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NOVEMBER 3, -1006. - -
. . 1
s ra crz-rac. ..,.yj lii Lru-gs ,.i,.i.ia , ',' :: irrirj ESKrssaviMi''Ja.M. Ji-r;: Lm&.'x , v -Cm " "-
F :;:- y Our Drag
Announces tho greatest sal of Gentlemen's Suits and Overcoats ever held in the city.. "We'
have bought from fctrouse Brothers of Baltimore, makers of America's finest ready-to-put-on
clothing, their entire sample line of Suits and Overcoats. Remember, no tailor in the
west will fit you better than will a product of these famous custom tailors.
Our Drug
Sundries Stock
Will Be
On Sale Wtl ItiiMm W0?l&i)$
y i.4
I ik
! Y-7
t $ f t
Vac, 1
Tha Needlework guild has announced No
vember 16 and 16 as the dated for ita an
nual collection and distribution of gar
ment. Kountio Memorial church has
granted the use 'of Its parlors for the two
days, ' The collection of garments will be
made Thursday.-the 16th. and the thing
will be out for inspection all day Friday
when the apportionment will be mode. The
annual meeting of the society will be held
at the church Friday morning, and. In, the
afternoon tea will, be .served and an In
formal reception held. Mrs. Thomas Kil
patrick Is - president of the society, this
being her second term. The guild Is one
f the most worthy charities of the city.
The contribution " of '.two . new gsrments
each year. is the only fee or obligation of
members and there are no meetings ex
' eept of the officers ,and the annual meet
ing., , Tha- garments are collected, sorted
and ; then distributed . among the various
' charitable Institutions of the city, accord
' iiig o "need. ' Any one wishing to contribute
' may bring or send two new garments to
Kountze Memorial church Thursday, No
vember 15, and all Interested are. invited
to attend the meeting Friday morning and
the tea and display of garments that 'after
noon. The social science department of the
Woman's Club Is planning some interest
ing programs for the winter. Next Mon
day afternoon at 3 o'clock Rev. Robert
Bell will talk of co-opcratlvo work and
day nursing. Dean Beechcr will talk of
the co-operative tenement system. Mrs.
Albright, superintendent of the Nebraska
Industrial School for Girls at Mllford. will
be tee guest of the department and will
speak of tho work of that Institution. She
w'.ll alto speak of tho recent attempt to
combine the Home of the Friendless at
Ll.icoki with the Milford Institution. This
'a!it Is mod by request of the Omaha
vc-men that they may be Informed regard
ing th objection to such a combination.
Miss Anr.ii Ulchop will sing.
Following Is the much discussed extract
from the edStorlid by the editor of the
in lepi
Black Splotches All Over Face
Produced Severe Itching Year's
Treatment by Physicians Did No
Good and Became Despondent
Affected Parts Now Clear as Ever
Alabama Lady's
"About four years ago I me afflicted
with black splotches all over my faca
and a few covering my body, "which
produced severe itching irritation, and
which caused me great deal of annoy-
ure and guttering, to'Jch an extent that
I was furred to call iu two of the Uuduig
physician. of my town. Aiter a thor
ough examination of the dreaded com
plaint they announced it to he cWin
ecienia in its worst form. They treated
nie for the same for the length of one
year, but the treatment did me no good.
"Finally I became despondent and
decided to discontinue their services.
Shortly afterwards, my hubband in read
ing a copy of a weekly New York
paper taw an advertisement pf the Cuti
ur Remedies. - He puchaied the en
tire outfit, and after using the contents
of the first bottl of Cuticura Kesolveut
iu connection with the Cuticura Soap
and Uiatment, the breaking out entirely
stopped. I continued the use of the'
Cuticura Remedies for six months, and
after that every eplotch wan .entirely
Roue and the affected parts were left as
clear as ever. I have not felt a symp
tom of theecsama since, which was three
years ago. .
