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Offlcf. 10 rear Bt. Tel. 43.
i-wKiy Men renervd for General Grant at
the Grand hotel, as he had previously an
nounced his Intention of attending the reunion.
Ginir&l Black Erpoadi U Addrtii f Wl
rtm Imttad f Eeaator Warier.
.eral D. tire, at sad, Blshep
Fallow Brtk Writ Thar "Will
Certainly Attead tna
Oealag Banalaa.
Our highest ambition is, when we frame
plotare for you, to do It right and
pleaee our customers. Perhaps you have
a picture that needs framing. Bring It to
our store and let us see what we can frame
It for. We'll do it aa reasonable as It
possibly can be done. Council Bluffs Paint,
Oil and Olasa company, Merriam block.
bear,, per can, Mf; Alabama sorghum, per
can loc; Plantation N. O. tnolaaeea, per
Can, 15c; liie cart baked beans, 8'ic; 13c
run peach t ? ". 1ic ; sour pickles, per
do., 5c; bi!une:it, per rack, B"c; new
maple ayrup, p-r can. :&; Knglleli walnuts,
per lb., IK ; singer ennpa, per lb., 5c; new
maple sugar, per lb., llue; aauer kraut, per
lt., ri new country sorghum, per. gal.,
frx .: dried fruits of all kinds, beef, pork,
veal, mutton, oystera. poultry, etc., etc.
J. Zoller Mcr. Co.. 100-102-106 Broadway.
'Phonos 3f).
. l liu looui executive committee In charg
'of the arrangement for tb reunion of A.NO LITTLE BOBBIE. OLD TIMES
the Society of the Army of the Tennessee Ai'D ERRIS lo CIOARS.
to be held In this city Thursday and Frl- j ,
day of next week, yesterday morning' CENTRAL - FLOUR fl.Ik. Every sack
made publlo the detailed pro tram for the Warranted. Central Grocery and Meat Mar.
ptiblte meeting to be held the night of i wotn Phone 24.
November i in the New theater and the
banquet on the night of November 9.
The response to the addresses of wnl
rami by Oovernor Cummins and Mayor
Macrae at tb publto meeting In the New
theater will be made by General John C
Black In flace of by United States Sen
ater Warner of Kansas City,
Tboae Who Are Not Real.tered Cannot
Vat Teeaday.
Today Is the last day for. registration for
the election next Tuesday and the regtstiars
as ore- ,n eesslon from 8 a. m. to p. m.
vlously announced. At the banquet a let- l tnB following places in the several pre-
ter from President Roosevelt in response clncts of the city:
to the toast, 'The First President." will ,,Fln!t Ward-First precinct, 218 Kastt
be road. The Elks quartet will furnish dway: 8econd VrttAw. 217 Eat Broad-
the musio at both the opon meeting In the
opera house and at the banquet.
This Is the complete program for the
publlo meeting Thursday night:
Archblehop John Ireland.
Opening Hong Star Spangled lfanner..
Ellis' Quartet, the audience rising and
Address of Welcome
lion. Albert B. Cummins, Governor of
Song Songs of Dixie
Elks' Quartet. .
Addrpa of Welcome
Hon. Donald Macrae, Mayor of Council
Kong Old Black Joe
Kiks' Quartet.
Response to Welcome a
. General John C. Black.
Annuat .Address
Genera) Smith D. Atkins.
Fong ,
Mrs. Alary K. Latey of the Society of the
' .Army of the Tennessee.
We (jave popcorn that will pop. Three
lbs. for 10c; old-faxhioned buckwheat flour,
Oc per sack; graham flour, 35c per sack;
whole wheat flour. 35c per sack; maple
syrup, 40c per can; sauer kraut, 10c per qt.;
dill pickles, 15o dos. We have a new sweet
pickle; they are large cucumbers split In
two; they are fine, the best we ever had
In a sweet pickle, 10c per dos. We also
. bulk oysters, celery, Hubbard
sqnashes; hickory nuts, 10c qt. ; black wal
nuts, 25o peck; cranberries, 10c. qt. Tuesday
morning we will unload a car of potatoes.
They are Early Ohlos, (nc per bu. in 5-bu.
iota. Bartel & Miller. Tel. 153.
What can we do to get your i-oul orders'.'
Go to the first 'phone and call 72. The Co.
Bluffs Coal and Ice Co.
. . .. t f
All of Thtiu f Opinion Stats Will Give
Umal Btpablicftn Vajtritj.
Hankers lirny Knowletlae ( orre
of Fonda t'aed to Hoom ew York
l ife Cwmpaay Admlnlatra-
loa Ticket.
