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Will Follow Biobards snd ComrtjeV on
y Trial in Land Can.
Comrt Mill The Adjoora Inlll
J !ew Years, Wki Proofed
Acalaat Others
Will Be Ranamaa.
; From prMrrt Indications the Richard
nd Comstock land trial will b finished
aarljr next week. In that event the federal
courts will adjourn Thursday or Friday
over the holidays, resuming buelneee Tues
days January X
) The next of the land oaaes to be trtd will
be that of the Modlnetl brothers, who are
charged with conspiracy, fraudulently to
pbfaln title to aovernment lands within
their cattle pasture enclosures In Sheridan
add Cherry counties. The Indictment
alnst the Modlsttts Is In some respects
similar to that aanlnst Comstock and
Richards In the trial now on in the federal
The trial of T. M. Huntington. Fred
Ifnyt and Jamss Reld, the second group
included in the big Indictment with Rich
ards, Comstock, Jameson, Trlplett and
Walcott, will follow ths Modlsett case.
It Is now esld to be more than likely
that the entire month of January will be
taken up with the land trials and that
the January term at I-lnooln will have to
be postponed for a couple nf weeks. That
term Is, set for the second Monday In Jnn
uary, but It will undoubtedly fro over until
Ihte more important of the land cases here
are disposed of.
, Owing to the unexpected delay In the
Co mstock and Richards trial through the
dcVth of Mr. Oomstock's child,' It will now
Mj Impossible for Special Counsel Rush to
bo. In St I,ouls December 19 to argue the motion for a new trial fn the
Ware case; hence, by agreene.nt of coun
sel, Jhat argument Is put at the end of the
trial docket of the United States circuit
court of appeals at St. Ixiuls and may not
come up for hearing before February.
Entries to Re Cancelled.
All of the land entries made by fraudu
lent means under ths Klnkald law and al
luded to In the big land trial now on In
the federal courts have been recommended
for cancellation 'and again' will be subject
to legitimate entry.
Many land agents already have Inter
ested themselves In these claims, getting
the descriptions from the court records,
and will seek to locate bona fide settlers
on these lands. Many very desirable claims
have thus been thrown open to entry again,
and as soon as the cancellation of the en
tries Is .formally made a big rush 1b looked
for at the Valentine and Alliance land
offices t gobble up these tracts.
A government official familiar with the
conditions saya regarding these cancelled
"Any person who can get a description of
the cancelled claims can make an applica
tion for their entry and by settling on the
land, even before the formal cancellation
of the entry, will thereby have a prior
right to enter the land against all comers.
It has been shown by the trial that a num
ber of these claims are very valuable.
Some of them have windmills on them and
other Improvements, as has been shown in
ths land trial now on. In every case nearly
It has been shown by the entries taken up
at the Instigation of the cattlemen that the
entrymen did not Intend to live on the land,
and that admission Invalidates all their
right to the claim Just as effectively ss If
t net entry had been formally cancelled by
the land department."
NOVELTIES Frensef. 1Mb. and Dodge.
Ram Cat Belles Fined.
Kate Baker and Jessie Williams, colored
women of high degree In the select circlet
of Ram. Cat alley, were each fined fe ami
costs on the charge of being vagrants. They
were suspected of being Implicated in the
Inert of a small amount of money from a
What Sulphur Does
For the Unman Body In Health and
oot voTKiira to t.
The mention of sulphur will recall to
many of us the early days when our
mothers and grandmothers gave us our
dally dose, of sulphur and molasses every
spring and fall.
It was the universal spring and fall
"blood purifier,", tonic and cure all, and.
mind you, this old-fashlonod remedy was
not without merit.
The Idea was good, but the remedy wan
crude and unpalatable, and a large quan
tity had to be taken to get any effect.
Nowadays we get all the beneficial ef
fects of sulphur In a palatable, concen
trated form, so that a single grain is far
rnore effective than a tablespoonful of the
crude sulphur.
In recent years research and experiment
have proven that the best sulphur for
medlctpal use is that obtained from Cal
cium (Calcium Sulphide) and sold in drug
stores under the name of Stuart's Calcium
Wafers. Thsy are small chocolate coated
pellets and contain the active medicinal
principle of sulphur In a highly concen
trated, effective form.
