Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, November 13, 1906, Page 11, Image 11

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Overlaid Limited ,..'.. .a 8:40 am a 8:18 pra
'ihe China ind Jnpu
Tat Mail a41Spm aK:19pm
Coin. A Calif. Ex 4 pm a:30ai
California A Oie. b in pin
lx Angeles Llmlted'..all:aO am alO.ti pm
Fast Mail -. 1 ho pm a 8 30 pra
CiMrtradq 8p'C(l ........ 7 :4i am ft 7:44 am
r-'ortn. Plana- Local. .. .a 8:10 am 1 :W pm
. Beatrlc Local b 8:18 pro bl.uOpin
Chicago A Sartkwnttra.
Cedar Rapid Fiiu....t!:Nin a 8 0pm
Iwm t.ily ivxiresa.
.a l:Mtm alu:uo pm
' Chicago Daylight
. Chicago Local
- Siouk City Local.... aii:iopra
...all ..Warn a 3:4a pro
...b 8 oU pm tliitn
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,...b 8:02 pin bU:4upo
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iul Mall
Fast ' Mail v...
Twin City Limited.
Oveilnhd Limited ..
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f remoiu-Aibion
I'll leu go, Rock Inland Jb Paclfle.
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Chicago limltd ft 8.12 am a 1:10 am
Iowa Local 7:00 m a 4:30 pm
Chicago M ill ! am H :4u pm
Iowa Local bl2:lo pin b 1:4 mn
Chicago - (Eastern Ex.).. a 4.k pm a 1:4 pm j
Chicago iiowa umn(i . pm au:u pm
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, Rocky Mountain LItn...a 7:20 am a 1:11am
Colo, .and Col Expreas.ft 2:Ui pm t 1(6 pm
' Okl. aodTrxo Ex ft 4:40 pm aiJ.ufe pm
. Lincoln, Fairbury and
HollavirU :M pm alO 00 am
a Dull., T5aIiv except Sunday,
(bloat iireat Western.
St. Paul Minneapolis. 1:30 pm 7:10 pm
St Paul at Minneapolis. 7 :4 am II tM pm
Chicago Limited 6 4- pm . Suvam
Chicago Eapreaa 7 :4a am 11:60 pm
Chicag Express 8:30 pra . J: to pm
Mlsaaorl 1'iHlle.
K. C. ' Pt 1 Express.. a 9:00 am a 6:30 am
K. C" ft St. L. Express, .all :1b pm u 6:: pm
.Nebraska Local a 2:io pm allMO am
Chicago, A St. Paul.
Chi. and Colo. Special.. .a 7 : am aT:Nam
California and Or. JU a :4 pm aliupm
Overlaml Limited. ..a 8:85 pm a 1.20am
Marlon A Cedar R. Loc.b 6:46 am Ml:Wpm
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Kt. LomU Exprena. ...;. :0pm a, 1:40am
fct Loul Local (from
Council Bluffs) .a tJB am 10:t0 pm
lAnDrrry L.orm. irom
Council Fluff) b 1:06 pm bll SO am
llllaola CvatraJ.
Chloago Expre ....."...a 1:00 am a 8:K pm
Chlcagor Limited ....a 600 pm a7:Wanr
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rnvr California., ..a 4:io pm a trio pm
Klaokv Hilla a 4:10 pm a :30 pm
Nortbwaat SpclM .....a 4:10 pm a 96 am
Horthwat Expraaa .-..all.10 pm a 6:80 pm
Kebraska, Kxpreaa a 9:10 am a 7:40 pm
S'abraaka Local .........a l:0o am
Lincoln Local a :06 am
Uufilrv taat -Mall b 2:Oj pm ali ul pm
. Ft. Crook & PlatUm'th.b 2:50 pm b!0:2S am
Believue tt Plattanj th..a 7:o0 am a l:D am
linver Limited, . ........ a 7:0 am
Ktllcvu ft Pao. June. .a $:X0 am a 8:30 am
Rollvvua A Fat. Juac.3 i 'O am a 1 Ml nn.
. Chicago Bpeclal a 7:26 am a 7: km
Chicago Fxpre... ...;.. a :4f v 8.55 pm
Chicago Flytr ..a 8:05 pm a 7:2S am
Iowa Local a 9:16 am nW:bi pin
'4.-Loula EXiren.. 4 46 pm nll:80 am
Kannaa CltySt. J-....al0:4.. pm a :46 am
Kanvaa Ctty-6t. Joe. ...a :!. urn- a C.lo pm
Kanma Clty-Bt Jo. ...a 4:4S pm
. t hWrnaTOj. -. .. V""'. Minnrapnll A
Omaha,. . .. , .
.. V 'J ' !. Arriv-.
- Tutu Cl-VaiMiiWr. .h 0 am h 9:10 pm
i fjlncs City .Psenrr.;.; :0 pny" all -.10 am
' Wnrmraon Ixlcwl ,....;. ..b :J0 pm b 9:10 am
trWflM -Lorn ..:..u. ..c 8:44 am a 8:i0 p.-n
Mlaaonrl Paclgo. .
. ."Local'vla Weeping . .
"' Witter a 8:08 am fi-TA pm
JFalls City Locul ,.. .a 8:60 pm all :30 am
a Dally. 1-V . : -
' a Dalle, b Psillv except Sunday. . d ra'llv
crept Saturday, o Punday only. Dally
-ept Monday.
IToHghind l.oan and Investment
iiinipanv to,.'rartk P. Doolltt'.v
'.' lom S and li,' hloi k 14, Isaac. .Vt
. Sheldeti s adit .
Timothy R. Hlombtig to Charles A,
' rilombug, lot .;, block 11. It. se
Hill . i .
John W. .lelnnal( to John V .
Kurt.' lot block 13. Saund, r'
H'mehiiiiRti's Highland park..
City of Omshn'to Ernest Nordin,
... east iid wrl alleys, block 1', 41' r
Intosh s sub.
Frd Johnson and wife to Ernect
P. Kordin. s' ellev artilntnfc
lot 17 block I. Mclntorh's sub....
