Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, November 03, 1906, EDITORIAL SECTION, Page 15, Image 15

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I i.eiato ca
V I .1. fectlou
W I li ans of
. J V lots for
' the th
wdj in the Ltit Dr Veteri Ear
Cltact U Eeiitr.
oath Omaha Paloonmea Ratat Dem
ocrats Freaanatloa Ipsa Thrlr
laraaraac aa4 Home Role
Kin ft far ''
aAtuMajr la tha laH day of registration.
It is tha last flay on which ajiy voter not
n6aIMed to cut his ballot at tha election
November S next Tuesday haa to qualify.
Any elector not rerletered on oua of th
wo registration days previous who falls to
'Sinter Saturday will not be abla to vnia
:it tha fall election. wha state, legislative
nd conitrcKxional officers are to be chosen.
Thus far the republicans have had the
better of the registration as compared with
i ho democrats by two to one and the re
publican leaders are determined that this
ama proportion shall exist when the regis
tration is over Saturday night.
Having no city prosecutor's club to swiug
over the bead of saloon men In South
Omaha, the democratic campaign manag
ers arc using the "home rule" bluff to se
duce the vote of the liquor dealers of the
Maele City.
"What makes me sore Is that tha demo-
rrats are taking us saloon rasa for a lot
ut idiot!," said a keeper of one of Bouth
Omaha's saloons. "They are presuming
a llttlo too much upon our ignorance. It
Is a mistake to think that saloon keepers
are a lot of ignoramuses. We have In
telligence just as well as these political
tricksters and they will wake up to this
fact before the campaiim la over. They
are sending us a lot of letters, appealing
to our Ignorance, thinking we won't un
dcrstand thoir real scheme, but they will
find out about that. Here J the last let-
tor i nave received," and he produced thist
LKar sir: Mo doubt you are aware of
iho Issues involved in tills campaign. The
viihi innuo id you ana an 01 us In South
Omaha Is the Question of home rule. We
Wi to arovcm ourselves, without the aid
r consent or the present or any future
Mil-. it a pea sketch direct from Ufa
No aigumeot is necewary to the
worm of McKibbai Fut-tVy KNOW
warm regard
Aak die good dealer. 1( be woa't
how you write to m and we will direct
you to oaa who will.
McKibbin, Drcoll b Dorsey
Fur Manuiactureri . -Saint
Ful, Minnesata i
nvernor of this state.
V our business haa suffered more than
'iv itther business in th, rltv. nrin
x;-''icr 10 me mcc inai we are aoverneri
miii IJncoln. Lt us Join toaethcr and
"iifo fur all shake off this condition. To
lie successful we must Have our people
rculKtcred. see that they vote.
You can be of great good to the cause
b- Insisting- on your patrons and friends
roistering' and then again insisting on
; licir voting'. ...
Tt-nicnibcr that every demooratio csndl
.Uuc is pledg-ed personally and bv a plank
ill lilt: iinm'i;iiiu!- uiaiLuiru IQ' Don f rule. . . . .... i
AVill vim Join with us? Remember this j " '"" -""i'"
net a iiuestlon of politics, but rather one PuU the railroad chestnuts out or tno tire
if Uicnl self-government. Our homes, our and stive them from paying their share of
iiiuii... i.ui uiorm ana material welfare , tnixn .,,.1 vlllura tnxes.
her of any tax committee. I take It any
citizen has a right to express himself pub
licly on political issues."
"I regret that Green t mad," Bald W. O.
Ure Frldny morning-, "but he Is not the
enly candidate of T. S. .Allen's democratic
ticket who is mad. The trouble is The Pea
properly naught Allen and his legislative
Will :
i iitc or
ut slake.
ill you be with Bouth Omaha and home
r upiiltist it? If with urf. see that
you riRlsti-r and have all your fricuds
ri'Kisti'i-ed and then see that all rote.
K J. BARRfciTT. President.
"Wead, Harrison and Ure do not pretend
to speaH. for -Oreen. We do wish to raise
our voices, however, and call the attention
of every taxpayer In Omaha to bis oppor-
tunity. If you want to ceaao paying- the
Grot Personalities ia America! Life Will
Be Ooeiti of Omtht.
l.eneral llodst and Mrs. Luaaa Central
Klcares ta Elaborate Foactton
ta Be Tendered Tenth
af November.