"The Cuticura Remedies not only
cured me of that dreadful diaen&e,
eeaema, but other complicated trouble
as well: and 1 have been the means of
ethers being cured of the aame disease
by the Cuticura Remedies, and I djQ t
hesitate in saying that the R solvent
ie the beet blood medicine that the world
h ever known." Linie E. Sledge,
540 Jones Ave.,
CM.2. 1W5. rlma, A!
h- d ir.rvujn.tut tfc wor!4- Cutknn fc.ip. ffee. Oiai.
tut, hav.rot, c. i m fcm.i 4 'i.
rnf I'. 41 u(1 i AM. f or- jlr 'lvt-. buri u. .m
wr- kl rr.. -Tu. ru;i. oi tM tvL
PW M but if0f4.W4 ttWllMb
Bears the Strouse Brothers label
stays right after you wear it.
select from.' Not a single coat
worth less than $22.50, and from
to $30.00 perfection in fit and
YOU A liberal Reaches the acme of tailoring
-.. perfection. Not orm made to
3) f VV j j j sell for less than $30.00-65
U i L3 UdJ U Li sample suits, yourQ H 1 Cfl
choice 0 I UU
ow ahy TIRM1.TQ SUIT Saturday fa '
Has all the style and elegance of That have every appearance and
the merchant tailor's best pro- I. all the style of tho $15.00 suit
duct; must be 6cen and tried ' found in most stores will be
on appreciated Q A f on sale Saturday at Q i Q
samples worth: up V I ft the very low price , M I 11
to $27.50-Sa turday. . 1 of
Ask the Salesmen to Show You
North American Review, In which he ad
vocated the enfranchisement of women:
Vr the numoses. therefore, of nmifyln
the ballot, of establlshine: and maintalnlns;
loftv standards rb to the qualifications re
milred of candidates for public office, . of
elTectlns; nn evMier dlstrllnuion ot ern
liifts. of provldlns: a heavier buiance of diM.
interestednefs and conservatism fltralnst
irreed and radicalism, we reiterate the ex
prvwMlon of out firm belief that universal
suffrsite has now become not only desirable,
but a-imost a paramount necessity.
A home for working; g-trls was the eliief
topic before the meeting of the lsw York
City Federation of Women's Clubs ut its
recent meeting;, and out of her eiperienc-e
Mrs. Clarence- Burns made the following
slirniflcant statement:
Thn t1-a-week pirl Is hopeless. You can't
do anything; for her without Injuring- the
whole 'class of working; women, for If you
should start a home for her the employers
would t once lower her watre She doen't
live very long any wav, but soon becomes
it public chunrev It's the grtrls who earn $7
a week 17 down to $3 that we want to try
to help. , .
November 12 has been set for membership
day for the Young; Women's Christian' atwo
ciatioi and every ' effort will be made to
Bring; In every Interested woman and se
cure ..renewals of -expired memberships by
that date. "While expirations are occurring
every day, the membership secretary Is
sending; out notices and urging; renewals,
but thero are still many who have not re
sponded, and these are especially urged to
renew by November VI.
The local chapter, P. E. O. society, will
hold its meeting- Saturday afternoon at t!:e
home of Mrs. Herbert H. Neat, frffl South
Twenty-ninth street. It will be a social
afternoon and Miss Kate McHugrh will give
a lecture. .
Kaba Mil Jast lie 1
In Oat Throaah I
Hearing auspicious noises coming; from
the basement entrance to a barber shop
at Thirteenth and Douslaa streets shortly
after midnight Friday morning, Patrolman
Klssane .made an investigation and camn
upon a man Just emerging from the in
rlde through a hole in tne window. Taking
fast hold of his man, Kissane led him u
the police station, where several raaorfl,
scissors, conilMi, clippers and an alarm
clock were taken from his pockets.
Asked how he came by tho goods, the
prisoner said: "I got locked up in the
place while asleep mid had to get out
some way. If you got locked up like that,
wouldn't you take the things just as I
did?" Captain Mostyn could not agree
with him 4hat such was the proper con
duct, and he was , therefore locked 'up as
u burglar. He gave his name as Robert
Weber and also as William of De
catur, Neb.
Interesting developments have arisen
since the arrest of Weber. The proprietor
of tlio shop went to the ponce station
wut :) a., m. una ldentinea tne sioien
articles, but said tho caah drawer had been
broken open and 40 stolen. Frank Walker,
the porter, wis axlet-p in tho store, but
did uot hear the burglar and was sound ,
asleep when Omecr Klssane arrived, and .
'uhen the report of the loss of the money
T ;ia ma le suspicion rested on Walker.
Friday morning Detective Maloney ar-
rested Walker In a saloon where he was
spending money with a lavish hand and
wkk in the throes of a superfine champagne
HUtte of intoxication. He had bought two
lKjttles of tlie Hit water for his friends
and w hen I searched at the station only
$13. 60 wus found on his person. Walker In-,
Hst8 he u Innocent and said lie was tha
jH)ttfCir of a large bank account, hut it
s believed tliat the story Is only the ef
fects of the wine.
Quartermaster General Receives u
Information Officially of His
Reported Transfer.
