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ji 2" m r"L J"f J""- i, .'
0 Wo Will Sell
At Cash
Men's Suits
In greys, browns, plain or fancj
mixtures; well lined and trim
med., (10 and $12
values at
, Tif t from Millard Hotel Leads ts
Dwelaaara "of Vtgsi Stein
' beck'a Record.
Vegas Steinbeck, who waa recently em
ployed by Rome .Miller aa .cashier at the
Millard hotel and who disappeared a few
ays ago with 1190 belonging to tha hotel
company, appears to be a most versatile
Character and is badly wanted by the offi
cers of the Rumford Chemical works of
Omaha. About October 1, Steinbeck was
bleed by the chemical company aa a trav
eling salesman on the recommendation of
the American Harvester company of Chl
cilko, where be had been employed as an
office clerk,' and was given VS5 by the ollt
cers of the Rumford company and sent to
Wisconsin. No word had ever, been heard
of the missing salesman, also the missing
l?o, until tha account of -Steinbeck's per
formance at the Millard hotel was read in
The lis.
M 111 Not Lor Department of the Mia
oarl, ?as Major Graeral
There la no dagger of. Omaha losing the
headquarters of rhe Department of the
Missouri, according . to Major General A.
W. Creely. In response to a letter of In
quiry, the Commercial club has received
this answer from General Greely:
Referring to your letter of October 80, I
have to nay that the headquarters of the
Northern Division la ordered to be trann
ferrcd to Chicago and likewise tha head
quarters of the Soulhwieiern Diviniun to be
transferred to St. Louis.
The atdte of Kansas la not trttnaierred to
tha Southwestern IXvinlmi, nor has any
rout oniaJnlug troopa ben so transferred.
The oaUy territorial transfer Is that of tho
1 '
$ igpfei p a Lien s
aw X . . -WV ' f 'AL. . v . fc v at
FSie Wooing of Woman
Began in the Garden of Eden and has
been going on with all its delicious con
sequences ever since. It is the starting
point of. a woman's life, the hour in which
the sun really begins to shine.
Be she. savage or civilized it is the
dawning of the great light for which every
woman longs. The story of how the
world in every clime has done its wooing
is the most fascinating that can be told
the children of men and women.
Read "The Wooing of Woman,"
by Katherine Leckie in the . November
Number of our new magazine
10 cents a
Jf S,V 2?
You on Credit &
is the easiest and best way to
hnj Clothing- We mulic any
terms to full you.
Saturday wp place on Hale
tome exceptionally big; values In
Suits and
Men's black or blue beaver
cloth OTercoats, Italian lined,
well made in every particular.
910.00 and 118.00 r lT7
value at 0O
In greys, browns, blacks, etc.;
well tailored; $15.00 f) QO
values Saturday JtjQ
Men's High Grade Suits
In all the newest patterns, hand
felled collars, hair cloth
fronts; $15 and $16
values at
state of Missouri, in which there Is a gen
eral recruiting derot at Jefferson Barracks.
I hear no tali cf any change In the. head
quarters of the Department of the MI.ouvt.
Harry Euston returned from Memphis,
Tenn., Thursday.
Hon. Charles D. Fulton of Ottumwa, la.,
was in the city yesterday.
Floyd J. Campbell of St. iJouls, formerly
of Omaha, is In the city on buslneee..
Superintendent E. IS. Magre of the Ash
land public schools visited the OiuhIul
schcols Friday with ten teachers of his
staff. Tho visitors were on a little Inspec
tion trip.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank McGinn and Miss
Theresa McOulre of Omaha left New York
City Thursday morning in an automobile
to ride to Omaha. They expect to be three
weeks on the road.
Mrs. P. J. Quenly. wife of the founder
of the cities of Kemmerer and Frontier
und owner of the coal company bv that
name In Wyoming, is In the city visiting
her father. P. J. Quealy, on her wav home
from the cast.
Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Reeves of Dead wood,
Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Ilckerlng of Uncoln.
II. Geln, George Smith and Jimeph Iachnll
of Humphrey, Mr. and MrSL J. N. Fuller of
Monte ViHtu, Colo.; T. A. Ross of Al
ladin nnd D. I Owens of Mona are at the
fchnator Millard has received an Invita
tion from Postmaster I'M Hlzer of Lincoln
to be present at the functions attending the
formal opening of the new federal build
ing In that city this evening. Senator Mil
lard declined the invitation because of
prior engagements.
