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El fill! Sill IISC Id
Quick Wit of Switchman Dumps. Banawaj
Trtin in the Ditch.
Friday Bargain-Giving n Silks,
We place on sale several thousand dollar's worth of
dress goods (remnants) skirts, suits or waist patterns;
these goods were all marked cheap in the first place to sell
quickly. Friday, your choice of any length at exactly
Several thousand yds. fancy
silks, Taffetas and Louis
ienes, beautiful figures,
dainty stripes, etc., all col
ors, great sale price, yard
39c and 28
23-in. Black Peau de Soie
Just the right weight and
correct width for mufflers,
very rich and beautiful;
Friday, yard ,89(
Hundreds of remnants of
fine Wash Goods new
goods; all of these lengths
are the remnants of our own
goods that were sold during
the past 7 weeks, consisting
of flannelettes, plaids, ging
hams, linings, etc.. at
Thousands of Remnants of Domestics Outing Flannels,
prints, percales, ticking, ginghams, sheetings, muslins, etc.,
on sale in Harney Street Aisle, at exactly
For Instance:
10c Outing flannel for 5
10c percale for .-5
."io prints for , 2Va
10c silkoline for... . ...5
8c apron for 4
Friday and Saturday Specials. Order Fri
day if possible and avoid late deliveries
Bennett' Breakfast Coffes, 2-lb. can...' 48o
And Kitty Green Trading Stamps.
Granulated Sugar Double Green Trading Stamps.
Dennett m lixcclslor Flour, sack 91.40
Ami Seventy-five Green Trading Stamps.
Teas, your choice, pound 680
And Forty lireen Trading Stamps.
Bennett' Capitol Making I'owder, B-lb. can $1.00
And line Hundred tlrwn Trading Stamp".
Country Roll Butter, fresh from the dairy, lb .Sao
iV 11 C CuiHiip. pmi uoitle 83o
And Ten Green Trading Stamps.
BTX.X PICKLES Sour Fickles, quart lOo
And Ten Green Trading Stamps.
Chow Chow Pickles, quart I50
And Ten Green Trading Stamps.
Small Sweet 1'lckles, quart BOo
And Ten Green Trading Stamps.
Pirrtento Staffed Olives, pint 35o
, And Ten Green Trading Stamps.
Boiled Cider, pint bottle 80c
Ana ten Green Trading Stamps.
vmves, Dome soc 26c, 16c and lOo
Pickles, assorted, bottle Bo
Celery Salt, bottle lOo
Cajrers, bottle 16o
Curry Powder, bottle 16o
Asparagus, can
C frtVTl l.l ma HeanK, can
iKV''il I'lu'n Pudding, can
I'needa Biscuit, 4 packages
And Ten Green Trading Stamps.
Lemon Snaps, 4 packages
And Ten Green Trading Stamps.
LMuuiond 8 Preserves, large lar
And Twenty Green Trading Stamps.
Mince Meat, pound 100
Currants, cleaned, pound llo
Seeded Kulslns, package lOo
California Seeded Haislns, pound... loo
Cullfornla Prunes, new, pound 5o
Evapomted Apricots, pound 84o
Corn, two cans SBo
Tomatoes, two cans 85o
Petit Pols Peas, two cans 86o
Sweet Potatoes, two cans 860
Sugar Beets, two cans a So
Bennett's Capitol Mince Meat, three packages S5o
And Ten Green Trading Stamps.
Pears for the table, large can lBo
And Ten Green Trading Stamps.
Maine Corn. can.lOo; dozen can tl 00
New York full cream Cheese, pound 30o
And Ten Green Trading Stamp.
Virginia Swiss Cheese, pound 8B0
And Ten Green Trading Stamps.
Itoyal Luncheon Cheese, Jar B4o
And Ten Green Trading Stamps.
Neufchatel Cheese, each, 40 Hand Cheese, each, IHo
t 111 fJ
, lOo
..... .160
lettuce, Rad
1 8 h e s, Onions,
Celery, Parsley
Fresh Daily.
