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    TUT, OMATTA' 'DAniY . nFIK: NATCfTPAY". - NOV"K.rnF,K 17. liHKT.
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Upnhl;cm Couia.itte Fiaixbcs Up with a
Bi'sncs in tta T:tsurj.
Praaent Leglslatl-re Plan la o rash
All mil Through Early Involving
Party PUilffi Made In lil
Trim a Stiff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Neb., Nov. 16. (Ppeclal Tel
Si am.) The republican state committee,
with eighteen member present, met at th
h-adquarters at the Llndell hotel tonight
to wind up the affairs of tho late cam
llgn. Reports from tho chairman and
trt-aaurer of Ui finance of the commit
" ten showed that. Including the ILSOO In
herited from the previous committee, II
had at It disposal a trlfli over IS."). A
little over IMO of thin remains In. the
treasury. Short talks were mnde by Nnr
ris Brown and George. I Sheldon, governor-elect,
expressing appreciation of the
work tho committee did during the cam
paign. Secretary of State-elect' Junkln
and a bunch of men from the Fourth dis
trict, with recommendations for Appointive
places, were present at the meeting.
Chairman Roso stated that from his re
ports the republicans would have ninety
even members In the next legislature,
with possibly a few more.
So Offices Promised Yet.
The great. Bulk of Governor-elect Shel
don's appointments will be made after Jan
uary 1 and If any announcements are n ade
before that time they will be few In num
ber. Buch was the statement of Mr. Shel
don this afternoon.
"By waiting until January 1 to make ap
txrtntments I will have time to hear from
nil the people who want phicos," said the
.new governor, "and some who want places
now may change their minds by that time."
Governor Sheldon was besieged as soon
ss he struck town last night and at noon
ho got a little respite by going to the home
t E. O. Jlaggl for lunch. . Muiy who
-ailed upon hltn, of course, wore not of
flua seekers or representatives of office
seekers, but the great majority were bear
ing advice and suggestions. Judge Lincoln
Iroet called during the forenoon and was
closeted with the new governor for some
' Though he made one of the most strenu
ous campaigns ever waged' In Nebraska
nnd he had to use nil manner of convey
ances to fill his speaking dates, driving
across the country by day and by night,
In season and out of season, Mr. Sheldon
does not show any 111 effects of his hard
work; In fact, he looks as well as he did
tho day lie began.
"Have you rested up yet?" Inquired u
friend from Beatrice of the new governor.
"I haven't been tired yet," answered Mr.
Since the election Governor Sheldon has
been at his home in Nehawka just resting.
"I have been going to bed at 9 o'clock and
getting tip at he wild.
Next Tuesday he will go to Mississippi
to spend two weeks, ami during that time
and before leaving he will not consider up
.. polntments. but Is open to. receive applies-
. tions. So far not a single office has leen
' promised. Mr. Sheldon said, so It Is still a
t ree-f or-all raca.
nvahlna; Work on Legls! atloa.
It is now planned, and It Is said the plan
lias the sanction of Oovernor-elect Shel
don, to have introduced und passed by the
legislature during the first fifteen days of
the session all of the bills covering the
points set out In the republican state piat
form the anti-pass bill first,- with the
J. emergency clause attached; a bill to make
the freight rates In effect January 1, the
maximum charges to be mado by the rail
roads: a separate bill giving the Railway
commission ubsolute power to reduce
freight rntev, with the. emergency clause;
for the taxation of railroad terminals for
municipal purpose; the direct primary 'bill,
und the other planks of the platform. It
is thought down here by some of those
who want to carry out the platform that
tho bills will be prepared before tho legis
lature meets and that they will be sub
mitted to Mr. Sheldon.
Itrqalattlon for .lames Perry.
James Perry of Douglas county, wanted
for the murder of Steve Seidllk, .is under
arrest in Douglas. Wyo. Governor Mickey
this morning issued a requisition for his
return to Nebraska to stund trial. He. Is
charged with murder In the tlrst degree.
Abolition of the Cash (nnd.
