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UoifAnitj Takes Gam from Stats formal
bj Score f IS U 0.
I'rra 1 Inn Ikf To as aaal Tabes
or I la Gnl, with -'
the Bavrk, locals Marias;
PI sad atajre.
la high wind that Interfered n-riuusly
Willi the new sfyls of open play, Crelghton
university defeated tha Stat Normal schrl
by a sonre of II to 0 a Vinton street park
yeeierday afternoon. It u a spectacular
exhibition, but ragged playing caused by
'he old and the hlich wind marred tbe
contest from a scientific standpoint. With
' all the odd ajcaihst It the local team In
tha first half made a magnificent defend
of Ha mj and la the second half, with the
breeze In Ita favor, punted It way down
the flMl and by strain ht, old-fashioned line
smashing forced tlie ball over for two
touchdowns. Tbe third score was made
n a fluked punt. '
The runt was witnessed by a niedlum
nied crowd that wanned up to the play
In spite of the bad weather conditions.
'relghtnn rooters wore In the majority,
but a bunch of Peruvians came up with
the tetun and made themselves beard. The
wind win blowing a mile from the north
when the ball was kicked off. Toward-the
clone of the same It dropped somewhat,
but still Interfered with good play,
Pera Win the Tun.
Peru won the toss and cho5 the north
anal, with the wind to their back. This
Rave t'relghton, the disadvantage of both
the wind and the natural slope of the
' ground. Peru early showed Its style of
play by punting the ball repeatedly Into
I relghton's territory. Time after time the
ball was placed within the Crelghton ten
iird line, but every time the Irishmen got
the ball and after running It back as far
n they could In two downs Brome toed it
out of danger. Then Houw, after an at
tempt to advance It on end runs, would
kick it bark again and the series of plays
would bs repeated. The only break in the
program would bo when House would send
the sphere clear over the line and Brome
would down it for a touchback, kicking
out from the twenty-yard line. Only once
during the game was the forward pass
tried and then Uroine threw the ball Into
the arms of a Peru man. The wind was
loo high to make the play safe and It was
abandoned. Creighton's defense of Its
goal was nuccrKHful and the half closed
with the score 0 to 0. ,
The scoring began ears' In the second
1 1 ; 1 1 f . Brome, with tho wind to his back,
kept the ball in Peru territory a::J grad
ually forced it close to the line. House,
who li-id been doing valiant punting for
lVru. was Injured several times in the
tirst huir.and was forced to retire. (Jolt
tried a punt and the ball went to Crelgh
lon on the eight-yard line. With the slope
of the ground in their favor, Crelghton
pounded the line, forcing Stevens over for
the first touchdown. Brome missed a hard
goal, making the score 6 to 0.
Spectacular Ran by Miller.
The second score was made with a spec
tacular run by Miller, and following closely
the Urn one put new spirit Into the Crelgh
ton players. Oolt tried a punt, but the
ball struck one of Ms own men, and MIMer
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f'reighton mls-"d n-n npiwtrttinf'y for a goal
by s bad kh kout.
Peru whs unable to skirt the -mls and
the only i hanee f'r s Rain wen by punting.
! With the wind sttalnsl th'iii, the lull w
! gradually forced ssaln bark to their goal.
Hrotne returned a punt from the ren'.t-r
of the field snd a Crnghton nun fllon
the ball on Peru s twenty-yard line. Aided
by sn end run by Htevens the 'bell
placed on the five-yard line. Peru nmde a
plucky fight to prevent the score, but the
third down. Maglrl, on a straight center
buck, was pushed over the goal under the
I posts. This time Drome kicked a beau
tiful goal, sending the wore up to 1. Kr
exchange of ports followed, neither tim
hsvlng much the s Ivsntsge, the game end
ing with the ball In the center of the
field. The lineup:
rr.RV normal I cnrjoMTON.
.1. T- R K
x r ! r t
His ...
R tot en.
L C R C.
. VrCormlf
. . . U'licsoner
Morsan: haler
H'u. Cllln...
R O 1 L ...
P. T I L T ...
n f. ' t, k ...
L H R H...
F B r B ...
R ft H ...
Q II ! U. P. . . .
Officials: Crawford, referee: M( Donald.
umpire; Mowle. head linesman. Time of
lutlves; 30 minutes.
llaerkeyra His from llssonrl kr
cor of Tnratr-Kli to lour.
IOWA CTTT. la.. Oct. 27.-(Bp lal Tele,
gram.) FTarly In the first half the llxwk
eves demonstrated that Miewmrl would
not have a lookln during the contest. Mis
souri kicked off and Kirk brought the ball
back to the renter or the field. After
several esrhangea of punts In which Mis
souri had the letter of the exchange. Kent
wss foreeil to kick from Iowa's forty-vard
line; Kutherford failed to hold the p:int
and Carbery fell on the ball liehlud Mis
souri's goal line, scoring the fint touch
down. Kirk falling to kick goal. Iowa
chose to receive, and bv forward passes,
wide end runs and tackle backs In which
Thompson. Carberry, Kent, Kirk and Allen
figured proniinentlv. the Tlawkeves ad
vanced the ball within striking distance of
the Tigers- goal twice. The first time
Washburn loxt the liell after being carried
over the line and Missouri immediately put
It out of danger. The second time Kirk
went over for the second touchdown. Kirk
Tclcklng goal. f ollowing this score. Mis
souri kicked to Iowa again and the plav
was Immediately curried Into the Tigers'
territory. Kept from making a touchdown
by . penalties, Kent dropped a field goal
from the twenty-five yard line from a diffi
cult anglo. Missouri's only gain came on a
cleverly executed forward pass which com
pletely fooled the Iowa team, netting thirty
yards. The half closed with the score of
Iowa, IS; MLssourl, 0. In the middle of the
half Tidd replaced Rutherford. Missouri's
quarter back, who had been injured.