Bellvlew Celery,
Mixed Nuta
Pineapples, each,
Florida Oranges,
Ben Davis Ap
ples peck
Candy Chain
Candy Pebbles,
In bon bon
10 and 54.
Package Candles,
assorted, each,
Mixed Candy, lb.,
Chocolate Chips,
Fancy Bon Bons,
hi box
Friday in Hardware
Nice Steel Mail
Box with lock
and key, each,
at 1.25
74c Copper Nickel
Plated Coffee
Pot 54
See Our Table of
Carvers, French
Stag Handles,
at 3.75
And Fifty Green
Trading Stamps.
Skates Harney &
llerry's, best made,
up from 48
And Fifty Green
Trading stamps.
Alll RIFLES, best, at
$1.25, $1 and . .7.V
Vnd thirty green trad
ing stumps.
K1FLK, regular $2.00
at 1.2.1
prices, from $7.50
down to 43c
Book Cases Desks
Mfcke Pretty, Uefu!
and Letting Gifts
Combination Book
Case, like cut, quar
tered oak, rich
golden polish finish,
pretty carving, has
shaped drawer, bent
glass door, bevel
mirror, convenient
desk; an excellent
piece of furniture,
r . -tl well made and beau-
8 1 ;.il&BB tifully finished
;J kw!sW'rVii I specially priced at
Bargain Friday Shoes
.1 n
Sizes 3'2 to 42,
worth up to $10,
one to a customerat
UK.HC &r.Lj yw. -"g;mgf
Carpet Slippers for men and women, warn
and comfortable, regular 50c values. 33
Men's Itlark and Tan Leather and Velvet
Vamp Slippers, rejular 75c value.. 59
Soft und Comfortable Vlcl Kid Slipper for
Men, in black and tan, pair 08
Women's Velvet Kid 1'atent Tin Lared
Shoes, soft and comfortable, special,
l)alr 352.C9
Rock Island FreUht Train Collide
and When Knsrlnrer Jnmps One
of tho Tralna Take the
Back Track.
Quick work on the part of a tnon
Stork yards switchman probably saved one
of the most disastrous wrecks In the his
tory of the Rock Island road. Rock Island
freight No. 9T, which Is made up by the
havy engines from Council Bluffs, was
pulling westbound to the Albright sta
tion at about S a. m. yesterday morning.
As the train nwared the station the crew
saw the headlight of the eastbound freight
No. M appearing at full speed. To save
a collision Weaver, the engineer, reversed
his engine and when the two engines ap
peared about to strike, both he and his
fireman Jumped oft. The two engines came
together, but the westbound train was
already moving fast on the reverse and tha
Impact wa slight. After that the train
ran wild back through the South Omaha
yards. The ITnlon Stock yards switchman
saw the train approaching and with great
forethought threw the switch and turned
the train, then moving at the rate of
about thirty mile per hour, upon a line
of dead refrigerator cars. The collision
with these cars occurred under the X street
viaduct. About six of the cars were
wrecked and the contents scattered over
tho siding. The stove in the way car of
the train Ignited the woodwoik of the
cars and the South Omaha fire department
was called out and had some difficulty In
extinguishing the blaze. If the puzzle had
not been turned the wild train would have
ran Into the Union depot In Omaha at a
terrific rate, provided it had not wrecked
the early passenger train on the way. As
It was, the loss was about $10,000 from the
wrecked cars.
Myaterloas Accident at Parkin I'laut.
A mysterious accident occurred at an
early hour Tuesday morning at the Omaha
Packing plant. Michael Mitchell, a man
employed as an ash trucker, was found by
his companions lying unconscious at the
ash dump, having sustained a fracture of
the skull and injuries to his right arm.
