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' YrIrrhTrr 1oitplnt CI
f I III ObUIU 111 UG
I Closed All Dau
I Thanksgiving t
Millinery Department; Com
The definition of the word "economy" will be demonstrated in this
as it never has been before. Every hat in this department worth to
? This jo-oat clearing sale should be doubly important.-for as a
feiving you nn opportunity to wear a fine hat on this glal day,
$iot one of thessq hats sold for Jess than $5.00, from fliis on up to
Choice Fur Neckwear; in Hatu-f
ral and Blended Squirrel,
Genuine Mink, : Marten, Black"1)
Lynx, Fox and- Other Fine'
Few people knW hVh in regard to furs,
and It Is ener b. deceived In purchas
ing them. Jn haying at'our store, yiu are
alaoiys protected, ai no misrepresentations
ar ever allowed In our store.
BtylJih new nml - hundreds of pretty
coats lii velour, broadtail vrlour, fancy mix
tures ajid flno bluck broadcloth coats.
Separate Skirts, In voile. ,pansttras and
choice; fancy material. All our eklrttfvaro
fitted with. rare.aui attention to details.
t ..f Vallier's Gloves
It is, .indeed, a Kiixrb collection, look at
It Bft you will. The gloves ar- right In every
uu.)i quality, fit, finish, colors, materials
anil workmanship all are of the highest
order. We guaranty a perfect fit. And as
to 'tTie nrlc". thev arc. without the shadow
of irxaggeration. In every way the best that '
money can buy. Here fire a few numbers
thai Vallicr makes and excels In:
An elbow' gace kid glove. In black, made
of feal kid, 'nnd the bent, per pair, $4.00.
A washable giaee kid glove, that is ari
good as any glove In fit and quality, and
saves you the price of cleaning. In ,tni pud ,
white, per pair, 13.50.
A black Vstuinlcss" Suede glove, In the it
button length, an. excellent glove . for 1U
and quality, and every pair guararteed to
be . perspiration proof, and not stuin the'
hand or dress, "per pair, 12.00.
A pique "washable" kid glove, with 2
clnsp and latest stltchJpK, In all- shades of
new. tans and white, for your best wear,'
per pair, $2.00. ' ', '
A' complete line of overscam glace gloves,
witTi 8-oluxp, Jn all the best ' shad a of
brdwn. tan, mode, navy, green, red, black
Or white, at $1.60 and I2.H0 per pair.
We are BOLE AtiKNTS Tot these goods
in f)maha- '.! ' ' i
JJain Floor.
' Veilings and Dress Nets ' '
Our stock of chiffon Auto Veils Ms large
f " -. .: ' '
Tvventu-tour Daus
- To Do Your
vChrUibgias Shopping
Jaiu:e any rate, once established, or -put
fori', without giving the railroad com in
Slon at least tn Urn days previous noli
feec-uno 12 Any rallnud ttiat rails or n
lee is to carry out any order, 'or to ah
by any finding of the railroad commissi
or, otherwise violate any op the provish
of thin act, riia.ll be, de nied, guilty of
inlBrtemeanor, and upon conviction llier
fliull he tlned, at the discretion of the coi
any sum not lea man nve ttiousunti 11011
, iK'.O'vi oi mora than fifty th6uitud doll
todrMfT or Tur inriTU1
I viitwaw i - y r unc mtnint
t alr l, Katt -Portion , of ebr-1
,y . '.' Toaar-Rala or ow ana'4lar
at Mf kt or' Tomorrow. ,
Jn , ' . j k
w' WAolUIGTON,, Nov.: 24.-FvrecuV of'.tha
,-Wuuther fr Sunday and MunUay: - i
Pilfer Nebraaka Fair In tt 'portion Suh-j
'ayi. raln-or-stKjw ..sind colder at night o
,Mmda;y;'weHt portion fulrr, tmlder Biinday;
.;iolida;,fair. .' .' 1 , ' .
f. V'pr ,-lewa Cloudy Sunday; .warmer in
YJBttrn portion; rain at night or MHiday;
Votdor Aluuday la the west portion. . '
r ' Colorado and Wyoinlng-rGenerally
; fair Bunday and Monday,.'.
i;OT South Dakota Fair Sunday; colder
.In the central and eust isirtions; . Mourtny. I
Local Record. , ... 4
OMAHA. Nov, :4.-Omi;iul record, or tm-l-erature
ni4 preclpliMiion, ..rouipared wild
the corresponding . day of the p threa
yaars: v ..IKtW. 11M. WW. 1SW3.
.Maximum temperature.... 4J. 4K 03
Minimum temperature.... . ?i !W .XI ' 2!
Mean U-mperature. ... s U4 Al 4J - X
re:lpltatiou .. ....... . .00 .T .u
Temieratut and- preeipitation depurturei
rrom the normal at Dinahs sines Al.irc'1 1,
and comparisons with the put two years
Normal tempeiatura
h-xpesrs ror the day
Total excess since March
.0.1 inch
.'.1 . '.OS Inch
Normal preclpltailou
Kxrea for the day..;...,!..-.
