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Evnncelist Torrey 1 lla TOn Auditors tliat
Haven it in Goi.
folnta Out Many UnM la Men He
I. area Iht tanary Into
Asaarrs Ills Hearer There
la f. H "II.
"There Is one enfe hitihm (roiu
insolence, from sin, from the devil, and
from the wrath to come, and thrit hldirs
jiIhcb Is ona man l ho Cod-man."
So spoke Kvnna-eilst R. A. Torrey In his
srrmon Bt the Auditorium flinrsday nlRht.
Aftor first 'declaring the Inalilllty of man
to get away from tho panga of nn
Hwnkoned conscience, find bis -powrrlcssni-ss
4o. break awiiy from Kin lintilrt(-1 ly th'
JUvlne Being, tr. Torres- turned to con
wider the devil nnd hi work.
"There lire not only ovldi-bcc n'l nroiind
of n Divine Creator," he said, "but every
where there arc foot print a of the enemy
cif God ami '.wan. - lie entrups with
lllthy vlee, or he catonVa him with sub
tle and alluring- delusion.
, ','In a- eastern clly not long ago, I
hiiw a man como aneaklng down an alley
toward a pile of empty beer kg-s-a broad
ehouldered man, who nilKlit once have been
erect and handsome, Jnit who now was
lnt and hogg-ard. Ho stopped at the krs,s.
and, . looking about to are that no - one
was -watching him. drew from beneath his
r.igged coat a tomato can. Into which he
trained the dregs of stale ' be!i- from, the
keg. Then lie hid the can of beer under
Ms tout and shambled away. Tho trouble
with Hint man was tho devil hud hlui by
tl'.c throat. " , " ' 1
"My friends, the devil has many men
by the throat with a hold not of-th.- to
mato can sort. It in not filthy,' but at
tractive. The devil is cunning. He draws
men to a host of philosophic-til fabrica
tions (ailed religions; there are thcosophy,
esoteric Buddhism, spiritualism-. Christian
Science, Dowlelsm and the rest of them.
Their existence surely moans . there Is a
Devil In Smart.
"Ah, the devil has no lack of bruins;
in a man of Intellect and a philosopher.
you think that a man is fool because he
Is u Christian Scientist, you aro the big
gest fool . of all; some of the brightest
men in the country are Christ Inn Scientists.
Of course, when you take up Mary Baker '
Kddy'a book, which makoa as much sense
backwards as forwards,, it is hard to-be
lleve that brainy men follow her; but they
do. Take theosnphy, or spiritualism, and
It Is the same, thing; eminent .lurlat, the
scientist, the statesman, are their adher
ents. When you think of all the people
who are misled by these things,: you realize
thut It is not so much by vice as by' subtle
delusion that the devil catches people.
"You ask how I know there Ik a devil.
The man who banks on the Bible comes out
uhead In the long run, uud the man who
will not believe the Blbln comes out in the
rcdr. Tho Bllilu says there is. a devil; ' I
believe there Is n devil because the. book
says so.' But I have a better reason for
believing there's a devil It's because my
personal experience tells me there Js on
But. thank-fd. thefe I- a. hiding place
for the dovll, and that Is God.. I know there support the ' family. . wheii they lived in
in a God. 'The untutored savage knows j Gage county, where they were mirried.
that. A European travelfng ln the desert j Finally she cam?, to Oniatta. where she has
one evening saw his Arab guide Bow down .been working.. She charges Iifm with non
In worship; and he asked the guide to 1 support. Dot a Hall telle tlie court- Harry
whom he was pravlng. 'TO God,' was the- P- "' without resortmB to persohal
answer. 'But. how do you know t'hero Is Vfolenoe. Silt aays he called her yiJe Yiu.hiea
Oodr asked the atHhiat. 'Can you see" i""d aboul -a year ago deserted her. --
H t ri ? 111 n x-nil rinti r t If iii r rl sum. ..-.i.
out your hand And fool ' Itti.171 . In thn
morning he remarked to the guld
irnlng he remarked to the guide. ''A camel
wtis prowling about the tont last night.'
'How do yoj know?' asked the 'Arab.- 'Did
you sec hlni? Did you hear him? Could
yu put out your hand and feel him?'
