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I'rtifioatioBi Thtuld Bate Over Sixfin
Uihioi To.ltn for tnrnnt Work.
1 aaer Present Fla Comparatively
tittle .Hone? Will Be I serf on
the Missouri Hirer
Tbla Year.
, ha to lies In their ratio to keep on
. equality n a population bnsts.
j J. V. Parnih-y i f Fdmund county, has
ii.esltivilv annnuiMKl that lir will nit he it
i ratvJifiatp fur the speakership n t the com- j Eacoid Sfgiios of Immierttioa tid Qnar-
In session, and at the present the only j kiflJlt CotfereBC at JasuT.l.e.
Avowed cundidtes art' M. J Chancy of j
Hay and J. H. Carroll of Kirisvbury. Hoth .
are old niemlx rs anil will have numerous ' SOUTH
warm friends wuikiiis for their success
when the organization Is being perfected.
elehltora Honor (iovfrner Crawford.
IHHO.V, P. f.. Nov. 12. (Bperlal.) A
nonpartisan n,c LiiiK of rlt liens of Huron
was held Saturditv niKht In honor of Hon.
foe J. Crawford, t!o et nor-clect of South
lm.kotu. The meeting was presided over
hv W. 3. Iiemaroe. chairman of the re-
spouts CF A DAY.
WASHINGTON. Nov. U-Ucnetal Alex
ander, cnlef of cmrlnecrs, lias repor t, u to
tha Secretary of War that l.uw,4.!l e III ( publican ventral committee. nnd brief ud
he requested to complete tne enincei s I dresses were made by A. TV. TVllmnrth.
work upon the fortlnca'lons projected by t state's attorney-elect, of Iad!c county;
the hoard convened under the president s I J. A. Cleaver, mayor of Huron; Father
order of January il, 1W6. During tue year
the number of guns available lor service
Idle egro Cornea la for Severe Com
meat r Man TV ho Think i
Itaee Problem TV11I
Grow. j
XASHVtlaUK. Tenn.. Nov. JS.-Ttae second
annual session of the Southern Immigration j
and Quarantine conference began today, j
The real purpose of the conference Is to
biltig about a more equitable distribution I
wm Increased by the addition of tight
mortars, leur lL'-lnch guns and ninniy
four rapid-fire guns; so that altogether
the status of the emplacement for whleil
congress h; s impropriated funds w;l.i li'l
12-Inch mortars, ! 12-inuh gum;, 122 10
Inch guns ninety-nine .'-inch guns and in!
rnpld-tire guns, for continuing the con
struction of gun and mortar butteries an
'estimate of H, Is submitted; for
bioderlxlng old emplacements UliScO and
for Are controlling other works. $!.o''.l.'l.
For ths purehaso of ,oi: fortifications
to carry out the plans of dfeuse board nn
estimate of ?"!,.1l0,5o0 Is submitted and for
searchlights and connections, 2,::rr,"o0; for
preservation and repair of fortifications.
Ktno.nnt); supplies for sca -coast defenses,
$0,000; sea walls and embankments. t'!."V;
preservation and repatr of torpedo struc
tures. InO.Ofl; submarine mines, ll.Si:, IMS;
construction of batteries in Insular posses
sions, $2.anfi.o going to Guaii
tsnamo bay. "S0.0") to Honolulu and 1'cnrl
harbor, Hawaii; J.'M.OfO to Subls bay. I. 1..
and .36!uhj tu Manila, P. l.i; tire control
at batteries In these stations. $7i)-,;)'ii; forti
fication sites, Hawaiian island. $17fi,lij;
submarine mines, insular possessions
niter and Harbor Work.
