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Yllcpbnno Ilouplas 61V
Infanls' Wear. Department.
. New Showing of Bear Skin Caps.
v ..'.., - . . . . ',
The 1iri)ii-i.1tin'(l m;ectsH of our Infanta' Wear Department prQ.vcs that
tv i' meet fhc ren.nlremi.-nts of the hour with 'style, r'lulvrnetts assortments
iiimI pflcec. " ' " '
Xf fso nun nnd dainty taps In the popular colors to match the bear skin
i-i n! should' Interest every Mother who takes pride In the dressing of her
little one. . -.v
.Infants' hear skin caps In red, navy, gray and white, special vulue 30c.
' .Infants' bear skin raps In white, with light blue trimmings, also plain
v.hit. 1.0 each. . ' '
JnfnnU' bear sUln cups In white, with pretty trimmings of ribbon bows,
Mid small. f"i" heads, ftl.oO rncli.
Main floor. . .
Heaiitifill -fconvenlr poslfll cards,
I ti-e upon request.. '
: " ' Open Saturday
Howard, Corner
Pretidoat Eiiley ,fy Einplojeief Trait-
Continental Lines Ars to Get Baiic.
Ofllelals of Hunts. l. Mntithern PacIHe
niid (mlt Lake Roads Will Meet
Committees of K.niln i
''.'... ' .Saturday. ,
ANviKJ.ES, Nov VS. Humor of h.
general Increase in wage on throe trans
continental i illinnd, th Souther i Pacific,
Santa Fe nnd Salt Luke, wr;. verified to
some. extent here today 1y President B. P.
Kip,'- of the Sinta. F. President Ripley
staicu that various western railroads had
sent representative to ii meeting to be
held In this city next Saturday at which
'."the dally of t lie M'vernl unions of rail
road employe that arc entitled to higher
'wages -given cmKMcrntlott. :
' "There will be .om Increase in wages on
(ill. transcontinental railroads," said Mr.
Ripley, "hut the various unions will not
Ket all they nsk for. .1 cannot state now
. J t. e 'hat dcpartinc titn aic Jlkely to receive
ineiAt tfi ,v or how much. Hut the mil-
roads wl., s'rant soinethins Boon." -
V' strike nc lOnstern Iton4l?.
'NKW YORK. Nov.. li.-There no lonyer i
appears to he any danger of a strike of
railroad employes In tin- cast, as- the sliua-
My cleared today. The r.'ew York, New .
'Haven' & Hartford and th. New York On-
tral railroads came- to an agreement with 1
committees representing the firemen of Hie
two roads affecting the status .of the men
ei. therew electric locomotives, and the , ,.ra,gl,eil bpfore Jud6e Munger Tuesday
adjinit It comnilltee-or the Kile locomo- I norniug for sentence tinder his plea of
tKo er.vticers announced late today It had , gulfy to gelling llyuor without" first paying
come tp on. agreement with the officials tne tHJC rc,Iuired by the govern
of that system. -'' . inent." Coclirnn asked for the merev nt ih.
Tlie' flrenien's 'committee will confer
further with the .New.; York Central and
Honest Statements concerning
Honest Goods'
Never s question' as to the Purity
of our products
..Costliest and choicest materials
Used exclusively
Uniform - sxcsllencs always
maintained :r
;;.', . Popularity
Everywhere high in favor 1 who
ever tastes the Lowney products
becomes a permsneM customer
Maker of Cscaa and Chocolttaa
f P. E. ILER
' I'apitJtliftl, Street Car Magnate and
tieneral llooster for Omaha.
.,'otuah.l si tiisu&uow'of the' season
,4 -tailing' bs ntwrite.. this- ad. t Jt
suviu Id, remind yon Jo urdeir your
iw i fic overcoat now. " .
W.e wunt o rniimi oif that the
Lest t'lv to order it Is here.
We carrya very lare stock of"
atj' that Is depirnble In overuoat
ln?, and' we- make them ' up at
prices Turv HttlR aliovc what you
.'inftald sbHva to p.ty for eadv
Tuadi'. '. : -.
v Kut though "ihfre isn't a treat
'difference in price, our rnade-to- '
your-measure, . . sure-to-f lt-j ou.'
wide, long, loose, roomy non-break-'
lng breaav overcoats lire vastly su
i perior to the ready wades.
