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A Year Ago Today was the
-;. i .... 4
MS mm f
v ' mm! -m-iy .
;r( i ji ;
A glove's worth is tested by
its ability to hold together
some way or other we don't
have any complaints must be
we have good ones.
Fownes $2 and $2.50
Perrins . . . . $2.25
Bacme ..... $1.50
And an unusual $
value at."
jjfanicipal Taxation of B&ilway Terniiaah
I Eoei Kt Eeliers Them of Other Burdeui.
(tlaadqaartera of Both I'artlea Ha
with FlaUblas Tearha of (he
Campaign and Tblr Work
Altont Orr.
(From a Stnff Cotresptnident
XAtiCOtSi, Nov. 3. (Speclal.)--The r...
publican poalMon on the aNsenxment of rait.
Inad tarmlnali la too plain to b nJfopK'
tulljr mUireprentel by thf democratic
Mmmlttea and thrlr corporation nVim. Thu
dpubllcan state platform state specifically
fthat thera la no intention of changing- tb-j
present revenue law Insofar un it relates
to county, state and Kclionl tnxeK, but (In
inanda that 'tha revenue law be a umendeil
jthat railroad property within cities and
Ellaicea ahall alao be asueased anoStaxed
satne aa other property for city and
frniaa-a purposes.' This. It seems to me, Is
Bi clear and straightforward statement of
the party's attitude on this n,utlon. Tlx-re
ls no Intention to take a lienriy from the
jlaxes paid by rllnads under the present
S"avnu lave to any county or school di--(trlct.
The propoaeil amendment is purely
iampplemenUry to the present law. It will
compel the railro.ids to jay taxes for inu
(UlcipaJ purposes in addition to the vtHtc.
ouaty and school levies that are now made
jipon their property."
' The above statement was niado by W. H.
toae, chairman of the rvpublK-un st:te com
tnlttee, this afterno'in In answer to the
charr rnude by Tom Allen. -t hHlrnmn of
fha democratic state committee, that to tax
Tilrod tetmlnuls for city pjrposes, would
Va to take M,'iQ,0u worth or taxable prop
rty from the state and give it to (Htm ha.
iy the Allen article, which in an itlltoc-:il
published In the Hlalr Pilot with an added
Statement by Allen giving Kditor Williams
a clean character, the democrat!! threw off
the) mask and came out nt footed aa the
allies of lh railroads. The democratic
tat committee pa.d fur spacu in the 6tate
IourDaJ In ordr to flaunt us cororuiion
tJeup before the votera of the state.
PesalUt Bolta Saalleaberarr.
' Jormer Lieutenant Governor J. K Hai
,rla, (.opullst la opposed to the election of
ha)lenbeiger and he la oppoited to Q. M
Hltcbcoi k brand of reform. He seta out
.Ills views on these matters In the follow
ing; letter received In Lincoln toduy:
TALMAOE. Neb., Oct. Jl sly Dlr
IBlr: Yottrs received. For the flrst tlu.u
In more than forty years I have been In
.doubt how to vote, fierne's defeat la con.
(ventlon by the Omaha gaiia- of corpora
tion democrsts has disgusted mc
I While bhallenberger personally may be
all right. 1 do not lias the crowd tht did
lit. To" ' ot my Vt,rll-Herald. It d-
' aided Die. No populist having self-respect
sjvlll support Hitchcock, and lliousuiids will
cratch cihailatiberger for the scurrilous,
mean thrust at W. A. Poynter. "Insane,
Spineless." Indeed. The Omaha Kant;
found poynters spine too Slid to beud to
tbelr wishes.
Hitchcock is a fine specimen of a re
former. Bold a part of his paper to re
publican committee to fight liol.omb and
boons Tom Majors. If a man will sail his
paper to the eiiomy, would he sell his vote
s a congressman?
iow I hope t"halleubergir will he de
fvaied, I Wlii belp da it, because the
The. pick of the Bcarf
world's' production gath
ered for your choosing
pardon the
Whether for every day or
for evening wear, we have
the thing you want at the
price you want to puy
detnocratd deserve defeat. They sneer and
lorlcle the iior.ulists while they have
Mtolen thlr priiiciplea nnd have grown de
fiant Hud almsive.
