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CommUnion Will Make a Unanimous
Baport to ths Letiilatnra.
rIr latarmrc Company Resist
Payment f FoUry, bat Cnmrt Says
It Mast Par the Face of
thm Poller.
(Prom a fltaff Correspondent.)
PES MOINES, te!. . 8pec.lal There
will be but one report by the Insurance
Irerlslatlv commission. Practically the only
; Question that dlvldrs the commlstrton Is
that of deferred dividends, but there are
' Indlcatlona now that the commission will
art together on this. The report will not be
.' filed, however, till aome time next week
The members of the commission have In
terpreted the law, which say that ibe re
1 port must be filed by .December 1. as being
. directory and not ms.nda.tory. ' -Chairman
Jamison and Senator Bleakly hold to one
'extreme on the point of deferred' dividend
distribution, while Representatives Kendall
niiu ouca ijiu iv urn uinri lurw ul laTw
In; annual distribution of dividends. Rcpre
, sentatlve Clary occuple a middle ground
. In the matter. It is understood that the
j position of , Benators Jamison and Bleakly
', Is to condemn the deferred dividend, and
Harris , of .Tabor; censor, T. C. Cole
Thurman, E. E. Harris was elected d'
irate to the Stale Mt-dlcaJ society and J.
Lovelady alternate.
1ve reasons, however, why an annual dla
.trlburlon law should not be passed. Ken
, dall and Jones desire to condemn the de
ferred dividend and would recommend
legislation to correct as far as possible
', the evlto arising from It It is possible
that the position of Clary, to make
.definite report with specific recommend
' (' tlons allowing; deferred dividends but re-
qulrlns; that policies providing for annual
distribution be written If requested by the
policyholder and making; certain other re-
-qulrement as to crediting earnings so a
to protect the policyholder where the de
.' f erred dividend policy is written, may be
agreed, upon. The commission will mak
, very effort to get together on the report
ao that the report to the legislature when
algned will carry specific recommendations,
Normal to Have Blr Library.
' The, atate normnl school at Cedar Falls
Is to have a $100,000 library building, plan
j' .of which are now being drawn In the office
: of IToudfoot & Bird, architects, In thl
" city. The library will be erected on the
.' college campus with money, from the
( mlllage tax, and will be the largest Jlbrary
y building In the state. It will be 100x89 feet,
four stories high and will be built of brick
" and stone with tile roof, and entirely fire-
i, proof.
Vrarea Rellaloa for Rich
When the Chapmans, evangelists, had
!. preached a telHnr sermon to the. glrla In
' ' one of the Des Moines factories and had
' concluded a prayer meeting they were con-
'' fronted with the question from one of the
girls, "Why don't you go ovt on Orand
avenue?" . The girl explained that they
were all glad to have the evangelists come
i to them, but thought It would not seem so
'.. much like discrimination If they would also
t preach.. to the, rich out on West Grand
f Taverai. . . , - ' -"
A Daalc of Golt Gets Money.
In the circuit court of appeals the Bank
' --f Qff,.Neb.,.riaa won and the decision of
Jdg. Smith McPherson has been sustalnea.
The bank carried an Insurance policy with
the Bankers Mutual Casualty company of
this city for $3,000 and on January 14. 1904,
Us safe was blown and $5,300 In money
stlem The Bankers Mutual resisted the
payrltent of the policy on the ground that
the bank had misrepresented the thickness
of-Ms safe door, representing It to' be five
Inches thick "when It waa but four. In the
suit before Judge Smith McPherson In the
federal court In this city It was held that
while It was a fact thut the doof waa not
five Inches thick, this did not void the
policy, ahd gave a Judgment to the bank
for" the full amount of the policy. 1 ne la
Malrt Tax la Refnnle4.
ATLANTIC, la., Dec. 8. (Special.) J udga
Wheeler today decided that the seven
saloonmen who were put out of business
here by a decision of the court last Janu
ary, are entitled to a return of a portion
of the money they paid for mulct' tax.
eats at the home of' Mr. ulrps
rents, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Squire, on
I Ptory street. They are on their wedding
trip ana will remain until atter the holi
days. Mr. fleorre R. Phelps of this city has
severed his connection with the Wo-xl-ward
Stock company at the Burwood the
ater In Omaha and will leave soon for the
south. He will spend the winter In Florida
and Cuba.
Mrs. J. W. Smith. 1?2 Bluff street, enter
tained the Kiichre club Friday afterTwon at
her lione. Mrs. V. V Hnri won the first
prise. After the game luncheon waa served.
This Is the Inst meeting of the club until
after Christmas.
The St. Agnes' guild wns entertained
Wednesday evening at the home of Mrs. H.
A. Wulnn, fc!0 Oakland avenue. After the
meeting refreshments were served. Mis.
' n . am aa, aa, a A a, ax. a A . at at m, av at 00m
SPORTS CF A OAT. X JpA PUJ1 fl fi 0 T c
WITH TUB BOWLER. j fcf II (1" T f7 O W i
The Board of Supervisors had collected the
1150 mulct tax for the first quarter of the ! Wulnn will entertain the guild Monday In
year and the men asked for a rebate on
the unexpired term. The board refused
and they appealed. Today the court de
cided the tax should be returned to thorn
for the time they were not In business.
