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Bee, December 14. 1906.
Directors of Stata Fair Fut Them on a ?r
With (ittls snd Uoe.
James Arthur, Convicted of Bobbins
the Trnenor Hank, Dnri ot Jln
Anything Uy Appeal to
Isprenie Conrt.
Tie Great
staiias Jkytatg Is on ii Earnest's Cocoa
and GlioGoSate
From now on till Christmas the buying will be active. The great business which haa been coming to this store is not alone due to our low prices, but quite
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Leather Bags for Xmas.
Beautiful new Bags, new styles, new
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Saturday Night Special at Bar
gain Square In Basement
Commencleg at 7:30 O'clock
Men's sample shirts, madras,
negligee, etc., regularly sold at
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All the boys' sample shirts and
waists, percale, madras, etc., all
sizes, regular 00c and 75c quali
ties, on sale at 19c each.
description, obtained from Mr. Sonnen
j bers and Morrlsey, was telephoned to
South Omaha, Council Bluffs and nearby
towns. The passenger stations and freight
; yards are being watched snd Chief Savage
.Is confident Wilson will be arrested within
J a few hours.
Both Are Ex-Convlcte.
Elliott and Wilson served time together
"In the penitentiary at Canon City, Colo.,
Where Elliott was sentenced to three years
'for a burglary committed at Denver. Chief
. Donahue Is acquainted with Elliott, having
seen him at the penitentiary about two
years ago when on a visit.
The pictures of both robbers adorn the
rogues' gallery and Chief Donahue believes
the men are wanted for crimes Irfc other
cities. They are both western crooks and
arrived In Omaha a few days ago.
Mr. Sonnenberg said of the affair:
J "I had no lile;t the men meant business
j When they demanded my money I told
, Itiislll I had no money and they told me to
(tUnTOh to the buck. room. Wilson took
Charge of nit while my clerk, Morrlsey,
.:' was In charge of Elliott. The men tied us
with short pieces of rope that they had
; brought with them, laid us on the floor in
, the little back room and told us they'd kill
,' in It we opened our heads. Then Mr.
Swan cumo In and was made to lie down
' with us In the back room, although he was
not tied. When the men had finished rob-
bln; the safes and rau out of the door I j
' got free from my bonds nnd cut thoso of
Morrlsey, who grabebd a revolver. The
fireman, Mr. Gross, then came In the door
and took the revolver away from Morrlsey. ,
Mr. Gross and I then chased the men
around to the alley until they went In the
back door of the Diamona saloon. Than I
ran back to Douglas stret and saw Gross
firing st the robbers near the corner of
: Fourteenth.
Had J out Opened nfr
"I had just opened the safes to be ready
for my son. Sum, who puis the goods in
the show windows. Morrlsey was fixing
the fire in the alove and I was sitting on a
chair near the stove, when tho men came
In snd threatened us with .. death if we
didn't submit.
"They took every diamond I had in the
place and most of my best watches. Klght
thousand, dollars would, be 'a. con-ervative
estimate of the value of the roods stolen,
but I am lucky to get It all hick."
Elliott Is about Ave feet four Inches ia
Christmas Togs
for the Boys
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call the giver for many months to com.
Women's carriage Bags, black and brown
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Women's Hand Bars, In black and brown
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Ims;. two plain leather strap handles; prices,
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Women's Hand Bags, In brown, tan and
calf alligator, green, tan, brown and grey
walrus, strap handle on back, at $2.75, $4 00,
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Black seal Hand Purse, strap handle on
beck, at $1.50 and $3.60 each.
Slain Floor.
Women's Ilosiery for Xmas.
We have all styles and all qualities of
hosiery, from plain blacks to the daintiest
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The best of hosiery, with Maco split, soles
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Black silk lisle Hose, very sheer and fine,
60c per pair.
Embroidered lisle hose, beautiful patterns,
at 50c, 75c, 85c, $1.00, $1.'5, $1.50, $2.00 and $2.60
per pair.
Black silk Hose, $1.00, $1.50, $2.00, $2.50 and
$3.00 per pair.
Silk Hose, hand embroidered In flowers,
buds and sprays, at $2.50, $3.00, $3.50, $4.00,
$4.50 and $5.00 per pair.
