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wbegt Ei:d h to H'spotd to
Eu' i flaeacrs.
Receipts Light and Reports tons, of
0"nit lis Dry Weather la Ar-'!-Talk
of Mill
fthaltlngr Down.
OMAHA. Nov. 2, im.
I Wheat news was bullish, but the mm ket
M i. --a to respond, rut any at the mail, it
-,nd unul prices were 'c lower, una
linn reacted (o me opening. L,iveiptiul ca
bins snowed an advance unci lepurts of
(Jitii.Ric liy dry weather caino fiutn Aigen
tin. ilcielpts wne Mtiall and cnii d--n.and
goou, h number nt sale being ie
potted 10 li e mliia. Export ormtnu iu
il large uh it might nave been.
A aire Horn Minneapolis said some of
ine imis were niwul lo be closed duvsn,
inc Mm un ri.'i'ojiii r
ior uour anu ntner necausa thev
get wheal. Home reports came from the
I'HKomn saying wheat In shock bad been
Injured by wet weather.
As ban been the iiHual thing lalelj. there,
was vcty Mule trade in coin, and what
business wss done was on a lower basin,
though the market) firmed up a little at
tl close. The weather waa generally fn
vnrHble am receipts were a mile larger.
Export (Ipmaml Is reported hIow. Eleva'.or
companies report good acceptances of new
The Modern Miller will say today: "De
lay In the seeding of wlntor wheat beeaune
of too much rain Is reported from many
localities and In a few dates the acreare
will bo probably fmaller than last
The agricultural commissioner for Tennes-
er market was steady; creameries. l!ft
-'ie; Onirics, lgtV.T. . Kay, firm: at mark,
cnnna Included. S'qc' first. 23c. prime
t.rsts. 24V; extras, fir. "heese. steady.
Iftrkct ii Actirs an. Priost Bin Bfatrplj
Early in Day.
Quotations of the Df on
NBW YORK. Nov. 2 -FTOUR- Receipt".
11340 bbls . ; exports. 7,74? bbls.; sales. 72.8
Pkgs.; market nnn. with T)r uitinnj;
w.nter patents. $3.710 4 00; winter straights,
$3 uiKtfli.fio; Minnesota patents. $4.1.Vu4..1o:
winter extras. $2.9iiif3.1fl; Minnesota bakers.
VI 4iKf(3.Si; winter low grades, i.i..l . Hys
"our, firm; fair to good. p.1y-3.n; choice
to fair, $3 AVpi 10. Bttckwheet (lour, barely
steady, $2 26 h 2.35, snot and to arrive.
Ul. CKM HEAT Kteadv, ' -s lr I"10
('OkNiU IT i I rt..M . A... a hll and vel.
low. l..'uai.:,,', 1 luini.i.: ..tin dried. ! NEW YORK, Nov. t The aflvanca In
t-75. (stocks was stimulated at first by the In-
Ureal Kartaera Preferred la Biol Vp
Orer Sine Points by Inr.vered
Shorts 4" lose Is Easy
ad Lower.
RYE Firm' lr aav a rwl tat WUhfH'.
delivered New York.
BA RLE Y Steady; feeding. 434T44C. c. t. f.
New York.
W HEAT Receipts. 79.000 bu.: exports,
188.020 bu.; sales, 2,JjO,0f) bu. future. The
stxit market wa eajv; No. 2 red, S2H0
levator and 8.(He f. o. n. afloat; No.
crease In the Pennsylvania dividend, was
continued today on an Increased volume
of business. There wss evidence to Indi
cate large buying by an uncovered short
Interest and this wag particularly urgent
In the stocks which roe- most sharply. It
manifested luelf first In the Hill stocks
In the f4 Jump In Orat Northern preferred
and b"4 in Northern Facitic
No news was
o. h. afloat: No. 1
Northern Tiil.nK fik7 a k afln.l Va
: tim-H wintA oos! V nAn . I f orthciwnins- to exnlAfn the violent rise In
f luck of dem!ll ,or " br",f oP"nlnn advance due to steady works Hnd it ws (teneraUy attributed
us they cuulll not f waa less re.ponslva to bullish to he neere of n incttut h.rt
iniiuenres louay. i lecemner snorts snowing "" ' .T ..TLi
that option to break c a bushel and Iste stocks owing to the small floating supply
positions were affected by realizing roles. " Uia market. The same influence was
fc included No. 3 red. Mav, MVattMic, Cf'a""l with the aggreeslve advance In
closed at s4c; December. R3S'a81', closed
CORN Receipts. 16,060 bu.; exports.
SS.790 bu.: sales, 25,000 bu. Spot, No. 2. Wo
elevator and 5To f. o. b. afloat; No. 2
yellow. 56V-; No. 2 white. 66c. The option
market was ifaa, higher In New York
on covering of shorts, but at the west ruled
easy under talk of increased reoe'pls.
May closed at 6oc, December. WV4637c,
closed at u3Te.
Resdina. The only news tvgnrdlng that
slock waa the report of net earnings for
Soptember, which showed a falling oft from
tJeoterr.ber of last year both for the cool
company and the railroad company, the de
crease for all companies reaching (27,16!,
or 23 per cent.
The fact bucame obvious that there has
been a large amount of short selling In the
market. basel on the assumption that a
J period of unsottlement and depression was
1WW ivxi francs; treasury deposits. Increase,
1 S . m.ovt francs; general denoslls, lncreae,
ZSfiA"1) francs; gold In hand, decrease,
l.9?Z.f$ francs; silver In hand, decrease. 13, francs; bills discounted. Increase,
..Ofio francs; advances, increase, 1.067,
ooo francs.
New York Slower Market.
NEW YORK. Nor. 1-MONET-On call,
firm, 4J7 per cent; ruling rste. per cent;
closing bid. t per cent; offered et I per
cent. Time loans, stronger; sixty and
ninety days, 7 per cent; sis months, t per
per rent.
actual business In bankers' bills at M 8670
64 RS75 for demand snd at 14 803fyf4 J040 fnr
sixty-day bills; posted rates, MSI and
14 SH: commercial bills, 14 Soli.
Mexican doiiara,
Ctttl Chow Little Chanr u Ooaptred
with Ysiterday.
Liberal Receipts of tbeeo aad La sabs,
with Prlees oa Most Kloae
frern Steady to Teat to
Flfteea Lower.
n..a 1 Rrelpt were:
rauroaa. Offliiai Mnndiv
jastn ,ls. M seriw.. rft official Krlday Ll lioiw)
do 4 ctt I ,
tl u'JXH H ' ",v d thli week....JS.157 24.060 77 9!S
v.n a Ja loos ' Pame days last week....1S.ui U.TJ0 il.CM
ae renortM eellr,e- ,luluu., . .nnntv, ..J WilAW-.r; CllDDed white. 3 to 40 lbs.. ijSI 43f
that only 57 per cent of the acreage in that I JrEEI Steady ; spring bran. $22.'K, prompt
state has so far been sown The Kentucky shlnment: middllnga, $23.00. prompt shlp
commlsytnner eHtlmates that the ncrege I lr'I,n., t ,
In that atate when seeding is completed will i 79,,,et: "hipping. 0c; good to choice,
Im. Rf. of what It wax last vear." i i,! ?
Dennis looks nt the wheat market this i .. "-'r r,asy ; state, common to cnoice,
wny: I think the speculator arid short
OATS Fieceints iTR.Tfln hii exnorts 1 6il ' certain to Intervene before the election.
rin-: spot market, firm: mixed oats. 26 to which would afford n opportunity to coyer
32 lbs.. 38c: natural white. SO to 33 lb... "hurts at a profit. There was an extent) ye
weakness of their position being aggravated
by the sympathetic effect on the general
seller might as el wipe the spring wheat
crop off of his map. The durum will be ex
ported unil the spring wheat mills can never
in any prcbablllty let the spring wheat be
come n drug for one minute. He will take
It as It comes and be glad to get It. redlin
ing the premiums whenever he la nb!e. But
he will not let It get away from him. It Is
golne to be a cae of the tall wagging the
lias;. 2li24c: 1906. Mi 10c: Pacific const-
lirfiISc; iu. lift 13c.
HIDEH-Steady; Galveston, 20 to 26 lbs.,
-'0c; California, 21 to .'i lbs., 21c; Texas
dry, 24 to :io lbs.. Iflc.
LEA TITER Steady; acid, 272Sc.
PROVISIONS Ht-er. firm: uiiuly, $12.60
613.00; mess, 88.OMiS.00; beef hams. III.OM
2.100; packet. 10 yKtfll.OO; city, extra India
mess. lll.60fi-2O0O Put meats, steady:
pickled bellies, $10. 26Ti 12.50: pickled hams.
.. Pprlnt wheat will advance and pull "Sm"' Sm'sT. 'JST nrlm""
v Inter wheat f th. winter wheat won't I ST- If J? TLZ''" ll'.
ailvanre of Itself, which It will very likely
Primary wliea rerelnts were !2.0i bush
els snd shipments 64,000 bushels, agalnsi:
reeelpte lur'. yer of 1.169,000 bushels nnd
snipnients of 513.000 bushHs. Corn receipts
$0.0;fi.70: refined, steady, continent. $10 00:
South America, $10.76; compound, $7.87V5f
8.124. Pork, steady; family, $1B 0Oifrn9.h0;
short clear, $17,00118.60: mess. $18.00518.75.
TALLOW-Strong; (city $2.00 per pkg.),
c; country, (pkgs. free!. eQflc.