In fact, here are no Issues. Populism
has won Its place in th platforms of nil
patties. It Is only a question of men who
will tie true to party pledges.
Wltn kindest personal regards to your
self and family, I reniHln, yours,
All ItiKllt In Fillmore.
State Superintendent McTlrlen has re
turned from a trip In Fillmore county and hack with hint the report that the
republican ticket down there Is in good
shape. Monday nlRht the campaign will
close In that count:' with a blf? harmony
meeting at Geneva, at which all 'actions
of the party will Join hands and boost for
the ticket. Mr. McBrlen expecta to attnd
tills meeting.
Finishing; lu auipaiaa.
' The omclala of the republican state com
mittee are making a whirlwind finish of
the campaign and the reports received from
the various counties Indicate there is no
doubt of republican siicces. The pollbooks
are being returned to the committeemen
and this Is about all the committee can da
now until the finish except to urge- repub
licans to go to the po'ls and vote. The poll
of the state indicated the republican party
Is aa strong ns usual, so the result of the
contest is merely in getting out the vjt-.
II. C. I,lndsay and Frank Harrison are
helping out In the finish and numerous. peo
ple have been employed to mall out the last
appeals to the voters. The headquarttrs
Is a beehive of industry. '
The democrats will close the campaign In
Iancaster county tomorrow night with u
meeting at the Auditorium, at which Wil
liam J. Bryan will be the cpeaktr. The
democratic slate committee has been mak
ing Its principal fight on George L. Shel
don, the republican candidate for govrnnr,
whom the Wurld-Hetald said the railroads
hud "marked for political oblivion. " Mr.
Sheldon made such an Impression In his
Lincoln speech and his sincerity was in
such contrast to the political sidtatepplng
and play acting of his competitor, Mr. 8lnl
lenbtrger, that the democrats have cilled
upon Mr. Bryan to help save some of the
wreck cf the old party in this part of the
Lsisaber Hearing; Adjonrned.
The taking of testimony In the case
against the ullegod Lumber trust has been
discontinued until November 3U. The time
intervening will be taken up by the state
In looking up witnesses and evidence to sus
tain the chargtj which has been made
against the dealers. So far In the letters
produced by Secretary Critchtield nothing
has been established to show the associa
tion controlled prices on lumber In Ne
braska, but the state is said to have con
siderable other evidence along this line
which nill be produced at the proper time.
fcgBTS for High School Principal.
Some boys, supposed to be pupils of the
IJncoln High school, entertained themselves
last night by balancing a few eggs on the
person of Principal Banders of the high
school and in daubing him with the ben
fruit they managed to sin tar some of it
over guests who were being entertained at
a party at the principal's home. A bunch
of the boys. earing white robes, solemnly
marched up to the Banders home and were
seen by the principal. The latter, with
more nerve than Judgment, rushed to las
door and threw It open with the intention
of awing- the crowd with his presence. He
waa (reeled with a ihew, la wuiufa were
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low price
mingled numerous eggs. Being satisfied
with the omelet served up, the boys re
treated In more or less disorder and the
matter was reported to the police. Inci
dentally the lone policeman resumed his
duties at the high school building today. It
in said the high school boys have ordained
that Principal Sanders must go because
of his stand against , foot ball.
Miss Mickey Entertains.
M'ss Marie Mickey, daughter of Governor
Mickey, entertained about sixty young peo
ple last night at a Hallowe'en party. Cos
tumes of various kinds were worn by the
guests and games In keeping wlth( the
spirit of the times were Indulged in. Re
freshments were served. Governor and
Mrs. Mickey assisted in entertaining the
young people.
Leander Blake and Mrs. Blake of Iowa,
residing near Burlington, are the guests of
Governor, and Mrs. Mickey. Mrs. Blake is
the oldest sister of the chief executive.
Bloodhounds Pat on Trail and Room
Demonstrate Troth.