General MacKenziu states tliat , llie following-
amounts stated can be profitably
expended during the next fiscal year in
the principal river and harbor works:
' Harbor of retuge. Sanay bay. upe Ann,
Massachusetts. j00,(mi; soutnwest puss,
Mississippi river, l,iU.(Mt; ssoulh 1'ars,
Mississippi rlvor. (reconiineiided tliat an
nual appropriations for uia.ntenanoe be In
creased from iii.0i!.i to harbor
at Hablne Pass, Texas, Jj.hi.ibhp; tjalx t.lon
harbor, Texa., J46o.i; tbilvestnn channel,
along- the wharf trout. SijiUMi; Ualvstun
ship channel and Huffiilo imvou. .-!"n,iro;
Hraxos river (Old Haehlnctoii to Waco),
S2"3,000; Brazos river (Mouth t, Ji.uipo;
Trinity river, Cypress bayou ami reil river
above Kulton. fclO.WT: Mississippi liver
between Ohio and Missouri rivers. $ii,o,;
between Missouri river and St. Paul.
IW10.000. Reservoirs and headways: Improve
neapolis, of rivers in Wlscuneiu ami Min
neapolis of rivers in WlHconsia ami Mm
nesota tributaries to the Mlssis-itii, of
Warroad harbor and river. Minnesota and
of the Red Uiver of the Norm, Minnesota
and North Iiakota; Gauging at Si. I'au'.
survey of Lake Minnetonka. r i-
vt1rs at head waters between ttrain. rd and
Grand Rapids, Hho.-kk1'. M'sviuil live;-,
IHiO.OiO; Osage river. Missouri. ?.1.ii;
Cumberland river, below Nashville. Ten
nessee and Kentucky. JiSorti; Chicago and
D. F. Desmond of Pt. Martins church : -...
Hon. H. C. Hinckley: City Attorney A.
V: Fairl.ank; Dr. C. I(. Alford and others.
In response to these uddresses Mr. Craw
ford spoke very cliKiuently and earnestly.
He briefly reviewed the ciunpnlan and tlie
principles set forth In the platform upon
which he made the) canvass. deehirlnK that
so far as possible laws conforming to the
wishes of the people of this :tate anil in
keeping with th' doctrines promulgated on
the stump and tin
The Idle negro class causes some appre
hension In the minds of Immigrants, it Is
eaid, and this operates against the south
receiving what It thinks Is its proper share
of laborers from abroad. Various plans arc
sugRestert fur ridding the south ef its
worthless negroes, nnd the race question,
tlnTefore. was early Injected Into the d.s
cusslon. Governor Heyward of South Carolina said,
Hint form would lie ii-mu
Sectional feeling, fortunately
ttomleil Debts Decrease.
riKRfiK. S. I.. Nov. (Special. 1 The
county Uirinciul statements Included In the
annual report of the stale auditor show
a. decrease of $M,i.'7.42 In the amount of
the outstanding county bonded debt of the
state. Several counties have decreased
that class of indebtedness and others have
lidded on. leaving the net reduction less
than Sl-yUM'. Out of the fifty-two coun
ties of the state twenty-eight have no
bonds outstanding. The counties of Au
rora, Charles Mix. Clark. Clay, Edmunds.
Hntc hinson. Jerauld. Liiv oln. MePliersnn.
Miner. Spink and Sully have no bonds and
their floating debt is less than Vt)0 each,
with good cash balances to their credit.
The warrants out In Aurora. Spink and
Sully arc less than J100 In either county.
Kidnaping; nt Pierre.
riKrtP.v:. Nov. I?. (Special. A case o'
kldiapliu; cm the streets of this city last
evening created excitement ut the time.
It appears thnt Iouls Welcome and wife j Such
could not agruc to get along together, and
Mrs. Welcome hud possession of their lit
tle son. The father took advantage of an
opportunity to pick him up on the street,
ar.d et away with him in spite of the ef
forts of the mother to prevent it, and
took the boy tiT the home of his sister
is passing
i away and our popic understand eaca
i other lieiter. Problems which were, at one
time peculiarly Houtnei.: ?n- hrromlng na
tional. We Americans ure moro and more
mutually cnrrylng tho "white man s bur
den." We have been seeking for some time
to make some change in our political and
cconomlii system which will affect too
negro alone nnd which will, at the tame I
time, aid in solving our problem.