Mr. George E. Hulette's china sale and
pupils' exhibit Monday, Tuesday and
Wednesday, December 10, 11 and It, at 407
Park avenue.
Railroad Franchise Rxfeaded.
BIDNET. . Ia.. Dec. 8. (Special. The
city council of Bldney at Its last meeting
extended for three years the franchise
granted aome time ago to the Council
Bluffs, Tabor A Southern Electric rail
way. This company la also granted an
electric light franchise providing the lights
are put In by August 1, 1909. The officers
and promoters of the proposed electric line
were never more active than at present
and assurances are given that the pros
pects of the road's speedy completion were
never so bright as they now are.
Mnst He Sold Now.
Dwelling, 5 rooms, rents for 110. A bar
gain. Chas. T. Officer, 418 Broadway.
Go for you holiday wines, liquors and
cordials to It. Rosenfeldt, 51 S. Main.
'Phone SO.
Farmer Tries to Commit Salelde.
SIDNEY. Ia., Dec. 8 (Special.) John M.
Reed, a farmer living six miles southeast
of Bldney, climbed on top of his barn and
made preparations to hang himself. He
fastened one end of a rope arouird a pole
extending from the ridge pole of the barn
and the other end around his, neck. Be
fore the preparations were complete he
collapsed. His neighbors were notified and
rescued him from his perilous position on
top of the barn, where he was found In a
comatose condition.'
stead of Wednesday
Mr. Rny De Vol entertained at a seven
course dinner Frily evenlnx In honor of
Miss Leila Bcrlbner and Mr. Hall Wernher
of Omaha. Covers were laid for sixteen.
The dining room was decorated In red and
white, the same color scheme being carried
out In the dinner.
Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Sherman, 617 S-.uth
Seventh street, entertained the Seven
O clock Brlilge club Tuesday evening at
dinner. The twelve members were present
and the evening was spent at brldtre. The
club will be entertnlned next Tuesday even
ing by Mr. and Mrs. Wallace E. Bhepurd,
aii fifth avenue.
The members of the Jolly Sixteen Card
club were entertained Tuesday evening at
the home of Mrs. J. a. Bradley, lfii! Harri
son street. The prize for high score was
won by Mrs. Roberts and the second prise
was won by Mrs. Abdcll. The club will bo
entertained next Tuesday evening by Mrs.
Jones, 124 Knepper street.
The Sweet Sixteen Card club was entrr
talned Thursday evening by Miss Josephine
Jennings, 31 North Klrst street all mem
bers being present. Mr. Worth won the
first men's prise and Miss Maud Davis
tlie first women's prlxe. The club will be
entertained next Thursday evening by Mr.
Roy Palmer, 230 Graham avenue.
Mrs. Donald Macrae entertained at a Lit
tle whist piirty Thursday evening at her
home, mi Fifth avenue, In honor of Mis.
W. F. Sapp. Those present were Mr. and
Mrs. Victor Bender, Mr and Mrs. Charles
T. Stew-art, Mr. and Mrs. R W. Hart, Mr.
and Mrs. E. E. Hart, Mr. and Mrs.
Charles La. Haas and Mr. and Mrs. W. F.
Mrs. S. S. Keller entertained at a card
party Saturday afternoon at which there
were about sixty present. The afternoon
waa spent at euchre, at which Mrs. lpe
won the head prize and Mrs. Watwm won
the '-twenty" prize. After the game a
dainty luncheon was served. The rooms
were decorated throughout with chrysanthemums.
Notice All phcrtoa taken before Decem
ber 22 will be finished before Xmas. Come
any kind of weather. Open Sundays,
Schmidt,' Photographer.
Iowa News Notes
IOWA CITY Geors-R Thomas m. nf th
three alleged safet.iowers. charged with the
robtvery of the pootoftlre at Hills, was found
guilty by the Jury of the district court this
The general work of the Omaha Bowling
league during the. last week has been un
usually gnoU. A majority of the Indlvld
tuils raised their averages and must of
the teams showed an improvement In
link and si'ikfa work.
One new league and alley record was
established Tuesday night, when the 8tnrz
Hlue Kiblions rolled 1. 1 1 1 In a single' gaum.
1 heir total of I.OHo was the Iltih above
the 11,000 mark tor the team this season.
The standing of the teams In guinea won
and In percentage of strike and spare
work Is the most consistent ever shown,
both tables reading In the same order.
The total pins show where luck ma cut
some figure In the game, as the 'Ttrug
Parks lead the Mts Brothers by rtve
games, while the latter are fourteen puis
In the lead.
Most of the Interest now centers In the
coming tournament for city champion
ships. For several reasons the dates have
been changed to two weeks Inter than an
nounced. Entries will close December 2
and the tournament held' from December
31 to January 5. The entire eight teams
of the league have already entered, and It
Is likely that all their individual mem
bers will be seen In the doubles and sin
gles. ndlng of teams In the Omaha Bowl
ing league at the end of the twelfth week:
Won. Lost. Pot. Pins.