The man was discovered at about 3:30, He
was unconscious and when he partially re
covered could tell nothing of the cause of
his condition. The workmen surmise that
his ash truck upset and struck him,
knocking him down. Otherwise they are at
loss to account for his serious Injury. Pos
sibly he might have been attacked by some
unidentified parties, but there is nothing
to indicate such an attack. He was re
moved to the South Omaha hospital where
his skull was operated on to lift up the
splintered bone and relieve the pressure on
the brain. It Is thought he will recover
provided no unlocked for complications set
In. The man live at Twenty-first and 8
streets. South Omaha. 'He Is one of the
night gang at the Omaha company's boiler
Discussion of Annexation.
The Highland Park Improvement club
will meet at the Lincoln school tonight to
discuss many Important public questions.
Of late a strong sentiment has been dis
covered In favor of annexation and the club
members will be given a chance to present
their opinions. The president of the club
bas secured the services of several men
who favor the move and there will be some
probably who will take the opposite side
of the question. Aside from this the clnb
is much interested in the project of a via
duct on west F street. This street I now
being graded from Twenty-sixth to Twenty
ninth, or to the east approach of the via
duct as it Is now planned. The question of
an additional bond Issue for the sewers and
the manner of Its presentation to the legis
lature will be topics of discussion.
Prog-res on Malt Plant.
The Bryson-Peterson malt plant at
Twenty-ninth and B streets is taking on
extensive proportions and the new eleva
tor has the frame raised. It has been found
that the cost of the plant will be much
greater than at first contemplated. It Is
now believed that fully $160,000 will be ex
pended before it Is oomplete. The small
plant belonging to the company, has sold
about 600,000 bushels of malted grains dur
ing the past year. While It is not hoped
that this plant will be able to supply all
of the local demand, yet It will take a
large share of it.
Appraising; Damaajrca In Alley.
The board of appraisers for the paved
alley In block eighty-one. South Omaha,
met with the citizens and attempted to
come to an understanding as to the dam
ages arising from the change of grade of
the alley. Its finding will be reported to
the city council next Monday night. There
Suits for Young Men and Men
Strength Comes
Not From What You Eat. But From
What You Digest.
Most people eat most foods without
discrimination It matter little what.
Pew atop to think what that food doe
for them. This Is the first turn on the
road to dyspepsia. Reckless disregard
of the proper choice of foods, rapid eating
and Improper mastication, are the un
questioned causes of all stomach disor
ders from the slight ache to the malig
nant cancer.
There la nothing more revolting than
a dyspeptic stomach a very vat for
putrefaction, sending forth Its poison
throughout the entire system, depressing
the brain, befouling the breath, souring
the taste, deadening the musclas. Incapac
itating the liver and kidney for their
work, debilitating the heart, choking the
lung and clogging the bowel.
All of these disagreeable and dangerous
conditions are due to the Improper diges
tion of food and the consequent assimila
tion of poison. What els can be ex
pected? If the food lies In the stomach,
If the system Is constipated, fermentation
Is the natural outcome. It shows Itself
In sour watery rising, belchings, heart
burn and painful breathing.
There is only one way to relieve this
condition. If the stomach refuse to di
gest your food put something Into It that
will. Stuart' Dyspeptic Tablets are noth
ing but digestives. They are not a medi
cine. They work when the stomach will
Each tablet contains trough pepsin,
diastase, golden seal and other digestive
elements to reduce 1,000 grains of ordi
nary food to the proper consistency for
assimilation Into the blood.
Stuart Dyspepsia Tablets are abso
lutely pure. There Is nothing harmful
In them a shown In their endorse muni
by 40,000 physician In tha I'ntted States
und Canada.
Ask your family physician his opinion
of Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets and if he
Is honest toward you lie will state posi
tively that they will cure your stomach
trouble whatever it may be. unlets you
have waited too lung and have allowed
your disorder to develop Into cancer.
' Act today and begin to etui your suffer
ing. A free, trial package wiil be sent to
your addres upon requect. The 0 cent
sise package are for sale at your drug
gist'. F. A. Stuart C. (I tit unit Build
ing. Marshall, MRU.
