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rioaterLtwjer FM Away Altar Illnesi
of Iwe 'Wei.
on nf Fenner Frr(tn, Wilt Waa
' Appointed (klrf Jnetlee Mf
bra Ik Territory br
PrriMnt Fierce.
Judge A. N. Ferguson died Friday after
. nOTi at J o'clock, at hla ptaitlonc, aw
J North Eighteenth Hoot, after a sickness
i ul lit
bout two week.
rthur Northeote Ferguson wa born
October 4, at Albany, N. V. Ill
father wi Femer- Ferguson, who at th
time of Judga Ferguson's birth wa a
practicing attorney at Albany. Mia
mother's maiden name was Helen E. Vp
John; both art now dead. In about UiS
Judge Ferguson with bla parents moved
to Albion. Mich., and realdd there, until
laming to Bellevue, Neb., In the fall of
MM. At that tlma Fenner Ferguson, thj
Judge's father, u appointed chief Justice
of tha territory of Nebraska by President
Flerc. being the first chief Justice. M
looked 1u , tha Omaha Indian Agency
l-ulldlnr. which waa prf4 for him.
being a. log building at Belleruc. His
nest door neighbor at that Umi waa J
Sterling Morton. Tha playmate of A. N
Ferguaon were Indian boye of the Omaha
tribe. A. N. Fergupnn saw tha first
newspaper In Nebraska printed, the Ne
braskan, being present aa the first lu
tan off the presa.
In Michigan he attended the district
schools, and at Bellevue he attended tha
prlviu school of Mrs. Nye. About 1SS7 he
attended a, school at Alexandria,. Vs., and
afterwards at Klnderhook academy, Co.
lumbta county. New Tork. In 162 he went
with hie two brothers jnto the employment
or tha Union Pacific aa civil engineers.
assisting in locating and constructing the
railroad. He worked for the fnlon Pacific
ntil Ha then entered the University
of Iowa and graduated In the Uw de
pa.rtme.nt Jn 1870. Amons - Ms preceptor
were JohnvF. Dillon. William (1. Ham
mond, George B. Wright and C. C. Coin.
Partner of Jaha I. Rralek.
He began the practice of law at Bellevue
In lffiO, remaining there until 172, when he
moved to Omaha, which has been hi
home ever since. His first partnership
waa with Hon. J. I. Rttdi'k, and after
wards he formed a partnership with Wil
liam Neville., In 177 he was elected to
the state senate for Douglas nnd Sarpy
counties. In 1879 he waa elected district
attorney of the Third Judicial district. In
cluding Douglas. 8arpy and Burt. In 1S81
be was elected a member of the Board of
Kducation of Omaha. On March 30, 18N.
, he was appointed, Judge of the Fourth
Judicial dlHtrlct by Governor Boyd. Ha
was elected Judge of the district court In
the fall of 1831 by the people and served
a Judge five years. , ,
Ha, was married April If".. 1878. to Miss
Delia X,. Bears. Two children survive,
, Alice F., now -Mrs. CllfTorrt M. Firbes of
thia city, and Miss 'Elizabeth F. Ferguson.
Hie wife also survives.
Fenner Ferguson was the first delegate
to congress from the Nebraska territory,
being elected In 1857. Judge Ferguson was
a lawyer with a large practice and waa
tinlveraally trusted and respected. Judge
Ferguson was attorney far George Francis
.Train In the numerous suits he had while
. residing In this community.
Judge Ferguaon, while on the bench shut
off a move to locate a market house on
Jefferaon square, holding that the aqtinra
had been perpetually dedicuted to the use
, of the Inhabitants of Omaha as a breathing
, spot. ...
Xearly Thoasaad Raral arrlera
. Xefcraska rnrne 1 a rnr
in recoiniuendation of Fouitli Assistant
Postmaster General DeGraw for a substan
tial Increase In the maxjmum salnry al
lowed letter carriers In the rural delivery
service will affect s large number of th
rural carriers of Nebraska, of which then,
are now 920. The maximum salaries paid
to the Nebraska carriers Is or annum
and the minimum IS. The difference I
regulated by the length of tin- carrier
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and wa will at nce send you by mu m
aaa-.pla package, free, Address J x.
Ktuart Co., H Stuart Bldj . Marshall
.,... AM ot Tri fhrk carrier t
piM through the Omhi postomee. K( h j
carrier I entitled to fifteen day' vacation j
esrh. year nn full ray and the substitute '
no mini during the vacation of the
nrlglnel canlcr iAld on the basis of $50
per month.
