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    The Omaha Daily
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Pages 11 to 20.
t?. West
It's the intelligent way to shop. ABk fli-st clerk yon buy or for Transfer
Slip; you trade with It In any or nil departments, and In each department your
purchase Is recorded in tin" Transfer Slip.
Winn von are "hII In." you go to Transfer Booth mnln floor, southwest
your bill Is llfrured up and, U'. all your purchases have been nicely packed up
ready lor "u to receive them. No chance, whatever of IoMuk a package hero
or there thto'iKhout the store.
Tfca Biff Bennett Store Beats all others for omfort la shopping-.
The "Jo"f".ii:i" method of rosstlng coffee was - cl-Mnsy. dirty "boiler
room" preceding. AVe have Installed at great expense ntHgnlilc-ont Electrlc
Gas Boaster right in cur Coffeo l partment. It wt.rku liVc a charm, Kjvf"
perfect roast, lio dust (oartly because th- grerp bean In rlunt, and no rmmt
'-ofTc smell." Coffies lire roasted right before your c von; roasting continues
from morning to rilslit; not a stale bean Is ever sold l.y us.
Isn't tola coffee yerfectto? Brink Beunstt's Coffees I
il.ot.K? F ' ''y'YtMf. 1 ".'Sir' "'iVlir''7''-'?;' ' .'ff 2V;r..;.v! r.rr,.. 'm. " 'TTJi&J
! ' '
Sample Coat Sale
1 A
Made of cheviot,
uianr.lsh mixtures,
kerseys and broad
cloths, all are 50
and 62 la. long;
some full lined,
other bait lined;
korseys and broad
cloths . are trim
med In velvet and
braid, many
styles, including
full fitting, half
fitting, ' full box
and Empire ev
ery coat a bargain
and money saved
for you , ,
19.50, $15,
12.50, $10
and 7.50
I3tf pairs largest wool BLANKETS, not pure wool, but ex
ceptional good quality for I4.oo. These
come lt light gray, with pink, red. '
liglt blue or brown border very soft
and pretty Saturday a. in., a pair
Saturday in Dress Goods
The Great Chance to Buy: 56-in. Melton Cloths that sell regularly
for $1.50, Panama weaves, fancy suitings of all kinds, 'S'Sp
worth from $1 to $l.f0 yard, Saturday, to sell quickly, .yd. . JJl
An elegant lot fine all wool French ' Flannel "VVaistings, plain or em
broidered, also striped "Waistings that sell for Q
VU. , . -
SILKS 3Vin Black". Taffeta Silk,'a great bargain,
Saturday only, a yard . . . .
Skinner's 36-in! Satin, that's sold for $1.50 everywhere, 1 ?1
Saturday, a yard .. .
lankets and
. Just received a large
shipment of Wool Blank
ets which we offer Satur
day at special low prices.
Double Green Trading Stamps on all Blankets and Com
forts for Saturday only.
Bargain Square, foot of stairway rear main floor aisle.
- "
Resistless Hosiery
We Wliere wo luivR tho best
Hosiery business in this city, and
it's tho jrrowth of but a few weeks'
effort. It'a the emphasis of qual
ity and bargain giving.
Boys' Heavy Ribbed Bicycle f ll
Hose, 17c valuo "!
Children's Fleece Lined Ifln
llpse, 150 value, at IVW
Ladles' Fleece Lined IIobb, jll
Ho value, at
Ladles' Imported Hose, at
Double Green Trading Stamps in
Hosiery Saturday.
linit Underwear
Ladies' Vests and Pants at $1.50, $1.25, $1, 75c,
C9o, 50c, 39c and ". 25
Ladies' Union Suits at $3, $2.50, $2.25, $2, $1.50,
$1.25, $1, 69c and 48
Children's Union Suits at $1.25, $1, 75c, 50c. 25
Children's Vests and Pants at $1, 75c, 50c, 35c,
25c, 20c 12.0 and 8
Boys' Heavy Fleece Shirts and Drawers at. .25
Boys' Heavy Fleeced Union Suits at 48t
Double Green Trading Stamps in Underwear
25c Standard
Books 121c
Substantially bound in
cloth, printed in colors and
back stamped in gold, print
ed from good type plates,
370 titles by famous authors
a good chance to buy
Christmas .presents at a
nrice. A few of the titles:
Belle of Lynit
Heulah, . "
Hlack Kock
Changed Brides
Count of - Mont
bavin v-opperncld
' Polly iialoruc
l)oiu Peane
Dora Thonia
Kast Lynne
Lorna Dooi
Our Beasio
. Quo Vadia ,
Pimple Life
Thadeus ol!