Recommendations will be made to thu
Incoming stato boards to abolish tho cash
funds kept at the various state Institu
tions. This suggestion was mude by Sec
retary of State Galusha and will be in
corporated in his bl-ennlal report to the
governor. 1 Other state officers agree with
the suggestion that the cash fund is not
conducive to economical administration of
the stale institutions. One state officer
iHid it wad notorious that claims which
had I en turned down by tho state board
If you persist in drugging your body to cover up aches
and ails.
You feel bad then try to smother your feelings (nature's
warnings) with tobacco, whiskey, or COFFEE-the most
dangerous friends" one can mix with.
They cajole and then KILT.
Stop tho food and drink that does not nourisL.
t Jo on (Irape.Xnts and cream and a simple diet. CJuit
t offee and let old Mother Nature put you well again. f
You can call in the help of a' powerful friend the food
"There's a Reason"
lie elite 10 Had "Tin.' iioaj tuWvltvil!e,M in pkjjs.
hud been paid out of the cash funds. Thl I
practice. Ii wild, should be stopped, and
nil the money eotytrg Into the state Instl- i
tuilon should f ) Into the state treasury
nd ! pnld out on warrants, for which
th proper vouchors are tiled.
The cush fund is not created by law,
but Is peniiltt-d by the state board, and
can be nb.illi.hcd by the boards. Members
of the old hoeid are of the opinion It should
be abolished. ,
Traction nmpanlea at 'W ar.
The Lincoln Traction company and the
ritliens' Btroet Railway company have
been going through war today as to which
has the right' to Jay tracks at Twenty
first and M streets. Late this evening both
companies were tied up with Injunctions
nnd the streets were tied up with tracks
placed on top of the ground by both com
panies. All the city officers, thu officers of
the two companies and a number of police
nnd lots of workmen were on the ground
nil day, but no blood was shed. The old
traction company stole a march on tho
new rntniniTiv and ' began to lay tracks out
on N to cross Twenty-first, which would
block the new company on Its trip to the
cemetery. It happened the old company
laid a track In front of Mark Woods' house,
and this director of the new company
couldn't stand ' for that, so he got busy
with the courts, while the others were busy
with tho rails. Then the new company got
busy with rails and tho old company got
busy with the courts, and thus the matter
stands. The courts will have to decide,
which Is entitled to the crossing.
Johnson . Desires a Change.
Superintendent Johnson of the Feeble
Minded institute at Realties is in Lincoln
today, and will, be an applicant for the
position of superintendent of the Lincoln
asylum, providing Superintendent Hay does
not apply for the place. Some of the lut
ter's friends say he would prefer to be the
assistant physician rather than the super
Father Hrliia-a Habeas f'orpne Pro
ceedings, bnt Is I nanecesafnl.
HASTINGS. Neb., Nov. l.-(Speeial Tele
gram.) Stephen L. t'arr. colored, of Sheri
dan, Wyo., went to Lincoln this afternoon
to Institute habeas corpus proceedings for
the recovery of his sons. Harry and Her
bert, who are 8 and 7 years old. Tho chil
dren were given Into the custody of tho
Home for the Friendless at Lincoln a little
more than a year ngo. . Carr then lived In
Nebraska City. A few months after giv
ing them to the home he asked to have
them returned to him and was Informed
that they had been given over to a family,
the name, of which was kept a secret. Carr
then began writing to sheriffs and mar
shals all over Nebraska and finally he
started off on a town-to-town search for
them. He located them with a circus in
Kenesaw, a few miles west of here, yes.
terday ' morning. ' After' a' hearing on " a
writ of habeas corpus County Judge Dun
gan of Hastings ordered the children back
Into the custody of the state home In Lin
coln and they were taken there by Super
intendent Johnston this morning. Carr is
determined to repent the habeas corpus
process in Lincoln, If Governor Mickey de
clines to order the children given to him.
Missouri ' Purine Improvements.