PLATTSMOUTH. Neb., Nov. 2. (Spe
cial. ) When Jacob Mason -and wife re
turned to their home ir. the western por
tion of this city after the republican rally
a few evenings ago they were surprised to
find a lamp hunting on the table. After
making Investigations they reported to the
police that thoy found the contents, of
the bureau drawers scattered about the
room and that a new auit of clothes, a
gold watch and ring were missing. Thj
. .. was at once organized for
business and the chief of police with
bloodhounds from Louisville followed :i
runner-tired buggy in a southwesterly di
rection through Mynard, Murray and
nearly to Nehawka to a residence, where
the daughter of Mr. and Mra. Mason wus
boarding and teaching school In that dis
trict. Klie explained to the sheriff that
accompanied by a friend they drove to
this city and to her home, but not finding
anyone there she went In and got what
she desired, left the lamp burning and
returned to her boarding house.
HlK Hally nt Oakland.
OAKLAND, Neb.. Nov. Bpecial Tele
gram.) The republican rally at the opera
houae here Thursday evening was a de
cided success. W. E. Andrews, auditor of
the Treasury department, was the orator
of the evening and held the audience In
close attention while he delivered one of
the soundest and most logical political
speeches ever heard here. M. R. Hopewell
'Mi s
rirrt District-Ills Bo. fi.xth Bt.
Second District Wl Paclflo St.
Third District 17(3 So. Tenth St.
Fourth District 9l'j Bancroft St.
First nistrirt-a.3 So. iSth 6t.
Second District 2 -J Vinton fit.
Third District l-Sn Vinton Bt.
Fourth District 1710 Vinton St.
Fifth District Wi4 So. Ii.m'i St.
First District 161 Webster St.
Second District 318 So. I'Jth t.
Third District 313 No. 15th St.
Fourth District 110 So, 12th St.
Killh Dlstik-t 1417 Jackson St.
First District 1704 Ce.pltol Ave
Second District 423 bo. 18th Bt.
Third District 7ls So. Itith St.
Fourth Duitrlct-814 So. luth SL
Fifth Dis.iicl-ivl Davcnyvrl fti.
Every new shirt Idea
finds a place on our
shelves. Gentlemen who
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Heavy Cotton, 45c to $1
Fine Woolen. 75c to $5
$1 to $5
and I. M. Searle, candidates for lieutenant
governor and auditor, respectively, were
also present and addressed the meeting
briefly. The opera house was packed with
the votera of the county, who received the
speeches mose enthusiastically. The Lyons
band furnished the music for the occasion.
Loses a)l,SC4M) la a Pool Game In New
CAMBRIDGE. Mass., Nov. t-(Speclal
Telegram.) E. F. Myers, the Harvard law
school student who charged John McCor
rnlck In New York with fleecing him out of
I1.3U0 In a pool game at the Fifth Avenue
hotel the other night, ia Edwin Francis
Myers, A. B., of Broken Bow, Neb., a
third year student in the law school and a
graduate of the University of Nebraska In
1904. He lives In the exclusive Walter
Hastings dormitory and belongs to many
distinguished Harvard clubs, Including the
Cercle Franca Is.
Xew Train for Niobrara.
NIOBRARA, Neb., Nov. 2. (Special.)
A new passenger train has been placed on
the Chicago. Milwaukee & St. Paul from
Running Water, opposite here, to lake
care of the Increasing business that the
Bonesteel line has brought to this region.
The land office of the Rosebud country la
at Mitchell, 8. D., and this new service
will greatly accommodate the settlers, it
leaves at 9:11 a. m. and returns at 4.55 p.
m. This crossing makes Niobrara one of
the beat hotel towna In north Nebraska
and two regular bus lines are employed
to take care of the business.
Reception to Dr. and Mrs. Woods.
SCHUYLER. Neb., Nov. '-(Special Tele
gram.) Dr. Dale James Woods, who was
married to Miss Bessie Lean last Wt dues
day at St. Paul, returned home last night
and was tendered a reception. The recep
tion was given by his father and mother,
Mr. and Mrs. James Woods, and sister.
Miss Katherlne. More than 24) gueats were
preaent and all spent a most enjoyable
evening. Dr. Dale Woods is a dentist at
Tecumseh, Neb., and the couple will return
there after a short visit here.
Senator Mood Optimistic.
PERU. Neb., Nov. -(Special.) The .re
publicans of this community consider that
there Is no truth In the report that the re
publicans will run b-hlnd In Nemaha county
in the coming election.
Senator Good Is of the opinion that Shel
don will receive a greater majority for
governor than ever given any candidate by
First District 3M Sherman Ave.