Bl I TKle-Stmdy: street price, ex-
were 44f.0fK) bushels and shipments 4til. tp" ' ; rvmLV VhcI. - , Jt., "
hhei. nrxin.t r..ini. tt v,- of ! tr" creamery. 2ic. Offlcla I pricea: Cream-
bushels, agoinst receipts last yenr of 428. 0"0
bushels and shipments of K.VOuO bushels.
Clearsnces wi re 440.fK-O bushels of wheat,
142.0UO bushel of corn. 2.0'fl bushels of oats,
and flour and wheat emnl to STiMiOO bushels.
Liverpool d"sed -'fiV.d higher on wheat
and ttnehentred to lid hleher oh corn.
Local rtinge of options:
Articles. I Open. I Hlsh.l Loa-. I Close. I Tery
Wheat' I 1 I
Dec. ... 67,! rrrtii f,7'4'
May... I 71 71' 1V,V
Torn I i ' 1
Dec... I 377 I ns I 37341
May...' 3SV SS'-i1 38V4I
lfs '111
Pec.... 1 1 1 1
M:iy... ' ! I
71 i1
88 I
Omiks '".isli Prices. J
WHEAT No ! hard. ig9e: No. 8 hard, i
WftWc; No. 4 hard. tCriS7c; No. 3 spring, tn
ery. common to extra, 19fi26!c; held, sec
onds to extra. 21ifi2tic: state dairy, common
to fancy, 19i26Hc; renovated, common to
extra, UHfi22c; western factory, common to
first, 164124:; western Imitation firsts, 20V4
CHEESE Quiet; state full creams,
small September, fancy, 13',c; state 'Oc
tober beat, 12c; state fair to good, 12V4c;
state large September fancy. 13'e; stale
fair to good, 12S 12Hc; state Inferior, lv3
lle; skims. SfclO-c.
KOG8 Firm: state, Pennsylvania and
nearby fancy selected whites, 35c; state
choice, 3:ifl4c: state mixed extras. 30c:
"jii ! western firsts. 26fa27c; official price, 25Q2c;
- , seconds, 2.w;-24c.
niu. 1 POULTRY Live, steady: western chick
s' ens. 104c: fowls. 10c: turkeys, 14-.
i Dressed, irregular; western chickens, Wfcit
M. Loils (ienersl Market.
I ST. IX5UIS. Nov. i. WHEAT Weak;
1 track, xso. X red, cash, 7&t) n'c; no. 2 hard,
.. .... 1 1 rr , .2L r I taramhsr Til'.r ivlax- ..tL-r ,
CORN-No. T WW, No. 8 yellow, 404c; . Viw v- vi:2-L- V. " J ' ' ,
OAV8bNo: mlxed. 80;. No. i sl A.?"?1 '
'v-V 30V3,C- ! clvTS-hrmlk4'. 2 cash, 83c; j
RYE-No. i9c; No. 3. Me. , No. 3 wnUe 3jic; December, $3t33!4c;
Kansas City
Minneapolis ,
liuluth '.
fct. Ixiuis
1 onui iitceipta
Wheat. Cor'i-. Oats
Mrv 4.e
I-'LOL'R Steady; red winter patents. $3.86
&'; extra fancy and straight, $3.Stt32.d0;
a cleur, $2.Wi2.90.
PEED Timiitbv. steadv: $3.2ii"S3.7o.
41 CORNMEAI Weak, $2.40.
BRAN Strong; sucked, east track, K'J
122 4c.
1 HAY Steady; timothy. $18.00917.00; prai
PROVlIO1 t rie, $10.00S13.00.
PROVISIONS Pork, lower; Jobbing, $18.91.
steady; boxed extra shorts.
ra, iu.l.'Vt-
Features of the Trading; tail lloalnut
Prices 011 Hoard of Trade. !
CHICAGO. Nov. 1-Llnuidatlon by local Lard, higher; prime steam. $9.07
holders caused moderate weakness loaay in j "i., "'i?; "
..... in..i hr.i nmrui tli 1 .-, e ni I ier de- f'.'.OiH clear Tlba, $9.25; short clcn
llvei-- tioslnic at a net loss of -Mr Corn Bacon, steady: boxed extt-a shorts I10.S7V
. .,1. ,j elaa e r-1 r si Kill F 1 1 m Ii frT tflaaf Sill If j 1
was down Miffinc. uan eiv a euuue w"r",.V7St,S --; -
higher. Provisions were IVilU'ic to 2 POL 1.1 RY-Kirm; chickens 8c; springs
l"w"r. : 1,,vc; turkeys. 12c; dinks, 8i9c: geese, i'lf
Sentiment In the wheat pit at .the opening "TJ;.----was
in. -lined to the buying side and trad- Ml; l i r.K oirauy
I,.-- u-ua netive. The factors for higher uulry. 18i22c.
,i w were rtrrn cables, sm.ill leceluts In EG
lh noi ihweH and a decrease In the Ar- '
1., .l,imr.l frntn tslCIHlO bllHhels list lour, DUIS.
week to W:.uo bushels. Crop advices from Wheat, bu
Amentlna were a ao of a lnilllsh character. "
one reoort claiming that the crop In cer- Oats,
EGOS Firm. 23c.
Am. ration Oil pfd -.-
Am. Kxpress
Am. H. U pM
Amaricso Ice
Am. Llnneed Oil
Am. Unaese Oil pfd...
Am. IjocomottT
Am. LwomotlTS pM...
Am. 8 A R
Am. 8. It. pf'i
Am. Suaar Refining. ...
Am. Tnbaeen ptd etfi.
AiiKoanda Mining Co..
AtrhlaOQ ptd
Atlantic Coast Una....
tUltlmora ar nhto
Bal. a- Ohio ptd
nrooklrn Rapid Tr ...
ranidlan Paptflo
case count. 1 Central of N. J
Receipts. Shipments. ; rhrweake at Ohio
... .a . , i rki.... n. w
1 1 ,v- ".I
list In the PemiMvlvanla dividend. That
stoc-k was still alive today, but It was held
back from a further advance over yester
day's high level bv free pront-taklng. The
Pennsylvania railroad net earnings for Sep
tember were also published and showed thnt
the Increase In gross earnings had been
practically eaten up by the growth In
operating expenses. There were some
further conferences between railroad offi
cers and railroad employes over the ques
tion of Increases In wages and reduction
of working hours, but sentiment In the
stock market was not affected and there
was a growth of assurance that a settle
ment would b effected without an Interrup
tion of profitable activity.
The course of the call loan market did
not Interrupt the Improvement in pricea of
slocks In spite of trie prospect of a poor
bank statement tomorrow. The euhtreaaury
had taken from the bunks un to Thursrtsy
night $3,736 00, and trustworthy estimates
of the movement of currency to the Interior
Indicated a further loss on that account
sufficient to bring the total decrease to
nearly $7,li0.000. The shifting of accounts
Incident to the November settlements would
tend to expand the loan account. There
has been a general supposition also that
the decrease in loans reported last week
was not a true reflection of the actual
course of that Item snd that a rectification
in this week's statement would be likely
to work an expansion In the Item. Foreign
discounts rose today and the Rank of
France and the Imperial Bank of Germany
reported a considerable Impairment of con
dition, both by decrease of reserve and in
crease of liabilities. The result was a
strong foreign exchange market here, the
hlp-her money rate abroad prompting the
withholding of finance bills this mar.
ket, while the demand for remittance from
here waa quite active.
Professional profit-taking on the day s
advance became general under cover of the
latter stages of the advance In Reading and
the market closed easier- and materially
lower than the highest prices of the day.
Bonds were steady. Total sales, par vnlue,
$2.7M.0M). I'nlted States 3a advanced M per
cent on call.
Quotations on the New Tork Stock ex
change today were aa ronows:
sales, nigs- -"?
Adams Express
Amalgamated Popper
Am. r
Am. r. r. pM.
a r-...... nil
t7.1M ll!H 114
1.5O0 4H 44
lnl Km. 101 4
100 U'i U
'"in 'ji H
l.ioo iii til
"'fie in M
4,00 74H 74
ii!ii iitii im'4
4M 111 11
.K M4 - 1M4
creamery, 2127V4c;
ll.soo t: tioii 1714
, 4.100 1oi mil, ion.
toe ioi iofv ioo
00 1S7 17 1M
, t.too m ii "'4 it'4
:oo ti tl o4
, l.aoo 111.
. 1.400 17t
SILVER - Br. 70'e
BONDS Government, firm;
""y. .... .. Ofliclal Turtd.v
Vluoisnons on bond! today were as Ml- official Wednesday
lows: UisiH.i t ...... j...
11 a 4 ! injlxlf.... a. aa evti i , ... , : r ' j
ia eovpos Ioih
U. 8. t. ret 1H
V. 8. old 4a. rat tit
do coupon lot
V 8. a 4a,- rci in
da coupes IBs
Am. Tobacco 4a 71
do la 110
Atchison an. 4a 101
do ad). 4 IIU
Atlantic C. U 4a U
Bal. Ohio 4a 101
do H
nrs. r. t. e. 4a m
Central sf Oa. la 11114
da lot In 99
do td Ina 71
do Id tnr 78
chea. 4V Ohio 44a...lotit
rhlraso a A. mi 7
C, B Q. n. 4a S St. la 8. W. t. 4a
C. R. I. P. 4a.... 7714 Seaboard A. la 4t
do col. ( tt 8o. PaclAo 4a
err. St. L. . 41.102141 do lat 4a ctfi...
Coin. Ind. la. ser. A. TM As. Rallwar ta
8OUTH OMAHA. Nov. 2, 1".