Beautiful Souvenir Postal Cards showing interior views of our
helght, smooth shaven and has light, curly
hair. He was thoroughly cowed when
taken to the station and gave the officers
all the Information possible, including a
complete description of his partner In
crime. Wilson Is described as being about
26 years of age, Ave feet eight inches in
height and rather slender. He was wear
ing a block derby hat, dark coat and faded
light trousers and dark gray overcoat. He
Is smooth-faced and of dark complexion.
Detectives and officers were unanimous
in the belief that If it had not been for the
efforts of Fireman Gross Elliott would
have escaped. Gross took the affair very
coolly and said he was only sorry he
hadn't wounded the man who shot at him
so as to prevent his escape.
Plan Robbery la Prison.
In conversation with Chief of Detectives
Savage Friday afternoon Elliott sid hi
and Wilson had planned the robbery of
BonnenberE's store when they were serving
lime together In the penitentiary at Canyon
City. The two men came to Omaha Novem
ber 10, after being released a short time
before from the penitentiary and roomed
at the Lyons hotel. Thirteenth and Dodgo
streets. They had been advised by fellow
criminals that the job would be compara
tively easy to pull off and two attempts to
that end were made. They went to the
store Tuesday morning with the intention
of robbing the place, but were deterred
by the presence of several customers. A
second call was made Wednesday morning
but this also was futile on account of
others In the store
Elliott said he overslept Thursday morn
Ing until It was too late to attempt the I
. . . . -,, m . v ,
robbery, and by nerving themselves up to
the task by the use of drugs, to which
both men are addicted, the robbery wa
consummated as planned Friday.
The diamonds snd other loot stolen by
the were returned to Mr. Sunnen
berg, and It Is believed every article taken
by the thieves has been recovered. Elliott
said he had agreed with his partner to
carry the spoils, as he was the fnstest
runner, and If Wilson had been captured It
wt'.s agreed Elliott should use the money
received from the sale of ths stolen go.ids
to Sid In the defense of his partner. Both
men are dope fiends snd a quantity of
laudanum and gum opium was found on
Open evenings. Frenzer,
Fine Shoes
Tor Boys, Girls aid Babies
Nothing quite so nice for a
Christmas gift as a pair of "Lil
liputian" Shoes. We have a fine
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"Startiight" Shoes are the finest
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sortment, and the label, "Star
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Prices according to range of
sizes $3 down to $1.10
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Shots are the finest and range in
price according to size and qual
ity, from )i to $2.50
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storm boots to the finest pateut
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Jttd sixes. $4 to $2.00
Leggings! Leggings! LeujtUiics!
All colors, alt Uea. ail prices.
i? TH 0 RNES
Infants' silk Hose, colors, blue, white,
pink and black, 60c per pair.
Misses' black silk Hose, $1.00 per pair.
Main Floor.
Umbrellas for Xmas.
This section of our store Is noted for
value giving. This is especially noticeable
In our great holiday stock, which Is now at
Its best. We bought our Xmas umbrellas
months ago, bought them In large quan
tities and took advantage of the discounts;
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ings are of the reliab'.e sort. Come SAT
URDAY and select your Xmas umbrella;
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$18.00 each.
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varied choftsing of this season's newest
novelties and the silk coverings are the
best that can be found anywhere.
Main floor.
Special Items in Dress Good3
and Silks for Saturday
Xmas Shopping.
These nre the stylish prettlness In good,
practical Christmas gifts that push
aside the ordinary trinkets at Christmas
time. Note each Item below carefully:
Regular $1.25 Pompadour 811k Crepes for
scarfs and waists, 75c a yard.
Lower House of Befuses to Vote
tors Fay to Members.
These Ofllclals Will RecelTe 15,000
Each nnd Cabinet Members
f 12,000 Debate Precedes
WASHINGTON, Dec. 14.-The hour of
representatives was brought face to face
today with the proposition to Increase tue
salaries of its own members, senators, the
vioe president, the speaker of the house and
members of the president's cabinet while
the legislative, executive and Judicial ap
propriation bill was under consideration,
and while It passed favorably on the prop
osition as applied to other officials, refused
to make the order for members of either
house of congress.
Mr. I.lttauer of New York, who had
given notice that he would offer the amend
ments to the legislative bill necessary to
accomplish the proposed Increase Immedl
atcly secured the floor after the prcvoui
question hud been ordered cn the b.ll and
presented an amendment raising the sal
aries of the vice president and the speaker
of the house to J12.000 per annum each. He
atvka rt Ih. AlorUv t V. . ... I I 9 . v. a
JZ T . V 7 -
speaker of the house and said everybody
recognized that the duties were arduous
and the pay unequal to the position.