'No.' was the response, "but there are his
footprints." The Arab wav,td. his hand
toward it sky flushed with be glories of
the dawn. 'Ik-hold, there' the tjootprlnta
of the Creator,' he aalrt. -
Betlevea There la at Hell.' ' s
"You need alao a hiding, place from , the
wrath to come, -1 believe thure .Is a wrath
to come becadss the Bible teachc It, and
because my raon tells mq so. There's
also a hell.. .. 1
young man; handsome' nd winsome,
falls Into what , he calls lovo with an In-
n i.-ent girl; leaus . her on to ruin. .. While
the girl goes the inevitable way, dies -a
horrible death and. la burled In the pot
ter's Hold, the young man Is forgiven by
mmm mn,... j-sc t-w' s! a-' ty..-I. V"11''1".?-,- mwm ,
f '--v
J. a sbm- a t a m m -bl mm r m m aaaam m m
$ ! J $ l fU
and ..Leuypini'
"..- I a I Ell ill
Via the Only Double Track Routo
Tickets on Sale Dec. 1st to
4th, Good Till Dec. 10th
.,-.-.- v.- -
CITY OFFICES, 1401-3 Farnam St.
society. Is courted by designing jnothet
who krow hla story. He. marries an hon-J
ored girl, Iwcomes rh h.-prt nnP" goes to I
(-mares. He live In a liitcH posit ion ' all
Ms life. Don't tuink that in another life
j i.igij.erit win not fiU'on the miin wh,. i
rullud that girl. ,Of course, theft's a hell. I
' "A so-called riieccsf nl man keeas a high- j
prii-d lawyer to tell him how faf to go In I
rnmiDfrH.'tl t ra n rt if ns without belllST llf- 1
r-sl--d. Ho rides li u cnrrlnge and i-olls up !
millions. When he' dies there ure. whole
columns of eul gy In the newspapers and j
a Ixautiful mausoleum is erected for hlni.
All about ure the tr'rs of tho widows and j
orphans of the men ho has robbed. Do you ;
think that man will not have to CT up be
fore n just (lod. who Is not blinded by a tew
millions, and thut he will not have to on
mr tor his Infamy her'e on earth? ,
"Hut -you don't need to wrong another
person to lnit" the wrnth to come. The
Lord will sy, 'What did you do-with my
holy (Uy? What did you do with my holy
book? What did you do with-mv Son'1
Out you answer wlthont fear? Of course
there's n hell.-
Th'- result oflnFt night's meeting Was
Ctelit eonversibnsi - '' .i .
Ncores Church Members.
Thulsd.iy . afternoon Dr. Toi rey acorcd
eliui-eh tnemliers who dance, play cards nnd
go to theitrrs. He told th'-m tl'id would be
more likely to answer their prayers If they
wotdd desist from these things, displeasing
to (iod. After the meeting some of the min
ister and deacons who hove. been In the
Imliit of playing pool and billiards at the
Commercial club jgot together and hud, a'1
ft noua talk. . '
Tonight Mr. Jncoby, the reformed
"rounder," will -tell tin; story-of his life.
More Money from toiiarress, Dahlmait
a(, Wan Krntlaient at
Kansas t lr Meeting.
Mayor Jaiues C. Dahlmnn retyrned Thvus
day. morning from Kansas City, where lip
utter.ded the Trcnsmlsslsslppl Commercial
Congress. Qotild Dietz rctdrned witli tho
mayor. Others of the Omaha delegation
remained for the closing session Thursday
evening. ' '
i The chief topic of Interest to the mayor,
so for us llo attended the session of the
congress, was that of river and haibor
Improvement. Mayor Dnhlman suld the discus.-ion
was strong regarding the possibility
of the government Increasing Its appropria
tion for rivers nnd hurbors, the present an
nual appropriation being 3 per cent of the
total governmental appropriation. Mayor
Dahlman had a chat with E. "II. Hariiman.
Mr. llnrrlman was undecided . when lie
x-A,,t.l -lcit Omnia) 'Anions- thft .tii-Anilnoot
XcbrttK,.ntm nt t1. congress were Governor
Mickey and Governor-elect. Sheldon.
iiiui-n Kile . Petitions for Divorce,
llnvlnu; (Jot Kpough
Married life. .
A trio of disappointed wives filed petitions
for divoree In district court Thursday
.,.. ,. l.t Helen M. Snencer' charires thhtri
K?rl 1 ns-iociuted too much .with other J
women, called her vile names, did not
supj oi t her properly and finally deserted I
her altogether. She wants her maiden
tiame, Helen Deulbach restored. - .a...
Cora tj. Gllinore says William B"..-was
such -a poor provider 'she had td work to
mm "" H - J
) ' - . - s
floury and Provisions Are (ifnrruual -
Donated by Friends at '' -
V . the Home.
