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Two Workmen Overcome by Turne Irom
Gaiolins Ineioe,
' v ' " ' ' ' '
TVhlte Man Krlt Ovrr Dull Colortil
Companion Draffs Illm Onl nr
eaer Collapses Immediately'
on Reachlaa; Ontaldc.
' Jacob W. Melnz'-r ar.(J Arthur Green, a.
Colored laborer, cumo u'str.. a Serious col
laps yesterday morniiiij from the effects
of the exhaust of a Kiisoilno engine. . Mein
fcer la one of Hnnnon's .foremen and was
engaged In putting a eohorele Poor 'In the
Htore room belonRlnK; 1i tlie public' school
district at Twenlj -elxth and M streets.
The concrete mixer" Ik run : by h' gasoline
oiiglns and the exhaust escaped Into the ;
room. Tlio room was too tightly closed .
li nd the men suddenly became weak. Mein- I
tier fijll to the' floor unconscious and waa
dragged from . the building by the half
stupeAed negro and his- companions. Out
side tho ti"gro suffered a collapse of sev
eral ihlnut-s and then went for a doctor
to attend iMilnwr. In tho meantime. Iror
lils return, 11 rig wan procured ami Mein
ser waa taken to his home, 2701 N street.
Both rnon were laid tip for tho rest of tho
day, but their physicians anticipate no
further danger. . - ' In Inspection Boreas.
It la reported from tho bureau of ani
mal industry that several Important trans
fers of men have lately been ordered from
Washington. Among them Pr. O. E. Llnd
burg, who has been In rlotith Omaha fr the
last nine months, lias bevn transferred to
Washington, where he will work undr
tho direction of Dr. T. H. McKeown, who.
In tnr,n. was at one time connected with
the department here. 'Another Is the trans
fer tt Dr. John V. Hills to Baltimore,
where he will be under the eye. of Dr. H.
A. Hsdrlck. Both of the young men are
(untM among tho most capable In the
service. There has lieen over 300 men who
galiif(f their first experience in tho In
spection business under Dr. Don C. Ayer,
the chief of the bureau here. Tho doctor
says ho has not been treated fairly be
cause there la aJways a call for his men
before he has reared tlie benefit of break
ing them In. He takes It as a good slgit.
however, that the service here Is accept
able to the department. Few of tho men
who have been called to better positions
from this point ljae proven failures In
the numerous posts where they have been
sent. .' .,
James Perry Landed In Jail.
Henry Elsfeldor arrived last evening from
Douglas. "SVyo.. bringing In safety James
iPerry.' the suspected murderer of Ktcvc
Sledl" k. Perry was lodged hi the city Jail
to a trait his tirellmlnary hearing. Ho took
his attest Id a nonchalant, good-natured 1
manner. He said: -If you II just give me
a gooj warm plnce to sleep I'll treat the
crowd I to cigars In : flirt morning." He said
lie wanted to see Captain Shields and
"shake his old paw."-.He Is well acquainted j
with all the nollce officers here. He was
placed" In a cell Just next to Hugh Gray,
the confessed slayer of Harvey Williams.
Two rhore happy-po-lurk specimens of the
Afrleafi race were never paired than. In all
spoofs, ore these two. Fur from showing
anxiety over their prospects, they fcyiii
actually to enjoy 11. Perry Is the nefro
who, litter asking hi-ylctinv frirn chew of
t'lbacei and learning that Sledlek had none,
flew into n rage and beat him over the
head with a meat hook, fib'dlek never f't
guliiedi consciousness nnd died after about
twentvf days at the "otith-, Ontabat hospital?
The charge of murder in the' first degree
.-lit V.n 1 J . I ..ont-.f t-,10 .l.VDr
111 lU IVUBy OftUllin. 111.
. Kattles' Insurance Company.