Tnele Tom's Cabin
.Wide. Wide World
English orphans
Evnmreline ,
FelU Holt
The First Vlolla
Grimm's Fairy
ITer Mother's Bin
' Hiawatha,
In His Steps
Halifax '
Last 'of the
Leu Rivera)
The LHilo ,
Dutch Pictures
New Cute Duteh Pictures, in specially de
signed frames, a big $1.00 valuo, Saturday's
special, at .48
(Limit two to a customer.) ;
40 Green Trading Stamps with each picture.
Picture Framing Our annual fall rush is
just starting. Get in early. Ask to see the new
Rosewood and Circassian Walnut frames.
15c Circular Boxes 10t
25c Work Boxes, . sliding cover. .. . . . . .16
25o Jewel Boxes . . .17
40c Dutch Match Holders ; . . . .29
75o Lace or Stationery Boxes .59
90c Necktie Boardsbrass Rods ......69t
$1.00 Collar and Cuff Boxes; ...79
Outfits tit $4.50, $3-.25, $2.25 and 98
aul and Virginia
Romance ot Two
Scottish Chiefs
Vndar Two Flags
Books displayed in nar
ney Street Window.
Book Section Main Floor.
Your Eyes!
Your Eyes!
Expert Examination and
Advice Without Cost'
First quality. - lenses, gold
filled mounting, A A
rimless, at.. IsUU
And Thirty Green Trading 8tamps.
Bargain, in yppffl
Cnlon Ingrain Carpet In splendid
patterns, all colors, sells for 46c;
Saturday, a yatd 28
IUfton Velvet Hugs Size 27x54.
strictly all wool pile, In artistic
conventional designs, sell for $3;
Saturday, each ;. . .$1.9S
Extra Heavy All Wool Art Squares
In conventional and floral de
signs, all strictly fast colors
6x9 for '....$4.08
7-6x9 for ......., Q.25
9x9 for 7.50
9x10-6 for 8.75
9x1 i for 9.08
Heavy Oil Cloth Stove Patterns
In all sires and colors; special,
at, each; 85c, 65c and 200
Extra Heavy Printed Linoleum
6 feet wide, made of cork and
oil. sells for 60c; Saturday, a
square jard ............500
Largest, best assorted stock of Dinner Sets we have
ever shown. For Saturday we quote a discount of 10fo on
all our patterns no exceptions.
Several single sets to close out at about half price.
The bet special at $19.50 ever shown this is a French
China Set, full 100 pieces, a $25 value, the set at.$19.50
Bargains in Draperies
Nottingham Lace Curtains,
slightly damaged, worth
$1 pair, while they Q
last, each ,v
Goblin " Silkolines, big vari
ety, in all colors, sell regu
larly for 15c, 1
Saturday, a yard. . . I 2C
Screen Frames, 3-panel,
golden oak finish, 5 ft. 6
in high, sell for g0
' $1.50, Saturday ....lOC
New Style Velonr Rope
Portieres sold exclusively
by us, extra heavy ropes
and full drapes to fill largest
double doors, Saturday $7.60
kind for 95.00 X "7 C
J6.0Q .kind for.'. . .. .J. 4 J
Fashionable Perfumes
and Toilet Preparations
Hudnuts Perfection Perfumes
t TP.
Waters- in 4-ounce bottles f JC
Monalisa, Veldt-BIumen, AJrueo All
the Hudnut regular odors, an ounce.
Violet Superb, Nothing better made
in violet perfume, an ounce
Marvelous Cola Cream In 2-ounce
collapsible tubes, each
4-ounce glass jars
A 64age booklet ( Twentieth Century Toil
et Hints) can be had for the asking. '
Extreme Violet Talcum (Hudnut), box. -500
Violet Sec. Toilet Powder, box. 250
Hudnutinc Toilet Cerate, Jar 500
Sample package of Hudnut's Elegant Sachet
Powder to Every Lady Customer in Perfume"
Section Saturday.