Second District IS 25 Sherman Ava.
Third District Htkil Sherman Ave. (barn).
Fourth District ls48 Sherman Ave. (rear).
Fifth District 116 No. 16th St.
First District O07 No. 24th St.
Second District 171S No. 24th 6t
Third DbHrlct 2004 No. 8th Bt.
Fourth District 2123 Military Ave.
First District m Leavenworth Bt.
r-cond District 1J So. Jsth SL tbaro).
Third District 1334 Pary Ave.
Fourth District 21J bo. 3-d St. (biro).
First District -1417 No. 24th Bt.
Second- District 173 Cuming BU
Intra District 4J0 No. loto St
JfourLh Lutrlwt-iiif CuoiUif 8k
Nemaha county. He says other candidates
will run well because Sheldon has tre
mendous strength, which will Increase the
majority for all other candidates of the
republican ticket.
Wife-Beater Geta His Dae.
BEATRICE, Neb.. Nov. 2. (Special Tel
egram.) Harm Hula, an old offender, was
brought here today by Sheriff Trude from
his home In Hanover township, charged
with brutally assaulting his wife while
under the Influence of liquor. While drag
ging her about the yard by the hair sev
eral neighbors interfered and gave Hula
a terrific beating. He was brought be
fore the Insanity commissioners on an
Inebriate charge and was found to be a fit
subject for the asylum. He will be taken
to Lincoln tomorrow.
News of Nebraska,
COLUMBUS Judge Ratterman united In
marriage Jesse Cooksey and Rosa Scrlvins.
GENEVA Next Monday evening the re
publicans will hold a mass meeting in the
court room.
BKATRICE The heating plant In the new
Burlington depot at this point was com
pleted yesterday.
PLATTSMOUTH-The farm mortgages
filed in Cass county during October
amounted to the rum of 113,360; released,
BEATRICK The young son of Mr. and
Mrs. T. E. Stewart died yesterday after a
brief illness. The mother is not expected
to survive.
GENEVA Last night the fusion candi
date for attorney general, Lisle Abbott,
spoke In the court room. For lack of notice,
probably, few were present.
COLUMBUS Cards of Invitation are out
for the marriage of Mr. Samuel Lang and I
Mlf Kittle Kerach. The ceremony will
be performed at St. Francis' Catholic
church Tuesday.
BE ATRIC'E A. W. Nickell left yesterday
for Omaha to dispose of twenty-one sec
tions of land In Canada to eastern capi
talists. For the land he is to receive from
IS to tlO per acre.
COLUMBUS A quarter-section of land In
this county sold the other day for 1 per
acre. It was bought for farm purposes.
It belonged to W. A. Swartzley and Gus
tave Sclirelber. an eighty each.
BEATRICE Colonel E. B. Savage of
Omaha, In charge of the recruiting stations
of the United States army at Grand Island,
Beatrice, Omaha and Sioux City, la., was
in the city yesterday on official business.
BEATRICE The Ice plant of the Beatrice
Poultry and Cold Storage company is manu
facturing a hue quality of ice at present,
which is being sold to local consumers for
40 cents per hundred. The plant has a daily
capacity of twelve tons.
PLATTSMOl TH Frea P. Brown reports
that two doseu of his Hue Buff Oiplrgton
chickens wwe stolen during the sr.iu I hours
of the night. There seems to be no clue to
the thieving that has been going on in this
city and vicinity for two weeks just past.
BEATRICE The New Home Telephone
Flrrt District 2603 Cuming 6t.
Second Dlst rict J028 Hamilton St
Thlid District 3304 Davenport St. (barnl
Fourth District m So. Joth St. (barn)
Fifth Dltrlct-2912 Farnam 8L
First District 1U18 So. 10th St.
Second District 1623 Leavenworth Bt
Third Dlstrlct-2121 Leavenworth BL
Fourth District 1424 So. loth St.
Fifth District 1323 William Bt.
First District A Hamilton Bt.
Second District 393b Farnam St
Third District 34'2 Leavenworth St.
Fourth District 7U5 So. 27th Be
First District M20 No. 24th Bt.
Second District 3i24 Ames Ave.