L. C. Haulou ot Council Bltiffs waa
South !QmahuycHtci:d.ay looking after tho
..1..liI1b nf liiiKliiAHn imnecteil with a new
Insurant-1 . ,oomrmy whjih IS' iiroiioserT
.ummig ' the Fraternal" Onler of Bii-Wi,
ikdowii ua the Eagle Life association. The
articles of Incorporation bve been drawn
' up under tho laws ofIown, and the com
'.lain came Into existence November J. 'Al
though the company has no connection wl'h
'tfje Fraternal Order of Engles,: nevortheless
'it exoects to draw Its support from . i t
;'inks ajid to assume a cUUss of risks such
'as unay be found among this f'ntorr.lfy.
Jlr, Hanlou Is secrttarj- of the new cotr.
. siny, and he. agisted by E. E. 12. !tkige
war. spent ull of yesterday preparing the
'necessary papers and printing of the pro-
... , . .
t fsneral of Mrs. Howe. '
Mrs. Eltiabeth Howe, deceased, cs-sHvcd
'the, last ad rrtea at ''2:30 o'clock yesterday
afternoon. The friends of the family
; thronged, the horn to its full cHpaclty. In
i honor of the deceaseu the city ottlces were
ijosed and Judge Sutton of Omaha ud-J-jilrned
hla court to attend. The funem!
. was under tho direction of U. T. Brass
and the eervlce . was . by Rev. ,H. H. Mil
; lard, assisted by Dr.i Oorst, the ' presiding
j elder of the Methodist Episcopal church
4Jl this district, and Rev. F. M Slsson,
' the former pastor ot the tiuuth Omaha
' ciiurch. Music was furnished by a quar
tet composed of Mmes. Cressey ufld Shugart
'and Messrs. Johnson and Baker. The pall
bearers were Judge A. L. Sutton. Prof.
li; M
4---m "TT J
a: rMN H ?
Tl t4Ct
Style is valueless without quality
qPleaie remember that McKIBBIN
garments are all made from pelt per
sonally seledted by a member of out firm
at the primary fur market! of the work).
Not erery dealer sells the best
McKibbin furs
J If the dealer won't how you write to
us and we will direct you to one v. ho will.
McKibbm,Driscoll Ql Dorsey
J. A. McLean, C. M. nich. O. V Davis,
V. W. Fisher and F. A. Ciessey.
Immediately after the servico tho body
was takep to the I'nlon station In Omaha,
where it was forwarded to Lovell, Me., the
hirthplaii) ol Mrs. Howe. Mr. Howe jic
eompanied the body. Ho will,. return to
South OmnhA not later than December 3".
Mrs. Howe's maiden name was Mnry
Elizabeth Went worth. She was in her
sixtieth year, having been born November
13, ISC She married 12. L. Howe at Lowell.
-j -.
years of her lifo were spent in Omaha and
South Omaha. She was a devout member
of tho Hanscom Tark church for many
years. ' loiter she was connected with the
Flint Methodist church of Booth Omaha.
Her demise was duo to on attack of acute
pneumonia dating from November 10, after
which she lived barely seven days, dying
on the night of November IT. '
Craft of May Makers.
A craft 'of' I lay' Makers waaorganised at
the Hay Makers' club "Monday evening!
Novemlicr-1!. The .officers of -the ltU
wer elected as follows: '-F. -Ti Powers
P. CT H. M.i John Kennedy.-' t. If. Mi?
Hugh Atcock. A. C. .H M. ; II. C. Mlll.jr.
Ki J.' -iTvordtg. K. Offi,j )ir a.-iiVintewp
K. of B ; H. L. Robinson, H, B.: Fred
Haskins. B. D.: H. H Inkle, ti. of H.: If. W.
F. Williams. G. of B ; V. W. McLone,
George Huuptirutn and .W. J, Ilttser. stew
ards. It is declared that a large Mock of
tramps will bo Inltluted fritb the mysteries
.of Mukhig Saturday eYu-nlng, whi.n
the order has Its nexv icgulat; meeting. Th
club 1x10ms of the order iut situated at '.'1"3
N street.
Muk'c City (iosaiv.
C. B. Cafford, livery. Tcl.-lOi.
- Murglo 8mith, 50s North PlftAeiUh Hrect,
Is miffertng from an attack of scarlet fiver.