Total rainfall sine- Mtrch
IVflclency etuce March 1.
Deficiency for cor. period.
1 24 7k iwhn
. ..... 4 24 Inches
116. . 2 13 inches
lieltclein y tor cor., period.. tXH... Viirhos
I luuicatea trace or precipitation.
' - , -. -. .
Tha GuaranteeifrGoId Cure
l ite DruKa!t Will Kfund Vour Money
, It lllio.MO-lAX Fail
. -.'.' ' y - -.-
. i . 1 ' 1 " : '
Kvery box of BROMO-LAX U sold with
ir.e psltlvef ndersiandlng-tuat it IT does
11c t .ut ,your cold jou caii go toiyosr
Uvnatst and gel Q.ur-inoin-y. j
ihnu.V.AX Is compouudod on mew
aittt -ktentic ' basin. vi nivk-'accoiinta for
the wcndei tul sucess It is meeting with;
it Is not a lot of drugs thrown together,
..ut each IngrCTln-nt ia put In for a spi
cule purpobe: eacli iii(irulmt helps the
oilier ingredlems do their work.
' BFIOMO-I, A leaves the head free and
ilrar after a ftw doses have been taken;
oo- nut leave il aluffy and achey Jik
tjuluino preparations, ttccautio- ia o QUIB IS E ur rr.
It you have a cold In the head get a bos
.. ... ..,.1.4 o..,. T i. - " .
' unojn-i.jiA luuay iroin. yoii- drug'
a la a llul- OitAkilK coi.
1 Rl'i H'.
anu cc.Bia -r.,; ir 11 d,.ea
guod and nothing if it doesn't.
O 11
avr ura t (ia at uaaaa.
J- a a a a a
Great Sale rat $2.49 Each-PJ
Ita'riionwt ration of. Iilon 'ttrand Yarns Oonimrnrlnjt Monday, November
;; o . 3th. ..You Are Invited to lie Present.
Commencing Monday, Miss 'Nlssen '( expert-j arnr demonstrator for'
tho Xlon -brftnd yarns) will give free instructions inall the newest
stitches fn fancy knitting and crocheting:. Miss Ninsen having been here
before,' will, no doubt be known to a great-many and will be plensed to
moet her frlouda. Aa Christmas Is still Beveral weeks off. this will
give ynu a Hood opportunity to knit
the airiBeasen. (.
:! Kecsnd floor.', -
and varied. "The colors . are pale hte,;i
pink, gray, dak red. brown, navy, myrtle,,
creum and black. ' With price's-at $1.00, i$l.,
$1.5i, $2.00, $2.50, $4.00 and $?.S0 each. .
The "MON B1JOI"" Auto veil Is dressy
and a great protection from the Wind. Ask
to see it-. ' ' ' ' ' -V '
FANCY NET FACE Veiling with or with
out spots, at 2Tc. 30c, Vk; 50e, 0c. 71io,' $1.00.
ft.ft and $1.W aydfd. In all
HRIDAL. II.I.tT8ION 72 Inehes wide, Rjc
yard. Inches wide, $1.3ti.
MALIVK, all colors, 25c per yard. .
SKWIXa BUiK VEtMNO.' i In navy,
brwn, gray, white and black, at'25c yard.
CHIFFON VEILJNO, In white, black,
navy brown,- gray, pink, pale blue and
dark- red, at 60c and 75c per yard.
PRESS NETS, are. In large demand at the i
present time. We have an' excellent all
sHfc, 45 Inch blai?k silk net at $1.00 per yard-.
A heavier, silk net at $t.50 a yard. A num
ber of pretty figured nets all 46 Inches wide,
at $1.50 a yard.
Ask to see our partly made lace.,!!''
In black and colors-..,. . ,. v."i"- '
Hake, free use o$ .thaffallfi ooka' ut
this department, nfiuy .afford 'many V4u
abJe, hints. :
Main floor. Vj.'-. ii '-" '
Bath . Robe Blankets .See' Our
Windo" Display
Is so easy to'Jmake one fifv Xhese
blankets Into a b&ujlf.uU -RathJ Bdbe- for
lady or gentlenian.'Aad draflf trir Is
nothing -that would bj! more welcome. .We
Bouka Alu lataitir
, MlNNE.rOI4S, NoV. H4. Uaniuel Uom
pers. was. today re-elected president ot the
American eaerailon of labor. --
This Is the twnty-tifth time he hag been
elected In the -twenty-six years the f adora
tion has been In existence.' There was no
opposing candidate.;. Tho entire, executive
iuid admlnratrative staff was re-elected by
acclamation. . .-, . -..
8ucoiid in Importance only to the elec
tion -was-the action taken on the, proposed
dochiratiaiv of principles dran up tor the
federation, by the . resolution committee
Thesui were endorsed after1 two amend-
ir.oitr relative to Ti t,olujtarx ..Hervltu.1
hh the inhlutlVe aud referendum had btftit
incarporaled.. . '.
1 ', . '
; , Declaration l,:
This Is tbtdcljaratlon: ,y .-.