Ptors Blues ..... 26 10 .72 S4,!6!t
Krug Parks .... 24 12 .fi67
O. I. K.s.., i 1 5 .565 S:.4H4
Onimods 20 1 .653 33.1H2
Met Brothers .. . 19 17 .Bi8 83.614
Hamlltons 15 21 .417 82,432
CudRhvs 13 23 .81 8 1,0,14
Dreshers 7 2 .184 80,343
Detailed work or the teams:
Pet. Ktrks.Hprs.Si llts. E.
Ptorx Blues ... .la 775 745 130 141
Krug parks ... .P03 9H 7l 1S4 15
O. I). .K.'s.... .897 888 7S1 165 ls
Onimods ....... .R7 kxs 757 171 14
Met Brothers.. .MS SS4 791 1.13 192
Hamilton ..... .860 671 730 1 fid 239
Cudahys S34 04 748 1S1 2fi
Dreshers 7R3 545 748 149 858
Association handicap billiard tournament:
Hdcp. Games. Won. Lost.
7OU cant afford to run any risk in purchasing your U'i
Whiskey 9, especially for medical and household use, bu
will trade at Jlillers you will have that satisfying, confili
ing that you art getting the best and at wholesale prices.
Wines and
t if yon
ent feel'
WATCHES Frenzer, 15th and Dodge.
Demaad aa
Accounting of Monies
Iato Guarantee
VERMILION. B. D., Dec. 8. (Special.)
Students of the university are up In arms
In regard to the action of the authorities
In collecting a guarantee fund of 83 from
each one at the beginning of the year
without asking any accounting therefor.
They have gone so far as to appoint a
ALBIA-Attorney Woodson was suddenjv committee to wait upon ' President Gault
trlcken with an epileptic fit in the court and request him to secure the necessary
examining a witness In the information for them. If they do not re-
Nenle 10
Iemman ...Scr.
Chandler . . . Scr.
Potter Scr.
Williams ... 15
Griffiths .... 40
Huntington.. 10
Hartley .... 60
Following are the Individual averages:
Oima. Ay.!" Oamm. A.
C. J. PrnirlKo.. S3
Anrwn 84
mom while
Nannie Taylor case, on trial for murdering
her husband. The Judge hastily adjourned
me session ana tne stricken man was re
moved to his home.' He waa revived several
hours later.
MARSHA LLTO W N Colonel Fltxroy Ses
sions, once prominent In federal circles, a
resident of Cedar Falls, became violently
Insane tcxiay and tried to murder Adam
Lieberknecht. a comrade at the Old Soldiers-
Home here. Sessions' victim Is. a
oelve a satisfactory answer In regard to
the disposition of this fund they promise
to carry the matter to higher authority.
The trouble arises over a guarantee fee,
which Is required of .each student for
breakage and the like. The understanding
at the Beginning of last year wqs that
at the close of the year the breakage would
helpless Invalid. The madman attempted be summed up and proportioned to each
io cut nis mroat ana beat out ms brains. student, except in . cases where Individual
,XrZrJnm,XZ responsibility could be fixed. This the sta
Thornton bank and summoned the creditors dents did not object to laat year, and many
or tne concern before It for a thorough In
aurance company carried the case to the
court of appeals and the action of the
lower court has been sustalnpd. The suit
attracted wide attention. The big aafe waa
brought to De Moines aa one of the ex
hibits In the suit. The door waa five Inches
thick at the edge, where there waa an ex
tra rim, but not In the center of the door.
Many experts testified In the suit.
To Jail or Ltvo at Homo.
John Shad of Orient, Ia., before Police
Judge - A. J. Mathls today filed charges
against hla wife, Mrs. Elva Bhad. Mrs.
ghad left home and her husband came to
Pea Moines to search for her and claims
to have found her In a house of 111 reputa
tion la the bad territory on East Court
avenue. Bhe refused to return with him to
hla home and to the child she had de
, aerted, though ahe was willing that Bhad
should coma to Dea Moines and aee her
once a month or so. Shad went to the
police eourt and filed charges and the wife
must select Between returning to her hus-
tasnd or going to JalL
'Lost roar Days of Life.
R. Clair McDonald of Oahkosh, Wis., Is
at the Walston sanatarlum In this city
minus four daya of his life. The first of
the week he started dowa an elevator In a
- big Chicago building. The next he knew
waa four dayt later when he came to him
elf In the sanatarlum In Dug Moines.
McDonald was noticed by a drug clerk to
act strangely and finally persuaded the man
to get into a cab and go to the sanatarlum.
The last he remembers Is having called
"down" to the elevator boy In the Railway
and' Trust building In Chicago. He still
has his grip and 8J00 In money.
Report of Labor Coaaatlaaloaer.
In his report to the governor, filed today
E. D, Brlgham, state labor commissioner,
gives more detailed reports of wage condl
tlons than In any previous report. He
allows that railway conductors and engl
neers and other highly paid labor has an
average yearly wage of f$28, and the lowe
classes an average wage of V'O a year, for
men only. Male clerks, managers and
superintendents get an average yearly wage
of ttri!. and women )4!7. Twenty per cen
of the wage-eurners own their own homes
free of encumbrance at an averuge value of
11.914, and about the same per oent have
equities of an average value of Sl.SuO. The
I report states that tt has not been necessary
to invoke the law to enforce the child labor
law, all factory owners complying when
their attention Is called to the matter.
uulsltlon. There have been .rhann of
fraudulent banking made that seemed to
warrant an Investigation. The credits of
the Institution amount to about txOOOO, but
the affairs of the bank are In such shape
that It Is Impossible to tell how near these
will be paid.