Magic Citv King's Dauglitrtss will meet
with Mrs: Ayer. Twenty-flitU and E streets.
Thuisday. afternoon.
Salary .'loans. 9t our terms. Standard
Loan Co.. StlHJ N St.
In the membership contest for the Young
Men's Christian association the "IJluis"
now stand twenty-six points ahead.
The local Barbers' union celebrated its
annual Imll last night at the Workmen
temple. A large crowd was in attendance,
Free IJfe-slzeif 'portrait WilH on dri'avp
photos till Christmas. , iJeterson;ytudio.
The Ludlea" Aid society of the EnglisH
Lutheran church will mee! Thursday at J
p. m. at the home of Mrs. J. C. Nlcholsen,
i7 B street.
H. A. Markey repent .. tlut he lost a
valuable overcoat ut th Ancient Order of
I'nlted Workmen templo Monday night.
Someone took It from the cloakroom.
Albert L. Johnson of the Great Western
ticket office has koiio to Y'tnnieg, Man , j
in; accept, u iioBHion- m uie .civil i service.
lie will no in uiu immigration uureau.
The Infant daughter of John HhoehUh
as buried yesterday afternoon from the
mlly residence, 1H4 South Twentieth stivci.
h interment was In Laurel lull iuie-
Jetter'B Gold Top fieer delivered to all
pans of the city. Telephone No. X.
W illiam East Oeorgo Mills- and John
furnished the usual rouuue at-
Yv ur Grocer has it now
f' No need for other cereals now SX
if oym tid
- a!UsJiU)il,
BEST Cereal, Vitos
The white heart of the wheat. A 2 lb. package
retailing at 1 5c, when cooked makes 1 2 lbs.
' or dainty creamy white food,
Made by the man who
BREAKFAST Stir Jowly one half
one half cups of .boiling water, tail to Uste
minute, li too thick add boiling water.
hot with cream snd sugar. When cold k
dcucjotu luncheon dish, fned snd served
with tyruf). Numerous dainty
. duuier deseit tan be pre
pared with fruit
I II.. v .
cnu jcuy,
if si.rVI
)rtriri:iy ninrniMg. i:i'h n ppn rent I y
eelved what was couilnir to lilm. ,
i Senator-elect C. A. H'inil.'ill of N'. wnmn
Clove lf the gufst of Jus. '. K. C.nmbr,
Ms slnti-i-. He is hero to attend the banS
l th' rmentlon; also to pay a vir-lt to his
;iniBhler, Margaret, who is a studuit at
I'.elu vu cnllfHtv
l! Tl rlnffrtr.l iiiovlna unit transfer. 1
Ti'L '
A (Inutile widding was eolebrnted at Hie
Vnsey resilience nt Twenty-sevont h and L.
strieis PundnV niii rnoiin. Fred Idoe wan
j HMrvti t to .Mtss Lwu iey and her slsu i,
.Anna M. 'n v., was wedd'd to Julius IS.
.Miner 01 KanMi.
'l ne eawij 01 Augusta Stephens against
the city, In whleh slie sued lor $?X lnm
im.s to her lot by reawn of griming on
t ho street. b'is tw n grunted a continuance
on the gTound tnat th ?pt itle damager.
have pot been nnmi'l by the plaintiff. Tilt
vase wl'l be herd Decern Iht H.
V"or rent, two splendidly furrlshed rooms,
nltli gs.- electric liaht. hot and crd water,
bath. loi'J North Twenty-third str-'et.
t enipiaint mis been sworn out oy. Harty
Uioomneifi, colored, ng'ilnst Harry Jone.
ai?o colored, tor nsshuit, with In'ent to no
great bodily Injury. Jones says be was
a'tHrkeri by a gang at Twenty-seventh uud
.N" streets Saturday night In one of the I
saloons of that locality, and In self-dfenso
struck Illoomtield In the neck with n knife.
Inflicting a painful Injury. Jiloomficld tells
another story.