Officer bn Remote Tarn Moan
fraa Reservation net Writ.
ef Habeas Carnna.
Judge Munger issued a wilt of halH-a
corpua Saturday morning In the esse of
Chstles Oreen Rainbow, Peter Peeorah and
James Fisher, Indian policemen at the
Winnebago ggenry, who arc hold In con
structive custody for alleged assault In
forcibly removing Thorns t.. Sloan from
the agency reserve a week ago. The oc
casion for Sloan's removal wss under a
Mile of. the Interior department which
prohibit collector from being on the IK)
acre reserve Immediately surrounding an
Indian agency during the payment of lease
monies or annuities to Indians. Mr. Sloan
waa 911 the reserve to make a collection
for aome cll-nt oetenibly. that day being
a lease money payment day for the In
dian aad Agent McFnttrldga ordered Ills
removal fri"i the reserve. '
The Indian pnllrrmen carried out the
order by taking Mr. Sloan ntt the leserve j
in n nnaon. rioan immeoiaieiy nroiigrii
Suit against the Indiana for assault and
they ci. arrested and placed In con
structive custody by County Judge Kl:ig
of Thurstin county, ftilted "tst-a Dis
trict Attorney Ooss Immediately sought te
have the Indian policemen released on a !
writ of hebe corpus, but. Judge Munger
was then out ,f me city and the Usuanee
of -the writ could not be had until Batur
day morning. The hearing on the writ Is
set for November 12.
The case Is Instigated for the sole pur
pose of establishing the legality of the
rule of the Indian department rraardintf
the prohibition of collectors who have law- )
fill claims JUalmtt the Indians being at 1
the agencies, daring the time of payment j
of monies to them. Mr. Sloan holds that ,
he rule is unlawful.
( sirt Dveiaes Madera Wood- j
nr Otbrrs Mast I'ay 1
Faaaa. j
Nebraska la not the tmlv stit In the
union where fraternal beneficiary orders
have boon required to pav taxes on their
funds. The Illinois supreme court ha
handed down a decision that all such vcon
ccin must pay taxes on thoir mortuary
funds and all other fund and money of j
the societies. I
The opinion was rendered In the case of j
the e-.ipieme lodge of the Modern American
fraternal order against the board of re
view of Effingham county. The supreme
lodge scheduled office furniture and sup
plies tor luxation amounting to K.v, but
the board of review added HO.toO, the
amount' of mortHnry-nnd expense fund on
hand. The lodge appealed the action,
Claiming that the fund waa exempt under
the provision, of the act of IS116, which pro
vides that such money shall be exempt.
The court hold that the legislature has
not the power to pa such a law.
A readjustment of rates may be made
necesxary in some of the orders because of
the Increase In expenaea thla will necessl.
tata, as thousands of dollars formerly ex
empt will be placed on the assessment
tolls. j
The court hold that 'the legislature ita
not the power to exempt from taxation any
property which Is not exempted in the 1
plain language of 'the constitution. 1 Under j
the 6plnion the board of equHlltation Is
'required--to "asses the capital stock of'j
mercantile and manufacturing corporations, '
companies orgnntzed for publishing pur- j
poses, etc.. and the only exemptions which :
can possibly be made are property which 1
la used exclusively for agricultural and '
horticultural societies, school, religious. ;
cemetery and charitable purposea and the
property of the state. ' county and mu-'
ulclral corporation.
salt lavalTlaw Jarlsdlctlea ( Jasllre '
aad the Keaeral Caarta
4 limes tp. '
A petition haa been filed before ' J titty t
Uunger of the federal court, to be argued 1 time n'xt ek, which 1 being .
Hatched wlih great Interest by the legiU
.".atcrnily of Omaha, as It Involves the
riiiex'.hm of the Jurisdiction of Justice
.-otn ts over cases which may le within
the Jurisdiction of the federal court. ' - I
Hamuel Kid, plaintiff. 1 the owner Of !
the t.uildings at l.W-S-ll Johe street
ahlch ere occurietl by the fi.t IlorschM
ttnnufact tiring coinjisny. defendants, who
seek, to retain Hseiton of the premise
j under a lease, while Mr. Katl is tittemiilltujr
j o;it thv pr..ei tenants by an action
I lorniuie nrrxry snirn was nrmixnt oerore i
be l:is'.ti-e of the neacs cmiit of XV .v i
If'osl'.T. 4 '
The defendants have filed a petition .for
iho remoal of the case to the federal
com Is on the ground of diverse oiMxenshly
f the jvaitleii to the proee-dlngs inn) alo
i the additional ground that the case In
..veitrove-.y eveeeda fc'.ono in value to the
i. rtles rm rned '
This Is presumably the first cae of this 1
..-.ctlptioii which hs ever laen brought,, -Monarch," the large bull buffalo at
the court in thia Jurisdiction . nnd rvi(.w ,,k, will be sold bark to Colone!
