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CommeadaiioR' is Bound to Follow Examination Saturday B
Our Great Manufactuiers' Stock Sate of
VJomen's and Children's Ready-to-Wear Garments
Ilaq rreatod more enthusiasm thau any palt of' its kind we have over attempted.
For Saturday we are showing Four Manufacturers'
Stocks of Ladies' Suits at About Half Actual Worth.
U25 Handsome Tailor Suits, nearly all samples from Levi
fc 'Colin, Fifth Avenue and Eighteenth St., New York,
some broken lots, garments w orth regularly from $18.00
to $25.00, choice $8.90
100 Elegant Sample Tailor Suits from B. J. Mann & Co.,
New York garments, made to sell at $30.00 to $00.00,
in Saturday's sale, choice . . $125.00
Two manufacturers stocks of Women's Coats will be
placed on sale Saturday. Values that would be consid
ered splendid elsewhere in GO days from now. Bargain op
portunities at almost the beginning of the season that
you'll not find surpassed in the clearing sales after Jan. 1
Women's 48-in. and 50-in. Coats, in black and fancy mix
tures, trimmed witlu. velvets and braids, made with full,
loose backs, $12.50 values elsewhere, sale price. .$6.95
Handsome Kersey Coats In black, navy blue, tans or
red, also great assortment of fancy mixtures, worth $15,
greatest values ever shown at, choice $10.00
$22.50 Broadcloth Coats, in all newest styles, satin lined,
remarkable values, at $14.75
navy blue or fancy plaids. A number of fine
:4 1 4 A. '
' We offer twe rousing coat specials for Sat
urday; Children's Coat In flue friezes, kerseys and
bearskins, all colors, sizes 1 to 14 years,
. worth up to $6.00; choice $2.08
Children's Coats Worth regularly up to
$10.00, very newest styles. In fancy mix
tures, plaids and .plain materials; remark
able value, at. 1 $4.98
6.0O and $7.00 TaffoU WaMs, .08 Ladies'
fine taffeta -waists. In plain black, white.
Point d'Esprlt Waists in the lot $6.00 and
$7.00 values; sale price $3 gg
From 8 Till 9 A. M. Women's $1.50 Long
Kimonos "
itjim ct.ou jut w:,u j. women s $2.00
ivuuop cnaersKiris ftSt
f7wt,. O Till . t A . 1 i , 1 . A V
aui v iuuureu s ana infants
isonneis, 11. ou values
...... iio. , 91. women s Bilk
cnaersKiris, at
From 10 Till 11 A. M
CUUI1H, 01 ,, 50J
.si ns
-women s 11.50 Coney
Lowest Prices on Sheet Music in Omaha
, All the very latest Sheet Music. IS1 ier com. AAA 1
i . , ' ' t i - --.v .. w vaihv xJl
-postage. Only .music department in Omaha carrying the Schirmer catalogue
Ladies9 and Children's Undtrwear
You will' find here the most complete lines in all
qualities, among them the celebrated Harvard Mills
Underwear, for which we are Omaha selling agents.
Ladle' Union Suits In the celebrated Keyser brand.
Swiss ribbed, in all wool, silk and wool or Vepo
silk $2.50
All Wool Union Suits Broken lines that sold up to
$2.50 at. choice $1.50
Ladles' All Wool V'ts and Pants In gray or white,
very special values at, garment $1.00 ;
Ladies' Wool Vests and Pants In all sizes, broken.
lots, remarkable values at, sale price. T5V
Ladies' Union Suits Heavy or light fleece, all reg
ular and extra sizes, worth $1.25 at 08c
Ladies' Fleece Lined Union Suits,, at 75c and. . .50c
Ladles Fleece Lined Vests and Pants at 50c, 39c,
25c and 10
Ladles' Outing Flannel Gowns, splendid values ut
98c and 49t
Ladles' Jersey Ribbed Corset Covers, pure white, reg
ular 39c Values special,' at. 25c
Children's Wool Vests and Pants, all sizes at, gar
ment 50C
Children's Wool Union Suits, all sizes at 98S
Children's Fleece Lined Union Suits -special, at 49
J, mm
j and library of classics complete.