Carl Anderson of Whitman, Grant Berry
of Tekamah, C. F. Haack of Grand Island.
Mrs. P. K. Pride and Mrs. Sarah Rivet of
Lindsay. J. E. Richardson of Bonanza,
Wyo.: Mr. and Mrs. J. r. F.ver of Lexing
ton, O. E. Richards of Portland and E. C.
Gaskell of Fargo are at the Merchants.
T. B. Waltemeyer of Boulder, Mr. and
Mrs. R. XV. Stewart and Mr. and Mrs. J.
M. Campbell of Huron, Mr. and Mrs.
Charles II. Burkes and L. B. Albright of
Pierre, J. E. Buck and F. M. Woods of
Lincoln, Mrs. 8. A. McCurdv of Ios An.
geleu, George F. Doblea and W. H. Dickin
son of Lander, W. C. Campbell of Crelgh
ton and XV. B. Cook of Caaper are at the
on Sale at all Newsstands
Copy $1.00 a Year
Trance and Spain Ready to Send Warship
to Protect Citizens.
Condition of foaatrr Makee Forelan
Representatives Fear to Vaaer
take Trip from Mnroeeaa
Capital to Coast.
TARIS, Oct. 2R. In view of the situation
In Morocco the French government has de-
cincn io scna a warsnip to langier.
TANGIER, Oct. 26 .-Owing to the dis
turbed state of the country the American
minister. Gummere. and Dr. Rosen, th
German minister, are remaining at Fes.
The Moorish ofDcialn, In anawer to the
French repreyentatlona regarding- the dl
quletlnff dUuntlon. declare their Ignorance
of many facts called to their attention
nnd dny reFponalblllty for other. Some of
the fnrelfro dlpjomata are demanding- tha
(litml.'sal of Mohammed el Torres, the rep
resentative of the aultan here, on the
around Mint he la old, incapable and fa
natical. The situation In Morocco city continues
Herr Holnrich. a German merchant whs
wu captured ty Moorish horsemen near
Rabat, has been rescued by bis personal
MADRID, Oct. 26.-In view of tha alarm
ing reports from Morocco the Spanish pov
etnment has decided to hold several cruis
ers ready for dispatch to the west coast
for thi) protection of Spanish subjects.
A special dltpatrh from Tannler says that
a .tn.te of anarchy exists in the regions of
Ha but and Casablanca arid that all trans
portation of foreign goods has ceased. Tha
dispatch adds that RuIhouII, the bandit
chief, who Is responsible for the disorder
prevailing at Aiiallla, Is in complete con
trol of the territory between El Arialvn and
Bee Want Ada Produce Result.
Fred W. Harlow has begun suit In dis
trict court for a divorce from Minnie M.
Harlow. The tiles were withdrawn by his
The Hallowe'en oial of Ivwe Avenue
church, scheduled to be held tonight nt Dr.
McClaimlian's home, will not be given,
owlnjr to sickness.
There will be serv ices at Temple Israel to
niKht: sermon by Kabbt Cohn; subject,
Children of Good .Fortune." Also services
Saturday niuralng at In o'clock.
j Aduni Waybright bus begun suit against
tho Chicago, gl. Paul. Minneapolis A
Omaha railroad for 91-5, the value of a
horse that escaped from a pasture, wan
dered upon the track and was killed by a
J:inies McMahon. charged Jointly with Joe
I Murphy with holding up-Patrick Curry and
robbing him of a lj-eent pocketbook con
j talning S cents, will be placed on trial bo
i tore Judge Sutton. Murphy was trie and
found guilty.
Because she was strurk by the aulomo
1 bilo he was driving. Emma J. Bailey has
I begun suit In county court against Frank
I E. Joy for J!j0 damages. The accident
j happened October 5 at Sixteenth and
Dodge streets and the plaintiff asserts she
was very severely injured.
The meat market of Jensen Co., 2S26
Sherman avenue, was entered by burglars
Thursday night, who secured only about
the proverbial 30 cents in pennies for their
trouble. Entrance to the store was ef
fected by crawling over a transom which
had been left open.
For the lose of the end of the little
finger of his left hand Robert Mandervllle
has begun suit, in. district court against the
Dempster Mill Manufacturing company for
$2.(Mi.- Mandervllle "was working for the
defendant company unloading some tanks.