I do net think ht conditions which lire
the result of years can be changed In a day
by the adapotlon of any ruie or the enact
ment of any special legislation. To soive
the raoe question win require not only
time but patience and Judgment on the pin
of tho white man nnd the neijro; it will tail
for tne exercise of moro common sense and
a far greater uppreelatlon of his moral
Governor Heyward then enumerated the
solutions of the problem which bad been
snggeuiod and tried from time to time and
all of whlcli had failed.
ntloii Moat Aet.
In speaking of thi plan to deport negroes,
Governor Heyward said tho deportation
could not be attempted unless it became
a national and not a southern movement.
a move, ho said, would not be at
tempted until the negro problem Is better
understood and more acute at the north
than it is now.
Any solution of our race problem in the
south lies us much with the negro as with
the white man, but one of the greatest
barriers to any . advancement of the negro
Is his natural indolence. This explains his
Mm rods Have Good IteWolta Alon the
Platte River.
l.uck hunter returned with the limit
Monday, ns the larger ducks were bcrln
ning to come In to the north and alonp
the Tlatte river: The time allowed for
shooting quail will begin Thursday and
continue until December 1. November IS
the Iowa law will be In operation tor the
protecllon of game fish, and then the w i'
deris can protect the finny tribe t Cut-off
l ike. Part of this lake Is In lown and the
law for tho profctlon of buss does not en
Into operation 'until fifteen davs Inter than
In Nebraska.
Tho I'ntversily of Michigan foot ball
team suffi red n heavy loss Saturday when
Joe CtirtlH, captain nnd end of the Yost
teom. and the henviest man on the team,
broke his ankle lu a scrub name. Yost Is
rhort of vetrrnns this year and, with tho
irame with Pennsylvania to be played nest
Baturdav. It w an awful hlow to lose
Curtis Just at this time The game was a
scrub nfTalr between the 'varsity and a
bunch of Inellglbles. with more loollnhness
to it than real fixit ball, and Curtis had
li!s lea broken, bv a hard tackle from mm
of the scrubs. The loss if Curtis shal
lorcd (he hit hope of th" Michigan rooters
for victory, for many had leen condemning
the maniiji inent scheduling :' seiw
with Pennsylvania, for the year when Mich
igan has the-weakest team In mniiy y nrs.
In the Nebrssku-Crelghton came ?;-tu'.
day Nebraska was iieiiaiisieri eighteen times
lor a total of ninety-five Yards and the
loss of the ball twice. Crclghton was
penalized lour fo- a total of twentv
The Wisconsin foot liall plavets are called
the Radgcrs. the Michigan are called the
Wolverines and tho Minncs.Mns are called
the Gophers. And yet we tnke an Fngllsh
critic to task for saying that western col
lege foot ball Is u blooming animal show
By Hek.
declared aftei1 the rmting that h would
take the matter Into ir.
After the meeting Mr. llnnlon announced
thnt he nnd F. A. Abel, holders of l .il
shares of the "S") shans of the capital
stock ef the elob, hd la gun suit In court
of chancery of New Jersey to ci nip 1
Charles Ebliels and Henrv W. Meilii us to
refund several hundred dollars alb Bed to
have been drawn by them from the treasury
of toe club hs salaries and in excess of the
amount allowed bv the ivrtliicnte of organ
ization of the cluh, during the rears of
1:"n and The amount Involved 1s about
r:i.KT patch tiik rii.k
Modified Pool Rail ns Plated Malnralay
foll th- Ilend of llartard.
KOHTON. Nov. la. -Foot mil under tit
new rules us d-mnnstraf"d 1 the Hiivanl
Carlisle game at Cambridge Saturday
meets with favorable comment from Presi
dent Charles W. Kllot i f Harvard unler
sity. In an Interview made public today.
President F.llot, v hose Httliuds towards the
sport last made it s cm probable that
foot Kill would soon be dropped from llar
viird's athletic schedule, alluded Patur
day's contest nnd expressed hH enjoyment
of the game which, he said, appeared to
him free from unneeevsavy roughness.