More Pay for Clerk.
Mr. Underwood (Ala.) said he was op-
posed to any further Increase of salaries j message he said If It were found Inexpedl
alung the line of legislation and legislative ent to nass the senate bill, a measure should
olTlces. He further said he believed the
salaries of the minor clerks of the gove. n -
rnent sh.uld be ii. creased on account cf the
Increased cot of living. His conientl ji was
that salaries are paid to members of con
g:ess so that a poor man mlyhl co:ne to
congress and represent his constituents Ho
said he would not contend that a congress
man could live In Washington and keep
pace with modern society.
Mr. Fltzgetald (N. Y.) said he would vote
for the Increase even If tho price paid was
political oblivion. He called attention to
the salary paid the mayor of Ne-v York,
and also to the pay of the comptroller of
that city, and Inslbted that the vice prest-
dent and the sneaker should be puld sal
arles commensurate with the dignity of
their offices.
After other speeches the amendment was
adopted by a vote cf 211 to 61. the opposi
tion falling to secure votes enough to call
the ayes and noes.
Mr. Litlauer then Introduced another
amendment fixing the salaries of cabinet
officers at IliOW) per ananum after March 4,
1907. '
During the course of his remarks on this
amendment Mr. Littauer held up a large
picture of a president of a base ball asso
ciation, whose salary had been Increased
from J10.000 to 113,000 a contra ted
with the salaries paid members of the
cabinet. The amendment wa opposed by
Mr. Mann till.), but was adopted by a vote
of 304 to 00.
Proposition Voted Dawn
Mr. Llttauer, who ret res to private life
with the close of the present congress, then
offered a provision raising the salaries of
senators and members of congress, dele
gates snd the resident commissioner of
Porto Rico to $7,600 and on agreement the
time for the Increase to begin was fixed
on Mrch 4. 14.
Mr. Boutell (III.) said he was opposed t
the proposition to increase salaries of mem
bers, but was glad to vote to increase the
compensation of the speaker, vije presi
dent and members of the cabinet.
Representative Clark (Flu.) was accorded
sn ovation when be announced that he de
sired to discuss the - question from the
standpoint of a poor man. He called atten
tion to the fact that men are leaving the
service of the country and returning to
private life, solely beoauan tus salary which
Regular 73c Pompadour 811k, In pretty,
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Fine All Wool Chnllls, all the delicate
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silk waists? Fine line to show you at $1.00
a yard.
NOTE We never had so many pretty
things on the colored dress goods rem
nant counter at any one time as we have
at the present time waist lengths, lengths
for misses' dresses and many full dress
patterns. Quantities of Christmas presents
ars being picked from this counter at a
great saving In price.
Robe Blankets for Xmas.
Our Blankets are the largest made. One
blanket makes robe for lady or gentleman.
Our McCull pattern shows you how to
make them up. All the trimmings required
Is a set of cord which costs you 60c per set.
Blankets sell from $1.50 up.
Children's Blankets at 08c.
Xmas Suggestions From
Embroidered Bed gtwets. Pillow Cases In
sets, nicely boxed, at $2.50. $3.00 and $4.00
per set.
Printed Dress Patterns at 65c and $1.00
Gloves for Xmas.
Gloves, being a necessity at all seasons
of the year, have alwnys been proper and
store, free upon request.
they received In official positions was In
I believe," he said, "there are not ten
men on this floor who In private conversa
tion will say; 'The salary Is Inadequate,
the Increase is right,' but some say: 'I
Cannot afford to vote for It.' "
"For God's sake 1st us answer the great
dally papers. , who are challenging our
courage to go upon the record by our votes
before all the country," was the concluding
Representatives Lamar (FU.), Oronna
(N. D.). Lacey (Ia.) and Webber (O.) op
posed the amendment: Grosvenor (O.) and
Sims and Gaines of Tennessee favored It.
The amendment was defeated by a vote of
108 to 188.
President, Will Send In Special Com
munication Next Week.
WASHINGTON, Dec. 14. Six special mes
sages are to be sent to congTess next
week by President Roosevelt. They Include
one on the naval personnel bill, which con-
templates the more rapid retirement and
promotion of the officers of the navy; a
message transmitting Secretary Metcalf's
report on the alleged discrimination on the
Japanese In San Francisco; a special rnes.
sage on Panama, a message on the public
question, transmitting Secretary Omaha for duty at the navy recruiting sta
report on Cuba, and a reply to the tion, relieving Assistant Surgeon C. C.
senate resolution calling for Information re-
garding the discharge without honor of the
soldiers of the Twenty-ttfth regiment of
colored Infantry.
