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R. A. Duff, Nebraska City.
J. C. Killarney, Auburn.
E: II. Towle, Falls City.
F. II. "Woods, Lincoln.
I. D. Clark, Papillion.
Wallace Wilson, Fremont.
W. A. Bell, York.
Fred Ashton, Grand Island.
II. J. Palmer, Grand Island.
C. E. Carlos, Hastings.
,V. J. Stadehnan, Kearney, Neb.
Warren Pratt, Kearney. i
C. J. Garlow, Columbus.
II. A. Wiggcnhom, Ashland.
, C. Ynil, Arlington.
Wcodmtn of World .Kail Cnipiratori in
. . "WataiWy Camp.
Drrp Laid Plot 'to Get Money the
l.lfe of R Mau Dying from
Consumption is Ei
.. ' plotted.
An attenu-t to defraud two of the great
fraternal .insurance organizations of this
country lias Just been terminated In the
superior court ut Waterhury, Conn., from
which city Colonel II. W. Jewell, chairman"
of the sovereign finance committee of the
W omlmen of the World, returned last week.
In September, 190G, Louie Strauss, Patrick
II. McKlernon; Martin J. Brophy und lr.
J;imcs A. Clrady of Waterhury entered Intu
a conspiracy to defraud the Ancient Order
of I'nited Workmen and the Woodmen of
tlie World by attempting- to place In each
order one Frank. Reynolds a young man
dying with consumption. Applications for
membership were executed, an examination
of a healthy man entered thereon and certi
fied by Dis Urudy. which wore forwarded to
the head of each of the orders. In the
Am lent Order of I'nlted Workmen the ex
amination was accepted by the grand med
ical ejmluer, but no certificate was Issued.
;ts the applicant had not yet been Initiated
lulu the local lodge. Medicine of a very
powerful nature Imd been furnished by Dr.
tJratly'to e administered to Reynolds to
assist' him In allaying hi consumptive
cough while belies; taken through the work,
thereby not attracting the attention of the
lJge metnbcrH. U ut tho physlrlan attend
ing Reynolds during his" lust sickness, lr.
.ieoigo E. l-'nher, having been shown the
medicine by Mrs. Reynolds, refused to al
low tt to be administered, he not being
aware of the conspiracy.
The bencticld'rirs named in the application
were Mrs. Frank Reynolds, wile, $1,0,
and ljouls Htrausw. 'first cousin, tl.mrt, the
wife In the meantime having been made a
parly to. the conspiracy.
Woodmen t.lve Certificate.
In 1 ho Wooilmen of the World the appli
cation was accepted by the sovereign phsl
ctsn, it certificate for l.'.iWO Issued October
II. and forwaidud to Martin lirophy,
. I. rK of the camp at Watetbury, Conn., to
which the application liad been innde. The.
application had been for a certificate for
' Itching, distignring eruptions, rashes, boils, etc., well as pimples,
Mack-heat! and rouj;h, scaly skins, show the presence of some irritating
humor in the blool. These acids and humors with which the blood Is filled
are being constantly thrown off through the pores and glands, and the skin
is kept in a feverish, diseased and ttnsit;htly condition. Is'othinj applied
externally can chjne the condition of the blood or prevent the outflow of
M)isojjs and acids; only constitutional treatment can do this. The countless
wa-j'bcb", salves, lotions, etc., thst are used cannot reach the humor-laden
Mood and aic. therefore, uselesSj except for the temporary comfort and clean
liness they ftflord. The acid poison in the blood, which is the cause of the
trouble, must b; removed before a cure can be tGected. S. 3. S. is a real
b'.ood puriftvT, possessing all the requirements to neutralize and remove the
humor from tho circulation. It completely eradicates every trace of the
poison and restores this vital fluid to in natural state of punty S. S. S. cools
the acid-healed blood so that instead of pouring out acrid matter on the skin
it feeds and ut.tirihes it with health-su.staiuiu properties, and the eruptions
I and diseased tl the skia pas awav. Book on fckiu Diseases and medical
fclviue Ire Tttt SWIfT SPSCTTtC CO., ATLANTA, C)
the Independent Telephone
VYe, iKo tindcrsfgnod, In convention npsembleil now In the. tlie City of Omalia, desire to state to the good ju-ople of this city that we are sent here to represent the people of our respective
communities to help get an independent telephone connection with Omaha, which is the only town in Nebraska without independent telephone connections. We wish the people of Omaha to under-'
stand that this is not purely a local matter, that the whole state is deeply concerned, that we desire connection with you from our own telephones and that we now put the matter up to you to
. decide whether you will connect with us or not.