In furtherance-ot our claim namely,' that
our principles ctimprhje ' the fullest' and
hlKliest scope of human tictivlty and from
tuuv. to lujio will he .euhanco.1 and ad-
, Yanied
in. iiccoi-dani1 with the .demands
to 'cutlffy hviiiiuii needs ' and di'Aireswu
ri-commmid the followtriK as a nartiat state-
0 thls'.ttme jt the economic demands
01 me American r tiueratioii ul Utturi' r
Free, n-liools, free text books aud com-
pulry education. ' ;
' AlKilittoai'ofi all forma of ' Involuntary
servitude, expt for Buiilshijiept of crime.
1'nreienttng ' protest . against the itijiuio-
"on 'process ill labor flisputi M. "
- A-ntrrK auy 01 ool more inun eignt noars
in tlie twenty-four hours in a day..
.A Uriel recognition of pot over eight
heurs er day 011 nil federal, state or mu
nicipal .Work, and at- not lusa than the
prevailing p-r diem wage rate of the clans
of eiupluy n jit 111. the vicinity whom work
is perform -d. ,'
Releaxe frem employment one day In
seven. . ..
The abolition of the contcac'ytem. up
public work. '
The ' municipal ownership ot public util
ities - . - . . .
The ubolltUyi t". the ssteatakop system.
fl.1nlt.1ry Innptc lion of factory, woiksliup.
niuiw aria uyiuf
''.'""""y .' "'P1
layers for Injury tj
1 or loss or uie
'The imtlon j1, xaifon of telegmnh 'and tele
phone. v , , ,
.- Aatl-Cbild labor Laws .
The pasitaKe. of antl-chlld labor laws in
stale wheitv Ui-y. ilu tiot. exlair and rigid
di'fenae of the'n, vhere they have been
enurtf-d Into law. '
Woman auflnkxe-vo-onual Willi man suf-f--ae..
'Initiative.' reft rendum, imperative man
dutrt and rigid of recall. .
tiuitl)le janl pleutifut playgrounds for
vhliUien. In ul dtls. , . ..
Continued ajritailon for the publio bat,h
sy'stein In all cities. ' '-.
VI'iaJlQcatWus ln, peruHtl to, build of all
- 'li"'!
ana towns thl. there shall (4 tiuin
room and hath:rooni allachniiits in all
houses or compartments uad for' habita
tion. ,
. system of finance' whereby money shall
Issued exclusively by the government.
with, such TegubitloiiB and restrictions ihut
wtll protect it rrom vnanlnulatloii by thl
luiiikliig- tnirrtst tor their (wn pi'lvale
u.. ' , '.
- .'. Ilt )-bJ' r Fottllahaakv .,
iFfAln 6T.' UOU9. III.; N. tt.-Wbll a i- wjt" ui proajr. j. at lh brnaJ-
-way fpra inx'.js igst.nignt a tion, . tuil. lle list avt; to draw the brrviue In
rule this special event is not held until after Thanksgiving, thus
at a great saving. The smartest styles of the season are included.
$10.00. The artistic effects are alluring, all to be included in
or crochet some pretty article for
hVve a beautiful line of colors. One filanket
makes ' the bath robK- prlcen JJ.B0, $1.TS,
$2.n, 12 25, $3 50,-2.T5, $$.00, $3.25, $3.R0, $4 00,
$4.50, $5.50. $0.50. $6.75. .
'We are headquarters and can suit any
requirement. Cords and tassels to match
blanket at Wc- 'per set.
Sheets and Pillow Cases In beautiful hem-
fcSlrable'ilitltched WcirV and farfry Insertions. Rets
of one sheet and two pillow, cases to match
at $2.50. $3.00. $400 per set, put up in neat
boxes forgifts- - ,
Baaeaient. ' . '
Monday Bargain Square in
Oilecias and inercerlEed' llnlngs, 3i Inches
wide, fine qualities, regular price up to 15c
per yard, on sale MONDAY at 5c YARD.
. Remnants of Outing Flannel, light, pretty
colorings, regular 10c quality, on sale
Remnants of linen finished muslin, reg
illaiw I'J'eC quality MONDAY AT 6c YARD.
A. Great Special Sale of Manu-
k. f acturer 's Surplus Stock of
i'Silk. and 'Wool Dress Goods,
'j&tf D .a 'itf. Saturday, Decem
' .bleriisV'llegular $1.50 Qual
; ity33c.' ;j ; '. ; ' " -
This is the tii of the year when manu
facturers clysoWit all their surplus stocks
before they'commence 'work on next sea-
From Abroad
played in our 16th St.' window.
hqwingjnjterior views of our
EVenings?' .ITjTTOITv, tv
teelth'Stret.- . U j
huggv. became fruthtened anil mmne
i r the footlights lni6 the orchestra. The
olne fell unconscious to the 11. Mir of the
e and three wdmen' in th house fainte.t
ile the 'horfe1 tloundered around :ln the
hestra .pit. demolishing chairs with lt
ts ana creaung, excitement in - the thea
'Presence of mind of a number of men
settling the -horse and sitting on It, at
same time arimonlahing the people to sli
Vn, prevented a panic. .