' ' 4 Take Me Back to Dixie. "
: " Why Don 't You Try. "
' "How'd You Like to Like a Girl
; Like Me."
"Won't You Come Over to My
y. House."
."After They Gather the Hay."
; "I Like You, Too."
; " 'Mid the Fields of Golden Hod. '
i "Anxious" ("Girl and the Bandit")
N " Floating Down the Nile. "
"Bullfrog and the Coon."
"I Am Up in the Air About Mary."
"Farewell, Old Kentucky."
"In Honeymoon Valley With You."
"Breath of the Rose" (waltz)
"Hearts and Masks" (waltz)
' "Soap Suds" (rag)
"Sylvia" (waltz)
"Alameda" (waltz)
"Foolishness" (new rag)
'Drifting Leaves" (reverie)
"Autumn" (late intermezzo; '
"Beautiful Star of Heaven" (rev
erie) "Manillia American" (two-step)
"Dixie Blossoms"
"Cherry" ';
' ' Fancy Free ' ( new waltz )
"Peaches and Cream" (new rag)
Special Saturday Only Dance fol;o
containing hits from the latest operas
regular price, 75c, on sale Saturday at
flit...' j - -
uiner oawraay specials
10c, Pure Linen Initial Handkerchief,.
' acn ,..5d
20c Tooth Brushes, each..
50c Hair Brushes, each .25
'5c Celluloid Combs, each 15
Ladies' $1.00 Hand Bags, each. . .49(S
50c Plaid Belts, for 19
$1.00 Faucy Hand Mirrors. . . ... ; 49
50c Comb and Brush Sets 25d
15c and 20c Kibbons, at, yard. '. '. 10
50c Satin Pad Hose Supporters. . .25
$1.00 Automobile Veils at ... .". .49
Great assortment of styles, in all col
ors, 3 yards in length.
. A Package of Gum Free
with every purchase in our new Candy Department Saturday,-Main floor
SPECIALS-IIonvMnade pure sugar fruit drops, per pound 15
- Assorted. Chocolates .with soft cream Home-made Taffy, per pound" 'in
centers, per pound Ifli.YnnU p0, l ' J . 1 , a " '
t 1 wmUl 1 ixmna lo?
All the well-known and most satisfactory makes in complete
asBonmeiu 01 late siyies:
Warner'B Rust Proof Corsets are
shown at $2.50 to $1.00
Thompson Glove Fitting, Royal Wor
cester, Kabo and many other makes,
at, up from . . . . $1.00
W. 13. Uniform Corsets, at $1.60
ad $1.00
W. B. Reduso Corsets youjl fiud
here at $3.00
Corsets worth up to $1.00 odd lots
and broken lines, with long or short
hip special, at 40
In Men's Furnishing Goods
You'll find the most complete lines and lowest prices at headquarters.
No matter what you want, we're prepared to supply them satisfactorily.
Griffon Brand Shirts have proved a
winner for several years past; every
new customer becomes a steady cus
tomer for the Griffon shirts they're
built to fit. We show a complete
line of new fall patterns at $2.00,
,1S0an1 98
Men's Combination Suits, perfect fit
Euaranteed--at $5 down to $1.00
Men's Two-Pirce Under Suits, cotton,
woolen or silk fleeced, at 98c, 75c,
45c and 29
Men's Wool Drawers and Shirts, in
natural gray or camel's hair, worth
up to $5, at $1.50, 98c and. . . -75
Stiff Itosom Shirts, in fancies and
plain white, also, pleated bosoms,
worth up to $2; Saturday special,
.?' 98
Omaha's Greatest StorePure Food Products
8 lbs. Bent Rolled Breakfast Oatmeal .85o
1 lbs. best hand pli-ked Navy Boana..a5a
10-lb. narks bent Granulated Cornmea.13o
Bromangelon, Jellycon or Jello, per pack
age 7Vo
cans Assorted Sonp 7Ho
2-lb. package Sulf-fMing J'anoako
Flour 8V1O
W. can lioiaen ianie Hyrup
Peanut Buttur, per jar
1-lh. puckugo Bull Iurham Smoking To-
H-lb. cans Walter Baker's Cocoa ....BOo
ViTb. cana f'olmaii'.. . Miistard 303
Qt bottle Cro & Blackwell's Vine-
gar a Oo
T-i-lb. cans Potted Meats 3Ho
2-lb. cans Fancy Sweet Sugar Corn.... be
Fancy Seedless Ralalna, per lb 9o ,
Fancy 3-crown Muacatel Halslns 9c !