Third District 2u No. Huth Bt (barnj.
fourth Dutrlct-juii No. Hath sX.
e carefully
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stiff hat
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sorr and snrr
Every new 5Q
shape, up
Youraan's.. Sc
company Is now Installing new central of
fice equipment throughout, building new
leads and terminals, and will soon begin
the Istallatlon of new and modern tele
phones, l he same type as those used In
Kansas City.
TEKAMAH At a regular meeting of
Mackey chapter No. 24. Royal Arch Masons,
held last night, the following officers were
elected for the ensuing year: Chrlstel
Jeep, high priest: Harry K. Clark, king;
J. M. Crowell, scribe; J. P. Latta, treas
urer; Ed Latta, secretary.
BEATRICE J. T. Hlldehrsnd and family
arrived In the city yesterday from Boulder,
Colo., In a covered wagon drawn by two
horses. They were six weeks In maklmr
the trip end experienced considerable
trouble in the western part of the state
during the recent bllrrard.
GENEVA The postomce Is moved Into Its
new quarters, a room of the new Pickard
building on Center street, the other room
being occupied by the Curry Clothing firm,
which comes from Seward. The public li
brary donated by Dr. H. L. Smith will oc
cupy the. room of the old postoffice.
BEATRICE Mrs. Henry Luck, for the
last six years a resident of Cortland, died
at her home at that place Wednesday
night, aged 6 years. Before locating In
Cortland she had resided In Lancaster
county for twenty-one yeara. She Is sur
vived bv her huslianrt and nine children..
PLA TTS MOUT H The remains of J. W.
Jennings, who died at his home In Atchison.
Kan., arrived today and were hurried by
the local post of the Grand Army of the
Republic, of which deceased was a charter
member. Deceased waa about 6b years of
age and during his residence here waa the
county clrrk of Casa county.
HUMBOLDT Rev. Bert Wllaon, for aev
ral yeara pastor of the Christian church
,f this city, has resigned the position, with
a view to giving up the work the first of
the coming year in order to take a poet
graduate course In the theological depart
ment of the C'otner university. His plan at
present is to devote his time afterwards to
evangelistic work.
PLATT8 MO UTH Re v. and Mrs. J. E.
Houlgate delightfully entertained more than
I'M) members of the First Methodist Episco
pal church In the narsonage yesterday aft
ernoon. A photograph of the twenty-two
oldest was taken. Their combined eges waa
1.631 years, or an average of 74. Mrs. Ann
Davis was the oldest, having pas ed her
Kth milestone, and Mrs. 8. J. Atwood was
Ho years old last June.
BEATRICK Yesterday in the district
court L. Crocker, an attorney of this city,
began an action for the Filley Horso com
pany against C. H. Dixon of this city, an
Importer of draft horses, for H,35. that
being the price paid for a horse, together
with its keep and Hie Interest on the In
vestment. The complaint alleges that the
horse sold to the company was short of
being up to the guarantee.
HUMBOLDT Mrs. Louisa Meacham of
this city and Abraham Moore, a. well-to-do
farmer of Pawnee county, were united In
marriage at Pawnee City by the county
Judge yesterday and left at once on a wed
ding trip Into Kansas, where they will visit
relatives near Suinmerfleld. They will then
make their home on the farm of the groom
ever the Pawnee county line. The contract
ing parties are sged 78 and S3 years.
COLUMBUS The rectory of Grace Epis
copal church has Just been dedicated. The
clergymen officiating in the service were
Rt. . Rev. A. L. Williams, bishop; Dian
lieecher. Rev. R. R. Diggs, Rev. W. H.
Moor, all of Omaha; Rev. J. C. B. Wellls
of Norfolk, Kev. 1. J. Collan of Schuyler,
Rev. B. C. Smith of Central City. Rev. A.
H. Brooks of Neltgh. Rev. Dr. Rafter of
'heenne. Rev. E. O. Brown of Omaha,
Rev. J. Wise of Bouth Omaha, Rev. A. E.
Cash of Albion and Rev. Dr. Westcott of
Columbus. The services of dedication
lasted most of the day and closed in the
evening with a reception and banquet by
the Men's club of the church with Dr.
Carroll D. Evans aa toastmaater.
Bee Sunday Dinner Bargain No. 11 page IX
Baak Cashier Accidentally Killed.
