoln, while most of the employes
have gone to their homes. Tonight Gov
ernor Mickey and his family, and his fam
ily's family, had a Christmas treat at the
executive mansion, and tomorrow will eat
dinner together. Mrs. K. 8. Mickey was
the only absent one, she Jiavlng been called
home by1 (he death of her grandfather.
Mr. Doolry to Legislators.
The following message from "Speaker
Uooley" has been reedved from Omaha,
tha work.. of some humorist, who knows
the situation very well. It is neatly printed
and very -much enjoyed by all who have as
yet had a copy of it:
Members 'of the Leglslathurs
Olntlemen: I congratulate ye sinseerly in
V'rsflerkBhua ujieM,ir na -a ,stm. ker.
"Twaa a grate" corniilimenl to V'r wlsdutn.
1 didn't siiend eight yers on one course in
llarvld and pruclis law In Busiin an' not
no whats it. . .
Olntlcmen: The 'onest farnvrs expect us
to practls riged ekonemy. I'm with 'em
for ekonemy an' Khali applnt no employes
to waste on ye while, ye puss a tue bilK
I'll appint a Wlllyum Jennings llryan dyin
mycrat tor doorkeeper an' ii 1 kan t And
member who can read or wrlght, why,
Armstrong will g.-t to be pom master for
the house. If he gives up his putt.
Ulntlemen: All kommytees will he
abolished, "ceptlng the kommytee on the
whole, uv which I'll be the chereman mc
elf. The korpers are gittin' the. lulls redd
thet we are to pass an' we kin pass em
in three weeks an' ye kuu git hrfme to
y'r korn huakln'.
Ointlemen: I suppose ye want my vues
bout the slnltoraliip. Well, the konslltu
shun says we're to do the eleclln' an' uv
Course we will do it, but as to the man
1 haven't committed meself y't. There's
piles uv ki(Js wuntin' the Job, but the
wrlght man hasn't bin nienshuned vlt.
Jtus Brown thinks the ellcsliun over, since
the state konvenshun. Ain't he a fresli
kid? lie duxn't seem to be as good as ho
molght he, although he has made sum
eeples think he Is better, an' he wuld be
f he wus us good as he Isn't.
Now, therv s I'nklo Joe. He wasn't
elided by no konvenshun. Them Krowit
kids talk a hecp 'bout the korpers elk-tin.
vnkle Joe without axkln' nobody. Well,
why shudn't they ellet our HinltorsT Ain't
they had the Job to do f'r twenty-nine
years an' don't the statute of limitashuit
run aginst the pecple In twenty-one yt-arsl
A hull lot of them polytlxliuns talk 'bout
that K'OO.tiuO glnerll fund wurrint which win
tsshued to kerrect entrees In the state books
thet I'nkle Joe caMiod for Hartlee. Vv
course Judges NorvuJ and Sullivan S'li
T'nkel Joe wusn't Innrsent. but what uv
It T Weren't I'nkle Joe runtiln' a bank an'
afther deposits? Nehrasky's rlrli an' kan
Stand it a hull lot better 'an I'nkel Joe.
Whin they get tired discussln' the wurrint
an' ask In' L'nkel Joe to rezlne, they're mean
enuff to ask questlns 'bout thet I'anamaW
kanal k on tract ter ftjaxlin' thet Markel uti'
If You Bead This
It will be to learn that the loading mell
cal writers and teachers of all the several
schools of practice recommend, In tha
strongest terms potulblo, each and every
Ingredient entering Into the. computation
of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery
for the cure of weulc stomach, dyspepsia,
catarrh of stomach, "liver complaint,"
torpid liver, or biliousness, chronic bowol
affections, and all catarrhal diseases of
whatever region, name or natttro. It is
also a gpeclHc; remedy for all such chronlo
or long standing cases of catarrhal affec
tions and their resultants, as bronchial,
throat and lung disease (except consunip
tlon) accompanied with sovoro conghs. ' It
Is not so good for acute colds and coughs,
but for lingering, or chronic raes it Is ,
especially efllcacious In irodncing pr
feet cures. It contains black Chcrrybark,
Golden Seal root, bkMdroott Stone root.