Buy your lumber of Hafer, Council
Bluffs, In. He can outsell them all.
N. T. Plumbing CO. Tel. 269. Night. Ml
Heeond Wnrd Flrrt Ktwlni-t Htv butM-i
tng; Second precinct. 7 West Broadway.
Third Ward First precinct. 29 Fourth
Street; Beeond precinct. 811 South Main.
Fourth Ward First preHnct, Court house
(election day, 803 Peer! street); Second pre
cinct. 121 South Main street.
Fifth Wsrd First nreclnct. county build
ing. Fifth avenue and Twelfth street (elec
tion day. 1123 Fifth avenue); Second pre
cinct, county building. 8outh Thirteenth
Street elec.tlon day, 102 Thirteenth street).
Sixth Ward First precinct, county build
ing, Avenue B and Twenty -fourth street
(election day, 2315 Avenue D): Second pre
cinct. Fifth and Locust streets.
Those who did not vote In the voting
precinct In which they now reside either at
the general election In November. 1904, or
the municipal election last spring, or who
have removed from the precinct hi which
they last voted, must replster In order to
Jbe able to cast their ballot next Tuesday.
. Only those who are absent from the cfty
'on the -three regular days appointed for
ilujor Oentral Oliver O. Howard, Cora- registration and aliens who may have been
.mandlng the Army of the Tennessee. - Issued their naturalization papers since the
.Song Way Down Smith. lant day for registration will be permitted
Address ... .". . haTe tnc,r names entered on the reglstra-
.Majur t'leneifii Fred D. Grant. Commander Hon lists on election day.
the Department of the Kast. In order that there may be no hitch on
.song-MurclUn Tl.rouKhtOeorga. e)ectlon y ery pntftlofl tp TWe
Voluntary Remarks , Jiext Tueedsy should see to It that his name
Kong-Anlil L;uig iyne i properly entered on the registration lists.
Every effort , will be made today by . both
the republicans and democrats to get every
voter rcclstercd who has not done so.
After-Dlnncr Program.
Tho piv.oram to follow he banquet Frl
tlay night Is as follows:
Opening Bong Tenting Tonight The famous Acorn stove; nothing In the
,fclks Quartet market like It tor heat, economy, dura-
iiT-rt bUity and neatness. We make, t ho mo,.
'Tur Country''-.. ..Archbishop John Ireland reasonable price on stoves In the city, eon-
.Song Battle Hymn of the Republic... slderlng the quality. We handle a large
' w;.".""; .'i"' .Qu"J"tt stock of carpets, linoleum and oil cloth.
The Heroes and V ctories of. the Army. , . J", ' -t, .
1 , of th Tennessee . ..Mrs. .lonn A. igan
"S jaV.aonK Mrs. Mary E. Latey of 1
''HIM ; the Boclety of the Army of the Tonnessoa. Combination gas and electric chandliers
Forward' (Mora Time rolls Its cease- -,nd tne tclebrated. Welsbach Inoandoscent
. ..A.aBmV I Dabb rt1 XT QAfMga 1
gas. bur"ers. Why not see us before you
buy. Wo can certainly please you on price
and quality of feoods. Stephan Bros., ot)
W. Broadway.
ln ..siir V Rav. T. VL Hnerman I
'"ThJ Vnlimlna, CnlilW"
f Private Thomas C Richmond
!rng Hark-, the Trumpet Elks' Quartet
'.Major General Jhiihs B. M.Phera.,iM
. CommanUer of the Army of the Ten-
' ' iiexwe'' Hon, Bmlth McPhcrson
Song H'ldkr's Farewell Wka" QiinrtM
dirv?s .Hon. John N. Baldwin
Olif Glory'" ,.'.. General J. H. Stibb
Wong Auld Lang Syhe
' : w ...-....Eika' Quartet and Society
! Durllij,' the .fbttmjuH .' W'halcy' orchestra
wlllt-nder the. following program:
Marsh Stars and Ktripes Forever.
Selection Hcmlnisc-cnKes of the Houth.
ri.loclton It llup)Mneil in NordlanU.
Patrol Hlue and Gray.
Selection Toylnnd.
Novelette Dainty Dames.
Medley 1S83. . ;
March General Mlxup, U. 8. A.
Bishop Samuel Fallows of the Reformed
Kplsepul church of Chicago has written
Ulor Richmond, chairman of the local
For Imported winea, liquors and Bud
weisef beer go to L- Rosenfeld, wholesal
liquor dealer, 619 South Matii street.
Avars Herald to Print Ballot. '.