Fold ball Is ronsldi red 'on probation nt
Harvard this ear. A enmmittec appointed
several months ago is mil rilscussimj the
subject of athletic spoils with especial
reference to foot ball, but has nol vet
submitted its report. Piesld nt F.llot's
views as expressed lodav. It Is expect' d,
will have some weight with the committee
In recomn ending that foot ball be retained
on the i 'riinsons' athletic calendar.
HI l.E
in Fort Pierre. Mrs. Welcome crossed the , failure to use his opportunity and In this
river shortly afterward and captured the j UlswhTc..""'0 Thi" Slx
boy in that town, bringing him back home, I the predominant race and the negro must
and is now holding possession. Tho case
appears yet to be an open one as to which
will c me oul ahead In the tight for
understand once and for all that the bond
of society and political questions will -be'
determined by the white man alone and I
by the white, man's code. He has a right i
to expect that his civil status should be
the same, in every respect as is that of the
... . i white taan. A proper understanding of I
"' rr" Meet. these fundamental principles bv the negro,
SlOl.'X FALI.S. S. I.. Nov. 12. (Special.) and there is no reason why he should not '
Preparations rapidly are being com-' understand would be a long step in the
. . , ... . ,,,i . ci.,. r.,ii- r,",'t direction. If he let uses to adjust
Plcted tor a meeting In Sioux Falls on , himself to these inflexible conditions, tnen ,
Thursday and Friday of tills week of the the negro will have to go.
cVlumet harbors survey ' of' Illinois Hiidjf,,lln Dakota Real Kstato association. Be-j M. V. Richards, lund and Immigration
iioiu j iwecu v ami iui 01 vne i.-in estuic lorn i .iiimiii-ioih.t 01 ine oouincru railway, whj
Desplalnes rivers for ' waterway
ZiJ'hXW"! t" " tn" ocla.ion. and
foruia, $J!C'.SU; Columbia river between tho
fist of the Dulles and the bend Coilhi
rails, "ioo,onii: canal at the cascades. li'.'.,0 0:
Uilumbla and lower Willamette rivers be
low'J'ortland, mouth of the Colum
bia, Sl.OGfl.nmi: Honolulu liarl)or, Hnwnil.
ini.OOO; Mississippi river (commissions esti
mates) bead of passes to the mouth of the
Ohio with salaries of commissions, J.l.tmO.OtX'
Sew Legislative Appointment
of Tasks Ahead in fonth
it Is expected that the meeting on Thurs
day and Friday will be the best attended
ever held by the , The local
committees which have charge of the work
of preparing for the meeting have pre.
pared an Interesting; program of enter
tainment for the several hundred South
Dakota reul crtate men who will be pres
ent ut the meeting;.
Dakota Corporation Proposes
to Haild from Ynnkton to
PIERRE, H. !-. Nov. 12 .-(Special.)
Under the provlalona of the constitution
tho coming session of the legislature is one
at which an apportionment of legislative
representation can properly be made, fol
lowing the state census. This has In the
past been done following each census,
state or national, with the, 'exception of
the section of 1d, in which an adjourn
ment was taken without agreeing; on a
new apportionment, but the next legisla
tive session took a chance and did the
work which should have been carried
thiough the previous session. An apjmr-
ST. PAl'I., Nov. li A special to the
Dispatch from Pierre, 8. IV. says thst
articles of incorporation were tiled witli
the secretary of state today for another
north and south railroad, to he known fca
the Yankton Southern railway, to siart j
nom xanKton and extern! to ualveston
the first speaker at the afternoon session.
He showed that tho tide of Immigration I
which has flowed for years In the west
nnd northwest had turned southward, and
with a proper appreciation of the needs
of immigrants the south would easily as
similate the new arrivals.
Better Trratmeut for l'orrianera.
J. C. Hemphill or Charleston, 8. C, rer
resenting; Mayor Rhett, said, among other
things, that the south must expect to treat
these immigrants as whllo people should
be treated.
Mr. Hemphill favored the strict enforce
ment of vagrancy, laws as one means of
solving the negro problem or the removal
altogether of the colored men from the
Colonel F. Y. Anderson of nirmlnghain
took Ihjuo' with Mr. Hemphill's idea of re
moving the negro from the south. Colonel
Anderson favored the paying of higher
wages to white- men.