SALEM, Ind.. Nov. I Charles B. Wll
Hams, bookkeeper of the ClUaena' bank,
and acting as cashier, waa found dead In
the vault of the bank today. A load of
hot from a Shotgun had penetrated his
heart. The gun waa kept In the bank
vault and it is believed that Mr. Williams
In changing its position accidentally dls
rhsraed il. He ks s eon of formei
Auditor J. L. Williams of tliis cjunty.
oysf Clothes
It will pay parents with a boy to clothe to
remember that we are specialists in men's
and boys' wear that we offer the greatest
selection of worth-while clothes for boys
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A special purchase of suitswater-
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We are enthusiastic about our $5 suits
made so many styles such
materials. They must
ey must m
be appreciated-
Other down to $1.75
Young Men's Clothes
Ideal young men's
Showers Today la Nebraska, nad
Iowa Fair and Warmer '
WASHINGTON. Nov. a,i-Fcrccat of the
weather for Saturday and Sunday:
For Nebraska, South Dakott and Kan
sas Showers Saturday; Sunday, fair and
For Iowa and Missouri Showers !und
cooler Saturday; Sunday, fair and warniur.
Loral lltcoril. ,
OMAHA, Nov. . Official record of temper
ature and precipitation compared wttn the
corresponding oay of the last three years:
, 14. iSCC
Maximum temperature . . 4 f7 HH 61
Minimum temperature ... k .18 41; ftf
Mean temperature 44 4M ."i7 bt
Proclpltntion no .00 ,nu .44
iei,.,eiature and precipitation departures
from the normal at Omaha since March 1
and comparison with the last two years:
normal temperature
Deficiency for the day
Total excess since March 1
Normal precipitation
Deficiency for the day ,
Precipitation since March 1
Deficiency since March 1 .
. .U) Inch
. inch
.24. lio Inches
3.74 Inches
Deficiency for cor. period, lfio.. 3.71 Inches
Deficiency for cor. period, lli.. 4. li inches
Reports from Stations at TP. !H.
Station and Stale Temp. Mn. riain-
of Weather. 7 p. u. Temp. fall.
Bismarck, cloudy :t r' .10
Cheyenne, cloudy t So .;x
Chicago, clear 60 ftj ., .o,t
Duv nport, cloudy In ;,j , m
Denver, snowing w . el
Havre, clear ::x 44 .mi'
Helena, char 34 7i .t 1
Huron, cloudy 411 n; .on.
Kansas City, cloudv ,' ,'.t .m
North Platte, snowing ;!'.! f.' ,i;-
Omaha, cloudy 4" if
Rapid City, cloudy ;w .1,1,
Ft. I.OUIS, part cloudy f-S t;i .
St. Paul, clear 4 4'i T
Salt laike City, cloudy So T
Valentine, raining 40 41 T
Wllliston, cloudy 4 S .ou
T indicates trace of precipitation.
L. A. WELSH, Local Forecaster.
Kven Whon the Facts About Coffee
Are Plain. '
It is curious how people will tefuse to
believe what one can clearly see.
Tell the average man or woman that the
slow but cumulative poisonous cKt-rt cf
caffeine the alkoloid In tea und eoffeo
tends to weaken the heart, upset the nerv
ous system and cause Indigestion, and
they may laugh at you If they !on't kno.v
the facts.
Prove It by sclonce- or by practical
demonstration in the recovery of coffee
drinkers from tho above conditions, and u
large per cent of tho human family will
shrug their shoulders, take some drugs
and keep on drinking coffee or tea.
"Coffee never agreed with me nor Willi
aeveral members of our household." writes
a lady. "It enervates, depresses and cre
ates a feeling of languor and heaviness.
It waa only by leaving off coffea and using
Postum that we discovered the cause and
cure of these ails.
Theloly reason, I am sure, why Poutum
Is not used altogether to the exclusion of
ordinary coffee Is ,niany persons do not
know and do not seem willing to leant
the facta and how to prepare this nutri
tious beverage. There's only one way
according to directions boll It fuliy I "
minutes. Then it la delicious." Name
given by Postum Co., Battle Creek, M en.
Read the little book, "The Roa.i 10 Wuil
ville," lu pkca. ""'licit' a lusrn,"