Fancy Mutr Peaches, per lb ISHo
4 pkga. Uneeda Biscuits 150
The best Soda or Oyster Crackers, pr
pound .So
Fancy Brick or T-lmherger Cheese, per
pound 15o
Fancy Full Cream Wisconsin Choose, per
vT..:;v.; xao
.".iiimui . iih'hu, fucn . 30
hup Sugo Cheese, each 70
" Fancy Cooking Apples, per peck. . .
l.argo Crape Fruit, each
j ..imugti iirapo, per pound.
francy Ripe Bananas, per doz
Fani-y Cranberries, per quart
California Figs, per pkg.........
fancy Khalots, per bunch...
. . .90
. .150
. .100
.81, o
. . .30
Fancy Ripe. Tomatoes, per pound. ... !ioo
r.uicy nax in-ans, per pound 7,0
New Jersey Sweet Potatoes, per lb . So
New Beets. Carrots, Parsnips, Turnips or
Rutabagas, per pound lo
Fancy Citrons, each , So
Fresh Spinach, per peck 10o
Large, greenhouse Cucumbers, each.. 10a
Sao oar -big- lino of Blankats, Lap Bob,
vara, tc, tn largest la th wt.
h November Millinery Clearance
1 GH'xbJ
(iix-at price concessions will be made in Saturday's
Kale of all lines of stylish Millinery. Kvery liat in the ch
partnient is radically reduced in price.
Elegant Tattern Hats that sold at 1.).H) to J .". . in
Saturday's sale at $10.00
About :300 stylish trimmed Hats, regular K).0 to $10.00
values, will go in Saturday's sale nt, choice. . . .Jj3.9S
Nobby Trimmed Hats that sold up to $3.!)S, priced Sat
urday at, choice 98
Children's Hats and Caps, the finest assortment shown
in the citj, prices from 10c up to $1.50
Breasts, "Wings and Fancy Feathers, in black and all col
ors, $1.00 values, Saturday 59
Special Shoe fiargains Saturday
Ladies' Vici Kid, welted sole patent tip Jiluciiers, extra
extra value, special at .$2.50
Hovs' and Girls' Rubbers, good quality, at, pair, spe
cial 30C
lien's "Work Shoes, in kangaroo calf, lace or congress,
plain or tip toes, best values shown, special, pr. .2.00
Misses' Dongola Shoes, patent tip, extension sole at. pair.
,'pceial 98
(rover's Soft Shoes, for tender feet, shown in 30 styles.
FiremanVHigh Top Boots, complete line, in all sizes.
Omaha Agents for Queen Quality Shoes.
Saturday Book Specials Bibles at Half Price
Samples and goods from our own stock. Some of them slightly worn or
soiled, but most o'f them as good as new.
Library Edition, in all standard titles, 12 mo. size, gilt top, the best booksold
in Omaha, at : ..122
Popular Edition A new line just received, the list of titles will surprise you.
Look them over, price -39
Standard Library A wejl bound book, including in its list the works of Mary
J. Holmes, Bertha M. Clay, Mrs. Southworth and many others, 50c vajiues,
at S5
A 5c Bottle of Ink Free with each box of paper at 25c or over purchased
in our stationery department Saturday.
Such remarkable7 values are rarely seen. 'Lines are complete. You can't
afford to miss them.