Mandrake root and Qiu-en's roxit all of
which are highly praised as remedies for
all the above mentioned atTectluiis by such
ftnlueDt medical writers and teachers as
Prof. Bartholow, of ?JelTerson Med. Col
lege: Frof. lUnvrt kt.e Univ. of Pa.
-Thtrngwood, M. ., of Ken
tllege, Chicago; Prof. John
. oi Cincinnati; frol. John
Si. p., of CiisJlnnatlt iTof.
M. D.. of Hahnemann
Chicago, and scores of
liy emioK&t la their several
ch(jr!ljrtjT pracL'ee.
I T: "Golden 'leJlcsl Plscnvery s the
f! l 1 l linn LL
I'eople. Who Tried t Help Wholesale
lloaae Held for Urn Debts.
GRAND ISLAND, Dec. 24. (Speclal.)-A
decision Just rendered In the district court
In this county by Judge Kleder of Columbus
as referee In the case of creditors of the
Mlnton Woodward company, a wholesale
grocery which failed about ten years ago,
haa caused ctmslderable agitation and crit
icism of the lawyers who brought the case.
The decision holds about eight local attor
neys and business men liable as stockhold
ers to make up a deficiency of 13 per cent
not paid by the receiver appointed at tha
time on the claims. The defendants de
clare that the real creditors will never get
a of the Judgments and that, in sub
otance. It Is a matter of successful specula
tion rather than one of equity. I cally
about Sl.liofl Is Involved.
A year or more before the failure of the
company Its oflicers solicited a lltt e aid
among Orand Island's business men. These
were Induced to take stock. Among, those
who thus contributed were W. H. Thomp
son, recent candidate for I'nlted States sen
ator; W. A. I'rlnce, a leading attorney, F.
11. Mlehelson. J. II. Foley, Albert Ettlng,
I)r. Hutnner Ihivla and Mrs. Wright, and a
few others who have since left the city and
state. H. H. Glover contributed, but would
not receive stock. J. W. Thompson bought
some of the stock, but escaped by reason of
the fact that the transfers were not a mat
ter of record. When the firm failed, a re
ceiver was duly appointed, the assets were
converted Into money and Just before the
payments of the claims of eastern manufac
turers and Jobbers, two local attorneys are
alleged to have bought up a number of the
claims at 50 cents en the dollar. Out of the
assets all claims were eventually paid SI
cents on the dollar. The receivership wus
wound up with 13 cents on the dollar un
paid. Suit whs then brought by Attorneys
W. S. l'earne, since removed to . Chicago,
and O. A. Abbott. Jr., to recover the 17 per
cent from the stockholders. The latter em
ployed, severally, nearly, every other attor
ney In the city and some of these at once
wrote to the claimants how it came that
after being , paid 87 per cent they still
brought suit for the 13 per cent,, the defend
ants being parties who had not profited In
arty manner from the business of the firm.
Some of them replied that they knew noth
ing at all of the suit brougt In their name;
others stated that they had disposed of
their claims and had no fu ther Interest and
others neglected to answer at all. it thus
became a light between local attorneys only
and the defendants allege that the'real or
iginal claimants will not see a dollar of the
money recovered from the stockholders
on their liability. In the progress of the
hearing ItV was shown that the firm had
failed to comply with the law requiring cor
porations to publish their Indebtedness, once
each year. The case will be appealed to the
supreme court and the attorneys for the de
fendants are confident they will secure a
reversal of the decree there.
$85,000 Worth of Women's and Children's Coals at One-Half Price
Our winter is practically over, yours only just begun, thousands have been delaying the purchase of new winter garments in anticipation of this very
event. Your saving expectation will certainly be realized, even surpassed, during this sale, for never in the history of Omaha merchandising has' such
variety and quality been offered at like prices. Thousands of women will save half on coats and furs. Be one of them. Come early and get first choice.