Few people are aware of the value
inn rorm or sulphur In r.Ktrrii,
maintaining bodily vla-nr an. I Ii.i.k.
pour acis directly on tbe liver unj cxire
tgry organs and Durltles ami ri ....
utt. iiiu
blood by the prompt elimination of wiste
Our grandmothers knew this' when they
dosed us with sulphur and mulasse.s every
spring and fall, but the crudity and Im
purity of ordinary flowers of sulphur
were, often Worse than the disease. ;wrl
qannot comiars with the modern concen
trated preparations of sulphur, of which
Stuart's Calcium Wafers Is undoubtedly
the best and most widely used..
They are the natural antld ,te for liver
and kidney troubles und cure constipation
and purify the blood in a way that often
surprises patient and physician alike.
Dr. R. M. Wllklns while experimenting
with sulphur remedies, soon found that
the sulphur from Calcium was juperlor to
any other form. lie says: "For liver,
kidney and blood troubles, especially whea
resulting from constipation or mularla, I
have been surprised at the results ob
tained from Stuart's Calcium Wafers. In
.allents suffering from bolls and plinplus
nd even deep-seated curbunclca, I have
repeatedly seen them dry up and disap
pear In four or Ave duys, leaving the skin
clear and smooth. Although Stuart's Cal
cium Wafoi-s Is a propiletary article and
sold by druggists and for that reason ta
booed by many physicians, yet I know of
nothing so safe and reliable for conctlpa
tlon, liver and kidney troubles and espe
cially In all forms of skin diseases as this
At any rata people who are tired uf
(Ills, cathartics and so-called blood "puri
fiers" will find In Stuart's Calcium Wafers
far sarer, more palatable and effective
(.rui aralli h.
Kcud )uur num.- und address today fcr a
free, trial package mi se for yourseli.
Mart t,i atuart
i cites ci mn SOCIETY
The resld' ri"e nt Mr. ami Mrs. Uorije P.
Miiurhrail at lit South Thirty-eighth ave
nue was ths scene of a beautiful dancing
party Friday evnlng. the event being tho
formal Introduction of their daughter, Mlas
Ruth Moorhad, who graduated from Smith
college last June. In honor of (he oc
casion the rooms were beautifully decor
ated, the flowers sent to the debutante
being .arranged, here and there, while flie
hall and stairway were banked with ferns
and greens and the chandeliers were en
twined with asparagus ferns. There
was little docoratlon on the lower
floor, which was canvassed and
used for dancing, the main decoratliins
being upstairs on the third floor, where
supper was served. Here a color scheme
of pink and green was carried out, the
walls being hung with southern smllax
and asparag-us ferns, while the large serv
ing ble war adorned with a tall basket
of pink chrysanthemums and ferns, tied
with pink mallne, and the small tables
were alternately ornamented with pink
shaded candles and small baskets of pink
roses, tied with smart bows of pink tulle.
The guests were received by Mr. and Mrs.
Moorhead, Miss Ruth Moorhead and Miss
Elisabeth Moorhead, who arrived Friday
from Smith college to attend the debut of
her sister. Miss Ruth Moorhead wore a
beautiful gown of pink radium silk, elabor
ately trimmed with vslcnclenne lace and
cluny medallions, and Miss Elisabeth Moor
head was attired In a gown of pink Jussl
cloth, trimmed with rosebuds. Mrs. Moor-
hod was gowned In black renaissance lace
over white sstln, and Miss Moorhead in
white chiffon cloth over yellow. The guest
list Included: Judge and Mrs. Vlnsonhaler,
Captain and Mrs. Hamilton. Mr. and Mrs.
Wilson Ixnv, Mr. and Mrs. Edwards, Mr.
and Mrs. McDonald, Mr. and Mrj. Robert
Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Westbrook, Mr. and
Mrs. Sam Burns, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Ben
Cotton, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Swobe, Mr.
and Mrs. Frank Kennedy, Mr. and 'Mrs.
George, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Keellne, Mr.
and Mrs. Wheeler, Mr. and Mrs. Beaton,
Mr. and Mrs. Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. H.
T. Clarke, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. J. A. C.
Kennedy, Mr. and Mrs. Kelly, Mr. and
Mrs. A. V. Klnsler, Mr. and Mrs. Wllklns,
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Klnsler, Mr. and Mrs.
