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lllUUll VJJ ilLtll LA Bttt 9f K0mnttttmml Blll u ,ot Senator Bnrkett I.tradnre. BIH in
Ccmmsrct Commisiiouor f ? Bailroad Art
Matt Bo Tited in Court.
Predicts Xsauction of Fknctr Ms
Ireiffbt Chare,
liquify Into Car Fhortams at Terminal at
Month of Kaw.
Cnra Am Svi Farniaued Promptly aad
IMpmtnta Are Too Loss Km
roit ta Xuktl-Hnrlif'
la Chtoaa-a.
KANSAS CTTT, Dec The Interstate
CommwM wmmlnkin car shortage hear
In, begun In St Louis, wu taken uk
her. this morning by Commlsstoii-r C. A.
Prouty. aided by P. J. Far-al, attorney for
the commission.
It la expected that the hearing will con
tinue until Friday svenlng, when Commn
aloner Prouty and Attorney Farrell will
depart for Washington, D. C.
"I Bald when the hilt was passed," Mr.
Prouty said, "that the first effect 'would
be to stop the rebates.- I believe they have
been stopped."
Mr. Prouty. recurring to the reaction of
passenger rates, said there had been some
reductions In freight rates, too, as well
as a few advances. "While this amounts to
a reduction In the published tariff," he said.
"It amounts also to largely Increased reve
nues for the railroads. It must be clear
that if they cut oft all free transportation
the railroads can afford to reduce passen
ger and freight rates."
Mr. Prouty continued: "The papers did
not say too much when they said the pass
Ing of the rate taw marked the greatest
triumph of American progress, the triumph
of the Roosevelt administration." He said
that whatever might be the fate of the
law finally, the people hereafter would con
trol the- business of rate making, all ship
pers would pay the same rites, the "square
dual" would apply, business would be on a
cash basis, men would pay for riding and
the railrrtrtde would pay for services In
tii'-tr interest
Commissioner Prouty said today in. an
Interview in speaking of the so-called rate
"I hava no doubt that eventually all
states earn of the Mississippi and north of
the Ohio will be on a 2-cent basis, and by
eventually I mean, of course, within a rea
sonable time for such legislation to be
nacted If legislation shall be required
which I doubt. All these changes are and
will be due to the agitation for the pas
sage of the rate law. No mar. can tell what
the final effoct of the rat law may be
ntil It has keen worked out In the courts."
. .JUT "Were Ta Bisk.
Mr. Prouty continued;
"The most Important effect of the law
has been the reducing of passenger raxes
east of nttsburg and north of the Ohio
river and in other communities. These re
ductions have bi?en widespread, not In the
west. I admit, but east of Plltaburg and
nurth of the Ohio, people are riding for 2
cents a mile. The commission has made
no orders and expressed no opinions to ac-
count for this change. The carriers have
tactlly admitted that their ratea were too
Mr. Prouty said it was too early now to
estimate the real value of the rate law.
Up to thin time the railroads, he said, had
generally evinced a disposition not only to
obey the law, but to accept any construc
tion the commission put upon it. The
commission has had no occasion, he said,
to Issue any restraining orders, nor order
that would cose the rallroadj much to
obey. Till It does, so Mr. Prouty said. It
would be It. possible to say what they
will do.
"The Stand i rd OM company," Mr. Prouty
said, "maintains a presa bureau, buys
space tn newspapers of a certain class,
publishes wliat It wants to. and tha reading
Followed by Appeal ta
LONDON. Pee. y.-There will he no dis
solution of Pi -liment as the result of the
action of the House of Lords in defeating
the government's education bill. Al
though the rejection of this, the main lib
eral mens' r 'if the session. Is the mo'
serious rebuff Sir Henry Campbell-p
net-man's cabinet has yet suffered,
not regarded as belr.g sufficiently ' 'v",v
necessitate an nppral to the x.
Whether at the present mom' 'V'
ernmer.t could successfully . ne
nation on the educational bill. ues
tlon on which even many liberi. ire In
great doubt. The only Immediate effect of
the stn taken by the upper house, there
fore, will be to give an enormous Impetus
to the radical agitation In favor of curbing
the veto power of the peers and to furnish I
the nonconformists with a new gun an
ammunition In their fight for the disestab
lishment of the Church of England.
There la today a widespread Impression
that a purely secular educational bill will
he Introduced luring the next session of
Parliament, while no doubt the cabinet
during recess will consider what means
are possible to prevent the Lords from nul
lifying prolonged labors of the Commons
and to debar their veto of measures passed
twice by the lower house.
It la the general "lew of the por Melons
that the peers, by lnt night's action, have
entered upon a constitutional trti"sle. em
bracing much more than rh.t educational
bill. The lilierals promise that there shall
he no cessation of the fight until the con
stitutional issue Is settled whether the
liberal party la to be forever checkmated
hy the "standing committee of the tory
King Edward this morning received the
premier at Buckingham palace. It ts un
derstood that his majesty wished to be
fully informed regarding the cabinet's
views on the political situation as affucted
by the education question.
Birrell Hay Sneered Bryet.
In well Informed parliamentary circles
Augustln Blrrell. president of the Board
of Education. Is now rrirarded s first fa
vorite as candidate fur th" position of sec
retary for Irel.i..d. which seat will become
vacant whon James Bryce will be trans
ferred to the British embassy at Washing
ton. In this event Dr N. C. MacNamara
probably will be th" new minlHter of edu
cation. It appears that the contemplated
appointment of Winston Spencer Churchill
to the Irish secretaryship is receiving but
a lukewarm reception from the nationalists,
who d' "ire a man with a longer aarlia
mentary record. Furthermc ro, there is
ome doubt about the safety of Mr.