in the
Our Values Are Emphatically Unmatchable--Come and
Bring the Little Folks
Children's Coats for Little ones from 2
to fl years Made up In all the late
materials Astrakhans, fancy mix
tures, plain cloth and bearskins; these
garments come in all colors and arc
worth up to $5 " ( C
Saturday ,JD
Children's Coats for little ones from 3
to 6 years, made of the bull's-eye
velour, crushed vclour, bull's-eye bear,
and other fancy materials; these gar
ments are all beautifully made, some
with quilted linings and fancy stitch
lngs, garments worth up to Z Q C
$6.50 Saturday JO
Children's Cloaks, ages 6 to 14 years,
made of heavy and warm materials
, Friezes, fancy mixtures and smooth
cloths; these garments are f C
worth up to $5 Saturday. . . J O
Children's Coats, ages 6 to 14 years;
these garments como In all the new
and very late materials; we can give
you anything from a Kersey to an
Astrakhan; about 600 to select from,
and among these we have that popular
little coat, with the Peter Pan plain
silk hood, In all colors, not one worth
less than $6.50, and from A C1C
that up to $7.50 Saturday.
Gloves -
Another shipment fine
French Lambskin Gloves, 8,,
12 and 16-button lengths, in
black and white:
8-button length at. ..$2.50
12-button length at . . .$2.75
16-button length at... $3.00
I 1 Wis tjm iJiiii,T"T
100 Dozen Fancy Stock
Collars, 25c values, Q
at each
4-in. Ail SUk Soft French
Taffeta Ribbon, 19c
value, a yard, f 1 1
' at I-tyjC
3Mt-inch All Silk Fancy
Taffeta Ribbon, 15c and
26c values, a
yard, at
From a to 4 P. M. Saturday 800 Fine China Salad
Howls Pink, blue, green a 25c value (one to a
customer), at
XJew Cut Glass Pieces on Our $5.00 Table Bowls, Jugs, etc.,
no seconds, no chipped goods, choice $5.00
7-Piece China Set Six saucers and bowl, an 87c value, on
sale Saturday, a set.
From 8 to 9 P. M. Saturday W will S11 (SSOO only)
Cups and Saucers and Plates Fine German china,
three pieces (Oue Set to a Customer.) for
Hardware and Hove Dept.
We Sell the Best and Make Lowest Prices.
$8.50 Peninsular Oak Heater,
special 6.50
$9.50 Peninsular Oak Heater,
special 7.50
$12.00 Peninsular Oak Heater,
extra large ;. ...9.95
$12.50 Retort Hot Blast Heater
best hot blast made, sp'l 10.49
Extra high quality 6-hole Range
for .: ..24.50
Regular 50c Furnace Scoop, Satur
day, only 39
Regular 60c Furnace Scoop, large
size, Saturday only 49d
Regular 25c Tiouser or Shirt Hanger, holds
four garments, special . . .10
Black Jack and Black Eagle Stove Polish 10
And ten green trading stamps.
Galvanized Wash Tub at 72c, 64c, 56c and48
And forty green trading stamps. ,
Stove Boards, crystal wood lined, up from 78
And forty green trading stamps.
Coal Hods, up from 25
And twenty green trading stamps.
Stove Brushes, at 18c, 15c and 12
And ten Green Trading Stamps.
Sporting Goods
Roller Skates for Rink Use and Sidewalks, up
from 45
Guns, up from , 4.50
Foot Balls, up from 75
And thirty gren trading statmps
Entona, a West In
dies 10c straight
Pantella shape cigar
each .... . . .50
60 for $2.50
El Matrimonii, a
genuine clear Ha
vana cigar, regular
2 for 25c; Saturday,
each, 8c j 3 for 250
liennett's Special
Smoking Tobacco
pound 250
And 6 Oreen Trad
ing Stamps,
imke's Mixture
Smoking Tobacco
1 2-8 oz. sack. . .4
Chocolate Chips,
fresh made,
delicious, lb.
Pit Pat Candy,
twenty in saek
for 5c, lb.
The Largest Ham Sale of the
Season For Saturday.
6,500 Pounds Swift's Sugar Cured
No. 1 Hams Average 8 to 12 lbs.,
every ham guaranteed, well trim
med, sweet and TJ. S. inspected;
Stamps with each Ham.
Chickens! Chickens!