Catlle. Hogs. Shetp.
.. 9.1U6 2,727 li b O
.. 8.4T8 8.040
.. 6.018
Melson rish - P
r- 8 t o
M 4H
IS Steers. 4 30 12 steers.
7 cows li IH $ feeders.
Hons Hons opened up tins
strong to 6c higher on the more deslratile
klnda of both heavy and light weights, but
the. trade a as not active st the advance.
Hesvv and heavy trlxed hogs sold largely
around OOmi.06, with the lighter tinned
and medium weights at $fl 06'(i-i 16, and the
best light from ti loftf 22H. with a top st
$8.27. The strength shown by the mar
ket yesterday, together with the improve
ment todsv, wipes out a portion of the de
cline on Tuesday snd Wednesday, leaving
the market today only a shade to lie lower
than It was at the close of lsst week.
At the time of closing this report the feel
ing on the msrket wss very weak and a
large proportion of the morning's advance
Max. Central 4a
do 1st tnr
Minn. A St. L
M. , K. T. 4a.
do la
N. R. It. of M. I
N T. C. (. I4.
M J. C. t
No. FarISc 4a....
do ta
o. s. la rfdg. 4a tM, heep
Pna. eon. 4s HH
Reading ten. 4a I
8t. U A I M e. 4e . 11114 Omaha.
81. ta 8 F. ft. 4s W't t.h,,.
. chains iwo weeks ago 3o.7. ivi.'.in
. jv name tnree weeks ago.. ill. 9.7 Z1.3S-J 87.o4
. Same four weeks ago. . .30,470 21.i60 119. nil
. name aays last year 35.MI0 ZtS.isi 84.7,0
The following table shows the receipts of
cattle, hogs and sheep at South Omaha for
the year to date, compared with last year:
19o. l!4i. inc.
874 471 8il.;;.'7 26.144
2,115.2. l.W.t.6i 171.599
1.824.724 1,619.117$ 174,Jal
KAMOxu OF fttlClwi.
Cattle. He:
Il.Mlft-00 $Ju.22Mi
4i. nit
73 1 V. '
was lost.
Kepreesentatlve sales:
Ms ' 8k. PT. Na Aa. 8k. Pe.
44 l ... I 7 7 510 ... t It
tl 141 N I H 10 fM ft I It
17 171 ... I to Jo M t 10
'lit JM ... It t IM 110 t US
tl Ml 15S 4 On 71 Ill ... tllS
14 tU M I to 14 Ml IfO t US
117 141 40 t M'4 10 M7 10 t US
41 lit 1X0 I l ...... JM ... IKS
47 1J4 ... t Ml 11 tx4 KO 11
II. ...... t ... td 7t !l 110 til
"... ...0 IM l 71 M to I II
61 174 l IS 44 J7 120 t I
t7 ! 110 t 08 tt rtt H III
M 144 M IN 17 117 ... I It
III IH MS I Ot 44 J-,5 1(1 lit
M .-7.1 40 t OS U MO t 11
ta ... t ot 7r. 111 40 t to
t r3 tt I 09 71 147 40 I t"
M 170 ... t 07S t ;t ... t 1"
4 HI IM t 07't II Ut 40 I 10
M I4 ... t 07S 11 HI 40 t t
II 147 180 I 10 tl IV S40 t I2S
to ?4,1 ... t it ti in ... t lis
of American: receipts. 39i0 bales, Inciud
Inf .9i) beles of American.
Colorado Mid. 4a.
Colo. A So. 4a..,.
Cuba ta
I). A R. O. 4a...
niatlllers 8ec Is
Brie p. I. 4a
da a en. 4a
Horklns Val. 4S..r.loS
Japan ta ....
LAN. nnl.
. M
. M
Teiaa A P. la lit
T.. St. U A W. 4... n4
Cnlon Pacini- 4a lots
V 8. tkeel id ll S
Wh.h e Ill
do deb. H 10
Weafern Md. 44 t
W. A L. K. 4a 80
... S Win. Ceatral 4a to.
101 '
Boatoa Storks and Bonala.
BOSTON, Nov. 2 Call loans. Evtfi per
cer.l; lltna loans, SSCSH per cent. Official
tjutlations on stocks and bonds were:
Atrhleon adj. 4a t
do 4i Ifi'a
Mex. Central 4a.
do ptd I00
Boston A Albany tit
Rsaton A Malua Ite
flmton Elevated Ill
Kltchhurg ptd IH
Mex. Central Ky
N. Y., N. H. A II. ..IM
fere Marotietla ..... c
Vnlon Pacino IM
Am. A. Cbem. p'd.... IIS
Amer. Pneo. Tube.... it
Amer. Sugar IMa
do pfd HI
Amer. T. A T IM
Amer. Woolen tt
do pfd IM
Dominion I. A 8 las
Kdiion Rlec. Illu las
Maaa. Rlartrle II
do pfd ta
Maaa. Gal 9
I'nlted Fruit lots
t'nited 8 hoe Mark.... 71
do pfd fH
I'. 8. Steel 41
do pfd IMS
Adventure Is
Allotiea Il
Amalfamated HIS
Atlantic Its
Bid. Asked.
( al. A Hecla....
Copper Range ...
naif weet
I1I0 Rorala ......
Maaa. Mining ...
Mnnt. C. AC...
Old rtomlnloa ...
t'nited Copper ..
V. 8. Mining
V. 8. Oil
Nartb Butte ....
Butte Coalition .
f'al. A Artiona..
T ec u mean
Arizona Com ....
Greene Cn
Kansaa Cltv
St. Iuls ....
Sioux City ..
1.U l. 'to
... 8..0Hlti.i&
... i oi-n .9'
6. iu.2i'V
6 xi'ii 40
cattle Quotations.
Good to choice corn-led steers. .. $5.ivf.
ralr to -good corn-fed steers b.aWuo.80
t-ommon to tair corn-fed steers.... 4."u76
Good to choice range steers 4.6t&.60
lr to good range steers 4.ouw4.7o
Common to fai,- range sleets S buw4.l
Oood grass cows and heifers S.26i4.'W
ralr to good cows and heltets 2to0-'
Common to fair cows and heifers.. LSf-'nH-
Uood choice Blockers and feeders.. .4j04'I.M)
Fair to good stockers and reers.. tXMA.
Common to fair stockers 2.75j3.2i
Bulls, stags, eto 4. (8r Otf
'fh following table shows the aveiags
Price of hogs at South Omaha for tba laat
several days, with comparison;
E- I l$o$. 11906. 11804. 19U.1U. 11901. 190O.
$ OosJ 4 94
- 80S
' i!1 Oct. 26...I I 12U.
: J, ct-
. S tct. 28.
. 114, Oct.
. US Oct. 30.
. i-a wua. i...r a
I Nov. !...( 16
. IS
. 87 S IC. M. 4V St. P...
- 4S I Missouri Pacific
12.. I Cnlon Pacific system
lT,4 I C. A N. W. Mil
6 01 6 20 I 71 061 4 48
4 941 ( 08' t 25 I $ 00 4 68
4 88 t 01 6 IS, ( 62 I 4 64
4 921 4 861 6 08 8 61, 89i
I 4 Hxi 4 7I a 61 ' 6 8I1 4 oi
4 83 8 69 6 72. 4 50
4 A 4 92 4 981 6 till 6 67 4 47
4 M 4 04 6 6ti 3 u 4 vi
4 90 4 84 6 00! 5 73 4 0
The official number of cars of stock
brought In today by each road was:
cattle. Hogs. Hhe'p. Il l s.
f ' a vr IS .
, C, St. P.. M. & O....
ti4S . c - B- Q cast
x? l i 01 W-i weal
v., it. 1. ec f., east....
C. R. 1. P., went..
Illinois Central
. 11
. US
. I'S
. It
Lasdas Closing; Stocks.
LONDON, Nov. 2. Closing quotations on
the Stock exchange were:
Console, money ... H1-1I K., K. A T
do account SOS
Anacoada 12S
Atchison 104s
do pfd 104 S
Baltimore A Ohio.
Canadian Pacific ..
Chea. A Ohio
Chlraio Ot. W
C. M. A St. P....
D. A R. O
do pfd
da let pfd
do id pfd
Illinois Central
Loul.v'.lle A Nh
IN. Y. Central.
Norfolk AW..
do pfd
Ontario AW..
.122S Pennsylvania .
..lSoaalKaad Mines ..
.. l' Readlns ,
.. II 8o. Railway ..
,.17l do pfd
.. 80S 8o. Pacific ....
.. 41sifiilon Pacific
.. MSI do pfd
.. 4SS;V. 8. Steel....
.. 7IS t" Pfd
.. 19 Wabaxh
..171 do pfd
. US
. MS
. la
. 4S
. 74 S
. t
. 71S
. S
. tl
. us
Totals 163 61 78 2
The disposition of the day's receipts u
as follows, each buyer purchasing the num
ber of head Indicated:
Cattle. Hors. Sheen.
vjmana racking 00
Swift and Company
Cudahy Packing Co
Armour & Co
Cudahy, Kansaa City...
Van Sant & Co
Carey fc Benton
Lobman A Co
McCreary & Carey
W. I. Stephen
Hill 4V Son
F. P. Lewis
1JS Hamilton 4V Hothschild
7 1 L. F. Husx
io55f 1 Wolf
'L? ! J. H. Bulla '
J, ; J. B. Root & Co
tiH 1: 11. ingnram
.147U Rnaatah 4a
an et. 82 ll-16d per ounce, nuiuvan uroa
MONKY-SMila rMr cent IV. A. Britton
The .rate of discount in tha open market ' Krey Packing Co
for short bills Is 8 per cent; for three ' Armour, from Denver..
inonms diiis, b '' per cent. vmef uuycri .
