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Telephone) Do-aglae, 618.
Thompson, Belden (Si Co.
The Store That Take3 Care of You Every Day in the Year
There are some stores that will take care of jou from day to day and then, when the busy holi
day season approaches, they seem to think most any kind of goods or service will do. Look out
for that kind of store. We take care of you eleven months in the year and we also take good care
of you the twelfth month. It means "Right Service," and we direct our every energy to seeing
that every patron geta such service and such treatment as they have a right to expect of a store
like this. Remember, there are only four shopping days till Christmas.
Belts for Christmas.
Our notton department li noted for com
pletemeea, superbly demonstrated In thin
elegant showing of holiday belu. White
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c each.
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Main floor.
Perfumes for Christmas
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Richard Hudnut'a Violet and Violet Sec
Toilet -Water, put up In very neat boxes
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Buy a Glove Certificate
This relieves the giver of all worry about
lse, color, etc. Come In and pay us the
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The recipient may then come In and select
her own gloves and have them fitted by
one of our expert fitters. Great many are
doing this.
Women's Qlove Department, main floor,
right of entrance.
Men's Glove Department, .main floor,
south aisle.
.. , . . BARGAIN SQUARE (in Basement)
Remnants of Flannelettes at 4Vc per yard.
Remnants of Linen Finished White Muslin at 5c yard.
Remnants of best quality of Calicoes, in cadet blue and white, grey and beige ef
fects at 2Mc yard.
Remnants of vUnbleached Shaker at 5c yard.
Remnants of 10c Outing Flannels at 5c yard. . v
Remnants of 15c Linings at 5c yard.
Sale Commencess at 9 a. m.
DsmocraU Bloc Here to Iccmce Force In
EnTtUice Boom.
IkMlioM Reservation BUI and
Interstate) Commerce BUI Co
Over Because of Objec
tions. WASHINGTON, Dec The house un
expectedly ran against a snag today In an
effort U) Increase the cleric! force In tho j
.otBca Of the enrolling clerk, the democrats,
led by Mr. Clara of Missouri, oppoain-f the
passage of the resolution. A resolution
reported from the committee pn accounts
was adopted giving the committee on en
rolled bills an additional clerk. There was
Utile or no debate on this resolution, but
when It waa followed by another still fur
ther Increasing the force In the enrolling
clerk's ofllco, determined opposition arose.
The absence of a. quorum was disclosed
when the house divided on the passage of
the resolution. Representative Clark, who
bad Inveighed against the "senaelees
Christmas holidays," insisting that a quo
rum shpuld be present If the resolution
was to be acted upon. Speaker Cannon
saw how useless It would be to direct
call of the house and adjournment at 1
o'clock followed.
Previously to taking up the resolutions
Mr. LUttleneld of Maine endeavored to se
cure consideration of a bill requiring all
A "Woman's Back
Has many ache and pains caused bj
weakness and (ailing, or other displace
ment, of the pelvic organs. Other symp
toms of female weak no are frequent
headache, dizziness, imaginary specks or
dark spots floating before the eyes, gnaw
ing sensation In stomach, dragging or
bearing down in lower abdominal or pelvic
rogton, disagreeable drains from pelvic
organs, fslut spells with genera) weakness.
If auy couslJorablo number of the above
symptoms are present there la no remedy
that rKls quicker relief or a more per-
maient iNre than ur. nerce s ravonw
has a record of over forty
years of cu?h J t ! the TroM pffnfr
Inventing; Vnc an. str.-t:gt,h-i..ia M-
''I'j jV now it yo niydica f it'nceIt I maUa .
Of (lie glycine iuxuacu'ut i-auve ciedlcl
pal roou (ound In our forests and con
tains not a drop of alcohol or harmful, or
babli-formlng drugs. Its Ingredient are
all printed on the bottle-wrapper and at
tested wider oath as correct.
Lvsry Inaredicnt cnturing Into "Fa
vorite Irtcrlptlon" hss the wrltton' en
dorsement of the most eminent medical
writers of all the several school of prac
tice more valuable than auy amount of
non-profuftaloiial testimonials- though the
latter are ut lacking, having been con
tributed voluntarily by grateful patients
In du tubers to exceed the endorsements
given to any other medicine extant for
tho cure of woman's ll.s.