5,000 Pounds Strictly Fresh Dressed
Springs Every one guaranteed
your choice, any size, Ql
Saturday, pound 2 V
Fresh Dressed Roosters Hfl
pound ' Ss
Son's v i'eoff''-"U4.t Sttlt Tt"
' Bnaia coffsa See It Boasted While Vou Bar.
Bennett's Best O.rtoe. 3 lbs. . .7 . gi no
Teas ,"3. .""""red Green Trading 'stampsV "
leas, your choice, pound jg.
T,irt "n " Hundred Green ' Trading Stamps! ' '
Pride of Dennett s Flour, sack t y ilaa
rilam . And Fifty Green Trading- Stamps'. "
Diamond H Fruits, lar(?e Jar 7. .. ilia
T, w. And Twenty Green Trading- Stamps.
Bennetts Capitol HuklnK Powder, B-lb. ran: S1.00
,A1" On" Hundred Green Trading- Stamps.
Combination Bpeoialt
liennett s Capitol Paneake. pkc 100
Bennett's Capitol Wheat, pkg. 10o
Bennett's Capitol Oats, pkjt loo
Bennett's Capitol Kxtracts. hottla 18o
Bennett's Capitol Baking Powder, lb 34o
And Seventy-five Oreen Trading- Stamps
w.u BinuiM-n hii, j !'( , nozen eans
Our Bast Brands Fruits and Vegetables Ten
j louiiiK oiiiniim wmi ej-n can.
Special Oreen Trading stninps on Imported Olive Oil.
Ponbls Orssn Trading- Stamps AU Day Saturday.
BDTTEB BecslTSd Sally from Btst Dairies
Bennett's Capitol Craamsry, lb. brick, full weight 97c
SI 00
f'hlnf!S Illy Uulhs, each
Pure strained Honey, pint Jar
And Twenty Green Trading Stampt.
ITneeda Biscuits, four pkgs
And Ten Green Trading Stamps.
Jell-O, assorted, three pkgs
And Ten Green Trading Stamps.
Bntterlne Special Lincoln, 'J Ihs
And Ten Green Trading Stamps.
Jersey, 2 His
And Ten Green Trading Stamps.
Premium. 2 lbs
And Twenty Green Trading Stamps.
New York Full Cream Cheese, pound
And Ten Oreen Trading Stamps.
Virginia rwisb, pouno
. . .60
, .1150
, ,aso
. .800
And Ten Green Tradlna Stamns.
Royal Luncheon, jar 10o
And r l-o Green Trading Stamps
Bennett's Kxrelslor Flour, sack ....91.40
Ono Hundred Green Trading: Stamns
ABC Catsup, pint bottio 830
And Twenty ureeu 1 railing stamps.
Dresser Bargain
This pretty Princess Dresser
(like cut), double swell front,
Empire quartered oak finish,
has large French bevel mir
ror, an extra special offer
at $13.25
With every pulr Children's Shoes 11.00 or ove'.
wo give a Bane Ball Bat Scholar Companion, con
taining lead and slate pencils and pen snd pen holder.
Foot. form Shoes for misses snd children, hum) sewed extension, cork tUId
soles, niude on the fauioub i''oot Kutorni Lasts, slies sis to 11, at.. f 1.78
Sizes 11' to J MJS
And Fifty extra Green Trading Stamps.
Foot Reform Shoes for the baby, hand turned soles, pises 2 to 5 for. . .Bfto
Sizes S to X for S1.8S
Soft Hand Turned Solo Vt l Kid Buby Shoes, sizes 2 to 60
And Double Green Trading Stamps.
Soft Vclrct Kid, spring heel, laced and button Shoes for children, sixes 4
to 8, at 70
And Double Green Trading Stamps.
SPECIALS OS BABOAXST TABLES J and 2.1,0 Boys' Tan Calf Shoes.
extension soles, slses 13 to fV, tor S1.3S
And loulilc Green Trading Stamps.