W. II. Clarke. Mr. and Mrs. McGUton, Mr.
and Mrs. Caldwell, Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert,
Mr. and Mrs. Mclntyre, Mr. and Mrs. Kip
llnger, Mr. and Mrs. Powell, Mr. and Mrs.
Pratt and Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds; Miss
Duclle Hayden, Miss Mary Hayden, Miss
Peck, Miss Waterman, Miss Mohler, Miss
Morgan, Miss Wood, Miss Johnson, Miss
Scrlbner, Miss Barton, Miss Edmlston, Miss
Tukey, Miss Kennard, Miss Christie, Miss
Wallace, Miss Brady, Miss Klrkendall, Miss
Mary Dee McShane. Miss Coburn, Miss
Thomas, Miss Baker, Miss Mabel Marr,
Miss Lewis, Miss Frances Martin, Miss
lilgginson, Miss McConnell, Miss Webster.
Miss Coad, Miss Coffman, Miss Wakefield,
Misa Domax, Miss Williams, Miss Potter,
Miss Switzler, Miss Chambers, Miss Cooley,
Miss Wessells, Miss Hughes. Miss Hold
rege, Miss French, the Misses Congdon,
Miss Kloke, MIbs Davis, Miss Connell, Miss
Merrlam, Miss Dale, Miss Comstock, Miss
McClanahan, Miss Hamilton, Miss Ella
Mae Brown, Mr. Haskell, Mr. Gould Diets,
Mr. Dee McShane, Mr. Mugee, Mr. Paul
Gallagher, Mr. Pierpont, Mr. Powell, Mr.
Updike, Mr. Dee Kennard, Mr. Charles
Beaton, Mr. Bauman, Mr. Rob Burns, Mr.
Ed Cudahy, Jr., Mr. E. I. Cudahy, Mr.
Weber of Chicago. Mr. Harry McCormlok,
Mr. Eara Mlllurd, Mr. George Rediok, Mr.
Chat Redlck, Mfr. Barton Millard, Mr.
Dewls, Mr. WUI Coad,, Mr. Dick Coad, Mr.
Junius Brown, Mr. Byrne, Mr. Ed Crelgh
ton, Mr. Dou Clarke, Mr. Robert ShlverlcS,
Mr. Gregory, Mr. Baldrlge, Mr. Cope, Mr.
Harry Tukey, Mr. Darling, Mr. Heth, Mr.
Tom Davis, Mr. Frank Wllhelm, Mr. Rob
ert Morsman, Mr. Baker, Mr. Darson, Mr.
Lyman, Mr. Scott of Denver, Mr. .Will
Schnorr of Council ' Bluffs, Mr. Paterson,
Mr. Bryant Rogers, Mr. Roy Wood, Mr.
Ben Wood, Mr. Hal Yates, Mr. Jack Du
mont, Mr. Ray Dumont, Mr. Lyman Peck,
Mr. Allan Hamilton, Mr. Lewis Lorlng,
Mr. Brinker, Mr. Jessen, Mr. Hugh Mc
Whorter, Mr. Gapen, Mr. Gaylord Martin,
Mr. Ed George, Mr. Frank Pollard, Mr!
Van Tassell, Mr. Cockle, Mr. Jack Baum,
Mr. Clayton, Mr. Hughes, Mr. Engler. Mr.
Comstock, Mr. Austin Collett, Mr. Paul
Wernher, Mr. Woodward and Mr. Arthur
Mrs. T. A. Fry entertained at cards Fri
day afternoon, high five being played at
eight tables nnd the prizes being won by
Mrs. F. F. Porter, Mrs. Carl Woodworth
and Mrs. G. E. Winn. The rooms were dtc
orated with a profusion of pink roses,
palms and asparagus ferns, while pink
shaded candles. In silver candelabra were
used on the tables when refreshments were
served. -
In the evening Mr. and Mrs. Fry enter
tained at high five, twelve tables being
employed for the game, nt which the prizes
were won by Mrs. W. H. Wigman. Mrs.
O. H. Kelly. Mrs. Edgar Allen. Mr. Harry
Brisbln, Mr. Robert Ronenzwelg ond Mr.