Inquiry at the office of tho chief quart -master.
Department of tho Missouri, In ref
erence to tho rumor that Major M. O. Zal-Jaiid
lnskl was about to "be transferred frcm
Omaha to Washington -dxVflopa the fact '
that no such information haM yet been
ceived at uruiy luadquarlera In Omaha. The
first Intelligence of tha propotied transfer of
Major Zaliimkl to Watjilngtou was given
in the Washington dispatch to The Bee
Friday morning. Nothing further is known
of tne maiier at army neadquarteif .
, Light oa Uark Places.
After iiianr diys of waiting upon the
circumlocution and red tapu departments
of the government, workmen hav at last
Kut to work putting in new full plate-glu
(ransoms over the main fcixteeulii street
utraufts doting of the posti.ttiee buihllng.
T)i i w iruiaoms. lake (lie place of the
l;Ule. narrow flits of glass thai were aup
Iom'1 to do duty for rtinl il;hting tlie
mam eorrl.lir since the buiMmg dmi
reei'. Tha n-w lniprovemeni will hai
Hie .'I. i t IX lllal.-rkllly bl IK hteiilng up tllO
daik lublty and ill bn hii iinuieiihe tiavir.g
in ga and el.'.lrli. bills tit tha lighting ol
lUo lot by. .1 ..'
60 buiidjy jUn.aer liargalu .No. li, fuge 13
looks right when you buy it;
Fourteen different styles to
in this lot rt rfl Jlit
than on up y 1 JjU
style, guar- j t
One of These Great Values
jf J't! sag-
In honor of Mrs. Ieroy Taylor of New
York and Miss Kldtldge of New York, who
are visiting Mrs. W. O. Gilbert and Miss
Hlgglnson. Mrs. J. H. Pratt gave a de
lightful dinner Thursday evening. Bridge
followed the dinner, the prises being won
by Mixs Ella Mae Brown and Mr. Stockton
Heth. The guests were seated at three
small tables, prettily decorated with red
roses, fairy lamps and white tapers In
crystal candlesticks, while the places were
marked , by dainty little water-color fig
ures. Palms and red roses were also used
about the rooms. Those' present were:
Mrs. Taylor, Miss Eldrldge, Miss ITlggin
son. Miss Klla Mae Brown. Mrs. Ella C.
Nash, Mr. Earl Gannett. Mr. Joe Baldrige,
Mr. Harry Tukey, Mr. Stockton Hctli, Mr.
Lawrence Brlnker, Mr. Jerome Magee. Mr.
snd Mrs. W. CX Gilbert. Mr. and Mrs. YV.
B. Meikle and Judge and Mrs. Vlnsonhnler.
Mrs. T. , Zj. 'Combs entertained the
Marrhionette club at luncheon Thursday at
her home, 460 Dodgo street." The table wis
lovely, with a long centerpiece of red chif
fon prettily draped, -over which pprayii of
asparagus fern were scattered, while un
derneath many tiny red Incandescent lights
glowed through, giving a fairylike effect.
Red-shaded candles in nilver caiidiostlrka
were aluo used and the lights of tho chan
delier were shaded In red. The Hallowe'en
'dca prevailed in the menu and the place
were marked with novel little Jack-o'Iantern
cards, on the top of which was a red Imp.
Covers were laid for Mrs. Walter Bllxt,
Mrs. W. Morris McKay, Mrs. J. P. Cooke,
Mrs. Reynolds Barnum, Mrs. Thomas Fell,
Mrs. A. Jl- Workman. Mrs. R. V. Trim
ble, Mrs. Clarence Rosa. Jr.; Mrs. Paul
Patton, Mrs. K. O. Hamilton, Mrs. A. S.
Pinto. Mrs. John Ross, Jr., and Mrs.
Iu honor of Miss Marlon Connell and her
guesu), the Misses Eckhart, Bowen and
Carey, Mrs. Nathan Merrlam and Miss
Merriam gave a pretty luncheon at the
Omaha club Thursday. Tlio table was dec
orated with American Beauty roses and
floral cards marked the places of Miss
Bowen. Misa Carey, Miss Kukhart, Miss
Marion Connell, Miss Helen Davis. Miss
Marion Hughes, Miss Ruth Moorhead, Miss
Mabel Marr, Miss Mona Kloke, Miss Pal.
terson of Denlson, la.: Miss Frances Wes
sells, Miss KlUrlge of New York, MIks
Laura Congdon, Miss LouUe Van Gieaon,
Miss Hortense Clarke, Miss Mildred Mer
rlam and Mrs. Men-lam.