ATLANTIC The Cass county branch of
the Corn Belt Meat Producers association
held ft meeting today and elected the fol
lowing officers: Charles Hunt, president;
H. Wilcox, vice president; H. M. Boor
man, secretary, and Charles Helmts, treas
urer. The board of directors Is: Walter
Rue, Casper Beekman, James Boiler, Frank
urulke and Edward Harlan. C. R. Hunt,
James Boiler, R. B. Marker, Casper Beek
man and H. M. Boorman were elected
delegates to the state convention at Des
Moines December 11.
(Continued from Tenth Page.)
asthma. The body will, be brought to thts
city for burial and is expected to arrive
this evening. Funeral services will be held
Tuesday, either at the residence of Mr.
and Mrs. W. W. Wallace or the First Con.
gregatlonal church, and will be conducted
by Dr. O. O. Smith and Rev. James O'May.
Interment will be in Falrvlew cemetery,
where their child, who died from diph
theria while Rev. Thomson was filling the
pastorate here, la burled.
even went so far aa to assign what bal
ance would be theirs to the athletic or
debating boards. The students allege that
no moneys have ever been turned over
to athletics or debating societies from
this fund, although there should be sev
eral hundred dollars In the hands of the
secretary of th university. According to
their estimate tl.100 was paid In by the
students last year as a guarantee fund.
At the close of the year,, when the losses
were flguered up, It was announced that
each student was liable for $1.60, or halt
of the amount of his guarantee. A few re
celved their balance when school closed In
June, but the majority did not receive a
4'Wbr II 1M
i"0! Btnzelc 1 3 13
It! Zimmerman 83 IS
Hrtly 37 JH1
J4l Nortne 33 b3
1(3 LIkk'U 81 171
1! Nlcoll .24 111
ll Fru.h 34 17
mitOrMnleat 31 178
lXHJnnn - 11 nil
m Maglll 34 178
m William 84 177
189 Tartar II 171
lS8Tracr 14 175
1M! Chandler 57 175
1K7 1 H. O. Reed 84 171
ISSt Chatelaln 84 171
1 Crooka I 170
1&5! A. C. Raed 17 1M
lftiiaiimtha 30
IMIQoff 18 111)
lMl Qurir 3 1(0
183Catherwoo4 34 IS!
Cochran 12
O. J). Francisco.. 24
Bprssue. 80
MH'axus 88.
OJerd 84
Marlil M
Neal 31
Putter 80
Jnhnaon 81
Krltuher 84
Rempka 83
Sheldon XI
Pickering 33
Penman 88
Huntington 34
Kneel I 25
Brunke 81
ForeiUtt 84
Rlakener 83
French 38
Mulrneaux 34
The scores made on the Metropolitan
alleys by the Commercial league teams
were all below their average. The only
noticeahle change was the Life Malls have
now Jumped up from fourth -to second
place. C aptain Walenx threatens to make
it Interesting for the Falstaffs before
many moons.
Merger Is leading the Individuals again.
with Dudley' a close second.
A league meetine- will he held at the
Metropolitan alley Sunday afternoon, De-
cemoer . at z:30 t. m. All caDta Ins are
asked to attend, aa bnstness of Importance
is to De Drought up.
learn standing ending of eleventh week:
Name. Played.Won.Lost. Pins.
We want the ladies to make their selection of table
wines and liquors at our store in person, therefore as a
special inducement for them to call we will give free to every
lady making a purchase a fancy decorated Tea Cup and Saucer.
Special Holiday Prices
Fine California Apricot Brandy, per bottle 70c
Extra quality Rock and Rye, per bottle ....68c
High grade California Wines, 50c and 35c
Port, Sherry, Claret, Angelica, 50c and ....35c
Cherry Cordial exquisite flavor----- 75c
All the best Whiskeys 'on the Market from 75c per
Dottle and Up. $2.75 per Gallon and Up.
Phone Doug. 1241. We Deliver.
Hiller Liquor Company
Family Caterers of Fine 'Wines and Liquors
O pen Evenings 1309 FARNAM ST. Green Trading Stamps
Fill it
1 at
Falstaffs .
Life Malts . .
Carman's Cs
Gold Tops . .
O. Bicycle Co
Black Kata. .
Dally News.
Ul Caudlllos.
Armours . . .
Monte Crlstos
Following are the Individual averages:
Oamea, AT. Oamee. at.
Dudley .
LdTtg n.
Xmas lie! ere Prasalasl. -
Place your orders at once for frames to
be made fur Xmas gifts. C. E. Alexander,
S33 B'wajr.
Increase la Showa In Amount of Taxes
Paid by Roads.
BIOUX FALLS, 8. D., Dec. 8.-Spectal.)
Considerable matter of state-wide Interest
is contained In the seventeenth annual re
port of the Board of Railroad Commission
era of South Dakota, an advance copy of
which has been furnished to The Bee cor
respondent by William H. Stanley, seere
tary of the board. The report will be
printed In book foam la time for dlstrlbu-!
tlon among the members of the legisla
ture, In January.