Overeats lu order.-. . .15 lo l-V
vult tu older . . tS o $50
'Phone Doug. le. ' 4-$ 8 16th fct
'Neat boor, Ul W tJmk . JTu-ket Oftica
. m m
I Sg git .
V .'
Te. November 13, 1906.
interior views of our store,
Sixteenth Street.
tho New York, New Haven & Hartford i
official, 'concerning . the, questions of In
creased waft-ex and shorter hours.
ft VaV stated at the offices of the Erin
ftjit-iii ime ioaay mat mere will lie no
troSble in.' reaching aiv.ajrreemcn with tho
firemen at tho present tlnA., as 'President
I nderwood s letter to Chief Harnuhan was
not a reTueal to icrant concessions to the
dissatisfied men. but simply u request to
bold off until settlements conldbe mado
with . yardmen, switchmen, brakemen and
thi. employes of the company.. It, was
si ld that when tbus- adjusuueiits sMiall
It.Te. been 'made .tho drniurids' Vf Jllv flre
mkMi will be takon up and those considered
iV'SOnjijblA n granted- .. .
I'LKVEIaAM), Nov. 13. A- .committee
.from the Brotherhood of Locomotive Fire
men was called Into a conference with, the
master mechanics of the Cleveland division
of-tho Erie road today with the Intention.
It In galil, of olTcrinff concessions to the
SCRANTON. Pa.. Nov. 1.1-Kour (rrlev
nnco committees, represent) iir the entire
system of the Delaware Iek wanna &
Western railroad between Holwken ' and
KufTalo are here today. JJattern with rela
tion to the firpmetu switchmen, trainmen
and" ..conductors are serious., but eontldence
is expressed that all points at issue will
be settled without a strike. -
PHILADELPHIA.' Nov. 13.-AU of the di
vision superintendents of the Philadelphia
it Reading railway system were called here
today for a conference with Vice President
Voorhees concerning grievances .of em
ployes. ' DECISION
(Continued from First Page.)
the United States court, but was remanded
back to the state courts. .
Enmiett Cochran of Frontier r,-iiititw
court, as he had a wife and three small
children dependent upon him for support.
The court thought he should have, thought
or tlilet before getting into trouble and im
pose the minimum tine of J100 and thirty
days In the jail of Douglas eounty.
Governor Takes up foal 4lueatim
PIERRE, 8. D., Nov. 13. (Special Tele
gram.) Governor Elrod, having lerfmed of
the soft coal shortage art- roan places tn
th state, has takVn' the matter Up with the
management of both the Northwestern -and
Milwaukee roads, and has received assur
ances that the riiatter will receive i'minc
dlate attention as such a shortage at this
searfbn might mean severe suffering at any
Ume. The governor requests parties at any
place Where ir shortage exists to at 'once
co'nimuntcate " w ith . bliii,' that it ''may be
remedied as soon as possible. '
(old Found at Yankton.
YANKTON. 8. D., Nov. 13. (Speclad.)
Considerable excitement has been caused
here by the finding of gold bearing quarts
r during the excavating for a building on
Walnut and Second streeta. Several pieces
have been turned up by the scrapers and
experts proclaim the quarts very rich.
Thirty-five years ago a similar vein' was
struck, only a little farther west. .The
owner of the lot,- F. W. SchWenck, IS now
prospecting for gold and building operation,
have ceased for the present. "' -
' Thrown From Horse and Killed.
PAWNEB CITt.'Neb.,' Nov. 13.- Special
Tel. gram.) About, 11 o'clock this .niornlng
John R. Goswin, assessur of Pawnee county,
was throw -from his horse, his head strik
ing the harii street, lfe sustained a frac
ture of the ' skull, causing, .lit death, this
afternoon at 4:15 without recovering con
sciousness. " .
Huualnic Wire to Fort Xirkrailr.
SHERIDAN. Wyo.. Nov. IS. (Spe.lul Tel
egram.) Captain Wllcttmnn and the signal
corps men scut rom.Furt Omaha to Wyom
ing during the I'te. scale; huve returned to
Sheridan... Before returning to Fort Omaha
they will string a telegraph wire from
Sheridan to Fort Mackenzie. .
Prune (.roivrr Puce earTnl.