We want to do business with Omaha. "Will the people of Omaha turn us down! If they do. they might as well say, "send your business to some other city, Ave do not want it." Do
the people desire this to happen f Give us what we ask for and Omaha will'be the gainer thereby many times over. Our wires are now at your city limits, coming from, every direction. Are
you going to let us in? "
AVe know Messrs Joseph J. Helm, T. E. Parmele and T. IT. Pollock, and know them to be men of telephone experience. They are honorable, clean and safe, and if you pass this franchise"
we will guarantee Omaha connections with every independent telephone in Nebraska and Iowa.
j:!,0i(, the highest sunt issued. Jiy the order,
but the sovereign physician reduced the
amount, to $2,000. In this certificate Patrick
II. AreKiernon was named as beneficiary,
ho being represented as a llrt cousin to
Reynolds. Rrophy delivered the certificate
to McKlernon, reporting the fact to the
sovereign clerk of the order, also that
Reynolds had been regularly adopted as a
member of the order, although he had not
On November 20, . l!io, Frank Rcynulds
died, about 5 o'clock in the evening. Dr.
Fuber. his attending physician, made his
report of death to the city authorities the
same evening, giving us causa of death.
"Phthisis pulmonulis and pulmonary heinor
rhngls." The following morning Btraum
called upon Dr. Fuber to learn If he had
made report of the death. Finding lie had.
end of the cause of death given, prevailed
upon the doctor to make a new certificate
giving the cause of death as "Typhoid
fever," slating that when the 'children of
Reynolds grew up It would be a bar to their
obtaining insurance If it was shown their
father died from consumption. Dr. Fnbet
substituted this certificate .for the one ha
had delivered the evening before.
Death Claim Paid.
Camp Clark. broph , reported the death
to the Omaha office and blank proofs of
death were forwarded to him' which were
returned duly executed, Strauss being a
notary public and personally attending to
the' same. Tho prmifs' being approved by
the proper officers of the order, a warrant
for $I,l'iO, payable to the order of P. II.
McKlerr.on. was returned, as the deceased
hud not been a member of the order for
one year. This being cashed by McKlernon,
a division of the same was made, Hirauss
and McKlernon keeping I''S each and Mrs.
Reynolds receiving only Jib". It w:is ex
plained to her I hat the order had ..only
paid $."i"0 and that the cost Incident to the
oht.lJttlng of membership tvas so expensive
th;it the amount paid her was one third
of tTie remaining money. In a few days
she learned tlitit the order Imd paid $l.oi"J
to Mi Kli'tnon, and she t( nl him word that
he must pay her Ih balance due. He did
so. iilv'.ng her ?ti additional. It is further
shown tlmt lirophy received $' and that
Dr. Grady und Dr. Fu be r each received
It Iwcoming known to members of other
camps of the W'ocdiiicn of the World In
Waterhury that a cerl'fleat- had been paid
on the life of Frank Hiynolds, the atten
tion of the ' sovereign finance committee
wp called to the matter with the state
ment that it was believed that a fraud had
been perpctrnted in the- obtaining of such
certificate, l o'cmel Jewell, chairman of tho
sovereign finance committee, went to Wa
J. II. Miles, Falls City.
Judge C. 15. Let ton, Fairbury,
John Hasty, Fairbury.
E. C. Hansen, Fairbury.
Geo. E. Becker, Pawnee City.
Chas. Poole, Tecumseh.
It. V. Montague, Beatrice.
It. A. Clark, Stella.
WT. E. Shipley, Hooper.