In the second half Collins substituted
Knnwltnn of Iowa. Iowa kicked off. Mis
souri only score came late In the second
half. After the Hawkeyea held the Tigers'
on Iowa's two-yard line, Kent booted the
bull out from behind the Iowa goal line
and Kldd heeled the catch on Iowa's forty
yard line. Miller kicked a clean field goal
from the fair catch and the Tigers had
cored their only four points. Earlv In
the half Kirk went over for another
touchdown after' a thirty-yard run, and
before Missouri had scored Washburn of
Iowa pushed over for the last touchdown.
The defenae of the Missouri line was the
feature of the Tigers' play. Iowa's heaviest
gains were made on Kent's long kicks.
Missouri was unable to run back. Kirk
snd Kent gained heavily for Iowa. In this
feature of the game Missouri's threatened
touchdown itr the last half gave Iowa Ita
only wore. Kirk fumbled Jewett's kick
on Iowa's twenty-yard line and the ball
rolled to Iowa's five-yard line, being re
covered by Hahbttt of Missouri. Two bucks
and one attempted end run failed to gain.
Iowa whs outweighted in the line, but the
general average of both teams was the
same. Ml"snuri's plays were poorly exe
cuted and the Hawkeyes played the speed
ier game. The lineup:
Peuitlaas I,.R. R I r'artwrry
'ir" I.T. R.T Waahhurn
?" I--"- R O Klllott
'l " Haatlnsa
fc ' " bl
T L.T Redwood
?V.M,.': RK LK Thomson
butherford Q.B.IQD Kant
Jt b.H.R.H Allen
R H.I L. II Knowlton
KHman F B F B Kirk
Touchdowns: Carberry, Kirk (2). Wash
burn. (Joal: Kirk. lrop kick: Kent. Ooal
from placement: Miller. Iteferee: Martin.
I niplre: Rmith: Head lineman: Coggehall.
Score: Iowa, a!; Missouri, 4, Time of
halves: 30 minutes.
American Foot Ball olleglate t'oiii
ulllee Ulrea Ideas on Mubjeel
NEW YORK, Oct. 27.-Tlie American foot
ball collegiate committee, after meeting in
this city l.iht night. Issued an Interpretation
of the new foot ball rules. I'nder the de
cision of the committee, the second umplra
may be dixpenticd with under Rule 1 bv an
agreement of the athletic management's of
the two institutions represented.
Considering Ruin 5, It was voted that In
putting the balls In play, the center rush
may pass the ball back to one etde. onil
ned not necessarily snap II between his
legs. In either case the ball muat leave
Ills possession whllo he Is on the line of
scrimmage and must go first to a man who
Is behind the line of scrimmage.
I'nder the same rule, it was voted that
In cure cf a punt out the catcher of tho
kick need not raise hi hand sa a signal
for a fair (atch.
The committee declared that the rule pre
venting hurdling Is intended to apply only
to the man carrying the ball, anil was
puased to prevent a dangerous play. It is
Intended to allow under "hurdling In the
line'" stepping over a prostrate player with
one foot at a time although both feet of
the runner be momentarily off the ground
at the uie time.
The section umler Itule n which provlden
that no player of the side which has the
ball shall be In motion at the moment wlun
the ball Is put into play, is coin.; rued to
meun that this will not prevent a player
from running backward from the crlin
mage line toward his own goal line.
t'nder the section of Rule 11 which pro
vides that none of the five mn occupying
the middle positions, center, guard or
tackle, miy drop bark from the line of
pcrlmmage on the offense, the committee
dcl;trt d :
"If captain during the progress of the
game wlalu-a to change a center, guard or
tackle to a position In the back field, or to
the position of end, he may do so by sneak
ing to the referee, but no player thus va
cating the position of center, guard or
tackle shall thereafter during the game go
luick to any of thoac posit inns.''
In discussing Rule H, Kxreptlon 1, tht
committee decided:
" hen a forward puss touches the ground
In the field of play, without touching the
player at either side, the ball Is dead ami
goes to the opponents on the spot where
the pass is made, Except In case ihe ball
crosses the goal line without touching a
Iilaver of either aide, when it Is a touch
back. In both Instances the penalty Miay
not lie refuced.
"In all cafS of unlawful forward pis
where the ball goes to the opponents u
the spot where the pass was attempted, the
ball is d'-ad."
lrfeat of Penusylvaala by Indians
I Proves a ;reat Nurnrlae. .
PHILADCl.PIIIA. Oi l 27.-A big tips, t
oeiurred today on Franklin Meld when the
C'arlli-le InilisiiM deluled the I'nlversitv
iif I'ennsylMinla eleven, 24 to S. The liniit
I ItKllaiiH. tralmd to the minute, bewildered
me Quakers, wlio weie In full retreat lie
fore Die game was over. The attendance
rearlu-d 22.ta.
The lnitlaiis mail" their twenty-four
rititits Kill! a goal front the rtld. thre
ttniclidowiis and a safety. Pennsylvania's
six iHjints were scored by a toutiiiluwii
and a goal. "
1'euiisylv.inia us tlie, hi t to score a
touchdown. I raicr blocked a punt by
Mount licasaiit on tle Indians' ten-yard
line and then curried the IihII over. Just
lie fore this guurteibark l.ll.l.y had scored
a tU-lil giul from the forty-elKhl-vard line.