SAN FRANCISCO. Nov. 13.-The prune
growers of California will receive iL'.iii.OaO
more for their crop of IM'ii than was ob
tained by them for the year !yt5. Tills Is
I lie estimate of the leading d- aler In, tho
local market. The total estimated amount
due to the prune growers for this vcur's
crop Is t4.Uiu.u0t. representing ldo'eoa.ouo
pounds of prunes. In liios the total prune
production of California was W.OvO.ijiiO
pound. This shown makes the crop' of
exceed that of ! i by 1J0.M;0i9 pounds.
As all the Mis-k are practically eleaid up
the t-Miiiutte-fur i;M la supposed to be fairly
accurate. ;-i
Savings 0
Every now and then some man takes a
sudden step "up" in the world. Then a
lot of people cry "luck. As a matter of
fact, the man has, in nine cases out of ten,
been working and SAVING. That explains
many instances of "luck." Many opportuni
. ties occur to those who have 1 ' ready money ' '
Our facilities are just suited to assist you.
Don't put it off.
City Savings Can!;
11. : I "
Oic Official f Grain Iichincs Propoiei U
Eictste ths Election.
Itti nt tare to Hair Affairs of
toe HichUDgr. Torncd Over to
One Man fur nomina
tion. Churglng that one director of the Otnalia
Oraln exchange. haj secured Sixty proxies
by which he means' to elect men of his
ewn choice to the directorate and thus con
trol the exchange for his personal in
terests the new organization of active
(Train men will ware a fight this forenoon
to have these proxies recalled. They sver
that if thin man' plana are carried otit
he will absolutely control the board of
directory. They Intend to block his game.
G. W. Wattles, whose, tenn of office as
director and president expires today, is
said to lie one man slated for election by
this holder of proxies. Who tho others
are the infill pent do not know. They
have, nn complaint to make against Mr.
Wattle and In fact have placed his nam
on their own ticket.
They do hold that no man would make
a campaign for proxies unlew he had his
personal Interests at stake.' -The directory
who hn n,ale puch campalirn Is In the
grain business on about the largest scale
of any local firm and recently bought a
long line of elevators.
The men who are protesting met yester
day and mimed a ticket, placing on It the
three retiring directors, O. AV. Wattles,
F. P. Kirkendall and S. A. McWhorter
and three actual grain dealers, C. F. Da
Vis, J. H. Hamilton nnd C. Vincent. Three
are to be elected.
Iteqneat for Recall of Proxies. .
The election is to be held between 11
o'clock and 4 today. The plan will be to
ask the' stockholders to recall their proxies
liefore 11 o'clock nnd cast their own vole.
If they canont place themselve In com
munication with the men holding the
proxies by that time, they can cast their
own vote by getting to the polls In the
Grain 'exchange before the proxies are
Though the names of the retiring di
rectors have been placed on the grain
men's ticket, It Is tho sentiment that all
members of the board of directors should
be actually engaged In the business, and
for that reason the vote of the dealers will
be for Vincent, Davis and Hamilton. They
j have, however, only thirty votes out of
, 1H3, the majority of stockholders of tho
: exchange being business men who have,
i no connection with the grain trade. There
are nine men on the board and at present
only three are grain dealers. Of these
three only one represents interests outside
of the elevators.
The complainants read hope in the fact
that a number of proxies were recalled
yesterday after it became known that a
grain man's ticket would be placed In the
A lucent Dlaaraated with It.
C. Vincent, manager of the Farmers'
drain company and a candidate for elec
tion, said on the situation: ,
"It IS hard to believe that Omaha busi
ness men who -started the Grain exchange
to promote the best Interests-of the city
and state will lend themselves to a few
self-chosen guardians of the exchange by
handing their proxies to persona who seek
to-control or to their friends. All Inter
est should be represented on the board,
and it seems not unreasonable that active,
I practical grain men will sorve all Interests
as well or better than .men whose time
IS' fully occupied in other lines. .of .business
and who are unfamiliar with the needs of
tne exchange. In askirg for the active
grain men a larger representation on the
board the purpose is not to censure present-members,
but gratefully to 'relieve
some of . them of duties that muit' be
onerous. -
.,"It is . to be . hoped' that business men
wno are stockholders will cancel their
proxies and come to the exchange at 11
o'clock to vote t'leir own shares as they
cnoose after luo. ..ig Into the situation.
Hoanil Hand and Foot, They Deliver
Mini (o Connt-ll lllnfls
. I'ollc.