Mary- K. Dennis and husband to
Huttle Reld, lots 12 and 13. bloc
3. Melrose Hill
Kancy - Cfinley to James A. Davis,
north :iu,t. -ei. wt. feej iut,s,
- " bhvV 8. South Omaba
. T. P. Cuwdry to thn ( nlon Real Es
late, and Trunt company, lots .
and 7, 'block 22, Carthago anif
other lots ... t. .
' D. C. Patieison and wife to Maithi
A. Chadwlck, lot 1. Joester's suh. .
Harry K- McCinrllln to Julia A.
.Anderson; east 18 feet lot 29, and
v wet .24 feet lot 30. Luke & Tem-
pleton's add. . . .
. Ada C. Delano and husband to J.
M. Klmoerltn A Co. Inc., lot ',
Kempton Heights .:...:
Jennie Murray. 'to JOMiph Dosovic
.and wife, "north 60 feet lots 1 and
J. .block 13, Jettct'a add.. South
' 300
1 Alma Svenson to William C. Colla-
eott. lot 1, Burdette Court
. Louis Boehme to Sadie Holmes, lots
- 14, 19 and 1A, Holmes' add.,
. South Omaha, . . .
..Harry A. Tukey to James McClair,
lots 1 and 2, Kp worth add
Ellen Roe to Harry A. Tukey, lota
1, 2, 4 and 20, Epworth add.'
City of Omaha to Lewis S Reed,
part lot 1, original plat of Durant
; Place ' , .
Kllxabeth Hudspeth to Annie Robin
son and F.llnn Hubbard, lot 4,
. .block 49. village of Valley.,
-Kame to aame, part lot 8, block 4.
Kama to same,' part lots 7 And .
Merit 49. Valley.
'Alfred Millard et al. to Tukey Land
company, lots - 17 and IS, A. P.
Tukey'a re-plat. ' block !. Bemls
Tvkey Land company t Clara J.
Clark, Same..,
a&rnma C. Johnston, et al. to Edwin
. Parkburat. lot 8. block 4, Spring
. Lk Park, South Omaha........
August ilunkat and wife to Charles
Muakat. part nw neVi sec. 17
. and west 12 feet awV lW '
aec. .W-1
Harry, A. Tukey to Mary A. Rich
ard, lit , Epworth add
Loula Williams and wlf to' John
A. Olsen, lot 20. block 4. Sherman
Avenue Park.,;,.
- Vnltd Real Estate and Trust com
.: pany to Frederick Jf.- Hanaen, ht-
I, block 1, Kountae Place
Harriet A.. Prltihett and husband
to . Philip Schlalfer, part lot ,
. Capitol add
. James Daly and Daniel Daly to
' Kese . Daly.' part lot 4, block 12
and lota 2 and 8, block 11, Im
provement association add
John J.-laly et al. to Rose Daly,
ama ... .
William Daly and wife to Rosa
Daly, earn ..,
Franklin Savings bank to Philip
Schialfer. south to feet lots 13
and It. block 11. Hanscom P1cj
451 j
;i"o j
B'.O i
800 J
1.1 0
Philadelphia Mortguga and Trust
. nW lot
Th rd add
Nel. j, petersou and wife to Carl
' PeUrson. wV lot 8, block "H,"
Phlnn's SeconJ. ........ .-
Total transfer i ,.
Try th Want
OiJVMUU Ta 6a,
yr M'iuimi. iui.rii.UKfl inu 1 rUSt
cempany to. Wilbur V. Bennett,,
lot -ii. block 18, Hanaeom Place.. J
Tbe Byron Red company to Syl
vester and Marie Suchanek, part
lot , Bowery Hill..
Jcs.,rb Zalondek to Magdalen Zl
- tmdrk, n lot 84. block 9. Kour.i-o
Office 10 PeArt
riHVla, drtigii.
Clark a. oUs.
Stockert p11h careeta.
Kln engravings at I ffrl
EJ Rogers' Tony FauFt, bepr.
Gt those new photos at Schmidt s.
1'lumblng and heating, Hixby & Bon.
Lawla (.utler, funeral director, 'phone 907.
Woodrlng I'ndertaKlng company. Tel.
dtamonds as as investment.
Talk to leffert about it.
The rcRUlnr communication of Excelsior
Majtonlc lodge will be held this evening.
Hafer has the best assortment of build
ing inutcrials In the middle west. Get his
pi ices.
Airs. Frances Chrrnlns wi taken yester
day to the General hospital to undergo an
operation lor appendicitis.
A beautitul m.u ornamental gns burner,
the Vveimmcn clniK lamp, complete, l.ia.
btephan iros., 6- W. Isroadway.
maurer s cnin store special sale on
fancy decorated china cups and saucers, j
extra values. 00 per cnt discount.
tUAlj I b.AMa ANTED to hHUl riwl 1
for the I-enlnn Wlckham Coal company. ' . . . ... ii ; , . . . , ,
Higher mngea paid. l"i Pearl street! . protested vigorously against permission 1 t Eighth street, where the work Is now
It Is feared that Attorney Emmet Tlnley, being granted and Insisted on the previous being carried on, and commenced Bhovel
who has boen confined to his home for action of the city council In ordering the j ng. During tho course of the hour's work
several days wHh llineps. has diphtheria. ,lru(.tliT(,( which Is 8x10 feet, removed, bo j the statesman from the Second ward was
MKNATTOUWAIitls" F A SENVEit CRrrled out- j frequently offered refreshments, not to men-
TIMNER AND PLLMBER, ' 168 WEST I Tho matter came up on the nppllcallon I tlon stimulants, by his friends, but he
BKOADWAV. j of j stein, who was represented by two declined all such offers. "When the referee,
i "9f "mat" bouillon, 10c; hot beef oull- Bttorney, to be permitted to place tho 1 Michael Kildare,. announced that the hour
1; oy.teVMcocKU.Vc: structure on Broadway Just west of fsov-: was up Councilman Maloney shouldered
liny. enth street, gome few weeks ago Stein his shovel with a sigh of relief, stralght-
The cne ugiUnst Henry Rarrttt in Justice moved the shack onto the lot without se- ened up his back and, after receiving from
Fields court on the ermnre of assnnltlni? ,.Hr, nermlsslon from the cltv council Foreman Nicholson a. time check for K
John Easton was dlsmlswd yesterday for curln& rrmlslon rrom tne ciiy count 11 -.pnrtp(, hl. wav UDt0wn followed
want of prosecution or committee on Are and light. Tho coun- cents, wended ma way uptown, ronowe
Ho wise and give uh your order and ell Instructed the city marshal to notify by the still admiring crowd. An enter
save worrying when cold weather sets in. him . remove lt Stein, instead of comply, prising photographer took a picture of the
I'lvar-i JUll. Ull U1UIH V lift 1
ana ice uo. Tel.