In the second half Pennsylvania took a
brae. Inn. although they rushed the bull
liiMlde the Indian- t went y-tl c-yu rd lina uml time again, they could not com
plele the ill-Maine. Canl.iln lireeue tried
for four field goals, but iiona wua succca
fill. The illiect cause of Pennsylvania's ue
feaf was Hie inulalitv of the back field to
handle punts. All of th Indians' score.
Willi tli exception of the ft-Id aoal by
was a safety should go as a louchback.
Score at SurlnaBeld. !.
! SI'KINtiFIELD. Mass, Oct. 27,-Thfie
no sconna 111 me annual game lx -
" nu.inia. ami Darutniutli here to
day. W l . i l.i i i - sprung- a big sui ih 1st- bi
haling I lie. bet f i haul,.. WiilUin's
cbiiins It sli.nild ha won. 2 to 0, bm me
vrtieiaU ruled that hat Williams clalincd
was u jf t sl.oul I go as a luuelulou.
Leer; End Baas Titore to Lsrce Extent it
tbt Cera buskers' Scoriae-
t noke at Qnarlerhark Shows I. real
Impiateaseat 0rr Ilia Work In
the t'oateat with Intra
"tale College.
LINCOLN. Oct. 27. (Special Teleyram.)
Nebraska university scored an. easy grid
Iron victory today over Tloane college, the
final result reading Lt to 0. The Corn
huskers were lsith heavier and speedier
than the collegians and the contest was
little more than a practice romp for the
Nebraska eleven.
Long runs figured prominently In Ne
braska's touchdown. Cooke. Schmidt.
Denslow and Little each pulling off pec
tactilar rprlnts for fifty yards or more.
Penalties cost Nebraska heavily, however,
the Ccrnhuskers forfeiting two long runs
and nearly 100 yards in addition on the
ruliiiK of the officials. Holding was the
chief offense. Coach Foster tried out
Cooke, Renedirt and Johnson at quarter
lwtck. where Nebraska has been weak, and
Cooke displayed fine Improvement over
his performance of a week ago against
Ames. His generalship was excellent, while
he tan Iwick punts In brilliant ' style, once
earning the ball half the distance of the
field, evading a half dozen Doane tacklers
In his flight. The forward pass was used
only occasionally, but Cooke once pulled
off a fifty-yard gain on this play.
Dosne made Its distance only once on
downs. Medlar breaking through the line
on a full back buck for fifteen yards, but
on every other effort It was compelled to
punt. The Cornhusker backs twice fumbled
punis near their own goal line, the col
legians rapturing the ban and trying for
field goals, but falling ou each effort. The
Nebraska goal line was never otherwise In
danger of Invasion.
The game starred with Dosne holding
Nebraska for downs. The collegians at
once punted, but a trick double p' netted
Captain Muson twenty yards and Schmidt
circled the end for sixty yards. Two line
charges were sufficient to shove Mason
over the goal. The succeeding touchdowns
followed at. regular Intervals. Doane was
jonetantly punting throughout, while the
Cornhuskers hammered away In rushing
the ball. The lineup:
Smith, Hiltk
Pay (Capt.l.
Hart mail
S'hinldt. l)nalr....R K
RI- R.T.
Tavlor. HarT.y,
Jeukini R.O.
Wilds. Vow
ItarTer, (.naioiipka. !
.L O IR n.
Matlera. Kwlns...
Jtihnaun. Beneairt.
Cooaa. Benedict,
W.ll.r, Crals
. .L..T.T R.T .
i B q b...
R H IL H...
UH R H...
Maaon 'apt.....
. r. B. P.B...
Madlar. par
Touchdowns: Mason fit. Little 121 w.iiar
Goals: Cooke (I), Heneilict. Time of halves
M minutes. Referee: K. V. Tornell of
Ilncoln. I'lnplie: C. At. I'inneo of Uncoil)
Head linesman: 8. L. Mains of Crete.
Game la l.argelr a Paatlag Match
Betweea F.ckersall aad Hare.
CHICAGO. Oct. ?;.-Chlcago's fleet-footed
back field ran up a big score on the Indln-i
university foot ball eleven at Marshall field
this afternoon. The Maroons succeeded In
crossing the Indiana goul line five times,
once In the first half and four tlms In the
second half. Captain Krkersall scored a
pretty drop kick from the forty-three-yard
line. The final count was: Chicago, 33;
Indiana, 8,
The Maroons successfully defended their
goal line, but Captain Hare of India mm
drop kicked a goal from the fifteen-yard
line, and In the second half McOaughev
made a place kick from the thirty-yard
line following a fair catch.
From a spectator's point of view the
game was ideal. The game was largely a
battle between two clever punters, Kiker
sall and Hare, while long runs, trick phivs
Involving the forward pass, quarterback
kick and double and triple pusses, abounded
In the second half Chicago falrlv ran the
Hooslers oft their feet. Chicago's first
count came when Kckersall drop kicked a
goal from the forty-three-vard line. In
diana evened the score when Hare dropped
back for a kick and Jnarte it from the flf.
teen-yard line. Soon, after this Eckersall
picked up tho ball on Chicago's twetitv-five-yard
line after a punt had gone over
Ills head, and tore through tin entire In
diana team, eighty-two yards, to the two
yard line. Finger went over on the next
ilay. In the second half, after McOaughey
lad made his place kick. Hare's fumble
of a punt gave Chicago tho bull on In
diana's slx-yurd-line. A ten-yard penalty
was uddod, but Bteffen. on the second down,
went over. A few minutes litter Bteffen
sprinted thirty-five yards for another
touchdown. Then Finger got over the line
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snd P'efTen repested. Parry kicked all th
anal hut one.
hh-iiRo s Iwrks were aided by splendH
Intel fr-nr e riv 1-srrv and Walker, lndl-itm I
itaad the fiu.i rterhar k kl k with c msnl- r- :
atile success n the frst half, but once t In-
t-aao soiveu me piay II wh w uisasviuus.
hirwuril masses by Itoth teams alo met
with disaster.
