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l t 4 li U. A '
hi in i i. i , . i i v. r .
S4 life JUST
a I i S jf t 4 v)
For Christmas shopping, but those two days can be turned to good account by coming
to this store and sharing in the great Christmas Economy Carnival the store where
the best merchandise in the greatest variety is offered at the lowest prices
Special Inducements Offered
lis easy to quote seemingly low prices but it's the value behind the
price that counts a visit to our furnishing department will con-
vince you of the savings possible.
Wool Lined Gloves regular nn
I vv
Special Prices
On Smoking Jackets, Bath
and Lounging Robes
Our first "ad" regarding these vsefvl garments
sold every one of those ti.SO coats before noon
Jtemarkable bargain but at ill more remarkar
ble are tlie pricfs (uoted now actual reductions
to meet a popular demand and effect a ready
clearance gtt ahead of your nimble neighbor.
$4.50 Smoking Jackets 50
marked now
$6.50 Smoking Jackets COO
marked now J
fcG Turkish and flannel Bath Z50
Robes reduced to
$5.00 Lounging Robes T50
reduced to
$10.00 Lounging Robes ele- 50
gant indeed reduced to. .. .
A Fur Cap
would surely please any man
ours are bargains, too!
3.50 Electric 00
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Seal Cap...-'
Genuine Seal
Cap, $6 J50
value, &t..
Jir A.
$1.60 grade
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$2.50, $2, $1.50
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patterns will go
$7.50 Umbrellas beautiful gun
metal and horn handles,
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down to
tl? 1 oeiif 7 C box
vpt or IvJ
Beautiful soft cotton hose- '
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ure trousers
A A. 4L A -fV. A. A?V
U. 4Jjt. 4M' L"- CK .. pjL.
ftf , OmftsfO. BgJLuB B..Sif . t fe t"8?! 'tn'f'
flMf WmBmmlm MiiMV MHUf ' WmKUV vmmmIHF vHttWlP HUfiHV
UnWewlty Lobby and Iti Mouthpiic
Padee Cash Fund Statement.
Legislators inclined to know facts
tio Dlspoaltlo o Hamper Cnlverallr
or Pot It on Short nation., bat
BLjiplr Demand. Dnalaeti
(From a Staff Correepondent.)
UNCOLN. rec. 21. (Special. ) With
characteristic Insolenca the university
lobby, with the fuke reform Journal as Its
mouthpiece, denies the concealment of some
$208,000 by the secretary to the Board of
Regents In reporting to the state auditor
on its estimated resources. The figures
published in this column several days ago
(u-e on file with the state auditor and
plg-ned by the secretary, and the endeavor
to deceive the members of the leglsla
lure U too apparent to be denied.
The deception practiced In the matter
ef the university finances Is exactly like
the deception practiced by the registrar In
tew People Know How Useful It U In
Preserving Health and licauty.
Costs Nothing To Try.
Nearly everybody knows that charcoal
a the mfent and most efficient disinfect
ant and purifier In nature, but few realist
lta value wben taken Into the human sys
tem for the same cleansing purpose.
Charcoal is a remedy that the more you
take of It the better; It Is not a drug at
all, but simply absorbs tbe gases and Im
purities always present in the stomach and
Intestines and carries them out of the
Charcoal sweetens the breath after smok
ing, drinking or after eating onions or
other odorous vegetables.
Charcoal effectually clears and Improves
the complexion, It whitens the teeth and
further acts as a natural and eminently
safe cathartic.
It absorbs the injurious gases which col
lect In the stomach and bowels; It disin
fects the mouth and throat from the poi
son of catarrh.
All druggists sell charcoal In one form
or another, but probably the best char
coal and the most for the money Is la
Stuart's Charcoal Loxenges; they are com
posed of the finest powdered Willow char
coal, and other harmless antiseptics In tab
let form or rather in the form of large,
pleasant tasting loxenges. the charcoal
being mixed with huney.
The dally use of these loxengts will soon
tell In a much Improved condition of the
general health, better complexion, sweeter
breath and purer blood, and the beauty of
it U, that no possible harm can result from
their continued use, but. on the
great benefit.