. The Old People's linmc, Tt ejity-fourth
and Wirt streets, held Its annual dona
tion party Thursday and the home and
Its . residents are in gula uttlre, "receiving
friends aiid.theli- donations.' Up to noon
about lljii had been received In .cash and
liberal contributions of provision.- made. by
the merchants of the Vlty. The former
plan of fending . out . paper laiga asking
that they be returned Illl.-d was not em -
nloyed this year, cash being asked iqstead.
A - reception
was held in the afternoon
I and the home was open for inspection. Mrs.
Ge-orge Tllden, president; Mrs., P. I pPr.
rine, Mrs. Chetwood Hamilton, lira.' BolU
and other members of the Woman's Chris.
Uan association, which 'operates- the'lnsll.
titlou, constituted the reception' committed
Woman Who ati Eba ,Waa Insulted b7
taiuso to Aprear in Court.
. .
' ' ' '
Uothrr Woman Hhiim,l)r(rniliil Is
Alleaed to lime Annoyed I on
front lllm Whllf lie I
on Mend.
NEW YORK, Nov. r.-Hannah Oraham. I
th" woman who caused the. arrest of Enrico
Caruso on a charge of annoying and nils
treating her In the monkey house In Cen
tral purk last Friday may nrpear tn police
court tomorrow lo press tiie charge against
him. Jusl before court adjourned tonight
at the end of the. se-ond day's hearing of
the 'charge against the singer. Deputy Po
llen Commissioner Mathnt, who Is conduct
ing the prosecution, said that he had little
more evidence to offer. There was only
one- witness, for , the prosecution yet to
be heard, he said, and when that witness,
r.nt. I t,,. -... ,1A l..ic llmt, Ian '
min rtes to. complete his case.
Despite tho efforts of the' commissioner it
had been found Impossible to present the
witness today, but he felt safe in assurliiB
the court that the person to whom he re
ferred would Iks In court tomorrow. A rc-
port thut .the witness referred to was the
missing Hannah. Graham quickly spread. Graham dropped out of sight
when she. left the police station five min
utes after .she had preferred the charge
against Caruso last Friday afternoon and
1 wttnosep for the prosecution testified that
' the most earnest endeavors hnd been made
i to find her, 'hut 'without avail. Should she
i-appear she would furnish a sensation far
greater than nny which has marked the
two days' hearing , in the Yorkville pollcs
Woman onfronta IH-fendant.
! Today was not without sensations. When
court adjourned last night Cttruso was on
the stand ind his examination was resumed
when the ens was taken up today. Dep
uty Police Commissioner Mathot questioned
the defendant closely concerning the four
years .when he has appeared in this country '
under the direction of Helnrlch Conreld.
Caruso acknowledged that he waa In New
York in 1SKM and that on February of
that year he sang In "Parsifal" at the
Metropolitan opera house. Jt was at this '
point that, the real sensation of the day
came. -. The wide doors directly behind the j
magistrate's bench swung open and a !
woman in white and with a white veil 1
drawn closely over 'her ace stepped into
the room. ,
"Caruso, look upon this womun," said
the deputy police commissioner as the
woman raised the veil and reveiWed her
features. "Did you ever seo her before?'
The' defendant moved uneasily, hesitated
and then replied: "No, I hove never seen
"Did , you not,' on the afternoon of Feb
ruary 4, '1901, during the second act of
"IVrsifal.','-, stand behind this woman iu
I he Metropolitan opera house and aubiocl,
"T to exactly the same indignity to which
U- i charged Hannah Graham was sub-
jecieu to ai inc. einrai parK -, niongey
1 "1 did not," replied the witness, hotly; 1
never saw the woman 'before, ao far as 1
can ,remrmber," ' ; -
"la It not fro that on that afternoon not
only this woman, but other women, were
the victims of most Indecent actions upon
your part?" persisted Mr. Mathot.
Caruso's counsel broke In with u vigorous
pbjePtlpii, which was sustained.' ''
- One "of the dlvcrting 'features of the day
waa the .-appearance for the defense of
Adolph Denilger. former American
consul at Madrid. Dr. Denzlgor testified
tie wa in the monkey house atr Central
park.-during Caruso'a . there Friday
and that ho obsen-ed no linrroper action
on the singer's part. ; He declared .that he
had voluntarily, come' forward to ..'testify
in the singer's Ix.-half because he knew
him personally, knew hlti to be a gentle
man and.a oenaiaetor of humanity.. He
said he mood . within ten feet of Caruso
ut tho time he was In the building.