:' (Continue Tro'm First Page.)
its brains, and with officials who have
made thai thoroughness vof their training
their glory, .The semi-efficient man. It is
said, may scrape through ' his - work In
America '-or , Europe, especially If he . ia
backed up by? friendly influences. But he
can do nothing more than fall In China.
The missionaries' who have succeeded in
China have been ' meii who have reflected
the' character "or the-communities in-whlch
they bve ' realjed. 'They ' have been men
who would have succeeded In any walk in
life' to which tajey might have' been culled.
- One tff- the moot, striking things in the
missionary- position fs the manner In which
1 the conlidenoe of 11, a nflii'lals lias lie en won.
After-the great battle. at I.luoyang between
the Russians und'the- Japanese -It- was
Tound '.that the' crTlf '.Chlftese njiiglHtrate
haft ianjivl'the iwqrk , relieving distress
to tho ' well-known minslonary. Dr. West
over, upon the ground V)iat the Chinese,
wnilld keea thtt money if alloaed to handle
it.'. ' ....... ;
Real, Verdict Wll Come Wbra Main
Makes Ilia Avpearaaee.
'- ',' - on Btace.
ROMK, Nov. 4. The announcement that
Honor Caruso, tin; tenur, was found guilty
Jn a New York rxjllce court yesterday of
annoying wonieri (n Central r'ark soologtcal
gaideti' and 'was fined 110, 'reached Rome
so laie inai i.iny cue fli-iMii;iii ut mo
morning papers published the newa 'In so
doing the paper added: 1
"'Caruso' will Appeal, hut the real yeTdict
will be given by the. people of New York
In the manner in 'which they receive hint
the ' first ' tltnc he appears before an
audience after hts condemnation. "
NKW YORK. Nov. 24. -The "Ilo fine itt
posed upon Enrico Caruso, the famous
Italian opera singer. In the Torkville police
court yesterday, after he had been declared
guilty, of annoying women. In. the monkey
hnu-e at'Central park, was not 'paid today.
One of bis ' attorneya had gone to court
with the Intention jot paying the Ane under
prutest and the-money was Jiboul to be
paMcd icrotf Hie clerk's desk, when Cu
ruso's senior 'Counael ruvhed into theycom t
room aiid brought tUa proc-Mdings to a halt.
A. cansuttatlpn between .counsel and- the
court followed and It was u greed to permit
tha, aiatter 4V go over until Monday. In
the nieaptlmo Caruso has been, puroled In
the custody of pis counael.
-Caruso's counsel 'today reiterated the an
nonncenieni yesterdr.y that au appeal will
be taken. .
-,"I saw Idr., Caruso at his hotel today,"
said. Wis Htorney. uand -had htrq sign an
applMatliBn frtr 'an appeal, ahlch wMI be
aaked for, tmiaediatrly ot ona uf the ude
of the outirt af genervl seAsloiua. .It is tor
one of paiwr gnd allow of
dlsajlov tto applitstkiB lor. an sprel." .
Bm, November 26, 1906.
This Store Will Do
Closed nil Day
HI, Monday
department Monday
$10 at, each, $2.49
son's bifxtness. Thompson, Delden A Co.
have been large buyers of dress goods from
this manufacturer, so they come direct to.
us, knowing that we could use the entire
lot. As a result, they finally accepted our J
kw offer, and fqr this reason, this will be
the GREATEST SALE of really beautiful,
dress goods tho ladles of Omaha have ever
attended.' . That, you may know1; Just how
good they are, and what we are going to
sell, wo :balr decided to display them In,
our Sixteenth street window about one
week before the 'day of sale.-. Tou are In
vited to com and see them' (let samp'es
and take them home, shoW them to your
friends. Note the beautiful ring of choice
colors and superior ' quality, and let your
fingers tell ' how fine they are. Observe
Ltheir handsome lustrous finish (this Is on
account of their being part sllk). Never
sold for less than $1.50 a yard.' Ol'R SPE
A. M. 5C A YARD.
Winter Underwear for iWomen
It Is an undisputed fact that our stock
of women's underwear Is the best In the
city. Why '-Is ft best?. Because we have
the largest assortment -of reliable sorts and
our prior are the lowest a little fore
thought on our part has been the means
of' considerable saving for you, As we
placed our underwear order a year before
we actually needed them (before: wool ad
vanced), this means our prices are not a
bit higher than last season, while most of
the stos have advanced their prices from
W to 20 per cent. ABK FOR THE BAR
Womens fine white cotton Vests, Sterl
ing make, heavy weight, drawers to match,
made: with tape top, $1.60 each, -
Women's fine ribbed silk and wool vests,
high neck, long sleeves, drawers to match,
ankle, length, made, with tape top, $1.50
each. Extra large slsea, $2.00 each.
Women's fine ribbed silk and wool union
suits; high neck, long sleeves, ankle length,
colors cream, flesh or blue, $4.00 a suit.