Tne cniioren nnd grandchildren of Mr.
and Mrs. David Anderson met with them
In reunion Mundav afternoon. Tho o-
isewrnkA wn C: Tr wl : .
inc i-aei'ic coa.t. i neie I'ave ano ins wise
will spend their time between Honolulu,
Iajs Angeles and 8au Idego, nnd rciurn
to South Omnha in tho spring. Those pres
ent nt the famllv board weie: Mrs. Laura
Konner. Mr.. ". 3. Cook. Mit. Harvey
Fenner, Mrs. Walter Femier, Mr. nnd Mrs.
Fred Light foot of Lincoln and Mr. and
Mrs. Uert Graves.
Statate Enacted by Last Lralslatare
Pronounced Invalid by Judge
Leslie if County Court.
The law enacted by the last legislature
to regulate veterinary surgeons Is uncon
stitutional, according to a decision rendered
by County Judge IoMie yesterday after
noon In the case of the state against Dr..
l"i. D. Turner. The case was filed by Dr.
Ramacclotti as a lest of the law. The
decision will be of interest because several
other prosecutions . hinged on the outcome
of this case. It is said It may be carried
to the supreme court fot a final test.
The law which Is declared bad provides person engaged In the practice of
veterinary surgery shall assume the title,
veterinary surgeon, or any analogous title
or any degree conferred ' by a recognized
college of veterinary surgery unless he
has first secured a license from the state
board. Tho law did not prohibit unlicensed
;urgeons from practicing, but merely pre
vented them from holding themselves out
as such or from using any title or degree
In connection with their profession.
Judge Leslie held that this was . not a
proper application -of pollco power of the
i'tate and wns an Improper abridgement
of the personal liberty of citizens. He
pointed out that the law made It a crime
for a person who was unlicensed to tell
I anotier person that he had received a de-
gree of veterinary surgeon from a college,
even though it was true. A. W. Jefferls,
who attacked the validity of the luw, also
contended It was against public policy and
Intended to protect titles.
Dr. Turner has practiced In Omaha six
teen years. He was a student at Oxford,
a graduate of the Edinburgh Veterinary
college and a graduate In organic and In- 1
...n,l,- i.hnml,lrv In :l. I.onilon Mrhnnl I
Because he was not registered the law
prohibited him from hanging his diploma
on ' tho wall of his office or even telling
anyone he had a degreo or' was a veteri
nary surgeon.
His specllic offense was In
sending out a bill with the words "Dr.
Turner, graduate veterinarian," on it. He
was.urrested for uslug the title a!r his
na'mV. judge Leslie' said he thought a
law that provided no veterinarian ..should
practice without registering wovjld bo
sound, but, he did not think the legislature
had the right to deprive a person of tho
right -to usem, title or degree that had been
conferred upon him. i
Juvenile Workers nt State Capital
Come for Pointers ou De- .
tentlon Home.
Judge r"rot of. the Lincoln Juvenile court
with u coninitte. representing the county
commissioners,. Lincoln .Woman's club, and
Citizens' committee organized for the, pur
pose of securing;, a detention school , for
Llii'-oln, will visit Ojinilia Saturday for Jhc
purpose of learning more of the ope lit Ion
of tho local Juvenile court and corrective
system. ,
lrs.. O. ,M. .Stonchruker and . Jlrs. JL D.
,WVlnh wl'l represent the cl'lb- womenand
Superintendent Stephens of the Lincoln
schools tho Citizens' committee, of which
he is ciiuirmun. One of tlio county com
mirtsloneri, the truant oflicer, probation
officer and others will be In the patty,
which will be met at the station by u. local
committee and taken to the Juvenile court
for the morning session.
.luncheon for-the .visiting- committee
1 and others interested will he given at tlie
! rmnmcrcial ,.ih at noon ami wilt K.. ni
' t"ul" ,rc lal ' at noon wMI b- fo'-
1 iowi u vimi m me uuiention school.
