Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, December 16, 1906, NEWS SECTION, Page 6, Image 6

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f L.f ' ' ' M M M 'M H ! M M l M M ( l I M M M M i M M H M M t M M M M M i t Lai ! J. - -l a!- -J w1
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By Ralph
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A large number of readers have come to expect each Christmaa a new
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'iS () n i t n n t i k t i
i ft a it iS c. tk i l ,
Secretary of War Telia of CanditioDi on
th? Islands.
Moras Said la Br M.r.
Tb 1 lirlatiana llrmp Kiirl
V Tax Shoald Mot He
WASHINGTON". Vec. 15.-In hit annual
rej ort, rerrrln? to the Pl.llljiylnea, Secri.
tary Tatt .layi In part:
It Rrxt'.npH me to lie utile to any Oint
ooiitlltiuria in the i'liliiipliu a ahuw stil
liuiroVfiutiii. J he t uinniisslun tins use I
'i'y elToii to t'ut iltiwn ine cxix'iisea .l
tuvrniiiient, ami hua itauul II. i not nico:i
a a'ent Willi leinle: Ins tl e jovti ninent ni'T,
i Hn-le:it.; In rvei y (ni l uf ihfe Inland, ex
ist lit the two proviiu'i's ol l.cyte unj tiiim ii
p.acv and tranc;u!llty obtain. The cupturi
ur aiiiTriiilcr of ii.iht or leu of the l.adii
of Inttrone bands mi th lhhind t-f Iaixo;)
001,111' Itlni; all hut one of thoae who hav
vxel the poaoef ul lnluiliil.iiit. of tin- lig i
loK )roviiK' 8. hjs broaKht about u Who
eoi.dlt.un Ihun eyer btiore xl.s(eii In thf
llniu!a. These men who waio t-a:iturid i.
v. Ii i wurfemU red tuve been trlett before ;i
Vt::di:o judft- and hae been shown u
hae (.n guilty, without exeeption. uf
iui:y l tiulisTi and cruel n.urdera. and .it.
but one have hi en sentenced to Ue.ilh, that
one iM'inw aeniei.ct d to thirty years' In.
pn .onu.riit. It Is vlnlilcant that nil the.
hidrone leadeia tlyled llwn.selvea hlxh or!l
rials In a Khlino reituhllc tht hud n. habitation, but followed th oMlctala
from one juntde to another until they wert
ca tured. I he lnHlu Kiven to nicrirul
tur:il operations, nf-.d the Inereae in the
ueioand fjr farmlni; rroperty dutk to th
lesfin-tion of these lailrone band, are
pointed out in the report of the commusion.
Couiplalata ul Pnlajaiaea.
In Ramar unit I.ryti? there has Inn for
t long time a bitter feud between tiw
Piountain fe'.i les of those two Islands.
Inula u as l'u.ajac4, aiid the people of the
coast town. In these Island tho Pula
Janes raise hemp and dispose of It to pur
chasers from the coast towns. They are
at tinita subject to oppression and fraud
bv the local dottier in hemp and by the
municipal officials, who attempt to nionopo.
Iixo their sales at prices very much below
thi market. These and other cause create
u constant feelina of suspicion and rearm,
ment on the part or the shountaln people
afeainst constituted nut homy, and much
more mruun niistintierstandiiiB; tlinn real
spirit of lawlessness, disturbances nrine am;
ale fanned Into flame by the euae with
which faklis und pseudo-religious leaders
are able to arouse the mountain peoples
mo. inn i oi in wen oi armed lianas und n
uiakliiK of forays Into the lowlands. The
commission gives a more detailed explana.
lion of the conditions In Samar and leyte
and their causes.
The census was competed late In th
snrlmj of I-.sjC, and under the organic in t
of the Philippine islands, pasac-d July 1, li -2.
..n election ior u isipilar assembly to aei
Jointly with the HiUlpjilne comiiilasion as
a lesisl iturr of the Filipino prov
inces, was to Ik- held two years alter the
coii)ph:tion and publication f.f the census,
if the president should rind the conditions
as to peace and tramju lity satisfactory.
If serious disturbances In fcuniar and
Iyte were to continue, the (juration mlBht
aiise whether the conditions cf peace and
tianciulllty In the Islands were such as to
Justify your calling an election lor a popu
lar assembly. As 1 say, however. I hop!
there will be no reason for hesitation in
tlds legurd.
Uaalnesa Is Iirpreased.
The depressed condition of business In the
isl'iiila Mt.i t. hn.'A i..iiini.ui ... ..... .1 . . o ..
in reaicit to the raising and exportation ut
sugar and tobucco. The violent and un
usual storm of cyclonic character which
visited the lalar.ds In the latter part of
loi destroyed about ft,uv.0tM In value of
ln crop of hen-.p. In the matter of ex
pcrts. however, this lot- was made up by
nn in the production and exp irta
'lon of cocoaruts. so that en the while the
cxjh.t-is of tho Islands fell off only about
The imports of the Islands were reduce 1
bilow tho preceding year some $t,tJ.Oil,
making' the balance of trade In favor of
the Islands that la, the excess of exports
over Imports about W.ucu.uuo. A large part
. f the reduction In Imports was due to the
reduttlon in the lir portatton of rice. This,
-n the whole, Is a go nl sign, for the re ison
that it indicates Uiat Ui Jhillpplnes ars
raising their own rice and extending their
agriculture, which has for a number of i
yiars been retarded by the death of catllo
ftom rinderpest. It is slowly recovering
from this blow.