9x12 Standard Tapestry Brussels Bug,
perfect goods in choice - designs,
$16.50 values, at $12.95
9x12 Seamless Velvet Bugs, all new
goods, regular $25.00 values, special
nt. . . .S18.25
A splendid opportunity for cash buyers to supply their needs at a great
Specials in HardwareRegular Saturday Tool Sale
All size Car Bits, without screws.25
All size Ship Augurs ..25
8-in. Iron Bailey Smooth Plane.5j1.05
10-in. Iron Bailey Smooth Plane.1.29
10- in. Iron Bailey Jack Plane.. S1.49
18-in. Iron Bailey Jointer . . . .$2.25
Wood Air Tight $1.49
11- inch Air Tight Oak $4.49
15-inch Air Tight Oak $6.95
G-inch Pipe 8
18-iu. No. 7 Disstori Saw .77
26-in. No. 7 Disston Saw SI. 10.
28-in. No. 7 Disston Kip $1.27
20-in. 8D Disston Saw $1.05
26-in. 8D Disston Saw $1.28
28-in. 8D Disston Saw ....$1.48
2-hole Laundry, No. 8 .$2.95
13-inch Air Tight Oak $5.95
17-inch Air Tight Oak $7."95
Coal Hods 15
Omaha's Only Money-Saving Meat Section
2) J u
Pork Loins :'12Yfi
Spare Bibs
Rib Roast,, boned and rolled 10c
Sirloin Steak v.834
Round Steak 8
Shoulder Steak 5Vi
Shoulder Roast .'...5
Veal Boil 4V4
Sauerkraut, Mince Meat and full lino
Salt and Smoked Fish.
rt Inttrut ia Foot Ball BtttU at
Princeton Tdaj. .'
Vaksrd of Blr B
xrlvlae Ysterdjr Betln U
Almoat at m Stand.
PRINCETON. N. J Nov. ID. i'h van
guard of the big crowd that will wltnes
tomorrow' battl between Princeton nJ
Yala ia coming- In. on every train. Seldom
in .the. history of treat- struggles with
Yale have the undergraduate been o
hopeful of victory, and certainly no team
ha ever been more anxious to show that
the confidence of it supporter ha not
been misplaced.
Betting 1 almoat at a standstill. Prince,
ton' backer believe that they are justi
fied in asking even money, both on account
practice and the fact that both
team made practically the same score
against West Point.- The member of the
team, with two exceptions, are In spjcmlsd
condition. Injurie which Tenny lecciv.Ml
In practice recently, have taken an unex
pected turn for the . worse and It was
announced tonight that Dowd would re
lieve E. A. Dillon, at quarter back, if th
latter Is Injured. Captain Herbert Dillon
U not likely to last through the gamo
Daub I hi .ubstltute. The other num
ber of the quad are In the pink of con
dition end ready to put up the game of
ihelr live.
Coach Roper announced tho following
ilne-up for tomorrow:
Left end, Wister; left tackle. Herring;
left guard. H. L. Dillon, center. I'hini,"
right guard. Stanuard; right tackle'
'..oney; right end, Hoagland: ouHrter
bf'.k; f ,A-.r".,on: left h1 "ack. K..n
Cormick ' UrUin' fuU ick. mS:
Yale. Bqaad Coafldent.
NEW HAVEN, Conn.. Nov. With
light signal practice at Yale field fill
afternoon. In which tho ntir vi
took part, the coache put the finishing
wucne iot ine game with Princeton
tomorrow. Head Coach Rockwell would
not be quoted, but believed ihut Yalo has
a chance to win.
He announced the line-up as follow:
HrtSV'i 'Aft "d.:- J tacklo;
Or 5 ;iitf.1 uarJl:'-kenberger. center;
ai.?; r"hJ ,!a",;iH'elow, right tackle;
Kno ' iV5 'l1 ,SaV ' J'"""- quarter back;
hJ) ' m ft lmlf ,"'k; v"'"t. right half
back; Morse (capr xn), full back.
Assistant Coach- iunk Hinkey said to
night: "Yale was In better condition for
a big game than today."
The entire squad-of thirty-six player
left here tonight for Now York. Tliey
will stop In that city over night.