Churchill's seat In the house from Man
chester, where he has a formidable op
ponent In A. J. Balfour. It Is believed
that the nationalists would warmly wel
come Mr. Blrrell. It was noticed during
yesterday's debate In the House of Com
mons that the references of John Redmond,
the Irish leader, to Hi'. Blrrell were par
ticularly effusive.
The Morning Post, which advocated the
appointment of a Canaulan as British am
bnssador at Washington, today, editorially,
congratulated the government upon the se
lection of Mr. Bryce and says it thinks
this choice will be regarded on both sides
of tU. Atlantic aa a proof of friendly
tee ling.
Tlte paper considers also that Mr. Bryce
fully appreciates the potations of Canada
aiul Newfoundland.
North Dakota Tool Taniue Will Ee Broken
if Waatbar Continues Good.
Senate for
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
WASHINGTON. Dec. 30. (Special Teie
gra.n.) Benstnr Furkett today Introduced
a hill providing for carrying free of postage
in the mails reading matter for use of the
blind. The hilt provides tliut all reeling
matter in Embest type, whether In Braille,
New Tork point or Moon type, shall be
carried In the malls free of postage to or
fmn any blind person desiring to read tho
MINNEAPOLIS, Dec. 2f. Upon the mere same. Such matter shall be forwarded and
C1XAL BUILDERS REPORT ! Nebraska weather forecast j
.- -al Arriving? la Minneapolis j
.if Hashed lato Afflleted
Districts Helena With
at Gaa,
Iatimian CommiBsion T11 Eecretarj of
War Wkat it Ha Cona,
Sea-roes Are Sot Satlstactnry Wrk
si en, hat Spaniards Serm. ta Da
tbe Wrlt la Better
Sty la.
WASHINGTON, Dec 20. The annual re-
freakish whim of the weather uepends hu- exchanged free with Canada and other ; Prt of the Isthmian Canal commission to
northwstern villages ( countries where free postage for the blind i tllM secretary of war, under date oof Ds-
is now or may ne granreo. i ne nil mr- 1 " v,c 11
ther provides that slates or tablets and j ln Part:
louring uio year the flint stnge or canal
man convert
which have been feeling the menace of a
fuel famine. Where reports of tardy ar
rivals of coal and of hope Cor relief are
coming ln today, tomorrow may renew th"
menace If bllziards set ln. Meanwhile, the
railroads ate bending every effort to rush
,j coal Into the Imperiled districts. In the
me in ooidltlons seem better. Though there
is still great difficulty In netting cars, ship
pers are Inclined to credit the transporta
tion companies with willingness to aid.
Not enough cars are available to satisfy
the demands, but loaded cars are moved
without delay. It is believed, too.
there Is a conrlderable amount of fuel in
Relief from one source Is afforded by re
cent arrivals of Illinois cual. Much of it
Is being rtiohlpped ln the same curs and
blank paper with whl-h to emboss such
matter should be e;,med as second class
matter at the mte of four ounces or frac
tions thereof for 1 cent.
Senator Burkett this morning Introduced
El R. Slzer. postmaster at Llnroln. and
Sinclair McShone, also of Lincoln, to Fresl-
i dent Roosevelt. The president greeted the
I Nebrnekuns In his usual cordial manner
' and wished them a merry Christmas and
I a prosperous New Tear. Postmaster E'.xer
and Sinclair McShane left for home tonight
Congressman Mondell of Wyoming won a
victory today by reason of persistency.
1 For the lost two days he has endeavored
to call up his bill extending the time which
hurried Into the northwest. More of this : mK" "" muK' -
cool is expected and as long as the north- ; dp"1'8 on ,h Shoshone reservation, which
work, that of ureDtiratkm. has virtu!. y
been piist, and llio commission tlnds Itself
In position to enter upon the second stage,
that of actual const, uotlori a iocs lanul
at an el.-vai.un of sight-rive eet. auttiur
Ixed by congress In June lust.
Of these r o stages the nr. t was at once
the more d.;'loult and the . ire Important.
If not dune thorougtity a.- i .ntelugen.iy In
every part the actual worn, of cens.ructlun
would he handicapped from the sa. t.
The work of ia:utatlin throughout the
canal xone has h.-en continued with great
enriiry during the year. The most serious
prou.em tnat conirunted i he health UepAi't
u nt w nen it wua organlze.1 two yea..- ao
was the elimination of yellow fever, w.,u h
had been an important factor In llie failure
of the French company and was regar ed
as one of the most formidable obstacles to
American ui-t--ss. This obstacle has been
completely remove.1. Although there hue
never been so large a numbt-r of iion-.m-
Partl-r tlnady Friday and Satardayt
Colder Friday In West Portloa.
Temperature, nt Ihniiha Yesterday
Hoar. Dear. Hoar. Dea.
A a. sn 1 p. m t
n a. nt XT a p. m
T a. m scti .1 p. m it
Ma. sn 27 4 p. m -U
a. sn 27 n p. m ST
to a. m 2i dp. tn Kd
11 . a vn r p. m 37
12 ra :h M p. m 2d
p. m 2i
western roads can make prompt returns I wa" Pned to ettlei:.ent on August 16 last
Drtrrtlva Barns, Who Gathered Evi
dence for State, aa stand nearly
All Day.
SAN FRANCISt'O. Cal.. Dec. 30. William
J. Burns, the detective who has been gath
ering evidence upon which the recent In
dictments found by the grand Jury have
been based, was a witness today In the
case of Mayor Eugene E. Schmlts and
Abraham Ruef. charged with extortion. In
answer ti a question, the witness rftated
that for "Ighteen years he had been em
ployed us a special agent of the Depart
ment of the Interior.