The tlnarcea of the Eovernmonl are In a
good condition. After all bills ncre paid I
june jo lust mere was a surplus of a
million and a hair sold, and it was hoped
that in the omliiK year there would be a
suflk.lent amount available over Hiid above
the ordlnury expense of thu s-uvernment
to devote two or three millions to mucli- '
needed internal improvements.
sluroa Prosperous.
The Moto province shows moie prosperity
than the Chn.nlan Filipino provinces.
1.UK) All, who d'.sturbed the valley of the
Kio Grande, with Ins force of malco.itents,
was rlnuliy killed und his followers dis
persed. The takini! of the rolibc:- las.msss
at Mount IJaJo, already referred to, has
li iiiijuliueu the Island of Jolo, and there
Is now no trouble from one end of the
Aloio province to the other. The importa
tions have largily Increased in the Moio
pons und the revenues of the government
huve also been udded to. The esiabllsu.
inent of two small ports in tho extreme
south has s.opped the practice of siuug
BliiiB from Uoineo, which Jias been rife for
many years since American occupation.
The full purchaM' price has been paid
for the trluif.' lands, the tiile deeds have
passed and possession and occupation have
followed. Them was at ilrst some dispo
sition on the part uf the tenants to ques
tion the titie of ilie government, but I
um Informed by (kivrrni r General Ide that
this baa completely ended, and that there
Is now a Kenerul acouiescence bv all in
the legal ownership of the government.
The ending of ladroniMii In l.ux in, and
especially in the pruvintes where these
friars' lands lie. has brouht tiiem more
into demand than formerly. Temporarv
leases huve ulready been eflected on about
a fifth u t uf the landsj, w hich insure a
rental to the governuu nt of ll v. 0.
Knglarers Weeded.
Delays have been occasioned by the dif
ficulty of securing a su.'ticicut number uf
engineers to make the surveys of the vari
ous farms which are to be Uaaed or sold,
but there seems a prospect now that it
will be possible lo dispose of the lands
by sale, or by lease with privilege of pur
chase so us greatly lo reduce and ulti
mately to wipe out the Interest charges
uisin the bonds isuid to buy the lands,
and later to pay the bond. It may be,
however, that the price which was paid
will piove to have been in excess of the
commercial values of the lands. However
this turns out, the great object of the
purchase has alieady been accomplished.
1 concur in the recilminer.d.itlon of the
commission that that provision of the net
of congTir--N which takes out of the Philip
pine treusuty the export tax which it col
lects on exuorls of hemp. If the hemn Is
conveyed directly to an American port, be I
repealed, i Ins Is a discrimination In favor
of a sueclal Interest In AmerlcR. Is n sel
fish exploitation of the hcnip Industry In
the islands, gives proper rau" to the Ktiit
lish and the French to complain, and de
prives the treisury of the islands of a
part of its Incline without Just cause.
dies. Tbe obstreperoua spirits were hauled
off to Jull, where they gave their names
as I-jiwrence Urady, Barney Mammlil,
Mlchae.t Meegnn and David Mann.
In police court Saturday morning the
young men pleaded sullty to the charges
preferred aguinst them and were each sen
tenced to pay a fine of II and costs.
ItoiaterlnK Youngsters mill Street Cm
Men Mia TIiIums Near the
Patrolman Iihey Interrupted nh in
clplmt rlat between uniformed street en'
nun and a party of youns bloods with
several iartl;'.lly-dralned whhky bottles In
their pickets early Friday evening In front
of the l'iii..n depot. The young men
boarded a lrram street car and inslst.-c
on standing on the front platform wit!,
the niotorman.
This arrangement would ordinarily have
been wholly satisfactory, but in this in
stance peaceful toleration of the cramped
quarters seemed beyond the young men,
and one of th ni was rnon engatted In an
altercation with Motornian John Ander
ton. Anderson had trorkt-d long and weary
hours and was in no mood to stand for
the taunts sent at him, and when It came
to a matter of blows, he took the con
troller handle, while the conductor rushed
forward with the switch rod.
Everybody got Into the street, where
there was more room, and when another
car came along, the men In blue were re
inforced by It crew. It might have gone
very hard for the boisterous passenger
had not the policeman Interfered with the
work cf switch, rod uid controller can-
:'. r. Bronte Dlariiara laws Jurlal
Before C'rrltitoa Law
Justice Miller was the subject of the third
special lecture In the course which is being
delivered this winter before the CrelBhton
luw school by members of the Omaha Mjnr
and Judiciary, Hurry C. lirome being the
lecturer. He found many things in the life
i f Justice Miller which were Interesting
i nd Instructive. Mr. Miller ws appointed
to the supreme bench by President Lincoln
in und was recommended by the bar
ind Judiciary of Iowa. He was received
with considerable misgiving by many who
thought nothing good could come from out
of the west. He was unknown and untried
by the country at ir.rge, but he soon w in
a place in the heuits of his fellow Judges
by his real infill. Justice Miller died on
October IS. l.tlal, on the day the court convened.