The report shows the taxes paid by the
railroad companies with lines In South Da
kota during the year ending June 30, last,
amounted to an aggregate of $337,720.06, an
Increase of 313,002.06 over the last prior
fiscal year. Reference to the detailed state.
menta of complaints filed with the board
during the year disclose that, while an un
usually large number of cases have "been
considered, a large proportion of them have
been satisfactorily adjusted without the
trouble and expense Incident to formal
hearings and Investigation, and where or
ders have been made by the board during
the past year they have, with on excep
tlon, been uniformly obeyed without re
course to the courts for the enforcement
of the orders.
Warehouse license to the number of
1,028 were issued by the board during the
fiscal year covered by the report. This
1 an Increase of 157 over the previous
year, and an Increase of 189 over the year
The railroad commissioners recommend
that the legislature enact a law requiring
grade crossings to be properly protected
by Interlocking and derailing appliances at
all points, where, In the Judgment of the
commission, the safety of the publlo re-
Mr. and Mr. M. Wollman will leave soon I " lmB wou,a "J" vo,a ln
for Florida, where they will spend the cessity of stopping all trains before pro
winter. I ceedlng over grade crosslnss so nrotct4
Miss Mary Key entertained a number of I anil m-miM u mnh Hm. in th.
fVlMnri. Infnrmallv Biitu1,U ...... I I "
Klonck 13
Hull (7
Seamaa ...
C. Prlmeau
L.hinano .,
Caroiaa ...
Walena ....
lMlPoicar ..
U2I Foley ..
ll -lark ..
!7S Poll
.... II
.... 24
.... 11
.. li
177 McUe II
1741 LlndrootB '.. 17
Sutton 14
Gifts fop the Hoase.
Thla list, though scarcely an Index of
our stock, typifies our well known preeminence:
Wood pedestals.
Dresser scarfs.
Sofa cushions.
Fancy centerpieces.
Christmas buying headquarters.
1741 Knai
174 1 Hunter
1761 Solomon
174! Kelaon .
17S WelmeT
1711 Parma lea
1721 Paiton .
1711 Patteraon
IT 1 1 McK.lTr
1701 Boord ..
170! I'm
White ..
iaBaehr ..
148: Camp . .
1M Darle
ini Griffith ,.
1W Btln.
1M' Huff ,
161 Grlflln ,
1441 MrLeaa ,
13 Htgglna
laiiManalng har
Schedule for next week:
Monday, December 10 Falstaffs
Tuesday, December 11 Life Malts vs.
Patterson's Dally News.
Wednesday, December 13 El Caudlllos
vs. Gold Tops.
Thursday, December 13 Carman' Colts
vs. u nrien s Monte crlstos.
Friday, December 14 Omaha Bicycle
T. 01U.IK. rvais.
(IHbreaU ,
Hlnrlrka ..
O nrlen ..,
Havana ...
Orott. .....
t'auahlaa .
Collin. ...
FrlebM ...
Bak.r ....
Moor. ....
Kaufmaa .
... 17
... 10
... 10
... 4
... !1
... 11
... 17
... 17
... 17
... U
r- "
... 14
... li
.... 11
.. 11
.. 11
.. 16
.. 17
.. II
.. 10
.. It
.. 11
.. 4
.. 11
.. 11
.. IS
.. U
.. 11
... to
.. to
.. tl
... IS
... It
... 24
... It
... II
even the prune-rlcklng delegation had very
little to say. About the only time there
was a cheer was when a foul ball waa
knocked Into the crowd and descended with
a resounding, whack upon the lid of some
unsuxpectlng spectator.
Strlcklrtt of Brooklyn did the pitching
for San Jose and Lellield of Pittsburg for
Stockton. Both twirled good ball and, If
Leifleld had been given proper support, the
game might have been worth witnessing.
As it waa, the spectators were held up for
double prices and saw town lot ball.
Every base ball or foot ball event of 190$,
conducted without the supervision of a gov
erning body, was a financial failure or de
veloped a scandal. The aerie which the
Buffalo and Columbus clubs started for the
class A championship was not finished, the
Eastern league's representative refusing to
play the last two games. In the post-season
series between the Stockton and San Jose
teams for the championship of the inde
pendent California State league major
league players were Imported by each and
charges of oolluslon were made. The Mas-
lllon-c anion loot ban matcn gave rise in
scandal that haa resulted in a law sun.
The All-Western-Massillon game on
ThanksKlvIng day at Chicago was a finan
cial failure. Each series under the auspices
of the national commission, whether Tor tne
championship of the world or for a city,
has been a success from every standpoint,
but narrow-minded and Bhort-sighted par
ticipants have protested agalnet the com
mlaaion sharing In the proceeds, although
the money thus obtained la applied to the
payment of the operating expenses of the
supreme court of baHe ball.-portlng News.
It la tne general impression, mat junmj
Calahan will get the small end In hi suit
against Charley Comlakey.
Two hundred and sixty-six cities and
towns of the United States and Canada are
now connected w th the JNatlonal associa
tion of professional base ball leagues.
vs. Ar-
Number of Pleaaaat laf.rmal Gather
Mr and Mrs. Ernest E. Hart entertained
Sunday at dinner fur Mrs. W. F. Sapp.