A Buffalo physician. In speaking of the
benefits of charcoal, says: "i .dvU
Btuarts Charcoal Loxiiijjes to all patients
suffering from gas In stomach and bowels,
and to clear up the complexion and purify
the breath, mouth and throat; I ,BO
lleve the liver is greatly benefited with
ths dally use of thmi they cost but twenty
Ave cents a box at drug stores, and al
though In some sense a patent preparation.
t l believe net more and better cnar-
ooal in Bturrt s Charcoal Loseuges than in
anv of luc ordinary chsrcoal tabU-te."
Bend you.' name and address today for
a free trial package and see for yourself.
K A 8tuart Co. M Stuart Bldg ., Marshall
giving out an official statement of the
attendance at the university. In attempt
ing to show ths attendance Is rapidly in
creasing the registrar included In his
statement of students some BOO who are reg
istered at the University School of Music,
which Is not maintained by the state. The
table of attendance Is published this morn
ing In a quarter page display advertise
ment in the Journal.
According to members of the legislature
who have visited Lincoln there Is no dis
position to hamper the university In its
funds, but there Is a growing sentiment
for an open accounting with the state.
These legislators say the university cash
must be checked up through the state audi
tors office and that all vouchers must be
filed with him and all warrants Issued
upon his approval, as the constltutfon pro
vides. The fact that the university au
thorities have so long and so successfully
fought this proposition has cdused ugly
rumors to arise regarding the university
cash and the legislators interviewed seem
to think it strange the university officials
themselves are not In favor of a change.
In this connection a statement by A. E.
Sheldon of the university, on file in the
state house and used extensively before
the legislature two years ago, will be of
Interest. Mr. Sheldon said:
The annual Income of the university Is
now one-tenth of all the rest of the pub
lic school system and the ratio of uni
versity students .to all school children Is
about 1 to 100. This is too wide a gap
and it ought to be closed by moving the
column"! up from below.
It it understood the university officials
will have a giant lobby on hand this
winter to prevent the legislature from en- 1
acting a law whereby the university cash
will be handled the same as other state
money and the big stick will be wielded
fiercely. In fact, there Is no doubt In the
minds, of those who know that the big
university stick has already been stuck up
In the face of state officials, but whether
the lobby will succeed remains to be seen.
Captata Chase In City.
Captain Wilson Chase, former command
ant of cadets at the' State university,
stopped off In Lincoln yesterday to shake
hands with old friends. Captain Chase has
Just returned from the Philippines, where
his regiment, the Twenty-first infantry, has
been stationed for fifteen months. Captain
Chase last night declared that he had no
personal knowledge of the charges against
Oeneral Pershing and expressed the hope
that a complete Investigation would expose
the error in the charges.
State llon.e Briefs.
W. It. Kose has filed with the governor
his bond fur $10,000 as deputy attorney
general. John M. Stewart and T. C. Mon
ger are his bondsmen. Lieutenant gov
ernor M. R. Hopewell has filed a bond for
JCO.OoO with J. P. Latta, E. C. Huston and
11. M. Hopewell as bondsmen.
Articles of Incorporation of the Gross &
Dixon Uold Mining company of Hooper
have been filed with the secretary of state.
The Incorporators are H. B. Mauser, W. O.
McKay, John Edelinaner, Merman Water
man and H. H. F. Waterman. Thq com
pany has capital stock paid up to the
amount of $15. (h.
Governor Mickey has honored the requl
sltlon of the governor of Colorado for the
return of J. U. Flora to Fort Collins on the
charge of having obtained money under
false pretenses. Flora Is now under ar
rest at Oinaha. It is charged that he bor
rowed a horse for an hour and secured
$. under a chattel mortgage from Howard
Island Grove township. It was discovered
that the bridge had been paid for twice
and Mr. Sparks explained the matter by
stating that he and his clerk had filed
duplicate bills which were allowed by
the board some time after the bridge was
arrived and the prospective bride was pre
pared. Then the ceremony had to be
abandoned because the groom was not yet
arrived. A telegram to Rapid City de
veloped a reply stating that he , had left
on December 8 for Valentine. The distance
is but a few hours' ride. The mystery of
his disappearance has not been explained.
Bryan's Gift to Y. W. C. A.
LINCOLN, Dec. 21. (Special.) W. J.
Bryan today gave $1,000 toward the Lin
coln Young Women's Christian association
building fund as a memorial to his de
ceased sister, who was a prominent associ
ation worker.
Brldrirroom Cometh Not.