The' police court room again housed a
great crowd' tcduy and hundreds were iin-
f able to guln admittance. .-
j It Was-imported In the court room that
J trie ' woman in white waa a member of
! iw ehoms -of the Mtr,.m.,.
compatiy.' '
...Helnrlch , Conreld, director of tlie Met
re pcUtau opera-house, deaeribef) Caruso's
mannei isrps much u did Dr. Denzlger.
'"To be brief, h- Is pomitous is he not?"
asked Mr. Mathot.
. "It, would l)e more kind to speak of it
as u habit," replied Mr. Conreid.
Several other witnesses testified as to
Caruso's Inability to speak English and
tho hearing wus then adjourned until to
,tn( rrow. '
."Is. Hundred-Barrel Plant .May Be
F.atabliahed Here by Xev
York Man.
Fred Fear of New York Cltv Is In nm.:,!.
for the purpose of determining the pcrsi
billtlea of eatabllshlng a UOf-barrcl oatme-al
and liv barrel rornmeal plant here. Mr.
Fear la working with Compilssloner Guild
of the Commercial club' In this matter.
Thursday morning Mr., Fear talked with a
number of grain men 'on the subject.
Mr. Fear 'was president of the Bnoni'. la..
Cereal company, whora plant burned down
last May. After the flro the company do
elded not to rebuild at Boone and since
that tne Mr. Fear haa heen looking around
for . a ' dcslreabln location. He lias been
attracted to Omah ahd . Council Hiuffs,
' with preference for OmiUtu", If sufliclent in
terest is manifested in the project.
M-. Fear believes considerable Iowa trade
would be supplied from Omaha If tlie plant
shi.ulj be cwtabliMicd here.
-vlukald Kays Winter Seaalon Will
Slmnly tarry Out Pullelea
( Koocevrlt.
, Congressman Mosea P. Kinkald of O'Neill
passed through Omaha Thursday on his
,ay to Washington for the ahort term of
congress convening December S.-
'C.olng to carry out the president's poli
cies; you know, we are all for Roosevelt."
wus the Judge's reply as to what the
winter session would do. "I regard the re-
.cent elcct'.ona as another strong endorse
ment of tlie imtlonul administration in gen-
Vial and an expression of the people's faith
in Roosevelt in particular."
Judgo Kinkald said out In O'Neill they
'were building a new fj'.ttu botel and the
country uround wus progressing steadily.
Zlaaataa Haaaa (rant Seattle.
Coum llman Harry B. Zlmman returned
1'hursday morning fnun Washington state,
wiiere he was flood-bound fur several d:i
it a small stafion near Tueoina. Mr. Zlin
mun was bound for tSralt'e on business. 1 ut
ave up that part of Ins trip. Iio descrilx-d
iiie flood ad taking small house and fhoti-,an-is
of feet of lumber in its fury. While
n the tram Mr. Zliiunan sent a day wiili
. ienutor l.aKollette 01 Wiat-iutslii, with
. , hoin the Onuiliu councilinun discussed na
tional .iffulrs. Benator LaFoll.ite k.
Iitd Ids sorrow over the death of Kd
,ad Roeewater.
lor hre lluuii rnul lull la f ne
j tt UC.;(i OIL XiUl but lie, luo.
I Kast liamo l Kiprrted on Former's j
i lirlillrnn Mntarda-. '
( Owing to the inclemency of the wcstV-er i
lh' Hi-iievue f ot bell team pni'-tlsefi in tin
Hi mnasium, '.he nrt pert of the wees, i
Although no ft-rimmigu coulo be Indulged
In, yet the team w ml through some :asi
s-ignal pr.Ktlee. The team haa fuliy re
covered from ih" eftects ol the grime with j
Doano last Saturday and Is In tho pink j
of condition. Neither the team nor tho
conch Is over confident about the game
Saturday . with Hastings. For the lust
time In ninny yeata l.astlngs h-'S tuir.d
out u slrom team. It heid iv-ane to th
low score of 1-2 nnd outplayed tne Tigers
in the Inst half. From tho snowing mane
in other gnmes Hastings has n swift ag
grogiitioii this year, 'i ins g-mo will be the
crltleal Emu'1 tor the 'cnainnionshiD of N( -
briiska colleges and both teams will play
the gnme of tiller lives. The teams are
well oiiiiched In siie, speed ind teem work,
and both-have been rivals, for years.
Vv dio-MiHy lhe snow was setapped from
tho Jiell-vue gridiron . and tlx- held will
1, in iriuiri roiiiiituin for the arame. Irfist
night fne Heilpvue squad reported for ,
pmetice on the field atid a rasi scrinimin'
was Indulged In. Omcli Whlltnore put tin
team through ti hard and fast practice.