Women's One white Swiss ribbed cotton
union suits, high' neck,' long sleeves, ankle
'ength, medium weight, $1.50 per suit. f
Main Floor. See Howard Street Window.
' Twentu-four Dau
To Do Your
Christmas stiopplna
.., . ... , ,,
"Mr. Caruso felt," continued the lawyer,
"that Magistrate " Baker had treated him
v ery fairly during the hearing and that his
character waa being fully vindicated. It
was more than a surprise to him when he
heard that the 'court found him guilty.
The shock Was most terrible to. Caruso,
who la a highly sensitive' man, particularly
s he had firmly believed the testimony
clearly, exonerated him.".
piBsat(facllon was also" expressed by .the
attorney with the manner In which Deputy
Police Commissioner Mathot had Insisted on
the introduction of evidence which waa
claimed w;a not proper matter aud Which
he suM was Introduced fr theatrical 1 effect
and to prejudice the public against the de
fendant. ' "' -
, It Is expeoted lhat the appeal will be ar
gued next Monday. Caruso's counael today
asked for a full transcript of the police
court proceedings for use In connection
with the appeal. ...
(Continued from First Page.).
that only a tenth part of It omild be kept
In use by a person wealthy enough to keep
up an establishment on the largest scale,
.The postmaster general. Is making In
quiries aa to the Inconvenience and loss
Buffered by Inward American travelers 'by
reason of the refusal of the Great Southern
tt Wuitem Railway company to carry them
by the 'trains taking the niaila to Dublin.
The matter has been brought to la's atten
tion by thl; mayor of Dublin. -- Anything
more suicidal tor the Oreit Vuthern &
Western Railway Company than adopting a
policy calculated to prevent .American, pas
sengers from landing at Queenatown la
difficult to. imagine.
Manager of "Battling" ' Xelson Ae
- enseal at 'Taking- Money Xot '
Heloaglng Hlan. '
t'l.N'CLVNATI, O., Nov. 24. -On a charge
of embezxllng. -'Billy" Nolatr, manager of
"Buttling" Nelson, was arrested here today.
Tire arrest'fame as a senaatkiual finish
to the dispute over the proceeds from tht
exhibition of the pictures of the Clans-Nelson
fight. Nolan, it Is charged, withheld
about 7,G0o from the California treasurer
pending decision aa to the proper division
of the money- and he was therefore ar
rested on the embesxlement charge.
The warrant was sworn out In Chicago
and charges Nolan with eaibeszllng i,ouo
from Tex Rlckard, manager of the Goldfleld
Nev.) ' Athletic club, where , the Uaus
Kelson tight waa held.
Engineers Inner Arrest.
VALPARAISO, Ind, Nov 54.Coronar
Car.n today rendered his verdict on the
recent wreck of the Immigrant train on the
Baltimore Ohio at Woodvllle. Kruuk Ual
nauer. engineer of the tlrsj section of the
iinmlKiaiil ttain; Haiiiuel J. Monte, conduc
tor nt the freight train, and Daniel Wood
war are held responsible. The railroad
company was not censured. ; All three uiea.
have been arrested.
BosTalo People rolseneoY
' BVFFALO. Nov. L Between nf!y "and
la twrsoaia Irving In various- Section of
Buffalo were poisoned by eating cream pufl
yesterday and today. According to repuits
this morning, none 'will diu, tttlougu a
number arc still very UL .
Olotoiaf f the fceneffids U'tri Frestiac for
Irmediats Attention.
Bareaa Has Mo Moaey la sight to
Derate to the P.rpe.e, hat Cos..
mlsslaaer gay a Ho Will
l'la a War.
From a PtafT Correspondent) '
WA8HINQTON, Nov. Il.-tSpecial Tele
gram. ) Commissioner of Indian Affairs
Iupp today received a letter from General
Oreely to the effect that the renegade
White River Cles from Utah would un
doubtedly arrive at Fort Meadn, B. P.,
today. In his letter General Greeley em
phasised the destitution of these wandering
Indians, particularly as to the need of
clothing to protect them from the wintry
Weather which they will encounter In
the camp selected for them In South Da
kota. , r
Commissioner Leupp Is sore pressed to
find the money necessary' for the unusual
outlay put upon the service. He said to-'
day. that In casting about he found a small
emergency fund hq. could draw upon, "but
that Jt was wholly Inadequate to meet the
demands of the Indians, as their, condition
Is represented tp him by Genera) Oreely
today. However,, said Commissioner Leupp,
the Indian bureau will find some way of
clothing them end there Is no probability
that there, will be .any suffering on the
part of the L'tes through any Inattention
of this bureau as to food and clothing.
They will be taken, care of In some manner
during the winter and . In the spring It Is
hoped the chiefs will have had an oppor
tunity to see the Great White Father,
discuss . matters and be convinced that It
Is best for their people to return to their
reservation and take .up their allotments
and cultivate the land. ...
fieddea Hart In Raaaway.