An attempt was made by Attorney Ach,
for the .It ;o show that Burns severed
his connection with the government at the
request of Speeia' PToeecutur Heney, but
the evidence was not admitted. The court
also sustained the obje. tlons of the prose
cution to questions concerning when Bums
arrived tn San Francisco, whether he knew
of the empties, further help from fills
source may be expected. Falling tempera
tures are reported from most of the towns
ln the northwest No sub-zero weather Is
Coal tsnrtace In Helena.
HELENA, Mont., Dec 2l. Owing to the
coal shortage, the Helena Light and Rail
way company has announced that tonight
it will close Its gas works, temporarily at
least. For the last several davs gaa has
been made frcn kerosene, but this Is no
longer available. While the fuel supply Is
limited, there has been no actual Buffer
ing ln Montana.
Railroad Short of Coal.
EL PASO, Tex., Dec. 20. A Herald spe
cial from Carlsbad. N. M.. says: The
water works were shut down today for
lack of cool. The eniire city wo without
water 4fter noon. The Pecos Valley rall-
.nunes on the lHtiimtib as uurtr.K luHt
year, there has not been a smgie well-au- j James D. Phelan or Rudolph Spreckels, or
ttienttcaied case of yellow fever during tnat i .hno... h. v,,,., -.r ...vl m.,r,..v from
tlement should be made on February 15, i period. .... ,.. , ,., ,h.t ho hd
Four Conricted, Richards, Comitook,
Jameson and Triplatt.
Subornation of Ferjnry Another Clara
in the Indictment.
F. If. Waloottii Izaisrated from ChareM
Ersuffht Against Him.
Maxtinnia Penalty aa Each Separata
Coaat la Twa Tears' In prison
snant and Ten Thoasaad
Dollars Fine.
The blll as passed pro-ided that final set-
1 i 1 threat nroitreas has neen mane during tne . J-"v " -
last year In provluing for the welfare ami j rr-.-elved no money from Heney.
rrom .-NenrasKa, lowa. janjms ana o. ier cl,m(ort t the emp.oyes. The commlswl'.ii to ftirther questions, he stated
until uy Biiaitfs mi i wo pcLn. hi. iHLHniunpj i uuw una ruiii"ieui uuuuuin iu iiu o
tiers that It would he ImnoMtble tn sk. Quarters for all us buclielur emplo-es.
way has but
he had
i known Ru"f for about three years. He
'1 hj. h.,11.1.. u unrt r.rf.vld.l I P1Teil he dill Kit ItnilW f.rfin.1 JllTOrS Gh.1-
up final reside ice during the worst part j almost unlvei Haily with running water anil ' iagher Dwyer or Young In 'act he stated,
of winter that an extension was aaked. Mr. with modern plumbing, and are comiortaoly ( hft k f mmh,ra of th jrand
Mondell fought this bill through to a finish. t. " MBn,"i- , ln addition t,. ih.,se buildings. . .-., , . vrrv .....j wav
tI ... , , . J.t separate houses and thirteen ia.ger jury except in a very i asuiu aay.
He had two comp!te kno-kouts by reason i buildings have been constructed for mar. led "la it not a fact that your sole reason
or oDjeouons to consideration wnirn dis
placed It for the day. On one occasion the
objection came from Mr. Fitzgerald of
New Tork; on another from Mr. Mann of
Illinois, who seemed to have been banded
together for the purpose of "raUHng" the
lone congressman from Wyoming. In no
wise discouraged, Mr. Mondell culled up his
bill this morning, having seen the opposing
. quarters, provlcuag accommouatlons tor . foP Mnw ln 8an Francisco Is to aid pa
: families. There are still many married men, ...... .
however, for whom no quarters ais avail- j prosecut.on ln securing lndlctmentsr asked
ible, but upon the oomple'H n of the hou.-es
now authorized these win be proviue-j i-r.
There are now approxima'.ely i.Mj Ameri
can women and children on liie Isthmu.
ln November, 1. the commission's em
ployes numbered approximately li,t', and
In November, 1M!,", tne number was practi
cally tne same. Of these, 12.612 were unlr
the department or construction ana enm-
tnterests In tho meantime, and his bill to . r-ering, l.llSi under the divlsiun of mat nal
extend the time for final residence to May
;ew tons of .-oal to run i 1, 19"7, was passed.
trains. There probably will be no return
trains from north or south unless they
can get coal at Pecos or Amarillo, Tex.
Proposed French Law Said to Com
bine Hatlnani Oppression with
Mliilmam Appraraac.
ROME, Dec. 20. A semi-official note. Is
sued by the Vatican today, declares that
the text of the new French govrnment
bill amending the church and state separa
tion bill of 19116 Is aa bad aa the former
regulations, "being a maximum of oppres
sion with a minimum appearanc- ' and
aggravates the position of the church ln
everything without tMs being "l.parent to
the general public.
PARIS. Dec 20. The teachers and stu
dents of the famous St Culphic's sem
inary here were expelled to;ay. Among
the atudonis were .a number of British
Attorney General Flies Bill ta Dis
solve Combine tlon Alleged
to Ba Illegal.
A LB A NT, N. T., Dee. 20. Attorney Gen
eral J'tllus Mayor ln the name of the peo
ple of the state of New York today began
an action agalntt the American Ice com
prny in the supreme court of New York
county for the dloBolution of the so-called
'Ice trust"
The complaint alleges as a principal fea
ture of the "scheme and arrangement" by
which, the onrrrpatiir sauumd a praatlcal
monopoly of the natural and artificial lea
output and distribution, especially ta
Greater New York and tile communities tn
that vicinity, that It secured control of the
Maine lea field and caused a reduction
there last y?ar of ths usual harvest frum
LaOO.OW tons to one-third of that amount
The sutircea of supply are altered to be
similarly controlled.