06.00 for 03.25
Between the h,ours of 6 and 9 p. m. Saturday we will offer
RUGS, Sie 27x54, many patterns exact reproductions
for, each CPJF
FIFTY. HASSOCKS made of Brussels, Velvet and Ax-
nunster, worth oOc each Saturday night, nr
..4J L
between G and 9 p. m., each. . .
Miller, te wart & Beat on
1315-17-19 Farnam SI.
Tralaer of Wolverine Kin Ml Tram
Will Defeat Penaay.
PHILADELPHIA. Nov. t.Por the first
." frmim ine i mverstty of Penn
I"1"" ",u ne i niverslty of Michigan
f.othall teams will meet on Franklin held
tomorrow. The western boy have be,n
quartered at Westchtr ..r,i,. ...
f. V".n,y'' i,our day and tn reports
trom Couch Yost are to the effect that his
team Is In the pink of condition. Coach
Vnw ......... wtn;i
.... vu.i, .
"We expect to defeat Pennsylvania to
morrow. I do 'not undereu'lmate the
strength of the rennsylvanla eleven and I
f V". V?r . W,U ''"y heUr ball
t?' I MJt,hl"n than they hsve shown
his tall, but withal I feel that we can win.
(ur boys are nut overconfident, but they
r 8reat hop) '"i th '"'eking of Car-
The Pennsylvania team ha been epnd
ng the last fiiup am . i.. . u v
Jersey plum anj r,-r',rl ,roin foach Tor
rey tind Trainer Mike Mun.hv r
jiglng. With the excef.tlon of Kiegler. the
big right guard, who Is iifTering fTOm a
eprained auklu. all the player are said' to
be In good condition. The average of Penn
sylvania team Is 17-1 pound- and that of
Michigan 17M, pounds to the man.
' iiimup or me eleven given out to.
night Is as follow
rraier ..
L'wyer ...
Zlegier ..
(iatitoti ..
Scarlet ...
L K.'R E
... L.T jH T
...LO H.Q
...Q.B Q.B
Oreene K.U.I H H
sluuellD&cn . F.H
... : Newton
... Oralktm
,.. Clenii-ut
. lavid-io
.. Maxollln
.... ItUhop
.... tNtrrcl
Xorth llata OalpUya letlaaloa.
NORTH PLATTE. Neb.. Nov. l.,tt,..
clal )-Norlh Platte High Rchot.l d. fealed
at foot iHtli l-xlngton Hliih school here
tnis anr.rno..n by a scoie .it 16 to o. The
gajTie was the best exhibition of foot bill
feei; on the ground tins v. ar. North
little went In with a rurh and eururcd u
t.njthJoan in the first five minutes, and
Isler in the first holt mad a goal from
l.lj.ement. the half nditie with the so-ire
J'- to In the .-cond half one touchdown,
followed by a goal. Wria hrcured. LexuiKton
wa sonu what haiullc.ip,i by the look of
two of Its pl.ivers. who .-re Injured In a
game last week, but Its team put nu u
umppy game fim start to fiiat,! tackling
hard and sure. The North Plntte team was
in first-clans condition, itnd, though some
what lighter than Its opponents, gave an
exhibition of tcajn work beuutllul to wit
ness, making but one fumble In the game.
Hy thia. victory North Platte establWhes Its
claim to the- championship of central and
western jseorasKa ana disputes with York
the title to tha state chamnionshlD Hlirh
school foot ball. It :s not probable that a
game netween tnese two teams will be
played (Jit season.
Lineup of .'Varsity Alumni.
IOWA CITV. Nov. 16 (Snecial Tele
gram.) Marc Catlin will play with the tomorrow afternoon against the
regulars. Tho members of the team will
be: Johnson, center; Smith and Buckley,
guards; lirockway and Macy. tackles: Kliv
and Catlln. ends; Jones, quarterback; Kd
son and Bloltenberg, halfbacks; MucUowan,
t anion W ins from Masslllou.
f 'ANTON, O.. Nov. 16 Six thousand grid
iron enthusiasts Jammed their way into the
foot ball park this afternoon to see the
1 ' (
great professional foot ball contest between
i anton und Massillon. The final score
stood; Cunton, 10: Matwlllon, 5. The center
portion oi the gridiron was mucky, but
narrils of shaving and sawdust made It
HBslhle for the plnyers to move along.