Mrs. J. M. Butler of 326 Avenue F has
gone to Chicago for a visit with rela
union of Long Island today. The Irish
team tallied 37 points to the New York
Athletic club's 45; the Mohawk A. C. was
socond with 89, and the Pastime A. l,
waa last with 98. George Bonhag leil the
runners home, covering the six miles In
the excellent time of 30:52:00.
Atlanta Rider Wins Ten-Mile Bicycle
Race at New York.
NEW YORK. Dec. 8. Bobby Walthour
of Atlanta won from Paul Oulgnard of
Paris In the ten-mile motor paced race,
the principal event of tonight's curtain
raiser for the six-day bicycle grind that
will begin at midnight tomorrow at Madi
son 8quare garden. Walthour's time was
lti:494 and he had an advantage of six laps
wnen he concluded. Hugn Mciean or
Boston won by half a lap from Floyd
McFarland of San Jose, Cnl., In the motor
paced race of five miles. The quarter-mile
amateur championship was captured by
James Zanes of Newark, N. J., In the good
time of 0:334. Tl reHiiHs follow:
Quarter-mile national amateur champion
ship: James Zanes, Newark, N. J., won;
W. Vanden Dries, Jr., New' York Athletic
club, second, 'lime: 0:33V ,
Five-mile motor paced race: Hueh Mc
lypan, Boston, won; Floyd McFarland, Sun
Jose. Car, second. Time: 8:04H.
Motor cycle race, one mile. In heats, best
two out of three: Fred Hnyt, Bridgeport,
Conn., won; J. DeRosler, Springfield, Mass.,
second. DeRosler won the first heat and
Hnyt the lust two. Time: 1:30, ll'W.
Ten-mile International professional race:
Walter Rutt, Germany, won: A. J. Clark,
Australia, second; Joe Folger, New York,
third. Time: 82:34-
Ten-mile motor paced event between
Bobby Walthour of Atlanta, Ga, and Paul
Oulgnard of Paris, France, was won by
Walthour by six laps. Time: 16:44.
lty of Southern California, to be
played at Ios Angeles, Christmas day.
The local university authorities tonight
sanctioned the contest and the team will
depart in a special car two weeks from
Tuxedo Cout and Vest, sise 37, made to
sell for 8.T6, at Bennett's Clothing Dept., $20.
Iadlrtmeata Defective.
CEDAR RAPIDS. I a., Deo. (.-Judge
Church at Artamosa today quashed Indict
ment against F. E. Snyder, the Oiln
banker, charged with fraudulent banking.
The Indictments proved defective.. Bnydir
waa tried a year ago and was found guilty.
was fined only fliu and depositor In
hla bank secured a reindictment cf him.
The depositors are said to have lost about
tluOoe In the failure of th bank.
. Choice picture for glfta Alexander's Art
Store. U B wsy. t'oaaty ltr Elect.
SIDNEY. Ia,. Dec . (Special.) The
Fremont County Medical society at Its last
meeting elected the following officer for
the ensuing year; President. II. J. Plr
of Randolph ; Ice president, T. Q. Stephens puv otn time thla month.
f sUAney; secretary and treasurer, E. K. I Ur. Mr. c. Bu,ulr vt Bustwa are
of Mrs. W. F. Sapp,
Mrs. Painter Knox will entertain the "500'
rlub Friday afternoon at her home, US
rortn Becuaid street.
Miss Dula and Miss Ella S pet man will en
tertain the Bachelor UirU club Saturday
vvcmiis; hi ineir nume, iz& rauri street.
Mrs. S. C. Smith of Beatrice, Neb., has
returned home after a abort visit with hor
sister, Mrs. N. A. Metsger, 3t(l Ninth street.
Mr. and Mr a. George A. Keelln and Miss
Keellne will give a dancing party at the
Grand hotel Wednesday evening, December
The Wednesday Kensington club was en
tertained by Mrs. Earle St. John at a mat
inee party, at which ail the members were
and Mrs. C. B. Waits of Graham,
Mont., arrived yesterday on a visit to
their daughter, Mrs. Henry Cutler of Tur
ley avenue.
Mrs. W. F. Sapp 238 Oakland avenue, will
leave this afternoon for California to spend
the winter with her parents, Mr. and Mrs,
W. W. Doomla.
Mrs. Ed Crandall, who has been visiting
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. U. Spies ot
Tenth avenue, has returned to her home
In San Francisco.
The Utile Bridge club was entertained
Tuesdsy afternoon by Mra Emmet Tlnley
at her Lome, Willow avenue. After th
game a dainty luncheon was served.
The Bt. Paul's guild waa entertained last
Monday afternoon at the home of Mrs.
Kinmrt Tlnley. tot V, lllow avenue. After
the meeting refreshments were served.