You cannot afford to accept any mndlclne
of unknown composition ai a substitute
for thla well proven remedy or knows
Composition, even thouuh the dealer may
make a little more profit thereby. Vour
Interest In regaining health Is paramount
to any Interest uf hl and It Is an
Insult to your luwliigeneo for hint to try
u palm off upon you a substitute. You
know hat you want and It Is his bust
itoes to supply the article called tor.
Ur. Pierce's IMesiint lYIIeu are the
original Utile Liver I1H flmt put up
by old Dr. lleroe over forty years ?
1 much Imitated bet never equaled. I. line
sugar-coated granules to take as
Special Silk Value for Christ-
mas Shoppers
Many, many pretty stylrs to choose from;
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Silk Shawls for Christmas
One of our pretty silk shawls would make
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Mather would be glad to own one of these.
Can be need as head throw or shoulder
protection. Very useful for sister at the
opera or dancing parties.
The finest of silk, (n either black or
white; prices, 11.28 to r-00 each.
Main floor.
Silk Hosiery for Christmas
You are in quest of silk hose for Christ
masstyles that will not be common
workinanehlp of the highest order some
thing distinctive and different from the or
dinary sort. Then come to Thompson,
Belden & Co.'s hosiery department. Silk
hose are most acceptable as gift.
Black silk hose,. 1.00, 11.50, 12.00, $2.50 and
13.00 per pair.
Thread silk hoso, in plain shades of gray,
white, pink, blue and lavender, J2.50 per
Beautiful hand embroidered silk hose,
novelties that are exclusive with tie, at
J2.S0, 13.00, $3.50, 14.00, ,4.50 and $6.00 per
We supply pretty gift boxes for hosiery
Main floor.
Howard Cor. Sixteenth Street
corporation,, engaged In Interstate -commerce
to make returns to the Interstate
Commerce commission, but Mr. Clark of
Missouri objected and It went over. Mr.
Mondell of Wyoming hud a similar experi
ence with his bill to extend the time In
which homesteaders on the Shoshpne In
dian reservation may make final residence,
Representative Mann of Illinois In thla
Instance objeotlng to Its consideration.
Lacey and Clark Agree.
Representative cey of Iowa took a
pronouncod position In opposition to the
adjournment of congress for the Christ
mas holidays, declaring that "it is Idiotic
for the house to adjourn and then Jam all
legislation through under whip and spur
during the closing days."
The expression was called out In con
nection with the discussion of a resolu
tion looking to an increase of the enroll
ing force rf the house
Mr. Fitzgerald of New York had Just
concluded a speech la opposition to thd
resolution, in which he had sharply criti
cised the mistakes In appropriation bills
made at the close of the Ust session. Mr.
Lacty declared that owing to the policy
of holding the principal work on the ap
propriation bills until the closing days of
tue session, the enrolling clerks had worked
forty-eight hours In succession, and he
contended that under such circumstances
mistakes were to be expected.
Mr. Clark of Missouri, declared that the
statement made by Mr. Lacey about the
Idiocy pf adjourning at holidays was the
most sensible thing he had said for the '
last twelve years. i
8 peaking of appropriation bills, 'Mr. Clark
said he believed It would be a mise thing
If a rule was adopted prohibiting the pas
i sage of any appropriation bill later than
', five days before the adjournment of con
gress. He thought "the unseemly Jobs that
creep Into appropriation bills during the
closing hours of congress would be ellmin
attd by such a rule."
I Mr. Tawney of Minnesota, chairman of
I the committee on appropriations, ssked
Mr. Clurk to specify some of the "Jobs"
, that had gotten Into appropriations during
I the closing hours.
i "Well." replied Mr. Clark, "I will get
' some specific Jobs and bring thm In here
' for the gentleman's edification and I will
! make -a- speech on the subject, too."
1 On division, the absence of a quorum was
; disclosed. Mr. Clark leading the fight
against the resolution on the par of the
i democrats. The house then adjourned.
Bracelets. Copley, Jeweler, 2U 8. 16th.