Canton scored 4 in the first half and 6 In
the last half. Masslllon's h points were
.iiac during the closing minute of tm
last half ot the game.
'Tis lucky to find a horse
shoe, so 'tis said; but you need
not trust to luck when you buy
Furnishing Goods at my shop;
the quality, style and price al
ways correct.
Special for Today
Extra values in pleated M rft
shirts, at.. OhJU
W. T. Bourlce,
Tailor and Haberdasher,
319 So. 16th Street.
Tarklo and , C reltfhtoa.
The Tarklo-Oreighton foot hall game will
be the attraction nt Vinton -Street park to
day, and a 'turuKrtle Is anticipated Tarklo
didn't start the M-axon brilliantly, but its
improvement In the last two weeks has
been marked. lAinl week It held the slrotig,
loane team to a 0 to o score, and ha b ii
working hard for the last week to turn the
trick on the local eleven. The local eleven
cane out of the Nebraska game none the
worse tor Hie grueling tight it put up, Hnd
the men are working with a determinatltn
to wind up the season with a pair of vic
tories. Today's game undoubtedly will show
some changes In thn style of play, and at
leusl two back fields will be worke.1. The
game will he culled at 3:30. and the ld-al
weather predicted should bring out a large
crowd. The line-up will be:
Miller L.K. R E McMillan
Morganthaler ..LT.;K T Henderson
Wauiier L.O 1 R.Q Nesblt
McCormlck Gjv?. Moyle
Bloedorn K.O.iL.Q
J ones, Marren. . . R. T. L.T .... .
Sucha R.K.IL.E
Brome VI B.jy.B
AylHsworth, Lottis, i
Donovan L.ll.i R.H....
Hronek, . I
Stevens R.H.J L II
Magirl, jVV'alson.K.B.lF.B
.... Turner
, ... Moraon
.... Murray
Harry Lewis, Who Knocked Hint Out,
Will B Charged with Murder.
GRAND RAPIDS, Mich , Nov. 16. Harry
Lewis, the Philadelphia prise fighter,
wuose battle last nlgut with Mike Ward
of riarnia resulted at an early hour today
in Wards death at a local hospital. Is
still under arrest tonight, together with
Referee l. C. Ryan ot Detroit and Frank
( Brien of Philaueiphlu, who acted as sec
ond (or Lewis. Prokevutlng Attorney
Brown said tonight that arrant would
be asked for tomorrow charging Lewis
with murder and charging Ryan and
U l.i k-n with aiding and abetting a -prua
the corajierii itunii-st on Ward' deutb
will be held tomorrow morning.
Ward died of cerebral hemorrhage, ac
cording lo the physicians who attended
him. lie was unconscious until his death,
except for a short pvrlud. Four physician
worked over him throughout the night,
priests were in the room ready to ad
minister the last rites of the church.
Harry Lewla. Referee Ld Ryan of Detroit
and Frank O'Hilen, Lewi' trainer, wire
arrest, d last night when It became uppar
ei.t that Ward was In grave condition.
Other arrests and prooecution are antici
j not the knot kout lilow which caused
Ward di-atli, but tn heavy fall to the
floor which followed. Tiny say the floor
was not uft1ctt-ntly paddeil. tthrrs say
that the ti-rrltic flnal blow recelvel by
Ward caused I ts death. He had Just
from -fit floor after taking a voum of
nine seconds following hard swing h'
law. Lewis swung again to hie jaw nnd
Ward dropd to the floor, a-nd was un
conscious when the count of ten waa lin-
'u'er the physician had restored him to
consclousnes for a few moment f-:
ianj asaiii into a comatose condition
l wa "taken to the hospital, where he
James and Andy Ward, the dead lexers
brothers, accompanied him to the hospital
and spent the night at his bedside.