,e ultmuue outcome I open to consld- , n m,,,, y (Buffalo Bill) for con-
table miet-tion. there being many opinions i slderatlnn of ri. which will bs 0 more
': merits of the controversy. j than ,he pitrh bo4r(J ,4 fl)r ,ne ajumtl
...... Tr out nn r-itsi icxii i nearly three years ago.
uKtcN ICA. Dill Nil tuULISH j The matter came up Saturday morning
Irish Wiisia Bulks an
Raylng V-
thing wlih air. Rail's .Name
A West l' street grocer
is a customer, a woman, mtive of
rlioerald fctle.. r.d she is inherently ..p,M)W.U ' mm.ine ... -
w an.vthlng that is Kt.gltso. A d,,v or tao : "' ,h" '"' B1 "J ,hjt
,g the gr,Hr s clerk called at Mis. -'' f '"" cuM .mmii-
erty's residence for his mmal ord-r ,, ? Wrs Is. held for the delivery of the Sol
ars. Ifferty ked him If thev ha.l any i mH'- hi' " r,'" "n'1 vlrlou' brU,,k' .
"Ves, we hate a flue uuallty or Knglinh
ireskfast tea thai hare Itiat r-.. I.-.
nd It's fine." 1 ,n Pari n f' year ago. W'hfti lluffalo
"Xot any' KitKlisl. lay f.,r me. f Vou , "'' '"' returning home the animal
please. I w. uldn t dih. or ineself i.y 1 placed in Rcervliw park and lter
Irlnklug it." ' so'tt " H rlty of Omaha after an Incident
"But. Mrs. Ifferty, it is a green tea " th Ilr- ,,, r, "n'nf"l ''' unl K- J
"Well, tnat s different. If It Is rale green i t orn,!,U ' r" vl"luK- r '"" feon
ye can send n e half a pound. Ilui no '"fsmnn and the park c.nimUnloner were
Kngllsh In mine." standing axaiuM the ire sereering which
- - (Separated "Monarch" from the broa 1
iU0PI IFTFR rallCUT IM iPTIPlains .
VMWI too fc.. I wnyyu I f tJ t .
as. tinea ta Jail aad Sear eh I
Ream Discloses Several
Ptolea Articles.
Lte Friday afternoon Mr. I,. It!. M
South Thlrt-euth street, was arrested by
Dretttlve Malonev 011 the charge of shop
lifting. Mrs. Reed Was seen Meullitf v
eral fneces of lac from a loonier In a
dea Bros. store and the d-teeticr aa
called. In the police court Saturday she
was sentenced ta ttdrty days in Jail, llor
rooms Were searched, four silk waists be
longing to the ll.iMon store being (ountk
and 4 fuiorf-r imvh by Detectives Maloiuy
and afcIVmaid brought to light other stolon
property, tor which no claim haa be-n
1 We Trust " fSnriM
the People ' Xj . N OTU
! :..--'- V',,-. ', , ' M
1 t . , ' a 'a, w I ar-aaafc.,sMii3
. . .- " 1. - k Our
or not
is guaran
teed by the
maker and
Iron Bed Outfits
tExactly like cut). .
Consisting of Vernls Martin Iron
a cotton top and bottom
1 cotton top and bottom jn.fftZ'
mattress and a good I f Fi d T
mhatantial spring, spc- I j 1 1 ! i
:-ial price for com- i UU
pleto outfit aUa V
Terms, 91.00 Oash W.0 Moathly
lit if.. 1 w--
i e- at - -1 1 n all is
! Ur3
a bill of tiS.OO $2.50 Cosh and
a bill of IvO.OO lo.oo Cash and
on a bill of ITn.oo ti.BO Casli and
On a bill of $100.00 ilO.OO Cash and $8.00 a month
Larger bllla In proportion.