The key to the Ice situation ln New York
City Is pointed out aa lying In .his com
pany's control of Uio "Ice 'nidges," or I;ind
depots, by which means it is alleged the
company Is enabled to fix t'.ie price of ice,
resulting last summer ln an Increase from
II. JO a ton at the bridges to Ji and 16 a ton !
to tne Independent dealers who are alleged
; to be controlled by the company.
Senator Mll' ird's pension bills for the re
lief of C. F. M. Morgan, tt"; .mella Hat
$15; Jarf' Ayr. 120. all of Omnha, have been
pulsed by the senate.
C. T. Austin of Lawrence, Neb., W. T.
Evans of Parkershurg, la., and C. H.
Englesby of Watertown, S. D., have been
admitted to practice before the Interior de
partment. Dr. A. L. Alleson Iras been appointed pen
sion examining surgeon at Onawa, Io., vice
Dr. E. E. Fisher, resigned
and supplies; 2.191 under the department of
government and sanitation and 137 ln the
auditing and diHbursins offices.
Of the 17,001' men. about ;i.7 were on the
sold rolls, virtually all white Americans,
and 1 J..i on tile silver roils, mainly aliens.
This nifmber does not Include l.oAl poople
employed on the Panama railroad.
negroes ot Satisfactory.
Another year's experience with negro
laborers from uearby tropical Islands and
countries has convinced the commiss.on
of the impossibility of doing sariHfa:iury
work with them. Not only do they sem
to be disqualified by lack of actual vitai-
Tl'.o question was objected to and the
obleetlon sustained.
Burns stated that he had been Introduced
to Grand Juror Sontag, but had never dis
cussed with him any of the matters under
Investigation by the grand Jury. He had.
he said, talked perhaps three or four times
with Foreman G iver. Nothing waa satd
about Ruef. Sch -.Itz. Nicholas, Dtiffy or
any of the witnesses.
"Did you talk about a conspiracy to 1n
d'.'t Mr. Ruef and Mayor Schmltz, or about
a meeting between Fremont Older, Mr.
Phelan. Mr. Heney and Mr. Hearst?"
"I never spoke to Mr. Phelan 'n New
York ln my life." spoke up Heney.
"Well," said Ach, "we'll leave your name
out of It."
Burns told of a conversation he had with
Jean Loupe, a restaurant man. at which
George W. VanBunkirk
Kuchenbacker, substitute.
Congressman Kinkald today recommended
W. O. Hesllng for postmaster at Kirk,
Banner county, vice. C. W. Johnson, re
Soathern Pacllle Held Responsible tor
Hrealt in Banlc of Colo
rado River.
WASHINGTON. Dec. 20 President
Roosevelt will ask F.. H., head
of the California Development company, to
have repaired at onc the break In the left
! bank of the Colorado river, across the
Mexican boundary Una. the overflow of
which 1 'auslng such great damage ln
tho Imperial .nd Colorado valleys ln south-
Burns was on
court adjourned.
the witness stand when
ltv. but Llieir dlsDuxitton to labor seems
to be as trail aa tueir oouuy srreng'.n. , tlme Loppe denied hsvlng paid Ruef for
Rural carriers appointed: Iowa, Anthon, Jonty of them work Just lung enougn to i i"""- i""-i".u.
r,.t v.rr.. f TnA TOh-i'g-t money to supply their actual bodily "I told him." said Mr. Bums, "that I
route 2, erna M. Dodd. carrier. EJthy! , . le wllh t'luf mull that whilr the I dld not beieve hm t ,,,, knew the
Lo.1,1. substitute: Imogene, route 2. Richard commission is quartering and caring for I ?. " Delleve n,m- 1 ala- xnew 109
II It 11 t t- - 1.1 . . 1 . W ' I. .t rnun lha .iullu SkfTlM'tlVA fntfw td, l'
tuts. South Dakota, Marion, route 4. i . "" k. ;.t,-, i7,t-
raising enough to keep them alive, and
working only a day or iwo occasionally,
aa they sea lit. In this way, by getting
fa-way toom - the commission s quarters, i
practical control over taem la lust, ami
it becomes very difficult for foremen to
calculate on keeping their gangs tilled.
The most serious question ln regard tn
this class of laborers is that of feeding
them, ordinary methods having failed to
Induce them to take sufficient nourishment
to give them the physical strength neces
sary to enable them to work efficiently.
To such an extent is this true that the
commission is seriously donating whether
to make the basts of employment a curtain i
rate per hour and board, or a certain rata
per hour and deduct a fixed amount ,- r
day for board.
Sew Yorlx Inejalattarx f.ockiaar lata
Affairs at Life liisarana
NEW YORK. Dec. . George W. Per
kins was the first witness before the grand
Jury today when the Investigation Into the
affairs of the New York Life Insurance
company was resumed.
Darwin P. Kingsley, vice president of the
Tho experiment with laborers from north- ! New York Lite Insurance company, was
em Spain has proved very satisfactory. examined at length regarding the so-called
Prussian deal. The company aa the price
It Is said that by the time the Ice reaches , firn ralltl)rril Tilia comoanv 1. said to
the poorer customers it costs at the hub reMp,inHlrjle fr the damage, as the break ! lias not been a sinKle case of yellow lever
Their efficiency Is not only more than
double that of the neirroes, but they stand
the climate much better, since January
1 there have been about 9t of these at
work on tho canal, and of this number
not one has died from diBease. They have
miliaria ln about the same degree as the
white Americans, hut not at all to the
extent Unit the negroes have It. and there
Bartlett Richards, Will G. Comstock.
Charles C. Jameson and Aqullla Trlplett
were found guilty Thursday on thlrty-slx
of the thirty-eight counts In the Indict
ment r iiln by the government against
They were charged with conspiracy to
defraud the United Ptau-s out of title, usa
and pome.sslon of vast tracts of public
land, and with subornation of perjury In
procuring entrymen to file on these land
ln Sheridan and Cherry counties, Nebraska,
In the years 1H end 15.