ACBURN.. Neb.. Nov. Special. -
Rumors of various kinds have been cur
rent here concerning the Missouri Pa
cific railroad.. It 1s said that arrange
ments are being mado for the complete re
building -of the roadbed between Atchison
and Omaha.. It appears that an appropria
tion of $1.50i.ono was asked for the improve
ment of the western division and that the
same was " granted. Tho a ppeal, backed
as It was by a statement of conditions, was
heeded and in consequence Mr. , Gould made
a trip ever this division last wee!t Super
intendent Jay , Russell, -with other officials,
also made a trip over the road, stopping at
this place over night. Auburn is highly
elated over the bright prospects of the an
ticipated Improvements,
Hasband Gets llonsehool floods.
FRKMONT, Neb., Nov. M. (Special.) In
the district court today-the Jury in i the
repttvln case of . Rudolph Blubun against
Agues Bluhsn brought in a verdict giving
ull the property taken on the writ except
yji worth to the plaintiff. The parties
were divorced thlt summer and the contest
was oer the household furniture, which
was worth about ll.ajo and ,was not men
tioned l the decree, which gave the wife
considerable alimony. Tho defense asserts
that most of the goods were purchased
with mom y given Blaban by his father-in-law
and were for the family use. The cuae
was hotl contented.
Dog Attarka Wiiaui.
KEARNSJY. Neb.. Nov. IK. (Special Tele
gramsMrs. O. A. Anderson had a narrow
excapn from death from the attacks of a
vicious bulldog today. She went upstairs
In the Hamer block on an errand and on
passing the dog paused to admire its little
family of puppies. Scarcely had she
stopped when the dog landed on her breast
and planted its teeth in her face. Mrs.
Anderson was knocked down by the force
of the onset and would have been torn to
pieces had not the owner of the dog grasped
( " V.-' ' J
If. .'--v . I
. M V.
fj , ,' , J
tVw.. ,.'1, 'f
fin ,r'
;L s pi i
xj mi
. to enliven that fall attire.
liich, luxurious silks on which EZ
your finger love to fiuger Jvl
"Why not get them to fit ours do it C
Mi) from v
it by Hip collar and pulled It nIT. The
wound wns directly over Mrs. Anderson's
left lye. part of the eyelid and eyebrow
belli;; torn away und the flesh on her fore
h!Md luctiuted clear to the bone.
Church t ornrratoae Laid.
PLA1NVIEW,. Nb., Nw. 16. (Special.)
The ceremony if la.vlnK the cornertone
for the new ttl.OOu Methodist Kplncopnl
church took plaws at 3 p. m. yesjerday. Rev.
T. tMthell, T. D.. th presiding elder, was
in chat'K of the service and khvc the prin
cipal address. Short adlresses were de
livered by the pastors of tho other churches
of the place and the cornerstone was laid
by the pastor. Rev. J. V. Tot. rialnvlew
has grown to be. a strong Methodist point
and their new church will lie one of th-;
' best In tho conference.
rra of Nebraska.
BKATRICK Samuel Davis, while ope.
rating a leather punching machine In the
Pempfter factory yesterday, had thu end
of his little ringer taken off.
BEKVEK The Iron work necessary for
thd cct.ipletlon of the new Holmes building
has arrived, and work will now be pushed
In order to complete the building before
winter seta In In earnest.
AI-RION A game of basket ball was
played laat night between the Cedar
liai.idn High school team and a mTxtW
t...m e-nm here. The game resulted In a
core of -ii to 21 In favor of the visitors. ;
...fh - u ,h '
yes?enrdav afternoon YCoSn"
eVrrt Th Lroom is an emnlove
. ml Tallnhon d oanv it this
ome Telephone company at this
married y
Judge bpa
of the Hume
pia. ., . .
NEBRASKA CITY-Tho Burlington tax
agent was in n cuv
trio usual puriiMi ih.viiiiii vi i'umvj
He paid $.!Ki.4 and left unpaid S4.0W i.