One Hundred Green Trading Stamps on Men's Shoes at. .84, 83.50 and 83.00
Fruitt and Vtit
Florida Oranges
dozen ...20
Spinach, peck,
for 10
Ben Davis, Ap
ples, peck 15
Late Kiefer
Pears, peck,
for 35
fc'jsTil1'""1 ii" " T'ssi'swVsss i:--f---' ' 'i!' iii'i! '"' " " -' i irf r" ''"' " ' -ra!TrFT - i: - - - ''"- 'lr-ff -fii iVlIjIliiiiuii i imiri'iiiiUi 1 1 ii iii ii" I'li'Viii ':iiiir : r " '"': - '' 1 i - " -i-TITului 7ii r --T" "'" - ;J: " i r iSirsiiiiissMssssss Hi mrn iwisrssit..sriii i mMmmmimmmtmmmmmm " i 1 1 11 "" " mmmttmmn am wim mi ir i mm mil
Tlirtlllnc Experiences of Operators
Wtit Worked Keys W'hea Tele,
araph as Toaag.
n'.'ar Uino telesrapliltig wtsn't all
rakes i" I you," said K. F.
Weltbreo. au cld-tlmo operator In th
a; my ct tk Potoaiao during ths sirenu
hub days of '6i, and wi: is attending tha
teleg raphrrs' oonventlon er, Mr. VTell
brao H now a wsaJthy contractor lu Dan
ver Ctlo., but liever misses s. chance to
Job tsrlng of tno knlgltU uf the
"in Vsrcli, 1SJ, I was opr.lcr for Gen
eral Stoughton. wuo' heaJciuarters were
at Falafax court house, about twenty miles f Washlnston," continued Mr.
Wclluree. "Sioughtcn had several thou
sjrd wi'.a him. nd Hooker rad more tlian
1A'.(4 between us and L' army, so w
fitlt as 1 2-t c wro in Boclon.
-yy cS-'.o ail. I llw.iB quarters wero la
r. tur-t in ia raid 'f tno gucral's head.
dUirtrra. Abuat S o'c l,o;-k oiw di
klgut I was rudly awakenoil by tow-one
'.yinj 'lade-u-Cock-Horse' o.i my stoini
ach wlca an anergy tint rr.:u'ie ths ptr-
fonnance exe.ecdingiy annoying. Tliere had
been a couple of gay young lieutenants
around camp who had made a practice
of coming to my tent at unseemly hours
und having fun with rue. tn the .dark
ness I mistook the playful person on
my storuacU for one uf these, arid with
11 my force tried to throw him off, at
tha sain tune expressing my opinion of
such ia Ung'j.ire not found in tbe
'Inetaitly thete was a clutch at my
throat. I felt tho cold ruuszle of a navy
six pte&sed fi-mly against my templa and
In language that m&do nilne seem a poor
phantom of 'cusa' words, I was com
manded to get up. At that moment a
light Oared up and I found the Intruders
were two ferocious-looking confederate
cavslrymen. They told mo they were
'Mohby's men.' that they I, ad gobbled up
the general and a lot i.t prisoners and
horses. The gsve nto about sixteen eec
onde ta dress, bjt I haj time to sparo.
you can bt. Thea one of them kittled
my telegraph Instrument up intu ju:ik;
said he fll ln t want tho In. id .nt to gtt
Inio the inoriiinr papers, or something like
, "1 aa taktn out anl uiouiitc l oa
hoiso without saddle or bridle and away
wo went on the wildest devil's ride that
ever human being took. There were only
two doton of the confederates and they
bad nearly 14 prisoners and horses, bo
sides, they were surrounded by thousands
of our soldiers, so tbey didn't stop for
seotiles except to grab them and take
them along. By day we had covered a
score of miles, and those Rough Riders
had us, geneial and all, safely outside
tho northern lines. But wc didn't stop
thein; It wasn't until lata that evening
that anybody got any treakfat. 1 spent
several months in prison and when 1
was exchanged I went west. Indians were
tamer than that life In pastoral Virginia."
"I didn't find the west so very tame,"
spoka up Frank Howell, a New Yorker,
prominent in telegraph circles.
"In the early eighties I waa at Kansas
City, out of a Job. 1 wlrod the superin
tendent ot the local division that 1 wanted
a J..U Just as fur w.t aa things went. He
tald h'.'d give It to in, and sent tan to
Gunnison, Colo. I found there thai he'd
tent me tho other sldo of where I wanted
to go. The first evriunrf I was there I was
sitting on tku veranda of the hotel, adniir-
tig the Rocky ir.oui.tain, roaRt, when a big
negro, who, I found later, worked In the
hotel, came through lh open wir.dow
nearby with the speed of a telegram and
right ut his heels was a cowboy with a gun.
cutting the dut out from under the neg. o
at every Jump. It was a beautiful raco
down the strt, but fcai will beat lun
and th'j colored man won out.