General Urenville M. Dodge, Mrs. John
A. Logan, General John C. Block, General
Oliver O. Howard, Senator William Warner
and N. P. Dodge of Council Hluns will be
tha principal guests of honor at a recep
tion and banquet at the Omaha club No
vember 10. to be given by prominent cltl-
zns of Omaha as a special tribute to
General Dodge and Mrss I.ogan. The re
ception will be held at 7 p. m. and the
banquet at I p. ni. Both will be con
ducted upon elaborate plans, surpassing
anything of the sort held In Omaha for
many years.
This committee has the function In
charge: Arthur C. Smith, chairman; Ben
ator Millard, Postmaster Palmer, Ijtither
Drake, M. T. Barlow, Dr. George V. Miller,
Henry W. Yatos and Clement Chase, The
reception committee 1s to be announced
Army officials of the Department of the
Missouri will figure prominently in the
guest list, which will number over 100, in
cluding the leaders of Omaha's civic, so
cial and commercial lite.
The occasion arises from the fact that
the dignitaries mentioned will be in at
tendance upon the reunion of the Army
of Tennessee at Council Bluffs. It will
afford the cltliens of Omaha, the natural
terminus eastward of the Overland route,
n opportunity of expressing their abiding
appreciation of the Immortal work of Getv
eral Dodge in blazing this transcontinental
pathway of civilization and commerce, as
well as bestowing upon Mrs. Logan and
the others the encomiums of grateful people.
The Omaha club will be elaborately
decorated for this occasion1 and the ban
quet will be upon a magnificent scale. The
reception preceding' the dinner Is planned
to be the peer of any similar event In the
social life of the city for years. Dr.
George L. Miller probably will act as
toastmaster at the banquet and speeches
will be, made by tha distinguished guests.
These guests embrace two or three re
maining corps commanders of the federal
army during the war of the rebellion, Gen
erals Sickles, who ' will not be present.
Dodge and Howard. - The addresses are
looked forward to with the profoundest
degree of interest.
Music: for this memorable evening will
be supplied by a stringed septet, under the
direction of Robert Cuscaden.
"Mow then," continued this saloon keeper. 1 city taxes the railroads ought to pay, vote
"it's all right If the democrats want to for George Sheldon and the republican leg-
play to the galleries on this or any other Islatlve ticket. Green In not on that ticket.
eubterfugo, but they are mistaken if they My information from Green himself Is he
think they can make ns believe that they has no quarrel with the railroads; that
tro sincerely in favor of home rulo or have they have been good to him and that fot
ver worked for It. As a matter of fsct years ho has acted as their immigration
we have followed the course of events In agent and enjoyed the perquisites of the
s state and we know that the democrats office."
in yer have worked for home rule, but have
opposed It and are today largely respon
sible for the state of affairs that exists.
If home rule la to come It must come
through the republicans', as every, other
Hiib.itantial benefit has come In Nebraska.
Home rulo Is employed by the democrats
hi this campaign simply and solely be
cause: they wnceive that to be the most
i. droit means of deceiving the ' majority
vote. Jf they would substitute the name
'Ihs rule' they wuultt have what they are
icaUy after and they would make more
votes, for no Intelligent man h? going to
Kive his. vote Mi a pnrty which he knows
is tiikltiK hiin for a fool and piaying to his
supposed lack of common sense. We have
a sumplo 6f tills boss rule In OmoTfca, where
IM Howell, n notorious democratic boss,
in connivance with tho democratic city
prosecutor, lo swinging tho club over the
head of the saloon kbepcrs. Not that kind
tor me, thank yau."
riie democrats are growing more des-
l.eiato each day because of the Increasing"
from their ranks to the repub-
Beware of Freqaeut Colds.
A auccesslon Of splds or a protracted
cold Is almost certain to end In chronic
catarrh,, from which few persons ever
wholly recover. Give every cold tho at
tention it deserves and you may avoid this
dlsarreeable disease. How can you cure a
cold? Why not try Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy? It la highly recommended as a
cure-for colds.. Mrs. M. White of Butler,
Tenn.. says: "Several years ago I was
bothered with my throat and lungs. Some
one told me of Chamberlain's Cough Rem
cdy. I began using It and It relieved mo
at once. I used It for some time and it
cured me. Now my throat and lungs are
sound and well."
Sec Sunday Dinner Bargain No. 13, page 13.
voters anxious to cast their bal
the party that Is representing
Liu- interests of Omaha. The terminal tax
ation plank In the republican platform Is
doing the work. It has got W. H. Green,
me of the democratic candidates for the
legislature, in on cmbarraxlng- position.