(Continued from First Pae.)
pot be proved at all. Conspiracy U simply
I a drag net, but then after all you caiiout
' find a man guilty on probabilities. Tell me
of any single person who has testified to
any wrong done by an-c of my clients. As a
foreign co. poration, the Nebraska Land and
Feeding company cannot acquire title to
any hind In Nebraska. The lease of t.'ie
land, while proving up Is In no sense a
crime. It anybody had a good claim up
there anybody would buy It. I ask you
gentlemen of the jury to not slop over and
find these men guilty of a crime they are
not guilty of."
Mr. Hall eontlnurd during the remainder
tf the foreuocn making an analysis of the
testimony, undertaking to chow ti at
nothing criminal nor even technical'y wroag
had been committed by these defendant
Rash ftnsea (op noTrrnment.
The court room was crowded to Its ut
most upon the annoum anient that the
closing- argument for the government was
about to begin. Mr. Rush said in part:
, "This rase Is one to whlrh public ruten
i Hon from s large part of the country Is
directed, rot with a desire to see these
n en p inched, but to eee thst the land
laas et the country are cuforced to spirit
Omiha B, December It, 1VU6.
Men's Bath and Lounging Robes
For Xmas
Good, big, roomy robes, made specially
for Thompson, Belden & Co. Who could
Imagine a more delightful half hour after
the bath than that spent with a good book
and one of our pretty robes?
The very fact that men don't buy them
for themselves Is positive proof that they
will be heartily welcomed as gifts on
Christmas morning.
Ask to see our special Terry bath robe,
with hood and girdle, for $4.00. An Ideal
bath robe.
Blanket lounging robes, exclusive pat
terns, at $6.00. $8.60 and $8.00 each.
Imported lounging robes of fine soft wool,
daintiest of patterns, $10.00, IL2.60 and $13.60
A robe is a most Important adjunct to a
man's wardrobe. .
Bee display of men's fixings In 16th street
window, south of main entrance.
Suggestions for Baby
Crib Comforts, covered with sllkollne,
filled with pure cotton, at 5oc, 80c, $1.56
each. Filled with wool, at $2 each.
Crib Blankets, in white, light blue or
pink, beautiful soft finish and fast color In
washing, at $1.50.
All white, with pink and blue borders, at
V., 13 and $4 a pair.
Blanket store. West basement.
Special Notice
Watch Friday evening's paper 'for an
nouncement of Great Clearing Sale of Col
ored Dress Goods Remnants. This season
we, are going to sell them before January
I. As a rule this sale came after the 1st.
This will be the. time to buy the pretty
Christmas dress goods at next to nothing
in prices.
as well as In deed. It la not the attorneys
for the government that have instituted
this prosecution. It is the grand Jury, as
much a part of the government as the
Judge here on the bench, the Jurv sitting
here In this box. the officials of the gov
ernment In all Its departments, that has
brought this indictment after a careful
Inquiry Into the facts, and It becomes the
duty of the attorneys for the government
to bring this case to trial. The govern
ment of the United States, through the
Department of Justice, seeks only to ad
minister the fairest justice to rlrh and
poor, high and lowly, alike. Counsel for
the defense htTve sought to influence this
Jury with the belief that this prosecution
of a crime by these defendants Is some
thing of personal malice on the part of
the government attorneys and the Depart
ment of Justice generally through all the
agencies employed In this great under
taking. The government has no Interest
in this case other than the punishment of
the guilty. I have not at any time sought
during this long trial to distort or elab
orate upon any feature of the evidence to
the prejudice of these defendants. The
evidence speaks for Itself. You have heard
It us well as I or the counsel for the de
fense. Coercion Charge Baseless.
"You have been told by each o the coun
sel for the defense, that have preceded me
that the special agents of the government,
were sent out to coerce, threaten and in
tlmldute witnesses. There hus not been the
slightest particle of evidence to substantiate
this baseless charge. On the other hand
every witness who told that he had been
visited by a special agent, said all that the
agent aaked him to do waa to te.l the
Mr. Rush then went Into an elaborate re
View of the evidence, shewing the existence
of the conspiracy charged in the indictment
and the widespread extent of that con
spiracy, reaching from Ellsworth to Alli
ance, Gordon to Merrlam, Cody to Valen
tine, with its tentacles reaching Into Iowa,
and Illinois, invading the soldiers' homes
at Quincy and MUfoid. He dwelt at length
upon the existence of the agreement of con
spiracy as shown by the agents, Richards.