Is considerable trouble over the matter
and no less than three lawyers, engaged
by protesting parties, were on the ground.
Ma;le City nasal p.
City Clerk J. J. Olllln Is confined to his
bed by a severe bronchial affection.
Jetter' OnM Top Heer delivered to all
parts of the city. Telephone No. t.
Miss Rosle and Elton Hart are the gnesta
of Balthas Jetter and family this week.
Mrs. George lawless snd daughter are
the guests of her sister, Mrs. John Culkln.
James Cunningham has returned from
Blnux City, where he has been for some
Money, weeklr or monthly payments. Get
our terms. Btajidard Loan Co., Ma N.
The advent of s daughter Is announced I
In the home of Mr. and Mr. A. Kvans,
n K street. !
Floyd McKay left last night for his old I
home in Indiana, called by the recent death j
of his father. j
W. C. Simmons and wife were agreeably i
surprised by a company of their frienils
Monday night.
Jack Rums, a well known employe of
the Hurllngton, has resigned and moved to
Mount Hope, Ark.
The Kraternsl Order of Ragles of the
South Omaha aerie are to Install the new
officers January 1.
The South Omaha Yoemen are to hold
their election of officers at Eagle hall Fri
day, December 14.
Buy your liquors of J. Klein and get a
forty-two-piece dinner let free.
Tho Ideal club will give one of Its pleas
snt dances Friday evening at the Ancient
Order ot 1" nllcd Workmen temple.
The following births were reported yes
terday: Q. P. Gage, 3115 N street, a boy;
John Tobler, Seventeenth and Monroe, a
Mrs. Thomas Kelly, Twentieth and Mis
souri avenue, gave a plessant card tarty
Tuesday evening to a score or inure of her
Miss Maud Honey of Oandy, Neb., is
the guest of Mr. and Mrs. 13. E. Wilcox.
She will be in South Omaha through the
W. 8. 8mlth, Robert McDonald and
George Harkins Joined the ranks of the
rock breakers vesterdav at the reouest of
Judge King.
Many of the South Omaha merchants and
dealers attribute a brisk Increase In trade
to the fact that the Omaha & Southern
lnterurban line terminates at O street.
Mrs. Chnrles L. Mullen, mother of Mrs.
H. C. Richmond, has returned to Inde
pendence, Mo. She has been attending her
daughter during her Illness In the Presby
terian hospital.
Three canes of diphtheria have been quar
antined during the last two days. They
are Nettie Vredberg, Forty-second and V
streets; Joe Wepner, 1113 North Twenty
third, and William Hetrlck, 604 North
Forty-second street.
James Agnew was married to Miss Irna
Mix at the Presbyterian church last even
ing at 7 p. m. Dr. R. D. Wheeler per
formed the ceremony. The church was dec
orated for the occasion and there were
numerous presents.
The Christian Endeavor society of the
Presbyterian chuch held an election of of
ficers Tuesday evening. Perry Wheeler
was made president; John Roberts, vice
president; Harry McCandless, treasurer;
Katie Roberts, secretary.
STERLING SILVER Frenser, 16 & Dodg
John Burns Knocked front Rear
Platform and Has Sknll
John Bursa, 1125 North Twenty-ninth
street, South Omaha, aged 17 years, lies
In a critical condition at the Omaha
General hospital with a fractured akul'
and internal injuries, a victim of the ex
cessive overcrowding of the South Omaha
street cars. How Buras was injured has
not been definitely learned, but a woman
and a man who said they saw Mm tall
assert he was knocked from the rear plat
form of a southbound car to which he
was hanging by a northbound car on the
viaduct at Sixteenth and Mason streets.