Fine China. Copley, Jeweler. 215 B. 16;h.
Jury la Federal Co erf Awards (cj.artcl
Damages for Loss of
The Jury in th case of Frances Adams,
l-month-old child, against the Chicago,
Bt. Paul, Minneapolis Omaha Railway
company In federal court, came la with
verdict for the plaintiff for 3,K0 Friday
evening about i o'clock, after beh g out
about eight hours.
Suit was originally brought for 15.00Q
damages sustained by th child In being
run down by a train on the defendant's
road at the Sixteenth and Ogden street
crossing last August. The child lost s
foot by the accident and was otherwise
bruised and Injured. The attorneys for tho
plaintiff were Jefferte & Howell. C. C.
Wright was the principal counsel for the
mllroad company. The case was en trial
two days la-fore Judge Trleber In the
I'lilted Mates circuit court.
thief, was bound over for trial in the dis
trict couit under bond of SZM) after a pro
llm'nary examination in police court Wit
urduy morning on the charge of robbing
Frank Bcaggs of several dollars last
Thutsdsy night. Bcaggs and a friend, Tom
liogun. who was a witness, were held un
der bonds of 1100 each to appear at th
trial In the supeilor court.
I DIAMONDS Frenzer. nth and Dodge.
Movements of Ocean Vessels Dee. 14.
At New York Arrived : Paltle, from Liv
erpool: LucanlH, from Llverpis)!.
At Oueenstown Arrive 1 : ' iinp.inla. from
New York; Arabic, from Huston.
At LJbuu-BulUd: St. Petersburg, for New
At London Bailed; Mackinaw, for Phila
delphia. At Southampton Bailed: Amerlka, for
New York.
At Naple Arrived: Trlncee Irene, from
New York.
At 1,1 vei pool Bnlled: Fimpres of Tre
land, for Halifax; Hnverford, for Phila
delphia. Arrived: Noordlaad, from Phila
delphia; Bylvanla, from Boston.
Tracing Lost Cars.
A change ha benn made at the riurllng
ton headquarter In Omaha by which the
tracing of all carload freight has been
transferred from the general freight office,
to the office of Buperlntendeiit of Transpor
tation Dtckeaon. Tracing of less than car
load lota will be dune by the freight claim
Cattleman la Missing.
The police have been requested bv Jarob
Plankenneld of iHiur c to find a Mr. nhut
of Hlooinrteld. who came to Omnha several
days ago in company with itlankenficld and
sold a car of cattle for S 1 . li" and then
suddenly disappeared. rihut was seen on
the street Friday night, but baa since ap
parently dropped out of existence.
I.nla Foster Uonnd Over.
T.ulii Koster alia. fYileman. a colored
1 wuuiio wiltt considerable reputation a
Afrer pnrtnklnc of a bountiful reps an
K'Tldnv evening In the l-sle restaurant. T.
R. Willis, twenty-eighth nnd Parker si reels,
refused to pav for his entertainment and
Iniullv protested when a friend paid Ilia
debt. o loudly. In f ict. that he wa sr.
rested and lined $1 and costs in police court
Haturduy morning.
C F. Connors, n d'iver at the grading cum;
nt Twenty-first and Vinton streets, had hit
)e broken atwiut 11 a. m. 8ti,rd-y hy th
overturning of his wniron, which fi ll on the
Injured member. He was taken to the po
lice station for treatment nnd then to r!t.
Joseph's hospital. Connors Is single, unij
boarded at the grading camp.
Fva K. Kroon wss awarded a verdict of
SCO uiralnst the city of Omaha hy a Jury
In Juriire Fstelle's court for Injuries sha
received June Si, IHo-l. hy tripping over r
loose board In a sidewalk on North Twenty,
eighth avenue, between Cass and C.-illfoml
streets. Hhe sued for f'.H.txl, claiming her
hip was fractured. The Jury war out more
than twenty-four hours before It reached an
The case of Rfrgart Otte age Inst the
Vllter Manufaclurlnn company for o.'"0
lamnses for personal Injuries Is on inal
before Jurie Trleber in tho I'nlted Slates
circuit court. The next case clled for
trial In this court will lie that of Kasmus
lren ns.ilnet the Omaha Packing com.
puny for o.a da ma ten, resoltinv from
personal Injuries while the plaintiff Was
in the employ of the defendant.
The funeral services over the Infant
rlaurxbter, Jeannetie. of Mr. and Mrs. V.
O. Co'iiatnck were held at the Millard
hjtel at 11 o'clock Saturday morning. The
service were private, being attended by
but h few of the Intlmat friends of lid
family. The body will be placed In a re
ceiving vault for a few weeks and will then
be taken to the former nuns of the Com.
stock family near L'tloa, N. Y. for final