Thev 1-enlls.e that they must heat. Hastings.
Slaiurday an.d .will go Into ihc gtime to w.n
or die.
Aimiv foot ball enthusiasts are expected
down rrom fimaha as no game will be
uhived In the city Saturday.; The street
car cnip,inv will pin nil special ervee to
handle the -crowd. The panic will be cnlli-d
ut a irf. !...'
. The. Doa nil- Tigers were pivt tt h rest mi
Monday so th-y -might remove tlie kinks
from their ' twisted .'tails. Tuesday night
'.he squad was ordered out to practice 111
three inches of snow and the V came with n
growl. - A gnrr.e or "Soeeeiv wns Indulged
In for aloui fifteen minutes between the
varsity anil the ntubs; when the a mo
was over the -varsity was ahead one point.
Signal practice was then the order and with
Griffiths ij-mrter the leant hustled up
and down the Held in fast order. At state; (
1-itervaN t:apt.iln Day would boot the hall
and the whole team would-go kwn und' i
his punt. When- darkm--drove the tenm
to the gvmnaslum. livery , man fell that
he had had the work out of the season..
Wednesday evening the first frrlmminr
was held since the liellcuvc game ini'l
another ; shake up In the teani. occured.
Griffiths was at quarter and Bates, nt etiri.
Hall and Barber was given a trial ' '';
half lt the place of Hartwrll, who will be
out of th. game with C relghtoii unless he
passes the next test ..iil: in t his 1- reneh
Class. On defense, Medlar will !c fit right
end nnd Ilates at left. Dowle will back up
the line. These changes win siren-
tenm and although bca'ttm by the
team Is not disheartened tor - there ore no
quitters In Doane."! -. , '
The Omaha Ski CbTb American Kepubllc
held Its monthly meeting Wednesday None
of tho memliers could report any outing on
. . 1- ... 1.. ti.iahn nrtfi virln-
Ity had been too light 80 far. president
Elmbranch made the statement that skies
of the Iwst kind anion their way from up
per Russia and that some pictures Illus
trating skiing In the FJ.'lls uf LappUnd In
tended for decorating tlie .walls of a club
house, as vet only a sweet dream of the
members of tho young cjub. and for Santa.
Claus to realize had been donated and sent
by his brother. The picture, which lor
some reason are delayed 'somewhere, jvese
lonuncnted upon, a resolution of thanks
voted -and the president was directed to
forward it to the dnnatia-. .
The Young Men's Christian ' association
basket ball teams are getting In shape for
the winter's campaign and an effort will
he niade to organist t Ivague this winter.
The Basket Ball league was quite a success
last vear, ulthough some of tlie- teams
showed the white feather when they got a
little behind.
Roller skating and boVllng will be the
principal sports in Omaha1 this week. Roller
skating will take the pi--, of tb mlss'on
at the Auditorium Saturday rfterno n and
evening. Dr. Torrey brht-vea In working
but six days n week, and a he preaches on
Sundny. he rests on Saturday. The skaters
will therefore be given a', chupre Saturday.
All the Field club golfers ure polishing up
their clubs (or the big tiu"key game which
will be played Tr.lnksglving morning on
the club links. The golf . committee has
arranged a match which Igjixcltliig the In
terest, of ajl the golfers, ."qn that day In
the morning three-, huge turkeys will bo
hung up as prizes, and 'MeTth enti les being
l-ssscelved until o'clock Thursday- morning.
tho golfers win be line' nr.-fov tin? match,
which will be medal play- with handicap).,
and the three low scores with 'their handi
caps will get the three torlteys. .
lulled States Association Makes 1 1
Standlnsa for Keat Year.
BOSTON. Nov. 22. The executive c-imniit-tee
of the I'nlted States Dawn Ten ' asso
ciation announced today-the accej ce nf
a meeting In .New York last night of the
report of thef ranking' committee covering
the standing of , the players for the year,
tnd e.lso the unanimous vote of the com
mittee lioldlng Reals C. W right of Ronton
and Wjlie C. Grant-of -New York to be
Strictly amateurs.
The ranking of the leading players is as
follows- , . . , .
1!K; "singles," 'ranking:
Class 1 lowe 2-8. loi W. J. Clothier, W. A.
Iu-ncd.. 15. C. Wright. F. R. Alexander,
K. H. Hehl.
Class i . (scratch) B. I). Little, W. H.
Clais 3 (receive 2-6. l"ii F. O. Anderson,
E. R. Dewhiirst, I. C. Wrlnht. H. Ijeroy.
CImss 4 (receive K-6. Ko-rF. C. Colston, T.
