Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, November 18, 1906, NEWS SECTION, Page 6, Image 6

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Three stones, $75
Fay payments.-
Diamond $50
100 styles of Cuff
Duttoni at
- $2.80 to $50
Diamond Ear
rings at
$30 to $400
Cluster Rln(?g, up
from $15.
"? fry.'.50
Buy Your Xmas Diamonds Now!
I Sell
Them On
This Ought to Bring
Elrln or.Waltham work
warranted to pass ex
amtnation on any rail
road entering Omaha
tn a twenty year IP rr
pane. Price 1 1
Easy Payments.
f;&J :'J-., I"
I . . ..' ' - ' . -nv"' I Fancy bi.U IM:
This Fln VVMch
In a beautiful engraved
rasp, Edgln or
Bajne works In
olid gold rase,
for only. ......
Easy Payments.
- Thla Ht. 100
A pure white
tone very bril
liant. Makes a
gentleman's hand
tome ring;. Sold
on oivment nf
$3.B0 a Wtk.
A Dollar or
Two a Week
will buy at my store anything
you wish. My fiftten years of
business right here in Omaha
on Farnam street will be baric
of each and every sale. It's
a perpetual guarantee of qual
ity 'and satisfaction to the
buyer. Don't put it off you
are losing time that you will
be sorry to have lest when you
finally come to me.
All Goods Are Marked in
Plain Figures,
Everything Strictly Confidential
A. Mandelberg
Omaha's Leading Jeweler
1522 Farnam Street
This Ring
A ure water
gem, mounted In
a solid gold set
ting sold on pay
ments of
S3.60 a Weak.
$2.50 to $20
fin vim ef Returns Comflcttd Uidsr
riTMtiei of Clerk UiTrlj.
40 styles of Sonl
$1.50 to $20
$10, solid gold.
Is at your service. My expert opticians
will examine your eyes free. Why
pay your good money to some fake
doctor. The best glasses In solid gold
frames or rimless will only C.
cost you (easy payments)
tltal Alleratlna In the Orlalnal
Rcanlts Is Apparent Hltebeork
f arrlea the f oanty
Sliteen Tfites.
Saturday noun County Cleik ll.oirly
completed the ranvnsn of votes cast t th'
election held lat week. According ti
these figures Hitchcock carried the county
by sixteen votes, The result were:
For Preference for T'nltd States g.Mi
ntor Drown (rep.) ii,7;ic
rhnrtipsun ifus.) yiii
Kmc (fxic.) 7m
Constitutional Amendment with Itefer
ence to the Hallway Commissioners
Kor is.M
Against Jii
For Governor
Sheldon (rep. I 9,V,",
Btiallenberger (dem.) y,i5
Sutton (pro.) ,
Taylor (six-.) i
For lieutenant Governor
Hopewell (rep.) 9.S7
Oreen (fus.)
rrsythe (pro.)
Howe (soe )
Kor Secretary of etate
unkln (rep.) 9 -174
Gouoher (fus.) a,j4t j
Hell (pro.) .f
Knowles (soc.) "'I
Kor Auditor
Bearle, (rep.) s.954
Never let a Monday go by without making it a big
ger bargain event than the preceding one.
!,!71 !
.'07 i
Cariaday, (fun.).
iMcnul, (pro.)
McClure, (soc )
Kor State Treasurer
Hrlan, trep.)
Habcock, (fus.)
AlaOdox, (pro.)
Hawthorne, (soc.)
Kor HunerinLeedent
McBrlen, (rep.)
waisrin. rus.)
Wilson. (Dro.)
B:hell, (soc)
Kor Attornev Oer.erAi
Thompson. (reD.) ,k7
Abbott, (fus.) 0,134
uraves, (pro.) ks
Sorter, (soc.)..... 701
r'or Commission, r of Puhlif- l.umia una .