' On the application of Attorney F. W.
Miller, democratic nominee for Judge of
the district court, appearing for F. M.
Beymer, publisher of the Avoca Jourual
Herald, Judge Scott, In superior court, yes
terday morning granted a writ or manda
mus requiring County Auditor Chnyne to
publtnh an official copy of the ballot for
the coming election In Mr. Beymer's paper.
The Iowa law provides:
Win iilnlu n 1 1 .1 I , .IiqH .all.. Ilk Via nilS.
executive committee, that he expects to at- Ushed, prior to the day of election, in two
tend the reunion. Blshoo Fallows enlisted newspapers. If there be so many published
. .o... w... in. such county., selecting. If possible, pa
In the union army as a cnapiam in woi. uui renrosentlng the Dolltlcal r,artles which 'nervous breakdown
y afterwards entered active military service cl)nt at the preceding general election the 'and leaves a widow. Mr. Fogarty for many
1 iind attained the rank of colonel and brevet largest number and the next largest numir 'years was engaged in the nursery buRines
1 and attained tne ranK or coionei ana ore ei . noralna,iiB.n this city. Arrangements for tne funeral
I brigadier general. Ho has been a resident , madc, as herein provided, and to be voted bare not been completed.
of Chicago since 1ST5
"I will certainly come," ' write General
rown s
Li. n
i ui
128 W . Eroaiwjj
Both 'PliGnes ES
Specials for Saturday
CHICKENS, per pound.
per pound ,
per pound
per pound ...v
UKJSF, pound. ,
lit-liF, pound .'.
per pound
Boat forget, any and all Beef Pot
Boasts, Bo to o.- -Boa
ovJ Coi ragulav prloa. So to
lOo pet pouad.
. ...10c
niaae. as nerem proviueo, anu 10 u vulwi
for at auch election, a near as - may be
in the form in which they shall appear
upon the general ballot.
County Auditor Cheyne had" given the
ballot for publication In the Council Bluffs
Nonpareil and the Avoca Tribune, both re-
publican organs, and Xtlorney Miller', on
behalf of Mr. .Beymer. contended that: the
law Intended that It-should be published
"If - possible" In one republican and one
democratic paper. ' '
Three" year ago Mr. Beymer brought
similar-proceedings to compel' Auditor In
nes to publtnh the ballot In his paper. The
hearing was held before Judge Wheeler
in the district court, who held Against
Beymer, ruling that the law was merely
directory and not mandatory,
j Following the decision of Judge Scott,
I Auditor- Cheyne stated so far as he was
concerned the ruling would-be Anal with
j him and that he would at once
' Mr. Buymer with fcn official copy
1 ballot.- As the ruling came too late 'to
countermand the publication In -the Avoca
Tribune, the question will consequently
arise as to the right of the Tribune to
collect payment - for such publication Mi
view of the fact that the luw provides
for the publication ot the ballot In to
papers only.
Davis, drug.
Clark's, sodas.
Stockert sells carpet.
Fine engraving, at Lefferfs.
Ed Rogers' Tony Faust beer.
Get those new photos at Schmidt's.
Plumbing and heating. Bixby ft Son.
Lewis Cutler, funeral director, 'phone 997.
Wooding Undertaking company. Tel. S39.
Ixoe grindstone pr lb., 1c. J. Zoller
Mercantile Co.
Bom, to Mr. and Mis. Henry J. Saun
ders, 'ifA Oakland avenue, yetrd.iy morn
ing, a daughter.
Iouls Peavej-, KJ1 Onkland avenue, was
reported to the Hoard of Health vesterdav
as suffering from diphtheria.
A beautiful -and ornamental gas burner,
the Welsbach chirk lamp, complete, l.&i.
Stephan Bros., S.'S W. Broadway.
Dr. G. W. Panglo succesaf ully treats
diphtheria. He has been through two epi
demics of It and never loft a case.
COAL TEAMS WANTED to haul coal
for Fcnlon WIckhan- Coal company.
Higher wages paid. 1"7 Pearl street.
Build your hope on the Royal Red Cross
case Durner ana you will do nappy the rest
of your days. Sold at Swaine Muuer's,
M and S3S Broadway.
' 1 pay ii per ton for ct iron; mixed,
rv; iivrt, rags, is$c per id.; rubber,
ir; copper, He per lb. j. talclman, fcvi
lnln. both 'phones 650.
W. J. Hoar, arrestod Wednesday night,
charged with the theft of coai from an en- I
glne in the Illinois Central yards, was dis
charged, in police court yesterday morning.