One of them fell on his hand and ampu
tated a part of the finger,
Early Friday 'morning some miscreant
threw a large piece of asphalt through the
plate glass window of the Jewelry store of
Joseph P. Frenser. -101 South Fifteenth
street. It Is thought the unidentified per
son Intended to rob the show window Of
the Jewelry displayed, but evidently was
frightened away before he could complete
the Job, as nothing was taken.
John Polvlw, one of the quintet of Lith
uanians charged with beating and cutting
Peter Krlacunas as tho outcome of festivi
ties at a wedding feast in South Omaha
September 12V waa placed on trial in crim
inal court Friday morning. Alex Butkus
was recently tried for the same offense and
was convicted of assault and battery. The
evidence is practically all being taken
through an interpreter. .
Thursday afternoon John Smith, a youth
from Chicago, and' his partner entered the
store of Joseph Moses. 418 South Tenth
street, and-while -Smith handed Moses a
lino of talk that kept him busy the other
youth stole-two-shirts. Mosea did not dis
cover his loss until the two boys had made
their wapp, but later in the evening Smith
was captured and on the promise of good
behavior in the future was released from
custody Friday morning. .
The case of Oliver Jacobson against Leo
pold Doll, In which Jacobeon is suing for
jlloTS for alleged malicious prosecution. Is
being heard In Judge Redlck s court room.
The. two men had rival claims to a piece
of ground. Jacobaou was In actual posses
sion and, it is asserted, threatened to shoot
Doll if he came upon the place. Doll had
him arrested on a peace warrant, but Ja
cobson was discharged. He asserts there
was no boats for the prosecution.
Because John D. Richardson failed to
show up in court to plead guilty and re
ceive a sentence a capias hiu been issued
for his arrert by Judge Sutton. Richardson
was charged with breaking into the barn
of J. W. Kanatsher. 1338 Georgia avenue,
and stealing clothing valued at 144. His
partner In the crime has already pleaded
guilty and received a sentence and Rlch
ardnon was ordered to show up Tuesday.
As he had not appeared by Friday morning
the sherlq was sent out to And him.
The following bulletin has been Issued by
the General Federation of Women"s Clubs:
A meeting of the bnrd of directors was
hld at Hotel CarlMbad. Saratoga, Septem
ber J to every member ol the boprd
being present. It was voted to Hold the
next coun'il meeting In Jamestown, Va.,
In June, 1!7. The committee ot arrange
ments conelfts of Mrs. Ouy It. C. Allen of
West Virginia, Mrs. William P. Orr of
Ohio and Mis. Philip Carpenter of New
It was unanimously voted to accept the
Invitation of the Massachusetts Federation
to hold tl-.i ;,xt biennial In HoMon In
Mrs. Philip N. Moore was made chairman
of the biennial committee, with MHn Helen
A. Whlttler as a member of the committee.
It was necessary at this meeting to ap
point the standing commit tes to carry on
the department work of tho federation for
the noxt two years. The names of the
chairmen are given below, fl'wo new com
mittees wsre appointed. The outlork com
mittee, recommended by Mrs. lecker In
her biennial 'address nt St. Paul, Is to In
vestigate the new subjects and new lines
of work proposed from time to time to the
federation. This new work Is under the
wise leadership of Mrs. Alice Fletcher,
former president of the Iowa Federation.
A new special committee was appointed,
to be known as the Intel-federation commit
tee, corresponding somewhat with the com
mittee on federal relations In congress. It
Is to deal with the relation of the state,
federations to each other and to the Gen-
ersl Federation in the hope of bringing
anout a still closer relation and strengtnen-
ing and perfecting the organization.
Mrs. Sherman reported the rules and reg.
ulatlonfl for the General Federation state
secretary, drawn up by a committee ap
pointed for that purpose. These rules will
be published later.
It waa -otedi to retain Mrs. Mary I.
Wood as manager of the bureau of infor
mation. After the close of the board meeting the
executive committee a trip to Ports
mouth to visit the bui-eau ancl talk over
its plans and Its needa with Mrs. Wood.
They also spent several days In Roston,
where they visited the different buildings
available for the biennial.
Chairmen of standing committees, lftXV
19 6:
Art Mrs. John B. Sherwood, 630 Monroe
street, Chicago.
Civics Miss Mary Knox Garvin, 1930 Wal
lace street, Philadelphia.