The accident occurred early In the even
ing, during the rush hours, when the South
Omaha cars are taxed to a greater ex
tent than any other line in the city. Every
inch' of space Is occupied by a passenger,
and particularly on the rear platform do
men and women hang on, no matter
with what discomfort. Among the latter
was Buras, but he must have leaned over
too far, so that he was caught by a car
bound in the opposite direction and swept
off. He was at first taken to Beranek's
drug store. Sixteenth and William streets,
where he was attended by Dr. Bwoboda,
and the police were notified. When the pa
trol wagon arrived with Surgeon Pugs
ley, Dr. Bwoboda ordered the man taken
to the hospital Immediately, where he later
performed an operation.
Burns wss said late in the evening to
have a fair chance to recover, although
the fracture was severe and he had In
tednal hemorrhages. The man is a laborer
and ha a wife and child.
The patient had not recovered conscious
ness Thursday afternoon and his recovery
is still doubtful. Dr. Swoboda said it
would be a most remarkable case if Buras
recovers, ss the back of the skull is com
pletely crushed in, the brain being plainly
exposed to view.
Thomas galllvan Thongrht to Bo (he
Pal of Morrison, Already
la Jail.
In the opinion of Detective Mitchell, the
way to handle holdup men Is to catch them
In the act and take them to Jail. A remark
on the subject to this effect was dropped
by the officer apropos of the arrest of
Thomas Sullivan, 2515 M street, South
Omaha, by the police of that city Wednes
day night, whom Mitchell later brouaht to
the Jail here. According to the belief ot
Detectives Mitchell and Sullivan, the man
Is the one who escaped of the two whom
they say they caught In the act of holding
up Lester McCormlck at Twelfth and Dour
las streets Monday night. As tha two offi
cers were approaching the corner and were
about bait a block away, they were at
tracted by th actions of three men, ana
bellevtng a holdup to be In progress, they
ran ahead and, revolver In hand, pursued
the two, who started to run as they came
up. Mitchell captured James Morrison, but
the other got away.
McCormlck was very much Intoxicated
and his statement that he was robbed could
not be given much weight at first, while
Morrison asserted McCormlck had started
a fight with them. They were both held,
however, and a search begun for the miss
ing man. Meanwhile, i when McCorm'ck
sobered, he discovered he was short 118.
Th result of the search was the arrest
of Thomas Bulllvan. When brought here
he held his mouth shut tight and refused
to say anything. The South Omaha police
gave Morrison and Sullivan a most unsav
ory reputation.
Ho and Older Brother Were Eitif'v
lnr Weapoa W hen It Waa j1
Accidentally Discharged,'
Floyd Ingalls, sged 14 years, living with
his parents at 2417 North Twenty-second
street, was accidentally killed rv (he dis
charge of a .'-callbre revolver the hands
of his brother, Galen, sged Ti, about 7
o'liuck Wednesday evening!. He died be.
f"re medirul attention iaiuM be secured.
The bullet look envoy directly over the
boy's heart, and dit,K resulted within a
few minutes. Wheiv he as toll hU
brother was dead, Ulrn frantic,
and running back u the hout.e from the
doctor's (iffii ? l.e aearci.ed for the weapon
that hud done the deed with the avowed
Intention f.f his own life. Ills grief
was terrible and it was necessary to watch
film carefully t prevent him from doing
hlms-ir liiury. t
j The small calibre ritulvsi bod just been
Gifts ,
But nine more days of our Removal Sale of
Furniture, Carpets, Rugs, Lace Curtains and
Draperies. All 7nust be closed out. We arc making
big sacrifices to accomplish this aim. Discounts rang
ing from 12 1-2 per cent to 50 per cent.
Don't delay if you wish
to secure these bargains
Miller, Stewart & Beaton
1315-17-19 Farnam Street.
To All The Good Children of Omaha
I will be on my throne in Brandeis Toyland every day from
8:30 till 11:00 in the morning and from 1:30 till 3:30 in the after
noon. From 3:30 till 5:30 p. m. I will be in my airship at 17th
and Douglas Sta. (except Saturday when I will be in my airship
nearly all day.)