High grade granite work, from the best
Barre Imported granites, lettering, carving
and tracing. Fine monumental work a
s eclalty. Sheeley & Lane, 217 East Broad
Way. airs. Loulso M. Brown, wife of C. H. W.
Brown. 1415 High street, died yesterday
afternoon, aged 46 years. Besides her hus
band she leave two daughters and four
Mrs. Walter I. Smith, wife of Congress
man Bmlth, who has been 111 In the Omaha
General hospital for the lost week, la suf
ficiently recovered, It Is said, to be able lo
be removed to her home In tills city today.
John - Coyle, local storekeeper for the
urei western, nas neen promoted to a
position at Oolweln, . where ho will have
chars e of tho general supply department
of the division.
Talk among the politicians yesterday was
that James C. Jensen, the democratic can
dldtUe for sheriff, had already picked out
his deputies. It Is said that former Fire
Chief Charles M. Nicholson and Pete Peter
son have both been promised positions as
deputy sheriffs by Jensen.
Do not forget we are the sole agent for
the Radiant Home base burner, the most
economical stove on the market today.
Will save one-third of your coah bill. Call
at our store and we will be pleased to
show you.. We are also the sole agents for
the Lexington steel ranges, the beat iu tb
world. Petersen & Schoening Co.
Daniel J. Fegarty, S29 Becond avenue, died
shortly after lnldnluht Thursday at 61.
1 ! lternurd's hospital, where he was taken
- 'about two net-ki ago suffering from a
Me was Si years oiu
slgn'-fl'the Icttrr were nsked torlsy about
tho matter. They declnred they were not
paying for It from their own pockets and
were Infoi tried that It did not come from
the Insurance company's funds. The sup
position is that the agents of the New
York Life In this state are putting up tile
casli to circulate this n.nd tho Governor
Mlekey letter. H Is asserted by those ho
are cfitntviljrnlng for the re-election of the
present hoard of directors of the New York
Life th.U the nntl-admlntstrnt Ion list of
candidates are hugely not policyholders Of
tho New York -Life and this nnd other
reasons are assigned fur favoring ihe ie
electlon of the old directors.
Ta Whom Shall Money (iof
When a person names as bencllolury for
Insurance u person long since dead, lo
whom shall the money l.o paid when tho
Insured dies? This Is a case that the su
preme court will have to decide. The case
comes from the superior court of Cedar
Rapids. December lf. 1M3. Christopher
Griffin of Perth Amboy, N. J., took an In
surance policy In the Order uf Railway
Conductors for ll.OO. lie named Margaret
Burke, an nunt, as beneficiary. It la now
shown that the aunt was dead at the time
ho named her. The head ofllcers at Ce
dar Rupids. la., contend that under u rule
of the order, which provides that if there
ure no nearer relatives than nephews and
nlces. the money shall go-to the rxpen
fund of the order, and made that disposi
tion of It. The nephews and nler-es hold
that there having been no Mni'gnret Ilurke
at tho time of the making of the pulley a
trust resulted In favor of the rstate. and
still 'further, that the payment of the
money to the expense fund of the order Is
Illegal under the Iowa laws.
For Illah School CViain vlonslilp.
Kurt Dos Moines High school and Cnpltul
Park High school will meet on the gridiron
tomotrow afternoon at the Drake stadium
here to determine the high school cham
pionship In foot ball for tho city. The
teams are about evenly matched, though
the East D'-s Moines High school team is
somewhat weakened by the absence Of
Johnston, who is taking an examination for
admission to the Annapolis Naval academy.
Dea Moines Has t'olleae Day.
Following out the plan to systematically
boost 'the city's Industries and attractions,
Des Moines today observed College day.
Some days ago Factory day was hold, at
which time jieople everywhere fioiu the
city visited the factories ot the city. Today
they visited the colleges and. for the beneilt
of the people the various street cars were
labeled to assist the people in finding tho
various Institutions. Hundreds ot people
from outside the city, many of whom have
children In tho colleges, took advantage of
I he occasion. The colleges held open house
to ull guests.
Mian Meeting Is l.lvclj.
An audl.nce that packed the Young Men's
Christian association auditorium tonight,
called for the purpose of discussing the
street car bribery, nearly broke up In a
riot. It finally adjourned at 10:3" without
linally taking a deciding vote on the reso
lutions offered. The audience was calm and
j orderly till Judge W. IT. Spurrier, attorney
' for the street railway officials under charge
iFium a Staff Correspondent.)