John McCarttiy "made a fatal- error when
h- tried to dispose of some stolen property
to a gang of Syrian railroad luborers near
council Bluffs. The Syrians suspected
j.inething wrong and surrounding McCar
hy they tied him hand and foot and' Sent
or the police. It was found that the goods
iad been stolen Sunday ,nlght from Clark's
general store ut Valley and McCarthy. is
now In the Douglas county Jail . charged
with the burglary. Doputy Sheriff Hale
went to Council lii tiffs Tuesday afternoon
and got htm und his pluuUer.
Not long ago some of the Syrians got into
trouble with the Council Bluffs poliue for
buying stolen properly and when. McCarthy
appeared with his grip full of goods their
suspicions were aroused. Not Intending to
be caught again they held him and notified
the police.
In the grip lie had were eleven pairs of
shoes, alxiut 130 pocket knives, a cuuule
dozen razors, u lot of underwear, socks,
suspenders and other articles of mens
weur. all tak'-n from the Valley store.
Official t Ire of Sliafter'a -Death.
WASHINGTON, Nov. 13.-Offlcul notice
of the death of Major General Shatter
reached the Yar department today from
Major General MacArthur, commanding the
Pacific division, who will take charge of
the funeral arraifgements if desired by the
family without any orders from the de
partment. C nrrr ! ouiuiltleea Hasjr.
WASHINGTON', Nov. U.-The currency
committees 'of the New York Chamber of
Commerce und the American Bunkers' as
sociation, which .are at work on a measure
ank "Luck
1 6Ili and
prorldlnff for the Issue of emergi-rfcy cur
rency In tlmea of financial sirinxtcn y, con
tinued thetr work toon jr. The meetings lire
seem " ' ? ' ' 1 '
lirrmtrr Tnrtlon tti rrope4 Intform
IrAw la ftofcr Over ib4
' - 'v ' ' '
PHILADELPHIA. 1 Cov. M. The national
congress on unllorm, divorce laws. In ses
sion In this city today, adopted about one
third of the proposed uniform bill as
drafted by the committee appointed at the
meeting held In Washington nine months
ago. ;The portions adopted Include seven
causes under which annulment of marriage
may tie obtained and six causes for abso
lute divorce. . . j .
Delegates from twenty-seven states and
the District of Columbia, and representa
tives of all protests nt denominations who
attended the International conference on
marriage, together .with the Catholic pre
late, Blehup Shanley of North Dakota at
tended the sessions, which were .presided
over by Governor Pennypaeker.
The important -changes In the. bill are
the striking out of all references to pro
ceedings and practice, leaving the question
for the various- legislative bodies t pass
upon. The corntnltte decided that so long
as open bearings are held and the laws
provide for direct service on the respondent
and fix a punishment' for cotloslon the
measure need not conform to any fixed
rule. '
Caaaes for Dlrorer.
The ' eauses' for 'which " divorce curi- be
granted are infidelity, felony, blgsmy, de
sertion, liabitusl drunkenness ' snd Intol
erable cruelty and In the discussions of the
various sections there van little opposition
to any of these provisions. Hut In' the list
of causes for annulment of marriage op
position was presented against sevetal.
Governor Pennypaeker took 'exceptions to
the clausew hlch provides that If either
party unknown" to' the other wss Insane
at tho time bf niafrtage, It should be an
nulled. The governor held mat the clause
not only gave the Sane parry the right to
begin suit, but also to a commission for
the lunatic; ' This Would give a commission
appointed by the court a rtght to' begin a
suit In the name of ah Insane party, even
If the person not'drisane did not want di
vorce. He -argued that marriage was a
personal relation and' a third person had
no rights lii the contract.
Seneca N. Taylor of Bt. Louis and C.
La Rue Munson ' of Wlflidmsport, Pa.,
clashed with the governor on the subject.
Mr. TaS-lor ' said the ' third party is the
public and it has a right to forbid the
propagation bf children from the" Insane.
The question of -property rights he also
held was involved.
Mr. Munson 'said the clause was the "only
protection for an Insane person against , a
designing man or-woman. He cited a case
where relatives apd . friends were helpless
to protect an Imbecile who had' married a
designing woman. The clause was adopted.
Ace for Marrlasre.