Kalon irep.) o.S.'.S 1
Wolfe (fus.) k'w.7
Kent (pro.) ' '
ijippmcoit (soc) 10D '
tor Kallwav CnrnmiHlnni.- 1
Wlnnett (tcd.) mnM'
Cowell (rep.) .4 io,u,5
wiumms (rep.) 9 Mil :
Kltmimmons (fus.) fc.ian i
Horst (fus.) 9.ta
It Is ftalloonlag and Every Aaceaatoa
f'osta About Three Handrrd
I liavu often been aaked how ballooning
compared with other sports, both In cost
und In enjoyment. The first cost of those
who wish to. soar above the clouds is
smaller than In automoblling, but each
ascension costs soma $300. A flight may
last lesa than an hour, or It may continue
the better part of a day. The tendency
la toward flights of longer duration, as In
vention helps the aeronaut, and "with the
multiplication of lta devotees, particularly
among the amateurs, the records will be
come longer, both in hour and miles.
The delights of the sport are such that
they are hard to describe to one who hns
never experienced them. They are intense
that In tba reaction after they are over
the earth seems tame and not worth while.
One has almost to become acclimated on
descending from the high altitude. Kor a
week after an ascension I have no appt
tite and am depressed. Incidentally I
should not recommend ballooning to a
person of weak heart or nerves.
To start an ascension one must already
he an enthusiast; one must make one's
will and say good-bye to one's friends
and withstand the suggestion of ninety
nine out of 100 of them that ha will never
como back ailve. Inauspicious beginning
HuiT'vOdor of Indigestion, Smoking,
- Drinking or Eating Caa B
Instantly b topped.
OUier people notice your bad braata
where you would not noiloe It at all. It
ia nauseating to other people to stand be
fore . the n while you are talking, give
1 he in a whiff or two of your bad breath.
It usually comia from food fermenting
on' your stomach. Eomiumti you have
a In the morning that awful aeur, bil
ious, bad breath. You can stop that al
once ty swallowing one or two b'Uaii
Charcoal Uoaengea, the moat powerful
Sis and oaor aotoroera aver prepared.
gomuUmea your meals will reveal thm
elves In your breath to these who talk
with you. "lou've had eniona," or
' Veu'v been eating cabbage," and all at
a sudden yoj belch in the face of your
friend. Charcoal Is a wonderrul absorber
of odors, aa every one knoaa That Is
why fetuart Charcoal Loaengea ax 0
quica to atop an gaaea and ouuis er edor-
us foods,, or gaa from Indigestion. '
Don't us breath perfumes. Tbey never
conceal the odor, and never absorb the
gas that causes the odor. Bealdea, the
very, fact of using them reveals the reaaou
(or thir use. Stuart's Charcoal losengea
in tne nrsi piace atop lor goud all sour
brash and belching of gaa, and make your
breath pure, freah and sweet. Juat alter
juuve a.""- 4usu no one iu turn hia
face away from you when you breathe or
talk; your cream ww be pur and fiaau.
and beside your food will tast ao much
better to you at your next, jut try
, Charcoal does other wonderrul thing,
too. It carries away from your stomach
and Intestine, all th Impurities there 4 together and which causes the
bd breath. Charcoal is a puriner as well
ss an absorber.
Charcoal la now by far tb beat, most
ray ana mug laxeuve anown. A whole
boxful will do no harm; In fact, the more
ion take the better. Stuart s Charcoal
loosen are made of Cure willow cii,.
roai ana mixea wnn just a faint Haver
.' Coney w " mini paiaiiu. f0, nii.
but U"l too eweet. You Just chew th.m
:k candy. Tbey are absolutely barm-
Jet a new. pure, sweet breath. fr.h..
our stomach, for your next meal, and
keep the Intestine in good working order
These two thing are the secret of good
i.eallh and long nie. jou can get ail th
charcoal necessary to do these aond.ifui
bat simply things by getti. Biuj,.
Charcoal Locengea. We want you u
test these Utile wonder vurkcii youne:t
betore you buy them. 60 send us your lull
name and addrea for a free sample of
Biuret's Charcoal LoseHKea. Then ftr
ou ha tr:ed th aarnple, and been coa
vincec & to your drutslst and gel a 3a
l.ox tf them. You'll feel better aM over,
ri or comfortable, and "cleaner" luatds.
Send us your name and addrvas today
and we will at once send you by mail a
sample p-tckatfe. free. Address l a.
Stuart Co., fuart BJdg , Marali.J
H 1 ii
to the moat exhlllrattiig and fascinating of
s portal
. When one leaves ths earth the Impres
sions com so fast that on can hardly
differentiate them. They produce a kaleido
scopic effect. A man must stop and con
centrate his mind on certain special sen
sations, or else on returning to earth he
will flnd that he has no sensation In par
ticular to tell about. There Is the . Im
pression of the crowd of people shouting
and waving their hands. .' Before you re
alize they have vanished as Individuals.
