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the Rogers-Peet a Co. Clothes
( , .for Man of-Gjoi Taste
. There Is a well-brnl look about thFe clothos
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clothes, no matter how much yon pay for
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Men's new fall
Fathar Chtoluli, Frifst from Abyuinian
Haler, Yiiits in Omaha.
I nroniiacrrd and I ncoaqverable
HUrk Rmc of Dlatant Mior
Will One Day Rnle the
- : Rartn, r trlt. ' '
Africa for Afi l( u and Abyssinia their
l-'adrr, a Iho Bona-of Ham ultliimtcly la
IKiwcr tlie whole white race, is a
hr1hi v lfion that' persists in the waking
md slpt'plns dreams of a Coptic priest now
In Omaha.
V A giant Mack man, spiritual envoy of
riini? Hm El Menelik of AhyRsinla and
l rleit Ot a people no nation has conqutired,
f the gurst of Dr. J. II. Hutton and Rev.
John Albert 'Williams. Ilia native land, ono
of the liat known to the world, will ba
the subject of an address he will deliver
crs-Dillon Druj Co's
One Oato ............... .10j
One La Cultura .10o
One flordina Invincible. . . ,10c
One Princess Sancha
Pantella 10c
One Istrouma
'. 10c
Five Ten-Cent Cigars for
Oue Tom Moor Uc
One Manuel Sanchez 10o
One Istrouma 10c
Vne La .Trinidad , 10c
One La Cultura 10c
Five Ten-Cent Cigars for
One Mi FavoTita 10o
One La Cultura ; 10c
ne Piinoesa Sancha
. 1 Pantelle ....10o
Ohe Istrouma , 10o
One Hordina 10o
Five Ten-Cent Cigars fer
Bigst 25c Vcrth in
yii Kvary Day and Night In tha Tear
Ckt i'rtct tr tira lwb aui
quality Health Fleece
98c i
to 998 $
styles in Negligee and Stiff y
Monday ex-ening" at the church of St. Philip
the Deacon. He believes his race the
hob!e.t in the world, with tha only true
Bible and true religion,, that It la uncon;
quorable In war and that it will , one day
be ruler of the earth aa the most powerful
unit in a 'political and economical com
bination of the black and the red races,
meaning by the latter tha Japanese and
Chlneye. Ills reasons for this belief will
be given In his address.
Father CheclssU'a name is pronounced
fheslee, with a decided accent on the last
syllable. He came to this country as a
representative of bis king at the World's
fair in St. Louis and . since the exposition
has been studying the condition of the
black race in America. He carries the de
gree of bachelor of science from Cambridge
and master of arts from Oxford, but al
though ho spent thirteen years at these
two universities hehoasts that he received
his education In Abyssinia, having only
"broadened"' himself In England. He f peaks
fifteen language and Is deeply learned in
theology, sociology, psychology end espe
cially ethnology. He 1 a priest of, tho
Coptic church, a sect known to Egypt and
Abyssinia and which he saya was founded
by one of the apostles.
Primed with ,ttlv . Facta.
Father Chectzili Is full of facts about his
native land and" Is ready to answer any
questions on religion, customs, government
or oilier phases of the national life. Here
are sonic of his statements:
"The- government la J'bko yeajs old.
King Menelik traces an unbruken line of
ancestry back to Solomon and the Queen
of Sheba.
"The people have never been conquered in
war ana cnensn tne tradition they never
will be. They overwhelmingly defeated the
Italians In TS3 'and the English in iotii.
They ate the only nation which could not
ije conquered by Alexander the Great.
"Ther arc only three juoes in the world,
black, white and red. the, sons of Ham,
Japhet and Krieni. Adam and Eve were
blnck and had six black children. All the
inhabitants of the world were black until
the time of Noah, and Christ was a black
"The original Bible came from Abyssinia,
and tha white man has no true Bible.
"For 11 years the government has been
I a limited, monarchy; ptevlous to that, nn
I absolute monarchy. The senate is com-
I id of twelve men and the house of lep
; st-ntatlvfg of twelve women.