Richards, Comstock and Jameson are
president vice president and secretary
treasurer, respectively, of the Nebraska
L n 1 and Feeding company. Aqullla Triple H
who lives at Alliance, Neb., acted aa repre
sentative of these men.
The Jury left the court room at 13:06
Thursday noon and reached a vrdlct at
2:! p. m., after a deliberation of but two
hours; about an hour being for dinner.
The penalty prescribed In cases of this
character Ib not more than two years Im
prisonment and a fine not to exceed H0.OM
on each count.
The Jury consisted of the following meni
O. M. Hall, farmer, of Ulysses; Rudolph
3as, merchant of Aurora; Elmer Kay,
hotel keeper, of MeCook; C. E. Boden.
farmer, of Sterling; E. B. Benton, srocer,
of Crete; W. E. Chittenden, farmer, of Cla
tonia; L. K. Meyers, farmer, of Borlbner;
W. S. Martin, farmer, of Red Cloud; George
Heady, retired farmer, of Wayne, and J. R.
Parsons, farmer, of Ruskin, with the last
named aa foreman.
Oa Trial a Month.
The trial of the case began Monday, No
vember 19, when the attorneys for tha de
fendants argued a motion to abate the In
dictment because of the alleged Ineligibility
of Dr. George Tllden, Jury commissioner,
who was one of the men to draw the grand
Jury that brought the Indictment. This mo
tion was overruled and an he--dUtlis4ng
day tha attorneys for the defense, argued
a motion to ttuaah , tho Indictment which,
was also overruled. The Jury was em
paneled and sworn on Wednesday, Novem
ber H, ami the trial has continued sine
with but four days' Interruption. Including
Sundays, thus making twenty-four daya
of actual trial and taking of evidence. In
that time 132 witnesses have been examined
of the M35 summoned.
The Indictment was tho largest ever re
turned In the United States r urts for this
district, and was found J . : 1, 1908. It
comprised over WW typewr - i pages, waa
of forty c.i ints, and lncluuud ln Its flnd-
of continuing to do business in Prussia
was compelled to charge off three blocks ! ln"" information against Bartlett Richards,
of from 110 to 14 a ton.
i occurred at the company's works, erected
ong them.
w:l The president's declsloa was reached after 1 engineer is convinced by this experiment . " auegea i
thlr 1 . ,..,,- .,, a cu . . , ,. I that "any white man. so-called, under sale, the 1
in ir , a ..onference with S-nator Flint of Call- tn ,ame eonditlonB, wUl itand the dlmate tt, Htn,
energetic protest. He claimed they were
under in agreement with the French gov-ernrt.-Tt.
The foreign students ol an
nounced their Intention of calling the at
tention of their emba.'1aa to the matter.
public, or a part of It, beilevea what It ) .ubjects and one American, who read
reads. That stuff should be signet',
'Standard Oil company.' But. notwith
standing that press bureau, the Standard
Oil cotrpany is at K y and the public la
getting an accounting."
flora: Island Kasplaya laralsred.
At the hearing, J. R, Crow, president of
the J. R. Crow Coal and Mining company
of Kansas City, the first witness, testified
ln reply to a question that S. T. Fulton
of Chicago, oasis'. tnt to President Wlncheil
cf the Rock Island railroad, holds 10.m)
stock In the Crow company. Ha admitted
that Mr. Fulton had received this stock
without paying for It but said ha ob
tained tha stock before , ha became em
pluyeti l.y the Rock Island.
Munit- MacKsnale, president of the
American Live Slew, association and man
ager of .he Matador Lnd and Cattle com
pany, testified that ha had received many
a Stuns Issportaat Vate Papers
and Kins; Oscar Paasra
Goad light.
, rMouiiueiice ut um company wim n undeP a concession from the Mexican gov
; agents and others Is quoted to show that -mment
at the very time when the company was
I urging Its customers ta be careful in
i purchases and consun.ptlon of Ice, owing to
I the shortage of supply. It was Informing its
agents that the ice situation from the com
pany's standpoint was satisfactory and that
offers were being received from vatitua
sources, especially from Maine independent
producers, of ample supplies, and the cc ra
ti., ny was at that time refusing to accept
, these offers on any terms It is continued
that the efforts of the company were de
i signed to create a popular Impression that
' an lea famine was Impending in order io
f irenta'l public clamor against the enor
mous Increase ln the price to consumers.
It is declared by the n-torney general
that on the Hudson liver : . American Ice
company owns all but -venteen of th-
ice houses and that it contracted with, ti.o
Their gent ral condition
of stock which were not acceptable to the
Prussian officials. The report sheet for
tlui year filed with the Insurance depart
ment of this state showed that this stock
had been sold to the New York Security
fornlo. Director Wolcott of the geological
survey, and F. H. Newell of the reclama
tion sen-ice, and ln view of the Impossibil
ity of obtaining an appropriation from con
gress to do the work before the holiday
Copies of the letter to Mr. Hartimon also
.it as g tid as it was in their homes and Trust company, a subsidiary ctmcern
In Spain, and they stand the climate very i f th lri.uranP4, oompanyfor t3.5u0.000. It
I mut'ii better than the negroes. The chief , ,, 1 . . ...
Lm ... . Uld " ' ' - WU.IBM.UU
usr trance oompany taking; notes
for the stock,
George W. Perkins waa recalled this aft
ernoon and remained with the grand Jury
two hours an I a half,
had not been completed
Joumed for tho day.
on the t'thmus very much better than ti e
Macks, who are supposed to be Immune
t. im practically everything, but who, as a
matter of fact are subject to almost
Wirk and Supplies.