Some Extra Specials
All Women's Coats, in plain and fancy mixed fabrics, that
sold regularly at $10, in this sale, choice $5.00
$15.00 Coats, in kerseys and fancy mixed fabrics, including
plaids, your choice ....$7.50
All $20.00 Coats, many of them fine satin lined garments, in
loose, semi, or tight-fitting styles, choice in this sale.JjjlO
All $25 satin lined cloth Coats, at, choice $12.50
All Other Fine Coats at Just Half Price
Buy early -while the assortment is complete. If you will
make a small deposit on any of these coats we will hold it
for you until you're ready to take it..
All our infant's and children's coats
included in this Half Price Sale.
Hundreds of Children's Coats in this sale at $1.00
Children's $10.00 Coats, in fine imported materials, splen
didly made, at $5.00
Children's $3.00 Coats in bearskins and other materials,
your choice, at $1.50
Children's $5.00 Coats, in curly bearskjns, kerseys and
fancy mixtures, at $1.50
All Fur Scarfs at Just Half Price. An
excellent opportun ity
Women's Waists Regular $3.00 values, in albatross, nun'
veiling, etc., all colors, newest styles, choice,'. ' ' 'v
in this sale ; ".. . .$1.0
"Women's $2.00 Knit Top Underskirts, "Wednesday . .9S
Some Extra Specials for Wednesday
Women's $1.50 Satin Underskirts, Wednesday special. 59
Women's $2.00 Eiderdown Dressing Saeques,; special,"
Wednesday .(59
Women's Waists, worth up to $1.50 special for Wednes
day at 39
Women's Brook Mink and Coney Scarf, $4.00 and $5.00
values, Wednesday .$1.95
From 8 Till 9 a. nx Women's $4 Beaver Shawls, at.$1.25
From 8 Till 9:30 a. m. Women's Silk Underskirts, great
bargain, at $1.98
From 9 Till 10 a. m. Women's $1.50 Wrappers, Wed
nesday will go at i.G9
From 9:30 Till 10:30 a. m.-Women's $2.00 Coney Scarfs,
Wednesday, at ; G9
From 10 Till 11 a. m. Children's $1.50 Bonnets, choice.19
to secure a handsome gift at a saving of half. c
Member of the Territorial legislature
Ih fSH.
LA FORTH, Ind., Deo. 21. (Special Tele
gram.) W. C. FicriVne;, Rl years old, la dy-ing-at
his home In Anderson, Ind. He left
this;' stte (n V0.-anl . W.e,nt . to JSebT.ufcjia,
where he waa'a member of tfte -legislature
there in lS68. He introduced the bill that
chartered Nebraska's first railroad. He
was one of the oldest Masons In the coun
try. - , - . .
Pre-lnventory Sale of Silks
In order to greatly, reduce our silk stock before in
ventory January 1st and to make room for the most
tremendous assortment of spring silks ever shown in
Omaha. We will begin Wednesday morning making
sweeping reductions on all silks in our immense stock.'
Don't miss this sale.
at One-fourth Price
All the handkerchiefs that have
become slightly mussed or soiled
by handling during the past few
busy weeks will be placed on
sale Wednesday. Half to one
quarter regular prices.
Corset Cover Embroideries
Skirtings insertings headings edges
etc. in cambrics nainsooks and Swisses
in order to make room for new stock
will be closed out at
Half to One-quarter Regular Prices
Special bargain prices
Wednesday on Men's
and Bys' Clothing.
Special bargain prices ,i
Wednesday on Men's
and Boys' Clothing.
Dralnase KnKlneer Reports.
Rt'LO, Neb., Dee. S. (Special.) The
board of directcrs of the Richardson County
Drainage District No. 1 met at Salem, Neb.,
In the depot Friday to act upon Engineer
A. M. Munn's report, which the law re
quires that the meetings' of the directors
shall be held within the limits of the dis
trict and the depot at Salem was the only
convenient place in which to hold it.
, The engineer's report was taken up and
the board arranged to give notice to. the
property owners where land will be affected
by th proposed ditch. i
Knulneer Mtuin estimates that 1277,3)4.57
will be required to complete the work of
this amount $,740 will go to build new
bridges, $J.0OD f ,t the right of way. t7,r0)
for engineering, printing, Incidentals, etc.,
$7(10 for flood gates, $700 for spiU ways.