NORFOLK, Neb.. Dec. 21. (Speclal.)-
Mlss Sara Simpson of Valentine, Neb.,
knows how It Is to be left waiting at the
church, for behold, the bridegroom Cometh
not D. E. Bentson from Rupid City, S. D.,
was due on the scene yesterday to change
the name of Miss Simpson; the guests
Brldse Maa (.Itts Rebate.
BEATRICE. Neb.. Dec. (Special Tel
egrum.) Today John Sparks, the bridge
contractor, at a meeting of the county
board allowed the county $(30 SO from his
tUlm ui $l,lo for building a bridge in
Obliged to Lie With Limbs Higher
Than Head Suffered Untold
Agonies and Could Not Walk
Doctor Said It Was the Worst
Case he Ever Saw.
I received your letter asking fot
Information about using the Cuticura
Itemediea. I used them for ecsenia.
The doctor said it was the worst case
he ever saw. It was on both limbs,
from the leneea to the ankles. We
tried everything the doctors knew of,
but the Uuticura Kennedies aid the
most good. 1 was obliged to lie with
my limbs higher than my head, for the
rin was so terrible I oould not walk,
suffered untold agonies. One limb '
wasted away a great deal smaller than
the other, there was so much discharge
from it. I found the Cuticura Rem
edies very soothing, and I still keep them
in the bouse. 1 am very thankful to
say that I am cured, and you can pub
lish this statement if you wUh. I found
the Cuticura Remedies all that you say
they are. I hope that you may be
spared many years to make the Cuticura
llemediea for the benefit of persons suf
fering from the torture of skin diseases,
such as I had. I remain, yours re
spectfully, Mrs. Golding, Box 8, Ayr,
Canada, June , 1905."
" I have used the Cuticura Soap for
chapped hands, which I had been
troubled with for about three years. I
suffered intense pain and itching. I i
used nearly two cakes of the Cuticura
8oap. and my hands were comlotely
cured and have never troubled nte
since. 1 also took the Cuticura Resol
vent for the blood at the same time.
I ran recommend the Cuticura Rem
edies to others suffering the same.
Chas. Young, llattsville, Ontario, Can
ada, Sept. 29, 1905."
CoplM listen) ftiid lofvnMl TrMtvMnl tor mry
Hiuiur. lnA lliup.a tu Sclotiu. frufa latency la
iMiunal of Cuucw fcf. ttc . otmijitut, uc.( Ru4.
ft I tow. i U tutm M C1i.atM Ctl f U.S. tec. ftr wMl
f mfy CM fckd iM kit ilrwf A ufl m oAni (H
r'arr lru Cbm lur , -vjm frupj.. feus. Mm
ssr aiiixUios uw w Can ltvi.i.. ivw imina'
Tschudy for resisting an officer and he
was brought before Justice O'Brien and
given thirty days in Jail.
Double Track on In Ion Pacific and
Depot on Northwestern.
FREMONT, Neb., Dec. 21. (Special.)
From present Indications the work of
double tracking the Union Pacific between
Valley and Kearney will be rapidly pushed
at this end of the line this winter. A. H.
Norrls will have charge of the civil en
gineering work for the company In this
vicinity, and has secured offices In the Com
mercial National bank building and will
move his family here. It Is expected that
about thirty-five mles will be completed
this winter. The engineering outfit Is al
ready on the ground.
An Inspection trip by President Hughltt
of the Northwestern and a number of other
officials of that road to the Fremont yards
'yesterday, is stirring up a great deal of
Interest In railroad circles. The plans for
the new freight depot, which Is to be lo
cated near ths corner of C and First streets.
provide for a fine two-story building with
a large freight shed attached: a much
better building than that of either of the
other roads. The facilities of the Union
depot are proving too small, and It Is
generally believed among railroad men that
a new Northwestern passenger depot on
the site of the old one Is among the proba
bilities of the near future.
Diamonds Found In I.anndry.
FREMONT. Neb.. Dec. 21. (Special.
One of the girls in the employ of the Fi
delity was surprised yterday while Iron
ing a union suit to And a diamond brooch
and three diamond rln;s attached to It
near the waist. The suit had gone through
the washing machine and the wringer and
dryer without the grems being discovered
and the settlnss were but little worse for
wear on account of their rough usage. They
belonged to the wife of a wealthy business
man here and their value Is estimated at
11.500. The woman had fastened thorn ti
her underclothes for safe keeping and had
forgotten them until the proprietor of the
laundry told her that he had them.