The earth sinks from you; the houses be
come tiny, boxes; the-street, lines and large
rivers appear brooks that you could easily
Jump across; the lakes are pools, and
marsh land seems solid. (This latter was
the cause of my friend Nocquefs landing
where he did and sacrificing his life.) For--sts
become smooth llk,e pasture land;
-ailroad trains are like crawling worms,
ind all th earth sounds eventually cease.
At 1,000 to 2,000 feet you pass the dust line.
which Is as clearly marked as the line
between , water and air. As high as 2,000
feet there are still frequently seen butter
flies, mosquitoes -and other Insects. Re
markably beautiul effects of clouds are
seen from the balloon, especially when the
sun shines on them. They often seem like
snow banks, and their edges are alwayH
bluish Ilk water, and ever give the
aeronaut the sensation of approaching the
When In the clouds ou can see onlv th
basket and Its occupants, and you may
suaaeniy pass out of them to And that
you are driving straight Into a mountain
peak, as we did one. If you stay In the
fog there Is nothing to warn you of such
a danger except the roaring of th wind
in the tree tops, and a quick casting out
bf ballast may be necessary to save you
from balloon wreck on the crags Applc-
ion s Magaxme.
street he burst Into tears. The Inhabi
tant crowded around him and aaked him
what was the matter.
"He druv me out," he wailed. "Druv me
right out of the room. Said he's tired of
lookin' at me and won't let me come back
no more." "Why didn't you shoot himr
asked the crowd. "Shoot him?" echoed the
slayer of many lives. "Shot him! He
couldn't walk; he couldn't see; he's deaf
and couldn't hear; he couldn't run and he
couldn't fight. Why, fellow citlsens, If I'd
a' shot him It would a-been murder."
La1s (fus.)
Alccieary (pro.)
uerrara (pro.)
tirhty (pro.)
Sehiermeier (soc.)
Siemens (soc.) '.
tienm (soc.)
Kor Conareesman
Kennedy trep.) t
Hitchcock (dem.)
Kor State Senator-
Charles Lk Saunders (rep.)
a. r. 1 nomas (rep.)
K C. Gtbeon (rep.)
C. S. Montgomery (dem.)
H. O'Keeffe (dem.)
W'. 8. Shoemaker (dem.)
C. K. Michaels!! (soc.) , 719
Ton Sick te Tell.
Laat time Consul General Wynne earns
over from London a fellow passenger was
a former senator, who was terribly sea
sick. He suffered for several days.
"One morning," said Wynne, "the sena
tor came out of his stateroom and ran
Into a lady who was coming along the
passageway clad in the scantiest raiment.
She screamed and sought a place of nf
" 'Don't be alarmed,' the seasick states
man said. 'Don't be alarmed, madam;
shall never live to tell of It.'"
Echoes from the Past.
Montezuma bad offered th conquering
Cortex a room full of gold and silver If he
would go away and leave him In peaceful
possession of bis kingdom.
"Don't try any of your Monte games on
me, old man," laughed Cortex. "I'll have
to ask you for more rnaruma than that!
As this was the next best thing to offering
him a Job as police inspector, the hapless
monarch fortbore to urge him any further,
and died shortly afterward substantially aa
narrated In the school histories. Chicago
Pathetic lneldeat la Mfo of School.
hy Calculated o Awaken
A 12-year old boy In the Sunnyside school.
IMrtland, leaned over In his seat and a
large marble fell heavily to the floor. Korty
beads bobbed up from the books and
watched th top roll toward the dek of the
teartier. Miss KIphe K. Smith. Fearing more
marble would tumble from the ' boy's
pocket. Miss Smith called the boy forward
and requested him to remove the othr
things he wss earning. On hundred nrA
three arttelea were removed.
With tears streaming down hix lnon
cheeks, for he feared that his collection was
to be taken from him, the boy proceeded
lowly to dlsrorge. The firat dive into the
deep pocket produced a piece of copper wire
and two pursws; the second haul was .t
suspender faatener, eleven street car trans
fer and a whistle; down In to the dentin
the little hands proceeded and brought lotth
tnree corks, a whistle, and two Hrews.