One of the enjoyable Hallowe'en affairs
of the week was tho party given by ' the
gymnasium committee of tho Young Wo
men's Christian, association to the nwm
bera Thursday evening. It was a mas
uuerada and many novel and pretty cof
tums were worn, while others wore the
most grotesque and lik'lies: they could
' " 7
'ah'.n' lhrf pr w're, iven- tb P'1"
'or the most artlstio brlnv awaided to
- " """
wis. oor.nson oiesseu ax a
country woman, won the prize for gro-
goneness, ana jisa tiara Ady. dieted
" " ""!'". "'c or mo most unique.
The evening opened with a grand inarch,
afUr hich musical "mbers by the Mioses
c-n Hallowe'en games were en-
J"- ' iuoiiuj were prettily aecorated '( Merriam. Art. Haynes. Katzensteln,
wltl ,eJ nu 'hlto bunting and wany!I(,loy Larson. Wlil Haynes. Charles Whit"
.Jack-o'huitern. and the Hallowe'en Mea,,,, Kd iW90n.
wa al carried out in the refreshments, j The Kt A Vlrp club gave its second dance
The members of tha gymnaHlum commit- ; Tliursday eeiilng at Chamleis'. ' Abo'Jt
j tea who planned the affair wero Wins Edith nI:y cuuiie were present and enjoyed a
leaker, .Miss Gertrude McDowell. Miss ; i-ng program of dances.
Anna jnnun. - miss .ora r uirenjid. m:ss
Florence Denin and Miss F. Marion Crit- Mi,g jura Congdon gave a pleasant In-1 nrst street, was arrested Friday ufi.r
tenden.: ... y ii.iIa' Thnrsitav uPt.m.n in I noon bv Detectives Ferris and lltinn on
A urelty buffet Junchepn for alaiut thirty
guests was given by Mni. Casper B. Yot
Thursday. Tha rooms wore attractively
decorated with " cut flowers. American
Beauty rosea being used In the library,
while the table wa adorned with a center
piece of white chrysanthemums and ferns
tut glass candlesticks with green and
llver shade. Mrs. E. M. 'Morfman and
Mrs. Guy C. Barton pitsid'd ut the table
re-land assisting were airs. C. E. Lyman. Mrs.
ttourke and Mrs. M. T. Rurlow.
It C. T. Euchre club was enlei tained
at luncheon Thursday by Mrs. A. W.
Wernher at her home. Ilia South Thirty -
second street. Mrj. E. W. Arthur and Mrs.
n- '- 'uu" "" t the
priret. Those present were: Mrs. P. 1.
MiCrath, Mrs. J. E. Myers, Mrs.
A. Mrlib-
ner, Mrs. E. W. Arthur, Mrs. N. F. Reck.
. .. r xiwm ; . Tr . . .
ouua ntl4tmtli KKJltUI.
ks m ir e.r siXTf TSAas t MiLJioi
l MOTHkHS lar CHlLDRgN WriiLe IkSiM
Lmj, una rtRHii btiiiM. it mwIUIi ue
tHILD. bonN tb., ALLAY ut fAij,
rih.. i:.u tuliu a4 u iu m raMi ii
liiAUSHoaA iMd t tw-UkSIS 4A StSTf pt
Ik. mi. a sura ut M. tmt
Saturday We Open Oar
For the first time. Housekeepers nre specially invited to visit
Palo at prices that will astonish the most critical buyer. Our
Bedding are now on sale, as well as a most complete stock
Every day the values grow greater and the customers more numerous.
As a special inducement to those who have not vlnlted our millinery
department wo will give free with every Five Dollar Hat purchased
Saturday a beautiful fancy hat pin. Remember these nre not cheai
affairs, but something every lady will prize highly. They sell tho
world over at fifty cents and some stores at seventy-five. They ko free
Saturday with every hat purchased at $5.00
OUR TWO FIFTY UATS These hats have the style and appearance of
hats shown elsewhere at double the price an exquisite array of styles
to select from; Saturday at S52.50
$1.25 12-inch ostrich plumes, all colors 70
50c 10-lnc.h ostrich plumes, all colors 21
75c silk and velvet roses, three in a bunch ;.. .37
50c bunches roses, all colors 10
. 60c jet, steel, gilt and rhlnestone ornaments. 10
25c children's capB, all colors 10
Buckrum frames If)
. $1.50 soft felt hoods, in the Peter Pan shapes SOO
fcJ.OO TRIMMED 'HATS AT $l.O0 A special lot of ladies' and misses'
three dollar; hats; will go Saturday night SI. 00
unusual low price fancy lace
and embroidered stocks, linen
collars and trimmed stocks,
25c to 50c values all go Sat
urday, 7 to 10 10
Domestic Bargains
JTow on Sl la Our Baaamant Sales.