"Juries are composed of twelve men and
:welve women, and a verdict run be
tutmght only by a vote of nine men and
'.wen wonnn.
"When a king is ruling, capital puiilbh
in in id meied out to no male; when a
"U.tu rules, nn woman is put to deutli
i' lis is t xpow ineut to the throne.
foaaaiuraatloa of Penalt.
i .:jltal punisnmttnt is cnnsinumail l-v
:,i:ig the criminal In a walbrd inclu.-ui
. .i itirk forest In company with hungry
ki'i a -xl other wild beasts. If he can
::!.i '. j over the tweuly-foot nail and es
i ape, he goes free, for it is a sign to the
.-..'I'le that God h.ta forgiven him.
"The Abyssinlans are a moral imJ law
;l.i..!ing race. In my lifetime I have heard
only two murders In the kingdom.
,l,.l.lei4'S and adulteries and other crimes
- , few.
"The men in my country do not steal.
I l.oi-e Africans who came to America
learned from 111 whit man to steal chick-
j:. .
"lruukenuFxs is unknown and it la an
'.miaissibtlity to ' flu J Intoxicating liquor.
Anyone found bringing skoholic drink into
lite kingdom would be put (o death.
. ' are a race of big people, the men
averaging six feet two Inches In hvight
and the womeu rtve feet ten Inches. No
:i,an can enier tike army unless he U six
i Icet and all ho attu.n tnat height are
nbject to coiiaci iption from 17 until they
j" 31. We have a regular anny of 5u.u)
i: J if need be, l.'juUxl soldier.4 lan be
;iered on short notice.
Nn man is allomed to marry until lis has
t- it wres X giVund or oihsr proieriy
i.4u!alenl to Vv. He ihen may take
i.Le AN'lit n h is woinli 10.'s he may ttf Xtdl uu intjis. A lirtiet
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may have, four wives and a king may have
as many as he chooses.
"Priests may not be married until tney
are 2S. No man may be a priest wno can
not trace ancestry back through a una
of ancestry 1,975 years to a prleet named
White Man's Time is 8ht Thet-e.
"Some day there will be no white men
In Africa; all will be compelled to leave
by the sword of the Abyssinian. No man
may step now on the holy ground of Abys
sinia except tho envoy of another nation
or a trader with a special permit from the
government. Abysrtnla will weld the Na
tions of Africa together.
On the destiny of the o lacks Father
Checlzzlt says:
"Marvel not because the biacks are In
come sections oi Airica noi u yei itkuw
to the towering height of equal Intellectual
ascendancy. Ah.- watch the present glare
illuminating the western . horizon; climb
over the gigantic pillars of prejudice and
see the vivid glare of manhood arising from
out the stagnant cavern of oppression.
j a m not pessimistic of the psychological
future of tho black race; tne towering
structural buildings, the artistic architec
ture, the boastful militias and powerful
battleships of tha white nations, l envy
"No, 1 am glad to see the military and
naval competitions of theirs, for a distant
spark emanating from the domain of prog
nostication tells me of the awful disaster
that must come to- pass in less than 100
years, when the various white nations will
light against themselves, while the black
and red races shall watch In silence until
the last battle cry is given, then rush for
ward and stretch out their hands unto Ood
In thapkfulnesa, grasp the supremacy of
the world and protect the remnant whites.
"In anticipation of these grand glories, be
prepared and united,, apprehended closer to
religion and ethical ideas, that the political
degenerate Vardaman. the diabolic fanatic
TUlmaii and other intellectual parasites
whose glory Is o widen the psychologically
racial chasm be quickly blown to the ob
livion ocean."
former's Closing; of Ogden Gateway
Xtlranlas o Rival's Xw
Line to Coast.
The building of the 'Westetn I'acirtc, the
new Gould line to the coast, probably will
be hastened by the action of the Hairiman
lines in refusing to grant through rates to
points west oil shipments of ireight re
ceived from the Denver & Rio Grande at
Ogden. Work on this line has been hara
ptred by the scarcity of labor, although
seventy-four miles of track have been laid
we-rt from Salt Lake City and some has
been laid east from Stockton, Cal. Although
no work has been done In Nevada, the
contract has been let for lo miles. The
Silver Zone pas Is the higheat point on the
road, being B.S feet of elevation. The road
will be 9i7 miles long from Sa.n Francisco
to Salt Iake Tty, and the completion can
hardly be expected by the summer of 1908.
unless weather conditions are most favor
able and l.ibor Is more abundant.
for Damages Wou by
Kmploye of Aruioura
South Omaha.
