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Frincipil of Normal Eoliool io Japsn En
coursees Immorality.
ntlii e force of the county JtnlK II office to
count the small pieces.
Ambassador Thompson, Who la
(harird with bleliHna AllfKUl
Kmhmlrr, l)flfi rkirif,
Women Missionaries Report This na
KrHrnrr of I rsrenl ff of
hrtatlan Tffhl In
the Orient.
Party Ltsdsrs Are Vad Fecanw He I)n
clad Alliance with Railroads.
Spectacle of Flrynn'a Brotoer-ln-l.nw,
na Stair Chairman, TrlnK
Ip with Corporations
Creatra Fornr,
MKXH'O C1TV. Oct. 24. Somewhat cf a
' sen mi ion was caused In ftnsnclnl circles
' tonight when It was lonnfd that warrants
h-nl been lsic.l for the arrest of J. K. ,
Slnrr Hunt and three of his asnclats
charged with fraud In their handling of the '
i lunds of the defunct Internal ional Rank j " "
and Trust Company of America. Tlif sen- The tell-tale lettor of T. 8. Allen, stats
The rending of official :rTerp.:iHetM-e Mfm v,a greatly ningnlllcd In the I'ntted 'democratic chairman, published In Tha
from the scv. nil for.'lnn th Ur, t-.iiil .'nieiiod, j Rce, has sent a cold chill up the. .spinal
by brief talks from missionaries rrnm these , mWsul.jf 'rhiimn-oii oopnlv tiolumim and a hot flimh around tha collar
. field", t-pmlored 8nturlny inor I 8 hp "f t in ,.11rc,.,i w;, rndiavorliiK to Kliield Hunt. of 1("'u' domwratH. Tlioy art' acarcd for
inot Intrri-MiiiK sr-.sfons i.f tlic iii' flliiK ol j yUr poller nnd ifrr i-crlft H'-iits are lllolr l"y safety and angry ol Air.
thr Woi.uiin roroik-n "'"'' j i,H,kn.f for Hint. but ha vp been unablo as
In HTPflon at First Metbodlst cluirih. , y,,, U) ,M.te ljnii altboueh thry day they
The rrport from Japan, pti-wntou r .yiiks ; ar po,mvp ne s n the city
C. .1. ariinlian rf rrnlaib lphln. ton i ,
cffertivc wmk and rich rpurd. but the!
F.inic baniliciip tbut l everywhere expcrl- t
AIiViTh candor In disclosing- the true colore
of democracy In Nebraska. Of Course, no
nienitcr uf the Jcfleraon party, haa been
Itiad SuJfereJ, Stvertly From Pelvic Catarrh Cannot Fratst Ptruna
Tno JfinhfoR-ai Ifrr Tjtttrr.
rH. 'ANNA N. . K.MSKR, Two, , HcportN Ht-r C'tiro.
Illvera, Wis., wes n snffi rcr from I After continuing the treatment a uhort
jlpalvlc catarrh to such iin eM' iit that i time longer. Alra. Kal r reports her
wha could ! hardly do own work. In cure, as follow s:
"Held too few wolkcra. Mlsa fieorglann
Ilonciia of Toklo, editor of Tokiwa, the
only t'hilwtlan Ionian pci,T tn Japan, viv
idly plcturctl the need of Christian educa
tion in Japan Just at this time. I'pon au
thority that h considered un'iuestlenabls,
she stated that the principal of one of th
largest normal schools openly encourages
and advocates his men teachers' patronising
the licensed houses of prostitution and re
turned to lilm their tickets of expense, the.
Ambnssador Thompson denies any connec lo """n
-i,h cs. ,i mv the rhnr... rols nor deny Its desirability to the d-mo-
. .. . .....j I crats, but many there are .who denounce i
The lnternullon'il Hunk and Trust mm
Deny was omanlieil in the fall of VM2 and
went Into the hands ol' a receiver on Octo
ber 17, 1!::. It wag the tlrst bank fnlhire
In the republic for fifty-seven yearn and
created a sciiantlon at tne time. The bank
had seven branctcs throughout the repub
lic olid was capitalised for tl.850.wo. AVhen
It went to the wall Its liabilities totaled
Hunt was the uttorney for the tank ami
Mr. Allen's policy of frankness as a stupid
piece of campaign mismanagement.