The report then deals with the engineer
ing u 1, art. I th. rollrnuil ruu.-hltiu,
will be sent by the president to the gov- j tor given, and continues:
ernor of California and the chambers of Th, tabllBn,.d ln tlle rt t
co" merce of the various cities of the state. I 1505 u( calling for Lids on materials anti
S.BI.J kind of memorandum also will be supplies on the basts of the price cover-
ti sofcmjtted' to tho Mexican government on
t' h subject The estimated amount of
mjney re mil red to repair the break Is put
at &0O.O110, and the expectation is that the
president will use his efforts with congress
to reimburse Mr Hurrtman for at least 1 of prir-s and rates,
tug delivery on tiie Isthmus has been con
tinued, which gives each section of the
country equal opportunity for bidding un
the materials needed, to that the manu
facturers, railroads and steamship lines ln
each section and through eacn port may
figure or. the business on a combination
v ill O. Comstock. Charles C. Jameson. F.
M. Walcott. Thomas M. Huntington, Fred
Hoyt James Baird, Aqullla Trlplett and
Anil B. Todd, ail charged with the soma
conspiracy and subornation of perjury.
When the trial of the cases began tho
several attorneys for ths defense, repre
senting different clients, insisted on a "
arate trial for each defendant It w:i
finally decided that the defendants should
be divided Into two groups. In the first
group wers Pirtlett Richards, Will a.
His examination Comstock, Charles C. Jameson, F. M. Wat
ben ths Jury ad- ! crtt and A,lu"a Trlplett. In tha second
group wer Tho.paa M. Hunting. Fred Hoyt,
i James Biilrd and Ami B. Todd. The at
torneys for the first group were: R, g.
Hall and H. C. Brome of Omaha, and Judga
A. W. Crites of Chadron. Tho attorneya
for tha second group wera Ourley A Wood
rough of Omaha,
Two Conata Rllsslaatcd.
It was agreed to proceed to trial with
BUTLER, Pa., Deo. 20. Max ILaftle. a the first group, and agreed that the thirty-
Russian, killed his wife tonight by strik- ninth and fortieth counts of tha lndlt tmanta
lng her on the head with an Iron and also siiould be eliminated In this trial.
Man, from Tsar's Domain Tells Pnllaa
It In Xobody'a Business Bat
His Own.
maintained hla stieigth fairly well daring Ji UJla Pennsylvania, to restrict us
the last twnty.four hi.urs and was able ales ln Brooklyn, whereby the free par
te sign some of the more Important orders I ,alt ths lce DU8ln,'M lI at borough
a part of the outlay. The settlement of j
The general purchasing officer ts located ; ln.'ur-d a young daughUtr.
The verdict rendered by the Jury Thtirs-
TEREHAN. Persia. Cec .-The shah 1 Muunu,lu Ice co,nPny. "PraUng ln New damages to property owners will be a mat- aml "hipning agents fek
oomplalnts from the southwest of flnanoial
losses from shortage of stock earn.
"What la tho reason for this shortage r"
asked Commissioner Prouty.
"Ths railroads usa tha cattle car for
otiier commodities," replied Mr. MacXsn-ia
Mr. MacKsnale aald ha had known of 1
referring to state business.
STOCKHOLM. Sweden. Dee. 30. King
Osoar oontlnuea to make good progress
toward recovery. The physicians' bullstln
tills morair g readat
Ths king pas"i a good night. His tem
perature was KH.l iat night and ts s i this
memlng. His appetite is gtxid and his
was prevented; that it had like agreements
! with various independent concerns along
tha Hudson river and elsewhere to prevent
their entering the fluid cf competition la
ter of diplomatic nigotla tlons with the
Mexican government
Tho president made public the following
telegram sent to Governor Pardee of Cali
fornia, dated today:
Telegram receive,!
Orleans. Son Francisco and In
addition to having the circulars of the
eumii. lesion inviting bl.i on materials dl3
trlhuted from the offices named, an ar-
I- r... .1 )t..v,.,..y ,i, i, .u Uttaaia lnfcj met! tha police that he la
When aaked by tl.e polico why ha had 1 day afternoon was that each of the dn
killed his wi: Koftlo sa.,1: "I have a right j fondant". Richards, Comstock, Jameson
to kill my wifs; It's nouody's business but and Trlplett mere guilty on all tho counts
except the twenty-third and twenty-eighth,
and that P. M. Walcott waa not guilty oa
my own.
Fellow countrymen who knew Kaftla In
ln my power ,n mutter. Breaa ia on Mexl-
M. . nr th ninrtM-inH.4t.m of t 'i . armv dt
Am drHng esrery thlng , r, j. Inils. Jefrersonvllle. Ind. 'nnd
or manufactured lea.
The methods alleged to have been pur-
heart s action is unchanged,
soma mucus In the trachea.
stock and other devices to restrict oufDut
CHAM3ERLAIN LCSES MEMORY j' 00111 klnd k umitatum of du-
tributlon and sine.
heep being held for six or Sevan week. I " Aaaa aa Result
waiting for cais. and finally thsy warn
driven from Albuquerque to Kansas In or-
der to get ihrra to market Tha snippers
had xparienred more or less delay vary I
fall, but tills year the delay waa tha most '
srvara yet. In one case it took four daya j
to ship esttla from Texas to Kansas City, j
and in another Instance cattle shipped from '
Txaa to Kansas City had been sidetracked. '
ln Oklahoma for twanty-ona hours.
Ursvrias; at rhlenga. . I
CHICAGO, Dec . Com miss loners Hor- ;
laa and Lane of tha Interstate Commerce
corrm.ssion today ountlauod ths Investiga
tion Into tha shortage of car oa railroads
which waa begun tn Minneapolis two wesks i
af CslrbraHon at geroa-
tleth Birthday.