E!ht ( olleices Do Sot l.lke Present
stem Four Do.
IOWA CITY. Ia.. Nov. (Special. )A
canvas of the opinion of the rouvge presi
dents of elKht minor ,,i lowa
snows that Mot hall, ns piayed under the
new ruics, ernes not meet with entire ap
proval. Proi. .lonn I.. I llton of mhipm.ii
college; President H. 11. beeny ol toe
hiaio Normal school nnd President. A.
Rosenberger of l'enn cohere tttKe tne most,
radical stand In the matter. Foot hull was
abolished In all three of'these Institutions
last year, and It does hot appear now that
it will be reinstated for some time to come.
Prof. Yllton stat thai he ernes not Im
lieve the now rules meet the objection
raised against the. game. President H. H.
Seerly, while not discussing the direct et
fect of the new rules, declares that the
game will not be i-e-estabilsned at the
State Normal school until the game. Is set
tled so tnat the enect of the playing e-an
1o understood. President" A. Ko.-enberger
writes that since the students ot . penn
college abolisheel the game there has been
no demand for its restitution and that no
time in the history" erf tne Institution has
there been better 'work, better order and
bi tter college spirit.
On the otner hand, in the five other col
leges where foot ball has been played this
fall, the game la regarded with lnciensed
favor. President I. 14. Storms of the lowa
State college at 'Ames, ITnsirient .1. H. T.
Main of lowa colli a at Grtnnell, President
Hill M. Pell of Drake university. Presi
dent W. W. Smith of Coe college and Pres
ident D. Osborn of Oe Moines eolle(,-e
are uniform In the opinion that the new
rules have been a step In the right direc
tion and that the game has Iteen improved
by their adoption. While believing that
it is yet too earlv to make a Just esti
mate . of their effect, 'hey seem certain
that at least part of . the objectionable
features have been eliminated and thnt the
game lias been saved; to the colleges of
America. ;, ,
At the Association alleys last night the
Stor Hlue Ribbons won two names from
the King Parks.' fMtfr 'totals weie high,
four men passing- the Vi0 mark,' with John'
son's tio3 at the top. rochran had the best
single score with Tonight the Cudahys
vs. Mots llros. Sooro:' '
krih 'yAKiys.
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I Johnson ,.i
I Rcngelc ...
The committee on organization tonight
t J-IOO. ,l,.,.rlnd r,.rYsm...,A ... ,
The nominal headquarters ure to be at ' fh " lu,,v, "ut,"
Yankton, with a business ottlce ul rln. n'' 'nomination ..f Governor D. C.
clnnatl. O. The road is capitalized nt " 5. ,? Ment
$l-n.ui and the stockholders are: "n1 Dr' J- McMulien of Oaddrn. Ata..
Robert J. Gamble. W. J. Fiintle. Isaac I ?,r ' "cretary-treastirer. The committee
Pilo of Yankton. Fremont Hill. .Ies T.ow. I favnr8 the ""''""sT of the P'-Xt annual con-
Cochran .
Hartley ..
tlocment under the provisions of the last
census will not cause many radical changes J man. Thomas R. Paxton. Alfred Hill, John , ntJon ln B'rmngham, Ala., the second
. HarniiBton and William Copes Frfetor,
Cincinnati, O. u- J- Schwietert of Iowa was named as
In tho dlstrlrts or representation. Hut s.fier
tho next federal census there ure likely to
lie decided changes, as the country west of
tho Missouri river will show up a largo
Increase In population, ar.d as the appor
tionment must be made on a basis of a
fixed number of members of both house's,
divided on population, there will be a gain
in representation for the western part of
the state, and the eastern counties will
Mitchell (fnln Candidate.
1NDIAXAPOL13. Nov. 12 -All doubts as
to whether President Mite hell Intends con
tluuins us president of the Fulle-d Mine
Workers of America or not have been set
at rest bv the announcement that Mr.
Mitchell has been renominated for the
otllce and that he will penult his nomina
tion to stand.
member of thn committee on immigra
tion, appointed by the chairman.