Mrs. A. M. Jackson of Norfolk, Neb., an
no u lues the eiiKeinent of her daughter,
MthS UllUn Jackson, to Mr. E. P. W od.
ring of this city. The wadding will take
urgently recommended to enact a law.
making It unlawful In South Dakota for.
any railroad company to either compel
or permit any railroad conductor, engineer.
fireman, brakeman or other employe
actually engaged In the running or opera
tion of trains to work for a longer period
than sixteen consecutive hour out of every
Owing to the uncertainty of the authority
of the railroad . commissioner In cases
where It 1 desired to have connecting
track constructed at points where the
sioax city Catcher Advertises for
Place with Aaotker Club.
In the want columns of tha Snartlna
News Tommy Hess, laat year's catctier for
Sioux City, advertises for a Job in a minor
league. He states he Is at liberty. He
caught the majority of the games for Sioux
city laat year, he says, though one U
r reese caught a few.
Another bit of Information disclosed by
tnese same want column Is that a ' player
manager in uenver is ready to accept
Job with a million-dollar salary attached
One might suspect, until he had read the
ad. that this was Squire Bill Everltt. But
the ad says, "Have had six years' experi
ence In minor leagues." Had It said sixty,
then suspicion would at once have pointed
at Bill. But still. It didn't say anything
about how long the man had spent on the
major diamonds.
Frank Chance Is amusing himself, with
Pitcher Lineld and a few other big dia
mond ball players, by engaging In some
amateur contents on the Pacific coast this
winter. Th other day a game, or rather a
fluke, was played between San Jose and
Stockton at Oakland, and tha Sporting
News has this to say of it:
The final San Jose-Stockton game played
st Idora park Sunday afternoon was a
farciutl performance which was wen by the
former by the score of 7 to 0. it wasn t the
good playing of the so-called San Jose
team which was responsible for Its victory,
but the poor work of the aggregation which
represented the San Joaquin metropolis.
Captain Danny Shay of Stockton, whom
the New York Giants are trying to Induoe
to return east next season, wns one of the
chief offenders of his side in the matter ot
mlscues. Almost every time he got hold of
the ball he hurled It into the crowd In fact,
the greenest amateur from Cow Hollow
could liave put up aa good a game as tlis
mucn-touted uanny. 1'erhapa It was over-
anxiety to win. but, nevertheless. If he had
lines of different railroad companies Inter- I wanted to tos th gam away he could not
sect, so a to permit the transfer from KvTon" bout 11 mor effectively than
h. ,.,. he aid.
"""'i'ar io ins i when the game started Stockton waa
track of another of loaded and empty car minus three of her star players Chance of
designed for transportation unon both i Chicago, Bhrehan of Pittsburg and Holder
roads, the commissioners ask the enact
ment of laws authorising the board to""or-
of San Francisco; their places being tilled
by "Doc" Mosklman, "Red Bill" Devereaux
and "Bull" C'rull. The stars had been do-
Varletles Win Saata Catallna Selllnii
Stake at Ascot.
ry-ia A vnKT.FTS. Dee. 8. The feature of
today's card at Ascot was the Santa Cata
llna Belling stakes, valued at II. LW. Va
rieties, 12 to 1, won by keeping ciose io me
roii onrf unrior kvrn uraina. Beservatlon,
at 6 to 1, was the longest priced other horse
to land. Kesuita:
First race, seven furlongs: Search Me
won, Lady Wrousman second. Young Davis
third Time: l:a. ,
Second race, five furlongs: Airs won,
Dulclnea second, Commida third. Time: 1:01.
Third race, ene mile and seventy yru.-.;
Reservation won, Oratorlan second, Atkins
third. Time: 1;46H.
Fourth race, Santa Catallna selling
stakes. 31.250 added, seven furlongs: Varie
ties won. Pantoune aecona, r.nue . nuu.
third. Time: l:2T'-t.
Fifth race, futurity course: 4St. Or won.
Remember second, IJvius third. Time: 1:12.
Sixth race, one mile and fifty yard.
Cotillion won. Netting cecond, Freeslu
third. Time: 1:47.
u i m irn ANfMSCO. Dec. 8. Results:
Klr-t race, seven furlongs: Fred Bent
won, Comllfo second. Governor DhvI third,
Time: 1:36.
Second race, five furlongs: Mansard won
Billy Muyham second, Aaron J. third
Vilr 'Plllia? I'M.
Thini ruce Ave and a half furlongs: Ethel
Dnv won. E. M. Brattaln second, Dutiful
hlrH n'itna 1 :ftt.
Fourth race, one mile: Don Hamilton
won, Mary F. second, Corrlgan third. Time:
Fifth race, one mile and fifty yards:
Jackful won, Dollnda second, Inflammable
thlr4 Tim.: 1 :4oU.
Sixth race, six and a naif ruriongs: jonr
Faust won, Native Son second, llureiano
third. Time: 1:21.
K'fc'AV OHI.KANH. 1MC. S. KeBUllH:
First race, six furlongs; Tom Manklns
won. Consideration second, uay Aotmiui
third. Time: 1:15M. '
Second race, six lunongw: iuiwn won
Meadow Bruese second, may vasntl iniru
Tlm' 1:14.
Third race, one mue ana a anieemn
handicap: Gild won, Missouri Dud second.
Kiuvittny third. Time: 1:47"4.
Fourth race, preliminary Derby, six fur
longs: Fantastic won. DeOro second,
ClHtnor third, lime: i:n.