That he will send the congress a speelnl
message advocating the passage of a ship
subsidy measure at the present session was
stated by several members of the house to-
day. It was said that the president had de
clared that the rccommendutlon In his an
nual message was misunderstood. In that
J be pnssed to provide for a few linos to
i South America ports. He did not mean to
minimize the Importance of other features
of the bill. It Is understood, and now pur-
p&sea to correct any false Impression that
may have been gained by the public.
No decision as to the committee's attl'ude
on shin subsidy was reached at the caucus
of the republican members cf the house on
merrhnn ma'lne and flsherlee held tod iy.
After diecusslns: the amended Onlliner
bill the republicans took nr action, but de
elded to call a meetlnsf of th committee for
January 7, when a vote of the full commit-
tee will be taken It Is believed thit Prest-
j dent Roosevelt's wishes In the matter w II
have been communicated to the house be
fore that time.
The amendments to irtf mil drafted by
Representative Grosvenor eliminate rargo
subsidy and limit the government's aid to
mall carrying ships to South America and
the orient. Fven with these chn"es th
members of the committee from the middle
west do not favor the measure.
Senator Mct'umher Will Prt-ee Matter
nt Present Selon.
WASHINGTON. Dec. 14.-8enator Mc
Cumbcr, chairman of the committee on pen
sions. Is planning to press for early con
sideration by the senate the house general,
service pension bill as amended by the
senate committee. The amendment pro-
vides that any survivor of the civil war
who has served for ninety days, has been
R.ight Living
Brighi Living
lets In the sunshine.
"There' Reason."
acceptable Xmas gifts, and will be es
: peclally desirable this year, when all the
leading styles call for the fashionable
lengths to finish the costume.
We Issue glove certificates for any quan
tity or price. If you do not know the sizo
of glove required, make a present of a
certificate which can bo exchanged for
gloves upon presentation.
8, 12 and lirbutton glace or suede Kid
Gloves, In all desirable street and evening
shades from Valller, Trefoussc and Benin
makes, prices $1.10 to $1.00 per pair.
Bhort Kid Gloves, for dress or street
wear. In all best makes, Vallier, Trefousse,
Dent, Fownes and P. & U, $1 00 to $2.00 per
Misses' 2-button Kid Gloves, In tan,
brown, red and white, per pair. $1.00.
Fownes' mannish Kid Gloves, for Infants
or misses, per pair, $1.15.
Veilings for Xmas.
A new assortment of black lace Veils,
ranging In prices from $1.50 to $4.50 each.
Many pretty novelties In colored lace and
chiffon Veils.
Chiffon Auto Veils, 1 yards long, at $1.0),
$1.36, $1.50, $2.00, $2.60 to $0.(O each.
Plain and dotted Face Veiling, In all de
sirable shades and styles, with prices from
25c to $1.50 a yard.
Black and colored Dress Nets and Lace
Robes of the latest styles shown at this
department Main Floor.
If you desire to give a present to
a distant relative or friend, why
not save the trouble of packing
and shipping by allowing us to
send It for you. You can pay ex
press or mail charges at our store.
We will be pleased to do this for
you free of charge.
honorably discharged, and who e..uil have
reached the age of 82 years shall receive
a pension of 12 a month, to be increased
to $15 a month when he shall have reached
the age of 70 years and to tJO a month after
he has reached the age of 75 years.
It is estimated that an additional ap
propriation of $10,710,000 annually would
be required to pay the Increased rate pro
vided by the bill to the soldiers now on the
pension roll.
(Continued from First Pugo.)
Affe, substitute. Lyons, route 1, John H.
Moran, currier; Martin H. Moran, substi
tute. Milo, route 2, Willie M. Estcs, car
rier; James W. Estes, substitute. Walnut,
route 2, Emll O. Llnke. carrier; Nort D.
Li tike, substitute. South Dakota, Mellette,
rout 2, Nels 8. Johnson, carrier; Tlllle E.
substitute. Tabor, route 1,
Teofiel Koletzky, carrier; Frank Petrik,
substitute. Wllmot, route 2, Walter S.