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ailments of rata. We kno-.v just what v ul cui you and
cure (iulckly. ,
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ae we treat,
iifo and hipi'l-
tha hands of
tors of ability
taa eficct for evrona a i:fe-long CURB.
WASHINGTON. Nov. 12.-In the tupreme
court of the United States today Solicitor
General Hoyt filed a motion brr behalf of
the govurnmer.t to dismiss the case of the
State of Kansas ag-ajnst the United States
for possession of thn Indian Territory
lands claimed to have beeo granted to the
Missouri. Kans:is & Texas rail rend mri
'which are csllmutd to be worth upwards
or srtv.ev.
Th" moth..! was bas-d on the contention
that the stale of Kansas has no substantial
Interest in the case.
Tho suit was brought by the state of
Kansas a trustee for the railroad com
pany under the act of congress granting
the lands. That act contemplated the con
struction of a road from Fort Riley. Kan.,
to the Indian Territory line and n,...,'i!
I that teirltory to Fort Smith. Ark. Ten
sections of .4ti acres per mile of read were
Kranieo and patents were to be Issued upon
terrillratlon by the governor of Kansas
The srart (o !nihun Territory lands was
,nad' operative "whenever the Indian titlo
thall be extinguished by treaty or other.
) wise piovlded thst said lands become a
i part of the public lands of the United
I The bill claimed that the condition. ' ce'.n
' templated by this act had been arrived at
by recent legislation concerning Indian
! Territory and the United States was asked
I to either place tho railroad company lu
possession of the lund or pay the value of
It, estimated at more than llO.UO.fvi. In
his brief Mr. Hoyt contended that the
state of Kansas is not entitled ti consid
eration even as a truHee and added:
"Apparently the proceeding is tinder the
control e.f the railroad company und thc
name of the state is used eimpiv for the
puipose t.f prosecuting the claim of th.
j company to the lands in question, the pi
ipenee of the action being born by the rail
! roBd- I'nder thene circumstances it Is
I well titled that this court doesn't pos
j ress original Jurisdiction."
The land covered bv th ...
; ... . - - - wa me
subject of much conteution in congress
last sseion and the pending suit was the.
principal bone of contention In the recent
Totals .,
The Dally
gti tries from
UT4 ('25
: 1. 2.
i:K K'l
! 2:t!t
.Kl 1:IT -
, ; &'
;..:ot is;
15 7o
;t. Total.
1SI 5411 !
Pvi TO
W2 ' 2.S31
a Total.
17'V -irT
177 -K, !
15 (.37 I
his !
- 1
!l 27n !
News won two out of three
the. O'Hrie.ns on the Metro-
lolitan alleys. Bai-er of the News team
bow'.ed a very consistent game. hlle he
did not reach the 2" mars, they were nil
in lf with a total of and Pat was in
hard luck and blames the v.-oinon for it.
as there, were quite number of theai
there cheering- tor Clark of the Monte
tristcs, who had the high single game
with :2 and .Vi2 on totsls. Captain Fager
1crg says, "NeveT mind boys; we will get
tin re yet." Tomorrow, night the Armours
vs. the Life Malts. Score:
Rice TSS
Patterson ....bfl
Baher 1''2
li.ggins .....144
Poicar ' ltt
4 ".
792 2,j0
Totals ......xm SOI
1. 2. s. J out).
Mstthes 121
urinitn .hd
parmeiee '. , li
Fngerljem 112
C.ark 14
pis m
1V2 4T4
171 4HO
lnti . 6ii
Tot lis
FitiHT Ot KH
t I I II
Gulf (Coast J
Tlaat's the title of a qew eighty-page illustrated book' just publish! by Rook
Island-Frisco Lines.
"We want a copy of it to reach the hands of every investor and home eeeker in
the country.
It tolls of a region unparalleled in its possibilities for home-getting and fortune-making
recently opened up by the building of the St. Louis, Brownsville &
Mexico Railway.
You have heard of other sections that are or were favorable for such purposes,
hnt you Lave never heard of the like of Southern Texas MARK THESE WORDS.