F. F. Porter. Mrs. Fry was assisted by
her daughters at both parties, and the
musical selections furnished by a violin and
piano on both occasions were an enjoyable
Miss Ellsrtbeth Fry. who Is attending the
university at Lincoln, arrived home Fri
day to spend the holidays with her parents,
Mr. and Mr. T. A. Fry.
Dr. and Mrs. M. Ford were pleassntly
suprlsed at tpelr home on South Tenth
street Thursday evening by a party of
friends, the evening being spent with cards
and dancing. The guests were: Misses
jonnson. woonrurr, Beurvall, Dlmmel; ;
Messrs. ' Atchensen. Bassett. Beurvull
Gross. Cunnlnghiun. Harton, Jay; Messrs., iuira, nen-y. Palmer,
lohnson, Hrdlnnd. Peterson, Ryan, Wood- !
uff ard Hunzinker. j
In honor of Mrs D. E. Thompson of Lin
coln. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Baum entertained
at bridge Friday evening. The game was
played at four tables and the pr,es were '
won by Mrs. A. L. Reed, Mrs. Greene of '
Lincoln and Mr. A. G.' P.eeson.
The Hanscom Park Dancing club gave an '
enjoyable party at Chambers' Friday ;
evening, about fifty couples being present. 1
Punch was served In the lobby, the table
lelng decorated with red candles and !
flowers. ;
A pleasnnt surprise party was given Mrs. '.
A. Hospe Thursday at her home at Paplo
View, the oecnslrn being her birthday. A i
sumptuous repnt was the feature of the ;
occasion, the table being adorned with a
large birthday cake, with fifty-two canJIea
Th' so In the party were Dr. and Mrs. '
Cllbl-s, Mr. and Mrs. George H. Miller, Mrs. I
Nellgh and M!ss Gertie Wyman. '
Miss Louise McPherson returned Wedneg. !
day from nn extended visit In New York i
and Maryland.
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Wernher arrived '
rrioay irom w iota in attend the wed
ding of Mr Paul Wernher and Miss Lellt !
Crr4t.iir m-hli-h luV..a i .
... xuira .uiiiuiay even
ing. ,
Miss Isnhel Howell of the Richard Mans
field company was the guest of Mr. and
Mrs E. J. McVsnn during the Mansfield
engagement. Mrs. George Howell and M il
Uhi Howell of Sioux City were also , the
gue.-.ts of Mr. snd Mis. McVann.
t'rvent OeSolenev Hill Passes.
WASHINGTON, Dec. 15.-The urgent de
ficiency bill, carrying an appropriation of
KM. (TO, was pass-d by the house today.
Dee Want Ads produce result
Captured Sonmnbrtr Bobber Bound Gv
in Ten-ThorjsnEd-Dollar Enro.
Amount of Booty Slsty-Flve Hundred
Dollars, Despite ths Fictitious
Itemised List and
Edward Elliott, the robber who was run
down by Fireman Ram Gross and captured
by Detective Heltfeldt Friday morning
nfter he and his partner had robbed the
pawn shop and Jewelry store of Joe Son
nenberg, 1.T06 Douglas street, wss arraigned
In police court Saturday morning and
bound over for trial In the district court
under bond of flO.OOO. The complaint was
sworn to by Mr. Sonnenberg S:tturduy
morning nnd alleged that Elliott had robbed
him of diamonds nnd Jewelry to the value
of 6.iK. Each article that was stolen was
carefully itemized, although It was at first
thought the value of the stolen goods
would amount to $S,00o. This was the esti
mate placed on the property by Mr. Sonnen
berg after the robbery Friday morning.
Mr. Sonnenberg could not see his way
clear to accept the "Itemized" list and
valuation of $17,000 made on his stolen
goods by the Evening Pinkeye. He said
he would be obliged to .reject th? flGtltlous
pries list and stick to facts. The facts
were bad enough In this case, he said, and
thero was no need for deliberate exaggera
tion, even to make a bigger news story out
of the affair.
The other robber is still at large.
Elliott Refuses to IMead.
When Elliott wss arraigned he refused
to enter a plea and the plea of not guilty
was entered by Judge Crawford. The pen
alty for highway robbery, such as Elliott
and his partner are guilty of, Is Imprison
ment for not more than fifteen years nor
less than three years.