Civil Service Reform Mlaa Anna L.
Clark, Booneville, Mo.
Education Miss Mary M. Abbott, Water,
town, Conn.
Forestry Mrs. P. 8. Peterson, corner of
Lincoln and Peterson streets, Chicago.
Household Economics Mrs. Margaret J.
Blair, St.. Paul, Minn.
Industrial and Child Labor Mrs. Clar
ence Burns, New York City.
Legislative Mrs. George C. Avery, 1SS1
Third avenue, Louisville. Ky.
Library Extension Mm. A. F. Broomaall,
Troy, N. Y.
Literature Miss Mary Poppenhelm, 31
Meeting street, Charleston. 8. C.
Outlook Mrs. T. J. Fletcher, Marshall
town, la.
Pure Food Mrs. Walter McNab Miller,
Columbus, Mo.
Reciprocity Mrs. Herbert M. Bushnell,
1942 South Seventh street, Lincoln, Neb.
Chairmen of board and speclul commit
tees: Biennial Committee Mrs. Philip N.
Moore, 3123 Lafayette avenue. St. Iouls.
Program Mrs. Perc V. Pennybacker,
26o8 Whltls avenue, Austin. Tex.
jres Mrs. Sarah A. Evans. Portland.
KesolutlonaMrs. J. XV. Johnston, Kan
sas. Revision Mrs. John D. Sherman, Chi
cago. Transportation Mrs. Edward L. Johnson,
Providence, R. I.
Intel-federation Committee Mrs. May Al
den Ward, Boston.
The Lin"oln Woman's club he a plan, on
foot for securing a detention home to op
erate in ponjunctlon with the Uncoln Juve
tile court. The first ' report of the presi-
oVemt of tha club was made at a meeting
this week. The club is active and large,
having over 600 member, and its activity
In behalf of a (detention home promises
The regular monthly meeting of the
Women's Missionary society of the First
Presbyterian church will be haW Friday
afternoon, October 26, .t 2:30 o'clV'k. The
address will be given by Miss Georgians
Baucus of Toklo, Japan. Miss Buucus wil
not only tell of the great mission work or
Japan, but of the work as It is being car
ried on It the various fields under the
care of the Methodist church, as she has
recently visited many of -Jiem and ran
speak from personal observation. Mis
Baucus is In attendance at the meeting ot
the executive committee of the Woman's
Foreign Missionary society, now being held
in the First Methodjst Episcopal church In
this city. A report will also be given of
the aynodlcal meeting held at Hastings last
month. Special music has been provided.
tome Advice - oa a Point that
Will Interest Many
When Mother Eve "taeted of the appl;
and felt she could recommend It to tho
rest of the world she sdvertised the fact.
The advertising was necessarily don ver
bally, but then the number to be reached
was limited and it sufflced. ,
The world has grown since thin, and
with it has come the new ways and means
of making our wishes known. The want
ad has been developed until it hue become
a necessity to the business world. If you
attempted today to make your wants
known by tongue alone you would make
slow progress. Suppose you wanted an
office boy or bookkeeper, or your wire
wanted a reliable cook would you go out
on the street and hunt for them? You
might do so, but the results would be
unsatisfactory. You would be wasting very
valuable time with very poor prospects.
Thit kind of advertising was effective when
the world begau, but the world began
many, many centuries ago and yet did
you ever stop to think how very little
progress had been made by some men
in the advertising line, we mean.
If your wife wanted a cook, would you
hang a card in the front window, hoping
that some cook who had been released
from her onerous duties by one of your
neighbors might pass. And yet that's what
many business men do hang a badly
printed pasteboard card In their front
window sometimes a poorly spelled one,
and go ahead doing the office boy's work
themselves, or take a clerk away from
work' three times more valuable, until the
boy wanders by, sees the sign, and stops
to inquire whether you offer more money
and shorter hours than he now enjoys.
And right here we bump into the ques
tion of the results. Assuming that a man
may succeed in hiring help through office
window placards. Does he secure the best
In the market? Assuredly not, because
the best of help do not walk the streets
looking for chance Jobs, the best class of
help are not seeking changes promis
cuously. Besides, the possible number of
people reached is extremely small, con
tingent entirely on location. If a business
man can afford to pay big rent for a
location on a busy thoroughfar4ie can not
afford to msrk himself "cheap" by banging
help want placards in his window. HU
lndow space is worth more for other
purposes. If he Is In an out-of-the-way
place, as mills and factories generally arc,
few, very few people will see his sign of
distress. Right here is where the news
paper "want ad" comes to his assistance
and proves its worth.