421 297 fltO
716 1,260 1,811
776 1.5o2 718
6)xl l.v3 2,210
622 .... 8.400
7S to4
1744 '7
. . 75,l)
.. 78,0110
. .122.0IAI
t.iin provinces Is because or
an absence of rain. This news cuused con- ,
Minneapolis Cirnln Market.
ideruble buving by pit traders during thai MINNEAPOLIS. Nov. 2i FLOCR ! irt
tlrct half fiour. Tne market gradually patents. $4.2o(4.30; second patents. 1 OCrf
eased off and late In the day became, quite 4.15: first clears, $3.2fi3.36; second clears,
weak. A feature of the late trading, how- 2.40i??.fiO.
ever, wua the realising sales by locul hold- BRAN In bulk, $15.759a6.00.
ers, who were induced lo sen oy a orena
In orlces of wheal at Minneapolis. The
close wss weak
to Vc higher at
7oc and declined
were at 74Vc.
1 ' .M.I ! rhlrieo Gt. W
52'llfifl ! Chi-ao A N. W
ijl ftmi l Chlcaso. Mil. A 8t, P
Milan I '""go T T
S0-UU) Chicago T. A T. pfd
: C.. l. C. A Bt. L
Colorado V. A I
Colorado A 8o
Colo. A Bo. let pfd
Colo. A 8o. !d pfd
Conaolidiied Uaa
Cnro Products, rfg .-.
Corn Products pfd. rfg
Djlewara A Hudson
W J...
7.100 s.iS
100 I7
17.000 1US
ra,,a.rt. riiftr r.r TrmAtk nnntntlnna fnr . Ilelaware. 1 A
. December opened a shade win.anii. nlt rhlcaao delivervi. Tha ! Denver A R. O
74u to 74' ioc, aold up to ,.-. riricet as reDorted by F D. Day PAR. C. pfd
to 74Sc Closing quotation. nl0"drtrTrade, was: . tn.tiller.' 8e,urul ..
rUflruncz-fl of wneat and i . Erto
too n
too in
no 7KS
1.IT0 tlS 't
too US &0
171 171V
17 S
i:ms in
none ware enual to tas0.200 bushels. Ex. . ..i.i m.i, l i i cv.. I v i Krle lat pfd
Vo the week as ahown by Brad- ) , ........ , Bn. id pfd-..
. -I i i cnniun a,..t,.i. ; ucnermi iv.crirn
sireeis were rituiu iu t.-r.vw -i Wheat I I
niary receipts were jrk.iw ousneia, coin- i nec....7'
Flax I j
Dec... 1 12H
Nov. ..I 1 144j
May... I 1 Utel
I 100
pared with 1.169.000 bushels for the corre
sponding day one year ago. Minneapolis,
liuluth and Chicago reported receipts of
600 caj-s. against AM car last week and 86?
cars one year ago.
Trading In the corn pit was quiet and
the tony of the market was steady. The
weather waa favorable for tha movement
76 j
80 '-si
1 13'ii
1 15s
1 lS-Ja.
1 12V1
1 14VI
l it',;
1 V, 1 llH
1 1S.J, 1 14J,
1 Wt
Hocking Vallev. ottered.
T)3 Illlnola Central
ntemationai Paper
tOO 174
Calumet A
Centennlsl ....
Copper Rsnge
Dally Weat ...
East Bulla ....
Greene Coppar
Isle Royal
Boston Copper Market Totals 4,739 6.082 13.734
-l r ....... t . i LA I 1 Lh Kara nil nf r-a 1 1 In war. verv
.iuBiiia ijuviaiiuns on fiosiun copper mar- iik.-ui . - T. . ,
ket, reported by Logan A BryanT 2 Board 'J?""! Friday, Its cars being re-
of Trade building. Omaha: J". , The m,rkt whole was In
IS Michigan IIS J wjiumou, cunaiuenng lull 11
MS Mobswk : was Friday, when the demand Is never ex
it Nevada consolidated. s pcc!d to be as brisk as earlier in the
IIS North Bute 114s ' ""-'a-
lo oid Dominion us ' There seemed to be a good demand for
.ttSOeneola IMS 'desirable kinds Of fed steers at nrlcea not
SiHPneu. Service n .materially dinerent from vesterue.v. Tha
! I common to merilum graues, however, were
slow sale and. If anwhing, a little weak.
"ill ! ('0,vs nd heifers have not been In very
' lis lar' supply any time this week and pack
!!loiis " cn ahorl of that kind ol cattle.
. l.'-s t'nited siatas, com., us I 1 r,""ult was that this morning In spite
. z&st nitcd states, pfd... i' u in tact mat it was a rTlday the were
. list'tah Consolidated 7s free buyers of all desirable kinds ai fully
so steauy prices, some sellers. In fact, thought
IS ; they secured strong prices aa compared
tiv I with yesterday On the other hand, there
' were weak spots In the market and selien
! who did not happen to have Just what
wouia taxe a Duyer s fancy found the mar-
Black Mountain ...
Boston Consolldsted
Butte Coalition ...
Calumet A ArlKona..l4t Pneu. Service, pfd
..i Qutncy
. 11 Bhannoe
. IIS Tamarack
. .1S Trinity
lostrlted Fruit
SHEEP Receipts of sheep wsre quite lib-
ersl at this point, the run here being
larger than at all other points combined.
As has been noted before this week, pack
ers have hern feeling that they were p.iy
Ing too much for sheep and lambs at this
point as compared with other msrkets.
Still, In spite of that fact, they were forced
to pay the prlees on account of the small
supply of stiltuble killers. Instead of sell
ing lower the market during the first half
of the week steadily strengthened. This
morning, with a much larger supply of
killers in sight, packrrs had things a llttln
more tliclr own way and they were able to
fill their orders at prices anywhere fmtu
ateady to 15c lower than yesterday. That
means that some of the more desirable
loads sold fullv as well, while others were
a bis 15o lower. The weakness In today's
market practically wipes out the gain for
tha week.
Feeders cloesod lower In spots yesterday
afternoon. There were quite a good many
In sight and sellers, lather than hold over,
took off a little In order to effect a clear
ance. This morning, with nnotlarr liberal
run In sight and with the end of the week
so near a hand, the trsde waa slow, with
the tendency easier.
Quotations on killers: Good to choice
lambs, $7.0Cktf7.26: fair to good lambs. $..
Ii7.0o: good to choice yearlings, $6 bo&it.M,
fair to good yearling, $5.2Mi6 50, good to
choice wethers, $5.0O6.5O; good to choice
ewes, M.iiWou.. -
Quotntions on feeders. Lrimbt. $6.20flii.w;
yest llngs. $j 2fyg6.70; wethers, $4.755 16;
ewes. $3 5094.6)', breeding ewes, t4.7ir36.2a.
H--presenttlve salee: .
17;; Wyoming ewes
99 Wyoming ewes, feeders
164 Wyoming ewes, feeders
412 Wyoming ewos, feeders
34 Wyo. lambs, culls, feeders..,
89 Wyoming ewes
50 Wyo. lambs, culls, feeders..,
ti Wyoming lambs, feeders....,
243 Wyoming lambs, feeders
357 Wyoming ewes
376 Wyoming lambs, feeders
96 Wyoming lambs
1Sr, Wyoming lambs ,
302 Wyoming lambs ,
722 Idaho lambs, feeders
119 Idaho lambs, feeders
489 Idaho lambs, feeders ,
374 Idaho lambs, feeders
14W Wyoming lambs, feeders...,
104 Wyoming ewes
Ill Wyoming lambs
Condition ml Trade and Qaotatlona oa
Staple and Fancy I'rodace,
EUOH-lVr dos., 22c.
LI V K I'Ol l. l HY-Hens, 8c; roosteis.
6c; turkeys, loul; ducks, K-; spring clilcK
ens, UrTTER Packing stock. 17c; choice
to fancy dairy, .j'2c; creamery. !4'u.,hc.
HA Y Choice upland. $9 6"; medium, $9 tSJ;
coarse, '"uX ii. live straw, Id oojT.uO.
UHAN-I'ir ton, $15.00.
SWEET rOT.VIofcS-l'er bbl., $2 26.
TOM ATOKS Home grown, per basket of
lbs. $1.00.
BEANS Lima, 6i,c; navy. No. 1, $1.76
per bu.; No. 2. $1 t.'.
WAX BEANS Per msrket basket of
About 15 lbs., $1.5.
bu., 7fcc.
LEAF LETTUCE Hothouse, per dug.
heads, 40c.
CELERY Per dos., !S40c.
Cl'i t MUERS Hothouse, per do.. $160.
ONIONS-Home grown, tc per bu.;
Spanish, $1.76 per crate.
ORE EN ONIONS Per dot. bunches. 260.
HOKr-KRADISH "ase of 2 dot., $1.90.
RADISHES-Per dog. bunches, 26c.
NAVY BEANS Per bu., $l.h6; No. , W i.
LIMA BEANS Per lb.. 6V.O.
OKKKN PKPPK118 Per market basket,
PARSLEY Hothouse, per do. bunches,
CABBAi.E Holland se?d. homa gtown,
per lb.. U,c.
F.lK PLA NT-Per do... 76c.
POTATOES Per bu., 4lHtiic. ,
RIfTAB AUA8 Per lb., llWC 160 lbs. to
PEACHES California Salway, per box,
1 10. t
PEARS-Winter varieties, per box, $3.