P. P. White, Wahoo.
J. II. Itichie, Seward.
J. N. Bearer, York.
C. N. Nunemaker, Tobias.
W. J. Smith, Shelton.
Clark OTIanlon, Blair.
" "'"'"' - -v "S?7.- STTVb t li"? Tf
terhury'. 'accompanied by A. 1L Burnett,
one of tho general attorneys of the order.
Relieving ' that fraud had been p-acl Iced,
they called In Detective T. E. Williford,
and through Mm the facts were developed.
Arrests followed and Strauss, McKlernon,
Erophy and. Dr.. Grady wero each placed
under $2,000 bonds to appear r i fore tho
superior court. The caso was not reached for
trial until the 23d of October, lUOO, when the
four men appeared In court and each pleaded
guilty to the charge of conspiracy to
defraud. Strauss received a sentence of
one .year in jail McKlernon was lined JoiO
and Brophy and Dr. Grady $100 each. Costs
to tho extent of fm were equally divided
between th four. .
Mrs. Frank Reynolds and Dr. George R,
Fnber, both appeared as witnesses' for the
Hoard flares Schools Completely
Inder Control oft That
Iist evening's meeting of the Hoard of
Education wan a abort one. The only in
teresting feature of the session was pla
cing the health commission In absolute
authority of the schools no fur as the
health regulations are affected.
Member Lindsay Introduced a resolution
reading, "No pupil who Is suffering from
a contagious or infectious disease, or who
has lwn exposed to such disease, shall lx
allowed to continue in the publio schools
Any pupil thus excluded shall be permitted
to return to school only upon the presen
tation of a certificate over the signature of
the health commissioner stating the. exact
date on which he may return, such certifi
cate netting forth the t'aet that tl.e pupil
is fre from possibility of communicating
the dUcese from which he has recovered
or to which ho has been exposed."
The resolution was ndopted without a
dissenting vote. The purpose of tho reso
lution was to piece the matter of health
regulation entirely In the bands of the
health commissioner and thus preclude the
possibility of any controversy between par
ents and school authorities. Heretofore It
has leeu the practice for the principal of
a school to send the lrnrent n notice of
the date on which the pupil might return.
The school uuthor'rtes and health depart
ment have conferred on the matter and
agreed as to the necessities in tl;e pix ni
ls:. The board will meet next Monday even
ing to canvass the nchool board vote as
required by law.
Other business , Inst evening wag of a
purely routine nature.
l nlon PaclnV (ion Into t'onrt to
Keep Barlinnton On Jackson
The Union Pacific Kaliruad company has
secured a restraining order from Judgt
Troup to prevent the Burllngtun building a
track down the center of Jackson street,
from Seventh to Tenth. The track. It Is
alleged, the liurlingtou Is about to build
would run past the I'nlon Paclfio frelgnt
depot ajid would parallel the Union Pacific
"team track" upon which the cars to ba
unloaded onto wagons are placed. This
track, according to the petition. Is on
grade, but tho one to be constructed by
the Burllugtou la to be above grade and
Would pi event access to the team track.
The petition fll-d yesterday afternoon In
district court declares the lliirlintrton has
no right to build, its track and the court
la sj-krd to Issue- a permanent Injunction.
The can wt)l turns up for Leailng before
- V - '
Jamti IndertoB.-Ltibortr from Pittibur?,
PluBgts Cff EleitsUi Street Viaduct.
Found at Four . lock in Morning:
Seiul-l on He loua and Dies Short
While After at the
James Anderson,, da borer whose home
was in Pittsburg, fell from the steps of
the Eleventh slteet Viaduct to the street
below early Monday morning and died ut
8u Joseph's hospital about 10 a. in. Mon
day from, injuries i Hustulntd. Little is
known of the circumstances surrounding
the accident as jndwjon was so badly in
jured und dazed that lie could not givu a
coherent account of the- facts.
He was found about i a. m. Monday
by Rose Serian. VHi South Sixteenth street,
a Union Pacific night watchman, whose at
tention was attracted by groans of tho in
jured man, where lie was lying at the foot
of the Iron steps leading to the viaduct.