,' I'nless other cases develop, which in not
apprehended, the quarantine for diphtheria
' ' . . . c H,
J wil l' "'T1 fro.m ,h "hoo "
make such Inspection safe.
Story of
s White
make3 "Jte Flour"
cud into two
and boil
tendh'.g ihe S'lirliiistnill
yy v vv
Thirtj Street Car ' Eidei fbr a Tollar for
Children Attending School.
i .
Mayor's eio Concerning lentand on Crier Held to Be. Too l.ate to
He effective, and Clerk Ordered
to Ask foe the Money.
Tile city council Tuesday night passed an
ordinance compelling all street car com
panies operating In Omsha. to sell to school
chlMsrn thirty street car tickets for II,
the tickets to be honored between the hours
of S and 9 n. nt. and 2 and 5 p. m. No age
limit Is placed on those who may use such
tlcketf, but It Is stipulated that purchasers
shall present a certificate of school at
tendance when buying the tickets. Council
man Davis cast the only dissenting vote,
he taking the stand that tho ordinance was
c'.nss legislation.
When brought up for final reading the
r1lnanrr creating the offlc- of meat
and restaurant Inspector Was lost. Lack of
funds with which to mnlntaln such an
office was tho chief objection raised at thla
Councilman Bridges Introduced another
ordinance prohibiting the erection of gas
tanks 'or receptacles or changes In those
existing within a territory taking In almost
the entire city. This ordinance was re
ferred to the committee on lighting. Mr.
Bridges' last ordinance on the same sub
ject was lost In the general committee.
The prr-sent contention centers at Twentieth
and Center streets, where the Omaha Gas
company has two large gas tanks and Is
seeking to erect a third.
An ordinance Increasing the salary of
three elevator conductors and four Janitors
In the City hall from $53 to $fi0 per month
wae up for first and second readings. It
was referred to the coramittee of the whole.
Mayor Too Slow.'
A concurrent resMutlon regarding tho
Leo Gfler alleged shortage was brought
up, the document having been returned
from the mayor's otllgo without that of
ficer's signature. In view of the fact that
tho mayor retained the resolution longer
than forty-eight hours without either sign
ing or returning it unsigned, the resolution
was declared valid and effective by de
fault on the mayor's part. The city clerk
will now make a formal demand on Mr.
Grlcr and the United States Fldolity and
Guaranty company for, the amount of
J3.173.SS, the amount of alleged shortage.
The mayor's appointment of John Quinn
to succeed Jack Donahue as engineer at
the city jail was confirmed. Mr. Donahuo
has resigned.
City Attorney Burnam advised the coun
cil that that body had tho right to order
railroads to place and maintain lights it
all crossings within the city limits. This
matter was brought up at the time of a
collision between a street car and freight
train on South Thirteenth street.
The council adopted a concurrent reso
lution Instructing tho comptroller and
treasurer to retain J2.500 or the $7,000
deposited October '20, '. by the HeUn-Fol-loc.k-Parmele
Telephone company to de
Tray election evpcrtsesl
P. E. Her. Rome Miller and Elizabeth
Kountze presented , protests against tho
sale of a triangular strip of land at Nine
teenth and Jackson streets, the f.rotos
tants stating that the land' was bought
by the citv twenty years ago for tho
I numo.o of onenlntf Jackson Street through
to St. Mary's avenue1;
, Hydrant Ordered Moved. ,.
. A resolution ordcrg, tho city enginor
to change a hydrant from Eighth street,
between Farnam and Douglas, to Earnam,
between Eighth and .Ninth, waa adopted
after some, discussion as to whethor tho
council had the right to order such change,
in view of pending litigation over the
waterworks system, Councilman El
sasser contended that eight oouncllmeu
Oould' change any hydtsnt, any timei 'and
to any place they wished. It was . ex
plained that the water company had re
fused to make ' the change without an
order from the Water board and that the
Water board hod refused to take any
hand in the matter.
The Druid Hill. Improvement club ten
dered a list of. defective sidewalks In
Druid Hill. .,
A concurrent resolution was adopted
directing that an architect he scloctod
to draw plans for the new fire engine
house to be located on Lake street be
tween Twentieth and Twenty-first.