R. Pell, Jr., K. Collins, N. .Kmerson.
Cl iss S (recelvo 4-ti . l.'.i F. J. Sullowav.
J. D. E. Jones, R. C. Peaver. H. Mollenhour.
N. W. Nlles, W. F. Johnson. L-. 1U Wald
ncr. C. F. Watson. Jr.
Class ti (receive. U"e-C. M. rS.ill, Jr., H. O.
Hunt, J. Byt'ord, A. Silllrnan, O. Hlnck.
W. '. Orant.
Class 7 (receive 1-2. 30)-H. J. Holt, C. C.
Kellev. W. H. Cragln, A. H. Wadworth,
R. N. Dana, J. O. Anib.
Class H (recelvo 1-2, an and 2 blsuuesi P.
U. Hawk, F.. T. Gross. R. Rishon, T. R.
l'lympton, R. S. Loverlng. II. R. Register,
11 Dovle, H. Uimmons, A. S. Dabney, Jr.,
1Z. ",'Page. '
JtiCU "doubles." i-ankingi
Class-1 (owe 1-2. 15) Ward and Wright.
Class 2 (scratch) Alexander and Hackett;
Clothier and Larm-d. .
Chess - 3 (receive 1-2, 15) Wrenn and
Flnck--; Dewhurst and Watson; Waldne."
and Kmerson ; Torrenc and Pell.
Class 4 (receive lit Hunt and Eurton;
Anderson aud Jones; Dana and Cross.
Sandalwood, the Favorite, Wins
Steeplechase at Beaalaaa.
WASHINGTON. Nov. 22 Good weather
brought out a crowd at Hennlngs todaj
Rig ilelds and close finishes marked the
racing. Sandalwood, the favorite, cup
t tired the steeplechase. Three horses fell
N'-w York ran second In both the- third and
tilth races. Angler, the even money fa- ,
voiite. did not show In lhe last race, Renu
claie winning a close finish. R.immarls:
First race, seven furlongs! Bandy Creeke.
won. Rawhuiinock second. Old Colony
third. Time: 1.H1'.
Second race, steeplechase, about two and
a half miles: Sindalwood won. Frank Homers-
second. .Caloorahatcheo third. Time-:
6:11. .
Third race, seven furlongs: Rather Royal
won. New York Bi-e-oud, Heal fell third
Time: 1:30. ,
Fourth race, six furlongs: Lee Harri
son II won. Bcleubt second. JJotanlst third.
. Time: 1 :tti.
Fifth race, mile: IJollie Spienxer won,
York second, Avaunteer third. Time; 1:4SH
Sixth race, mile and a quarter: Heauclnre
won. Bulwark second, Caronal third. Time;
2:l-v - ,
SAN FRANCISCO. Nov. 22 Results:
Fiitt race, live furlongs:. Christmas Tide
won. Fune wt-oiHl, Aiuru third. Time:
I Mi.
Second rat, six furlongs: M'lltah won
Gioioobol eecond, Klmdulo third. Time:
1 ! S ' ' '
Third racn. seven furlonga: Tavora won
Aikius aecond, Ulack . Joe third. Time;
1 :Si. .,
Fourth race, mile: VUillu won. Harbor
second, Karl Rogers third. Tim: 1:42.
Filth race, mile and sixteenth: Morendo
won. Laell aecond. Dutiful third. Time:
1 t-H
Sixth race, six and a half fur.onga: Rur
leigii won. Mtfrtiiimaa aecond, Rob Hag on
thlid. Time; 1:21V
Indiana Lose Fierce .Faut Ball Batllr
hy Score of Fonr "(othlas.
NA8HV1IJ.E. Temi., Nov. 22. In a fierce
gndi.on battle on Dudley field today Van
U.rt.ill defeated the Carlisle Indiana, 4 to
0. Jiut at the clone or ttie first half Rob
lilakn. for Vandeibllt, kicked a goal from
the eventeen-Hrd line and that was thf
only sturiug of an Intensely exelilng gdlne
Four times iluunt I'leaxunt. for the In
linins, tdib-d to diop a gual from the field
Early III Ha- game till Indiana by whirlwind
luSlie d.l r ltd Ihb ball w VuildeiL-lllc
ttiree-ynnl lino, but there the locals wltli
stoiKl three chariE.p. Att-r lliiR the p!:-y
was largely In Ciirllslo t- irltory.
(ROWII FOR THK tllll'ViO l.lli:
t.ood Nam her tt Hooters Will tin to
re ( ornbaakera lln.