I pny HZ per ton for cast iron; mixed,
$!(; stove, t; rags, l'c per lb; rubber,
l?.lnrbi;K-phon.W- K8le'nlttn'
Frank Blank was vesterdav unnointl re.
celver of the property Involved in the fore-
closeure proceedings brouxht by E. E. Hirt
sgulnst Ule Lisvman and others.
A special meeting of the Ladies' Aid so-
cltty of the People s I nion cnurch will be
held Wednt'stiay afternoon at tho home of
Mr W. A. Copeland. 3.31 Avenue A.
You can enroll any day or evening at
Western Iowa college. Students are. as-
sisied to positions. Send for 'catalogue.
'Phone for Information. Both 'phones.
High prade granite work, from the best
Barre imported granites, lettering, carving,
and t rating. Fine monumental work a
specialty.- taheeley & Lane, 217 East Broad
way. Victor L. Keller was seized with an at
tack of heart failure late Sunday evening
and wan removed to Mercy hospital, where
It was said yesterday that ho was some
what Improved.
Judpe Green yesterday oi-dered Hnxel Mc
P.niuld. the lH-yea.r-old girl, held as a wit
ness rgalnut her faUicr. L. A. McDonald,
committed to the Girls' Industrial school
at MItchellville.
An information charging1 : Jene Williams
of 1515 Fifth avenue with being mentally
deficient was filed with the commissioners
on Insanity yesterday by his mother, Mrs.
Jennie Williams. ' '
Oak Leaf camp. Royal. Neighbors of
America, will meet in regular session this
evening. Following the business meeting
there will be a social sosion, for which
thn entertainment committee haa prepared"
a program.
Colonel W. F. "Baker, a member of the
Board of County Supervisors, hna been ap-
I pointed by the .Commercial club as delegate
i tho- Transmisslsslnpl Commercial con-
I Kress, to be held at Kunsas City on No-
j vemher yo to 23.
'i , The Edison and Vk-tor talking machines
i Hlna. tnllr and nlav perfect. We carry a
i very large stock and are always glad to
have you come in- ana let us enow our
, machtiioe" i play yen any :recard you do-
etre to ucar. a. in. Williamson, ii bo.
Main St. . ''','.
F.he, pictures, good frames and the best
of work.' with gno.d treatment and fair
r rices; these points are our trade-getters,
f you want pictures, come In. If you
want a frame made, this is Just the place
to get It mart.' to suit you. Council Bluffs
I ;
Point. Oil and Ulasa company aierriam
j block. ,
i . Arlolnh E. 'Madison of K.16 South Ninth
street died Biind;iy at the home of his
.sr. father In H;w4 Dell townh4r, aged 31
r Tu
I noon at 2 o'clock from the ljtttr imy
'Saints' church In Hazel Dell township, con-
! ducted by Rev. Mr. Fry.
i Gustave Lundlne. aged 78 yearn, died at
I, - Yy hour vesterdav morning at tho
i General hospital. He is survived bv one
son, J. r.. l.unoine or n. ,, L . and the material us.?d elsewhere. Mr.
cltv. Tho funeral will be held this morning B,.'. ,,i .
at 10 O'clock from Cutler's undertaking Stewarts demand wias referred to the
moms nnd Interment will be in Falrvlew Judiciary committee to wrestle with,
cemetery. Rev. James O'Moy, pastor of the i Permits to cindurt saloons were given as
theMs1??lc.M,,,h0,'"t-' lM,PCn' -conduct i follows; Joseph McClusky. 1510 South Sixth
All" too rapidly, perhaps, winter Is com- ' treet; John Beck, W01 Broadway. H. F.
ing. In a short time we will celebrate the , Welsh, M3 South Main street,
downfall of turkey. Time flies and Thanks- ( The w(1 niBet na R coinmlUeo of
giving day Is about to put in Its annual . . e j
"ppearance. and you will need a new suit, tho whole Wednesday afternfcn. and as a
pants or overcoat. Place your order. Tour council Thursday morning, to Inspect re
rlnthos require a reasonable time to make, cently completed sldewallks on which the
:V1V".srvobul,rhUllrcorrec7v.;: "y -S""- ha. furnished estimates to
cormct. fit. correct goods, see Hicks. 13
Pearl street. Council Bluffs, la.
Canvassing; County "Sotr.
The Board of County Supervisors began
yesterday the canvass of the vote cast at
the general election lost. week. At adjourn-
mcnt for the day the board had canvassed
for representative, is watching the canvass
closely, and ther was a report that he
Intended contesting the election of Henry
C. Rrandes. Mr. Lenocker. however, dc-
cllned to affirm or deny the report, ejid
aid he had no statement to make' until
me voie aa im om lu-.m.uw ""'""""' '""' """ling for the Hearst papers, but Member Bn'PPo ? express from Valley and part as
wi. It is expected, complete it today. So 1.000 of them Mn us. in Council Bluff. Jnt f Ule baggage. ,
far only a fe minor change. In the figure. 8'
already published have been found hardware and furniture, Council Lluff,, la. yew te.ted ,u gtronB,v agalngt - ' Hot BliM.