This land comprises 31.00 acres, and the
value of said lands Is expected tor be in
creased about four-fold. If this drainage
ditch does the work, as many predict.
Island railroad and are going from Ash
land to Orand Island.
8VHl"yi.;R The Schuyler public schools
t,oiit tKalp-iSuiHtmflii nrnirram Friday after-
nnon; all rooms were elaborately decorated
i wlUv JuJly. Tvej-RTeeir and drawings. All
ho's,'w-'r glvVjS -to" th. eighth grade tor
having the neatest room and the best
program. The schools then closed' for the
holidays. ' ' ;;:
UN WOOD At the last meeting or tne
Ancient Order of United Workmen lodge
here the following officers were elected for
the ensuing year: Q. 8. Dorsey, past mas
ter workman; J. J. Lockne, master work
man; Joe Hunda, O; E. D. Mattlson, fore
man; W. J. Blal, K. and F. ; George Cran
furd. recorder; V. Wood, guide; E. H.
Mattlson. 1. VV.; J. R. Tlchacek, O. W.;
U. W. Draskey, medical examiner.
I PAWNEE CITY J.. T. Trenery. president
I of the Farmers' National bank of this
city, has been elected vice president of
the First National bank of Ht. Joseph, Mo.,
and will go to his new position' January
1. Mr. Trenery will not, however, dis
pose of any of hie Interests in Pawnee
CJty, and will continue as president of
tne Farmers' National. Mr. Trenery has
served two terms as president of the Ne
braska Bunkers' association. At the meet
I lng of the American Hankers' association
' at St. IxhiIh last fall. Mr. Trenery was
further honored by being elected a mem
; ber of the executive council.
I COLI'MBl'S-One of the old residents of
this county, John Stelner, more than 76
years old and In the poor house of the
. county, has tiled a petition In the district
court alleging that his un son, Ferdinand
Stelner, Is the cause of his poor and pen
I n I less condition. He says that he owned a
farm and deeded it to his son under an
arrangement that the son should take care
or him and his mother as long as they
lived. The old gentleman could not re(l
Complains of Marlile Works.
FREMONT. Neb., Dec. 24. (Special.)
Dr. A. W. Fees has filed a petition in the
district 6ourt a-alnst Q. H. Hodges and
A. . W. Baldwin, proprietors of the Fre
mont marble works, to have their plant
abated as a public nuisance. The' doctor
lives and has his office adjoining the works
and claims that the dust from the grinding
r.nd polishing mnchlnes Is Injurious to the
public health and that the noise of the I
continuous pounding of the power drills
also disturbs him. The case will probably
be hotly contested. The company is located
at the corner of Military avenue and
Hroad, street, occupying a quarter of a
Mock, a part of It with heavy and ex
pensive machinery. There have been other
complaints from residents o4 that part of
lliu town, principally from the nolBe. It
Is ore of the largest concerns of the kind
In the west, employing a good many men
ns expert cutter.
Your Tongue is Coated!
Watch for Symptoms!
lege: rroi.
Frot Flnlei
celt Med.
rf.,'j J2
WiVrtTrr I . ii...i.riient-w.,rnr
r It, an any jj , j jji! ! tl lL'l' MHTV tevfl
yrrrrs nTn nuhllciiv 777 li y F. r.,,".,!
Uie beat posaiuie guaranty oi 1U merits.
A glsnca si this publl.shrd formula will
show that Golden Medical Ihscovery
contains no poisonous, iiarmiiii or naiiit
forming drugs and iioslculml chemically
fiure, triple-refined glycerine U'iug used
nsumd. Clvcrln U entirely unobjec
tionable and VfiJ. Is a most useful axeot
lo the cure of all stomach an well as bron
chial, throat nd lung slTiH'tlons. There
la the highest medical authority for Its
use la allsuch cas. The Discovery 'is
a concentrated glyceric extract of native,
Btedlclusl routs and is safe and rvliablo.