The ( 'ornhusk-r (, will have a goodly sup
ply of rooolei- for the game with I'tileigo
HaturdiiV, Judging from the way tin- tickets
are selling at the rtiice,l rat-s The I'ni
verslty of N hrasku foot ball tiam arriv ed
lu Omaha yesterday afternoon at !t:.')0 oer
the Kock Island from Lincoln and left at
5:40 over tho Chicago Great W( stei n. The
team was accompanied by 1'i rooters and
more with a band will po today.
Tho Chicago Great Western i-Xi ruled
quite a coip on the other Omahu-rhicugo
toads by announcing a day abend of pil
ot hers the Installation of an fc rate to Chi
cago and return, and the consequence Is
tint road Is reaping the harvest, tor Indie
Hons are tnM every available nr ot tin
Great Western will have to be put Into
this service to handle the reefers who will
accompany the t.-am and thosu who ai--slmpiy
taking advantage of tho lowir rate
for n trip to Chicago.
Neither the Northwestern nor the B111
llnston has Joined In this rale, the other
roads meeting the Gnat Western's cut and
nil are reporting n large- sale ot tickeis.
The roads stayed oat of the rate will
lose a large amount of business during tile
days the rates are in effect for the round
trip rate to Chicago is $-l." cheaper than
the one-way f ire.
Plenty of the red and white of Nebraska
should be seen around the gridiron it the
Midway Saturday, for bes-ld-s all those who
are going from Nebraska, there are a large
number of former Nebraskans In Chicago
who will surely wear the 'vuisity colors.
tutler Defeats llnppe and Gnllnahrr
Itests Peterson. j
NEW YORK. Nov. In today's matches j
In the Amcrhan championship billiard,
tournament, the winners were Albert Cut
ler of Boston and Thomas Gallagher of
New Y'ork. Cutler defeated Frank Hopp--In
lhe afteniiKUi. V to 1:!. and Gallagher 1
bested Charles Peterson of Si. lnils In
the night mulch, ton to 2'l. Scores:
Al'toir.'ion Game -Cutler, irm; nverti-tre.' h;
high run, lf;. Hopiw, is:!; average, n
High run, 'A'.
Night Gamo Gullagh-'r, M'; nveiage,
IS 4-1"; higli run, lln; Peterson, I'"'; uer
age, it high run. A2.
Mnetern Players In tlie Mat for the
Windy City Gnine.
MNCODN, Nov. ii-The Nebraska uni
versity foot ball squad, comprising nlne-t-(
n players, coach and assistant coach,
manager and physician.- left this evening
for Chicago, where oil Saturday they will
plnv the Maroon eleven of Chicago uni
versity. Nearly lm) Lincoln excursionists
uceonipuriievl tlie teum.
The Krug I'nrks won thru- straight'
games from tho Hamiltons at the associa
tion alleys last night. The boys from the
Bluffs were not up to their last week's
form, but rolled steady tenpins and de
served to win at h ast one of tlie- games.
The high total nnd single game went to
Marble with C'-l and :,r)S. Tonight tin
fmlmnds and Metz Bros, teams will roll
two matches, starting at 7 o'clock shurp. j
The score: '
1st. Jd. :id. Total.
French V'H 1" Mt
Marble 1M 2"-S VI
Zlmmerruan Ifil V' l- ;,:!"
1 Johnson Hi I'd Iss net
Bengele IS2 Ki f"7
...j: kh ' WT
. .178
Frush ....
Rempke .,
Mggett ...
Ntcoll ....
sir, !t svi
Auditor Tobln I nnble to Explain Dif
ference of Million Dollors lu
Estimate of Earnings.
ST. LOUIS, Mo., Nov. 22.-T. J. Tobln,
auditor of the Wabash rullrcad, continued
n thn witness stand today in tho maxi
mum freight rhto hearing hefortj Master
In Chnncery Bcholield.
The. principal point Involved in the testi
mony today was concerning the difference
In two reports made by the Wabash In.
June last, ouo to the Board of Hallway
and Warehouse, commissioners and another
to the court, concerning the roud'a revenue
for the fiscal year ending June 30.
Toliin admitted that he could not ex
plain Cue difference' of about $1,000,000 In
I the two reports, as he was not familiar
! with the methods In which the figures
were tabulated, and they wero probafoly in
Master In Chancery Scholield thereupon
ordered that he secure thn exact figures
of tha freight receipts In the- state for the
last two years for tiso In the auit. Mr.
Tobin will probably resume testimony to
morrow. Flaht on Mteanier.