Al A. Lenocker, the democratic candidate I This Is the only stove that produces heat
the board had completed the count. Vn- "n,r" 'rain leaving nere at :30.
official figures gave Brandes 210 over Le- At Chicago it will be attached to the spe
nocker. and this was Increased three yes- f'al tr"ln carrying Governor Cummins and
terday by the canvass.
Dr. Lyon's
Tooth italor
Cleanses and beautifies the
teeth and puriHea the breath.
Used by people of refinement
tbx over a quarter of a century.
Convenient for t arista,
The following supplies - for thn coming
legislature will be let to thn lowext bidder
Saturday, Novtmber 17. at 10 'o'clock
a. ni- Samplea on fUe In the or!V of sec
retary of aiate:
800 hinder, marked on lde, for senate
and house.
Ki nous roll call.
rnnaia roll call.
f Itst of house nifmttn,
frv Her senaln maniner.
twu Hat nieinbr of .legislature, a Uh n.ap
showing. representative upd sentorl 01-
. 2b members' desk cards.
1 senate ilockets. p.igi( mil
- t boue docke ts, tou par eu.-ii.
8 NviKa vou.Vierj. numheVe.t ind per
forated, JoO to be,, four forms.
A. GALl'fcil A. Sefretarv.
St. Tel. 43.
Beeoina Tgrmer Odtn and Grant a Per
mil to Yiolite Fir Ordiianca.
as Coaacll Haa No Rlaht to Grant
ach -m. Permit and Will
Proternlf Case Aaalnat
J. Stria.
Five of the members of the. city council
last night voted In favor of permitting the
erection of a frame shack, covered with
tin sheeting, on Broadway In the business
portion of tho city, contrary to the city
finance governing such matters. Coun-
n,rr,an TO'alluoA an4 Rmllh 1
Ing with the order, went ahead and had
the wtructure covered with tin and other-.
wise patched up. Then at Its last previous
meeting the city council ordered the
1 marshal to file an Information against
Stein and he was arrested on the charge
of violating the city ordlnartcts. His hear-
, twice contlnued, the last time
... .
untu neItt Monday.
After the motion to permit Stein to keop
hls structure where he had placed It, his
"8Kestel that the milt be dis-
missed on Stein paying the costs. This.
however, was declared out of order by
Councilman Olson, who was presiding In
... . , .v.. ,,.- niv Blidtne
the absence of the mayor. City Solicitor
Kimball said that the council had no right
to grant permission to a person to violae
a city ordinance and that when the case
came up next Monday he would proceed .to
prosecute It. City Marshall Richmond de-
clared his Intention of doing the same,
State Senator Saunders, aa attorney for
the Rock Island railroad, asked permission
for the railroad to extend Its roundhouse on
Ninth street eight feet Into the street for
one year, at the end of which time the
railroad expects to construct a new one.
The present roundbouw, with twenty stalls,
he explained, had become too small for the
company's business here and a larger one
waa needed, but the company could not
build for a year. In the. meantime the com
pany desires to construct a temporary
"hood" over a frame addition to the present
roundhouse, which will extend eight feet
Into the public highway. The matter was
referred to the committee of the whole.
Property owners on First avenue between
Twenty-fourth and Twenty-fifth streets
complained of obstmctlcns by the railroad.'
which prevented them receiving the ad
vantages of mail delivery, etc., and re
quested that the city order the obstructions
"removed. ," 'Tie matter was referred to tho
committee the whola,
J.' J. Stewart, as attorney for1 the Cochran
estate, protested against the assessment of
844 for a brick sidewalk on temporary grade
In front of a lot belonging to the estate,
and offered $25 In full settlement'. In tho
event the council refuses to accept this
umount, he stated, h would enjoin the
Collection of the full assersment and the
sale of the property at tax sale on the
" the aswnt was wholly
irregular, several similar cases nave Den
j called to the attention of the council and
ft recently decided to have all sidewalks
. , , . . ., ....
n temporary grade which the abutting
property owners refused to pay for torn up
the contractors.
A Radiant Home hard coal stove. will
make any home radiant, grand and com-
plete. It U acknowledged by the leading
people of Omaha and Council Bluffs to
be the greatest coal-savor In the market
today. Call at pur store and see thera
"'! Ilodare on" for Vlcksbara.
. General Orenvllle M. Dodge and party
,fft yesterday morning for VIcksburg to
attend the dedication of tho Iowa monu-
mn,!' ,on th" .""uthern battlefields. The
neral s private car was attached to the
me nieinovra ri ma town commission. The
first dedication will -take place at Vlcks
burg Wednesday and Thursday and from
there the Iowa train will awing around the
i circle of battlefields.
With General Dodge were Mr.. John A.
Logan, Mrs. W. F. . her, Mrs. Robert
Montgomery. Mrs. Mary E. Latey, Captain.
Spoor and General and Mrs. Mandersou of
j Omaha. At Chicago Mrs. Logan and her
daughter, Mr.. Tucker, will leave the party
and proceed to their home In Washington.
. niwntnnnl nlnr r.Um Away.
Thlrty-flve-dollar diamond ring riven
away to the lady who receives the largest
number of votes. See it In our window.
One vote given with every cent s worth of
candy purchased. O. C. Brown, Purity
j Candy Kitchen, 546 West Broadway.
Mirrlin I lo.....
License, to wed were Ihs.wwI ..i.mI..,.
the following:
Name and Residence.
J. O. Blxltr, Omaha
MalMl E. Buse. Council Bluff.
Tony Peak. White Cloud, Kan.
Viola Spnrks. Omaha
8 A. Bolt.. MeOelUnd. la
Ella F. Richards, Tiskilwa, III..
..... 17
N. Y. Plumbing Co. Tel. 2W. Night, au
o 0tH RvanaelUt.
Tot Council Bluff. Pastor' association at
It meeting yesterday morning decided that
no outside evangelist would be engaged
for the union revival services proposed to
be held In January'- The committee having
thn millw r, f sfti.Hntf an .... ...1 . ... i.