CAPKra irk i4ri.k T atiinB
rolat Fool Ball Tram
Defeated hy Harvard.
WF.PT l-OINT. N. Y.. Oct. ;7 '-Harvard's I
foot ball fain loflav d-f-atcri the a lets j
j to . Harvard scored near the end of the
second half. I
There a good deal of interest t en- i
I "red In the contest ard special train"!
brought nearly 7.m persona to the cami-us j
n the hilltop where so many stirring g id
Iron battles have tcen frugbt. The game (
w-as somewhat tame In comparison to the ;
contests played under the old rtil'T. Har- j
vard did the ltt-r punting, but when It '
came to bucking the line the vbllors were j
outclassed. j
Fumbles were made it critical moment I
by both sides. Penalties were frequent, b.i;
here again matters were evened up. ;
Toward the end of th first half Harvard
had the better of the battle, but a tllteen
yard penalty prevented a probable touch
down. In the second h;'If .the armv nur
prised everybody by Its string pliy. Mcunt
ford failed bv a few Inches to kick a goal
from the Held. Another a!te;npt fr mi the
middle of the field was blinked by Wendle,
who, after Hill had made a futll? uttenipt j
to tackle him. made n touchdown. Hurl i
fulled to kick the goal and the game ended !
a minute later.
Foot Ball at Diets Park.
This afternoon at Iietg park will witness
the oH-ulng game of the seeson for t!n
Diets foot ball team, when it will meet
the Superior of South Omaha. In the I
Diets lineup will be seen such well-known 1
players as tiene Tracy. Cornwell. Hunter,
Knight snd Murtagh. Almost without ex-
ception the Diet players have In past
years srhicved more or less local fum",
and thir return to the game should arouse
considerable Interest, although it Is ex
pected that the new rules will tend to t
confute to some extent.
The Superiors are the proteges of I
Stringer, the ex-Nebraska player, and will
have the advantage of practice, having
played together since the opening of the
The game will be called at 3 p. m.. with
the following lineup on the field:
Ppellman !
.Harris. Murlartr !
. .Rmeraon, Watla J
Huff 1
Oalllithan. Pnehrjr . . .L. K. ! R E
Millar I..T. R T
arer. Wllllama L.O.K.G
n. Hschtrn..
W. Ilaihten.
Whltlock ....
R. r.iL T.
.R, K.
.U B..Q B
.Evana, OoodrU
Oodlard. Pike
..Cornwall. Wahl
.Ull.' R H.
R.H.IL H .Trarr. Humor. Snow
K B. P.B Murtaih. Kni(ht
laws Prepares for Wisconsin.
IOWA CITY. la.. Oct. 27. (Special.) With
the season Anally opened at the Htate
I'nlvrrslty of Iowa the men have buckled
Into the work, and Coaches Chalmers and
Catiin will begin perfecting the men in
the team work that Is counted on to win
against Wisconsin. Coach Catlin watched
tho work of the Badgers a week ago In
the Dakota game and declares that Iowa
has a chance to win the game; that they
are not outclassed by the Wisconsin team.
All of the cripples arc back in the gam",
and If the men succeed In mastering the
new plays and rules by a week from to
day local enthusiasts are confident that
Iowa haa an even chance to defeat Wis
consin. The guard positions still remain
the undecided positions on the team,
though It is believed now that Elliott has
tho best chance for one of them. He has
been kept out of the prtctlce the past
week by entrance conditions which he had
not made up as yet. Iowa's date with the
alumni will probably be changed from No
vember 10 to November 17, while the Coe
college game, scheduled In place of the
Drake game, is to be played on Novem
ber 10.
' " '
PLATT8MIH TH. INeD.. Ct. Z7. (Special
foorbuH ,7m defeated' th. Xiy
foot ball team today by the score of 10
to 0. Both teams were In a crippled con
dition owing to injuries and disqualified
player. Fifteen-minute halves were played.
The forward pass was used for long gains
several times by the Plattemouth team.
The lineup:
..R. E. R. K. .
Landaraon ...
M ora. . . .
SXnhart .....
C. Anneraon . .
L. T. L T....
U O IL. O....
R. O. R. O....
R. T.I R. T....
R. K.R. V.. ..
Q. B!. B. .. .
R. H. R. H...
F. B.I F. B. .. .
U H L H....
.... riti-rall
Objection to Adolf Coaches.
8PRINC.FIELJ). Mass, Oct. 27. Adult
coaches for school boys' foot ball teams
were condemned as making "gladiators"
rather than "sportsmen"' out of the players
and fraternities In high schools were up
held as a means of develoning good citi
zenship In an address today before the
Hampden County Teachers' association bv
Prof. Walter Jacobs of Brown u.i'.vergltv.