GRAPES Toksy, $1.75. , tlt.n-
APPLES Ben DaviK. $-'.2n; Jonathana,
$3.26: New York apples. W.26.
CHANH KRRI E8 Per bbl.. $8.50U9.50.
QUINCES Per h.ix, $2.26.
ORJ4.NOES Florida oranges. $3 26.
LEMONS Llmoniers, extra ,hV?
size. $7.f0; 300 size. $V00: 309 site, $K.0O, othet
brands. $1.00 less. ,. lV.
GRAPE FRUIT-Sixe 70 to ..,,
B 4.NANAS Per niedluni-slxed buncn.
$1.75'q2.26; Jumbos, $2.6ivu3.0i.
FIGS-Kodaway, 6c; ""yrr". ' new
stuffed walnut dates, 9-lb. box. $ .10 Cali
fornia bulk. 6Hc; 7-crown Turkish. 15c. 4
crown. 14c; 5-crown, Hi1: 5;:n. 12c-
BiS-r i;i i i nn r.o.
No. 1 ribs. 12c; No. 2 rib-. SV; No. 3 ribs
6v,r; No. 1 round. 8c; No. 2 round. .; No. I
round. No. 1 loin. Wo; No, v'oln 1JV.
No. 3 kln. 8Uc; No. 1 plate. SVjc; No. 3
rVlate 3c; No! 3 plate. 2V,r; No. 1 chucks.
4'-r fSr. .1 (.HUViMTJ,
Av. Pr.
, 8 4 35
85. 4 00
, J0 4 30
, 4 30
8 6 23
92 6 26
46 6 60
,66 t 80
,66 6 9P
,114 t 26
, Ss 4 10
42 6 26
.61 S 50
,63 6 S3
.61 6 10
,63 4 10
,88 6 10
,48 4 10
,89 7 $
,86 il.i
.46 I 50
IS t'tah Copper
24 s Victoria
L. 8. A Pittsburg.... lis Winona
IS Wolverine
Bank of Germany Statrme
BERLIN, Nov. I The weekly statement ket slow and somewhat unsatisfactory.
c' the Imperial Bank of Gtrmany shows It being so near the end of the week, b
wj tne rouowing cnangea: fash on hand, de- ers were not as hungry after feeders as
H i creased 87. ,40,000m ; treasury notes. In- they were earlier In the week, with the re
ts iiT""1 ui0l',n: other securities, increased suit that while the very best gradra were
Ulnnaanalla Ciih lloae Wheat: No. 1
of the crop, but the movement showed only , hard. 79V1; No. 1 northern, 7S;4jc; to arrive.
a sngnt increase. UDera. itoii. ,770; No. 2 northern, .tiSc; to arrive, b-sc;
Argentina had a bearish effect on the mar- 1 ja0- j -vhlte, 7iioj,t,.o; No. 1 diuum, 66 'c; to
ket. The close was steady. December arrive, bo'.c; No. 2 durum. 62sc; to arrive,
lencd a shade lower lo a shade higher at te. torn: No. 3 yellow, 44V; No. 3,
43V to 434c. sold off to 4314C and closed 44SC. Oats: No. t while, Sl'sc; No. 1. 29Vs
at '4c Local receipts, were 179 cars, with ' fc,,,). Rye: 61V6SeV- Flax: $1.124t.
Ki of contract grade
Oats were fairly active and the market
waa Inclined to bo firm on small receipts
and In sympathy with the early strenjjth of
.. ...... Tl. ...... ...... fuii. rit,iflnit liv Out.
Hiders and the selling was largely by small J S,1.
holders. Uecemiier opened c nigner ai
;i.;Sc, sold tiftwfrn 33V? and 33441 t'c and
clo.ed at 33S.t3ic. Local receipts were
16 1 cars.
I'rovlslons were weak on selling by local
lonae. The selling pressure was caught by
the monthly statement, which showed that
Slocks of provisions In Chicago are larger
than had been expected. At the close Jan
uary pork was off liV.jj'inc nt $13 97Vt&'14 flu.
I.urd was down 10c at 48.52H- Hibs were
7'-v-c lower at $7.2--
Estimated receipts for tomorrow are:
Wheal, 42 cars; corn. 2K9 cars; oats, 193
cars; hOR. II.11OO head.
The leading futures ranged aa follows:
Int. Paper pfd.
Int. Pump
Int. Puaap pfd
Iowa Central
Iowa Central pfd..
400 172S I7SS
4-1 S
K. C Southern. ..
K. C. So. pfd.
.yiuUvllle A Nash
Mexican Central
Mlneaapolls A tt. L.
M.. St. P. A 8. 8. M
M.. St. P. A 8. g. M.
Missouri PaciSc
Missouri. K A T
M . K. A T. pfd
National L-sd
Natloual R. R. of at. pfd
N. Y., O, A W
A Wasters
! Norfolk A W. pfd
North Amertoan
Pacific Mall
People's Gas
P., C C. A 81. I
Pressed Steel Cer
Pressed 8 C. pfd
Pullmsii Palace Car
1,500 eis tt ms
l.rofl I44S 14' S 144
te us HS "S
aVnic'ea.l Open. I
Wh.-at 1
Dec l74sf7:.
fay ' 79 ii
l orn- '
Tier. 13-Htili,
Mav ! 44li
-lulv 44tll
D c. 3341
May 36t,i-'
July 33i
Jan. 14 12"
Mav 14 2o
Nov. 1 35
Tiec. ' 8 77'
.tan. j 8 80 j
M-iy" ! 8 66
Riba I
Jan. T 7?W
Mav 1 T I
43" i
3 '-si
14 26
t 77
8 t
8 5o
44 i
Kansas City (irala and Provisions,
KANSAS CITY, Nov. 2. WH EAT De- I Norfolk
cember, 6x'4C; May, 72e; cash. No. 2 hard,
No. 3. s.Suoix.'; no. i rea, ,o,u
I 71ltc; No. . 69H4170C.
CORN Decern per, di'ac; May. Jfsc; Jiuy,
S'.ic; cash. No. t mixed, 41c; No. 3, 3WyfJ
40c; No. 2 white. 42VrC.
OATS No. 2 white. 33V: No. 2 mixed,
OjVuS'oo. '
TiY It Steadv. 57rrtiOo.
14 AVvHtrotitr and active: choice timothy, i Heading 1st ptd..
$13 uOfj 13-78; choice prairie. tll.60Sll.75. Heading Id pfd
HI ; i' I I'.l: rejmi-ry. ; pai Klim. 16c. I Republic Steel
KAiOS-Market V higher; firsts. MVi ;bJ, p"
Seconds. 19V- . ,,,,,.,. Rook lslsnd Co!' Bf
Wheat, bo 174,'i 101 1 : u s. p 14 ptd.
rom. bu 22.010 30.0 0 st. 1.0111, s. w
Oats, bu 21,0110 .3.000 . st. l. a. w. pfd
t Suutharn Paclflo
I.lvrrnool tirrlu aud I'roil.lnuii. ! Ho. Pacific ffd.
firm; No. 3 red wet-tern winter, 6s lHd. Fu
tures, nulet; liecetnner, tuo'.o; si arc 11, s
tt US
. 1.104 14 S 14
400 tt US
. t.tut 7S KS
, l.noo m Bi
. 1.400 44 4S
100 to to
. 1 too 14 S It
.147 I' 14-.S 144S 144
100 tt
01 'j
40.160.0f)in; notes In circulation. Increased
Bank t'lrarlaaja,
OMAHA, Nov. J. Bank clearings for to
day were $1,614,626.69 and for tha corre
sponding date last year $1,622,071.69.
1.100 14 S 84S "S
MO 110 . MO IMS
.174 loo UTS 14IS 144S
100 II
7. too
21 S
1.100 41 4S
404,0 its t:s
33Si sa-1
9 76 I
8 7214'
8 62V
$ i-'V
74U 7tA.l"
71Ti 79 -tii.lar.rl- Mav. 6i S-Vrt
4.f4'4JH'8,A 4d. Futures, quiet; December. 4s6Sd;
t'S44S'li January. 4s ld.
44S 44Svi HOPS At London (Pacific coast), quiet.
T T?Vil T 61
7 85 7 75
14 00 14 17H
II 10 14 Z.
30 9 3
$ 72S 8 an
8 r:'ii 8 r,74
$ W I 62Vj
7 62it 7 7?i4j
7 75 1 7
No. t
t'lksh (nictations were as follows:
FLOUR Firm: winter patent-, $3.30
jjj 44- winter straights, $3 1wj3.28; spring
patents. $3.6i-(i3 80: spring; straights. i..3u..
f.- bakers. tl.SoiS-aU
WHEAT No. 3 spring. 7Wr79c: No. 3
spring. H-tiTilc; No 2 red. 73Soi4V-
iXiRS-No. 2. 4iiV: No. ii yellow, 47HT
OATS No. !. 83'Ac; No. white, 34V:
No. 3 white. Iii::So.
R"E No. 2. l2c
) ARI.FY Fa-ir to choice malting. 46tiOi-.
SaCKDli No. i Max, tl.t'TV No. 1 north
western. $1 14V, Pilme timothy. $4.15(44.25.
i'loer contract grade. $13.25.
PROVISIONS Hhort ribs, aides (loose).
9? Xrtr 76 Mesa pork, per bbl.. $116 Lard,
iw i.. ihM.. 89 $0. Short clear aides t boxed 1,
V 62'V
Foliuwnitf were tha receipts aud ship
ments of nour and grain:
Receipts. Shipments.