. . . . .... . M . B
chr reported that It had been unable
to secure the man wanted.
It waa derided to hold a wriea of union
me,-tings, commencing the second wek In
January, fi How ing directly upon the regu
lar week of prayer, which occurs the tirst
i week of January and is observed In all of
th churche. The meetings will bo held
every afternoon and evening In tho First
Presbyterian church, two of the local pas
tors being on duty each werk. Thn meet
ings will be preceded by a grand Sunday
chool rally the seonnd Sunday In January.
Further details will be discussed and pre
liminary arrangements made at a banquet
to be held Thursday evening- of next week
In one of the chnrchea.
We can show you many samples of our
picture framing. Make us a call and
bring your plettrros. Desldes, we have
many new pictures we would like to show
you. Barwlck, 211 South Main.
Thomas Maloney Shovela lod la
Creek fled for an Hoar.
Councilman Thomoa Maloney, In pay
ment of an election wagr that William
Randolph Hearst would be 'elected gov
ernor of New York state, spent an hour
vesterdav shoveling mud out of the bol-
tom of lndlan Croek. Attired In overalls
and a jlimper anj 8rmed with a brand
new shovel Councilman Maloney, attended
by an escort of about fifty of his adWvers
.-i . .1.1 ... 1 1.
nun vi'i ni$ jiiiej.
Stop and take a look In our window and
see the famous QuickC Moal range and the
Red Cross base, burners they will Save
you fuel and make your home happy.
336-338 Broadway.
Several YVaut DlTorces.
In her petition for divorce filed yestcr-
day Ml8,. Agn(?9 M. Stelnberger recites a
numi,er of Instances of alleged cruelty
the hands of her husband. Henry J.
stelnberger. to whom she was married
... ..... a o iq bk .iw...
u thla city August . 8, 1S39. She alleges
that on several occasions he drove her out
of the house at night and she, was com-
polled to sleep In the barn or one of the
outhouses. On orra occasion she recites
she was forced to stay all night In a corn
shock and was nearly frozen. In addi
tion to the divorce she asks that she be
.?"ld a"S
M. Marcus, proprietor of a Broadway
clothing store, yesterday filed original no
tice of suit against the street railway com
pany, In which he asks JJO.OOO for personal
Injuries alleged to have . been received
April 27, 1006. Tho Injuries,- It Is claimed,
resulted from the motor on whlc;t Marcus
was a passenger Jumping the track - at
Avenue A and Fourteenth street.
Judge Green' yesterday granted a divorce
to Mary J. Woodfork from Edward "W.
Woodfork oa the grounds of cruel and In
human treatment. The plaintiff is de
scribed as a German" Indian, while the de
fendant's" nationality was given as that of
a French Indian. ' ' ;'
Anna L. Strong nfm granted a divorce
from George W. Birring on the grounds of
desertion. They wcV? .married ,ln 188S ind
thn ago of tho defejidaut wart given' as
75, while tho pialnttft la 80 years his Junior.
, y. n ' . .
Real'. Eatat .Transfers.
These, transfers were reported to The Bee
November lby the: lAtUiwattamie County
Abstract company of fauncW Bluffs:
Jacob Hensen and wife to Peter Bondo,
ne'i se'. 2-T6-43, w. H : f?,iO
John A. Norman to Ella I Norman.
his wife, lots 9 and lo, block 5.
Pierce's ads., q. c. d 2.0n0
Henrv C. Raymond and wife to Nina
A. Children, part eA4 so'i fi-74-43, w. d. 1,X0
Nellie M. Coleman, guardian, to W. A. ,
Potter, two-thirds Interest In lot 11,
Auditor's subdlv. of hwli se'i 12-75-40,.
g. 1 1X1
Iowa TowhRlte Coiirjiuhv to Oenrgr B.
Clnrk. lots 1. 2, 3 ond 4. block 14..
' McClelland, w. d '273
Nellie M. Coleman 16 W. A. Potter!,
one-third Interest In' lot 10 Auditor's
subdiv. of nw4 se4 12C5-40. w. d.... 216
Mel J. Smith and wife to F. S. and
Lucy A. Snethen. lots 3. 9 and 10.
blork 2. Burns' add., w, .d......
Seven transfers, total
Illinois Coal.
We've, got the Inside price on all Illinois
coal. Come down and figure with us for'.- . olr .,., . ... '
, . , . , ana a sack containing goods of the value
your winter's suppdy. Both 'phones 1S2. , rvi .j , , I
Rrlr.on.leln A Smith. 14,h Ave and bth R, ? ' 150'. to belong to Hlggins, Who Was
Hearst Papers Still On the - List.
At the meeting of the Board of Public
Library Trustees last nUiht several of the
member favored discontinuing subscrlb-
The Badge of Honesty
Ii on every wrapper of Doctor Pleree'a
I Golden Medical Discovery because a full
list 01 the ingredients composing n is
printed there In plain English. Forty
years ol experience has proven Its superior
wprth as a blood purifier and Invigorat
ing tonic for the cure of stomach disorder!
and all liver Ills, , It builds up tna run-
down system as no other tonic can in
which alcohol Is used. '1 he active medic
inal principles of native roots such aa
Golden Seal and Queen's root. Stone and
Mandrake root, Bloodroot and Blaclt
Cherrybark are extracted and preserved
by the use of chemically pure, triple
refined glycerine, Send to Dr. E. V. Fierce
at buffalo, N. Y., for rre booklet which
I quotes extracts from wcll-recognlied med
' teal authorities such as Drs. Iiarthnlow,
King, Scuddeif, Coe, Elllngwood and a
host of otliefs, showing that these roota
can be expended upon for their curative
action it all weak states of the tom ach.
accompanied by indigestion or oyspepsia
as well y Inail bilious or liver complaint
and In j?tV a&tlng diseases where there
is losyGrflesh and gradual running down
1 Of t
strength and system.
t TheOoMen Medlral pi'coverr'wisVea
fjfllj. 'pre blood ar.d so Invigorate anj
rTff"iTateg tlie'ttoini ii. lit r ai.d Lowe's.
a"nd. throii-h thcrn. ihe whole fvMemj
Thus all skin affections, blotches, pimplca
and eruptions as well as scrofulous swel
lings and old open running sores or ulcer
j are cared and healed. In treating old
j running sores, or ulcers. It is well to In
sure their healing to apply to them Dr.