Fifth race, two miles: Padre won. Mamie
AlK'd second, Csshler third. Time: 3:32,
Blxth race, one mile and seventy yard-:
Goldsmith wun, I-ady Ellison second. Kiltie
platt third. Time: 1:46.
Seventh race, one mile and seventy yards:
Rather Royal won. Merry Pioneer second,
Hermaklss third. Time: 1:46.
Foar Mia Belns; Considered for the
LINCOLN. Deo. 8 Amos P. Foster, foot
ball coach at the I'nlversity of Nebraska,
haa tendered his resignation, and It will be
accepted. The athletic board of the unl
vera'ty Is actively negotiating for a new
coach. No definite proposal ha been rnitde,
but four men have been suggested They
are Conch "King" Cole of Virginia uni
versity, llerrnstein of Ohio, McGulttan of
Vanderbllt and Turner of Syracuse. Coach
Foster will return to Cincinnati.
Clarke Will Play Ball.
W1NFTKLD. Kan.. Dec. 8 Fred C.
Clarke of the Pittsburg club of the Na-
lonal league denied at hla home near this
Itv today that he intends to retire from
bsse ball. Tomorrow Clarke will leave for
New York to attend the annual meeting of
he league.
llnverford Defeats Harvard.
CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Dec. 8. Haverford
college defeated Harvard at association
foct ball today Dy a score or z to i. i ne
game decided the Intercollegiate champion
ship in association loot oau.
Foot Ball on Christmas Day.
HT. LOriS. Mo.. Dec. 8. Arrangements
have been completed for a foot ball game
between St. Louis university and tha L'nl-
dar th construction at aurh r.nn.,1. i layed by the late arrival of their train
... I from the south, but they appeared In time
track and definitely prescribing th pro
cedure In uch case
It la , recommended In the report that
sufficient law be enacted making It un
lawful for any railroad company to close
or abandon any passenger or freight sta
to go Into th game In the second
However, their presence did not seem to
help matters much with the Stockiomans,
who continued to hand out runs to thrlr
opponents with distressing regularity by
their poor fielding and throwing. Catcher
Donahue, who did the backstop work for
tlon. or to remove th. .tH.,n Plul w ciueuiy on. lenin- two or
from any station, or to withdraw an agent 1 allowing another to walk home on account
from any station where an agent ha once i of Pd ball.
bn employed without first obtainin. ,h. ero?0tf1
written consent vi tne raiiroaa comml. overflowed upon the held, mere was
WalUi Copley, Jeweler, tit S. UtU.
Normal School Literary Contest.
SPEARFISH, 8. D., Dec. 8. (Special.)
In the annual oratory contest between tho
Ciceronian and Minerva literary societies ot
tho Normal school, In the new Matthews
opera house, the latter society won. Mias
Nina Miller of the Mim rvas was given th
decision in the declamation over Mr. Arthur
Prior; Walter Rue of the Clc: ronlans over
Flossie Tevorthan In the oration. Upon
the question of providing relief for con
gested portions of the city clums by means
of establishing rural communities, the de
bute went to the Mlnorvas. They upheld
the negative side of the question and were
represented by Grace Wilkinson and Mil
dred Prior. The debaters for the Clc-
eronlaus were Leroy Parkin and Lemuel
Putman. By special Invitation of President
Cook the State Board of Regents and state
representatives and senators from the Hills
were present, three from their number
acting as Judges.
Have Root print It.
StorRls Maa I Held I'p.
STL'RaiS, S. D., Dec. 8. (Special Tele
gram.) Joseph Merrltt. Jr., a resident of
Sturgls, was knocked down last night and
robbed of IIS while on his way home. Mer
rltt says there were two men, one with a
gun and the other with knuckle. The
men escaped. No arrest have been made,
but the authorities are on the lookout.
Full Dress Suit, size S8, made to sell for
$75, at Bennett' Clothing Dept., (45.
Alaska Wants Appropriation.
SEATTLE. Wash.. Dee. 6 -Congress will
be asked to appropriate $1,01)0,000 with which
to make a proper exhibit of the resources
and products of the Alaskan country at
the AliiBka-Yukon-Pitclfio exposition. The
fair directors have tclesraphed requests
to the Washington and Alnaka delegation
hi congress to support the bill.
Fine China Copley, Jeweler, 215 B. 16th.
rcely any enthuniusm aroused durlnn
the same. Both San Jose and Stockton had
run excursions to the game, but the contest 1 nual cross-country run of iie Melropoll-
tm so iui-aiu.v sum m pooriy piarea mat I lan association 4t me Aiuamur jkuiitiuc
Declsloa Against Daffy.
NEW YORK, Dec. 8. The appellste divi
sion of the supreme court handed down a
decision today in the case of A. F. Duffy,
the sprinter, against President James ft.
Sullivan of the Amateur Athletic associa
tion sustaining the decision of the lower
court, which held that Duffy did not show
that he had any cyuse of action aguliiDt
the union to compel It to relnatale hi
alleged track records. Permission was
granted the plaintiff to amend hi com
plaint upon the payment ot cost
rreaa-Cuastry Haa,
IEW YORK. lc. 8. The Irish-American
Athletic club won the senior learn
and individual championships In the an
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