Tho company owes for the last three year
HUMBOLDT Andrew J. Edwards, a
civil war veteran of this city, who had
been In failing health for some months,
I died st his home In the north part of
the city at a late hour last evening, at
j the age of 71 years.
: HUMBOLDT Henry Burrow, one of the
I well known young farmers of this neign
l horhnod. and a native of this state, was
' united tn marriage to Mrs. Cora Rue of
Brock. Neb., tlie ceremony taKing place
at Council Bluffs, whither tho parties went
on a visit without tho knowledge of their
' lrlends.
I BEATRICE Mrs. R. W. Laflln of Wy.
I more, who is Interested In charily work.
' !Mtd the county poor farm today In
company with Chairman Campbell of the
! county board and Inspected tn" conditions
i at tne farm. The county board at Its ses
: sloii yesterday allowed claims and dispostd
I of routine business.
BEATRICE Yesterday Coach Garrett re
(Lived a letter from the mi nager of thu
York fooi ball team accepting the chel-
l. nge of the Beatrice eleven. The game will j
1 m tiafu ill una ' uj rimoj. -.-
Ii and will be tor tho championship ot tiie
tle tor high school tennis.
I NEBRASKA CITir-Rurllngton surveyors
'have completed a survey of the Hue be
tween tills cuy ana .-M'tiranKa t uy juiic
tlon, Is. Thu road will be shortened on
mile and the approach grade to the Mis
souri river bridge will he reduced to
twenty liel. The approach grade Is now
forty-rive feet. Only light trains can now
le pulled up the approach to tl.e bridge.
HUMBOLDT Two important leal estate
trHiisfnvs look place In this ilty this week,
when the eighty-four ai re tract nf land
' 1 longii.g to J. H. Beery at the cast, ru
. dg'- of the city, w hs sold to Colonel M. I
I V. Hunting and J H. Morehca4 for a j
'consideration of $s SOU, and at the same j
tune tlie 110-acr furm of Chailca E.
! Nun, tusi suuih of thu above, was sold 1
I io Heniy H. Kur r. a prominent tf!)0it. !
j horn breeder, for Ili.Uiu.
; BEEMEK Friday inorr.lut; at S o'cloi k I
.fci her tionic. one mtlf unrth of town, oc- '
: i urn d tho d, ath of ilia. Millie Farrau. Mr j
iui thf: oldit rt-.sub'ins ot Cuuu'i vojutv,
: ,ii?vd S jeais. Hht: Is surie: ne'
I aa.i.l.u ri jiiI 1j .r.-. all nuuinu. ill. .
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BEATRICE Goodrich encampment No.
V: Independent Order of Odd Kellows.
met Ust night and elected these officers:
Flunk T. McMahnn. chief patriarch; .. B.
Gashaw, senior warden: l. C. Rambo, high
priest; W. j. Pease, scribe; Addison Kelley,
treasurer: TV. C Kaymun, John I. McGirr.
A. A. Andersi.n, trustees.
COLl"MHt"8 County Judge Ratternisn
has lrued permits to wed to the following
named parties: A. 1 Ulce to Miss Mary
Ba.-kus. John KiMieniba to Appolonla Ko
siha, Alois J. Vlek to Miss Olla K. Fuchs,
8. T. Ashley to Osta Ella Buitch, Michael
ft house v to IlHnnah j. Harris. Lambert
M. Heesacker to Agnes Ffrtfer. Frank
Gilmore to Anna Mars, Iavld E. Lans
burg to Em I lie J. Aspluwnll. For the last
named couple Judge Itatterman tied the
nuptltil knot.
BEATRICE The Woman's Relief corps
gave a dinner yesterday Ht (tost hull in
the court house to the- Board of Super
visors, the county oTflHals. memliers of the
Grand Army of the Republic, and press of
this city. The rooms were lwautlfully dec
orated for the occasion, and after the din
ner had been disposed of toasts were re
sponded to by many present. Colonel W. S.
Tllion acted as toastmaster. Mrs. I. R.
Gould responded on behalf of the relief
corps. More than 100 guests were In at
tendance and enjoyed the hospitality of the
corps to the fullest extent.