There was also . opposition to the clause
annulling'' the marriage of a girl under
the age of 16 and a youth under 18. Ernest
Merten of Wisconsin held that a girl under
18 years was incapable of making a proper
marriage-contract, and Frank H. Kerr of
Ohio favored t He law of his state, which
makes the marrlitge of a boy under and
a girl under 18 void. Miss Rachel Stegel of
Utah, the only woman speaker, held that
1 years for the girr was all right. She
said: "We women ought to know," The
clause was adopted. '
Though personally opposed to divorce,
Bishop Shanley' Voted for" the ' sections tn
behalf df his stale" because the other dele
gates were not1 present. ' 1
Menihera of 'Calvry: Baptist Flt-
,'tlnair Observe tlir Ami.
4 -,j .
To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of
Its exis , aa a church the members of
Calvary ptist church, and their friends
met in the church edifice Tuesday night
for a sociul gathering and' to listen to the
story, of the struggle of the church as 'told
by some of its first members.
Calvary : church t .'was first 'organised
twenty years ago' and the first place of
worship was a' -small frame building on
Twenty-fourth street, one block north of
Cuming street. .A lot' was then bought
and a new church built at Twenty-sixth and
Seward streets, which was the home of the
parish until the pKesent structure was built
five years ago at iTwenty-flfth and Hamil
ton streuts.. The church is now free from
debt on its large church building, but owes
a small debt on a mission which was built
some years ago at a cost of tXM. and this
will soon be cleared of debt. .
The program last night consisted of ahort
reminiscences by L- D. Holmes, Mrs. Almi.
I. W. Carpenter and Mra. C. E. Lathrop.
Miss De- Graf furnished the music and the
pastor. Rev. E. R. Curry, used as the sub
ject -of a few remarks, "A IxKik Into tho
Mrs. Fred Segar.
(Bpecial.) Mrs. Amy K earns Segar.' aged
l year died in an Omaha hospital and
the funeral occurred here yesterday. She
was born and ruised near Modale, was' a
graduate of the Woodbine Normal school
and married Fred Segar two years ago.
A daughter 7 months old survives.
Bookmaker ou Trial.
WASHINGTON. jN'ov. 13.-William Davis
as put on trial before a. Jury in criminal
court today on a chaise of operating a lac
lng book at the Ueniilngs race track. The
action la in the nature of a test rase to de.
termlne the legal status of the , btlllng
operations at Bennlnaa.
Senator ( nlloin III.
WASHINGTON, Nov. U.-8enator Cullora
suffered a slight attack of Indigestion and
nausea, while at the Navy department .to
day requiring the attention of a physician.
He is resting easily and it is believed soon
will be completely recovered.
Uakt Csteh of Ubalrhoae.
NliW BEDKOKD", Mass.. Nov. 13. -The
full catch of whalebone will not exceed
hi. ooO pounds, according to advice, recelvt-d
from the Arctic fleet. The latest arrival
from the An lie Is the steamer Belvedere
of this port. Captain Cottle, hlch brought
down to Ban Francisco only one whale.
KlKht vessels are still to be heard from,
hut the local ship owners express little hop
that their luck has been any better than
Hint of their predecessors. L'p to date tli
fall catch amounts to only nipe hales
aiming tlx ships.
ew Armor Plate ITaelarr.
NUitRISTOWN, Fa.. Nov. IS. The. Alan
WimkI. Iron and Steel company of t'on
horken has do-ided to enter the armor
piste field and bid for armor plate contracts
a.,lnst the other companies now furnishing
tli. i material to the navies of the wyrld.
The company has purchased the realty of
the C'onshocken ijuarry company,-Including
the village of Connaughtun, and will erect
an armor piute mill on the newly inquired
Uilld. .
Xotaelva at .New ek. .
NEW YORK, Nov. 13. On board the
steamer' Kalsei Willulm II. which arrived
toddy from Bremen, Southampton and
I'helbonrg, were Lir. W.- H. Sif, Uarnmn
guvrrnor of bamoa; Gcraldlne Farrar, tu
rico Caruso and Ar.ton Vai Kooy, the
opera singers, aitd Fred Tarai. the jockey.
udllor -'oan-' ,
POPLAR BLUFF. Nov 1J -Following
HKinl sliois In his room iii the Jun,n hotel,
rhoiuas A, llv.n-t.jii, icniii Oi
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Send for
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chases, that we arc fairly, astounded Just bring, your; sou
venir and $9.00 and pay for your $10.00 purchase. - V. ,
Souvenirs given to every visitor to the daylight store
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t'OATS AT $1.00.