On the foot ball question Prof. Jacobs said
that he thought adult coaches were wholly
responsible for making "gladiators" of the
members of the teams and teaching them
to strive to win the game by fair mean.-!
or foul rather than developing manly
qualities In them. He thought this condi
tion would not prevail if the boys were
allowed to make and enforce their own
rules. "The coaches." he said, "should be
of Just as high a standard as any teacher
in the schools."
' liliinrarki vs. Ihe Soldiers
The 8hamrockii play the Fort Omaha
soldiers at Vinton Street park today. The
Shamrocks have won two games this yetr
snd hope to put the army boys on their UsX.
They are open for dates and would like to
hear from Bellevue or Creighton on anv
data they have open or for a midweek
game. The lineup will bo a follows:
Robbln R E II. E ...
Italy. Warran R.T.I L.T
WrOuiklu. By.rly
Mlnb.ll. Millet LO Jno
SnamWan L.T R.T
lary, XlM-o L.E.IR.E
Kroll R.4J.I L.O
MrKaon. itaanaon. .Q B. I Q B
J. rilitarald R H ' L II
M. rilifarald P.R.lF.B
rcll UH iR H
. Hamilton
. Laonhardt
.. Mrl'loud
. . Kdwardi
.. C'iockaio
Yale 'Wins from Amherst.
NEW HAVEN, Oct. 27.-Yale's great de
fense In the last moments of the game with
Amherst today saved It from being scored
on. the Blue making one of the lel m.ands
seen here for some lime. The final score
was 12 to 0 In favor of Yale. Amhetit a
spry left end gathered the ball in after a
rumhlo by a Yale back near the close of
the game and carried it to within two
yards of the goal. It looked like a score fur
the visitors, but Yale not onlv held, but
twice drove Amherst back, and a a Ihs:
resort a rteld goal was tried, but the kick
fell short. A moment later the game ended.
Amherst followed the ball better than any
team seen here this year and compelled
Yale to play its hardest to win.
Michigan Defeats Illinois.
ANN ARBOR. Mich.. Oct. 27. Michigan
defeated Illinois tills afternoon. 2S to li. in
a heavy rain on a sodden field. W'emliei
conditions considered It was a well played
game. Oarrels, the Michigan fullback,
brought the Michigan rool-rs to their feet
In the first minute of play when he scored
a touchdown. Illinois could do llttlo witii
Michigan's line and hud to resort to kicks
and trials for field goals. Illinois' touch
down wua scored in Ihe fli-st hulf ill-. ....
Illinois mail nan lllcKetl mi an on-snle kick
at Michigan's ten-yard line. Gardner was Thlngrt look pretiv stiuallv lor tlie "tru-t"
forced through the Michigan line for the right now and they are llahl to have tiou
touchdown. j i,ie jn keening tlie "Siinctlty" of their ter-
; mory. All the base ball tans In Chlca i
ahaan Defeat Pnrdne. . will watch with Interest to H.e how the
LAFAYETTE. Ind., Oct. 27. Watiash col- I "trust" will withstand Ihe move anl
lege surprised its followers by winning from 1 whether tlie "freer.e-out" process will h
Purdue litre tialay, 11 lot). The fast play- , brought to work. Hut hen determination,
ing of the visitors, their forward passing I coupled with coin, gets ;i-mlng one never
and quarterback kicking were the features, j can tell. Chicago Chronicle.
The eleven points made bv Waba: h wr
scoreti in tne nrst iimji.
Hlnaeauln Wins from Ames.
MINNEAPOLIS. Oct. 27.-linnesota today
easily defeated Ames. 22 to 4. This was the
tlast game of tl-e season for the locals and
III j played well.
Hcorrs of Utlaer liamrs.
At Peoria Monmouth collece. 23: Miliikeo
U'i'yerHl y
At bVlolt, Wls.-Lawience university, p.;
Feloit college. 5.
At Danvilie, Ky. Central uuiversitv
Miami university. 0. r,
At Naahvllle Vanib-rbilt, i; Texas. 0.
At Cl.-veland Weaiern Reserve. II; All
ghrtiy. s.
Al St. Loula I final i Ht. Louis uuiversitv
71: Missouri Seh.nil or Mines tt.
At Lawrence Kansas, 1; Culoiado, 0.
At C'uluniLjs. O. Ohio Medical unlveis'ty.
li: Case, e.
At Vushingtuii. Pa. Washington and
Jefierasm. 2; Dickinson, u. .
At Middletown. Conn. Wesleyau. 22
Vermont, g.
Al Annapolis Naval academy
null, c
Al Fsrso. N. I) A arlcnlt oi ul . - '
University iX North Daitytg, 4 ' ' i
e 1
V- "v rrr: 1 f
t 'VPS". '- I . 1
f '.-. -',. ri'3, a
If you want a heater that will be a lifetime satisfaction, buy a
Kadlant Home. It's no experiment you can have absolute confi
dence that it'a the most economical, Ihe greatest floor heater, the
most easily regulated of all stoves.
$55.00 down to S29.00
..Stoves and Ranges Sold on Payments..
Athletri from Ithaca Loie a Hard Foueht
Contest U the Tigeri.
Brawn aad Condition Tell In Lena
Ran and Rail Is Pri nertoa's
Searlr All of Ihe
Second Half.
NEW VOKK, Oct. 27. Princeton won a
hard fought battle with Cornell on the
foot ball tie id at the Toio grounds today.
The score was 14 to 6, but there was little
to choose between the two teams.
Toward the end of the second half Princ -ton
brawn and condition told and the ball
was theirs most of the time. Cons II
started with a and within five minutes
had scored by clever forward passes and
on-side kicks
Twenty thousand enthusiasts crowded
,, .,, r,.l lh.r.