Tho council adjourned to Thursday
afternoon at 8 o'clock, that estimates for
public Improvements may be received and
passed on In time for consideration at
the ucxt session 'of 'tlio Board of Equali
sation. . ' ' , .
Comptroller Reports on Finances.
Comptroller Lobeck offered the following
financial report:' '
..$ .Si8.
;.&. 1'i
library 9.Wfi.07
' 1.1S.ii.74
$ W.S6..
?. 3
:.0I0 77
17, l-i.!5
Murphy spec
Cleaning Ut sweeping.
Curb, gutter & paving
Water board
General library .......
hptxMal slnkiag No. 1.
'..'..". 16.M.3
' 7.ln7.fd
8.IM 37
Intersection bond
1 1 iinsha ar wer
; Road , ,
' Market place
I og
Firu engine houso h'd
Totals tl.At.3Ti.7H $"i.fct.M;
' ( Tmi-t'.-ttori hnnii fllnrl luilnm-v. f.i -VG
Amount ce.rtilted to by comptroller av!s&2.1'J '
Available balance t1o.VM.t4
Omaha sewer fund hnlanco.,
Amount certified to by comptroller T7.5"t.n)
Available balance f-'vi.'.U . w;
t'ondilloM of the Department Knuija.
Funds. L'nexpeinb d
leniirtiiient. Wet Astd.'
Ma voi t t.'li7. f)
f'ouncil Itf.l.w
Pomptroller H.tM
"ltv cliik P.fWti.uj
l.eftal l'.'.fw" Ml
', Tux commissioner .... I.6' V
! City treasurer 14 Ti.o
i lOrnrliif-er Jrt,.").(
Klei til, al I.2-.VW
j P.tillding In.-'pector .... 6.0(i.4.i
j Holler inspoctoi- l.&Ji.ti
I VMuinbinK lnsiector .. 1.74".o
j i nse liis) ctor J..Vl"
, Nan ;np(-tor !..i.i-j
I Welphis and measures 1.25a.O
Market master 1.
I Pollef: court J.'.'Su .'
Malntrtining city lull.
nmergency hospital ...
I Kieetion expenses 7).i.i
1 lntii'Clors pub. works ' ,'.V mi
. Insp-'l'rs street -uts. 4.4-Si.t"!
Htri ' t repiilrlng ai.f' o'i
, Construction if bridges.
! t.'M.'l
j Co"""riicli'ill Of CHiS-
i walk lu.u.i.i.i
I' Remov'g dMd anltiruls 4.1.ii
Meals for prisoners ... K.ikO.d
! r'n-rniuni on ofh. ial
fi.ini ;
M.'-i ''
i.'i.a i
716. o;
l.S.3U '
iXl.i '
bonds l.Xii.Ui
Tart paymei t ou ot-
insr machines ... 4.7e.7i
Vlr-Par-Hn illumina'n I'
Judicrm-nt 5..ii
Heslih and chemicilx. 11 S i Oi
8eer inintiniog ... li..irt
l'iU"tid 11-ii bills Ijkj liJ
I'nnHiil ami. aspliult
plant SjO.OO
ftra'Ung n I lev btetu
Vi'ituii i: Kim t....
Mi(''llalieou i.
1 -.i4
t .?ia,oj
r t iti- '
The Children Enjoy
Life out of doors and oat of the games which they play and the enjoyment
which they receive and the efforts which they make, comes the greater part of that
healthful development which is so essential to their happiness when grown. When
a laxative is needed the remedy which is given to them to cleanse and sweeten and
strengthen the internal organs on which it acts, should be such as physicians would
sanction, because its component ports are known to be wholesome and the remedy
itself free from every objectionable quality. The one remedy which physicians and
parents, well-informed, approve and recommend and which the little ones enjoy,
because of its pleasant flavor, its gentle action and Its beneficial effects, is -Syrup
of Figs and for the same reason it is the only laxative which should be used by
fathers and mothers.