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Kitchen Table Knives 5
Anierlcan Audit company ,f Ciliclnnntl,
was found dead last nlKht witli a bullet
wound in his temple and another near his
heart. Houston is believed to' huve com
mitted suicide, but no reason for the act Is
known. Ho came here two week ago to
inspect some books.
Funstou Aaauuiea Com maud
ST. lyOUIS, Nov. 111. Brigadier General
Frederick J-'viniuii today fuiimtlly took
command of the Southwestern division of
the United States army headquarters, which
haveUieen moved to St. Louis from Okla
homa. The -headquarters of the northern
division of the I'liited States army huve
bee,n transferred tu Chicago and General
A. W. Greely and his staff department
forces g'j today.
Fox Hinlrra la Ke-ntuckr.
BEARTJSTOWN, Ky- Nov. 13. The gieat-
ect gutliei'ing of members of the National
Fox Hunters' association ever assembled nn
a similar occasion are here fur the big
chase, which benan early today and which
will be followed by many festivities during
the week. Scenting conditions for the chase
were not the beat, the .weather being cold,
clear and dry
Baak Hulilirra In Missouri.
WALKER, Mo.. Nov. 13. Three robbers
here early today escaped with the content."
of the safe of the Bank of Walker. Tfta
amount secured Is not known. The safe,
and front portion of the bank bui'.dlug were
v recked by the, explosion of a heavy charge
of dynamite.
Insarauee tuoiluliiloatri Ui).
CHICAGO. Nov: 13. Tlie eonferenca- of
Insurance comn Issloneiii was today turned
Into an txecutlve session, which was
scheduled tu last until evening. It was
announced before the session opened tlit
it was iniprobuble thut any speciho actinu
would lie taken before tomorrow.
larnarr'a Wife Asaaalteil.
ATLANTA, (la., Nov. 13. Mra. J. N.
Camp, larmer wife, wax bound with a
leather strap and aksaulted by a negro at
her home near the city today. An armed
party l. seeking the negro.
Taft (ioea to.Tesaa.
FORT SILL. Okl . Nov. 13 Secretary of
War T.fl and party left Fort Sill this
morning In a special car for Fort Sain
Houston, Tex.
Always KsunentBa Cae
1 axauve jromo
Cam CoU la Or Day, GipLa 2 Day
I W r '
I Vfl 00
47W tCX. i
Near Seals at $50,
$42.50. $37.50 and
National Russian . -Squirrels
at ......"
Aleutian Seal Coats, in half-fitted
and tight-fitted coats.
at $110.00 and .
Beaver" Coats, best,
quality at ..... i ... .
Infants Coats, ages 1 to 5 years,
navy anil red astrakhan cloth,
full lined, high collar, " y y C
large sleeves, special at. aW.w7
' ,69c for Polka Dot
' Silks Worth $1
10 pieces of fine, soft silk, with
..pavy, blue ground and white dot
effect, also black ground, with
;. white- dots, worth $1.00 a yard,
: 24 Inches wide. On special sale
Wednesday r vfs
at ...'.'.. '. OJC
Chiffon Broadcloths in the new
. shades and black, the popular
weave for dressy suits, the $1.50
' quality, -Wednes- 110
day only, a yard LIU
Linen glass toweling, in blue and
red check, worth 8c a yard,
Wednesday, c
yard ...DC
Arniaha Linen Dresser Scarfs, 36
to 54 Inches long, with spoke
stitch and drawn work, ajl
around. These scarfs are worth
tip to 65c, our price
Wednesday, each' .".
100 dozen bleached huck towels.
good, heavy quality, Vlth red
borders, special for
Dusters, 19
inches long,
day, at
9 c
Standard Toilet Waters Flor
ida Water, Rose, Violet, Helio
trope and Lilac. 50c quality.
Wednesday 39
Colgate's Palm Soap, Wednes
day, 6 cakes 25
Toilet Paper The best Lan
scon brand, 2,000 sheets to
pkg., worth 12 c, Wednes
day 9
Package cl Emery Boards, 12
pcs., worth 10c, Wednesday
at 5
Powder Chaniula Skins, finest
quality, Wednesday 4
Standard Toilet Pumice Stones,.
Wednesday-. ... y 9
Hoot Manicure Sticks, 5c qual
ity, 2. for 5
X.mWjS Delicious
of Lemon Almond, etc., are as natural
and strong as can bo made.
BOYD'S w,Sur;.r.V'"- Mgr..
Tlie Successful Opera,
and the famous Peanut Ballet.