) ' th. lower end of the
, grounds. But it was a quiet gathering
compared with the old days of the Yale
and Harvard, Princeton und Pennsylvania
una other struggles. The lthacans were
somewhat the lisrhter anrl nlaveil nn fitn
...... ;
Buiiic, BiiiiiiK uolii uiouiui wie eiios atiu
with forward pars. Cornell also profited
throusrh the nennllzlnu- rr Prln(.Alnn
The second -half was characterised .by
line bucking, at which .Princeton .showed
vaat superiority.
Cornell's touchdown was made by Wal
ders and Cook kicked the ball to what
was thought to be a goal by almost every
one preHent. There was much astonish
ment at the end of the half when the
referee announced that the ball had not
gone between the posts.
Princeton's first touchdown was due to the
fumbling of a Cornell player. YVister took
the ball over and Cooney kicked goal. The
second touchdown was the result of
straight down the field work. A few mln-
utes later Princeton scored a ground goal,
which it was agreed before the game would
count two points, the same as a Safety.
At the end of play the ball was In tip.-
center oi me neia.
The lineup was as follows:
Wists I. E. n E Van Ormnn
Stannard L.T.I RT Bremen
Laroon L.U lR.G O'Rourk.
Ht-rrlng Kewniau
Martin RO.U..C, Thomaun
"ooner R.T.I L.T Too ll ipt.l
Hoadland R.E.JL.K Bato.-U
E Plllon t-apt.)....Q.H.Ig B Jamfo
Tlbhott L.H.I R H Clbaon
Harlan R.H.I I. M Earia
MiCormlok FM.FB Waldrra
Referee: Edgar Wrlghtlnglon of Har
vard. I'mplre: J. H. Mines of Pennsyl
vania. OLIl A9 GETS BACK l liA.UK
Veteran, with Others, U III Enter
Ainnteur Diamond.
The semi-professional buae ball trust of
Chicago win uoubtlcss haie a big war on
its hands si.on. a tnrce new teams ui lj
enter lue arena. Mont Tennes, caelum A. '
C. Anson ana Albert ualciaen are lue ne
comers anu mean buat.ness.
All three have piemy ot money to back
their propositions anu iil go into the fle.U
witn everything to oack liiein up t-xcepi,
possibly, tne huppoit of tne "irusi. ' Tenncs
is siiu to naif Bclecleu a rnoica pnee f
property on ine n.nh side, out win ""i
givi! out lis locdtluii us yel. lu m p-iy
4oo,oi to put in a grand stand and make the
grnunds suiluble i r piuy,ng.
l aplaln Alison lias the old Hyde Park
Hiuca' grounds at 8ixty-iir&t slreei auu bi.
Iiwrenco avenue, a trct t.f land seven and
ono-ha.f acres in extent, una nauleii i
to be located at Kelmont ami We.-lc.a aw-
nucs, near itivcrsido ,aik. Inasmuch
as I lies., new ground Will en-
troHCh on tin tcrritoiy. s-t-callcd, of teanus
now playing in Ihe "tru.-d," there Is lik' iy !
to be tiouble at Tuesdays nn tir.g. when
the association will olsrus ti o appliratiuns '
of the thrrc men for entrance1 into iii or- i
gauizatioii. If their remarks In the past g.i
fur anything, it is highly probable that tne
three new clubs will he leil out In tne co.d.
In which ease the warfare will be miik
thing to think about.
Whether they succeed in breaking Into
the trust or not the new semi-pro loaders
are determined to no light ahead with thi Ir
plans and will have no difficulty in getting
nrst-ciass aiiractioiiH, as ineir tlnuiir'ai
' lincklnir is Ix.nni l.i count fi.r
The tendency of college trims to tlioit n
their schedulrn does not strike Coach Itcllly
of Georgetown as the proper caper of at i
lctlc boardsmen to learen nances for In
juries by fewer giiints. liellly e .ld y. sle, -day
"Almost everv man that ever phivrd t'.ie
game will agree with the sKttemeiit Hint
mere is more tun atul lesc hard work In tho
I aatm s ihan in the .h.ilc c, i.t ..
,, u , rtinly a well-known fact that
j fewer serious Injuries are rcc.ivtd .luri-ig
the contests lliau at any other tl during
the svason. It la when a msu la dend
fiiggtd nut that he gets carek.ii about tuk
Ing those precautions u lilch ui a Mrt of
fr.ottaill instinct, and It is th-n that the
injury utuaiiy ctimes.
"Not In the game do a tills comlitio.i
i come, for the coaches are always on th.
.'alert, and men are sub it ut-d al tlie licet
j symptom of flaming eneiay. in t,e pi .
i tlce. wlien Hie men ure blng diiveii for ull
, there is in llieui, the coaches deniHitdira
i their lust ounce of vtreugili. Indifferent
22; Ironies over a player ami injjrv g-m-iallv
ir-sulls. It Is the pcsslhilli y of
uck- Raines that make., bna- ball u rs.t.iilnr start
I seems a pity mat nn effort s'n.uld h-
niaiit lit iua snorier scuedulca. 111 a siini t
vaia uilrtl to lb players, for
tiav many points of merit not found In any other. Tatented air
blast lining producing ihi fort combustion of fuel no waste.
Double walls of hammered polished steel lined with asbentos. Re
movable duplex grates removable reservoir for coal or wood.
Guaranteed perfect bakers and
warranted from top to bottom
In every detail.