The heat quality of Outinsr Flannel's
both llKht and dark pattern, worth
T'ii', Saturday only, a yard So
JUmnmtt of Dmi nnaeJtto,
worth 10c a yard, Saturday only, a
yard l60
BOO Pairs of 10-4 Blaakots, in' taii,i
pray and white,, worth 69o a pu'.i;
Saturday only, a pair 43o
roll Cottoa Blanket, extra
heavy quality worth $1.00 a pair.
Saturday only a pair 8to
Spocial In Woolon Blanktta
Full size Kray Woolen Blankets, reg
ular 5.00 quality, Saturday only,
a rati- 3.9S
All Wool Taney Plaid Blankets, a
very soft, tine quali'y. worth fi.fn
a pair, Saturday only, a pair. 13.00
Pull Sis Comforts, tilled with a tiro
white coton and covered with nilko
llne. worth l-35. Saturday only.
each '. . i 9Uo
X.arr Siio Comforta, tilled with whlto
i-otton, covered with a Rood Bilko
llne. worth $1.95, Saturday only,
curli l'60
X.arff Sliod Comforta, tilled wiih
lamb's wool, covered with a very
tine quality of ntlkoline and notttA
with baby ribbon, worth 4.5u, Sat
urday only, each...
In Houso Pumlahing' Bapartmsnt
Choica of tho Pollowlnj- Artioloa at
3o achi
Jju-a Shelf Paper, worth Bo a roll.
Heavy Wire Kgg Beaters, worth to
Wire Cloak and Coat Hangers,
wovth Co. '
Abbcstos Stove Mats, Sc.
Mrs. P. H. Ji!.esel!, Mrs. Willis Todd. M.
Reed Talmrige. Mrs. J. B. Rahm and Mrs.
Wernher. The club will meet Thursday,
November 15, with Mrs. E. W. Arthur.
An enjoyable cobweb party was given by
Miss Minnie Haynes at her home. Sfio Corby
Wot. Wednesday evening.. Games were
j lhfl B1.,UMeracnt of the ewn)ns and tyrk.H,
! jjan
owe en refreshments were served.
Those present were: Misa Clara Kurta of
Chicago. Miss lUanfhe Quick, Mlfs Alllo
Marshall, Miss Harriet Merrinni, Miss Ella
Webster, Miss Iiura Hunkley, Miss A U
Roberta, Miss Dot Merriam, Miss Ella
Chriblman, Miss Minnie Haynes; Mesars.
!tJU.n 0gd-?'n. Glen Haynes. Walter Lyman
compliment to several young women who
are vlnltlng here.
Mr. Fred Hamilton entertained at dinner
ut the Omaha club Tuesday evening In
honor of Misa Roo of Kansas City, the
guest of Miss Ixjinax. and afterwards they
were tho guests of Mr. Frank Haskell at
the Boyd thiater. The party included Miss
Roe, Miss Lomux, Mrs. Ella C. Nash, Mr.
Fred Hamilton, Mr. Frank Haskell and
Mr. and Mrs. V. T. Bunif.
Mrs. Haigeus of Hot Springs, S D. ; Miss
M.uie Moliler, Mr. tjould Ilet and Mr. J.
E. tieorpre wera the guests of Mr. and Mrs.
! k. j. McVann at dinner at the Omaha club
Uion,lay evening.
jj,,,. fallen Switzler gavo a box party
, M,,.t.r Ti,rf.,. f,
,,,.on in honor of Miss Hoover of Waahlns-.
..... r. I Id th. tilMl fit Vr. v i.
I , .
Hoowr, Miss Lltta Rohrbough, Miss Julia
,, . 11;. t -.r 1. . v. .11
swltxlcr and Mrs. gwlttler
Mr. and Ms. K. J. McVauu and chlldivn
will leave Hatnrday for Mason City, l.i., to
sp nd a few days.