Syrup of Figs is the only remedy which acts gently, pleasantly and naturally
without griping, irritating, or nauseating and which cleanses the system effectually,
without producing that constipated habit which results from the use of the old
time cathartics and modern imitations, and against which the children should be so
carefully guarded. If you would have them grow to manhood and womanhood,
strong, healthy and happy, do not give them medicines, when medicines are not
needed, and when nature needs assistance in the way of a laxative, give them only
the simple, pleasant and gentle Syru of Figs.
Its quality is due not 'only to the excellence of the combination of the laxative
principles of plants with pleasant aromatic syrups and Juices, but also to our
original method of manufacture and as you value the health of the little ones, do
not accept any of the substitutes which unscrupulous dealers sometimes offer to
increase their profits. Please to remember, the full name of the Company
CALIFORNIA FIO SYRUP CO.-is printed on the front of every package. la
; r
3 ...
In honor of her sister. Mrs. U. J. Kill of
Kansas City, Mrs. D. M. Vinsonhaler gave
a handsomely appointed buffet luncheon
Tuesday at her homo for about 100 guests.
Toe rooms were prettily decorated with a
profusion of cut flowers and palms, tho
hall, where a harpist was stationed, being
banked with palms, while In the dining
room the tuble waa adorned with a large
mound of yellow chrysanthemums and
forhs nnd yellow-shaded candles In silver
candlesticks. A tablo was also- placed In
tho library nnd was ornamented with Law
sou cnrnutlons and crystal candlesticks
holding pink-shaded tapers. Assisting Mrs.
Vinsonhaler wero Mrs. J. H. Butler, Mrs.
J: ir.Tratt, Mrs. F1. B. Hoehstetlcr. Mrs.
C. E. Clapp,' Mrs. W. D. Banrker, Mrs. P.
B. Myers and Mrs. W. F. Ourley
Cue fourth party In the series of dances
being Riven by the Visiting Nurses' asso
ciation was held at Chambers' Tuesday
evening and proved to be the most success
ful yet given. About one hundred couples
enjoyed tho' long program. Punch was
served and late In the evening light re
freshments. Tho chuperones, were Mrs. C.
B. Herring and Mrs. 11. D. Reed. Tho next
party will be given Tuesday evening, De
cember i.
Mrs. E. K. Wukeley entertained inform
ally' at supper Sunday evening In honor of
Mrs. Winchester and Miss Frances Win
chester of Whitewater, Wis., who are vis
iting Mrs. Lucius Wakeley.
Miss H. Estelle Brown entertained a few
friends Informally Saturday afternoon. The
rooms were attractively decorated with
flowers and ferns and light refreshments
were served late In the afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Melkle and Colonel
and Mrs. J. H. Pratt were the guests of
Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Gilbert at a theater
party at the Boyd Monday evening, fol
lowed by supper 'at the Omaha club.
Miss Laura Conguon will entertain at an
Informal bridge party Thursday afternoon
':(:rt'V7:U "- ry to buy the genuine ,S V, f TY t "
(&ki tfV&Y only. For Mto by H re- A .6' v--,
te-A "-Vm "-We druggists. L$&r?W-
The "Discovery
of the
Soda Cracker
'., .. K '
order to get its beneficial
effects it is always neces
sary to buy the genuine
only. For sale by all re
liable druggists.
In honor of Mis Frances Winchester of
Whitewater. Wis., who was a classmate of
Miss Congdon at Vassar.
Miss Frances Wesse.lls will entertain In
formally at hrldgo Frlduy evening for the
debutantes of the season. '
Mrs. F. II. Spraguo has returned from
Chicago, where she went to attend tho wed
ding of her sister. Miss Ritchie. Mr. and
Mrs. Fprague will reside with Mr. and Mrs.
E. K. Balch this winter.
Major and Mrs. Thomas Cruse have taken
apartments at the Paxton for the winter.