Speclil Low Prices on all
sizes effhese ranges
Ho me
hJA jfcsal m aW
Fourteenth and Farnam Streets
game ,daed ruth, r than the long season
ol grinding practtte."i;x.
It is now spoken of as certain that Jor
Canilllon will the management of
Milwaukee for th:tt of Washington, ami
among the nspfrants fur his shoes In the
('nam ity l disKi Ix.noliU", Comiskev's
craek first Iceman, who Is said to have
the managerial bee In his bonnet. It Is
not thought Comlskey will readily ndhre
to Jlggs' plan. ,
Ban Johnson had been slated -by rtunor
to Iwome head of the Chicago National
league, team, but whfn It was positively an
nounced that Charl-s W. Mttrphv had
bought the controlling Interest in the CulM
that rumor died aborning. Johnson h mid
to be willing to get another Job since he
and Comlskey have locked horns over the
management of the Atuerieun leasriie Tho
fact of Commy's umiisputable supremacy
in ne nase Da 1 1
worlrl Is sa'd to he u.i
w.Th h,7f fron, purchasing the plant even
Comlskey acquiring greater strength by ll,e Pml of "", t"n" r franchise. The "op
means of his recent triumph In Chicago. ' J tlon of purchase" clause was 8TRICKKN
Standing of the teams In the Omaha
Bowling league at the end of the sixth
We k: , , ...
on. Lost. PC. 1"n-.
l: 5 .72.' 17.::i
12 t; .or; m.iiio i
11 7 .tilt Pl.Tst
S 7 .5S.1 1.1.H17 !
7 S .;7 13.5M
7 11 .:tvi 15 714
ti 12 15.3-0
5 13 .27S 15.n7
Stnri Blues .
Krinr Parks
'O. D. Ks
Onlmods ....
Meti Bros. .
Mtm!ltoi'i ..
Diet Alh. ..
. . .15
Detailed work of the teams
1 Storl Blues
PC. Stkg. Sprs. 8pts. lir's
7s ;
jo. d. ks
SI ,
Krug Parks
I Men Bros.
t",,janvB "
Diets Atli. .!
K9 PHi
(ianira. Avp.
.... 19 lis
Came. Ave.
o. o. Franiiaio.
V. J. Frani liuo. . ir.
i Fia-ai utt
I'.lakeney ...
I! Hartley
11H Frenrh
m Wllllama ...
I2I Heynolda ...
l!U:Kriiali ......
l! -'i Penman . . . .
1.11! II. fl. Hmh1.
1P N'lrnll .....
11V A. ('. Rami.
UivChatalaln ..
1MI (iritr.llia
14: Faie-tiar
l--e Chandler ...
!.!! Eldaun
IU (J.ifi
H'Ji Welty
I Mi rathirvood
Hpraau. ,
Marltla ...
: Sheldon .
I Frliwher
Mi ( ague
I "empks
, Molyneaux
; pii k.rln'i",
I tit!
I fa
I Tonnaman
; tiw" 11 at '
"unilnsion ir,
j 'v?f,'i )l
Jonaa .
This m.
It's howling? of the Commercial
Knulina lv.i. ,,,, tt... t n... ..ii"-
has been the best that has been lulled
since the season opened. The Fslstaffs
c'.i'ts ".L'.''i1 Th, l''1or,C";",0.1l
Colts. Oold Tops and Omaha Hicycle Com -
P tny having a haul fiKht for second place.
The Life Malts are fifth, but have scored
ol"!!-'!1 p1'!'"' ,,ney havi"f J'?rd luck
on losing (tames, losing most of their games
by a small margin. The O Hrlens have a"
last broken the Ice and won a game. Cap-
tain Kagerbiitg says from now on watch
in nimu. neraer is man 1ml v tlunl. the
rest to follow are tirettv well hnnchoH
v ..r.t.. .ii i, i7j
Following are the Individual averages:
Gamea. Ava.l
(ianiaa. va.
Barrar lj lull rolllni ...
Knlr 177iBelln ...
Cai man 15 17i Voa
bavlgn. 15 174 Polcar
Hull 1 I7; Folaii
J"l 1721 Lindroolh
Ihmann IT, nn Kaufman .
Klom-k If, 171 Havana ...
l.i 7
I. i
I I. 4
1 Jay
.' 1" 1711 Nalaon ...
IS ITu Ji l.nann ..
IS UH Seaman ...
15 19'firulta ....
15 ls Clark
13 lt9 Hunlar ...
12 k M.liee ....
15 I(n Solomon . .
lb ihlc lit
It 1M Pirtniilre .
1'. 1 Harhr
15 nu;' Patl-rron .
Ifi Uo' Wnlte
16 WSUn
! Moore ....
i Mahonry .
j J,l,n
; JJsrikoph
. r.iifci,i, "
Primaau .'.
i Htapanlmrat
' Ptlnkwster
i Falf taffs
Played. Won. Itist.