"There was great excitement in Gunnison
that night, because they arrcsLtd tho cow
boy. Fcoplu were astonished. But it
seemed there had Just been erect d a very
fine new Jail and the authorities wero anx
ious to try It on somebody. Bo they held
a court-mariial, cr something, over the
cowboy and sentenced him to Jail for ten
days. I ctsyed In fiui.iiison about a month;
that ws enough for one lifetime, and when
I was about to go I looked uround for tho
cowboy to any good-by to him. I was told
be was rtill in Jail, although his leiin had
t spired thrco weeks before. So i went up
there. The prisoner was fixed up like a
prince in a room handsomer than any
thing in the hotel. He was pluyl:ij poker
with Kevcrnl choice Hplrita und In a corner
ws a big washtub fuil of he, with a dozen
bottlra of b r tluuiint; around' in it all
furnished by to uounty! Tha Julr was
us tickled over the satisfaction his accom
modations had. given tbo cowboy as was
ever a Swls landlord. He pointed with
pride to the fact that, although his term
had expired, tho cowboy preferred to stay
there to punehiiig cattle on the range. 1
didn't Momo him."
'I tried it west myself for about a min
ute." mused Jones of Chattanooga, who la
one of th advance guard of telegraph: is.
"I was offered a Job at Ouray, a mining
camp about lot) utiles beyond Gunnion,
before the railroad had got In there. I
staged It over tk desert from I'ncom
puhgre. about fifty miles of sand and
alkali, and got Into Ouray about an. hour
by sun. The hotel woa R long one-tory
affair, with a verand running Its whole
length and this was filled with the hardest
looking uggregatlon of miners I ever sot
eyes on. I got a room and, wanting to get
foioe of the alkali off of mc, dlaxbed and
prermred for :i bath. As I pulled down the
window t--hadc to present any ono on the
teranda frnvi looking In, u dirty llit swept
lh-1 i itrUilii uWcle, a long revolver pro
truded In and a gruff voice inquirer! ; "What
you all so private In thar fer?"
-.Washlngtou Times.
One Sw-et Itrtl Tlos Ktaeled as Kent
fur a I'mnsylvnala '
Fit r in.
Tho public is generally conversant with
the annual custom of paying "one red
rose" as ground rental In eastern Pennsyl
vania churches to the descendants of those
who gavo the ground for tho edifices; but
It Is not generally known that hundreds of
owners of farms are under a similar obliga
tion. "Xied rote rent" is yearly paid every' sec
ond Sunday In June In the Lutheran church
at Manhf-lm. Lancaster county; In the Tul
ixhnckeu Reformed church, about sixteen
miles west of Reading, and in several cdl-
Ilces in Ixjbanon county, while several con
gregations In Berks are. entitled to obervs
the event, but do not.
Rosed paid o Mli. S ' occasions to repre
bentntls a of families whoae ancestors made
such provisions an- treasured us priceless
heirlooms, and at Miinheim tin y l.avo tome
from many Mates.
It is known to f w that more than V'A
years 'ago great, tracts of farm land were
sold uround Reading with the same stipu
lation It is nUuie'.ed thst at least
acres of land in Berks are subject, because
of a cluuso in t;ie original dfds, to an an
nual ground rent of one red rose.
Records of the Berks court house show
that many years before Baron Htigel pro
vided for the payment of red rose rent by
mo cnurcn at lannetm. Casper. Wistar
sold land containing the same clause.
rtej rose rent la mentioned in crr, na
tion with land tn Tulpehocken. ivfn,,r.
Maiatawny, Oley. and other townthlps
It dates ba-k to 1T3.
The Tuloehocken Reformed church is
built on land that is subject to "one red
rose" ciult rent. The land v...
Casper Wlstar, brass button manufacturer
of Philadelphia. The red rose rent has
been paid to the Philadelphia descenUant.
of Casper Wlstar for some years. The
most notable observance was in when
tnirty prominent 1'hlladelphla Wlsturs ai.
tended the sen-ices and were piiid li7 red
roses In payment of arrears of rent.
John Page, described as "a gentleman
front London," was another extensive real
estate siiecuhitor In tho early colonial
peried. Ho planned to establish a feu .la I
barony along the TulKboeken In i;jj.
Every deed of land sold by hint contained
tbe red ro clause .wClnclauavti CoiumtrvUl
Trlbuno. t