Pierce's All-Healing Salve. If your drug
gist don't happen to have this. Salve la
stock, send fifty-four cents in postage
stamp to Dr. R. V. Pierce, Invalids' Hotel
and Surgical Institute. Buffalo. N. V.. and
a large box of the "All-Healing Salve
' w lil reach vou bv return boat.
You can t afford to accept a secret nos
trum as a substitute for this non-alcoholic,
medicine or a sows composition, not
even though th urgent dealer may
thereby mate a little bigger prout.
Dr. Pierce's I'lraxent I'elfcts regulate
and Invigorate stomach, liver snd bowels,
rtugar-coauxi, tiny grauule, easy to take
their discontinuance that the others finally
gave lit to him, and the youthful patrons
of tho library will still be able to pore
over the sensational columns of these pub
lications. It was decided to renew the
subscriptions of nil the former magaxlnes
and periodicals.
The AsHOclated Charities was granted the
use of the auditorium for an entertainment
to be given Thursday evening for the bene
fit of the Creche building fund. Routine
business practically occupied the entire ses
sion. A. Mrtuar A Co.
New Location of Wholesale Bakery.
SIS Mynster Street, Council Bluffs. la.
Home-made ltt-ead a Specialty.
I Visitors Welcome.
CENTRAL FLOUR-81 15. Every sack
warranted. Central Grocery and Meat Mar
ket. Both phones 24.
See Stephen Bros, for the latest and beat
Inverted burners. 69 West Broadway.
Inspecting; Federal Rnlldlna.
Although work on the addition to tho
postoffiee Is not expected to be commenced
for a year, or perhaps two, Leo Ullery,
superintendent of construction of United
gtatos public buildings, Is In the city for
the purpose of Inspecting the foundations
of the present building with a view to as
certaining the conditions and to be able to
recommend If necessary Improvements In
the foundations of the addition to be
erected. He had several men at work yes
terday making excavations down as far as
the piling, this being for the purpose of
ascertaining if possible the reasons for tiie
juilding settling.
"The Inspection I am making is merely
for the purpose of correcting any faults
which may exist In the foundations of th
present building when we come to erect
the addition to It. Every precaution was
taken when this building was constructed
to prevent settling, but In spite-of all the
care taken the building has settled con
siderably, and I edi here to learn the cause
of It," explained Mr. Ullery. Ho expected
to complete his work hero this evening,
when he will go to Des Moines, where he
will lay out the foundations for the new
postoffiee building to be erected there.
Combination gas and electric chandeliers
snd the celebrated Welsbach Incandescent
gas burners. Why not see us before you
buy. ' We can certainly please you on price
and quality of goods. Btephan Bros., M9
West Broadway.
Fyrography outfits and supplies. C. E.
Alexander, 333 Broadway.
Special Health Officer Authorised?
In view of the fact that there are a num
ber of cases of diphtheria and other con
tagious diseases In the city the Board of
Health last night Instructed City Marshal
Richmond to appoint a special officer whose
duty It will be, as during the smallpox epi
demic, to see that quarantine regulations
are observed. This officer will also have
charge of the fumigation of premises where
contagious diseases have bwn reported.
A report was current on the streets yes
terday morning that several new- cases of
diphtheria had developed among the chil
dren of the Bloomer school, which was re
contly closed for an entire week on account
of the disease, but both Superintendent
Clifford and City Physician Rice stated
there wag no foundation for the report.
Atha Samuels of 2S53 Avenue B, a pupil
at the Avenue B school, was reported to
the Board of Health yesterday as suffering
from diphtheria. As the school was closed
yesterday on account of the funeral of Miss
Vermont ' Reynolds,, the school ' authorities
took advantage of It ta liave the building
thoroughly fumlgatod. ''
M. Kelso, 38 Harrison street, and Ruben
Alexander, 2123 Fourth avenue, were also
reported ill with the disease.
1 Let us do that Job of wall papering
xor you. come in and see our samples
and get our price Tou will go out satis
fled. Council Bluffs Paint, Oil and Glass
company, Merriam block.
For Imported wines and liquors, and Bud
welser beer, go to L. Rosenfeld, wholesale
liquor dealer, 519 South Main street.
"ox Car Robbery Case Postponed.
The preliminary hearing of Pete Nelch,
Dan Saric and Anton Jacowttz, members of
a gang of Hungarian laborers working at
the T'nlnn Pacific transfer, and Frank
Smith', James Hlgglns and Toin Carter, held
on suspicion of being Implicated In the re
cent wholesale robbing of freight ears In
the local railroad yards, was continued In
police court yesterday until this morning.
Hlggins, tho police say, shipped a tele
scope grip containing a miscellaneous as
sortment of Jewelry', knives snd other art!
" cfes' from Vsllev KYh -
la-wa toH 11 Hmo U ... .a. a ta
. J. Z,X Tu 'lry-
goods, which tho police believe to be the
" ""'y. "ere Drougnt to
Council Bluffs, yesterday by Chief of De-
tectlves Callahan. Part of the goods were
Just as you want it, THE BOSS HOT
BLABT, on exhibition in our window. Do
not miss seeing it. Ash pan, front feed
door, top door, air tight doors and Joints;
holds fire forty-eight hours. You can save
enough fuel to pay for the stove. Burns
anything: consumes it own gases and
smoke. Price, $12 to $16. D. W. Keller.
Iowa evrs Sotea.
DUBUQUE While attnndlnjr vr, in
-atnenc cnun-n in isew Vienna Bun
day, Peter Roth fell forward In bis p w,
dead. The services were abruptly stopped.
i nf nerpRwn wit s tut years oia.