DES MOINES, Nov. 2. (SpeCial.)-DtB
Molnea Is full of republican politicians to
day, having come to the city In order to at
tend the rally hurt, night. Senator Saunders
of Council Bluffs rrached the city this
morning, passing through from a speak
ing trip over the state. Hn declared that
there was not a county in the state In bet
ter condition or where there would be less
soratehlng than In Pottawattamie county.
Senator Saunders Is very confident there
will be no trouble thre next Tuesday.
Senator Saunders Is a hold-over senator and
said today that he expected to Introduce
again tho Indeterminate sentence law that
was defeated at tho lost session. Ho is
especially anxious that It shaJl pass und
will spare no honorable efforts In enlisting
the support of every legislator for tho
Senator C. J. A. Krickson of Boone, who
attended the rally last night, was ulao at
the republican- headquarters today. There
Is no trouble whatever In Boone county so
far as the state ticket Is concerned. It Is
recognized that there Is being made a des
perate fight on Representative Doran, who
la up for re-eloctlon.
Representative E. J. C. Benler of Linn
county, a standpatter, was at headquarter
and declared conditions satisfactory In his
county. He Is not up for re-election, not
having sought re.nomlnatlon.
W. L. Eaton, candidate for railroad com
missioner, ranw down from Osagn to hear
the addresses last night and to leave some
information at headquarters that on a trip
to many counties he has gained Informa
tion from which he Is ready to predict that
the scratching long talked of will not be ai
bad as painted and the majorities will lie
about what they were In '
K. M. Wentworth of State Center, freight
agent of tho Pennsylvania, who covers the
entire state nnd Is meeting especially fann
er and dairymen, was another politician
to reach the city laat night. He said to
day that the farmers are going to vole
the straight republican ticket.
Every politician coming to tho city ad
mits that there are new elements In the
fight this year that make It difficult to
hazard a guess, but all are Insistent that
the majorities will bo about what they
were In 190R. when the majority for gov
ernor was 78,000.
Mar Dr Knalneer's Last.
Edward Bowman, an engineer on the cen- ' of bribery, took the platform to discuss the
tral Iowa division of the Chicago, Milwau- J resolutions commending Alderman Hatnery
kee . Bt. Paul railroad, may never run , for exposing the bribery. Instead -or fol
anothvT engine. Early this week he en- lowing the diplomacy of Mark Anthony in
countered a shower of hot cinders while out fore a hostllo audience, he followed the op
on the road with his engine. The cinders posltc course, and a liberal number of street
got In his eyes. He was taken to n spo-lcor employes, Including Fred Buchanan,
elallst and all cinders were removed, but manager of Ingersnll Park, applauded his
his eyesight has been falling him ever since course. It wan charged from the platform
and he 1 now at Mercy hospital In tills i by J. J. Hamilton that. Spurrier cou-se
Clty. 1 was for the purpose of exciting the resent-
Nhakeop la Nrnipaprra. ment of the audience In order to argue b' -
Des Moines' force of newspaper men is to fnro the courts that it is Impossible to get
bo shaken up. Oliver P. Newman, political a fair trial In Polk county of the accused
writer on the Dally News, has accepted tho officials r f the street railway. During S"m -
ifi'a- grocery
and TJeafi Parties
Fresh Frog Legs, extra large, per doz 15
Uneeda Biscuit, per pkg .3
Spring Chicken: i
per lb
Pork Chops,'
per lb ..... '. . .
Pork Loins, prr
Lamb Logs, jut
Sklnnod Hams,
por lb
Picnic Hams, per
Solid Packed Oyhters,
per quart
Pottawattamie cWn.
per ran
Great Puff Tobacco, 5c
size, 2 package
Yeat Koam, ,
per pkg 'I..'..
On Time Yraal.
per pkg. . i
FIks two 5c
Anchor Matches.
per pkg
All:c tans Potted ,
Meats, oach
Try our Central Flour, every sack warranted, Iff
per sack. Iilw
en Avenue Grocery..
20 pounds Cnne Sugar
Extra fine Potatoes, per. bushel
Extra fine large Onions, por peck....
White Turnips, per peck . . . ..15?
Extra fine Cabbage 5J
Squash 5
3 quarts fancy Cranberries; .25
Hand-picked Apples, per bu..45t
4 pounds best Japan Rice. . .2I
4 pounds Lima Beans. ..... .25
ti lbs. hand-picked Navy
Beans 25C
.1 pounds Prunes 25
Extra fancy Bananas, doz...5
4 cans best Atlantic Corn. . .25
2 cans 20c Salmon r-25
25c bottle Chow Chow or
Pickles ; 15,
All kinds Pancake Flour,
3 pkgs -25
All kinds Breakfast Food,
3 pkgs 25
4 pounds Ginger Squares, Soda or
Oyster Crackers 25
30c Broom 20
50c bottle Maple Syrup. . . . -25
All kinds of Flour, per sack , $1.05
Mcst Country Butler, per pound 23
Very fine Hams, per pound. . . . ' , . . . O Hi 0
We also carry a fine line of fresh vegetables at the lowest prices.