Mrs. C. L. Mills of New Tork City is
visiting her father. P. J. Girardet, at 10ti7
North Twenty-ninth street. Mrs. Mills will
be Joined at Christmas time by her hus
band, who was formerly local passenger
agent for the Illinois Centra! Railroad com
pany. Mrs. Alvin Saunders nas returned from ii
visit in Denver.
, Mrs. Alfred Burley has returned from a
visit In Rawlins, Wyo., and is at the rest;
dence of Mr. and Mrs. Milton Barlow.
Mr. A. J. Love .loft Monday for a sojourn
at Excelsior Springs, Mo.
The Misses Mattle and ld:i Bhurpe have
returned from a visit in Chicago.
Mrs. A. D. Brandeis' is entertaining Mrs.
Sam Michaels of Jefferson City. Mo.
The card party to have been given Thurs
day afternoon by Mrs. C. A. Grlmmel of
123 South Thirty-seventh street and the card
party to have been given by Mr. and Mrs.
Grlmmel Thursday evening have bee:t In
definitely postponed.
The Comls Card club will meet Thursday
nflernoon with' Mrs. Arthur L. Hoover,
Ohio street.
Fire Dae to Bats and Matches.
Fire In the basement of the plumbing
store of W. T. Wbelan. 6H North Six
teenth street, did damage to tho extent
of nbout Sl) st 0:30 u. m. Wednesday and
considerable difficulty was experienced by
the tlremen before It wae extinguished. It
Is believed the troublesome combination
of rats and matches was the origin of the
blase. A largo bale of oakuqi was Ignited
In the basement, causing n great deal of
smoke and giving the Impression that tho
fire was likely assume large proportion
The Hlxteenth street cars were blocked
for about half an hour. During the run
. f Hi "
For years the humble soda cracker remained
obscure and unappreciated. No one seemed to
realize its food value no one seemed to know
that it was one of the most nutritious rations
Then one day the soda cracker was
"discovered." The NATIONAL BISCUIT
COMPANY saw its value if properly pre
sented to the public. They set about to
bring its quality to the highest possible stand
ardthe result being UnSGda Biscuit,
which are to-day recognized as one of the
staple foods of the American people.
Nearly 400,000,000 packages of them have
been sold, and the food value of the soda
cracker is a settled fact.
. ."'-"i:-rt .'V- .
to the fire one of the horses on hose truck
No. '3 fell on the Icy pavement, but no
damage was Inflicted
Two Meters ' Thluk Maa Hilled n
Vladact May Be Their
Believing that James Anderson, the man
who died from 'injuries received In falling
from the Eleventh street viaduct a short
time, ago, might prove to he'a closo rela
tive, the husbnnd of one and brother of the
other two women from South Omaha be
gan making quiet Inquiry Tuesday as to
the body. In an endeavor to establish Its
Identity. If possible An intruest was held
after the death at St. Joseph's hospital, anil
the body now Has In the rooms of a med
ical college, being prpared for dlssoctioii.
' The women were not 'greatly alTecteii
when told where -they might And the body,
hut .admitted-the fault w-as theirs In not
Investigating sooner.- They said they would
call at the CrelghtOn Medical college this
momlng and ask leave to have tho body
brought out, so they might view It The
relative for whom they arc looking, they
explained, has been mlsslngr since the acci
dent to'' the man who guvo his name us
James Anderson, and his failure to return
to them has made them suspect he ,1s the
dead man.
Before ho died the Injured man was un
willing to give his name, and gave a differ
ent name nt the hospital than ho intimbleil
to the pollco. It was then believed ho had
not revealed his correct name.
The women were taken to the niedlcaJ
college Wednesday morning by Mr. Dor
ra'nce and after some difficulty tho''body
was brought from tho pickling vat. It
had .been In course of preparation for dis
section for some . time, but, tho .features
were welt preserved.
After viewing the-body both- women were
positively -convinced. ;it" was : not. that of
their missing relative. They had" brought
a picture of their relative with tuoru and
the , coroner thought the resemblance was
very marked. Who James Anderson really
was Is now a problem that will probably
never be solved.
! !
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