Our Special Steel Range
Is made of cold rolled ateel, as'.iestos
llneu, a very high quality, LMiplex
guiles, nickel trimmed. We offer
tills si-lioie sperm,
steel range, Inclnd- i
ing high warming
closet, with large 16
Inoh oven for
Terms, 93.60 Cask; 93.00 Monthly
j -
f Colotel CodT FaJI Tilt i Otrd llilj 1 01
1., Tr.minm for Old Bisoa.
I ( ounnssloaers llei-lde . to Make si
j pravemeafls at Rlvervleev
: rsrk Before tke First
the Yea a,
nt the reuular nieftlng the Park coiu-
ma)lniiers thr ugh a cummuiiicatlim from
; Hll McCune, HuPlalo Bill' rt pi-esentatlva
in thnnha. Commissioner I'-. J- CornUSt
j moved that Mr. MeCune's cffT be accepted
, j and the m.ithn carried. In making his inc
t'he ! "n Mr- C' rolslv wanted It expressly under-
A Ulie (!ISl'UI-ins nil" e I.- 10 .n'liaii.o
Kjtuiday mnrnlny It deyelopfj tlmt the
aniiiisl r1" a grocery store out of business
Oae of the l ist of HU M-..e
"Ot.e of tin- lat of his race: a noble brute
he is." remarked the colonel to the cxiii
rrdionr. Then Monarch made a tcloin lunge to
aat'4 Colonel - Codr. a ho Jun.ped about
thirty-six ardn 'hrounh the clear niornlng
tt n'Oaphere and landed in another part Of
the park.
Now Colonel t'miy is luinkcring for M n
arch. A few wrk ago a hen the colon.
mas In Om.ih on hH way home from Ku
rope he btoaihed tlie subject to Bill Mo
Cune. Althosgh the buffalo like to break
the monotony now and thrn by trarln?
things tip he is said to lie one of the bea.
specimen of hi lace row living.
U 1 the present plan of the' park Uiard
to makg improvement on the pavilion at
yourself. You will find all goods marked in plain figures; everything exactly as advertised. You can
obtain any article advertised at the advert i set! price when you answer any of our advertisements. Cuts
ued in this and all our ads are absolutely correct and the descriptions accurate. AVe invite you to cut from
thi advertisement any article with the description, and verify both with a personal visit here.
& '. ' , f -K
1 ' L..-,
K at- f-7
Base Burners
We are sole agents for Star Ins
tate steel ranges, Estate 'Oak
Heaters, Home Coral Bone
Kur tiers and the famous Gar
land stoves and ranges. We ore
;tig itaae Humeri
nickel trimmed, jm
with large guar-efl
anteed tiro pot. I 1
upward 1
URae riurnera heavily
Rugs and
All wool Ingialu car
pet, our r'-gulur 7"o
aradc. special (5QC
Heavy blankets, extra
heavy weight, regular
Tiger Brussels Rug,
lixi-i. luxifc HMSiirtitient,
Plieclal designs nnd
patterns. A 7SC
special priOi. ,u' "
Terms, $1.50
Cash) S2 Monthly
13.0" a month a moniii.
t.00 a month
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(Exactly like cut)
Made of aolid oak, highly
polished, tiaa genuine
leather seats,
structed very
and durable
usually re
tails for St.
our special
The Peoples
Rlverview park before January 1 by en
larging that structure to nearly double Its
present dimensions. The expenditure will
run from KOttt to $5.oni. The present archi
tecture of the building will be preserved In
the addition. Particular attention will beof
given to public accommodation rooms. J.
P. Outh. architect, was Instructed to se
cure bid and present them to the board aa
soon as possible.
Klka Corral Mia Batch at M lid Unea
that Osaaha l.udae Will
Helai Tame.
Omaha lodge of Eiks proposes to invade
Nebraska City Saturday evening, Novem
ber 10. where a herd haa been cilleated fir
Initiation and Instruction. The work of in
stituting the new lodge will be In charge
of lu. C. Page of Omaha, district deputy of
the order, and Omaha and Plattsmouth
lodges will furnish the working force and
spictntor. Omaha Klka are negotiating
for a apecial train to take 1W or more mem
ber. The young Elk In Nebraska City
will entertain the visitors with a banquet
Humphrey s' Serein j -Bcvea
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Old firenie-u say "that the first fif
teen minutes of a fire often decider
the fata of a buildiov." It's so wit.'
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FODC, let down fcelitig of weakness
and before tbe eneegina; begins it all
break up your Cold at once.