Comstock, Trlplett, Huntington,- Mann and
their lesser agents, and how United States
commissioners were employed to carry out
the completion of the scheme.
The hour for recess having arrived, an ad
Journment wai taken to o'clock Thureday
morning when Mr. Rush will conclude his
argument. The case will be given to the
Jury some time during the forenoon.
8fc.T-rrener. J5lh A Podge
Meets Mysterious Death
frr. I .OU IB. Dt. 1 Arter blddtnrr good
nlirlit to his sweetheart. Miss Francis Kast,
HnroUl Holworth of Bt. Ixiuls, at irted to
drive to Sparta from her home In the coun.
' Iry and met his death mysteriously on the
way. Tlie horse came Into the livery stable
during the night, drawing the bu?(ry o.n
talninK Holeorth's dead body. An Inquest
was begun this mornlrg. Urd'-r a heavv
! laprol.e In the busry the young mm'i
enu ly pnrkethnok. his broken watrh chain,
watrh and collar and rMlar button mere
: found. Tw'i deep woundt were found In
Holworth'e head. Indications point to at-
1 tejnpted robbery and murder.
Br- Graves'
Too Hi Powder
twic iaily will remove tartar,
whiten and brighten the teeth,
harden the gums and make brown
teeth white. Most people use it
Iwice-a-day. Ask a dentist why.
. . la haady aoatal eaas hwttlaa. S.
3r. Crave1 Tcoih Powder Co.
r'or'bfru lYacnats Esti Fosl sod Car
J am n a Due ts Grcwtk of Toise.
Trafflo Manager Says Capacity of
Shove la Only Two. Thirds of
Aidrmal Demand for
MINNEAPOLIS, D'c. 1.-The Interstate
Commerce commission, represented by
Franklin K. Lane and John S. Harlan, ad
journed Its hearing on tue car shortage
In the1 west tonight, to reconvene tomorrow
morning In Chicago. The feuturv of tne j
fiuiTtumii njuay was orougnt lorwaia in
the testimony of I'resldent Howard Killott
of the Northern Pacific, during which Com
missioner Lane and President fclilott had
a lively tut on the subject of reciprocal
President Elliott was unmovable from
his position as opposing reciprocal demur
rage, on the ground It would move freight
faster. He said 'the railroads collected de
murrage for the purpose of facilitating
President James J. Hill of the Great
Northern, took the stand lute In the after
noon. As a witness James J. Hill proved
a disappointment. To be sure, Mr. Hill
came to the hearing fortified with a mass
of figures to prove that conditions outside
the control of the railroads were alone
responsible for delay In traffic.
Sew Lines Building.
"We are to build a line from Aneta, N. D.,
to Devil s Lake, N. D.," began Mr. Hill.
"This would mean practically an alternate
line to the Twin Cities. We are also build
ing a double track line from Devil's Lake
to Rugby, N. D. This would mean a great
diversion of the traffic In that section, but
owing to the inability to secure labor we
could not complete either of these con
structions this year. They will be con
structed by next spring. We are within
twelve miles of Devil's Lake, but could
not complete the work for this fall's crop.
There Is no place In the United States
where the growth has been ss rapid as
along the line of the Great Northern. The
Improvement is tremendous and presents a
problem of vast magnitude to the railroads.
The tonnage mile has increased from
606,000 In Wi, to 1,093,000 tons In 1903, and
almost doubled since then to the present
time. I have left a sick room to come here
and give these facts. They are records
taken from the books of the company, and I
beg the commissioners to investigate deeply
Into this question."
'What do you think of J. W. Mldgeley's
scheme for an equal exchange of cars be
tween roads, or the penalty of a fine for
each car over an equal exchange in the
service of a company?" was asked.
"I don't think there is anything In it.
Fifty cents a day on a car in times of
shortage ts not going to solve the situa
tion." Capacity of Car Shops Too Small.