"He has placed himself and his party in
a bad mess." remarked a certain well
known democratic leader to a republican
candidate for. tho legislature. "If this Is
his Men of runnlusT a campaign he will
learn by this experience that his Ideas are
not thoso of his purty nor those that will
win. It seems to me that common sense
would have restrained him from lotting- tho
cost of which Is deducted from their fala- tt was charged that he favored creditors .... . ' ' ,,, , ,h
and fraudulently and falsely dated mimer- ' e and U8cf, by th(J opposltloll. xhen ho
While In the past the teachers have
ehleflr been men. the recent war with TUis
sia took the men Into the army and oinwd
the greatest opportunity that has ever been
afforded women In Japan. As u result the
graduates cf the Christian schools are In
demand and n( salaries greatly In xccs
of whnt the mlyxionm les can afford to pay.
Women are crowding Into all lines of In
dustry nnd the creat cry Is for education.
It h:is been estimated that f illy W per C"nt
upon them after the Institution was In the
rec "Ivors' hands. Associated w ith him in
the trnnsricllcns were J. O. Rice, general
manager of the defunct laink.; W. O.
Staples, a member of the board of direc
tors, and Antonio XUncun Alas, confiden
tial adviser of Hunt.
Charges were brought ugHlnst tho men
:ome time ago, but the matter was post
poned from time to time. Finally 11 was
of the girls nre now In s hoo!. The demand rumored that Influences were being brought
describing! her symptoms,- she wrote:
I 1 ' have such terrible l'.Uachn, imd
frJrta below my' shoulder blades, way'
mpwn my bock and across my lit ph. and j
timee pains In the pelvic ' organs, so,
Itj4t I am not able to He down or sleep..'
tiil am afraid I may be fretting heart 1
f trouble." ' "
After taking Peruna and following Dr.
Ttart man's Instructions for several weeki.
ilrr. Kalsef- reported as follows:
T feel Wuch stronger nnd do not get '
HnarvouB as I Used to. The ;in Is cn-
t!r1y gone, 'except when I work a little
) too hard. The medicine has done me
Wonderful good. I am taking Perunii
,and Mannlin. My bowels are also in
ikood condition.
i for admission to the Christian kindergar
tens Is so greatly In excess of the accommo-
I datlon that children are reglsterl for ad-
i ,. ,
"I must drop you a line to let you mission nimosi as soon as nicy are norn.
know that I am well now and cured with i , Benefits ol the War.
your medicine. I must thank you for ! The women of Corea. like those of Jan,
the advice you gave me. ! -lve been afforded unprecedented oppor-
"The medicine Is something wonder- i tunity by the war The Invasion of Japa
ful 1 eann.'t -.raise It enough for tho nese. according to Miss L. C. Rothweller.
good It has done for me and I hope j has rendered the people eager for newer
others will be freed from their j mean anu so open io nrisimn ui..u-..L.
j It is common prediction more, uowever.
i ,..- ,iei.e.i ti..ra vlu, a.e suf- ei wiinm nve years me nauve jr-a.oury
faring as I did to consult you and many i f Invaders will cause them to with
nre taking my advice. If ever I need j th1'' Pre li"-P "allty to the new
me.ii. ine again. I know that Peruna w,n i coiner and be difficult to reach, as they
, , i never have been before nnd the misslon-
help tne.
! .An Kxcollent Tonic.
Mrs. Kmlly Ross Perry, S19 ISth Ave.,
: X. K.. MlnucBpolis, Minn., writes.:
"I have tried Peruna and found It an
j excellent 'tonic and cure for catarrhal
i troubles."
to bear to quash the proceedings.
Not until tonight was It definitely known
should have remembered his own personal
position. He (a not only the law partner
of A. II. Talbot, attorney for the Missouri
Pacific railroad at Lincoln, but he Is tho
brother-in-law of William J. Ilryan, the
body and soul of tho democratic party m
the nation. What sort of a fix does Allen's
Indiscretion put Mr. Bryan In? Here Is
Hryun all these yeurs belaboring himself to
estnhlish a record of freedom from
coiporation alliance and Influence, and
his brother-in-law, as chulrman of
the democratic committee of Ne
braska and general manager of tho
that the men would be prosecuted. When j Rtat campaign, making alliance, with tho
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frr ...
arles recognize in the next few years their
j greatest opportunity to obtain for Chrls-
, nanny a permanent looiuoi.i. wmr in me .
difficulties of the work and much of Its
encouraging tide was prest'iited from Ma- I
lauslu, the Philippines, Burma, India, I
China and Italy also.
Bishop W. V. Oldham, the missionary
bishop of Couth Asia, was one of Saturday
morning's arrivals. He spoke briefly, urg
ing the women to work, not iih branches,
but as one society, utilizing their mission
aries wherever they can do the must ef
fective work, regardless of the branch that
j sends them out. He emphasized the neces
sity of a worker's mastery of the lan
guage or the village vernacular of the
j people among whom she works and nd
. vised that two things be Insisted upon:
j Fitvt. that a porker be not overtaxed with
I work the first year, and, second, that dur-
! 1 e it thut ven r Him he rontilreH to cret n fntr
knowledge of the language. The effective
ness of the work done depends largely, Jie
said, upon the preparation of the worker.