TECCMSEH The attention of (Vmnty
Attorney J. C Moore has been called to
the peculiar case o( Fred iircn, a. man
aged it years who comes from Eamonl.
la, Mr. Brown Is temporarily mentally
unbalanced. With a companion, he came
to this section a few weeks ago for the
Pf'-P"" of shucking corn, and worked
r 'tZy Lipps'on Spring rrek. The
county attorney has wired young Brown s
tlher, who Is said to bo a wealthy farmer
Lamonl. to come and get his son.
1 The companion claim that young Brown
j owull a yj.n to.k,.d fMrm tn iowa himself.
, Mff Hyg i,r0wn has been subject to tin
Insane spells for some time, having ex
perienced a sad love affair earlier in
ALBION A man by the name of Clitr-enc-
ivierson. who lives In the neiyliho,.
hood of Boone, drove Into town yesterday,
with a team showing that It hud my-n
badly overdriven. Inquiry revealed the
fact that Peterson hail been to Mt. Ed
ward, and had exhausted the supply of
fire water In that village and had driven
from that place to Albion, a dlatance of
twelve miles. In Ihtrly-ftve minutes, to
get another drink. He was promptly ar
rested by Marshal Waring and given
lodging in the city Jail until today, when
he was taken before Judgo Riley, and
pleaded guilty to the charge of over
driving his team. Ht was fined 111) aivl
costs. The team is in bad condition, but
ma y reco v r.
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rJtclaJitiaa IdcpUd by Siebop Warth
iieton ud Episcopal Olerfjmeu.
Dean Beeeher aad Three Others
Uerllae to (ilea Document. Taking;
More Radical Maod Than
4 harcn I,aw Hrovldea.
With the exception of fovir ministers, all
the Episcopal clergy of the eastern part of
the diocese of Nebraska, Including Blrhop
YVorthlngton, who Is here from New Tor,
have signed a declaration on the remar
riage of divorced pei-son. which was
drawn by Father John Williams of fit.
Burnsbas' church, Omaha, and which was
adopted by tho house of bishops by a vote
of 34 to ;i. The four who declined to afflg
tholr signatures to this document were
Dean B-echer of Trinity cathedral. Rev.
T. J. Mackay of All Bolnts'. Omaha; Rev.
H. V. Burgess of Plattsmouth and Rev. K.
C. Smith of Central City. Their reasons
i wcro they did not care to go beyond the
i law of the church. They considered that,
! law sufficient. If the church saw fit to
! revihe Its law, either making It mote con-
i seivative or more radical, they would con-I
i form to It. but they objected to signing this
declaration. t
Father Williams, in explaining the decla
ration not to remarry persons guilty of the
one siu, said he and his associates did not
refuse to remarry the Innocent party to a
case of divorce for adultery; they would
agree to remarry him or her as the case
may be. This position they took strictly
on sciipturdl grounds as they understood
tho command of God.
Text vf the Declaration.
Tho members of the Ministerial union
have not yet agro"d on any decisive bisis
for dealing with divorced persons. The ar
ticles and their subscriber submitted by
Father Williams are;
Inasmuch as It Is commanded by our
I leased Lord that It Is not lawful for a
man to put away his wife to marry an
other during her lifetime, except for the
causa of foruicatlcn. anil Inasmuch as It Is
doubtful whether the sin for which our
Yxird gave permission to put away a wife
was the sin of premarital unchastlty. for
hich the law permitted a man to put
nwav his wile, or the sin of adultery or
postmailtal un hastily, for which under the
law a wlte waa put to death, not simply
put away, thus rendering wholly doubtful
the lawfulness of the remarriage ot any
person divorced for any caut-u arising after
martlage; now, iheivfote. we. the under
signed bishop and priests of the diocese of
NebiasSa. do hT"by pledge ourselves not
n Miletunlae the marrltign of any person!
tho has n divorced wife or husliand living.
If thu dlvn-e ha been obtained fir any
ihUi-o arising after marriage.