BT. LOUIS, Dec. 19. -The investigation
by the Interstate Commerce commission
Into the general shortage of freight cars
was resumed today. A number of promi
nent railroad men were subpoenaed to ap
pear as witnesses today.
According to the testimony of railroad
men who testified today, the present famine
In railroad oars la due to the inability of
car manufacturing plants to meet the de
mands of the railroad companies. ,
A. B. Starr, . general superintendent of
freight traffic of the Pennsylvania lines
west of Pittsburg,, said he favored a law
that would require railroads to provide
equipment sufficient to meet Its trafflo
Mr. Starr testified that there are In op
eration at present In- the United States
1,800,000 freight cars. About 90,000 of these
must be rebuilt every year.
The Pennsylvania railroad owns, he said,
about 12 per cent of the total freight equip
ment In this country.
"The producing capacity of the car fac
tories of the United States," said the wit
ness, "is about 180,000 cars a year.
"To keep up with the country's develop
ment the car plants should be able to
build at least 270,000 cars a year."
General Manager McKeen of the Vandalia
testified that his company had Increased
Its power service SS per cent during the
past five years. A contract now calls for
twenty new locomotives and W0 cars.
W. O. Brackett, chairman of the arbitra
tion committee of the Texas Grain Dealers'
association, offered ,as evidence Tuesday
the statements of many southwestern grain
dealers relative to the delay in getting
8. H. Cowan, representing the National
Live Stock association and the Cattle
Raisers' association of Texas, read extracts
from Utters to prove that thousands of
head of cattle had been sold at a sacrifice
because cars were not provided.
H. D. Rloheaon, president of the Burling
ton Elevator company, testified that It now
required an average of five days to get a
car placed at his elevator after It reached
PL Louis and sometimes fifteen days.
Commissioner Prouty departed tonight
for Kansas ity, where the hearings will
be resumed. ,
Shortage of Fori and Food snpplles
In Number of Towns.
MINNEAPOLIS, Dec. l.-Coupled with
reports of fuel famine In the northwest
come reports of still another cause of suf
fering a shortage of food supplies. In
adequate service ha been interrupted by
the cold and billiards on the western
prairies, and now there are towns which
are not only sufleting from want of fuel.
but even from the very necessities In the
shape of food. A telegram today from a
citizens' committee of Ambrose, N. D, to
the Journal says that town Is without coal
and provisions and unless supplies of coal
and food are sent Immediately great suf-
feting will result.
Telegrams are still pouring In on the
Interstate commerce commissioners re
garding the fuel situation la the north
west. The following reports came In today:
I.ANODON, N. P. No railroad coal or
other coal for ten days.
HAKSBKOLGU No coal In store; aons
In eur: ounding country.
t'OOPtiHSTO W N No surplus ooal In
hands of fanners.
UleBuN-No coal cr wood either Us cars
or In store.
HT F h 1' M Fifteen tons In store; will last
flve days.
ua i miA 1 1-o coai in cars or in store
UM.k- win i, uiTniii
in two days In the country.
IH'MtlW'M car of ooal recaive-3 to-
day; tlift Is all there Is.
INKHTEK-No cat In store here; sup-
ply marly exhausted. No one Is suffering
yet, l ut we inut-t have coal Immediately.
LA K OTA, N. D. One car load of hard i
coal arrived here yeeterday to relieve the ,
wants of this place of 1.3U0 population :
and the entire surrounding territory. This '
place IS pracucauy out oi ana an tuei. '
Vhen a car load an lms It Is parceled
out In quarter-ton lots to these who are i
tn most urgent need
He" a d Mearatsna vrasa Calaa.
Lsxative Promo Quinine, the world wide
Cold and Grip remedy, remove cause. Cali
fur full name. 1 k for Mgnature a. v.
ijtove. -c.
6TERLINO bII.VEK Krenser. 11 Dodge
alt far Peper Estate.
ST. LOL'18. Dee. It A second sdt to
Partition the estate f the lale Cbr.atlan :
rp&r, who was a millionaire tobacco
nutnufscturer, has ben uld la the circuit
cimI by dertck C. Feper aad Chris Un
feper. it. After a wectt itt argument J
Phone In Your
Our KxchanK
(Jets You Oultk
Serf Ice
at Any
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the first suit contesting the will was dl
mlsaM last Monday. Frederick C. Pver
and ChrlMtlan Feper, Jr., were lff niUius
In that suit, the latter being s'yled Chris
tian Cornelius.