300 seats, en lower floor at t LUO.
Thursday, Friday and Saturday,
The Freedoms! Suzanns
Saturday Mat.. A ZOX.X.'S SOOIB.
au seats on lower floor at II.Od.
Souvenir Matinee Thursday.
WOv . t: .'ANY
In the Romantic Drama,
BY tjokt or IWOIS.
Fr es Kvenlng and Sat. Mat., lvlc,
25c; Tues., Thur., Sat. Mats, 10c.
..TH K..
Ladies of the First M. E. Church
' wIM ael g .
In the Churek Parlars
November 15 and IG
Useful and fancy needle work, dolls,
home looked foods and candies will be
for sale. a light luack will he servea
all day.
Visit Our
Our Babies'
v Clothing Dis
play is Very
Cold Weather
Underiyeai4 '
Ladies' Extra Heavy Fleeced Cot
ton Union Suits, perfect fitting.
In peeler, white and gray $f. 25
value, our '
special, each , 'umy
Grey Union Suit,' two-thirds wVrol,
drop seat, sizes 6 to 8, worth to
$1.46 a suit, .special Art
sale, each .I.UU
Ladies' Fast Black Heavy Fleeced
Cotton Maco Hose, medium afid
out sizes and y wool cashmere
hose, double spliced olc,BCn
special, a pair .'..'.'... .',a D C
Complete with arbig-lins of - chil
dren's, misses' ah.,boy8' kid and
Mocha fleeced-linad mitts, with
or without fur ''tops, fleeced lined
gauntlet gloves and boys' fleeced
lined kid. astrakhan and bear
skin gloves, all n sale; Cn
'the pair, 75c and O UC
Special No. 1 Ladies' and gents' 1
hand embroidery" initial alt lfften
haudkW hlefs,--laundered . and
ready tor use, 19c value, 1 1
only,, each . . . . . . . 1 UC,
Special No. 2 Ladles' Pure Irish
Linen convent embroidered lnl-
. tlal handkerchiefs,, unlaundered,
worth 10c each. ' , . ,1F--peclal,
6 for . tC
(Only six to a customer.)
Fine Sateens, 26 inches wide,
good, heavy quality, floralpat
terns, for draperies or' rom
forts, for Wednesday only,
per yard , i.5?
SPREADS With MarBeillea
patterns, worth' $1.25 each,
Wednesday only, each ,
Extra large Cotton Batts, only
roll 3V4
36-lnch Brown L. L. Sheeting
Muslin, yard i . . .4V
Fruit of the Loottl and Lonsdale
Muslin, yard ...... ...7'4j
Table and Wall Oil Cloth, new
tile patterns, yard 15
Fancy Blankets for bath robes,-'
worth $1.00 pair, Wednesday,
pair 75J
Big 11x4 heavy fleece Bed
Blankets, worth $1.35 pair.
Wednesday, pair . . . . i .08 '
54 -inch Bath Robe Flannels,
pretty stripes, extra special
for Wednesday, yard. .29.,
Imported German Flannels' for '
bath robes and house-.coats,
pretty patterns, extra, special
Wednesday, yard . r . -.39
Ladles' and Children's white
and colored border Handker
chiefs, worth 6c and 10c each,
Wednesday special, each. 2
Schlitz No. 2
Ill onth 14ttt t
. Highest grade of. Wino, - Liquors
and Cigars. Imported Alo aild porter,
hchlitz'a Famous MawuH Boer and
Half-and-lUlf on draught.
'Phone, Doug- 4(4.
Sat., Bun.
Harry Tates' Sag-Ush Oo MoMahoa's
Btlostral Italds, OUao, Xatheriae stag-eat,
Minnie XaoXmaajL, XJndstrom at Aadersoo,
MoMaboa ai CbappeUe aaA the KlaeoLroma.
Vrtoes loo, B&o, frOc
Tonlglit t3-Mat. Today That Big
' Musioal Joniedy Success
Pretty Girls, Funny Comedians, A
World of Laughs.
At. n. Barnes'
S '.
Will open Thursday. Nov. 15. Hourly
performances from 1:30 p. m. Sootled.
pony. "Beauty," given away Jan. 1.
Admission luc. One price to all.
Boiler xatlug Ivery Afteraooa acd Uvrti
lag Ail Tills Week.
Thursday ladies- day
Ladies Ad-iilttd Tree to Manns,