The I-. liouiaiuo club was plantly en
tertained Weduesdsy evening by Mki Joe
l,j nuiu a.1 her home, V. Si.'Utll Fllty-ftikt
Hats Trimmed Free
Joyous News From Our
Mammoth Bargain
Millinery Section
Our Gergtous Trimmed Hats at
$5 lint
Ladies' Irish linen convent
embroidered ' initial unlaun
dered handkerchiefs, worth
10c each Saturday, 7 to 10,
. each ... ..... x,.
Six for 25c and only 0 to a
Wire Soap Pishes, worth Be.
Nickel-plated ftovc Lid Lifters,
worth 6c
Tha Following- Artlolss at 8o Sacht
Por tha Bath Boom-18-lnch Nickel
Plated Towel Racks, Nickel-Plated
Tumbler Holders, Nlckel-Platod
Boap Dishes, Toilet Paper Holders,
also Tin Painted Cuspidors 7 inches
hi diameter, 'Brass Extension Cur
tain Rods and Rotary Flour Sifters,
all at,, each.... , 9o
Choice of Thsaa Xtema lot ,
2Sn Wash Boards, 12-lnch Turkey
Feather Dusters, 35c Nickel-Plated
Trays. Nickel-Plated Scissors from
0 to 9 inches long, 11-Iucli Ste.l
Butcher Knives, all at, each 19c
China and Crockery Bargains
in Our Basement Salesroom
Fancy Odd and Decorated China Sauc
ers, would be worth up to $1.50 if
we had cups to match, French, Ger
man and Japanese, Saturday hi,
each 60
This lot at So Sacht
Two large tables of Fancy China Cups'
and Saucers, Plates, Trays, Shaving
Mugs, Platters. Fruit Pishes and
other fancy articles worth up to !5e,
all go at, each ' 9a
At Bo Nice Individual Glass Flower
Vases, inches high, at 6c
Two large im portsr'a Unas of sam
ples of Pancy China and Out Olajs
at one-third lssa than regular prices.
Jardinlaraa Special values at 49o,
76c and 950,
street, the occasion being In celebration of
the first anniversary of the club, and also
In honor of Miss Efflve Levoy, who is soon
to be married. C'HTds furnished the amuse
ment of the evening, the prizes being won
by Miss Sue RedPId and MIms taeihi 8haw,
Hallowe'en refreshments wero served, the
dining room being decorated with Jack-o'-lanterns,
rd berries and autumn leaves.
The members of tho club are: Misses
Irf-voy, Chaw, Uonnell, Inez llonnell, Klopp,
Allen. Winn. Iledtleld, Virgil Red Held, Mir
ley, Lyman and Fay Lyman.
Woman Charged with Grand Larceny
as Seiuel to Flndlna of
As a seijuel to the finding of a iurx
containing $35 In bills and some 'ain'.
diau coins by Nuthan Morton a lYw d.i;. .1
ago, Mrs. Mtlncwood, Zbli Norlli Thirty-
tho charge of grand larceny.
Nathan Norton found the purse mar
Thirty-second and Ohio streets and it wan
taken forcibly from him by Roy ttino
wood son of Mrs. Btlnewood. The puido
is lost by Mrs. Robinson, Till, ty-ihird
and Miami ttreets, who did not report the
loss to the police until she saw the
account of Its being found in Tim Lee
arid she is positive the purxe contuliied
more than $J5 when it was lost.
Tho detectives questioned Mrs. St i no
wood as to the disposition of tlio money,
but she asserted that it only contained
1') cents and the Canadian inula y, but
recent heavy purchases of hou ho'.d
goods by Mrs. riinvwood excited suspi
cion on the part of tlie police. cuiuili!utin
In her arresL
Macula aua Omaha Man Incorporate
tu Ksplul OH and Mlulng;
Tlie NibiiBki Oil mid Mining omnany
has been Incorporated by several proiul
nent business men from Lincoln and
Oniuha. It is formed for the puipoee. (f
developing ;'IU placer pelroleuiu t laiiiiS in
III1 lloiu county, NV'junuiig. i'Uu (.ay" il
Blew Bargain Basement r
this department. There aro thousanads of useful articles ou'
Domestic, piece goods, Blankets, Comforts and all kinds of
of Household Supplies. Visit our BARGAIN BASEMENT. -
LAMES' NECK Fl'RS, Stocks,
Tifi and .Throws In blended
and natural squirrel, Rusxlan
and Jap mink, southern
Beaver, Sable and Coney bead
trimming, satin lined, prices
were (4.50 and $5.00. Satur
day 7 to 10. at $3.03
Embroidered net, silk lined,
short sleeves, three rows of
lace insertion forming long
shoulder and yoke, dainty
lace collar and cuffs, $5.00
waists, Saturday 7 to 10,
at . .