Give ns a trial order aud convince yourself. ' ' ' '
- D. Q. Kimball and Frank Wilson com
menced suit in the district court yesterdav
against J. T. Hamilton, the Chicago &
Northwestern railroad, Viola Wilson and
Bertha Kimball to replevin household (roods
valued at lo0 which the pluintiffs claimed
their property, and which. It Is alleged,
the defendants had shipped to Marshall
town, la. The plaintiffs hoped to Intercept
the goods en rout.
Yesterday morning a Gorman farmer
named Ixiwe, living near Mlneola, pre
sented himself In the office of the clerk of
the dim i let court for the purpose of llllnir
his application for naturalization papers.
Although a resident of the United Stales
for tlurieen years low Is unabie to speaK
the Krgllsh language, and as this la one
of the requlrementa under the new law, his
application was turned down.
.-.n. v .'niww, ivmums in un "l" ,j., . . 4 .11 n.i
part of the city, filed an information In " " " " '"pn p-
J notice Field's court yesterdav charging a ositlon was submitted to the people before
number of young lads with the larceny of and they refused to vote, the money, not-
heY wagon. The wagon was spirited away , ., ,
Halloween night and ud to date Mrs. Pack- bstandlng the fact that the Juries and
, . . low has boen uliabh to secure the slightest Judgn continually condemn the present Jail
f !t'T.'i".,.,f u' 'rnw nnmt" the boys charged ng ungaiUtarv and an unfu lace lo k
of toe th the offensa were not made public yes- i ...
teniay, as tliey were not under arrest. I """ ucmsn. luumj uuicmin are now in
ivjn-acre farm In So. Dakota, 4 miles from , fear lest the people again refus to vote the
it It. stations; 210 ac.rea in cultivation, nocexxary bonds.
position of editor of tho Sioux City Daily
News, which Is to be started In Sioux City
December 1. Ho wa formerly on the Wash
ington (D. C.) Post and other metrcp:l!tin
papers. Neal Jones, for some time police
reporter on the Dally News here, goes to
Fairfield, la., beginning next week, as ed
itor there of the F'a'rf.eld Tribune. A. D.
Pliable, Jr., teJegrapli editor on the Reg
ister and Lender, has be.en madn city ed
itor, and C. C. Nyo becomes special writer.
Paul Matthews of the Register and leader
goe to the News and Snow, police reporter
Of tho Capital, goes to Minneapolis to tak
a position on one of the papers there. Other
changes still are rumored.
Attempts Murder for Mrkrl.
On a West- Walnut street car today a
stranger attempted to murder CYnductnr
James Lewis Tor a nickel. Tin; stranger
paid a nickel fare, which the conductor gave
as change to the man Hitting by him, who
had paid him a dime. Later the st-auzer
demanded a nickel in change and would not
be pacified when the man nent declared It
was only a nickel, 'a fight .followed In
which the stranger drew a .knife and at
tempted to kill the conductor, and then
chased a negro from the car who had In
terfered. He was' left standing on the slde
wulk, having done no harm except to him
self and having smashed a glass door to
the car.
Feature of Election.
A feature of the election In this city for
nxt Tuesday 1 the question of vp'lng
Diamond Rlas romteat.
A beautiful diamond ling worth td will
. be given to the lady receiving tb largest
number of vote. On vot given with
very cent' worth of candy purchased at
our store. Purity Candy Kitchen, Mt. W.
Special for
Saturday Only
Ftrt Patent riocr, per sack. . .fl-00
Hand Picked Applea, per bu 45a
Good Apple, per pack loo
' Turnipa. per peck 10 jear's Popcorn, per peck.. .Xoo
t.ulk Oatmeal, ? pounds Baa
f -tb. .t'odnxh. i for..-.
p. st l.rd. two pounda gi
S-t Country Hut tor. S pound... is
Stiiotlv fresh Cuuuu y Kaga, i do.4ia
loua Honey, two coin'i ...SSc
Prick ChMe. pr pound lie
Cranberries, tlnc.e quart 3&0
Erly Ohio rotato, par bn. .":...(&
Bast Tea or Ooffa a the Xiowast
rn- ryta4ar UaaianUed.
balance pasture and In hay; can all le cut;
large H-ruoiu houe, large bam, criba and
granary, well and mill, deep black soil,
Ideal home. Price, twi per acre. Will take
Vi In other good property, ba).. Sl.oOO per
year; ulxo a buMnesx block, with large
barn, on corner, In good Neb. town, all
In fine condition; rents for t-'u per month;
will take wextern land. Addreas D. 8.