' Seventy-seven" cure a Cold In inor
id a need stages but it takes longei
"Seventy-seven" is put up In a smal
vial of pleaaant pellets that fits tb
est pocket.
At Oruggists, cents or mulled.
Doctor's l'.oik mailed free.
Humphrey's Honn o. Medicine Co. 1 'u
William and Joint streets. New Voik.
- ;-.-. . . . -1.
. ) ti'V: ', awa?
Oak Heater
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This itanquet Oak
leater is nicely
nickel trimmed, has
screw draft regis
ter, oil castings are
smoothly jrktii-
(Kxactly like cut)
Made, of solid oak. highly polished,
Inrge roomy drawers, French
beveled mirror of oblonsr shape.
trimmings are
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sround WfJIJill
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and tit
snug our
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He Our Tlir-Rooin Out f Ita, Fumlhed Complete
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jnsion TaL
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am are of a high grade ord
recular 12.oU value, our sp
TERMS, fl.00 CA; $3.00
' W N V - .
Furniture & Carpet Co. Established 1887.
at the conclusion of the evening a buaincft
Tho annual stag social of Omaha Elks ,
set for Thursday evening. November
Plans for this event promise a departu
from former entertainments. A numb.
amateura aapirittg for atage honors w
be given a chance to ahow the Muff thul
In them before the members, who will il..
penae encouraging applause and a fe
prizes. Secretary Furay la rapidly boui
Ing entries In this clasa, but there Is roun
for mure and blue rlhboua are plentiful.
( osestls ut lorra aad VrhratLi
Dealera la Be Held In Uanaha
it Month.
Assistant Secretary J- l- Klngcr if the
Nebraska and Western Iowa Retail Imple
merit and Vehicle Dealers' association hae
Issued the official program 'fur the convrii
tion, which Is to be held In Omaiia, No
vember IS. 14 and 15.
Business sessions w-ill be held Tuesday
WedneFday and Thuratlay mornings an:
Wednesday evening. A smoker will b,
given Tucsdny evening by the Jobbers for
the dealers, at which V. U HalW of the
I.lnlnger Implement company will preside
4nd Mayor Ialhnin will deliver an ad
dref r.f welcome. At the Wednesday even
ing session addresses will be given by Je
rome Slianip of Lincoln and Henry Wal
lace of lien Moines, editor of Wallace'
Farmer. All meeting will be held at the
Commercial club. In the afternoon the
dealers will visit the implement house of
Omaha and Council Bluffs.
1 amor that He Will aaceeed Harri
man la 5vt Taken fterlonely
In Omaha.
The story sent out from Chicago that
H. Harriman is to retire from the
"residency ef his various Hues and assume
he chairmanship of the board of directors
.f each, and that J. C. Stubbs will become
resident In hla place, dnea not Impresa
self seriously on t'nlon Pacific offlclula in
tmaha who have taken time to give It a
hought. One of these official point out
'tar it would be like returning to the old
jllcy, for less than three year ago It
"is .hat Mr. Harriman absorbed the preal
encles of his roads, thus inaugurating his
resent policy. Hie thinks there Is little
i.ellhood of Harrlman's I everting himself.
!e also points out that while Mr. Stubbs,
1 his Judgment, la the best traffic man In
le wo: Id. he la a fccl;ilit. or an expert
1 a single line, and not a general execu
te, nor a financier, sxich as the man who
thnn you think, to )ost'ss a cozy anil
comfortable home. Our way of extend
ing credit is genteel and refined--greatly
different and far better than
you can get elsewhere.
terms are trenerous our treatment i
liberal; in short, the wage-earner gets at this
store just what he wants; bis convenience is con
sulted as to how and when to pay. We do not re
quire payments during sickness or loss of em
ployment. (
"We want you to visit our store and seo for
yn - ' 1
WTT- .---It':'-''" - ' j '
ta.00 Moatkly
U The Peoplei Store Tl I
j Special Kitchen 1 y
Cabinet ll
(Exactly Ilk cut)
Terms. $1.00 Cash: S1.00 Monthly
This cabinet has golden oak finish, is built by
master workmen, made very strong and durable,
Hie construction is ierfect, the base has two
large bins each holding 50 pounds of flour or
other ineal. Right above this, as 6hown in illus
tration, are two large drawers for knives, forks,
spoons, etc. There is a large bread board and
good sized meat or chopping board. The top has
four good sized drawers'for spices, and two large
glass door compartments. This cabinet stands
61 inches high, is 47 inches wide and has a depth
of 25 inches. It occupies the space of kitchen
oak effect,
heavy rim.
table and has th room of a
cupboard our special price,
complete. . . .
icciai a-
t; hi nanaisri r atatiMMaarti n j ii mM ,
The Peoples Store Soecial Velour Couch
(Exactly like cut)
The frame la made of solid onk and Is highly polished, the
coverings are 01 seiecien veiours over guar- iS"
nn toed and highly tempered springs. We are fv J rt IB
showing this couch In
tops our special
TXXMS, (1.00
lucceeded Mr. Harriman certainly would
;ive to be.