Ladies $3.00 Shoes for $2.50 In patent colt, vici and gun
metal, laco button and bluoher styles.
Men's $3.00 Shoes for $2.50 In patent colt, vici and grin
metal, single and double soles. Button. Laco and Blucher
cuts. Hee window display on Howard St. front.
Ladies' Black Mercerized Pettico&ts
fMnch flounce, good full width, $1.00 quality Saturday
at ....,50
ladies; short silk komonos
Fancy Persian patterns, large sleeve, gathered yokes, plain
silk trimming, regular $3.00 quality, at $3.50
fleeced body, shaped, worth
35c and 89c a garment.
Sizes 4 to 6 Special 7 to 10
Saturday -45
Sizes 7 to 9 Special 7 to 10
Saturday 65
Sales for Saturday in
Linen Dept.
100 dozen Hemstitched Buck Towels,
the best 120. quality, Saturday
only, each lOo
Unbleached Table X.lnn, 58 inches
wide, good, drill quality, worth &0c
. yard, Saturday only, yard 336
54-tnch . Palry Table Padding, worth
40c a yard, Saturday only, yard.800
All Our Plain Hemmed and PringeA
Bed Spreads, worth from $1.00 up to
$ii.50. that are slightly soiled, Sat
urday, one-third off.
Saturday's Special ' Sale of ladles'
In plain Mack only, consists of gauzo
lisle, flue combed maco cotton, plain
and ribbed tops; heavy fleeced cot
ton and tine wool Cashmere Hosa,
black and split sole, worth COc a
pair, Saturday's special, a pulr..35o
Or three pairs for ..91.00
ladles' Underwear.
Fine fleeced balhriggau Shaped Vesti,
Drawers to match, ' French fitted
belts, white and peeler, worth tioc a
garment, on salo Saturday 50o
i Tha Hew Belt,
Shaped Uelts for ladles, In tho latest
French dslgn for correct style
made of walrus leather, dip front,
curved over the hips, buckles iu the
hack; colors, navy, brown and black,
only , . .SOo
Bargain Sale of High Grade Hackwear
Saturday we will offer such bargains
a have never bee shown on any
neckwear counter. Pretty Henl Laco
Stock Collars and Colored TanVt.i
Silk Slocks, regular $1.00 and $1.70
values, and a big line of fancy trim
med Wash Stocks, Lace Stocks and
plain, neat Linen StoiAr, 5c to
$1.00 values, all In this sale Satur
day, your choice at 60o
stock is $1,000,000 and $500,000 of the
common stock Is exchanged for the
rlaims. The board of- directors constels
of E. R. Sizer, postmaster at Lincoln, U.
W, Marsh, John Calhoun Fremont Mc
Kimuii, John L. Xoble, William M. Mc
Kay, H. M. Waring. The otllceis are: E.
F. Pettis, president; W. L. Dayton, vlco
president; H. M. Waring, secretary; M. J.
Kcnuard, treasurer. Tho Incorpoiaiion
papers tiled with County Clerk Haverly
lire signed by Raymond V. Cole, William
S. Felker, . M. McKay, E. 1. UtTIis and
Oil. i O. Home.
James II. I auk, Whose Iiud Is l'reg
uant with Koeail, Calls on
.Mayor ' Jlut.
James H. Cook, a prominent raiicliman
and farmer, residing near Agate in Slo ir
county, called Friday morning on his old
friend Mayor Duhlman. Mr. Cook was in
tlio muiktt with sixty li-year-old hlmk
cattle which ho sold to tho fnivctjity of
Nebraska experimental station, his uumli
being thn choice of the market.
It is on Mr. Cook's ranch thill the scl-cutitils-
of tlie country have been worklp;?
for three years unearthing what has
developed into thn greatest fossil quarry
In tlie world. Professors from I'nlvei slty
of Nebraska. Andrew Carnegie unh erslry,
Mnrshull Field inatitutu ami American
Museuiii of NatuYal Helence have been
laboring assiduously taking oul ami
mounting the strange spcclmcna found
beneath two liuttea on tho Cook ranch.