Serian summoned., the police and Police
Surgeon Harris was Bent to the scene and
had Anderson remaved .to the hospital,
where it was-found his left leg was broken
above the knee and Iis left side and arm
were badly bruised.' It is believed death
resulted from Internhl Injuries.
When Police Surgeon- Harris arrived at
the scene of the aer-lrtent Anderson was In
a semi-conscious condition, but appeared
to be slightly imdei'rthe Influence ef liquor.
Ho revived sufficiently ,.t the hospital to
lie able to give his name, bin refused to
talk after ho had imparted the Information
that hi' was from Pittsburg.
Coroner Urallcy his charge of the body
and will hold an inquest Tuesday to deter
mine if jHissIblo the exact cause of Ander
son s eh atfi.
w I'hase w( Indian l.air.
PIKRRK. 8. Nov. 6. (Special.) Su
perintendent - Mosman of tho government
boarding school at Cheyenne agency, is in
tiuiring of the governpr's office a to laws
leyuiring compulsory attendance at school
of the children of Indians who have taken
allotment lands. The taking of such al
lotments is supposed to make citizens of
the parents, and they are taking advantage
of this fact ;to refusa to solid their chil
dren to the schools on the reservation, pro
vided for them by the government. The
question is a jecul!ar one, as the situation
presents a commingling of elate and fed
eral, authorities over the Indians, and jui-t
where to look for relief is a question, al
though Suiwrlntendent Mosman evidently
look upon U as one of state jurisdiction.
He announce his Intention of coming Into
the next lcg's-lativ; session to ask for laws
covering the case. If . none exist under
present statutes.
T3de Mrk
r.f4R ivn rnto to t '
fm aa pun or llu ulU l'li""
. ftlld LUIh AW Dl H ' vrr.
irUl li HAirjLaS Hdr...
I It i nil , vMllri C. . ir liulsiw
E. A. Wells, Bradshaw.
A. D. Sperry, David City.
J. N. Wise, Plattsmouth.
E. E. Staunton, Stromsburg. v
I. S'. Keaster, Alma..
Sam Patterson, Arapahoe.
S. A. Lapp, Nelson.
John Barsby, Geneva.
Mons. Johnson, A. It. Dobson, representing
" Waterloo, Elkhorn and Valley.
A. Caddis, Beaver City. k
O. A. Sunderman, Madison.
W. IL Daubendick, DeWitt.
Frank Woods, pres.; It. E. Mattison, sec, Ne
braska Telephone Association.
Hooters for l'.arh Team Turned Out at
Vinton Park.
Sunuuy foot bull is well patrotiUnd in
Omaha and the game this week at Vinton
street park drew a big crowd. ESoiii li
Omaha is deeply interested in the Shamrock
team and the Inhabitants of Fori Crook
alwaya back their team and thus a
partisan crowd was present Sunday to
root tor both sides.
From the way Stagg and Kkersall boosted
the Nebraska team one would be led to
Judge the Cornhuskers had the goods this
vear. Foster has an entirely different team
from that which faeeil Ames early in the
season and it is a safe guess that Amu
would have to take a drubbing it it was to
ineeet the Cornhuskers now. Htugg "as
changed MP mlml alsjut tlie .M-urawiii giune
being a good piactlce gitinu for his team
and now realizes lie hes another hard game
on hit schedule.
The Creighton team is much encouraged
by the splendid showing made in the last
half of the game against Amity, especially
In the defensive branch of the game.
Amity was able to gain but few times in
the game Saturday and on this showing on
the defensive the rooters on ine nui im
encouraged and feel that the team will j
be able to give Nebraska quite a run. It '
is not little Creighton against the giants ,
of Nebraska as in former years for tho I
Creighton line is large and husky and tlie
Cornhusker coach will wish ho had some i
of these men when lie se.-s tin-in linen up
against him next Saturday at Ylntuii
street park.