For these and other reasons the story
going begging In Omaha for adnercnta.
a matter of fact, and thls is a point
L overlooked In Omaha, Mr. Stubbs la
t next In line of succession' to Mr. Har
;mn, snyway, snd If the latter were eon
.niplatlng the change ascrllied 14 him, it
not thought that Mr. Stubbs would sue
eed him as president. Julius Kruttechnltt
lands next to B. H. Ilanlnian In the mnn
igoninnt of the vast Pacific system, and
.'.iliua Kruttachnltt, aa director of mainle.
.ante ami operation, exerclsea the func
ion of a genetal executive, while J. C.
-tubbs, aa general tiaffic director, exer
ises powers of less comprehensive scope.
o the Impression prevails locally that
iviuttschnilt would be the mini selected
by Harriman for president should the Iktt'.r
tiike the notion of turning over that pos'l
lon to any other person.
Or. tieorge W. Todd goes Valley foi
Arrest When He Hefases to
Pay License.
Dr. George W. Todd, a dentist in tin
Karbaeh block, not only objects to paylnc
(1 a day for the privilege of pulling th
teeth of citiaena of Valley, but he wantt
that village and Oscar Talbott, the tuwi
marshal, to pay him 5,Xi0 for allege,
false arrrst. The village council passci.
an ordinance requiring visiting dentists n
pay 1 a day license fee. Pr. Todd rafuso
to pay It at first and was arrested by Tal
bott. Then he paid the money under pro
test, but, he asserts the village authorities
were wrong in levying the tax. Suit foi
fo.ojo was begun In district court Satur
day. The eV represents the money 1 ha
OmoJiOL Likes
.1. 1
f . T'
ir.-ri l : a- :
r F r
If anybody in Omaha has any doubt about "Tha Hurdler" being th craze
of the day, let him ask Julius Thlele, musical director of the Krug theater, and
be will tell you what the people think about it when hla orchestra plays it.
It is being whistled on the streets by the newsboys and la being played la the
homes by the meet fashionable. The music stores are busy supplying the de
mand and the publishers. The Tolbeit It. Ingram Music Co., Denver, Colo.,
who agree to send copiea to those outside of the city desiring them for Z
cents each, write that ihey have been flooded with ordeis, but are able tf
eupply all demand.
: I U
: - ' C
. '". t
both smooth and tuneu
paid under
protest to avoid being r-
Forre Detailed ga tarda? Marnla
After Chief ana Hnaamelbarta
Held aa Interview.
The seared for th murderer of Miss
Kummelhsrt still orenpies the attention f
a considerable portion of the police force.
Friday afternoon the brother of th fnur-dotx-d
woman, Joseph A. Hummrlhart. and
hla wife were calle.t to th police station
and had an extended conference with Chief
of Detectives Savage. Following this In
terview several detectives were detailed on
the rasa Saturday morning, but Chief Sav
age aid there were no clues at present
which could be considered a protnlel ii;.
yet Interest in th case haa In no wire
abated and tha work of Investigation aid
be continued Indefinitely.
' Goad Caagh Medlclna'tor Children.
The season for coughs and colds is now
at hand and too much care cannot be
used to protect the children. A child I
much mora likely to contract diphtheria or
aearlet fever when he haa a cold. The
quicker you cure his cold the less the risk.
Chamberlsin's Cough Remedy Is the so
reliance of many mothers, snd few of
them who have tried II are willing 'o u;
any other. Mrs. K. F. Starcher of r.ipley,
W. Vs., saya: "I have never used anythli.g
I other than C'hamberlaln'a Cougli ltcmvdc
' 'or mv children and It haa sin-iiv eti-n
good satisfaction." Thla remedy contain
no opium or other narcotic and may be
given a confidently to a child as to an
Dr. Aberly, ftith and N. Tel. A 13
the New "Hit"
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