A verdict fur fO.ouu aas secured from a
Jury in Judge Esti-Uv's court Friday morn
ing against Armour Co. by I'tter Debus,
a loinitT employe in -the packing house.
While helping move sheep carcasses from
the weighing scales to the coohug room he
fell through a trap door, which had been
left open negligently. It is alleged. He
claims tu have suftcred permanent Injuries will shorten his life aevrnU years.
l"udr instructions from the court the Jury
returned a verdict in favor of Robert C.
Hunt, who was made a party to the suit.
Cha-rles S. Kigutter and J. W. West wera
attorneys for the plaintiff and Mauoney 4
Kenliiedy tor th Uefents.
ever worn a Brandeis' $15 Suit or
Overcoats and Suits
clothes at $10 don't
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fitters who
money) at g
Man Goes to Treasurer Fink at Citjr
Hall to Have Railroad Ticket
.Extended. '
A strange giving hie name a John-Henry
Johnson entered Treasurer Fink's office
Thursday morning with an excited state of
mind and a suit care. "
"I would like to got this extended," be
gan the traveler. - . ' '
"Well, we will do what we can for you,
my friend." replied Treasurer Fink'. . "Wliat
may It be?"
"I want to gut this ticket extended two
more days. I have tarried lcro longer
than I expected. 1 think Omaha is a splen
did town." continued the stranger.
"I'm sorry to say 1 cannot help you out
in this matter. We like to accommodate
our friends, but in this instance it would
be impossible to"
"And so you intend to turn tne down. I
have been traveling over your rood for
sixteen years and you have received lota
of my good money. And so this is tho
The stranger started for the door,, but
was recalled V- Mr. Fink, who said:
"Ccmo back and let us talk It over."
"I thought you would take a turablo to
yourself and do the right thing. I paid
for thle-tlcket, have not ridden on it and
could get my money back If I tried," re
marked Mr. Johnson.
"My friend, this is the city hall," an
swered Mr. Fink
"Pshaw; I thought I saw locomotives and j
arhea ss I entered," remarked Mr. John-
Join 'Marphr Crashed In Yards and
Dies at Hospital loon After
John Murphy, a switchman, waa enwhed
between a switch engine and a car In the
freight yards near Fifteenth and Nicholas
streets about f:39 Friday morning, sus
taining Injuries from which he died about
two hours later at - the Omaha General
hospital. Ha is survived by a wlfo and
mother and father, '
Murphy was preparing to make a coupling
between a car and switch engine No. 'Ml,
la charge of Engineer George Kounts and
Fireman Rhuuips, when he stumbled on the
running board and fell between tha bump
ers. He sustained a deep cut over the
right eye, his right leg was badly crushed
and bruised and the left leg was so bidly
crushed between the knee and blp that the
flesh was torn away from the bune. The
Injured man was takvrf to the Omaha Gen
eral hospital and his Injuries attended to
by Dr. Itumsty, but he expired in givat
Tks PsrfartUa ( Sweet U.I
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The enftctio't of purity, 'riclmrs and
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Chocolatei, Bonbeix, Candy Prbblri
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ment, at ,
Knee Pants, a 75c value,
at '. . .' .
Boys' Flannel Blouses, a 75c value,
agony shortly after his removal to the
hospital. . .
The body was taken in charge by Coroner
Bradley, who will hold an Inquest Friday
afternoon or Saturday. Murphy resided
With his wife at their home, 713 North
Twenty-second street, and his parents live
at Sioux City, la. .
Tenaueratnre Hanwes Iron Twenty
ElKlit to Klirhty Dearees Above
(lie Zero Mark.