Switchman Loses Leg.
M'COOK, Neb., Dec. 21. (Special Tele
gramsSwitchman Mose 8. Jennings at
the McCook yard lost a leg In an accident
here while switching cars early this morn
ing. A freight car fell on the leg, mash-.
tug It bndly. The member was amputated
below the knee. He will recover.
Kevrs of Nebraska.
COLUMBUS Joe Tiffany Is recovering
from an attack of apoplexy.
COLUMBU-Harrv Kaufmann was fined
$"J5 and costs for beating W. 11. Webb.
NORFOLK Mr. Andrew Teal died to
day. The funeral will be held Sunday aft
ernoon In Norfolk.
A1NSWORTH Fireman Huffman. In
jured In a wreck near here, has recovered
sufficiently to travel.
BRAD8HAW R. W. Taylor of Daven
port purchased the restaurant of V. P.
Hudson and la now In possession. .
GENEVA The new library and reading
room Is Hearing completion and will be
formally opened on New Year's day.
COLUMBUS Thieves stole a cart from
Louis Tutyeharms and one from the Colum
bus Buggy and Implement company.
COLUMBUS The Deforest Telearaoh
company offers to establish a station at
(joiumoiis li o.ti"U or stock b sold there.
PLATTSMOUTIt Judge H. D. Travis
united In marriage Emil R. Carlson and
Miss Maud Loberg, and Anton Hedln and
Miss Jedo L.orerg, all or Ioulsvllle.
BEATRICE W. 11. Ruyle, a stockman
living east of Beatrice, returned yesterday
from Marysvllle, Kan., where he purchased
a number of finely bred Shorthorn cattle.
BRA PSHAW There was a large attend
ance at the Colonial supper given by the
Christian Endeavor society held at the town
BEATRICE Walt Mason has gone to
Lincoln to take the position of night editor
on the Journal to succeed Hugh McVlcker,
who Is temporarily disabled on account of
a broken leg.
BEATRICE A Christmas program, which
consisted of music and addresses, was
renderd at the high school today. Sohoola
closed In Beatrice for the holiday vacation
of two weeks.
WEST POINT-Mrs. William Pagels of
Logan township died at her home on Thurs
day after an illness of one day's duration.
She was In the prime of life. She leaves
a husband and seven children.
BRADSH A W O. A. Mason, owner of the
confectionery and eating house of this
place, loaded his effects Into a car this
weeK ana snipped tnem to Mlnanl, Net).,
where he will engage In the same business.
BEATRICE1-H. E. Tweedy, editor of the
Team Without an Owner.
FREMONT, Neb., Dec. 21. (Special.)
Wednesday noon a team consisting of tw
black mares attached to a buggy was taken
up near the corner of Thirteenth and
Plutte avenue and placed In a livery barn
until called for. No one has called for
them and the officers hero have heard of
no missing rig answering their description
and the only thing to Indicate their Iden
tity were the letters A. O. U. W. on the
head stalls, which mlpht indicate that the
owner was a member of that order. The
marcs were both blanketed, the blankets
being under the harness Thry were walk
ing up Platte avenue when found, and are
a tine driving team.
Knalneer Teal Drops Dead.
NORFOLK, Neb.. Deo. i;. (Special Tele
gram.) Andrew Teal, one of the oldest and
best known Northwestern engineers, who
had been In the service for many yean
here, dropped dead today from heart fail
ure. He was an uncle of Dr. Teal of
Omaha, former superintendent here of the
Insane hospfial.
C'olumbna Hollerman Lost Ont
COLUMBUS. Neb.. Dee. 21. (Speclal.)-
Ed Tschudy and Frank Taylor undertook
to 'make a rough house In one, of the
saloons of Columbus the other night, and
mii officer started with them to the cala
boose. Ischudy a as too much for the
officer. C'uniplttlnt was nld asalust
Cortland Sun, who has been confined to
his home with the smallpox for the last
few weeks was released from quarantine
today. This Is the only case of smallpox
in Cortland.
BEATRICE A preliminary meeting will
be held here January 8 to select a team to
debate .with the Humboldt High school.
The first debate will be held, with Lincoln
at this place, and the other with Humboldt
at Humboldt.