(Continued from First Pago.)
qualities he possessed a sense of humor."
Rev. Mr. Smith gave this synopsis of his
life and . -ik:
Uiahop C. C. McCabe waa born Ootober
11, U36 at Athens, O., and wa brought
up on an Iowa farm. He graduated from
Ohio Wcsleyan university and enlisted in
the One Hundred and Twenty-aecond Ohio
volunteers at the outbreak of the civil war.
He was made chaplain of that regiment
and established a record for work among
the fUk and wounded. He was captured
while attending th wounded and dying and
Imprisoned In Llbby p. ison for four m jnihi.
He was engaged later In the work of the
; Christian commission.
He was made general secretary of the
Church Extension society In Hi. That
organisation was In debt when he took It.
In the sixteen years he was at Its head be
j helped to build 6,000 churches, built up a
j loan fund of 1500.000 and left the orgnnl-
satlon with an annual income of llfO.OuO.
As secreta-y of the missUnary society of
the Methodist church he started te fim
ous cry. "A million for missions." Method
Ism regarded his appeal for such an an
nual contribution as lltt'e fh rf of mad
ness, but be brcut'ht the mUsh n fund to
fl.3Sft.0O annually by the time he retired.
Bishop McCabe leaves h of warm,
pe moral friends and artml e-s In Omaha.
Ills death Is profoundly Mt by all theae as
a personal rrow. One substantial testi
mony of the affection of his pecple here for
. w.,hj,,( church at
Mm Is Met abe Metnooisi cnurcn '
Fortieth and Farnam streets.
which Is
flourishing. The bishop took
. , . ,h(. n,,i -hurrh
terest In this little church,
a great In-
A I Quu-ter Sue. I rath, I for tic
1 1 ewieMeeiaieMieM
i i i i i i ii ur iv i m -iTmrrt'T TTTT - I
Phono 981 Douglas
Orders Filled With Dispaticii
Neckwear Specialties
for Thursday
300 fancy boxes cf pretty chiffon
lace trimmed, all Silk and Em
broidered Stock Collars, u pretty
gift, your choice of this lot,
each 50
Neck Hearts Dainty assortment
of Warp Print Crepe de China
Scarfs, in all the delicate shades,
12 Inches wide, 13 yards long,
special, each $1.75
Xmas Presents
Fancy holly bos containing six
fancy Embroidered Corner Daisy
Linen Handkerchiefs, special,
box $1.25
Men's all Linen Satin Stripe, with
plain, neat Initial, six In fancy
picture box, the box. . . .$2.00
Excellent Christmas
Glove Gifts
Ladies' and Children's fine Mocha
and Glace Kid Mittens, with or
without fur top prices ranging
from $1.75 down to 50
The celebrated "Virginia" highly
Glazed Kid Glove, 3-wrlst clasp,
in all the Buit shades, perfect
wear and fit, at, pair. . .$1.50
Fine Gift Books
Every one is a splendid work and
will be valued for their worthi
ness. Dainty White and Silver Dresden
Covered Books, each In a
box 25
John Doe Series and Land of Ok,
at 050
The popular book "Billy Whis
kers" 70
Linens for the Holi
days A Fringed Table Cloth, pretty
range of patterns, come In plain
white, colored borders, at,
each 05
A strictly pure Linen Hemstitched
Table Cloth, German silver
bleached, size 8-4 aB 2 yards,
special sale price, each. .$1.45
A full size Bed Spread, heavy
crochet weave, worth $1.00, spe
cial sale price each 75
Drug Sundries
Military Hair Brushes with ebony,
mahogany and white maple
backs, per pair $1.50 $1.00
and 05
Traveler's Toilet Case, fully equip
ped, ranging In prices from
$10.00 down to $1.25
A full line of Perfumes, Imported
and domestic. In bulk and Christ
mas packages, at cut rate prices.
Vantlne's Christmas codiments
a full line at regular prices.
Toy Department
Cutting Prices Everything Must
be Cleaned Out llefore Christmas.