28 Ot) 44.00
, 8t.Hu lit. 700
16' : i4 so
;i4.?l 31.6s
14..Xl 2
88 4i
V'lour, bbls...
Wheat, bu....
I'orn. bu
oats. Hu
Hve. Iu
I arl. . bu..
the 1'ruduoa axwliaugB today tbs fcul-
Peoria (irala Market.
PEORIA. Nov. J. CORJv Firm : No. 3
yellow, 4V; No. 8. new. 42c; eld, 4J'c; N.i.
4 new. 4i.-; old. 46V4c; no grade, new, 3 c;
Old. 44tt44ViC-
OATS-Bteady: No. I htte. 33,t?: No. 3
vitilte. 33c: No. 4 white. S2c.
RYE Firm: No. i. 64t66c.
WHlBKY-41 -9.
co. Railway
So. Hallway pfd
Tennessee C. A I
Taiaa A Pacific
Toledo. St. L. A W
T . St. L. A W. pfd
t iiloa P., I tic
t'nlon Pacifi. pfd
I'. S. Kxpress
IT. 8. Realty
C. S. Rubber
I'. 8. Huliber prd
f. 8. Steel
l . . Steel pfd
Va. -Csrollns Chi-nilca! ...
Va.'C.rollua Cbem. pfd...
Wabash ptd
Wcl s-Fargo E Koreas
Wf Blnghou-e tllcclrtc ....
Wcsteia Vnlon
VilH-ellug A I.. E
Wisconsin I'eutrsl
I Wis. Centrsl pfd
I Northern Pacific
, (antral Leather
' Outral leather pfd
hloes-flhefflcld 8te-l
Great Nont-ern pfd
Iiiterborough Melrupolllaa.
lut. Met. pfd
Total aalee far the day.
10i 111S 11S HIV
I.I'D 14 S 94 14
14 f,S
: no
l.MK) MS
-00 34
K0 (A
lrr.ioo ins
sue ms
Wool Market.
BOSTON, Nov. 2. WOOL-The Commer
cial Bulletin of thia city, basing Its reports
upon ststistlca gathered for the govern
ment, will ssy of the wool market tomor
row: The weak s sales are again large, al
though by no means aa great as those of
last week. It la conservatively estimated
that tha present activity will total from
10,000.000 to 12,000,000 pounds. Manufacturers
in general are buying quite freelv for cur
rent as well as future wants. The con
tinued demand for wool la having Its ef
fect on values, and merchants appear lei
anxious to dispose of their holdings, rx-
f-a I it a full nrlcea Tnni.i-llnna u , a rr,,i-
JJl I cipally ot territory stock, with staple In
,,J 1 bet demand, while clothing trsdes are
daily becoming more active. The wools
selling Include Montana, Wyoming, Idaho,
Utah. Oregon. Dakota and Nevada. All
grades except quarter blood are being
called for. Continued sales of Montana
stock are being made at 26c for half blood.
27'(j27Hc for three-eighths blood and at 24
(fuic for fine staple. Fine and fine medium
clips realise ud to Wl'-bc: half and three- '.. :. ,. ',..-. .
stapls and taiftVOc for medium fine; line
clothing Is worth 6Vri70o; fine medium, W(ff
67e; half blood, bWiUe; three-eighths blood.
63uc, and quarter blood, 67 :,$. Scoured
territory Is quite active at 6'(iT0c for fine
snd 6Vu87c fur fine medium. Oregon staple
Is meeting wlrh a steady call and 800.01O
about steady, others were dull and, if any-
.nirg. weaa. t
Representative sales:
Ns. ' A. Pr. No. at. P
1S84 4 40 30 1'4I 4 tO
1 1"00 t M t list 2 80
1 170 I It 1 4lt I 00
8 IM I II t 1040 t Off
4 71 I 10 7 117S I It
1 140 I SO 1 10,11 )t
14 tit t 71 ' It 414 t 40
11 lOM I tt I 6 U
M lit I ti 1? Mi I lo
2 4 I Tt 4 1ST 00
4 no t so 1 iso 1 n
1 170 8 00 t 714 I a
1 HO" I t 1 1JO0 1 OS
1 1410 I 45 2 1310 1 e
141.0 I to i us I If
8 Ill ! to
1 ISO I 71 4 112 I 78
1 1MI 4 0 I us Ts
4 140 I 00
$ MO I 88 1 170 1 ,.
$ ' 7 1 46 I f
J J" J 1 I7-. , 141 I 15
T 754 3 16 il ;o
Cattle Steady to Slow Hosts Strong; to
Five Cents Higher.
CHICAGO, Nov. 2. CATTLE Receipts,
6,600 head; market ateady but alow; com
mon to prime steers. $4.004i7.SO; cows, $2.Softj
4 76; heifers, $2.6W(re.36; bulls, $2.40(f4.oO;
calvea, $3,004x7.60; Blockers and feeders, $2.40
HOGS Receipts, 16,000 head; market
strong to 6c higher; choice to prime heavy,
$6.35ft6.45; medium to good heavy, $.2O4j(.30;
butcher weights, $6.30oj.46; good to choice
mixed. $6.10Co626; packing, KeOti&OO; pigs.
$6.&flaJ2S. '
SHEEP AND LAMB9 Receipts, 7,000
head; market steady t j strong; sheep, $4.00
66.75; yearlings, $5.50tS.85; lambs. $6.00Q7.75.
St. Loals Live Stock Market. '
FT. LOUIS, Nov. 3. CATTLE Receipt.,
2,600 head. Including 700 Texans; market
st: ng; native shipping and export steers,
$60(&6.90; dressed beef and butcher steers,
$4.90(ii5 30; steers under 1.0"i0 lbs., $3.26(5.75;
stockers and feeders, $2.50f?4.60: cows and
heifers, $2.4tiT).26; eanners. $l.O0rtj2.10; bulls,
$2.24ii4.10; calves, $3.uCtt-75; Texas and In
dian steers, $2.756.26; cows and heifers,
HOOS Receipts. 4.600 head; market 6c
higher: pigs and lights, $5.90ru.S0; packers,
$llit.36; butchers and best heavy, $6,200
i SHEEP AND LAMBS Receipts. 300
I head; market steady; native muttons, $3 00
6.50; lambs, $4.0r7.6O; culls and bucks, $2.26
(4-3.76; stackers, $3.bC&4.10.
Kansas City Live Stork Market.
Receipts, t.000 head. Including 6"0 south
erns. Market steady; choice export and
dressed beef steers, $o.6fi'ail.76; fair to good,
$4.00if 5.40; western strers. $3.60ih5.25; snook
ers and feeders, $I.75'54.75; southern cows,
$2.003.6; nntivo cows, $2.(sV!lS.75; native
heifers. $2.75U4.7&: Dulls, calves,
$2.76416.50. M , .
HOGS Receipts, s.suo neaa. Maraer om
V higher; top, $6.30; bulk of sales, $t.22Si
4J6.27H; heavy, t8.2SVifl6.30: packers, to.JOu
6.30; pigs and lights. $S.70tfj6.3O.
SHKliP AINU UAMUts rteceipts, nw
head. Market steady; lambs, $6.0037.60;
ewes and yearllngsk 4.oyqt.; western
yearlings, $6.26'fi4i.OO; western sheep, 84.',5
6.60; Blockers and feeders, $3.76y6.0u.
E feeders.. 1144 4 40
7 feeders.. 966 4 10
I or etO.'ioO pounds have recently been sold,
fje I A well-known New England mill " has
1' ! bought heavily on a basis of 234i23Wc-
l.sOO "S
4' SI 1U7S
lli 41S,
1.(04 107
od J7S
ii no nos 1
40 lS 11 S
TOO 42S 41 41
15 feednrs.,1128 4 40
18 feeders. .l'vt 4 jo
6 cows , J 3 (i
8 steers.... vS 8 90
27 cows 1149 t 75
Milwaukee lirrln Market.
No. 1 rorthorn. 7!.ia.'c; No. ! northern. 76-s
7pr; December. T4V.
RYE Ixier; No. I. 65Vk4ic.
PARI FY Steady: No. 2. &5mi56c; iim-
PCOHN Steadv: No. 3, cash. 4tiJ46V: De
cember, 43V. oid
, n.lnth Urnln Market
nn.lTH. Nov. I-WHEAT On tra-k
No 1 northern, 7c: No. 2 northern
M,v. 7sc: July. 79V
OATS To arrKe, 334c.
Toledo seed Market.
TO I EDO Nov. -8I-7E"8 Clover, cnxh. j Hera eMIrer
18 27V,' November fS IT,: December. $3 .3 V , Iroa Silver
March, to. 4" Ti'iu thy. csah. $1 fi. Al- j
II too
, rMoriiiern caiiiurnin wool a are si 1 in re
uo : quest, with transfers of Red Bluff at
to 1 2iV and Humboldt and Mendocino at 26
to , tU.TV- The clean cost Is about 6si7c for
lots 1 all. Some small transfers of eighty-month
47u i Texas are renorted nt '1c nr liant7c f,r
lots ts scoured. Fleece sella rather steadily de-
' JB ' (ha, a , n n f r, , . . v ...., I . . , , . ... I. .
Half and three-eighths are In principal de- 1
mind, onto hair blood bringa About t'c.
while the same grado of Michigan stock
HIS I64S lilw , worth nearly the asms pricti. 'Dir.'e-
a- e ss cpiiii'. """U "1 ! o-j-'i-'o tnu miciii-
US its its ' ln st Sa-iM'fc. Carpet wools are dull ar.rt
about unchanged In price. Shipments of
US 5-S Ij 1 wool fmm Poaton from December 31, 1 ! .".