By this time every boy and trlrl In the
room was striving to worm forward and
watch the proceedings. Eich haul from tli
pockets produced new wonders, and the
pile grew so large that Miss Smith became
alarmed. After the proeets of einntvinu
his pockets of childhood wealth wUf l)v. r.
the tewrher made the UJ sit down nml
write a list of the article. They were
Two picture cards, one shoelace, one t...
bacco sack, one piece of insulated wire, one
piece or ribbon, four election card, two
purses, one car ticket, seven tobacco cards,
one piece of copper wire, two tobacco ta
one tin monkey, one stixpender fitener, one
wntsue. one M.hook n mirror, one
wooden ax. one HonliE.,,, pjn. two scifs.
one rubber mahor. oik- isinglass curd, thr. e
buttons, one pin. thirty-seven agate tone
seven, marbles, two hooks, one tobacco
coupon, eleven street car transfer, three
corks, two cartridge cap, one flntr.-r coi
one pencil. Portlind fyegonlan.
Colonel Henry WUeron ia credited by
an exchange with a story about a much
hattered old lawyer who went up Into a
mouhtaln region of Kentucky to collect a
claim.' He was lame and half blind and
one-armed. A local celebrity in the .....
was the district's dcid shot, who had kilbd
many men and who waa ready to 8!,oot
n'inipg cr anybody. He came In dally to
.... aoout a cae in which he
waa intereated. vntil nnully his visits be
came tiresome, finally the law
yer exclaimed: "Get out of here und stay
out 01 Get right away. l , ,ick uf
aelni you. Don't eta ml there; go on out
1 tell you."
Th.- d. i,iarto I., .h. U at t, fclri k f
man In Incred.l.le .h.-m.iy b).f,)re h.
knew what he waa doing ha waa backing
ut of the room. vh.. he reached the
NO. ft-
. 711
. 7!t I
. 9,43 i
. 11,115 i
.. 9i'J
r3onday'G Bargain
in the furniture department will prove to the housewives
of Omaha our right to the title of the Credit Kings.
We Furnish
the Home on
- ' 0 ' -1 1
(Exactly like cut) Six foot, solid
oak, highly polished top, massive
pedestal, rtRular price 10 Cfl
$1R. 00 Monday Ifc.u J
L1SI 0j
Stands and
Solid steel construction. lai'K'i
warmlns; closet and oven, beauti
fully nickeled, regular OO 0C
price $35.00 Monday i-U.fcU
V.',-V ? I
vir I
A. Jacobson (soc.)
George Wells (soc) ,.
Kor Stat Representatives-
Edward Leeder (rep.)
A. R. Harvey, (rep.)
K. 8. Tucker (reD.)
H. T. Clarke, Jr., (rep.)
James Walsh trep.)
K. C. Bet.(iep.
N. P. Dodge, Jr. (rep.)
S. C. Darnea (reg,).
raicnaei uee (rep.)
Harley G. Moorhead (dem.)...
John M. Tanner (dem.)
W. H. Green (dem.)
J. P. Butler (dem.)
F. A. McArdle (dem.)
Otto H. Btuben (dem.)
uotninic (Josgrove (dem.)
Michael Gos-tcins (dem.)
John E. Reagan (dem.)
,t tt aiiiiunr w. ......
K. I. Morrow (soo.)
f. C. Jeffeiia (soc.)
J. W. Carter (soc.)
William Weetrnan (soc.)
Kor County Attorney
J. P. English (dem.) ,
w. w. uiabaugn (rep.)
I'h.m m m LJ .J , .
I , 1.U.C3 wnll .WV.f ........... . .. . it0
Kor Superintendent of Public Instruction
V. A. Voder (ryp.) 10.1S2
M. K. Mclivaine (soc.) 7j V-'
For County Commissioner, first Dlstvlet-. W.
M. J. Kennard (rep.) 9.9.J5
W. W. Mct'ombs (dem.)
Charles K. Harms (soc.) ;oi
.. 719
.. 9,7d
.. 4,5
.. ft,tll5
.. 9,7n
.. 9,2nt
.. S.9.14
.. i.vou
.. S.810
.. S7.89
.. 8,708
.. 8.74J
... $,6W
.' nt
. 713
. -m
. 8,f97
Massive carved legs and largo
arms, upholstered in rich Ver
ona velour. regular . ii I
Genuine Chase Leather
Closely tuffed, solid oak frame, full
sixo, best steel spring supports, good
for a life time, on sale 4 t Cft'
Monday '. 1 4.31)
1 e
Full size, constructed of tiest steel
and malleable stove iron, perfect
baker, regular price in 7c
$ 1 7.5 0 Monday IC.fU
In white, blue and green, sub
stantial chilled Iron posts,
pretty design, regular
price $3.50 Monday. .