A telegram was received from the police
authorities of Grand Island Saturday morn
ing by Chief Dot:-hue stating that they
had arrested a suspicious character who
was thought to answer the description of
the escaped robber. Ths complete descrip
tion of the other party to the crime' was
Immediately telegraphed to Orand Island,
nnd as no response has been received It la
not thought the Grand Island prisoner will
prove to be Elliot's partner.
Chief Donahue telegraphed the chief of
police at Denver Friday morning for more
explicit Information concerning Elliott and
his pnrtner, and received a reply Saturday
morning stating that both men were well
known to the Denver police as night prowl
ers and all-around desperate characters.
Elliott's partner proves to be James E.
Mitchell, who served three years In the
penitentiary at Canon City, Colo., with
Elliott on the charge of burglary snd safe
blowing. When arrested on the burglary
charge at Denver, Mitchell gave his resi
dence as Omaha and said he was a baker
by occupation. Pictures of Elliott and
Mitchell were also sent by ths Denver
When asked if there was any truth In
the story that he had been robbed of $17,600
worth of diamonds and jewelry, Mr. Son
nenberg said:
"That Is nil humbug. I thought It
would be about $,000 and The Bee was the
only paper In town that had the whole
story right from start to finish. Just as It
Colored Boss Is Put on ths Rollers
stud Told Never to Come
'Another undesirable citizen from the view,
point of the police has been Induced to leave
Omaha for good and all In the person of
Bob JohnBon. a well known colored man of
prominence among the colored population of
the Third ward. Johnson had acquired
considerable notoriety and Influence, poli
tical nnd otherwise, among the denizens of
the neighborhood through his assistance In
getting them out on ball after they were
arrested. The Johnson machine evidently
slipped n cog, as Johnson was given hours
to leave town Friday nnd Chief Savage
has ordered his Immediate arrest If he re
turns. The Incident has caused exceeding
weeping and walling and gnashing of
molars among Johnson's old-time friends
and adherents.
South Dakota Press Complains at
Ruling: of Interstate Com
merre Commission.
Gerrlt Fort, assistant general passenger
agent of the I'nlon Pacific, has returned
from a business trip to Sioux Falls, S. D.
While there he also attended a Session of
the South Dnkota Press association, which
had met to protest against the action of
the Interstate Commerce commis don In do-
during It unlawful to exchange advertis
ing space in the newspapers for transporta
tion. A resolution to call upon the senators
and representative to protest against the
ruling was voted down and It was decided
to wait for the decision of the supreme
court In the Monon case, which Is now be
fore that body.
Does not depend upon flowers
and palms alone for its beauty
there are mountains wonder
natural scenery and charmiug
wutering places innumerable.
And then the air is better differ
ent there's the scant of the
flowers, of course, but a drier,
finer air, like Colorado. It is
A Great Winter Resort
California is the place for you
this winter. No other place is
just like it for your winter's trip.
The dirict line to California Is the
For California booklets and Full Information
inquire at
Phone Douglan 334
harlty Authorities Ijiy Troubles of
FnmllT to lueompeteuey
f Parents.
Thomas Blanton snd his bm.d of flvo
unkempt children were before Juvenile
court Saturday morning on complaint of
Miss Riddle of the Associated Charities.
Blanton has hren receiving public aid for
some time, but Miss Riddle told the court
Mrs. Blanton did not keep thelt house In ft
habitable condition and the children appar
ently pot Httle attention. She snld she
thought the mother was Incompetent to
rare for the family, even If she had the
means. The youngest child Is a babe In
arms and Miss Riddle said she thought lh
child was suffering from lack of food be-
- ik. mAtiip rii.t nrtt understand how
ununa .ii-7 in""" --
j to feed It. Judge Sutton paroled the chil
dren to Miss Riddle nnd Canon Men ana
they will remain with their parents for the
present. The family lives at $120 Maple
A collection was) taken for them reeejitly,
but the mother complained because some
of the donated clothing did not fit the chil
One Asks Dlvoree as Finals of
Strenuous Two Months
A trio of dissatisfied wives filed appli
cations In district court Saturday morning
to be freed from galllnr anarltal bonds.
Grace Alloc Nehleen lived with her hus
band from February , 1906. to April 6, when
she says she was forced to leave him be
cause of his cruelty and threats s gainst
her personal safety. She also charges him
with nonsupport.