The theory advanced by tlie scientists Is
that whose rvmiilnn ha c bet n
found were suddenly overtaken by a t!'d
alsjut 1.0tn.i years ago, the date or tho
month not being given. Mxeletotis of glai.t
m.rrupiiH, kwlni- of muiiunolh proportions,
three and lour-to'd horses, rlilnoceroe,
0'r and other forms of animals have been
TT May, 1 aoo, Ayer's 6rsa aniia lias teen
JH Jno T'VifTl ent,rtly 'ree ''om glcohol. If you arc in poor IV
Jlll heglth, weik. ple, nervou. ask your doctor I
A J 1 f tive
f- 1 ffl rl Get
A. A.lKJI LvJL ,yf,k
Colors brown, tan, blue,
green and light shades; ruf
fled and pleated flonnoea
with deep dust ruffle, $5.00
petticoats. Saturday 7 to 10,
'or 53.05
Children's fine ribbed lisle
nd boys' heavy ribhod maoo
cotton hose, fast black, worth
25c pair 7 to 10 Saturday
only 15
plaids (the rage of f he. sea
son) and Heavy Black Bro
caded Belts and New Fancy
Colored Kid, 50c values Sat
urday, 7 to 10, each....25
Beynier'a "lelia" Pranch Bid Gloves.
. glace finish, in all tho suit shades,
two-clasp wrist length tha priM
winner at, a pair. .91.00
.Tha' Celebrated "Oortlandt" Mocha,,.
, Gloves, silk lined, one-clasp wrist,
black, a good, warm, serviceable
glove our special, a pair,.... 91-25
long Gloves. Beynier'a "Slta" Houa- .
- quit aire Glovasr 16-button length.
". made of the best glaoe French kid,'.'
in grays, browu, tans, modes, whlta
and black the only govs of its kind
. In Omaha at, a pair. ........ .93.00)
Golf Gloves and Mittens
Knormous stocks of ladles' and chil
dren's fancy and plain colored wor
sted and mercerized Golf Gloves, X:0 '
to 75c values, our price, 60c, 3.riO
and ,. SSo
ladles', misses', boys' and Infanta
fine Knitted Mittens, black, whita
and reds, mercerized and worsted,
special, a pair, 2Sc, 20c, 16c and. 10a
Bargains for Men
Sample line of Man's Sweaters to ba
sold at about half regular value.
Prices from $3.00 down to 9So
Man's Camel's Hair Underwear, our
$1.C0 quality, Saturday only.. 91. IS
Men's Cashmere Balf Kose, regular
25c quality, Saturday, r six pairs
for 91.00
Men's Outlnr Plannel Bight Shirts.
special prices Saturday, $1.00, 76o
and .60q
found In ono bed ' beneath sixty feet of
rock.. Mr. Cook mad o the discovery twenty-five
years. ago, but did not attach any
scientific significance until three year ago,
thinking at first the bones were pf lndiaiiH.
Prof. Barber of the I'nlvermty of Ne
braska, has been working all summer on tha
Doth Will Make Toar of ArtrtJ
Posts In Iovta. and
I'pon tlie return of,' Secretary of War
Taft during the next week General Wirt
will accompany hlni on tho tour of
inspection of tho posts in Nebraska. Feo.
retary Taft's Itinerary will also include
Fort lies Moines and possibly Fotts
Omaha and Crook also.
John W. Davis a merchant of RockviK.
Pherman county, has filed his .voluntary
petition in bankrupt! y In the I'nlie I
States district court. Liabilities $2.Ui.'J.",
H.tseta tl,j76.'j5.
Roy H. Sherman, 413 North Eighteenth
street, Oiniilm. and Arlen U Steele, of Kear
ney have bi-en appointed cer.tilicil ruilwny
postal clerks and are ifsslgncd to thj
omaha district for duty.
Thursday - was the first anniversary of
the establishment of the Wcsilti lie Pre
I'liblishing compaviy under tlie editorship
and inanagement of otto Kliuiei. I'll
company lias prospered under tho Iiimy
iiio'H "111 'I.
John Pnlviw. implicated In tie assaui
upon Peter Kriszcunas iu South iiuin,,
was sentenced to nlm-tv davs in id.
county Jail by JuiIkm Sutton Friday utoi n
Ing. Tlie assault was ilie r isult of trou
ble ut a Ltihuanliin wtMldlng fat.
Detetlve Mi Donaid Is luounilna: the lnt,
of a valuable ster spaniel which wus
stolen Thursday night by an uuid!ntilii d
man who piiMbed the defective's limn. n
buggy and carried off Hie pup. hl.-ii ran
out to hark at the horse. Mr. Meix.nald
gave cliaae hut was outdistanced by tin
taking this non-gleoholio tonic and alters-
" he better medicine, take big.
n" bet. always. Thi i our gdvlcc
no ve i.o i,o