W. M. Geddes, formerly of Grand Island.
Neb., assistant secretary of the Jamestown
Exposition commission, was driving from
Wllllamsburgh, Va., to Jamestown Island
Friday, his team became frightened, ran
away and Mr. Geddes was thrown from the
vehicle and severely shaken up. After re
ceiving aid by local physicians he was
taken to Norfolk and placed upon a steamer
which brought him ' to Washington this
morning. It was reported at his apartments
tonight that he had a severe wrench of
the left shoulder, but that his Injuries
were not of a serious character, no bones
having been broken, and that It was ex
pected he would be about again within a
few days.
Minor Matters at Capital.
Postmasters appointed: NebraskaDen
mark. Lincoln county, Marttn G. Keller,
vice R. T. Elson, resigned. Iowa. Belfast,
Lee county, Henry Rider, vice C. B. Monks,
resigned; Cornelia, Wright county, Andrew
Fryslie, vice C. Thompson, resigned; Har
vard, Wayne county. La n don Horner, vice
Daniel C. Campbell, resigned;- Muneta,
O'Brien county, Hugo Rlessen, vice. Frank
tt Howard, resigned; Rudd, Floyd county.
John W. Cllne. vice Solon J. Smith, re
signed. Wyoming Hyattvllle, Big Horn
county, William' M. Conaway, vice Mary
J. Lockhart, resigned; Manhattan, Crook
county, Frank W. Williams, vlco Bertha
B. Williams, resigned.
" Rural route No. 1 has - been ordered es
tablished ' February 1 at Lake Andes,
Charles Mix county, S. D., serving 400 peo
ple and eighty, families. .
Rural carriers appointed; Iowa Anthon,
route 2, Edgar K, Olllett carrier, Minnie
GllleU , substitute; Dudley, . route 1, Oliver
E. Warner, carrier, EJffle M, Warner sub
stitute; Harlan,, route 6, William F. Berger
.carrier. -Charles' A. Miller Substitute; Mon
eta, route 1, Louis F. Sanderson carrier,
George Slmklns substitute. South Dakota
Erwln, route 1,' Frank Ingalla carrier,
Emma Ingulls substitute. "'
Civil service examination will be held
January 4 next at Lincoln? Neb,, to secure
eligible from which to make certification
to Ull a. vacancy In the position of engineer
in tho custodian sen-ice at Lincoln at $900
per annum and similar vacancies as they
may occur there In that service.
C. IC. Morse has been appointed letter
carrier at Nebraska City,' Neb.
Cat Off from ' I.lqnor, Resident of
Casper., Wye.,. No Longer ,
Desires to Lire. -
CASPEJl. Wyo Nov. 24.8peclal Tele
gram.) Tony Hendrlckson, a liveryman of
this place, shot and killed himself yesterday
Afternoon in his barn, lie had been gamb
ling and drinking for several days and
yesterday morning his wife gave notice
to saloonmen' forbidding them selling htm
any more liquor. lie had borrowed a re
volver the day before and threatened to
kill both his 'wife and himself, but yester
day'moming told his wife be would 'return
the gun to Hs owner. ' Only a few minutes
before he shot hlinself he was In the office
of h's barn tarklng to several' men. He
stepped out, and closing the door went into
a hallway of the barn, placed the muxsle
of the revolver iu Ids mouth and pulled
the trigger. '' ' " '.''', '
' The bullet ranged upward, tearing off the
top of his head, and death was almost In
stantaneous. Two men "who were' on the
premises and heard 'he, feport of the gun
soon found him and carried . the ' body to
the office, where he expired a few minutes
later, , . - , .
Hendrlckson was about 40 years of age
and had resided In Casper for several years.
Tbe coroner held an,, Inquest late last even
ing and burial will luke. place today. . ,
Ilenaestake Show Increase, bnt Other
Mines Kail OAT Bllahtly.
PIERRE, 8. D., Nov. 34. (Special Tele
gram.) The gold production of the mines
the Black Hills for the last year, has
been I4.9e6.900, which Is f.'GO.OOO less than for
the previous year. The Homestake for this
year reports l&.XO.OOO, an Increase of' nearly
Ijon.ouo over last yeart 1,
HURON. 8. D., Nov. .-(Special)
Beadle county farmers will hold a two
days' Institute here Monday and Tuesday,
ts be conducted by Hon. A.. E. Chamber
lain of Howard. lie will be assisted by
Prof. Cole of Brookings, ' who will bave
charge of hie awarding of prise for the
best corn grown by a Beadle county school
boy during 1906. Early In the spring Super
intendent DuBohv offered a gold watch for
the best samples of corn grown by a Beadle
county school boy. and for this prlxe more
than If boys entered the contest and the
result of their efforts has created much
interest. During the Institute' M', Howie
of Wisconsin will deliver a lecture to
women on the subject of dairying from the
standpoint of a farmer's wife. The attend.
nc 'at these gatherings Is .likely to be
large. . .... ' r
Digging; to Start tn Sarin".
BASIN. Wyo., Nov, 84.-rpeclaI.)-A. B.