Hospital na Memorial.
" A hospital to be built at Kolar, India.' at
a tost of tl-,000, as a memorial to Mi-s.
Cowen, late secretary of the Cincinnati
branch and a sister of Bishop Thoburn of
India, was one of the projects informally
discussed among the women Saturday
The "Quiet Hour" was observed at 2
o'clock uud a children's rally Is being held
this afternoon. There will be no session
Sutuiuuy evening.
An Indian Jubilee Is scheduled for 10:3)
o'clock Sunday morning at the First Meth
od I si church. Bishop W. V. Oldham pie
: Fldlng. Sunday evening's session at the
I First Methodist church, at 7:4n o'clock; will
be one of the most Important of tho entire
conference. There will be no services In
the other Methodist churches of the city,
ihat all may participate In the anniversary
service, at which Mrs. A. W. Patten will
preside. The annual report of the society
will be made at this time by Mrs. C W.
Barnes, secretary. Mrs. Marcus I.. Talt,
one of the ablest women of the orgauiza-
j ! tlon, will deliver an address, "Is It Worth
I Wl.Un e. CKrlutlunl.. -
"V t'hsnie tn P row. ram.
'this was made public, H. W. Wilson of
the firm of Warner, Johnson Wilson, at
torneys of t lie liquidating committee, made
hla charges Against the l'nlte.1 States am
bassador here.
Ho said to n representative of the Asso
ciated Press:
We have Indisputable evidence that
Ambassador Thompson has acted im
properly In this case. He went to Presi
dent Dlna In an effort to have the pro
ceedings against Hunt dismissed, and later
wrote a letter to Judge Ortega, before
whom the rase was pending. In an en
deavor to Influence that Jurist. We have
druwn up a statement embracing these
charges and will forward the same to the
Stale department at Washington. I be
lieve we have sufficient proof in the case
to warrant llie recall of the ambassador.
Ambassador Thompson received the rep
resentative of the Associated Press at his
home here late tonight. He contented
himself with a simple denial of the
charges. He said:
I never interceded with the president In
behalf of Hunt, nor did I ever Improperly
try to Influence a court In this case. IjCt
tliem file their charges. They will find It
is serious matter when they cannot
prove them. The authorities at Washing
ton know of every move I make here and
know I would not do wrong.
The president of the defunct Interna
tional Bank and Trust company was C.
H. Hunt, now serving a sentence In Jnllet.
111., for hank, wrecking. He organized the
Panamerlcan bank after the failure of
the International. He Is no relative of
J. E. Starr Hunt. The latter was secre
tary of the Third Panamerlcan congress
held In this city some three years ago.
most powerful corporations of the state,
am) then publishing to the world his plans.
"Of course, they say we should bo easy
on Mr. Alien because of his youth and In
experience In politics, but I think In tho
first Instance, that In making the alliance
with the railroads, he has shown himself
quite an experienced democrat; his only
error was In declaring , his plans.
"The most damaging feature of the whole
affair," asserted another democrat, "Is that
Mr. Allen's letter reveals the fact that not
only Is he In league with the railroads to
defeat the republicans this fall, but that
hisf action has received, the approbation of
the democratic party and leaders of the
state. Here are our papers, some of them,
making their masquerade fight against
'corporation rule,' and along comes this ac
cursed letter to fly up In their faces and
disarm them of the best argument they I
may put forth. The fact that Allen has 1
bad copies of these letters sent broadcast
over the state among the democrats proves
more convincingly than anything else could
that the party has endorsed the compact
with the corporations. I don't mind saying
It will take some pretty fine oratory and
editorials to overcome the effect of this
Bee Want Ads produce results.
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Panda to Re Devoted to Fnrnlshlna;
at Room iu . Some
Friday evening an entertainment was
given at the Lyric theater under the aus
pices of the Ladies' auxiliary of Post A of
the Travelers' Protective association, which
was most liberally patronized by friends of
the organization. Tho proceeds derived
from the event will be devoted toward fur
nishing a room In one of the hospitals for
the use of knights of the. grip belonging to
the travelers' Protective association who
may be taken 111 while sojourning in
Omaha, as at present the organization Is
without adequate facilities for caring for
its members in this manner. Several of
the lendng musicians of Omaha generously
contributed their services. Mrs. Wetanans
rendered Mendelssohn's "Rondo Capprlcl
oso;" Miss Kllzubeth Humling sang Schu
bert's "Serenade;" Fred I Green, tenor,
sang "Oh. Come to Me, Mavourneen," and
Mrs. Y. D. Holbrook sang "Butterflies," ac-
MnmniiH tiv Mlua Rertha Hisalns. Grace
i V , u"- - Lennon Conklln pleasingly read one of the
dau Misses Welthy B. Hons nger. Alice mafl lec of Jonn Lutn,r nfi ..Mad.