The first consideration is what to lay
and how to say it. Don't make the mis
take of being too brief. If you want a man
to take care of your books, possibly to
handle your rash a man who must have
ability. Integrity and Industry to nuke
himself valuable to ) ou don't sUeeie
your ad. down to the minimum size be
cause you can get it for 'JO cents. If your
ad. reads:
HELP WANTKD Bookkeeper. Address
Jones, atreet,
It wlU brtof ou .uweta, Ts, but have
The most dignified and satisfactory as well as the
t t.I
These sideboards are made to
order for the Hartman chain of
stores and every effort ha
been given to the detail of
workmanship and finish. They
have extra large French bev
eled mlrrcrs, are elaborately
Mus.a've Solid 95
Onk ? id rhurd IsWs
Money's l'JF'yjt!
worm JXtnm
r Your f X
Back UCV'tT
Special Mth. 75
Parlor Chair
DxlJ feet
Ingrain Rugs, -8x
1 feet
Ingrain Carpet, vd
Wool-filled Ingrain
Carpet, yd
Brussels Carpet,
Velvet Carpet, yd.
,t"i- Carpets
Exactly like illustration,
nicely finished. extra
well made, has loose
cushions, nicely uphol
stered and held to chair
with pretty cord and
tassel, easily worth ft.
Tikis Is not
the poor
kind, bat the
very best
Trade enam
eled ware,
and sold for
75 oasts any
other place
la Omaha or
Hsrlmia Specls
Most powerful double
heaters made. Return
flues, patent improved
grate und shaker, gns
consuming, large, self
feeding magaatne, ele
gantly nickel trimmed;
$25 Worth
$2.50 Cash
$2 Month
$50 Worth
$5.00 Cash
$4 a Month
you considered how much time you will
spend in weeding out the good ones? And,
remember, your time is valuable; you are
getting an ad. for 20 'cents and posaib'y
wasting t- worth of 'your time unneces
sarily. Ever iook at it in that light?
Make your advertisement to the point
cover the subject but do so in short, crisp
sentences. If you were writing a telegram
you would study the wording very carefully
to be sure that the entire meaning was
made clear, eliminating all ambiguous
words. Write your want ad. In the same
way. For instance: '.
(H. W.) Bookkeeper and cashier, by
large western mercantile honae:. business
rapidly Increasing: opportunity for ad
vancement exceptionally good; must have
ability, integrity and willing to work at
all times for employer's interest; reason
able salary to start. increase rapia as i
warranted; state paat experience to In. I
sure reply. Address .
It may cost a few cents more, but wi
reach the man you want. If you were
writing a letter to a prospective employe,
one whom you really wanted to Secure,
you'd make It pretty plain Just what in
ducements you could offer to the right
man, wouldn't you?' Just remember thnt
you are sending a letter through the want
ad., to not alone one man, but to thou
sands, and you want to make it so plain
and so alluring that the best men will
want the position.
Park Commissioner E. J. Cornish re
turned Friday morning from Chicago and
will attend a meeting of the park board
at 10 o'clock Saturday morning.
ku " tot w sixrr tkahs tr kii lionji
iTkoIHtK ler CMILtlHk.M W HI 1.1 1IIU
MJ Wilrt IHtHtiT bhi i kki. IT SOOTHES UM
CI kit WIND IOU0. ! ! ik kM wny it
blAHMHuKA teU ky t,rusKS la el
eka mH4 B ut l
-t iit.k" I r Kit O foraBDtnrl
r Hiviuikvi ul
' ftiuMi,,. Tillltu. or klrtloDft
i. MiWiir,. of Ni.clVI Bl.inbfAUM
1 KttHiCMlS :C. ini or po.ui.-
CiCiWTI.e I " 1 aotal fcr lraglkla,
We havn made our Credit Service so digni
fied and refined as to appeal to tho most criti
cal folkn in the rommnnity, and so lenient and
Keneroun hj to make certain that the watre
earner Mill jfet tht (clp he needs on all ocra
lon. It's confidential credit. It's pleaaant
credit, court eons salesmen and office people
to serve you and everyone striving to please
you. Favor jrrnnt.1 vrliem-vrr asked for
no payment required when you are III or out
f work. Let us explain oijr plan to yon In
-iM.'tTTTX it -
With Hlh Warming Closet
Steel Range Special Absolutely guaranteed for five
years; complete with high warming closot, as hown
in above Illustration; absolute- the largest and the
best range ever sold In Omaha for less than $86.00;
has six large full size 8-ln. holea; has extra large
square oven; has new patent grate and shaker; pat
p"t dampers and other Improved features: is beau
tifully ornamented with heavy nickel mountings,
and Is one of the best bakers that waa ever manu
factured. ,
Brussels Rugs, bx
10.6 feet $12.73
Axmlnster Rugs.