LONnON. Dec. sn The Chronlcla states
th" Jt.srph Casmberlaln greatly over
tt .-: his strength a( the celebiaMon la
hnnrr of his bevu..t!rth birthday st Fir-
production or distribution of either natural CAn "- 1 we lul8 absolutely no power
a.t ....... in un.., j. "biiiii in g. ..i.ct
by Mexico. We are hurrying forward In
every way the negotiation fur per
mission. I IUU it u granted cutis, -n can
not act.
In a note to Director Walcott the presi
dent says:
' Mexico hs behaved adrr. irahlv ajid has
I expressed willingness to do anything
' , within ntison that we desire in the Colo-
MCTLIrtnC ' ra.lo river br"a.: matter, t rt course, Mex
Ml HIS k .k. ..,nu r.n n.,l,lr. n. .!....
There Is stiU ' ' " ' .
t luasa, iramc iMfrnmBiiia, control or capi :ii
The immetlli
Geaeral Maaagror at Casspaay Says i
at at hods Adapted Ara Krven- i
tlal ta Trade.
NEW TOBJC Dec. 20. -Tha haarlngs
tha aase of ths stale of Missouri aglnbt r""-r'ifc
lco is not to do the work.
work .uust be
company, as
to htm. But
definite request before congress
Atlanta. Ga. The advertisements of ilie
commission show where Its clreulani In
viting bids mav be obtained, and 'he ar
ransement mntlt for distributing them en
ables all persons de1rlng to hid to obtain
them within a short time after they are
Ireued. . .
The total amount of purchases made for
the year ended June 30, liUsi, was (8,743. Division af Wurk.
The report then recited the plans ap
proved by congress and work done under
them; the decision to nulla canal oy con
wonted there, anserting that he killed sev
eral wtves and that there Is a standing
reward for hia arrest
Secretary af Interior Canfera With
Chief Executive Ors-r Indian
Timber Rasrrvatloa.
WASHINGTON. Dec JX eT tary Hltch-eo.-u
m'av consulted the president with re-
?."I-J:! r 'Z" .a.V o thra'd i aard to 'th. order of withdrawing from
we should be oreoared to out .t,.a h tit. nutalilnnt during hla recent allotment nearly 4..0U acres or lana i
of the live civiuzea triun m i'" " judge Munirer tnanked the Jurors for their
among the establish a forest reserve, about, which ' pat'ence and faithful attntlon to thelF
The department of gretary Hitchcock and Secretary Wilson . aMtles during the long and tedious trial
any of ths counts.
Mt-ssrs. Hall, Crites snd Bmme gar Im
mediate notice thst they would file a mo
tion for a new trial and they wera gives
until February 4, 1907. to file It.
While the Jury had agreed upon a tst
dlct at 2:50 o'clock Thursday afternoon. It
was not until 4 o'clock that It waa for
mally announced In tho court room. This
was owing to the absence of the defendants
from the court room. It not being thought
that a verdict would be rsched before
o'clock at the earliest. The defendants)
were sent for. but It took an hour and a
half to get all of them.
After receiving the verdict from the 1ury
laiu,l I.- TV, ,t.. .J.... VISIT TO ion
I I unm't. cf course Wo.iw mt -h..t .uin.ta The work la now divided
ln or tolnt reetKinnblllf.M there t.nulrt tv u following departments:
this country and the California , enifineeriiig ai.u cuui ... . .um. ...i - nMM0ned by a senate commutes
t . ... . - . , luw anrt government tne tlensrr- i
mingham. with tl,. result that h. lost hi. ; th. OH company, th. W.ters- Tsian at threaTiieit po7, momrVt i mint of .anltatlo... the auditing depat-T. yesterday.
tremorv completely; Uiat tha past there- Pierce .l company and tha RepuWia Oil s'lpmoting It to the ate department i meet, the ptirehasing depart .netit the dis- j TnQiaii Commission.!' Laupp and Iirtoni
alter was a blank to aim and that h. company, which began here Tuesiay, ended Meideo fan be fully laformed. ' j bursing department and Uiadeparmnt of ; npt jf the Forestry department also
could not remember what had taken plsca suddenly today. Tha haartag waa opened I NEW YORK. Dec. Z). At the office of E. ! Jei.'d'epartme'nt Is 'rendered dlrctlv i wr. present. Nothing could be learned as
even a few hours before, and, although his here at the request of tha defendant com- 1 H. Harrlmaa It was said that the reported j respt nsible for 'he work earned on under j tl) tiie result of t'.a eonferenra.
other faculties were and are uninjured, hla , Pules to allow them to test!- action of the president ln asking Mr. Ham- rectum. i Vy,a iaT.-! . 7A of ths
memory Is gons. ; mony ln rebuttal. The next hearing pro ha- man to make repr-s ln th break In tha . t,'",ii,,n who. ln turn, is to 1 WCOL EN
toloraoo river comtt not ba understoutl tv - nresident thr'Ttigti tne secreiary or
there. Inasmuch as Mr. Harrlman is not war. for the conduct of the enterprise as a
in any way connected with tha California ; whole- tcnooi on the Zona.
Development company. It wa. said that inoi,uied as exhibits Is the report of th.
i of the chief engineer. The former, signed
and then discharged them fur tha remainder
I of th. term.
Kdaoattanal Bill Withdrawn.
LONDON, Deo. JO. Ths educational hill
The first witness waa W. B. Btddle, rice burled by Premlar Campbell-Pi. iner-
bly will be held ln St Louis.
Tha method employed by th. Standard
Oil company and its sub.ldlary com
panies ln Missouri wis described
"th. block system appUod to
prwifw t tun ntt-an, norm, island at "" " '-" " i'is as tnt niocg system appoint to in. Dttutnera rocino r-II mad already is; rnor of tre canal zone and tho report I
TclTla railroad. He declared fht .w,ni noon. After a speech of considerable em- trade" hv a witness who tt lt.,i tn,ii t nn-nof-rattn? with th. viw.rnmsn. in ,.u sv . . . , !