Apperson, representing the Msdlclne Wheel
CiKch comiany, was liere last week, At
a meeting of local stockholders It was de
cided 'to rommence work at once (ind get.
all", the. -Vt eJ s c,ouipU ted , and then let
the contracts for tlx- construction of the
canal, it is Ut tuteatlon of lba pro-
moters to hare the digging start enrly In
the spring. This ditch will oover an Im
meneo tract of land In the northwestern
part of lilg Horn county and all of this
body Is first-class Irrigable land and fcr-J
tllo to an extent that will surprise even
the natives when It Is once brought Into
Two ltenaee a Hnron.
in-RON. S. D., Wov. 14 -(Special )-Two
housea belonging to Dr. Van Dalseru were
damaged aevernl several hundred dollar
by fire, which' originated from a defective
gasoline stove. One' house was occupied
by Engineer O. K. Rutherford, who recently
lost a foot while on duty for the Chicago
ANorthweatern, and the other was occu
pied by Mr. Ohman and family, a railway
mall clerk. Both houses were Insured,
but there waa no Insurance on the goods.
LANDER, Wyo., Nov. 24 -The body of a
colored woman Was found on the road to
Fort Washakie at 10 o'clock lost night, near
the Shoshonl agency. The woman wore a
riding skirt and It Is supposed she fell
from a horse. She has not been Identified.
The body waa warm when found,'' She W-as
taken to the fort, but did not recover.
An Inquest will !e held tomorrow. There
are Indications that she was drugged.
Wldnw Compromises' on flOO,OOOMa
Bonds (or Herself nnd fAO.OOO
Rnneh (or Hon., ,
NKW YORK, Not. I4.-A1I that awaits
how. the jflnal settlement of the contest
over the probate of the will of Hermann
Oolrlchs,- who died at sea on September 1.
Is the sanction of Surrogate Fltxgerald
to the terms of tho compromise. They
have all been agreed upon and counsel rep
resenting Charles M. Oelrlchs, a brother
and executor of the will. Intend to ask
tho surrogate to' approve the settlement
on Tuesday.
Mr. Oelrlchs made a will disinheriting
his wife, Theresa Alice Oelrlchs, because
of her Independent fortune, and giving only
some personal effects Jewelry, guns and
other articles .to his ' son, Hermann Oel
rlchs, jr.. as he stated the youth will
eventually Inherit ths fortune bf his
mother. Ills principal legatees wvro his
sister, Mrs. William Jay, and his brother,
Charles M. Oolrlchs. Ills estate' Is believed
to be worth almost Cono.000.
By the settlement Mrs. Oelrlchs In to
receive. It Is said, 100 first mortgage bonds
of 1,000 each of the south Pacific Coast
Railway company within thirty days sftcr
the will shall have been probated, pro
vlded no further objections aro taken to
It. She Is to execute a release of all claims
against the estate of her husband, either
here or In California, and also, as to the.
administration of tho estate of tho late
Senator Pair, the father of herself and
Mrs. Virginia Vandorbllt, wife of William
K. Vanderbllt,- Jr., and she Is to agree to
make no .claim to .400 other $1,000 bonds of
the South Pacific Coust. Railway company,
84G of which are In the safe deposit vaults
of the Nations Park bank, where Mr. Oel
rlchs (had a, deposit box,, aud .the others
being held by (be, Farmers Loan and
Trust. company, as security, for a loan made
to Mr. Oelrlchs, .
The young son. In addition to his father's
personal effects. In to get a ranch In Solano
cpunty, -California, comprising 976 acres,
named "Cygnus," and everything con
nected with It. This ranch Is valued -at
$50,000. This Is In full for all claims that
he may have against the estate of his
father. . .
1 Two Bolldtnas St Cnsey ' '
CARET, la., Nov. 24. (Special. )-A fire
.. 1. .. . A .... ..,, ....1 1... nlo-l.. k. 1
two principal Mors buildings and stocks I "v T """u "
of this city. The 'Casejn bank was badly i th "'ckM PWted
scorched, but the. building and contents .-"ta,"?lto at" in.tb' bU"'-..,i.Knu-
4., .v, k..i tw .,.i . ness. The body arrived in Homer today.
VW.VU ..... ... ..... .........
of the Stuart fire department, which came
In time to save the whole town from de-
structlon. The burned buildings were the
dry goods store of T. J. Burns and the
drug store owned by Charles Hanson.
, Hanson' stock was worth, according to
estimates, K.500, and the building, which
was ot brick, tl.ttOO. The Burns loss Is
greater. He carried a slock worth frem
115.0O) to (30.000 and his building Is worth
14.000. Estimating the dry .goods stock de
stroyed st H2.000, which Is. conservstlvs,
the total loss will come to over 121,000.
j Depot at Alliance.
ALLIANCE,- Neb.. Nov. 23. (8peclal Tel-egramv)-The
Burlington depot was entirely
destroyed by fire early this morning. This
is the second fire, In this depot since last
April, when the second floor was destroyed
and nearly all resords were lost. An
entirely modern depot will be built as soon
as the material arrives. Arrangements have
been made for the temporary Installation
f the general and division superintendents'
offices In the Rummer block. -
Do You
To Driv
That brings Nerroug prostrgtlon and Ha horror.