crBTAiira -
60 pairs Lore Cur
tains, pair 75c
46 pairs Lace Cur
tains 1.16
SS pairs Portieres,
fancy colors .... 1.60
40 pairs portieres, ,
Roman stripes .. i.76
37 pairs Portieres,
Bagdnd 3.75
20 pairs Rope i'or
tieres at 1.98
Uartm&i5 Great
Saturday Special
8-qnart, bine and white triple-coated enam
eled preserving kettle, bine on the outside,
white inside, jour only opportunity to get
one of these useful articles at lens than one.
half price.
Saturday Only, from 1 p. iu. to 10 p
. in.
1,200 of them. Come early (
avoid our usual Saturday ie
rial crowd; a 75c value for. . . .
ins m
1414-14161418 DOUGLAS ST.
"' . X
' . . '
- f i
. A ,
The Rcliadle Specialists
heed the dancer signals
Are you weak, don't feel right, nerves shattered, suffering from hlddnu
drains and weaknesses, despondent, lifeless, without ambition. Impaired mem
ory, easily fatigued, excitable, restless, baggard looking. Irritable, and on llio
verge of mental and physical collapse, primarily induced by abuses In youth,
excesses In later life or the result of private diseases, which are impeding your
progress, both commercially aud socially? If so, you should consult us with
out unnecessary delay and escape from the slavery that is holding you captive
and depleting your manhood.
We niake strong men out of the puny and weak, restoring the vital organs
and infiltrating that old feeling of youthful fire, vlin and courage. Do you want
to be strong, possess nerves of steel, self-confidence, strength In every mus' ls
ambition,' grit, energy and endurance In order to m.ike your life complete?
We have gladdened the hearts of thousands of young and middle-aged men. re
storing them to spevlmeus of physical manhood, full of vim, vigor and vitality.
If you are lacking in these essential elements of muiihood or suffering from
Stricture, Varicocele, Emissions, Nervo-Sexual Debility,
Impotency, Blood Poison (Syphilis), Rectal,
Kidney and Urinary Diseases,
or nay dlseane or weakness due. to evil habits, excesaes or th result of specific
or private disease. ou aliotild take pi'o-r steps to rid yourself of such a c ju
dltb.n. as It may cause io bitter reret and humiliation In afier-llfe. We cure
this case of troubles safely and thoroughly.
Fret Consaltatloi mi Examination f"1 ft r.uucn,rot,,cJ,i.u.,ri
1303 Farnani St., Between 13th and 11th Sts., Omaha, Neb.
l.Q V
Sols al
Is Guar
sitters' Ma Mailer
Uw Ibe
May Be
nmhinalion Book
rasf aril Desk
Made of large flaked solid
golden oak, with hand-rubbed
polish. It Is fitted with ad
justable shelves, double
strength, full glass door, large
fancy French bevel mirror. It
is beautifully carved.
Wide, spacious seat and very
comfortable. This rocker Is
the full roll design and fs
very handsome; large girlte
men's size; made in large
quantities for our 22 stores
hence the low price.
Rec cut. Made of finest ounr-ter-sawed
oak. shelves grooved
fur standing plates, double
thick; bent glass nds, -best of
cabinet work throughout; eas
ily an li value.
$100 Worth
$10 Cash
$S a Month
Larger Amounts,
trr- l- ?T vpr :v Goods
Large ka ttan 45
Ift cker at Mi
,J 'pun m,. ),lv a x., I
mM I
i , --
: xr , " X '
: x x:
L L-i ,
iSMgB?I,Mii,ij'i Jjss waasaaaasansaiaisi mini , L
' M Cr AkUt ea tsaaaal.