Maud N. PolsnU wants ft divorce from
Harry Polsnll because she says he uses In
toxicating liquors to excess and deserted
her. She wants custody of their child.
Emma Fullen wants to be freed from
James and asks for the custody of their
child. She says he abandoned her and has
not glveh',her support.
Miss Lulu Sheldon, telegraph operator
it l"n!on station, has gone to Chicago on n
'onth's vacation.
J A. Dawson of Ocden. A. K. Day. O. A.
Derby of Kansas City and F. Parker of
Central City are at the Millard.
F. N. Hall. Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Hall of
Hastings. M. H. Haggerty of Alliance and
J. K. Whitmore of Aurora are at the Mur
ray. C. R. De la Martyr of Fremont, S. Q.
Iowe of Denver. J. T. Cox of Lincoln snd
P. L. Nltesinger of Rawlins are at the
Sam North, division passenger agent of
the Illinois Central, left Saturday for Nw
Orleans to attend a general meeting of the
division and traveling passenger agents of
the road.
Mr. and Mrs. John Morton of Douglas, E.
A. Bullock of Norfolk, E. C. Swlgnrt of
Uordnn, C. R. Olson of Wlsner and Mr.
md Mrs. F. Hoffman of Stuart are at the
Her Grand.
W.' F. Canada of Chicago la In Omaha
with his wife visiting Mr. Canada's father,
Colonel Bill Canada of the I'nlon Pacific
railroad. The son holds a responsible posi
tion with the Parmelee Transfer company
of Chicago.
F W. Bond of Fort Morgan, W. D. Hart
of Norfolk, O. A. Stewart of Cody. Frank
Hough of Newman Grove, M. L. Dilan of
Orand Island, B. V. Kohout, H. A. Grler,
H. H. Hendee, K. M. Hendee of Wllber.
J. W. Tumplln of St. Paul and T. D. Pitt
of Salt Lake CUy are at the Merchants.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Kearnes of Auburn.
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Murphy of Holdrege,
Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Crouch of Rapid City,
F. A. Hodson, R. H. Arnson of Sheridan,
Dr. Hurdman, D. 8. Griffin of Denver, Mr.
and Mrs. F. D. Munson, F. M. Woods, C.
B. Towle and family or Lincoln, Mr. and
Mrs. M. P. Wheeler of Kendall and W.
Anderson of Cody are at the Paxton.
The Ellis Illustrated Music
; Course
The evening class of adults studying the
Ellis Illustrated Music Course met last
Monday evening In the parlor of the per
fleld Piano Co., 1611 Farnum, Instead of at
the school, 2424 Karnarn. This new ar
rangement for the evening cluss accom
modates the men and women unable to at
tend the day classes. This evening lesson
Is complementary to correspondence stu
dents and is under the personal direction
nf KfTa Ellis, the originator of the system.
Those anticipating the study of musto
should take advantage of this special offer
and Join while the class Is In its beginning.
Telephone Douglas 701.
A System of Groat Morlt
Omaha, Neb., Dec. 3 1906.
I consder the Ellis System of Mutlo
one of great merit and particularly rec
ommend the Elementary Course to all
public school teachers.
Supervisor of Music, City Schools.
Pr z: and Refreshments.
OriAHA COURT NO, 110, T. B. H.
Admission, i Cents.
Baright's Hall, 17th & Farnam.
The Xmas Pcnson of 190G will go down in piano his
tory ns the record hreaklng year with Matthews Piano
Co., for volume of Christmas business.
We Prepared for It
We felt certain of the immense business and pre
pared the choicest selection of high grade pianos to be
found in Omaha to select from. Wo find our efforts
are apreciated by the buyers as shown by our daily
sales the past week.
We Intend This Week's Sales
to be Unprecedented in Omaha
When Christmas day comes we expect that not one
piano will remain on our floors unsold if the combined
power of richest musical quality and lowest prices will
sell them. It will be your loss if you fail to take advan
tage of inducements offered in our store this week.
In addition to guaranteeing you the best piano
value, we make the lowest price, we extend the easiest
terms of payment and guarantee you absolute satis
faction. Christmas Eve Delivery
Special arrangements have been made for pianos
to be delivered to any part of the city, South Omaha
or Council Bluffs on Christmas eve or at any other
hour convenient to customer's pleasure.