At the conclusion of a post mortem Dr.
Hilliker. who-conducted It. announced the
death wa due to concussion of the nun.
Ilc found a bloofi clot at the base of the
brain at the point where Ward swuck the
floor Dr. Htlllker said nothing else was
found which might have been ine cause of
d A'coroner Jury to Inquire Into tho cause
of Wards death was Impanelled today.
The coroners inuuest Is "i't""
ow morning. Harry Lewis.
Ryan and Frank OUrlen have been tak.
to tha county Jail, where they will wait
the verdict of the coroner Jury. No
charge has yet been preferred against
Wdn. "knolfhow hard I was hitting
him in that last swing. I saw my chance
to win the fight and I let go. I only wis
I could do something to bring him back.
Seconds of Colored Man Throw I p the
Tha hest nrovram yet presented for the
tnletlalnment of Us patron by the North
Omaha Athletic club was pulled off at
Osiholf hall, 617 North Sixteenth street.
Friday night, by two speeoy ana nigniy
interesting six-round bouts between well
known s'.ugger being the attractions.
In the main right or the evening when
Kid" Jensen, the former protege of C. O.
Sandstrom, wa ruatcned against the negro,
H.iitch Smith, the supporter of the two
wore evenly mixed in tne crowa, ana ins
wav the two fellows, went at each other
front the llrst wan oleaainff to a high de
gree. The two men met once before in th
ring, and the fact that the result theq
was a draw added giealiy ut in juieiesi
in the fight.
It was very evident, however. fter tha
first round that Smith1 age ha begun t
tell, and there is no doubt the gong saved
him from being knocked out a number of
times. Still, be possesses great recupera
tive power und returned to the fight with -new
tnergy, only, however, to be pounded
and slugged almost at will until the bell
would again rescue him from going down.
Thrf negro s clever ducking wa the feature
of his tactics as he sought to avoid tha1
vicious Jabs of tne Dane. He bore up Weil
muter tho blows lie could not ward off, but
us early us the second round began to lean
heavily on Jensen in the frequent clinches
which marked the entire right.
It was apparently the negro' hope to
merely atav in the ring the required num
ber of rounds, and this he hid fair to do
until Jensen knocked him down four time
in succession in the last round, and then,
amid a tumult of cries and applause from
the crowd as Jensen wa crowding the
worn out and groggy negro, threatening
every second to send the last telling blow
to the swollen and bleeding face, Hmlth
seconds threw up the sponge in acknowl
edgment of defeat to save their man from
a complete knockout.
The preliminary light between Tommy
Campbell and Joe (iathrlght was equally
fast and furious, and white tha boys went
through the entire series of rounds, the
general opinion leaned in favor of Camp
bell as the better boxer. Gathrtght Wag
kept on thn defensive throughout the whola
of the tight except In the last round, when
he seemed to rally and do some leading on
hi own account.
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The real cause for I'.czetua is the presence of humors and sour acids in
he blood. These impurities get into the circulation because of imperfect
iction of those members of the system whose duty it is to collect and carry
iff the refuse and waste of the body. As this effete matter Jies in tb
ystem it ferments and generates acria humors which are absorbed into th
)lood, overcharging this vital fluid with acid. In its effort to keep the sy steal
icalthy the blood throws off the humors through the pores and glandj
f the biin, causing this tormenting skin disease. The escape of acids anf
minors through the pores and glands irritates and burns the skin, producing
ustutes filled with a clear, sticky fluid, which dries in crusts and patches
:a using- the most intense itching, and often pain. The trouble is in the blood,
.ind S. S. S is the remedy for Eczema, because it is a real blood purifier. It
poes down into the circulation, removes all acids and humors and makes the
blood rich, pure and healthy. When S. S. S. has done this the nymptoms
pass away, the blood is cooled and the disease cured permanently. Nothing
acts so promptly cr pleasantly in all skin diseases as S. S. 5., and it is at
the same time a fiuo tonic to the entire system, liook on Skin Pieases and
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