,2! '2;s ls 'are S,742,813 pounds. against RV. 095 271
!f ,l',y .ii pounds at the same time last vear. The
40 71 7-v 71 , rrteipts to date are 258.5o6.6a6 pounds.
t no 32,s Jli'iii ess. sTstnst 3tr5 432. 793 pounds for the gains
7.400 11 i,2 J period laat year.
4 77V 71 77? 1 ST. LOIIB. Nov. 2 -WOOL-ltesdv; me-
1 III .. . ., 9 tl... V . .1 . . A..mV.lna. ami .I..UI.. .C
i,.',av aiaar.
7 feeders.
4 calves..
24 feeders.
Revs York Mini. a 6 lock a.
dlum grades, cvimblng and clothing "'ft
27c; light fine. Il'a21c: heavy fine. 14617c:
tob wearied, 3f3TVic.
NEW YORK. Nov. ; -Closli.g quotations ! LnNI.KlC,' ,1"v- ", r
n minlnc tot vera: I Good Hone and Natal sheeD skins
w.-ls neta nere Lonay. 1 ompetition was na
tive and prlc-s were firm. Tn skins o'
fer.d amounted to 101,271, of which 10O.834
were sold.
A da ma Cos
1 Alice
j br.-ece
I Brunswick I en
! t'omstock Tuunsl
tin I II. tt Va
Ha vage
Ihiena Nevada
I- .... ... .,
Standard .. ...
. 1
. 11
. it
. u
33 steers..
sike, cash. $7.56.
in4 Nollssea,
ijv. (i.iK-lnw.
Treasury Statement.
WASHINGTON, Nov. 2 Today's .tale-
nient of the treasury balances In the gen-
UtV.WO g Id
rash ba'anra.
$114,906. tin;
suTf.ra88n3 7-lTten,"rrfugaai:!'' fund, e.ciu.iv.-of the $150
quiet, . ,-olasses st-irae 1 a it.. 1 reserve, shows: Available cast
'VnVi- aut: Wo! . I'Vioc? noS1 VII'; .-' s."V"-
L. " a A vftc-: No. 9. OSC; M. 10. 4 OLr- Ko
11 4 0e; No 12). 3-6c; No. 13. 3 90c ; No. I
14 1V-; confe-'llnnera' A. 4 60 ; nioulj ,
A'tloc; cut loaf. 6 60c. crushed. 8 60c;'
, 1 ,,.: No. 9. 4 15c; No. 1 0. 4 077c: No ulJ certificates, 46.S...2-H.
Bask wf frisrc statement
PAR'I Nov. ! Tbe meeklv statement of
i or ered, 4.80ti granulattj, 4t0i.; cuUes, t l-n I' ! f Fan e ehowa !lo f illiw.rg
i taiaiiaea: Nulus iu tlicuUiiun. iuc
4'offee Marks!
NEW YORK. Nov. 2. COFFEE Market
: for futures opened steady at unchained 1J cows..
- nrloes to a decline of 5 points In reroiire
lo somawhst lower rTtirooesn cables and 14 steers.
little relllng aeslnrt firm offers from j 13 steers.
Rrsiil. These Bales were well ahs'rled. ,
honover. and the market Improved durine 11 steers,
the session on buying which was c-edl'od 16 cows.,
to some of the Irsdlng trade Interest'. The
riot, was steadv, net unchanged to in p Ints 4 cows.,
hlrher Sales were renorted rf 72.70 bags, 24 coma.,
i Including ecember st 6 1"Htf4 16 Jarurv
at 6 25e. Ma-rh at 6-f- Wv at t'h'r 146 feeders 111"i 3
iv it 7Ae snc) .uvreVsi.r si tfi f 7 steers ...!"'' 3 575
iw.rg ye-w. f .,ot. steady; No). I Rio. 7, In-I V Mub-l-Neh.
least, voice. ' I feeders. . 963 1 7-j 23 feeders. . $40 170
14 cows 1044 $ 16
4 feeders.. 4(6 8 25
25 COWS 984 3 06
Yampa U 8. Co.-Colo.
23 steers... .12o0 4 40
J. Sullivan . D.
tos 9iM 3 50 14 steers.. ..ll!l 4 40
W. F. McHennv 8. D.
7 cows pill 8 10 9 steers.. ..1140 4 40
6 steers.. ..1210 3 76
J. Mill Wyo.
31 steers.. ..1177 4 66 7 cows llol 3 75
F. Newell-Wvo.
rows 842 3 6 5 feeders.. 942 4 10
I feeders.. 1020 4 00
W. M. Reynolds Wvo.
15 cows 740 3 15 8 cows 8X5 2 '
848 3 4 steers.... !i2 3 85
904 4 60 9 calves... 174 IM
266 4 00 5 calves... 222 (fi
B. B. Brooks Wvo.
632 4 10 56 feeders.. 944 4 75
R. H. Homer Wvo.
14 feeders.. 1019 3 76
J. C. Shnw Wvo.
22 steers.. ..1242 4 70 11 steers.. 440
t steers. ...1142 4 40 7 steers.. ..PN2 ISO
cows 1041 4 10 7 cows 903 3 26
4 cows 810 2 Ul
J. D. Hule-. D.
..1155 4 26 II cows 1021 3 45
William Reynolds Wvo.
.. 804 3 26 4 cows.".... 940 3 0'
,.lii 4 26
O. K. Harvey Wyo.
.1144 4 86
foker Bios. Neb.
30 feeders.. 800 8 40 65 feeders. . 914 3 80
7 steers.... 947 3 3"
Ysmpa U S. Co. Colo.
88 feeders.. 1178 4 15 6 feeders. .1178 3 1.
177 feeders, fr'l 4 0) 25 cows. . . . 340
J. Fauckner 8. D.
.1843 4 90 21 steers..
.1064 3 60 9 cows...
Porter Bro 8. D
.1212 4 40 Hs-eers..
loiO 4 10 18 cows...
L H. Roblrson Wyo.
.IU 4 60 4 steero..
. 918 J 76 17 cows...
ti. H. Klnp-Neb.
. 915 2 16 6 cows...
. 87 3 to feeders.
C. r. Robinson Wvo.
22 feeders . 1141 3 90
30 steers.
44 cows.
8 calces
It steers.
1'14 4 85
1142 3 24
.lino 4 no
.li Ai 3 63
.1012 4 10
. 947 3 25
. 93 1 90
. 968 3 25
SUGAR Granulated cane, In sacks, $8,811
granulated beet. In sacks. $5 21.
CHEESE Swiss, new. Hie; Wisconsin
brick 14V; Wisconsin llmberger, 13c;
twins', 14V: Toting Americans. lf.V- .
COFFEFTV-Roasted. No. $.. 2hc per RM
No 30. 21o per lb.; No. 25, 19c per lb.; No.
20. 10c per lb.: No. 21, 13c per lb.
CO'OANUTB-Per sack of 100, $4.60.
BYRUP-ln bbls., 27c per gal.: in cjsea.
4 10-lb. cans, $1.70; cases. It 6-lb. cans, $1.80,
case-. 24 .Vi-lb. cans, $186.
HONEY Per 24 frames, IU.
CIDER New, half barrel. $3.00; barrel.
$r 7F
CANNED GOODS Corn, standard west
'in. iil'i'k;; Maine. $1.15. Tomatoes, 8-lt.
ans. $1.10; 2-ib. cans. (7V$1.). Pine
apples, grated, 2-lb., HOBSj 2.30; Bllced $1.90
42.20; gallon apples, fancy, $2.66: California
apricots, tl.9043i.26; pears, -"2-s0'-,Pa,h:ft'
fancy. $1.7502.40; H. C. pe;""- 'A?' w'
Alaska salmon, red. $1.26: fnncy Chinook,
F, $2.10; fancy rockeye. F.. $l.9o; sardines,
uuarter oil. $2.75: three-quarter muslard,
$300. Sweet poUUV"- tl.104Tl.26; sauerkraut,
$100; pumpkins. 80ctu$1 00; wsx beans . 2-11...
6.80c; lima beans. 2-lb.. 75c;C$1.36; spinach.
$1.36: cheap pens. 2-lb., bOc; extras. 95cS$1.10;
ancv, $! 36 tt 1 .75
CURED FISH Family whltefllsh. per
quarter bbl.. 100 lbs., $400; Norway msck
eral. No. 1, $23.00; No. 2. $36.00; No. 3. $20.00;
Irish. No. 2. $16.00; herring. In bbls., 30
lbs. each. Norway. 4k. $9.00; Norway. 3k,
$9.00: Holland herring. In kegs, milkers.
' K'c: kegs, mixed. 70c. ,
1 fish Trout. 12c: halibut, 12r; catfish.
15c; buffalo, 8c; bullheads, 11c; black bass,
fine stock. 25c; salmon. 12c; Pike, lie; red
I snapper, fresh frosen, 12e; whlteflsh, fresh
, frosen. 13c; yellow perch, dressed and
I scaled. 8c: pickerel, fresh frosen. 9c;
smoked whlteflsh. 20-rb. bsskets, 13c per lb.;
! f'og legs, 85c per dox. saddle.
HIDES AND TALLOW Green salted.
' No 1, 1'iV: No. 2, 11 V. ooll hides. 9510c;
green hides, No. 1. 11c; No. 2. 10c; horse.
fl.6(rfl3.75; sheep pelis. 60c(Jftl.25. Tallow,
No. 1. 4-V. No. 2, Zc.