ATLANTIC Clarence Hedge, formerly
of this place, who recently lost his livery
barn by fire, met with a serious accident
Saturday at Anita. He was loading a
wagon, when the horses became wared
and threw him under the wheels of the
wagon. It -is thought that he Is Injured
ATLANTIC Rev. C. C. Spencer of Far
ragut, la., has been extended an unanimous
call to the pastorate of the Christian church
of this place, and it is understood that he
will accept and move here at once. Tna
I local church has been without a ptstor since
I the removal of Rev. W. B. Crewdson from
nere to toioraao about lour months a&o.
ATLANTIC The Atlantic Young Men's
Christian Association school basalt
ball, club defeated the boy from Extra by
a score of la to 15 in one of the most ex
citing and bet played games of the season.
The game was preceded by a game between
two local teams. The Young Men's Chris
tian Association Is preparing for a basket
ball tournament in which a silver cup will
be offered fur the winning players.
ATLANTIC Warren Murphy attempted
suicide by taking carbollo acid last mitht.
He had quarreled with his wife about h.s
drinking, and g' Ing home, told her he
would give her lust three mlnuins to say
something nice to him. She aid not comply
witn nit request, ana ne drew an ounce bot
tle oi' carbollo add from his pocket and
drank a portion of Ita content. Medical
aid was at one summoned, and it la
thought he will recover, though hi mouth
and throat are badly burned.
FAIRFIELD As if wallowed up by a
hole In the earth, George Diets, manager
of the Eagle Pattern works, a large In
dustrial concern of thla city, ha disap
peared, and lila frleiuU are .ftrongly of th
opinion that he ha met with foul piay.
While It la not brlUved tht the man haa
bean murdered for hi money, this theory
not being borne out by ceitaln circum
stance, 1 1 we i that a mystery
in Li.-tx's hfe, guarded carefully by htm
since -he came here three year agu. Is in
some ninnncr rcaten-itie for hi dlaap.
pear ante.
lailroad Prtiidt at oa Frocram of the Stat
Farmirs Teatitot.
Fifteen Life Term Murderers Hate
Filed Petitions Asklaa; the I ra-
Islatnre to firant Them
(From a Staff Correspondent.!
DES MOINES, la., Nov. 12. (Special. r-A.
B. Stlckney. president of the Great Western
ralhnad, will tell the farmers at the state
instlntute In this city next month about tho
Intricacies of rate making and how he would
j simplify the matter so that anyone could
I understand a rate and determine tho cost
of his shipment without getting an expert
to figure It out for him. President Stlck
ney is to be one of the biggest drawing
cards at the state meeting.
Arrangements for the program for the
Stale Farmers' Institute and meeting of
the State Agricultural society, and the
meotlng of tho Iowa Corn Belt Meat Pro
ducers' association were nearly completed
today. The principal attractions are to be:
President A. B. Stlckney, who will fpeak
on freight rates.
C. O. Mcwerole of Gowrle. who will talk
on farmers' co-operative associations.
Judge Cowan of Texas, attorney for Na
tional Cattle Breeders' association.
Mr. Emboden of Illinois, cattle feeding
The farmers' Instituto opens Tuesday
morning, December 11, and tho Honorable j
LnTe loung will deliver the addrees or wel
come, and the response will be made by
Senator Byron W. Newberry of Strawberry
Point.. Following the talk by C. O. M-ser-ole.
Captain E. Miller, county superintend
ent of schools of Keokuk county, who has
made u success of teaching agriculture In
the schools and has gained a national rep
utation by so doing, will tell what his
methods are. Don. L. Berry of Warren
county will talk on the benefits of county
farmers' Institutes; Piof. W. J. Kennedy
of the state college will talk on pure bred
draft mares on the farm; Prof. Curtis
of thn State college will tell what the State
college is doing for the boys and girls of
Iowa; Mrs. Harriett W. Ashton will talk
on poultry on thn farm.
Wednesday there will be the meetinps of
the State Agricultural society, with the re
ports of tho president and secretary and
a talk by Governor Cummins, a talk by E.
A. Larson, secretary of the Montgomery
county fair, on the "Up-to-Date County
Fair," and a talk by W. G. Swallow on
"Does It Pay to Exhibit Hogs at the Iowa
State Fair?" Mr. Swallow has exhibited
hogs at the state fair for forty years, and
ought to know. He regularly acts as Judge
of hogs at tho American Royal show at
Kansas City.
The election of president, vice president
and directors from the even numbered con
gressional districts will be held Wednesday
The Corn BeK Meat Producers' meetings
will be held Thursday, and during the same
week the State Horticultural society and
the State Foresters', society will meet.
Supreme- Conrt Assignments.
In the entire assignment of cases tor
oral argument and submission to the su
preme court for the period opening this
morning there Is but one case that has
attracted any attention over the state.
That Is the case of the state against Leon
Loser, charged with swindling in a foot
This period of the supreme court Is
chiefly Important because of the caset
which tho court has before It and which
may bo determined . at this session. ' The
case of Lafe Young, charged with over
charging the state to tho amount of sev
eral thousand dollars; tho case of the
state against the Amana society to dis
solve tho society, and the case Involving
the question of whether or not the Des
Moines Street Railway company has any
franchise have all been submitted to the
court and decisions may be handed down
at this period.
Fire Mort Want Pardons.
A total of fifteen applications to the
legislature for pardons have been sent to
the governor by persons serving life sen
tences for murder In the first degree. This
Is already more than were presented at
the last session of the legislature'. Five
new petitions came In this week. Jasper
Mason of Dallas county, committed to the
penitentiary October 27, 1576, at the age of
24 years, asks for a pardon on the ground
that he shot his man In self defense, the
other man having drawn a knife witu
which to stab him. John G. Steele, com
mitted from Monona county September 21,
1897, at the age of M. was among those
asking for a -pordon at the laat sesxlno.
O. A. Williams, committed from Union
county April 10, lfltio, at the age of 50, for
shooting a sheriff who came to serve a
warrant -upon him, claims there are miti
gating circumstances. M. B. Foster, com
milted from Taylor county December 24.