PHIIADELPHIA. Ndv. 22.'-Th steamer
Haverford, from Liverpool, fogbound Inside
the Delaware breakwater since Sunday,
reached its wharf today. While the big
v.'ssel was fog-bound on Tuesday night- a
free-for-all light broke out among the !i
steerage passengers. Mtewarda wtio tried to
I quell the lighting were roughly handled and
a panic prevailed until six or tne ringieto
era were arrested and placed in irons. They
were turned over to the I'nlted States au
thorities here.
Government Torpedo Factory.
NEWPORT. R. I., Nov. 22. Arrang.v
menta are reported here for the establish
ment In this city of a government torp- il
factory, where all of this class of ex
plosives used in the I'nlted States navy will
be manufactured, Independent of prlvnta
old M ait Sr,Wl. fr. snd br )olit .
2o 000000 000 OOOOO&tVOC
X THE PURiTY. MATL'RITY, AND g I X I rail lilt VS.
) I
s j!
i: ' ' ' f )
I ;. .1 " - . . " ! V-( -
I : I I ! j' " ; " f ' '.
I ) , -7 I 1 '-.;.
1; r J ! v-
"I he Reliadle Specialists
t " ' ,,ot so rn1 " inlsfortnno tliat .n mun coutrat-K
tJUi,, . lls-st or weakni-ssf-s, but tlntt hf ni-gbi ts tlinn or fall"
f Nocui-f irtM-r frt'Htmeiil for lln-ir oart'.' . .' , ' ''
you are suffering- In silence; perhaps y Oil pave been uiisueecss-
fully t n ai d :
ii limps vi'ti unlielpate
surgery; hut more likriy you consider your case hopeless or at least aiiseept-
fhle onlv to hmiiHiritrv rt-Uf -k.-.t.'t iteui-xi I e iaoii llvonicll voll llae rail(-(l tO
find relief. There may. bo health and happiness In store tor imi yet. A MFIl
to our oftlc will tell. Surely It Is worth the trouble, as hmllh is n ptlniy
necessity and pnidinotiiii to almost unythlug a human being rm) possess.
To nil such men a consclentioua and -xj erieived doctor Would advise . ou
to consult without delay the best, specialists; one who has made n IltelonsT ,
study nf just such case's. One who can quickly i and fully iiudcrstAivl your ',
troubles, cine who will not deceive you with false promises or uuhti -nu ssllko .
propositions. One who ran and .will euro you tn tho shortest nootdblo tlm
and at the leas" expense to voti. Any man lu need of such medical advice or
treatment should como at orio- to the State Medical Institute.
We 1-uio.snfeJy and thoroughly Nervous Debility. R.-rt.U and Kidney Dts-i-H.ies
and all diseases and we 1 Hiiessesof men' due to neglect. Igiivrnnce, dis,
si-iatlou or the icsult of specllie diseasrs. v . .
Free Cons falion and Examination
1308 Farnara St., Between 13th and 14th Sts., Omaha, Neb.'
. '4. .-
Return Limit November 25.
' - -
.... -, ! - - - t. .- v - .,
From Union Station Omaha 'to Union Station . 'CI iica go
leave Qmalia 7:55 A. M., 5:45 P. M. and 8:35 P. M-
, ' .. TICKETS ' ;;:: ' ' '"'''
1524 Farnam Street, ;. 25 Pearl Street, ' .r
F 1 AT T1
rA .vl . - m
'l onH t Am
) i You can hay, a nice tjulet time beside any of ' '. . t,yj ' ' ' 1
tfKfji these lakes in California, or maybe vou want TC
if to knock about and see new thingf.- California ' -
offer nearly every kind of pleasure; no matter l
. what your favorite it, you'll find it here. The ff'
&i .. .....
DooKt will tell you an about tne good time ya
.r i could have in California.
CITi' TICKET OFF1CK, 1324 Farnatu
'Phone Douglas 334.
On Sale hi. 22nd and
Trains Leave
3.251. m. 8.15 a. a.
that relief ean be secured .tnly
bfCco Hours:
"lit to 1 only.
a. m. to 8 p. nv . fc'uiulays, ...
If you cannot call, write.'.
and RETURN ' r
rJ.-' '-- ,. -51-
v.-' S-F-rt.
rp -,
ax. . ass-. as. . S
Mama V .. ' '
as a
00 Good in Stand
ard Sleepera
Goo iu
Coaches .
Limit Nov. 25th
Union Station ,
4.05 p. m. 6.35 p.
..-. i ..
1323 FARI3 AM
i .
. i