Kerr, 54 B'd'w'y, Co. Bluffs. 'Phone 417
and 4(4 Red.
The funeral of the lute Mr. Huldah
Stevens waa held yesterdav morning from
the residence of her- daughter, Mrs. Henry
Herman. 3ns Worth street, and burial wus
In Walnut Hill cemetery, the service being
conducted by Rev. O O. Smith, pastor of
tlie Firat Congregational church. Mrs. ,
. 'Stevens was born in New York state In ISIS
You can t afford to have your carpet and Bnd with her husband came to D-erah,
rug beaten In the old-faahlond way when la-, lu ltW. Mr. Stevun died twenty-five I
you can have then, thoroughly cleaned by t-J
our process at such moderate cost, without daughter In thl city. Mrs Herman and
Injury to the fine fabric. Bring down another daughter, Mia. f.rown of fcajetn.
lire., uro me umy puiiiviiif iitoiuuvi ui luv
Don't Know Sonrce of I-'unila
Ranker of Des Moines" who signed the
letter Which has D sent to policyhold
ers of the New York Life, concerning
which Auditor of State B. F. Carroll lia
started an Inquiry, say they do not know
. the source of the funds that are being
used to meet the expense of sending out
the letter. Light bankers of this city
signed the letter. It Is neld that under the
new New York laws the Insurance com
pany cannot legally take the money from
Its treasury- Some of the bankers who
ricr's speech he made serious charge
ugainst llamcry. Hamcry. being the Idol
of a big percentage of 'the uudirncc, tin
statements were resented. Frequent other
similar statements nearly caused a rough
house. When the resolutions were finally
put the chairman declared ht- was unable
to determine, utid the meeting brokp up in
Farmers Xorice!
-bushel corn crib $.1.5n. Loose grind -xtoncx,
per lb., lc. J. Zoller Merc. Co.
That . old frame Is beginning to look
shabby. Lot us put on a new one. We can
frame It right. Just to suit you and up-to-
date. Dorwkk, 11 So. Main.
Pictures for wedding
ander, ZZZ Broadway.
gifts. C. E. Ales
Council niulfs Ileal Instate Trnnatera.
These transfers were reported to The Bee
November - by tho- Pottawattamie County
Abstract company of Council Bluffs;
8. F. Melton and wife and C. O. llril
fiLli and wife to 8. F. and
nd Mrs.
and 11,
Kvcinro j.- Melton, lots 10 a
block 1 McClelland. ' la., w d 3.000
Paul F. . Skinner and wife to H. S.
Alexander, lot 1, block 1. Wilson's
Terrace Add. Council Bluffs, w d 2,250
Christian Nlcolal and wife to H. A.
Fehl, lots 1, 2 and 3, block 3, Han
cock, la., w d 1,000
John Skinkle and wife to M. J.
Naughton, lot 15, block L7, Beers'
Sub. Council HlufTx. w d
George 8. Wright and wife to Katie
Kraft, block IJi, except lots lti. 17
nnd IS, I'nyliss' Third Add, Council
liluffx. w d
Heirs of John J. Fearon to K. J. Gil
bert, lot 1, block Vi, Bryant & Clark's
Add, Council Bluffs, n w d
H. W. Binder and wife to William
Arnd, Iota 7 uud K. block 13, Omaha
Add, Council Bluffs, w d
John W. 1-aekey to Ruth Brlghtnian,
4 nei, ;il-n-a. q c d
Council BluffM Favlngs bunk to Lan
caster Savings lunik, lot lo, block 2T,
Mullin's Sub. Co.ineil Blufis, q c d..
John llaininer and wife to 11. G. Mc
tiee. lots 1 ami 2. block IS. Howard
Add, Council r.lntls, q c d
Total, ten transfers
Next Monday, November 6, new classes
will bo organized In the day and evening
school at the Western Iowa college. 'Phont
for information; both 'phones.
Orvis Market and Grocery
New Kraut, per quart 5
Orvis best Flour,
per sack
Navy beans.
0 lbs
per rt. .............. .
Soda and Oyster Crackers,
per lb
Good Butter,
per lb
per lb
per quart .