SCHILLER, FOSTERS and other world renowned
makes to select from.
Matthews Piano Co.
1513-1515 Harney Street, Omaha
The Best Place to Buy a Piano
Opposite Burwood Theater F. H. Guthrie, Mgr.
A Monument to Be Completed By
Decoration Day
Should be ordered NOW, because It takes from loarto six months
to build a good monument.
Carving and lettering all done by pneumatic tools Is un
surpassed. Our stock of finished monuments Is the largest In the West
and our large sales enable us to make lowest prices.
We will appreciate a call Irom you before placing your
J. F. BLOOM & CO.,
'Phone Douglas 57S
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1A WSpt
Don't wait
for your ship
to come in
tf yon are looking for
If you want to buy ft
If 70a want to Mil ya?
If yon want to Invest ia
reai estate
If you wut to sell
rnsJ eatAte.
Look to
The Bee Want Ads
Telephone 289.
to, DOC Seal Oinxtlaiio
1815-17 Farnam Street
list of RIews
Boston, Mass.
Publle Library.
Buffalo, N. Y.
Habile Library.
Bamuel Conn. 185 Tlllcott 81
Chicago, 111.
Auditorium News Btand.
Joseph Heron. 4S4 S. California At
Great Northern Hotel.
Post Oflce News Bund, 171
orn ft.
Palmer House.
Brlgss House, 186 Randolph Bt ,
O. E. Barrett, 217 Dearborn Bt.
Cincinnati, Ohio
Public Library.
Colo. Springs, Cola
O. H. Bell ft Co.
Denver, Colo
Julius Black. Cor. 16th and Curtis,
Kendrlck Book and Stationery Oe
'14 17th St.
The Brown Palace Hotel.
Edmondton, Alta, Canada
Ooss News Co.
Fred Daly.
Excelsior Springs, Ma
Kiss. l Clerenger.
Hot Springs, Ark.
Cooper it Wyatt, 820 Central Are.
0. U. Wearer Co.
Hot Springs, S. D.
Emll Harceaa.
Kansas, City, Ma '
Pnblie Library.
Batcher News Co.
Rlcksecker Cigar Co., Ith an4
The Toms. News Co., 9 th and Mala.
Jenkins Cirar Co.. tth and Walnut
Reld'e News Afenoy. til Wall 81
Los Angeles, CaL
Public Library.
B. E. Amos.
Abe Berl News Co.
Milwaukee, Wis.
Hotel Pfister.
Frank Mulkern, Orand Are. and
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Minneapolis, Minn, r
M. J. Karanaugh. 41 8. Ird 8t
West Hotel.
Hotel Opera, 121 1st Are. 8.
Century News Co.. t 8. 3rd. St
New York City
Astor House.
Oakland, CaL
N. J. Wheatley News Co.
Ogden, Utah
D. L. Boyle. 110 16th St. . .
Lowe Bros., Depot News BtaaoV
Ooddard A Petty. Ill S 6th 84
Pasadena, CaL
1. T. Hornung News Depot
Pittsburg, Pa.
H. A. Scbater News Co.. I0T Srd
Portland, Ora "
Carl Jones, 276 Washington St
J. Bader A Co.
Oregon News Co.. 147 Iti ft.
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fsblio Library.
St. Joseph, Ma
J. Berger, 611 Edmund St.
Brandow's News 8 Und, Til E
Band St.
St. Louis, Ma
Southern Hotel.
News 8t James HoteL
B. T. Jttt.
pbllo Library.
Bt Paul, Minn,
C. L. Miller.
N. St. Marie, 91 E. 6th. St
Salt Lake City, Utah -
Mrs. L. Lerln, 24 Church St
tiarrow tiros., 4 W. 2nd. M. B
Salt Lake News Co.
San Diego, CaL
B. E. Amos.
Seattle, Wash.
Hotel Seattle.
International News Co,
Frank B. Wilson. 207 Pike BX.
i. R. Justice, 210 Columbia WW )
Spokane, Wash,
John W. Oraham.
Tacoma, Wash.
Acme News Co.
Washington, D. 0.
Cer Orndorff, 14th. and W Ctfc