Mr. Green came out In the democratic or-
kju with a denunciation of. the action of'
three republicans who happened to be
inr inbrrs of tho Real Estate exchange for
tidorsing the republicans' stand on this
principle of Omaha's welfare. W. O.
V. Harrison and F. D. .Wead. are
thrre men.
it matters little whether or not there Is
now a tux committee In the Real Estate
Miiange," anid C. P. Harrison. "That hag
nothing to do with' the signed letter In
The Bee. I Flgned that letter as a private
citizen and as such I certainly have a right
to my opinion on political matters. There
is nothing in the letter even to Indicate I
am a member of the exchange " ' '
"The attack of Mr. .Green on mysolf, Mr.
Haiplson and Mr. Ure Is entirely unwar
ranted by the facts,' Haid K.'D. Wead. "I
signed my name to that let tor as a citizen.
did not mention my connection wlth'the ex
change and did not Intimate I was a mem-
Anaoaarementa of the Theaters.
At the Orpheum the bill for the current
week wl',1 be brought to a close today, when
matinee and night performances will be
-riven. The curtain will tins: up at 8:15
Sharp tonight. Next week Margaret Wy
cherly, the distinguished protean nctress.
will be the top liner. Ben Welch, as "The
Hebrew and tho Dago." Then other such
highly respected favorites as Tro
vello, the ventriloquist; the brothers
Kochlv. European gymnasts; Lntlna, the
pretty physical culture girl; Max Hllder
brnndt, the crsxy German cavalry band
leader, and Gonzales brothers, Mexican
serenodera. .
, The most successful week of the Wood
ward Stock company at the Burwood this
season will close today with the two last
performances of ."Alice of Old Vlncennes.
Beginning wltb the Suaday matinee the
clever German comedy, "White Horse
Tavern," will be staged. It will have an
elaborate production and Is sure to prove
a pleasing novelty, i
Tim Murphy will open a three nights' en
gagement Sunday at the Boyd In "Old In
nocence." In "Old Innocence" Mr. Murphy
is seen In bis old part of Jason Green, i
role In which he formerly scored one o
his greatest triumphs, and Miss Dorothy
Sherrod appears in the opposite part to
the star.
ffimy nf mi
i Mum
Bla; Mine Owners Seem to Have Baal.
- ness in Trtnimlitoirl
:Tlie west at present is clulmltig the at
tention of many of the big mine owners
who are hastening' from the east for va
rious purposes. Thursday afternoon Sen
ator W. A. Clark, of Montana passed
through Omaha enroute to Butte and Hel
ena to fix up his fences for a re-election
to tho senate this whiter and look after Ms
mines. Charles A. Schwab, who a year
ago became interested in some gold mines.
at GoUlntid. also went west on tho second
section of the Union Pacific' No. 5 Thurs-
duy afternoon. Senator Clark's private car
was attached to the first section of No. 3
and on the second section of No. 3 was the
private car of John !R- Bunting", the mil
lionarie brakeman, so-called, who was en
route to San Francisco. Colonel W. C.
Greene went west the day before.
Wife and Little Children Want Neces
saries, -While Man penrfa
Money for Drink.
George W. Ratekln, 32C3 Evans street, was
arrested by Officer Wooldrtdpe Friday
afternoon on the charge of being drunk
and abusing his family. Ratekln is em
ployed at picking chickens at $2.50 a day
for the, Omaha Cold Storage company, but
his family, consisting' of a wife and four
small children, one a babe In arms, was
found in destitute circumstances. It is re
ported that Ratekln draws his pay as soon
as It Is earned and Immediately spends it
for drink and that his family has been
without fuel or groceries for several days.
An attempt will be mado to have Ratekln
attslgn iuirt of his salary to his wife each
wevk In' order, that tho children - may bo
provided for.
Aeensatloa Filed Acalaat Man Who
la Beat to St. Joseph far
Deputy United kiaies Marshal Bammons
went down to Nebraska City Thursday and
arrested Ralph Gregory of that city undei
a capias from the United States court of
Missouri, In which he was Indicted for
sending obscene matter through the malls.
Gregory was brought to Omaha and gave
bond for Vu0 for his appearance before
the United States court at St. Joseph Fri
day, for which place he left Friday morn
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Lai Ltl
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f l