The - meteorological nummary for the
month of October, 1!K8, Just issued by the
weather bureau, shows that the month av
eraares up fairly well in this locality with
previous Octolers and was on the whole a
pretty good month. The mean atmospheric
pressure during the month was 3'1.C, the
highest being J0.54 on tho last day of the
Month and the lowest 21.6t on the 2th lns
Tho highest temperature during the month
was on the 7th, SO, and the lowest tem
perature on the 10th, 2X. The greatest daily
tinge of temperature during the month
was 29 on the 6th, and the least 5 on the 22'1.
The mean tcmierature for the month was
S3, the mean average for thirty-six years
for the month of Octolier being Bi. The
total precipitation of rain or snow for the
month was, rain, 1.B6 Inches, with no snow.
Tho greatest precipitation in twenty-four
hours was .S9 inches on the Zid and 24th.
The average precipitation for this month
for thirty-six years Is 2.49 inches, making a
deficiency from the normal of
prevailing direction of the wind
93. The
prevailing- direction of tne wind haa been
Iaoutb, the average hourly velocity being
1 7 miles per hour. The maximum velocity
of the wind during the month was 43 miles
per hour on the 26th, the wind blowing from
the northeast. During tha month the num
ber of clear days was 11, partly cloudy 7,
cloudy 13. Thunderstorms prevailed on the
30th, 21st, 22d and 23d. Light frosts pre
vailed on the 1st, 2d and 6th. No heavy
frosts prevailed. One killing frost prevailed
on tha 10th.
Candor of Colored Han May Rave Him
a Term la (he Peni
tentiary. William Smith's honesty and frankness
may 6ave him from a term in the peniten
tiary. He is can of a squad of colored
people indicted by the grand Jury for rais
ing a row in the Houso of All Nations at
South Omaha several days ago. He is
charged with assault wltn Intent to kill
Frank Smith, lie pleaded guilty Friday
und then in a straightforward wuy told
Judge Sutton his version of the affair. He
denied using any weapon but his fists.
Judge Sutton was so impressed by his
story that he sent him back to the county
Jail without sentencing him to the peni
tentiary. He ordered Deputy County At
torney Murdock lo make a full Investiga
tion of the case and If It appears Smith
used only his Ust he will probably draw a
Jail sentence.
Dr. Kason aud Mrs. Minor Press Fight
for Estate of Tnrlr
Dr. A. W. Nasou and Sirs. Ester Minor,
brother and sister of the lata W. N. Nasou.
have not dropped their fight for possession
of the estate with the decision of Judgs
Troup of the district court, which holds
that tha widow of W. N. Nason Is en
titled to the property mentioned iu tho
will. The will, it suddenly developed when
time for distribution of the property ap
proached, was lost, and court proceedings
were resorted to by Dr. Nason and Mrs.
Minor to gain title to the property. Judge
Troup ruled that the existence and pur
pose of the will wore apparent and proved
und that none other than Mrs. W. N.
Na-ion was entitled to the property cf her
hu&Uai.d. The contestants hay- app-ultd
the c&se to the supreme court sii't served
nutlet: of such spi'ul upon the widow.
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Great Italian Musician Inahle Get
, . Mght at Auditorium .or .
After all the plans made and the antici
pations enjoyed over the hops of having
Leoncavallo, the great. Italian musician,
at the Auditorium the muslcluns of Omaha
and the ' Than people in general are to
suffer the disappointment of not having the
virtuoso. It was originally planned to have
him at the Auditorium November 12, and
then, owing to a change -Iri liis route. It
became necessary to. change tho date to
December 4. Now tomes the Torrey-Oliver
mission ut the Auditorium from November
IS to Deoembcr R and the ministers In
charge of the mission cannot see their way
clear to 'give one night to music lovers.
It Is also impossible to get the. Boyd thea
ter, and ex it f feared the feast will have
to be abandoned.
This disappointment falls keenly upon
those who had anticipated Leoncavallo's
coming, especially among the Italian people,
who had made great' preparations. The
seat sale had actually begun, and with a
lively motion, too, so the material as well
as sentimental side of the case Is affected.
Proposition to Raise Rates 1 for In
creaaln Re-renue In EUleleney
of Department.