Inrihuttons are for a good turnout of
shooters at tlie annual fall shoot, when the
Omaha Uun club holds lis amateur laiw i
tournament at ihe club grounds at tlie carl
end of the loiuglHs slreel In Idge. II. t.
McDonald and a. W. J .oomis are nianagns
of tlie tournament and everything will he
in .vuriin,sK h. few rinvs abend of the
tournament for practice shooting. Tho J
tournament will lie held November 13, il,
and 16. '
Michigan rooters now feel confident that
the wesi will have to secure recognition on
tlie All-American foot ball team this fall
and the man whom Cas-sT Whitney and
Walter Camp and pome of these others
who can see nothing good In tlie west wi.l
have to give the plumb to is Uarrels of
Michigan. He is the hero on the Michigan
team this year and ! relied upon lo make
some sort of a t..r , uv in cery game.
Creighton rooters are making extensive
rreparetlonsfor the game, with the I ni
versity of Nebraska I. -am next Saturday.
The freshmen have secured "Tasco" tin
preparations for the game with the I nl
verslty has secured the big tally-ho from
the t'alace siuon u, mi.ii.-i m-- ........
wagon and others are skirmishing around
,.ii v-fhiiles from which to view the
game and make a noise.
Kid Jensen has challenged Haitch Smith
for a bout, and the latier tays he will box
the Kid anvtinie in tlie near future at
Osthoff s hall, preferably Friday niglit.
November hi. both have expressed their
willingness of put up forfeits, so there will
bo no question of their aparauce.
The foot ball team from Fort Omaha Is
all shot to pieces, figuratively siH-akln;.
for the present for some of the best players
rave been pent to Wyoming to help in the
crusade against the Indians. For tills Ka
son the team failed to put In an a pp. wraiue
at Vinton utroet pujk tsaiurd.iy aiurnoou
for a game wltn Creighton's second team.
This game was to have been played as an
opener to the big game between Crciglitou
and Amity.
The Krug Pjtk won two games from the
Cudahys lat night at the Association al
ley In the aecond the packers led by
eeventv pins at tlie eight n frame, but tin y
went to pities on tlie finish und lost bv
four pins. Williams- had the tst toUl
with ti-ti and Kreni h rolled the high single
game with i.4. Tonight, blors IJlue Klbbous
vs. Mett- Bros. Score:
A. C. Keel
U. D. ReI
. 'H '.'47 Ti7 ti.'li
. . 1 7 147 1.1 471
..ih." 17U 1"M oil
. l.. i.VI P. 7 -rU
..IM li V. o-'.I
. "PK 87t M'.J J.Hi;
,.17'J I7i wl 4
Charles Cockrell, M. Smith, Sioux City.
Harry Musson, Atlantic.
A. Musson, Atlantic. l
0. A. Laubauch, Council Bluffs.
H. A. Kinson, Creston.
Fred Fisher,' Shenandoah'.
Perry Iloeldogel, Rockwell City.
Ray Walker, Dcs Moines.
W. F. Rankin', Tarkio.
T. E. Todd, Mcrryville.
Wm. Ralston, Oregon.
Theo. Gary, St. Joe and Atchison.
C. J. Meyer, rep. Kansas City.
C. B. Sherens, Hiawatha,
..1W 17! 1M Mi
,.1 Sit 14i 17ii ft "is
1SS lit
.lti I'M Its'! 541
Johnson ....
Totals -..KMi Wl 2,710
The Daily News won two out of three
games from the Kl Caudillos on the Metro
politan alleys. Patterson of the News
was- the only one to reach the LMO murk,
wlille Jackson of the 1-; Caudillos was hlgli
on telals. The News team are slowly but
surely climbing to the top. Tomorrow night
the Armours ngalnst the Black Kats.
:M. Total.
17S .:!1
ins 4:,
Hit 4-fl
1K4 Sn7
Patterson ...
Totals ..
825 "mi UK-;
KL, CA 11)1 L.LOS.
.. Ill
.. 17
. . Ik.
.. 1H1
.. 1H.I
lr, 4.7
1.I- 4-2
140 M
Mclean .
1'axion ..
Jackson .