' ....... - t
Hut. BRAINS can work and work bard, feel good and rested every mora.-,
lug and grow stronger on the wprk
: , " If -Fed Right v:;i
GrtifNult food contains delicate particles of Phosphate of Potash
taken from the field gralna (Nature's own laboratory), thla element Jolna wltL
; albumen and water In the body, and thug make the soft, gray filling of the
1 brain and nerve centre. Build In each day aa much at the daily work take
away from Biala and you are aafe. That" the only safe way. '
'- - t
GraptNuli food la toothsome and delicious when nerved with rich
cream. . 1 ' '
"TfcerVc- Usage a" for the Brain
uet tbe little book, "The Road to
On 'ana Oil Men of TefVitofy Submit
Innolrrtiott td 8raiton
Present negnlntlona Hegardlns!
Lenses Mnld to Work Hardship
on the Mannll Prodorer anil
Indian Landowner.
UARTLKRVILLE, I. T., Nov. 34,-The
senate Indian committee Investigating ron-
omunn in ins inaian lerruory mnveu. tirrr
this morning from Tulsn. The committee
expects to finish Its ITork here on Mnndny
afternoon, when It will leave Immediately
for Washington.
During the session today a set of resolu
tions drawn up by a number of Individual
g;ts aud oil operators, business men and
citizens of Bnrtlosvllle and the nearby, ter
ritory, and embodying their wants, na
presrnted to the committee! The 'resolu
tions favor the prohibiting of' any Indi
vidual .or corporation from leasfng or con
trolling more thaa 4.S00 "acres of oil or'gus
lands In the Cherokee nation; opposes .in
dividuals Ind corporations 'obtaining Inn?
grants of gas lands; requests that the ruM
now lri force requiring oil nnd gs!i leajex
to' make financial showings beforeth Ap
proval ' of leases can be obtained be abol
ished, asserting that It Is working a great
hardship on the small producer as well us
upon' the Indian lesiors, anfl'opposeii the
general removal of reatrlct'lbns on Indian
lands. On this, last point tho resolution
"We believe (t to be best Tor the Indian
and the development of this section df the
country that restrictions' upon the aliena
tion of. surplus lands be removed and that
provisions should be made for the TetnoVal
of restrictions upon homesteads Mu cases
where the applicant clearly shows that
such removal would result In hll'bene'fit
and that he Is competent to manage his
own affairs."
namael Mortensen.
The death of Samuel Mortensen, aged 63,
who resided In Omaha . for over twenty
three years, occurred last Tuesday at Lcs
Angeles, where he had removed about three
years ago on account of his health. Mr.
Mortensen came to Omaha In 187! and Tor
many years waa a well known tailor. ' He
was also a collector of rare coins and
postage stamps. ' V .
Mr. Mortensen has suffered considerably
with asthma for many years, but ' the
climate .of California had given him great
relief and bis death was unexpected. He
Visited his two sons In South Omaha, John
J.I and Edward 8., about a month ago. In
addition to his widow he Is survived by
the two sons In South Omaha, end an
other, Arthur, at Los Angeles, and five
daughters, Mrs. Anson Lynce, Laura M,
Ida M., Marie and Pearl G. Mortenson, at
Los Angeles. "
Harold O'Connor.
DAKOTA Cm, Neb.i Nov; 24. (Special.)
A telegram was received announcing the
death at Kansas City, Mo., of Harold
O'Connor, youngest son of C. J. O'Connor,
banker and business man at Homer. Mr.
O'Connor had long been at sufferer wllh
tuberculosis, returning last spring from
Fort Bayard, N. M., all hopes of his re
covery having been given up a the gov
ernment hospital at that place. He put
up a plucky fight for life all summer, and
when death overtook him he was en route
to the hospital at Port ' Bayard, accom
panied by his step-mother, ' Mrs. Mario
Whlttter-O'Connior, physician t and nurse.
Colonel Aden G. Cnvlns.
Colonel Aden O. Cavlns, aged 78, an uncle
of City Attorney Bumam, died at Ills home
at Blootnneld, Ind., after a short illness.
Colonel Covins waa one of tho pioneers or
Nebraska, having come here some time be
fore the civil war and settled at Nebraska
City. He was the first law partner of Judge
O. P. Mason, who later became a Justice of
the Nebraska supremo court. Colonel Cav
lns went to California during the oarly set
tlement of that country and lost bis wife
crossing the plains. Ha returned via the
Isthmus and located In Indiana, after which
he served In the civil war aud then suc
ceeded .his father In the Uiw firm that has
been In existence for the last eighty years,
and is now .In turn succeeded by his son.
. . err Hessian Rteamshlp Line.. t
NEW YORK, Nov. ,:4 The Russian
steamer Gregory March arrived today from
tNlcesa Inaugurating the new service of the
Russian Htanv Navigation -and .Trading
company between Rlaca sea ports and New
York: It brought 40 psssengers, about half
of them Russian Jews. .
a Set of
Feed Thorn?
- Nuts
WeilriUe," la pkg