Geoige Wurthtngtvii. bishop of Nebraska.!
Auliiii- I.. William, titsnop coadjutor.
Wesley W. Uarr.e, Urtce ihunh, liar
tingtou. Rnlert B. H. Bell. OxmI Shepherd,
' Omaha.
I A. H. Brook. 81. I'eti r's. Ncligh.
I E. G. B. Proa ne, fit. pnul t. Oni iha. j
Hun t. i. handler. t. Miry. .enisisa
I City .
I Thomas J. Collar. Holy Trinity, rkhnyler.
It K Digga. district misxhmary, ontift.
Francis W. Eaann, llly Trinl'v. Llncoin.
Arthur I.. Marsh. Ht. Mary's. Blair.
! W. H. Moor, general missionary, Omaha. I
' WlllUni A. Malllgaii. Christ hureh. Utr. I
jalrlce. !
' Georae W. Palmer. St. rHephen', Ash- (
l..i j.
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Cliester M. Smith. Trinity church. Crete.
V S- P.'. Vr"l!". Trinity church, Norfolk.
John Williams, St.. Bnrnabns-, Omaha.
John A. Williams. Ht. rhlllp's. Umani.
James Wise. 8i. Martin's. Hotith Omiiha.
i. J. Wesctitt. Grace church. Columbus.
Henry B. Smith. Pt. Lukes. Lincoln.
Jarj- May He Mold Nterr Uclonaina to
WIOUX CITY. la.. Nov. 10.-(Speclnl Tel
egram.) O. C. Treadway. the oldest living
member of the Sioux City bar. was con
victed of grand larceny at Valentine. Neb.,
today. The penalty has not yet been fixed.
Treadway has appealed the car" to the
supreme court of Nebraska. Yle waa found
guilty of offering lor sale at the Flo'jx
City st.ick market a steer branded in his
name bearing the brand of another ranch
man. Treadway owns a much near Val
entine, Neb.
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TECCMSEH. Neb., Nov. l.-(flpe Ul.l
In the case of Matt C. Joyce against Ben
P. Miller and Minnie A. Miller, hi wife,
on a Kink check, in the district court here,
the Jury found for the defendants. Mr.
Joyce is a ranchman, operating tn Idaho.
In the. year lfr"; Miller, who la a horseman,
went to his ranch and bargained for ?5o
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first to show.
head of horses. One hundred and fifty of
tho . animals . wcro shipped, Miller paying
cash for them. Lnter, In August of tint
came year. Miller returned to the ranch for
his other 1(0 horses and. shipping the anl
m ih-. gave Joyce a check tor them.
, amounting to J1.274. on the Chamberlain
I banking house of- Tecumnvh. Just ns he
had dono previously. Before the check got
to Its parent bunk the Institution had failed
and it was not paid. Miller went through
bankruptcy proceedings, . hence the lindlug
of tho Jury ns statrd. In the case of Wil
kin against Wllklns. on a note, the Jurv
found for tho plalnlllT in the tim f Ji.oi,
Robert Wllklns was sunl ' by his .wlf'
Martha Wllklns. on a note for Xi.X'i Thu
couple; reside In the northern part of Ih
cout ty nnd this court refused them a di
vorce at a previous sitting.
I ulun Pacific Oder PartVaj.
BEATRICE. Nob.. Nov. K-ifipeclgl Tel-
j egram.) O. II. Swlngh-y of Omaha, auditor
for the l.nlon Pnclt'.c, was In the clly
today, and tendered P,'Q.i as part of til
taxes duo Gage county from tho com
pany to T-rasurer Barnard, which was re
fused. The total amount for 15 Is J:i.5ti5.00.
See, Sunday dinner bargnln No. lo, page li
Eca Want Ads produce result.
l Havllatid tc Co. CotT d Dibhog
I Klchly dt't-orutod and worth up
to $8.30 each Sat- )f
I urday at . ,t0
to bee 'our. Cc.'lOc. I5c, B0 uud
rahiK ever offered la Oiuuh
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