Mann, carrier; Clarence Ilougan, substi
Assistant Surgeon C. E. Ryder, United
States navy, has been detached from duty
at the Boston navy yard and ordered to
Grieve, who will proceed to the navy
yard at Portsmouth, N. H., for duty,
The postmaster at Dubuque, Ia., lias been
allowed two additional curriers, to begin
service January 16.
Latest ewa la Received with Lively
Mr.. Howe expressed much satisfaction
when Informed by telephone from The Bee
of his appointment. His friends also
manifested great pleasure. They had not
heard the news, but had not quite aban-
uullea nope.
"uis . Etter. son of the late postmas-
ter and assistant under his father, was
one of the South Omaha men greatly In
terested In hearing the lutest news. The
news spread rapidly and aoon was upon
every tongue.
To Core a Cold In One Day.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.
LTUtmHia lfeiunr. mnnv ir it full n
E, W. tirove s signature Is on each box. 2&c! !
1 i
Iowa .tews Motes. I
IXX3AN O. O. Rock, sheriff-elect of Har
rison county, has announced his selection
of Lowrey Logan of Lorfan, as his deputy.
MISSOURI VALLEY J. H. l.vnn wi.n
nM" wen in me grocery business In Ml
sourl Valley for many years, has bold ins
store to w. I. illrd, who will continue the
business at the old stand.
LCKJA.N-Rev. C. P. Shatto of the Iowa
Anil-Saioou leaaue will speak Sunday
moinlng at the Presbyterian church of
Logan, and will address a union meeting
In the evening at the church of Christ.
S1DNKV Lee Spittltr, 1!) years of age, a
sin of William Spi.t r. Jr., died yeaterdav
of typhoid fever. i was a popular and
promising young i. n. who waa recently
graduated from the Sidney High school.
SID.NKY-H. Williams of St. Joseph, Mo.,
a freight brakeman on the Kansas City
8t. Joseph 4c Council Bluffs railroad, had
his ltg broken yesterday, at Payor, a small
station est of Hamburg. The accident
was caused by his slipping from a car.
LtMiAN The Board of Supervlslois naa
employed W. 11. Wood of Logan and W.
H. V I throw of Missouri Vallev tu check
up the books of the various county office
It a Compensation Of AS tlr ne Tiii
have tx-fun work, starting with the office
of clerk of the district court.
SIDNEY A little 3-year-old child of Ed
Hume, who lives west of Sidney, had a
narrow escape from death by poinumng.
Tho little one got hold of a "rat biscuit'
and when found had eaten a considerable
quantity of it. and said It good. The
polsi.n brought on severe vomiting, which
itaved the child's life.
LOOAN The snnual flection of the loeal
lodse. Modern Woodmen of America, re-tultt-d
as follows: Consul, K. O. Tyler
advisor, Melvln Norman; clerk, George 11
Harvey; banker, Osimr Coffey; auhman,
K. Alexander; , rt, J. R. Couch; sentry,
Thomas Parker: manager. Frank Hill; phy.
sicians. Dre. C. S. Kennedy and I. C. Wood
An.trlan II...., A. bore.
NEW YORK. Dec. 14. -The Austrian
freight steamer Clara, from Trieste vu
Toulon, fur New Yurk, wtnt ashore today
peer Ma ntoloklng iitexaving station, tn-ii-
ing broadside to the beach. The captain
came oelvurs in a litueavar'a hrtuh nuw
(From a Stuff Correspondent.)
DES MOINES. Dec. 14.-8peeil.)-At the
meeting of the directors of the Department
of Agriculture today it was voted to add
l.'.JA) to tho premiums In the horse de
partment. This makes the total amount of
premiums In that d"pnrtmrnt rVre than
that of any other state or Interstate fair
or exposition, with the exception of one.
It places tho horse department on a par
with the best, raisins It from secondary
position in the fair departments. For some
years the horse department has had sec
ondary place, cattle and hog" Ueing given
much more prominence. Coach and car
riage horses, and mules, will be added to
the department and made of some conse
quence, while all tho ..asses of horses will
be offered large premiums.
The directory also derided to offer a
scholarship at the State Agricultural col
lege for girls, as well as to add a secondary
premium of half a sholarshlp to boys.
A scholarship for boys of a year has
been paid to the best Judge of live stock and
corn. This will be continued and a scholar
ship of $100 given to the second best. A
scholarship of 20 will also be given to
glrlH, the method of deciding the contest yet
to be determined. It will, however, be
a contest In cooking an domestic eco
nomics. A short course prize of $:' was
also voted to tho boy who Is third best
Judge of live stock and corn.