Brethorat, Minnie I.. Rank and Illene Tung. I ,, ..... .,
I. .1 . . . , I ajne Butterfly,
for the west yterday. to sail from! . , wo. .,.,, n.
a...... I- - - - . .. . il... , , . , . " - -
the program fr the afternoon and lnntei!
of tho candidates telling why they go to
tho foreign field, the returned missionaries
recited their individual experiences that
lead them to go into the misson work. Two
bongs In the signs language by pupils of the
Nebraska Sehool for the Deuf contrtbut.d
in interesting feature to the program.
Load of Miuall Chance.
five hundred pennies and almost as
man;- nickels and dimes were pul.l into
county court Saturday morning by H. B.
Peters of the Merchants hotel ua garnishee
in the case of Gladstone Bios, against
Geome Kay. Mr. Kay had the catering
privilege at Krug park last bummer and
lie lieiHi.rited a part of his money in the
Merchants' hotel safe. When the ult wag
brought on a grocery bill the plaintiffs at
tached the mouey. It required most of th
cores were numerous. A considerable sum
was realized toward the equipment of the
room In the hospital, although it has not
been definitely decided In which hospital a
room wll be taken.
7 -
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bolae. Idaho.
The Western Contractors' Supply . com
pany of Omaha, organized a few months
ago by Russell 8. Harris and Allan B.
Hamilton, both Omaha boys, Is opening a
branch office at Boise, Idaho, and some
Omaha man probably will be sent to tako
This concern ha secured the contract for
furnishing the stone and stesl In the new
South Omaha city hall and Jail and has
also contracted to furnish the steel for the
bridge which the Trl-State Land company
of Omaha Is building acroas the North
Platte river at Morrill, near Scott's Bluff,
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Fannie Ryan has begun ault for divorce
from iiennla Ryan, a member cf the police
force, on the grounds he alutndoried her.
Maud J. H viand has filed a suit In district
court against the Omaha & Council Bluffs
fetreet Railway company for fc.lXH). She :
says she was alighting from a car July U
at Military avenue and Wadsworlh street i
when the car gave a sudden Jerk, throwing
her to tha street cud budiy Injuring her.
Charged with stealing $150 from a pas
senger between Oreen River. Wyo.. and
Omaha, Robert Lyman, a waiter on a
I'nion Pacini: dli.lng car, who reeld. at
2r.2 Burdette atreet. wa arrested FYtduy
night by Detectives Yuxard and Bfiwera.
When searched ll'W In bills was found se
creted Inside of oue of Robert's stockings.
May AIIhud has begun suit against the
city of ttinaha, the lioulevard I'ark Im
pnivenient winp-ny and the V. T. Whelaii
I lumblng company for li,v damages for
injuries rha sustained by falling into an
opn sewer trench. She waa walking after
.lark between Twentieth atreet and Sher
man avenue on Laird street when a ho
stepped Into the ditch, which she sas wai
not barricaded or guarded.
The birthday of Ralph Carson Friday
was inade the occasion of a party given in
hia hon.r by th Kauai club at lis rooms.
California atrevt, Friday evenl.i.
I'hose present were: Misea CMlvIa yuinn.
Aits rtha Blase he Bale". Ida
Walker, Harriet Ripple, McCann, Carrio
Plerman, Kay Brown, Oraee Marshall,
I Htella Swellu, F..!!th Emery, Moon, (iladya
j Rurr. Marie Kelley. Inne tturr, Bertna
Luborlck; Messrs. R. Corson. H. Walker,
I A. Quiuu, R. PUnteen, C. Weston. O. Rier.
1 man. Q. Hoye, O. Urlc n. G. Plauteen,
I F. Thomas. H. Osehmibeln, C. Malm. Carl
1 PUottna, Coii hm mb Uri WlL
Tv on r
uidllllll mm
Leave Omaha 6:00 P. M.
Arrive Chicago 7;30 A. M.
Connecting with all early east bound trains.
Union Depot connections.
Steamship tickets to all European and Asiatic points.
Cafe Car Service.
Reservations and Information at City Ticket Office,
1402 Farnam Street, Omaha.