A proposition 4o raise fees for the in
weighing of grain, for the purpose of in
creasing the revenue and efficiency of the
weighing department, will be considered by
the board of directors of the Omaha Grain
exchange at its next meeting. The present
fee is 25 cents a car on all grain, of which
10 cents is rebated to the elevators, though
the dealer who pus the grain through the
elevator gets no rebate. It Is proposed to
charge 35 cens a car and to abolish the
provision for rebates. This increase Is
necessary to make 'the weighing depart
ment pay expenses under the new system
of weighing which haa been adopted.
Candidates Post Campaign Notices,
bnt Police Make Them Take
Them Dona.
Men working In the Interests of several
candldatea tor office at the coming elec
tion were bqsy Friday morning placarding
the telephone poles with signs setting forth
the merits of the candidates, when their
labors wkre rudely lnternipWrd by the
police. The officers of the telephone com
pany complained of the use made of their
1 V
Dr. Bull'a Couorh Syrup la ueed,
praised, loved, Idolized by t honaand
of mothers who have, cured tnetuilea
andcroupwlthlt. Mothers, why not
put. your irusc in 11
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write for af re sample aud try it. jttsa
tlon this rsper. Aiiuress
A. 0. Aleyer A Co., Baltimore, If i.
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the past Ova years and eaonot say enough
in its braise. It ruiwi
measles sud a bad cough, and always eurss
. uir ooy 01 ins croup,
myself for a bmnetilal cough and It en red me. I keep it la the house as it bus tared m
Hi&uj doctor-bills, aud I gladly reoumiaeud it toevaiy ono." Mrs. M. H. La fieri r.
lo luh Dtrset, euperior.'WU.
Avoid th Dealer's Substitute
offered you under the prefeit thst it is "Just ss good" ss Dr. Bull's Congh flrrup Ta
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noys' and Children's Fall and Winter Caps Made
bands, plain and fancy,
poles and orders were given to the patrol
men to stop th work of placing tha post
ers. The officers of the company will see
that the 'posters which have been placed,
will soon be removed.
Pioneer of Omaha Burled at Holy
Sepaleher. with services at
t. Peter's Church.
The funeral of the late Patrick Monaghun
took place Friday morning from St. Peter's
Catholic church. Twenty-eighth and Leav
enworth streets. A large number of friends
attended the services, including a number
of old pioneers of Omaha and Douglas
county. Solemn requiem high miss ws
celebrated, with Father McLaughlin as cele
brant and Fathers Gannon and Buckley aa
descons. The eulogy was rronounced by
Father Gannon. The pollbearer were J.
J. O'Connor, Andrew Murphy, F. B. Wears,
Thomas Grlffln, Thomas Mullen and Roder
ick McQrath. Interment wits made in Holy
Sepulcher cemetery.
Dr. Condon's Bill Is Protested aad
Administrator of Estate
Will Appeal.
A controversary over tha payment of a
surgeon's bill for the treatment of Edward
Flury, the street Car conductor murdered
by Harrison Clark and a gang of hold
ups in Albright last March, has been ap
pealed from county court to district court
by . the administrator of Mr. Flury's es
tate. The bill was for 125, presented by
Dr. A. P. Condon. Objection was mads
to It on tha ground tho street car company
bad already paid him $125. The objection
was overruled by County Judge Leslie and
the bill allowed. The administrator will
appeal to the district court.
luTltatlon ent by Swedish Lutheran
' Immanuel to Rev. Ad.lph
Hult at Chicago.
The congregation of the Swedish Luth
eran Immanuel church has extended a call
to Iter. Adolph Hult, pastor of an English
Lutheran church In Chicago, aa successor
ot Rev. P. M. Llndberg, who resigned re
cently to become manager of Immauuil
hospital. The congregation had previously,
called Rev. C. J. Sodergren of Burlington,
la., but he hus decided not to accept, a
he has been In Burlington but a short
time. It was decided to extend the call to
Rev. Mr. Hult at a meeting held Thurs
day night.
ami ieei sale?
bf lot I a ir r,f iT.
l ustxi
nnr "
? ;