WOOL rer 10., wqzte.
NUTS French walnuts, 13V; California
walnuts. No. 2, hard shell, 13c; No. 1, soft
vi.ii iiuc nraaiis. 13c: Decans. 14rl7c:
:fllber'ta, Klyal4c; peanuts, raw. $V: roatted,
7V4c: California aimonaa, nara sneu, jov, suit
shell, ISc.
Oils and Hosln.
wttw VOBK. Nov. 2. OILS Cottonseed.
irregular; prime crude, f. o. b. mills. it
1 30c; prime crude, yellow, f. o. b. mills, 46c,
' nominal. Petroleum, steady; refined, New
York, $7 60; Philadelphia snd Baltimore,
$7.45; Philadelphia snd Baltimore, In bulk,
i $4 85. Turpentine, eiliSOliC.
! ROSIN Firm; strained, common to good.
! $4 26.
I SAVANNAH. Nov. 2. OIL Turpentine.
firm; 66c.
ROSIN Firm: sales, 2.225 bbls. Quote:
A. B. C, t3.Wiaa.t6; 1), $3. 954(4.00: E. $4.02Vj
6406; F. $4.064i4.12V O. 14.1084.15; II,
t4.12V,: I. $4.20; M. $4.90; N. $5.40; W. G.,
$6 00; W. W., M.
OIL CITY, Pa., Nov. 2 Oily Credit bal
ances. $1.68. Runs. October 31, 140.494 bbls.;
averages, 98.667 bbls. Shipments, November
1. 138.447 bbls.
Foreign Financial.
BERLIN. Nov. !. Trading on the Bourse
todny waa featureless except that Russlanf
were very stesdy. i
PARIS. Nov. 2. Prices on the Bourse to
day opened firm. Russians were In demand.
Ijitrr the market was oulte active on the
clearness of money. Russian Imperial 4
closed at 75.10 and Russian bonds) of 19"4 At
St. Joseph Live Stork Market.
ST. JOSEPH. Mo., Nov. 2. CATTLE Re
ceipts, 898 head. Market steady; natives.
$6.0uiBii.76; cows and heifers, $1.2b4.75;
cows and heifers, $1.26(34.76; stockers and
feeders. $2.50Jj4.30.
HOGS Receipts, 3,343 head. Marget
higher: top. va, ouis, e.w;yHu..v.
SHEEP AND LAMBS Receipts, 4,248
head. Market steady.
Sloax City Live Stok Market.
SIOUX CITY. Ia.. Nov. 2.-8peclal Tele
grain ) CATTLE Receipts, Hi) head; mar
ket steady; beev.-a. 44.00i.25; cows, bulls
snd mixed, $2.o0i&3.86; stocxers and feeders.
t.OofM-Oo; calves and yearlings, t2.50ici3.75.
HIKio -iteci ipts, z.trsj neaa; martlet &c
higher, selling al $.'M-t).10; bulk of sales,
Stock In Slant.
Receipts of live stock at the six principal
western markets yesterday:
Cattle. Hogs. Sheep.
South Omaha
Sioux City ...
Kansaa City .
St. Joseph ....
St. Louis
Chicago '.
4, tOO
Totals 18.608 36.243 38,048
Metal Market.
NEW YORK. Nov. 2.-METAIH-Tln was
heavier In the London market, with spot
advancing 3 to 196 6s and futures 2 KM
to 196 5a. ...Rally the mirKet was firm
In, with spot ouoted st $42 75
bid snd $43 00 asked. Copper was 1 higher
in the London market nt s for spot and
798 Us for futures. locally the market
was very quiet, with lake quoted st fil.oit
22.50. electrolytic at $21.7k5'22..4) and casting
t 21.'.'5l(21.76. Lead was unchanged nt
S3-7o((j6 95 In the local market and at 19 Cs
in I ondon. PrHer was !s td lower al
C.7 12s od In London, locally the market
v. os quiet, with sixit ouoted at tt.Vii'l-W.
Iron was unchanged in the Fnrllah n.aiket,
with standa'd fojndrv ouot-d at 57s 3d
ind Cleveland warrants st 7s 7'vd. lineally
Iron was unehanied, with No. 1 northern
foundry quoted at 8"4 inert Tim No.
J ... J Kf. K"..
em luunui;- ni a.,. ,. a
foundry at $?4 i24H and No. 2
foundry at I23.iwft ?4 to.
ST. I OI1S. Nov t.-MFTAl.H-Iea.1.
firm. $5a59i. BrH-lter active. $ 17V""i''0.
t north
Cotton Market.
c'osed oultt; middling 'jp'anls, lOloc; mid
dling gi'.lf. H'.'Vr; nle-. JiO bales
closed qu'.et; sales. 4bjl. bules; low
irdinsry, 67,c. nominal; ordinary. 7c. nom-
, , . . ....ii....... e 1.. 1 1.1,1....
'nA.1; goo'l Uliuuci w u-cv. I" nil m ills,
91. e: pilddliiig. c; (rood middling, l'-V;
nld.r.liig f air. 11c. uomlnal; ll'ac, t-to-
receii-ii., usirs, .im-n.
LOUI3. Nov. 2 4TOTTON Steely;
ig. 10'sc: elen. 28 bales; rillp'C,t
.a- wtock. 7.7JO bales.
1 ivin'pniii. v.ii f'nrr(ivn.ii
m( derate bi.hlnr ss dorur; pricea. points
. . ,-. 1 . ' . , . . .
h biles
Annie K. Sawklna and husband to
Harry C. Miller, lot , block 7,
Hanscom Place t
Helen 8. Grlgor to Charles G. Somen.,
lot 14. block 9. Redk-k's subdlv
Frans Belrxi to Ina Bel he, lot 4, block
6, Deer a ark
Benjamin F. Folsom et al to William
A. Oordon. lot 7, block 2U7V4. Omaha
Nettle Fowler MeCormlrk and hus
band to Catherine B. NhiIi, lut 8,
block 124, Omaha
Cvrus IL HcCormlck et al to Cath
erine B. Nash, HHine
iR. Ii:i)l McConnii k et al to Catherine
B. Nasii, same
Valley National bank to D. G. Somers.
subdlv. of lots t and 4, sublot 4,
taxlot t, 9-15-13
Charles R. Notdin et al to Evelyn M.
Kennedy, part taxlot 1 In nS neVA
Fred D. Wead and wife to Mary
Crotty. wVi lot 6. block 9, Shlnn'a
John McCaig nnd wife to Adolf Mos-
kovlt. s44 fe.-t lot 8, block 3. B. V.
Smith's add
I L. M Bowers and husband to Kin me
. I a. Rlchter. lot 19, block 2. Bowers'
I add
.Ernest B. Kehtermeyer and wife to
Henry Dethlefs. lot 3, block 3, Jet-
ter's 2d add a.
William Rocheford snd wife to Vaclav
t Chuala und ulfa ,,t g Ufu'hnti.rA Mw
Gould's sulxllv ,
Sume to Vaclav Nalberxr. lot 4, Roche
ford A Gould's subdlv
IFTHik P. Gould nnd wife to William
I Rocheford, lots 6 and 8, Rocbe'otd
A Gould's subdlv
;Iiula Stemm and wife to J Theodore
i H'anitusnn, lots 28, 29 and 43. Auburn
I Kill
lOinaha Rel Est te and, Trust coin.
I ranv to El'xa Wlthrow, lot 8, block
7, Klrby Place
i Sarah J. Pavnter to tuati-es of Boston
! (l..-,ii".1 K:-t Trust, lot 2, blo k V.
I Omatia
I A I, ram Sebring and wife to l'nlon Pa-
cine railroad, lot 7. block 8S
Debo'uh J. Adams to Jennie Riley, lot
, 1. block 2. I.inwood Park..
I El Is" both McNanshton nnd husband
I to Herbert H. Fish. ! t 2 ami W48 feet
1 lot 3, block 6. 1st subiliv. of Griffin
I A Smith's add
I Frank W. Moltry and w ife to Frances
I Mr-Pry. 33 fet lot 2. block II.
I S E. Rog.-rs' nil
Miirtret A. Davis lo Battle R. Oiborn
and liUfibaiid. lot 9, 1lf,,rd add
Charles A. Cameron to Kd-ar 14. Wll-
I ll-in.M, li t 6 block 1. MaV'Acll's udd.,
South O'Paba
H."v J Madilin to Father ! Par
rotie. lots 1 nnd i. block IIS. Imndee
Jinmh Oniah.i Lad
I 1'eerson. lot 3,
'oinoanv to Kit's
block 119. South
owrr, 1 1 , . i , u 'i.e .. v. . , a-'1'
"i 1 o till n e. 6.94d: uiidiHing. soil: low mid
tliing, 6 6S1; good ordliiury, .2'.'d; ordinary.
I SSd. The le of the day were 7 .o,sJ
a.-t,l..h I. h-1,. It ...... I '. .
Neloiae D Kenncdv lo John J. Ryan.
1-t 3, block fi. 11 add. to Fowler
i Place. SViu'b Ornsha
t HJtani r. r "'.son lo i iiosm r lean
ing, lot 20. block 1. fsni'ilH-ll's add..
Fr-rk Peine to I ena Ib-lne. n60 feet
sJi (- t lot 8. Parker's allotment..
iarert F1tpitrlcl to Fllen Lynch,
s' lot 32. block 1. Himehtt'igh's add..
Hon and cxnrt and Included 4 bales Total smouiit of tranifrs .,
i i