, , ,h . t an i .-u. ..o..- "
Elmer Warren, committed from Tama
! county August S. 1891. at the age of 2,
dalma the murder waa committed in the
heat of passion, but that he was defending
himself and that his sixteen years' Im
prisonment have quite paid the penalty.
Senator Lewis May Continue.
Senator Lester W. Lewis of Clarlnda
may continue on the Iowa delegation to
the convention to be held In this city to
promote the election of United States sen- I
at or. by popular vote of the people. The
convention will be held here next month.
Senator Lwis withdrew aa a candidate
for re-election a senator from the Page
Fremont district because of his determina
tion to remove his residence to Seattle.
It was thought this would necessitate the
appointment of another ou the delegation.
If Senator Lewis Is willing to serve, how
ever, ha will be retained at the head of
the delegation.
Police Hunt Daal Personality.
Chief of Police J. W. Jones has been
asked by George Milner of Buffalo, N. Y.,
to make a search for Dr. George M liner, a
man with a dual personality, who waa
picked up In this city as a tramp. He spent
several days at the home of Andrew Brack
ett, a member Of the detective department.
While her as a tramp hia rightful person
ality, that of a physli Ian, came uppermost,
and he left the city, and it I. understood
went to Omaha, where the tramp person
ality became, uppermost again. It Is learned
by the police here that while In Omaha he
worked for Rome Miller of the Her Grand
hotel, and haa cow disappeared from there.
Old Mva oa Graad Jury.
When the names were drawn for the
grand Jury today J. H. Hill, C. A. Homer
and Fred Temple, the three members of the
Dr- Graves'
Toolh Powder
makes Ihe teeth white, bright and
beautiful, why not use it twice
every day, the way people do who
have teeth you like to see. It is
a fine anticeptic. Ask your dentist
about this; he v ill advise you.
la naady metal an or bottlei, 2 Sc.
D' Ztmi' Tcsth Por.dsr Co.
were en the list. It Is nnder-toc 110 t it " t
will ! nnde to i-t :.n tm"rit th's
rwilod. and tlie ihaics of l-itliv r.cinn ti e
(.-rand Jury will po nn till' the J.inuiry
term, wh-n a con:nltc vhango In the per
sonnel of the Jnr- will take pl.ire.
How to Fool a Lazy Liver
with Artificial Exercise
VERY serious Sickness h a small
And, In nine cases out of ten,
that beginning Is made In tho
Constipation is tho beginning of most dis
eases. It paves the way for all others.
Lack cf exercise, hasty eating. Improper
food, are Its first causes.
Laziness, and postponement, permit It
to grow Into Chrsnle Constipation, which
means life-long Discomfort,
It Isn't necessary to be sVk-a-bed, you
know, In order to be mighty uncomfortable.
Even a slight indigestion affects the
nerves, dulls the mind, and obscures the
merry sunshine of Life.
The time to adjust the Bowels is the very
minute you .suspect they need adjustment,
; If your tongue Is slightly coated,
If your breath is under mspiclon,
If your head feels a trifle heavy or dull,
If digestion seems even a little slow,
If Heartburn. Belching, Colic or Rest
lessness begin to show themselves,
Thats the time to eat a Cascaret.
it acts as pleasantly jls it tastes. It Is as
congenial to your Bowels as It Is to your
It stimulates the muscular lining of the
Bowels and Intestines, so that they mechani
cally extract nourishment from tho food and
drive out the vaste.
The only way to have Cascarets ready, to
use precisely when you need them Is to
carry them constantly in your pocket, as
you do a Watch or a Lead pencil.
The ten cent box of Cascarets is made
thin, flat, round-edged, and small, for this '
precise purpose.
Be very careful to get the genuine, made
only by the Sterling Remedy Company and
never sold In bulk. Every tablet damped
"CCC." All druggists. T0
r .
Your Druggists Guarantees It.
This Is the season of the year when
so many people are troubled with colds
In the head; if you are one of these, go to
your druggist and get a box of BROMO
LAX, the new and scientific Cold Cure.
BROAIO-LAJC contains no quinine to
make your head stuffy and produce deaf
ness; but It clears tbe head quickly alter
a few doses have been taken, leaving the
head free and clear and easy to breathe.
Your druggist positively guarantee
every box of HROMO-LAX to do Just
what we claim for It, or lie will refund
your money.
Better get a box -today as you may
cstch cold any day. . .
BROMO-LAX costs 25c at all drug
stores. . . -
G6e WaJes
Adding Ma.chine
I the latest, most modern,
up-to-date Adding and
Listing Machine ' on th
market. It must lie se?n
to be appreciated.
tJorrespondence Solicited,
Trial Examination Free.
A. L. McCreary
Nebraska Ageut,
1. . IlOX 391, LdiCOLN.
aaaf f I T ' t V
IN blur lieerweguar
antee you purity. I
11 is brewed in shining
copper kettles, aged In
hermetically sealed
tanks, filtered through
while wood pulp, put m
sterilized bottles without
coming In contact with,
the air, then pasteur
ized by the approved
firocess. It is absolute
y free from the germs
or impurities that lurk
In water, milk, tea, cof
fee, or other beverage
that's why tha mout
prominent physicians
recommend it. It's use
promotes good health,
and true temperance.
Keep a case of it la
your home.
frilora Brewing Co.,
' Omalut. B4
mm" i i ii . . k
Every 7cniaii
llnlrni1 and ft. mild ti
. ".i.ui.t weuovfal
MARVtL Vhwlmq Spray
Ml- M t Cui.tanlei.t,
Tl h rnnuliU..l7 lh V ' j Z
MtHtlL, .r(.t no I
OlltrT. I'll! ttd U..IIB tot "V.
lil..,irid Itstres YV
t.i.i-l,., " u.i m. MtHiri, to.. O.
. ur.. ftftw tvaih.
rot eaie bj
Uta ana uoU at.
M . 9k Cw. ItUt ftt rarftaa aaa,
-'s!"vS- fro'