The book will tell you something about it and a trip of inspection is cheaply
made. Are you interested!
If you will give me your address I will promptly correspond, sending you the
book and full particulars. By special arrangement you will also be personally in
troduced, if you desire, to farmers who are now there to whom you can talk and cf
whom you can learn all about that new, marvelous country the Gulf Coast of Texas.
Very low one-way and round-trip rates on first and third Tuesdays monthly.
"Write m? today for full information.
JOHN SEBASTIAN, Passenger Traffic Manager
(Address me at city inearest you.) .
aaj - -- n - - ' IWU
. F.derard llnnlon Protests tgnlosl
F.lertlon ot Tveo Plri rlor.
JERSF.T C1TT. K, J.. Nov. 12.-Ut1gation
in th" courts cf-New Jersey to d t.iiu.ue
the lf,al tnrrtorate of ihr BroCkl n ikese
ball cnib of the National league probably
will be the result ot a n:e. mi of tne cilia
In J-. scv City today, at which d.r
were' elected lor i he ensuing year. Former
Manager l-dward llanlon piot.sicl the hit. ,
, Hon In which President harks II. Kbbets, 1
j his son. Charles II. Kbbe.s. J... Henry
i W. M'-dleus secretary and treasurer e.f the
'club. Albert J. Wall and RoUrt A. Wrisht
' were chosen directors.
Mr. Wright was elected to succeed the
: lae Harry C. V'onderhorst of Ilaltimore.
j Mr. llanlon claimed that Mr. Kbbets. the
laiter's n and Mr. Medicus were not eligi
ble because thev were ellre-ctors last veai.
and that a formal certificate of their elec
tion a year ago was not filed, as required by
law. with the New Jersey secretary of
state, which would prohibit the re-election
of sueh directors at this time. Mr. llanlon
4aVW.a a fUsM JL
Qc Searles & Searles. 119 S. 14th. Cor. 14th & Dourj.Sts ., Cmatia, Neb
f . 't ti 3 t-ii-fc', wiTiiuts. vreaiaielll. our I
1 ijl I name are loo Javorably known, every e
?s "r repuiaiiun la at stake. our health,
i I'i-ss is too sr1ou a manor to jiUie In
. .1 .' " I ' -VA.MK. .KS.S ' l"tolt. Honest doi ti
'' r-.L us ibeir UW.M NAMK IN THK1H l-:l
, i b
tZ fno enanilnatlon and consultation. Write
uiptoin UlanK for lieunu treatment.
1 Now la tHa Hm. . - .
... , luu, your wants
known throng The Bee Want Ad page.
Open Shop In Mobile.
MOP 1 1 K. Ala.. Nov. l?.Au but one of
the building contractors of Mobile 1 tod-iv
put their establishments on the ea n hoi ac.rf-iiii.u to a previous tjiwrnenl
As a re-suit aliout I 5urt men In the building
trades fad. d to show un for work
I taaktna Smothers llama.
YANKTON. 8. D.. Nov. l-(Se ial.l
In a toot latll game here today Yankton
cellegc li' fe-Hled iiuix.n colh ve. s I ,
T fit la tut triumph of Confictiontr'ijlrt
Put up in linen Vjit I1 rrsdr
to mail. 2ic. .. l. is.
French Caramels
Mc. slk. A Sample Box con
taining Six rlavors mailed
txaitpaid eo receipt ol 1V.
t tiorulaifs sod Bod bout
superior Io sbt otber.
Mae l rta.itrf fMnwrliaac.
') 43! rtitb Att, HewTvrh
Mall ovdra ra.rffei1ly and pramptly fll)d.
Mttd fur MU U4.
Illinois CentraJ RailrooLd
Account International Live Stock Exposition
Tickets on Sale December 1. 2, 3 and 4
Return Limit. December 10th
Two Fast Trains Daily
- Arrive Chicago 7:30 A. M,
- - Arrive Chicago 9:30 P. M.
Leave Omaha 6:00 P. M.
Leave Omaha 8:00 A. M.
, r J g