The board will ask the next legislature
for an appropriation of $125,000 for per
manent Improvements for the state fair
grounds, and In addition will expend In
permanent improvements the $M,000 profit
from this year's fair. The appropriations
asked of the legislature are for a $70,000
steel amphitheater, $5,000 for moving the
race track north to the track on which the
board now holds an option, and $00,010 for
a new swine pavilion.
The board re-elected all the superinten
dents of drpartments with the exception
of the speed department. C. E. Cameron,
in charge of that department at the last
air, having been elected president, A. L.
en!o of Alta, Ia., was elected superlnten
cnt of the speed department,
i Supreme Court Decisions.
The supreme court to.iuy affirmed the
conviction of James Arthur, one of the
participants In the bank robbery at Trey
:ior. In Pottawattamie county. This was
the second appearance of the case before
tho supreme court.
The case involving the amount to be al
lowed to A. C. Sabln and E. B. Woodruff,
executors of the will of William Anderson
of Mills county, was decided in favor of
the executors. The estate under the care
of the executors has Increased In twelve
years, from $150,000 to $1S3,0iX and consists
of stock In the Mills County National bank,
the Hotna Valley Slate bank nnd the Glen-
wood Canning company, and real estate
and other property.
Pntton Re-elected.
At the meeting of the directors of the
State Horticultural society today, C. G,
Patton was re-elected to the commission
In charge of the experimental station work.
C. L. Watrous of this city was made on
honorary member.
Harlan Roy Gets Job.
T. B. Koolbeck of Harlan, la., has been
appointed by the executive council as clerk
In charge of the supply room at the state
Had Just Bonrdcd Train nt Council
nlufTs ICnroate East.
MISSOURI VALLEY, la., Dec. 14.-(Spe-cial
Telegram.) This evening as Set Funk
stepped onto train No. 6 on the North
western, at Council Bluffs, enroute east, he
fell over lifeless. The train was In motion
before he was noticed and the body was
carried to Missouri Valley, where It is in
charge of Coroner Hennessey. Deceased
Is about 60 years of age and was a travel
ing man for the Ohio Falls Woolen Mills
! of Louisville, Ky. A coroner's inquest will
be held tomorrow.
rtylnpT Woman Aoensea Doctor.
8UrX CITY, Ia., Dec. 14. (Special Tele
gram.) In a statement given to the county
attortify on what will likely be her death
bed. Mrs. Hanna Strawn today accused Dr.
Kate Horner, a woman physician, of per
forming a criminal operation upon her. It
was done at the solicitation of her hus
band, said Mrs. Strawn. He has since de
serted her and Is wanted by the police.
Mrs. Strswn became 111 of blood poison Im
mediately after the operation. Dr. Horner
has not yet been arrested, though she Is
being held under police surveillance.
IMlra C'nrrn In t! to 14- I)ys.
Tazo Ointment Is guarnrteed to cure imv
case of Itching. Blind, Bleeding or Protrud
ing Piles In 0 to II days or money refunded.
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and -America
V. B. l'nt. Office
Made by a scientific Mend
ing of the best Cocoa beans
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result of 1'26 years of suc
cessful endeavor.
A new and handsomely lllaatraten1
Roclpe Book sent free
Established 1780 DORCHESTER, MASS.
dtffU'a SXZjXi tVlgrs.
Sunday, Monday and Tuesday Night
Pp''i-lal Tuesday Matinep
800 Scats on Lower Floor $1.00.
Next Thursday, FYldwy end Saturday,
BURWOOD 16th Big Week
Mntlnee Toduy Tonljtht
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Price, NlKhts, Sunday Mats....l0-n.
Tues.. Thurs.. 8at. Mats 10-20o.
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n imp if mini 11 II.Mni.niLltBlwWfflW'WIl' "
Katunlny Evening Dec. 18.
Gamble Concert Party
Direction Chase & Rogers.
Seats at Hospe's 60c, 75c and $1.00.
..Roller Skating..
SATURDAY, DEC. 15 Morning,
Afternoon and Evening
Performing; l.lons. Arablun 8talllons,
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Bet,t of KventMng
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First CUnn W Ail kwm U
.-.THE NEW....
rarv'ATE dining uoomm.
Special Preparations for After-Theater
1508 and 1510 Howard St.
buudnys, II:: JO to B.
a C