Remember that I am the only real live Santa Claus in Omaha.
I am always full of fun and always doing something new and
original to please the children. New stunts all the time and
presents for everybody. My galloping reindeer and sleigh are in
the new store and you can see them run every day. My letter box
is at the foot of my throne. Send me your name and I will mail
you a pretty postal. ,
taken home earlier in the evening from
the gunsmith's, where It had been oiled
and repaired. After supper the two broth
ers sat in the kitchen of their home, hand
ling the firearm. They loaded the gun, and
Galen had It In his hand when it suddenly
went off, and the boy fell over. Wild with
alarm, but not stopping to determine the
extent of the Injury, Ualen picked his
younger brother up In his arms and as
fast as he could run started for the office
of Dr. W. L. Ross, 2121 Lake street.
When he arrived the doctor was out, snd
he laid the boy on the couch. When Dr.
Ross entered five minutes later life was ex
tinct. The dead youth was the son of
Harry Ingalls, a printer at the World
Herald. Cononer Bralley took charge of
the body.
In L4ne -with the Pore Food Vtt
The National Food and drug act which
takes effect January 1, 1907. does not affect
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy In any man
ner. No special labels are required on this
remedy under that Act, as It Is free from
opiates and narcotics of every character,
making It a safe remedy for mothers to
use with their children. This remedy has
been In use for so many years, and lt
good qualities are ao well known, that no
one need hesitate to use It when troubled
with a rough or cold.
Sonrenlr Plnytnsr Card.
The Great Northern railway and ?reat
Northern Bteamship companies hare Is
sued a new edition of playing cards. They
ere printed on exceptionally fine itock
and are better cards for the price ssVe.l
than can be had elsewhere. The adver
tising, consisting of the trade murk, P
worked Into an oriental design snd Is cn
fined entirely to the hack of the cur.l
The steamship card Is the more eluhorat,
of th two and Is finished with gill edirr.
Great Northern railway cards, 15 cents per
iaek; steamship cards, 3 cents per pack
Mailed to any address on receipt of 'price.
Passenger Traffic Manager, St. Paul, Minn.
TontH Presents Bad Check.
1,eoriBrd' HutcMnirs. a young man wh'
resMes ct the Midland hotel, was nrrested
Wednr'dny nisl.t for ntteiiipttns; to pns n
fm- it check on the store of Myers-Plllon
iig company. The youth Is et.iploved bv
Wntt-r Jaritlne and siened the nan'e of
Mr. S(errlcWr to Ihe chec1". A rornnl-iint
rh:ir:.'lnr Hutclilucs with forgery will he
T ed I'rklay morning by a deputy county
"It Talks!"-
A Great Phyhlclun ,: "Your Perfect
Oianseius Furn ula f7 to everyone with
soy medical bkill or medical ito.t.'
r.nnul tlsit 1IH2
4 aiaml.d i 4Gr
.. Si . .1
1 .f.n.t "
HimtKll.., Tlt'f'
lion ,.f Mftu4rk,
Shi F'M-
Vdlll.O 1 '
T' t 1
i (I,.
acts promptly
and thoroughly
for Cold. Grip,
Hiiicb, Nea
rli, Indiavttisa,
Brsia Fas, Orhwki
CkUl as ss
AT ATT TA n - a
V " j
Tickets on sale December 18th, 19th, and 20th. Good
to return leaving Havana Jan. 9th, 1907. Steamship re
servations should be made now.
pitv TiPPfET nmpi:
Ul I I 1 1UIIU.I Ul IU
1402 Farnam Street. Omaha.
Harlan .
Carroll .
Tort Dodg
. $ .99
. 1.36
. 2.77
Eafla Grove) -Clarion
Belmont -Mason
City -
3.1 O
- 3.90
. t.4Q
i Ce4 returning following Monday.
for full Information ooolj
W. G. DaoUiom, Cltj tasttngtr A$M, it it farnam Strott.
t ;
r r