A booklet of extracts from eminent,
mndlraj authorities, endorsing ltd ingrw
Menu mailed fre on rwuiet. Address
hr. &. V. ttaros, Huflalo, N. Y.
thrailia Wed In Blons (Hr.
. SIOCX CITY. Ia.. Dec. 24.-(Speclal Tele
gramsMarriage licenses were Issued to
day to II. Walter Martin, aged 19, of
Wakefield. Neb., and Sophie Maria Inrk
wood. aged 25, of Warsaw, Pa., and to
George K.. Francis of Chanute, Kan., and
Dora Swearinger of 1'lut tsniouth, Neb.,
who composes a vaudeville team which is
playing at the I.yrlc theater. They were
married this afternoon by Judge Ferris.
' Xel.rr.ka r
SCIICYl-KR District court chisel Saturday
after being in wwUm for a week. Jud
Molerilxck presided over the Court.
Si'll I' V I. til-Christinas- set vice will be
held in all churches t lirlt lmas day except I
the Epi")il church, which will ha,ve their j
service Monday at midnight. .
M'COoIj JCNCTION-The 'taxes will be'
higher In McCcul Junction thin previous;
iib for the reason that JU'ltnu nt tuia
V.m. n .fil.re1 nn lttutiiMt tlm vIIImu unH !
levy mado is id mills.
YORK In the game of basket ball be
tween the girls of the York High school
and the girls uf Crete High school York
won ly a score of 37 to a. The game be
tween the Ik was lost by York lo Crete.
ST. PAI'l AlMut seventy-live Invited
guests celebrated the silver wrikllng of Mr.
and Mrs. Theodore J. 8teen at thrlr r si
iliwt in this illy yesterday evtning. An
eluborate assortment of silver presents was
KCHl'YLER While driving to town Sat
urday to do her shopping Mlas Tidrswetl
was thrown from the buggy and her wrist
bone broken. The horses were scared at
some object along the road, causing them
to Jump and throwing Miss Tldeswell from
the buggy.
1.1N WiHJD There has been a gang of
surveyors here for the last week or ten
days. They have made three surveys from
the bluft to. Iha.J'lalU valley, h ii f,
purled thy sue lu the tuiyiuy of ths itock
LOOK In your pocket-mirror!
Or Inside the lid of your watch
case! Fur coat on your tongue? Bad
What you been Eating?
What were you drinking?
What kind of Lazy Chair did you take
exercise In?
Now don't think It doesn't matter! t
Because, It's your Bowels that talk now,
every time you open jour Mouth.
That doesn't help your Popularity, nor
your Earning capacity.
Besides, a person with bad Bowels Is In
bad way.
Co and take Ten Mile Walk, lor
Haven't time? Too Lazy?
Well, there is another Way.
Take Artificial Exerc'.se for your Bowels.
They rouse the Bowel Muscles, Just as
Cold Bath freshens Athletic Muscles.
Waken them up. Strengthen them so they
Contract and Expand the Bowels and In
testines In a healthy, active manner.
That's how these muscles work the
Food along, through your thirty feet of In
testines, to its Finish.
That's how they squeeze Castrlo Jules,
Into the food, to Digest It.
That's how they make the millions of
little Suckers In the Intestines draw a the
Nutrition out of Food, and transform it
Into Blood, Brawn, Brain and Bon.
One tablet taken whenever you suspec
you need It will Insure you against 90 per
cent of all other Ills likely to sitae' you.
Cascarets don't purge, don't weaken,
don't Irritate, nor upset your stomach. T8J
Ten Cents, at all Druggists. Be very
careful to get the gsr.ulne, made only by
the Sterling Pemedy Company, and never
sold tn bulk,
English and was made to believe that all
was right, and now John Stelner aska the
court to come to -hlairellef and cause the
son to do the fair tiling by him.
COMTMBrS-Myrgmthe son of Mr. and
trs. C. C. Gray, .hofeturned from .Mor
gan Park Military aeaaemy, near viu
cago. Myron was one of the boys who
was sent home for the reason that dur
ing the time the pupils made things rough
In one of the professor's rooms, he knew
who the fellows were, but would not turn
state's evidence. They waut Myron to
come back now and the probability la that
he will go back after the holidays and re
sume his studies.