Totals .j. 7N 818
Academy Wlua from lllah Mchool.
PPRINGFJKLD, Neb.. Nov. B. (Special
Telegram.) Tito Springfield High school
t(Mit ball team, under the management of
Prof. Taylor, went to Weeping Water last
Saturday and played the Weeping Water
academy team, being defeated by a score of
lo to ,". It was tlie first match game tlie
Pprlngfields ever played In and there was
more or less etago fright In tlie first half.
Iiesides. the Weeping Water boys out
weighed them by an average of fifteen
AiiiHlenr Milliard Tournament.
Ill the first game of the handicap billiard
tournament Inaugurated at the Association
alleys last night Neale won from Hunt
ington by u Hcore of 140 to. 124.
flank Cashier Short
MONTOOMKRV, Ala., Nov. 5. Cashier
II. ". Dubolse of the Monroe county bank
nt Monioevllle hits been checked short if-'.'.-IIS.
ac-airdlng' to a report received today
by State Hunk Kxamlner t Itutlcdge. Tho
bank is perfectly solvent, the directors say,
ami Ht.CiM bus been secured against the
Vev Raral Ronte.
Henator MiUard has received word from
Postoltice ilepujM inent that full rural free
delivery will t established In Pintle
county Jajiuary i.', 1W7. j That is tlie eutlio
count' will be i-erved by rural dellveiy
carriers cm und after that date.
BEER Our "Nstlon's Bererage-liss many ef the . '., r
DutriUv yrepcrtie ef milk aad lees alcohol thaa cider. - ' . ' V ! , ,1 t) ' '
Pnr Monlth'A Snlrn
Try any of these brands
or in bottles wherever you can
Dniu-trr p-rnri
Thill Beer, are Camoui for, their
pronounced character. The oourisbiagpropo
erties of malt and the tonic qualities of hops
predominate and a distinct BlaU flavor U
accomplished by original methods,.
Ouiah DraiM-li M'J-IO Doorlaa St., Cor. Slii S
' Itione Donglaa 1081.
Oatbreak at Portimtuth Calli Out Entiio
Faroe of Barrack.
Friends of Men Inder Arrest Wreck.
Canteen and Are Controlled by
Bayonets In Hand of ,
Fellows. ' i -
PORTSMOUTH, Kngland, Nov. 5. A mu
tinous outbreak of 500 to ftiO sailors last
night necessitated the Immediate invblllza
tlon of the entire force In the navalhari
racks here to prevent' the affair from de-.
veloplng into a seripus mutiny.. Tlie -men-hud
aasembled in the gymnasium, when tlio
senior officer, a limn of short, stature,
wishing to " administer a rcpiinunid fun
breach of dlsclpllne, the front ranks
to kneel so that he..; could see tlid Inenjn'
the rear. The ordcr.was reseuted aiul siine
of the sailors who refused to obey were an.'
rested. Their comrades. Bg'grleve'd, rati
u n i . 1 1 L Tfc' rr. - L' eA flip panlnAn a .l t ) . . . m
premises, started ta break out ot barracks,'
with the Intention of wrecking the; quar
ters of the obnoxious officer and wero only
prevented from so doing. by the fixed bay
onets of an overwhelming force.
A number of the men who attempted, tu
break out of barracks- wero arrested.
PORTSMOUTH, Kngland. Nov. 5 -Tho
rioting In the naval barracks ii. r. sinned
at midnight and . continued until J
o'clock this morning. A s,ing of sevrral
hundred strikers attacked the officers' quar
ters, assaulting oiOccrs. siiinslilng. "Windows
nnd otherwiso datmit'lng property, f-'everal
policemen who attempted' to force order
were seriously iniured. Armed sailer and
inarinep had to be ivlled out. They over
powered the rioters and made liiany arrests.
Jastlce O'Hrlen Reslcna.
NF.W YORK. Nov. 6. Justice "Morgan J,
O Hrien, presiding justice or the appellate
division of the supreme court, resigned to
day to lesiuno the practice of law here.
whether on draught ttS
irrrjr r rvnnnv
J ill