Good Coffee,
per lb
Round Steak,
per lb
Loin Steak.
per lb.
Porterhouse Steak,
per lb .v
Pork Sausage, link or
bulk, 3 lbs ,
Fresh Dressed Chickens,
per lb.
Pot Roast. .
per lb , . . . .
Boiling Beef,
per lb
Kiesli Supply of Fruit and Vegetable Received Every Morning.
If you want the best lights to be had
buy your burners and mantles at W. A
Maurer'a, Lindsay burner. complete. Too.
your laat winter' suit and let us maka It
look Ilka new. Co. Bluffs Cleaning and Rug
Factor y, 31 No. Main St.
thief Kalertalas Deputies.
Over MO boys, forming Chief Richmond's
fotxe of boy police Halloween night, as- j
sembled at police headquarters yesterday I
afternoon and wero regaled with . sppics j
and cuttf. The boys somi caused .the dl- '
atiparaiico of a whole barrel of apples and
more than buabrl of ruta. "orty of the
I young fellow who bad the distinction of
wearing star received a small stipend for
their services, white those whose liadge of
authority was designated by ' h - ribbon re
ceived the cordial thanks of the chief."
A. Mctsrar A- C.
New Location of Wholeaal nakery.
il( Mynster Stroet, Co. Blufts, la.
Home-mad Bread a Bpeclalty.
, Visitors Welcome.
Ball lao, Bd. . Indapandaat
fUoaa, 63.
. 132 VV. Broadway
C. CVBBIT1BS, rropiiator.
Woua ar H tml oa kot f .
' NVould you like to buy better wood and
mora of It for lea money T W aell
atov lengtha and chunks. Mlaaouii oak
mood at II iO a rick. This la a bargain.
Bridenstein Bmlth, 14th Ave and fia
Kt. Tel. II-'.
tutiraar bravery Kneeiala.
Duets, per lb., l"c; 9v can egg plums,
1-''e; 2oo cun grct-n gjge plumi,, l'c; in
cau Harilctt rKarv. l-lj-: ran mblc-
pt-.tch-. fig. W r k . 1' and Sc; i
ck 'J as'PKM, li'r. ' ti i.
Ikui't mis aeelng th wonderful Cole's
ci.lcUed st.l hot blaat range. It' made
heavier, made better, doaa a wldsr rang
of work, does it better, daes It wl'h las
expense, than any other range. Don't fail
to . ccniie and Investigate this wonderful
range. Paddock & Handschey Hardware'
Co., the beat place to buy stoves.
You get tha lowest price, easiest teraiA
and baat guarantee on your piano when
purchased at A. Uoape Co., 2i South iluln
St., Council BluRa.
t.uHtm M'eddlaa: Celebrated.
t'KDAIt KAIXS, la.. Nov. t trfpcciul
Telegram.) 0r t,' prominent cltlsen
todiiy celebrated the golden wedding of Mr.
und Air. Moses W. b'awyer, rvaidenta of
C' Falls fclnce lw'j'. lie Is a successful
btinints nun.
-.- Sl.piiaJI hroi. f..i the l;i:ti .,
iMtntj uuriifr. iv . Hi-.a (, jj,
Both 'Phones 251.
620 Wsst Broadway.
Oilman's Gold Medal Flour $1.00
Meadow Geld Flour 05c
20'lba. pure Cane Sugar.. $1.00
Dried Peas, 8 lbs 250
Japan Rice, 6 lba 25
Bebt Sardines, per can 3
15c can Salmon,-2 for 15
Peas, 4 cans.... "ZZtC
Pottawattamie Corn, 4 can8.25cs
Tea Siftings, 1 -lb. pkg JOc
Zetst, per pkg 75c
Egg-O-See, per pkg 7Hc
Malta Vita, per pkg. ...... 7 i
3 lbH. good Iird 23k
Seedleag Ralblns, per lb....7ics
H.'at-'EmAU Soap, 10 burs..23
Ix-nnox Soap, 10 bars. .' 25
A. FniEDClAN. Prop.
The greatest heatera
in the world
Guaranteed (or any (19
.50 Rl'BY OAK
Handsome, stiong, large
soft coal beater. . .
Extra quality and good (9 OC
size cut to $duO
None better made &9 1 OC
last a liretlme JdlaOJ
with high closet . aq r A
reduced to. ... . f&CfOV
No. 8 with all 1m-, tfQ nr
piovement JI3
v Nickel trimmed has TA
acrew draft damper. . . .vOawVI
Stoves and Ranges Sold on Eaay Payments.
Opn Saturday Kvaalng,