If 'Property la Owned by Forelicn
Bocletr It May Be '
WASHINGTON, Dec. 24. The opinion of
the supreme court of the I'nlted States in
the case of the board of education of the
Kentucky annual conference of the Metho
dist Episcopal church against the state of
Illinois, which was handed down today by
Justice MeKenna. was favorable to the
state. The suit grew out of a contention
whether the Illinois law exempting relig
ious and educational Institutions from the
operation of the Inheritance tax law applies
to Institutions outside the state. The state
authorltlea undertook to collect the tax on
a building In Chicago which was devised by
a Kentucky woman to the church In her
state. The Illinois courts held the law was
Intended only for the protection of state
Institutions and did not eover the Ken
tucky bequest. Today's opinion affirmed
that decision.
In delivering his opinion Justice McKenna
said: "It cannot be said that If a state
exempts bequests to charity from taxation
It is unreasonable or arbitrary to require
the charity to be exercised within Its bor
der and for Its people whether exercised
through persons 4r corporations."
Fair Today and Tomorrow In Ne
braska, Sooth Dakota and
WASHINGTON. Dec. 14 Forecast of
the weather for Tuesdny and Wednesday:
For Nebraska, South Dakota and Kan
sas Fair Tuesday and Wednesday.
For Iowa and Missouri Cloudy Tues
day; ry)glbly light rain or snow; Wednes
day, fair.
For Wyoming and Montana Fair Tues
day and Wednesday, except showers
Wednesday in west portion.
Loral Iteeord.
OMAHA. Dec. 4. Official record of tem
perature and precipitation compared with
he corresponding (Jay of the last lhr
years: IV. lyrti. lSuT
Maximum temperature.... 8i 4 L7 44
Minimum teniperatare 24 IS li 2o
Mean temperature t 3J 21 3.1
Precipitation 00 .00 ,T .OJ
Temperature and preclpliath n deiartures
from the noinial at Omaha since March 1,
and conipnrcd w:th tne laat two years
Eieht Fenons Are' Killed In : Wrtolt in
Forth Dakota.
Delaval Hereford, Who Has Ranches
, In Mexico and Canada, One
of the Victims of the
ST. PAUL, Dec. 24. So far as the of
(trials of the Boo Line have been able to
learn they say that only nine wore killed
In the wreck at Enderlln, N. D., Sunday
morning. It was reported late this after
noon that two of the injured had died,
making the total death list eleven, but the
Associated Press was Informed thiH even
ing tha,t this report was untrue. The latest
report received Indicates that, forty-flvi
persons were injured, and of these twenty
four, were classed among tne seriously huri.
but it has been almost impossible to lean
the extent of their injuries, as the rail
road officials refuse to give out the In
formation. MINNEAPOLIS, Iec. 24. In the list of
passengers on the Boo train wreck at
Enderlln. N. D., who were subjects of
medical attendance, appears the name of
Magde I-andland, Decorah, Ia.
All of the other Injured, numbering twen-ly-three,
are residents of Minnesota, North
Dakota and Canada. Ten of them were
only slightly hurt. The revised list of the
dead Is as follows:
TONY (JLFEN (or Glenn). Nelva, N. D.
H. J. VOLKERING, Anamoose, N. D.
D. J. BKRSlXjRD. Medicine Hat. Canada.
W. R. DANIELSON, Shelden. N. D.
NEILS F. C. HANSON, Kenmare.
Word was received here that two of
those Injured In the Enderlln wreck died
today, making eleven deaths as a result
of the wreck.
Admiral's Brother Is Killed.
EL PASO. Tex , Dec. 24. "D. J. Beres
ford of Medlclnj Hat, Can.," reported dead
in the Enderlln wreck, is Delaval Keres
ford, younger brother of . Admiral Lord
Beresford of the British navy, who ha
a ranch in the Sierra Madre mountains
of Mexico, south of El Paso, and another
at Medicine HaU Can.