Parcheesl, 75c game, cut to. .50
Rubber Tired Tricycle, $9. So
value, for $7.50
autoaom i-xiroa OOicfatt,
07 Worth 17th Bt Omaha.
Best Farm Paper Sooserlbe Row.
"-w-m'l's-1 1 ...maag M
John M.Fixa's
and Restaurant
1516 Dodgtf St.
ETeTTthi" New
Beat of Kerythln
. IsMllMUUlUj . -' "ai
first CUsi All Kcsperta
IfDIir. THE A rfcH I
til Ww If.-gM.' l',r
Tvn'iKht l:"iT Matinee Saturday,
llda Thomas and Lou Ball,
In '1 licir Merry Musical Comedy,
lit BlOW gut.
Sunday The SUnajt tel.
1511 DoufUs Street
Bast Moving Victares fer diss,
OcntUaaea and CLildtxa.
Ulll P. M. T-l te 11 7. M.
niiiii l-it t
Store 0en
i:venliiK I'ntll
Santa Clau
lit Our Toy
Ilazanr Every
$4.48 Doll Carriages, lined, has
fine lace parasol, reduced
to $3.48
Iron flanks (combination like real'
safe) reduced from 35c to. 25
Toy Sideboards Oak finish, with
mirror, 95c value, cut to..(J3
Immense variety largest and
prettiest line in town.
Another special sale Thursday.
Dolls, all kinds, values up to
2-25' $1.48
Our Doll prices range from 914.05
down to gj
Money Saving
, Basement
100 pieces Percales, lljrSt and
dark patterns, good values at
Hc yard, for one day,
yrd 44
Apron Ginghams Ainogkeag,
bet nmkrs, all size checks,
basement, per yard 5
On bargain square lest Fleece
Flannelette for Kimonos and
dressing sacquett, worth up to
15c yard, basement, yard.f)
Only three days left to buy
Lace Curtains. You have pnid
as high as $4.00 a pair. Our
price for this sale, per
Ialr .....80
Everything in fancy China
must go before Christmas.
Right now when you. want
the goodn-we are piling them
out on bargain tables. " .
Vases, Cups . and Saucers,
Plates, Salmis, Trays, Sugars
and Creamers, Shaving Mugs,
everything In fancy china up
to $2. .10 In price, is piled on
bargain table for easy Inspec
tion, at 91.95, 05c, 48c, 25c
and 10
1 o DISCOUNT 1 0
All dinnerwarc patterns and
open stock dlnnerware, 10
N ' '
Mckel Plated Chafing Dishes,
ranging from a new Mission
finish at 912.50, to a good
Nickel Plated Chafing Dish
with iron stand at. . .'$2.48
Nickel Plated Tea and Coffee
Pots, Percolators, Comb and
Brush Trnvs.
In satin lined boxes, from
91 2.50 down to per
set $1.75
Pocket Knives for boys and
girls. Nice ones at 25c
and 10
Scissors, 91-25 per pair down
to 10
k Burgess,
Hurguln Matinee Saturday, 26c and 50o.
Henry W. Savage's Production.
The County Chairman
By Georgo Ade.
Buperh Cant Including Theodori Babcooh.
800 Seats on Lower Floor at $1.00
Henry W. Kavage Offers
The College Widow
Bv George Ade.
The show that pleases everywlmra.
Keats on sale.
Next We. k MADAME lillOIM.
Saturday, Night, Dec. 22, '06
Miss Ellen Deach Yaw
The World ramons Coloratura gopraaa
Assisted hy
MAXrrarrLIAJe DIOK, Tiollnlst
Xlbsl UiiOaOISTufcA VT, laait
MB. A. BAXlfcti, Flutist.
Bos Office lale Bsglas We&aesaay, Baa.
19, at the a iciwiiaiu,
Frlces range from boe to 91.60.
Thone Pouglas tit.
TODAY ofHouaa
CHIt.rKN toe.
Trlecs iu, a
.ti ratine- ZTary aVfteraaea
Eeeniag All Thla Vfsek Except -arday,
December 02.
Thursday will be Ladles' Day. All laales)
admitted tree on Thursday at ternooa. .
' f