COLUMBUS-Judge Ratterman has Issued
marriage licenses in the last few days to
Byron 8. Miller and Lillian Drummond;
Mathias E. German and Anna J. Braun;
Fred E. Westcott and Esther Oleson; J. L.
Stlckley and Aggie Lahoff.
COLUMBUS For about twenty years
Sam Anderson has had a case pending In
the district court to establish his right
to a certain quarter-section of Plutte
county Innd. Judge Reeder has now de
cided the case In Anderson s favor.
BEATRICE Word was received here yes
terday from Inavule, Neb., stating that
Andrew Arnold, a former resident of Gage
county, hud probably been fatally Injured
by 'a horse falling upon him. His shoulder
was broken and his skull fractured.
WEST POINT Married, at the Congre
gational parsonage In West Point yester
day. Rev. Dr. Crofts performing the cere
mony, William Patterson of l'llger and
MIfs Margaret Peterson of Avoca, la. The
couple will reside In Pllger, where the
groom is In business.
PLATT8MOUTH Judge Paul Jessen or
dered the Missouri Pacific Railway com
pany to pay to the clerk of the district
fmirf the sum nf SfrflO an dHniares for rtl-
criminating against the Farmers' Elevator
uumpa HJ III wanit-j, ill hub luuiii;, A iir
caae may be appealed.
BEATRICE The assembly meeting of the
Church of God convened In Beatrice yester.
duy and will remain In session until Janu
ary 1. The meetings are held In West
Heat rice, ana ure attenaea uy members
from Kansas, Iowa and other states, as
well as points in Nebraska.
BRAINARD By a unanimous vote of the
stockholders, the Bruno State bank voted
to Increase Its capital stuck to tlo.OO, to
build a modern brick hulldTng with all the
very latest Improvements. This bank is
one of the 'old banks of the county and Its
record has been very successful.
HARVARD At 2 this afternoon was held
from the Methodist church In this city
the funeral of J. C. Wlllson, who met a
tragic death at Lead, 8. 1., early last
Tuesday morning by being electrocuted In
the transformer house of the Mogul mill
while trying to adjust some of the ma
chinery. BENEDICT The business men and farm
ers met at the opera house In Benedict
yesterday and completed their organisation
for a lumber company. About 1U0 were
present. The ertnanent officers are H.
Nettleton president, and A. Schneider sec
retary. Seven trustees were elected and
will procure the grounds at once. The ar
ticles of Incorporation are being prepared
and will be filed with the secretary of
state by January 1. About ISO farmers ars
GENEVA Last-night was opening night
of the Brotherhood of St. Paul at ths
Methodist Episcopal church, a society com
posed of youns men and boys. Governor
Mickey and State Superintendent Mcllrlen
were present and spoke. A comfortable
room In the busement of the church has
been given the boys for their meetings and
the brotherhood already numbers about
WEST POINT-The harness shop of A.
J. Romig at Beemer was closed on attach
ment by hh creditors on Tuesday. Upon
a consultation, the attachment proceedings
were withdrawn .and the stock was placed
In the hands of W. A. Smith, cashier of
the First National nank of Beemer, to he
disposed of for the benefit of his creditors.
It Is expected that the assets will realise
sufficient to pay the creditors In full.
BLUE HILL Wednesday evening Blue
Hill lodge No. - Hi, Knights of Pythias,
elected the following officers for the en
suing year: . P. J. Mertin, chsncellor com
mander; A. FUmore, vice chancellor; D.
W. Fay, prelate; W. 8. Ashby, master of
work; A. D. Ranney, mnater of exchequer;
Frank' Baker, keeper of records and seal;
T. W. McClure, master of arms; L. C.
Perslger, Inner guard; K. V. Morety, outer
AUBURN The Auburn poultry'shoir has
been In progress for the. last three days
and Is being held m .the Keedy convention
hall. The exhibition Is the best that ha
ever been given In this city. At least 200
birds representing fourteen different kinds
of poultry, have been entered. There are
some notable birds In display. Mrs. Frank
Dally of Auburn shows an aged black
I.angshan hen which has a national repu
tation as a nearly perfect bird, scoring, as
It has, above the hen that won first In
the International show held at Madison
Square garden some years ago. The scor
ing for the show Is being dune by Judge
Todd of Atlantic, la.
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f0c Smart Set
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The last chance
to buy for Xmas.
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' C,