The coroner's Jury returned a verdict
holding the crew of the freight train re
sponsible for the wreck and severely cen
suring the Boo road for alleged negligence
In placing Inexperienced men in the posi
tions where their failure to perform their
work properly hud resulted In considerable
loss of life.
Survivors Talk.
ENDERLIN. N. p., Dec. 24. The passen
gers injured in yesterday's wreck are being
cared for at a small private hospital and
In 'tho railroad hotel. A coroner's Jury is
Investigating the causes of the wreck. The
engineer of the freight train alleges he had
boen ordered to move out west of the town,
1 where he was to drop off a flagman to stop
the Incoming passenger train. The flagman
testified he went on ahead of the engine
nearly half a mile and not only placed two
torpedoes on the track, but waited and
signalled the passenger train with his lan
tern. He swore no attention was paid to
his lantern signal and ha could not say
whether the torpedoes had exploded. The
night was very foggy and the supposition
Is that the lantern signal was not seen and
that the torpedoes failed to explode.
this city announcing the regular profit'
sharing dlvldand. Treasurer Uw.rge i"
Chase today Informed the operatives that
a ten daysr vacation is to be given thorn
In the summer of 1907 and that a 50 n .r
cent extra dividend would W J
neclion therewith. Tni. latter I. to b
computed from the record of wage rrn
during the present proflt-EharingTerni
Three Persons Soffocaird When
Flames llrrtk Oat In an
Ohio linker?
j STUF.BENVILT.E. O., Dec. U.-A fire
j that started from an overheated stove In
j the rear of Ira Hlllman's bakery, partly
burned the upstairs sleeping apartments.
Three persons were suffocated. Jlrs. Ira
Hillmnn, aged 26; Katherlne Hilliiisn, age4
2 years; Elizabeth McCoy,- aped IS years.
Mrs. J. Glance and Jacob Oxemlder wera
rescued from their .rooms unconsrJou bj
firemen wilh ladders. They will recover.
A Skin of Beauty ia a .'o Creve) r.
DR. T. Felix Oouraud'a 'Oriental
' Cream or MagJoal Beautlflar.
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let detection, n
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bf 67 ytmt Uti
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Workers Get Vacation. Jf ln Jrtf,rm"0?'-., "r tale y all druitt and ) ancr
FALL RIVER. Mass.. Dec. 24. In a -t- ,, . u. . ... . . . . .
ter, to the employes of the Bourne mills of l.rWrslRJ, frr. II fcr J:nM o r:tt Hewlorl
E3 m M
1 1
.11S inch
Oo iiii h
...26 ;0 Indies
Lverjr tablet Stamped "CCC.
Normal temperature
Excea for tiie duy
Total excess since March 1.
Normal precipitation
Deficiency for the day
Total rainfall slnco March 1..
DerVtency since March I 4.s0 Inchea
Iiefii-iency for cor. period. 1(16.... 2. Kl Inches
Deficiency for cor. period, ltfol.... 6.51 inches
Reports from stations at T V,
8talion and State Temp,
of Weuther. 7 p. m. "
Bismarck, clear 2s
Cheyenne, cloudy 'M
Chicago, cloudy 30
Davenport, cloudy M
lt)iiver, clear 4b
Havre, cloudy M
Helena, cloudy 36
Huron, clear 24
Kansas City, cloudy Ht
North Platte, clear ......... 3s
Omaha, cloudy S3
hapid City, clear !M
St. Louis, cloikly 28
Ht. Paul, snowing 22
Salt Lake City, clear 40
Valentine, clear 40
WUUtton. clear Su
T Indie! t raven of trK:lnlltloii
2 A. W KUm, Ueca, i wteuaitsr,
Max. Ratn-
Ynip. (all.
.40 .00
48 .
. l V
2b .0)
1.4 .(10
40 .OJ
3 .
32 .SO
) .UO
M .00
3d .00
hi .a
28 .on
22 T
44 .00
to .
M .ft)
tTPnn he? orcPc?3
1 ... T '.V i
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