With Any Purchase of $10
or Mors a Beautiful
When You Buy Tools
Buy Good
Don't bother with th
bargain counter stuffyou
cant afford to. It costs
more in the end aud t "
tools arH not in the fame
class a3 our.
When Warrant a Tool you
got another for ovary do
foetivo ono.
The straight hanging box coat I consid
ered the style for small maidens, in
asmuch as it will serve for any purpose
go on over any frock without crushing It
and is simple enough for youthful wearers.
A vast amount of Myle Is expreKsed In the
well cut box coat and the one shown Is
double-breasted, a mode which gives the
appearance of vigor and robustness to
small wearers. The neck may be eloeed
snugly to the throat with a shield having
a low standing collar, or it may be worn
without thla accessory, as well as the roll
ing collar. The cuffs are of the smart
turn-back variety which appear grotesquely
fetching about small hands. The buttons
may match the trimming of collar and
cuffs or the material of the coat Itself.
For the medium sine two of M-lnrh
goods arc needed
No. 4f!-Sues, 4 to U )e.tS.
rasala of the urtlvln. Widow of a
Soldier ef the Itevola
tloa. Esther Sumner Damon, who died at I lie
age of 93 at her home In Plymouth Union,
V't., last week, Is believed to have been
th last surviving widow of a soldier of
the American revolution. At all events,
she was the last known to the pension
office at Washington.
Noah Damon, then a boy of 15, took
up arms for bis country on April 19, 1775.
the day on which "the embattled farm
ers stood" on Lexington Green and at
Concord brldgts and "llred the shot heard
round the world." Hence he may have
been one of the Middlesex plow lads who
chased the British redcoats back Into Bos
ton town.
Noah Damon served as a private soldier
among thu Massachusetts troops at various
periods from that time until May 11, 17M.
In his old age at 75 Noah Damon took
to wife Esther Sumner, then a girl of -1,
who lived to be the aged Woman who has
just died. n
Thera may bo cynical comments on the
motives of a woman of 21 In wedding a
man of 75. Their Impropriety in this case
may be Inferred from the observable tact
that Esther Bumner was f.dthful to the
memory of the aged husband of her youth.
Danif.-l K. Pakeman. the last known sur
viving soldier of the revolution, died at
Freedom, N. T.. In 1. aged loo years.
There were known to be. at the heirintilnu-
of this year, four surviving daughters of t
revolutionary soldier, tbe youngest of ! dT i
..i.i, nt. i i.T-r f .... pronaDiy oinerp, and
IxisRihly some eons. I
But these children of their later years
COllM not tiav Irnnwn (K. W, . . I . .
this nation s birth pangs as did their There Is a marked diticr nc in Pianos, as you are aware. The fine, old
wives, especially those who were born ' B'aDdilr1 makes e sell are inning us new friends and customers daily. You
as Esther Bumner was. in the midst of wl" flnd u a P''uro to ,r(1" hTt- 'hei'i correct prices are plainly marked
on tne tag uitacnea to eucn riauo, iiom wnirn mere is no aeviallon, and where
you are at liberty to express your own opinion, and make your own selection.
The saUsman furnish detail information only.
, r.ioRTon a son co.
1511 Dodge St., Omaha
exclusive; agent for wood's ice tools
...WE iWITE...
arisois w mr nanos
vindicated the
the second struggle that
republic's independence.
What she hw and -hom she knew in
timately la what makes the death of
Tther Bummer Damon an event of na
tional Interest. With the men of 177fl the
was the last surviving human link. Chi
cago Inter Ocean.
Quality, Price and a Square Deal
Go haud in hand at this store. Do not believe because e do not tell jou that
e.' 1'ianos win sen tomorrow at 137.bu. etc., that our prices are higher
I tlan elsewhere, the difference is, we tell you that $137.50 Pianos sell toraor
i row at that price and $350.00 sell for $350.00.