- - M - - - , ,t,tt chief engineer. l ne lormer, signeu
tlons In th. south at the praam. t Umw ars Ph-ais, defen.TTng th. course at th, Uiwer t.'.j hearing of the case instituted against lng necessary repairs, although that ebm- L" tr v.,w,n tj.ll of reia lona
worse than those tn the north. This was House In rejecting the Housa ef Lord's the Standard Oil company, the Wuters- pany has no connection with the Calif wnia, ! y , ,.t i. ,mo thm
1.... .u- n , anil tin .
cauaed, ba said, by tha Inadequate terminal ameadmatkis oa a whols and repudlailng th. Plen-e Oil company and the Republic Oil Devel pmt-nt company
faclllriea In tha south. At Galveston, b. claim uf ths pers tnat tliey hav. th. tight company by th. stats. Th. wiuiess was
said, traffln on ail of th. roads
ceated throughout tha year.
laclatxl to witnuraw ins measure.
said Mr. Bid dis. "that tn. railrnada sr.
doing .vari'tbing ta thair power ta rellave
xlsCneT conilltiuna Th. fault Ilea mainly
nrun .hlppera, who. having Inadequate
storag. facilities at thatr place of bisln.
usa cars for the purpose. In soma caaea
the ears st&od fur wsnfcs at a time at ths
dm la eon- to lecture ths commons on Ui. subjsct th. P. C. Oraiumaw. general manager of the 'MASKED BANDIT SHOOTS VfAM
-I believe,- premier announced that the govern ment had anJas department af the Standard OH com-
i pany. He declared, hi his opinion, th. plan
I adopted by th. Standard Oil company was
A.xrt.a Pascal Essplaya. Strlkr. ' an ao,lut. necessity tc the Mrtherance uf
Vlh'NA. I eo. .-rhs pitomca em- trada. Hs said ha knew of no ag-eemertt b
ployea of Austria, numbering 2.ont nun and twern ths Waters-Pierce Oil company and
wnmsn, hav. voted to strike Dwctmbr- i the Standard Oil eomnanv of Indlatu oth.r
a protest against conditions under . than those already uncovered. H never
tenrtnsis tvrosa af th. failure of nhlo- ' wn"-' thr are forced to laour. The gov- knew of any rebates allowed by any of tha
para to handle thata quick'
My O,lnloo
ICwtaluUad, sss tsrtOMVd Pa,s.
ernmwnt haa attrmpted to avert trouble ' ogenta.
by offering Increased wage but IJjla boa 'Tha giving of rehataa waa SJt''jTt our
mil aeciiaeo. puUcj
Cash Drtsir af tamdvtlla Depat
Hahhad aad liint la r a tally
IJT AD VILLA Colo.. Dec. 2S.-A maskdd
bandit here early (Aday. after shooting and
iatally wounding J.a Dale, ticket agent
at the Denver i llio Grande depot, robbed
the caah rtrmwtrj of its contents f nd ea
caved. A fivsaa 14 la Dura-jit of tii. baodit.
atth tha govern:
tlon of lmn,lirra:ii.n. internal affairs, quar
antine, sanitation revenues and Judiciary.
On the subject of schools, after giving the
enrolled pupils at last report as LTM, with
average attendance uf 1..27, be says:
Of tbe thirty-four teachers employed on
September 3". fuurtern were American,
one and nineteen Jama It an
i colored I. 'f ti.e tiiirty schools, four were
fur while children only, and the oil, era
mixed, with a large majority of he chil
dren negroes. Of ths Law children luea
enrui'.-d. a. out IS ;er cant only wore Anicr
u nn jid white
Tha pubac school system of ths zona la
It'uuUnusd ,a TUlrd Jr'aps-
Statement af Attorneys.
Mr. Hall was asked regarding tha rer
diet and trial. He said:
'The trial waa really a far-e. I ex
pected such a verdict We had no show
from tha start, with the mass of circum
stantial evidence ths government piled
up against us. I felt what was coming,
and before the Jury had reached an agree
ment I was ready to (lie a motion for a
new trial. I want to say ln addition that
I of the leading woolen mills of the south, i T"'l nswspaper. nsv ,r,.lel, us very
'. .... ........ it'imii i... I fairly"
Involving i-ajinu iiwuwii 'i -- , - .
k .ewterf Th. new o-Knoany will be I United States Attorney Goss, when asked
. . Tt.,i. Txr,.i . for a statement, said:
company. It will lnclud. the following
Gaorala, Kentacky aad Tanna.sra
Caaerrna Get Together aad
Form Larger Company.
NASHVILLE. Tenn., Dec. 30 A merger
Park Woolen mills. Rossvllla, Ga.; IMiis-
vllle W-silen mills. Louisville. n.y.; rweet
ter W oolen nulls. dw-twatr. Tenn.;
Athens Woolen Athens Tenn.; At
lanta Wooten mills, Atlanta. Go.
Headquarters of the concern will ba tn
Cha'tanooga, Tenn.
Orardna ataaatrr tn Part.
8A FRAN' TBt T). Dec. 20. Tha Ver
chants' exciians lias re. elved a rtlsuaicR
staling tlu.t tlm ovrd-n steamer Pei nst l-
i taua aa arnsed at aaalua Iruua Vaina.
"The verdict of ths Jury completely oon
flrms our Judgment In presenting the evi
dence to ths grand Jurv; Justifies th. In
dictment round last June by tha grand
Jury, and reoiids to the Indictment and
the evidence which supported the Indict
ment, Una upon lino and prscpt upon pre
cept. Tha defendants had a fair trial by a
Jury of their paers and were ably defended
by most astute oounseL The facta and
the law oonvlcted them."
JuUs A, W. Cities I "I wu s tau,s