.7.1 (
t olts
Oold Tops
, I tniaht Kicych
t '
II. .179
Life .Malts
.... 1 .t
El Caiidillus In
Hlaeks Kuts I."-
Dally News 12
Armours 12
O'Briens 15
Schedule for this
week :
Billot vs. 1'attersons Dallv News: Tue
day. El 4'auilillos vs. Armours: Wcdnes
day. 4 ainian'j- 4'olis vs. tjold Tops; Thurs
tlay. Life Malls s. Omaha Picvcl" Co
Kri(lu. lllack s Kats vs. O'llrb-n's Monte
Heliuont to
Plaj Imperials
i lie cm iineui loot nail learn vein n-nc it
third game today al Twenty-sixth and '
Lake f'lf i In lis opisiients will Is- the,
Imperiils of 4 oiincil Uluffs. Tlie tt ong
Helinonl team deleated the buys from ov r i
the river nine tlila season and the HluT
The aches and pains of Rheumatism are only symptoms which may
be scattered or relieved with liniiuenU, plasters, blisters, etc., or quieted
with opiates. As soon as the treatment is left off, however, or there is any
exposure to dampness, or an attack of indigestion, the nagging pains, gore
muscles and tender places on the flesh return, and the builder finds that he
lias merely checked the symptoms, while the real caute remains in the system.
The cause of Rheumatism is a too acid condition cf the blood, brought on by
indigestion, chionic constipation, weak Kidneys, and a general sluggish
condition of the system. Waste matter collects in the system each day
which nature intends shall be carried off, but when it is left because of a ,'
sluggUh condition of the system it sours and forms uric and other acids.
T' U u i 1 . . 1. . . 41... 11 ....4 Hya : . 4 1 1 1 . . f tv. 4 .1.. a ..,4 ......
a uuc an: uilu u ' jy uiwu euu taoicvi lu an yxi ka vi mc l-vj w jfiuukw
the pains and aches of Rheumatism. S. S. S. cures Rheumatism by goini?
down into the blood aud driving out the cause and making this life stream
rich, pure and healthy. When the blood has been purified and built up by
8. S. S. the pains and aches pass away, the muscles become soft and elastic,
and Rheumatism is driven from the system. Book on Rheumatism and medic4
c;.:', testis
I hoys are determined to conquer or die. Tha
Iowa Foot Rail fiames.
I'KS MOIXF.8. Oct. :"7.-( Social T.Ie
gram.) Today's foot ball:
Giliiiiell. 2: Drake, v. at Drake stadium
Xl'es Moines Crllcge. :"3; Cornell. 5,
Mount Vernon.
Veronal Telephone Franchise
Proposed Prevents Public
Voters should understand that the pro
posed second telephone franchise gives to
Its grantees a VESTED RIGHT for twenty-
' five veins anrl that I h ,.tv- will K eA--v.
It is u free and easy proposition for thus?
"ceklng the franchise to PELL IT. In the
, market. iSee See. 7 and Its PROVISOS!.
It Is ptoptised to grant to NONRESIDENTS
OF OMAHA n very valuable and a very
broad privilege for an altogether ; Inade
quate consideration. The wording and the
provisions of the franchise are in open de-
ITiES. The granting of It would n
only ie a mack eye for that sent men i
In Omiiha and Nebraska, but It will, offer
full opportunity for a repetition of all the
troubles and dangers of THOUGHTLESS
18 FRANCHISE GRANTS which the people
' of late years have belli seeking to avoid. ,A
minor objection, perhaps, is that It will
inevitably double tho 'cfcsf ""of 'fkiephoiie
service and multiply the vexations of tele
phone users through two conflicting sys
tems of telephone connection. If the fran
chise Is worth large sums to the "pro
moterrV surely it ought to be worth as
much to the city, which gets practlcallv
nothlng but a . very . small Interest, FOR
Mickey Promise to Act Boleronly anil
Independently on Flra and
Police Board Case.
Members of the Omaha Board of Flra
and Police commissioners are arlclaed hs
! t t.i ... . ,...m ..
vi oui uiai lie liss arrneu at
' " "cIuhIoii as yet In tho Issue between
! the Civic Federation and the board. Ha
! says he IncS taken the subject (under th
'.,.., , . , . . . ,, .
' losrRt fairest and fullest considera-
,l0". where outside influences cannot In-
terfere with his private deliberations, and
.o. . . , ... . .
wl" ""l Te,"r verdict until he has
completely satisfied himself of the Justice
of the result. This leads members of tha
j t-.,
I ' ueiieve
their position will be
Fair and Mariner lu Nebraska and
Month Dakota Today Partly
4 londy Tomorrow.
WASHINGTON, Oct. r.-riecast of the
weather for Sunday and Monday:
For Nebraska. South Dakota and Kansas
j Fair and warmer Sunday; Monday, partly
cloudy, warmer In east portions.
For Iowa and Missouri Fair Sunday and
Monday, warmer Monday.
For Colorado Fair Sunday and Monday,
warmer Monday. ' '
For Wyoming Fair and manner Sunday;
Monday, partly cloudy.
. . .
l.urii aet-frti.
OMAHA. Oct. 27. 4")ftirial record of temper
in ore and pro Ipltai I m compared with tne
cort csHjnding day of th last three years:
1!. It iS. Irt4. 1.
Mtxlmum temperature. .. . rl 47 tl
Minimum temirature... .at H4 ;t ;( ,
Mtatn temperature ". 44 4-t 4 ;n
Precipitation .lai .uo .IX) .in
Temp-ratiirc and precipitation departures
from the norms I at ttniaha s nee March 1.
and cnmiiai isnn with the last two e?rs:
Normal temperature i
Deilii- ncy for Ihe day
total excess since March 1, 19tai
I v.,.,ul ........ t. .i,..
Drnci-ncv for the day "'
Total rainfall since Murch'i"
Deficiency mnce March 1 l!Vi"
lieuciency for cor perlo i lifi"
Dclldcncy for cor period 1!4"
. ."7 Inch
. .07 Inch
.34.5"! Inch-s
. 3.40 inch, a
. t.tti Inches
. 3.81 Incl e