Sometimes It happens that a $500.00 does sell for $2&0.00, but when It does
"! h Ween.
Travelers through the Syrian desert have
seen horses weep from thirst, a mule has; its. value has depreciated by usuagt to that price
. en seen to try from the pain of ar. In- j Our present stock is large and contains selected Pianos from the factories
J " 1 "". it is who. snco oi w ener, rte K, .iieiuin, i. r, m tuner, iSchafr tiro., Foster
t .-ATM In .trfjlin. 1 .aU I i. . i v i. j . i. ii i t
... . . v u n o. iV rrm- niiaa, kiuii, uu oiners eq.iHiiy biaiiiia.a
Boston, Mass.
Public Library.
Buffalo, N. Y.
P utile Library.
Fsmuel Cohn, 155 'jllll'Mtt 8L
Chicago, HI.
Auditorium News Stand.
Joseph Heron, 4 64 8. Calif ornls At.
Great Northern Hotel.
Pot Office News Stand. 171 fi-
orn It.
Palmer House.
Ftrigss House, 185 Randolph 8t
O. E. Barrett, 217 Dearborn 8t
Cir.dnnati, Ohio
Public Library.
Colo. Cprings, Colo.
H. H. Bell & Co.
Denver, Colo.
Juliua Black. Cor. 16th and CurtW
Kendrick Book and Stationery Co..
'It 17th St.
The Brown Palac. Hotel.
fidmondton, Alta, Canada '
Cross News Co.
Vtti Daly.
Excelsior Springs, Mo.
Sisk A Clevenger.
Hot Springs, Ark.
Cooper A Wyatt, 620 Central Av
, C. H. Weaver Co.
Hot Springs, S. D.
. Emil Hardens.
Kansas, City, Mo.
Public Library.
Butcher News Co.
.Rtcksecker Clear Co.. Ith aa
'.Valnut. ;
' 'Tho Yoma Newa Co., 9th and Main.
Jenkins Citar Co., 8th and Walnut.
-Reld'g- Wea "Agency. 813 Wall 't. "'
' i Los Angeles, Cal. 1
Public Library.
B. E. Amos.
Abe Berl Newa Co.
Milwaukeo, Wis.
Hoter Pfister.
Frank Mulkern, Grand At, and
Ird St.
Minneapolis, Minn.
' M. J. Kavanaush, 48 S. Jrd PL
West Hotel.
Hotel Opera, 321 1st At. 8.
Century News Co., 6 8. 3rd. &L
New York City
Astor House.
Oakland, Cal.
N. J. Wheatley Nwa Co.
Ogden, Utah
D. L. Boyle, 110 25th St
Lowe Bros., Depot Newa Stand
Goddard Petty. 366 25th S4.
Pasadena, Cal
i. F. Hornung News Depoi,
Pittsburg, Pa.
H. A. Sthafer News Co.. I0T tro
. Portland, Ore.
Carl 'Jones, 2 75 Washington 8t
, J. Bader Co.
Oregon News Co., 147 6th &.
Rockford, HI.
Vubiic Library.
St. Joseph, Mo.
7. Berger, 613 Edmund St
Urandow's News Stand. 711
iund St.
St. Louis, Mo.
So-utberu Hotel.
Hews St. Jamej Hotel.
E. T. Jett.
Public Library.
ct. Paul, Minn.
C. L. Aflller.
N. St. Marie, 96 E. 6th. St
Salt Lake City, Utah
Mrs. L. t,evln. 2 4 Church St
Marrow uroa., a w. Und. bo. M
Salt Lake News Co.
T.lnrlf man,
ire wno had tended It from calfhood
. , wept pitifully. A young Boko ape used to
cry from vexation if Livingston didn t
nurse it In hia arms when it asked him to.
Wounded apt hive died crying, and ares
have wept over their young. ones slain by
hunters. A chimpar.see trained to carry
uater jus broke one. and fell a-r-vlnc
l which proved .rrow, thouith It wouldn't
' muni the jug Rats. discovering
Terms of payment arrang' d to pleawe the buyers.
Matthews Piano Co.,
Omaha, Neb.
1513-1515 Harney St.,
. . a az uiuami ,
Bee readers these patterns, which usually y UTOwnr' have b'" moved u tears
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