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1 11,11 " r "
Let Your'lloney Work fcr
n&ydn'i UU Eink Pays
4 Ptr,Ceat ea Deposit,
Special Saturday Offerings
of Unusually Low Prices
Star t
t tt i rn
Hoyden's Sf't Bau'-c 7y$
4 Per Cent on Deposits,
1 W
i (
C"""If SOL OeHjWtol Bargains i. IVcne,.' Garments
fhi.drcrt's and misses' outer garments. Two manufacturers'
tocks of children's and misBes garments will be pUced on sale j
' tt prices far below their actual worth. ;
Bargain 1 Child's Bearskin Coats In grays1!
and navy blues, cizes 2 to 6 year, f Qfl
$5.00 values, ut '. leOj
Bargain 2 Consists of 600 children's and I
misses' coats, sizes from I to 14 years, bear skim,
kerseys, friezes, fancy mixed fabric and bull's eye
Trivets, all color, worth up to $8.00; all y QO
new, cleat) merchandise, at Jl.afO
Bargain 3 Children V e6ats in velvets.
pi u alien, kerseys, astrakhans, chinchillas and farcy
mixed fabric;, made to sell at $10.00
and $ 12 00; sale price
Real Shoe Value
la best shown In our special Saturday offerings. The
plndld quality Is In no way indicated by the eicep-.
tlonally low prices. You must soe them to appreciate
their bargain worth.
ladles' fihoes at $2.50 and $2.0t -Good wear, good
style, perfect comfort, are assured. Comes In vlcl
kid or patent calf, In light or extension soles. $3.0"
1 and $3. B0 values everywhere, Saturday e ft
sale price $2.20 and .ell
CM IjaxlieV Comfort Shoes Brosd and av, ft
, low beels, felt lined at $1.60 and I ,JU
Women's Fine Kelt Juliets -Fur trimnvid, light, flex
ible sole; Just the thing for cool mornings: 4
at $1.60 and 1.11
lien's Work Shoes, (a good kangaroo cslf, ) (f
strongly made, Union Stamp, at $2.50 and. . X.Ul
Children's Vlcl Kid, extension sole shoes; the rf
aina tnat give perfect satisfaction, at J
Several great purchases of fine furs, suits, skirts, coats and
waifta has placed us in a jxjsition to offer you better bargains in
stylish garments than ever before. Superior values in all classes
of ready-to-wear garments is a feature of this great sale. Com
pare our offerings.
$15.00 Astrakhan Capes, special sale i cheviots, etc., good vslues at $15.00.
price 10.00 1 SHle pHce fl.00
$7.50 Squirrel Scarfs, sale price 3.JJS I fSKi.OO Suits Saturday 9(4.00 Com?
f'ine Loug Coney Fcarfs, sale I In fine broadcloths, cheviots, serges
price 93.0S i and heavy mixed fabrics, newest
WOMAN'S COATS styles a-ad colors special at 14.00
The finest stock of Women's Coats Walking Skirts, in all the latest
ever shown in the citv is the verdict of styles and fabrics, sn entire manu-
vlsitors to this department. You owe i facturer's stock, worth up to $10.00;
it to yourself to investigate our prices. choice 81.05
Three Kpeial lint Saturday:
Lot t Stylish Coats, in plain and
fancy mired materials, over 200 gar
ments from which to snlert. made to
sell at $10, our price 5.00
Fine Southern Heaver Coats Skiuner !
satin lined, guaranteed remarkable
values ai 59.00
Handsome Kiimmor Coat Skinner J
sutin lined, special 40.00
Sable Coney Coats, satin lined, sale
1'REE SATURDAY A Handsome Silk
Underskirt to every purchaser of one
j of our fine Voile Sltlrts at. . .$9.90
I From 8 to 9 t. m. $".00 Silk Under
let 2 Fine Kersey Coats. 50-Uu long, t.Bh,rls' " ' -
Knmp aultn lirvo1 thrnnrhntil trim. rn,l c.ou l III. VOinllS
med with fine velvets and braids,
eq-isl to any $15 coat, shown in the
city, sale price 10.00 '
lot 8 r.legaiit K oats, copies of 1m-
I ported models, grea; variety of hand- ,
some materials and colors, made to 1
, rfa V ... II A
i i l ' v r in
Sale of Winter Undzrwur
Ladir' Harvard Mills Union Suits, In silk aud-woo!,
hand finished, all sizes; special Saturday .. $,f)vt
We are sole Omaha agents for this underwear.
LadieV Sterling and Premium I nderwear, In all wool
and teKa silk, at $2.50 and '2.08
LadieV all wool Union Snlts, In grey, white or black,
regular $2.60 values. Saturday 91.50
Ladies' two-piece wool Undersells, , good quality,
worth up to $1.50 a garment, broken lots oo sals
! $1.50 Coney Eur Scsrfs at.... 09
From 9 to 10 a. m. Farmers Satin
Underskirts, worth $1.50 at.. 59
From 9:30 to 10:n a. in. Women
' $1.25 Wrappers at....' OOc
rrom iw ut 1 1 a. m. women 8 Water-
The most complete of its kind to be found in the weft. Always
busy because of the very completeness.
pure eaiuraay AW.UU . . . ' ' proof Rain Coats. $5.00 values.
Astrakhan Coats, Skinnei satin lined. , " V . 7.. . i5,-iU ' at ..... si r
.: :- - V -OO ann '"1"1 t ; Ladles' Tailor Suit., slightly daVsg-tf
7.a i'o itraris, in mis saie ai il.uS ............ cUnS lu eergog, i wortn up to $16.00; choice. . JJq
Right Corset Models N
A comi)Iete new stock of all nopular and best makes.
The La Grenue Corsets for slender, medium and siout
firurep, all new models at $8.00, $1.50 Or
and J J
K. A ;., Warner's, Kaho, Royal Worrexter, W. R.'s,
Thomnrion. Glove Flttlnir. etc.. in comulet variety of
styles at. $2.50, $2.00, $1.50
and .
A complete Hue of Ladles' Ferris Waists and
Bust Supporters at
Special Line of Comets, with double Hose
Supporters, special Saturday at.
Hit? ,T
Ladles' Union Suits, heavy fleece, llued. in cream or
taus, great value at 9e and 50(
Ladies' Vewts and Pants, heavy fleece lined, best vsl-
ucn In city at 50c, 39c, 25c and. lOr
Idie' all wool Vrsts and Pants, In grey, white or
scarlet; special Saturday at 9S
Children's Vests and Pants, all sixes, at 25c and
Chlldrvn's nil wool Yests and Pants at.: 50r '
Ladies' Outln Flannel. Gowns, msde extra long and
full, good Quality, nicely trimmed; ' special at o
snd ..-lOr
Special Sale of Men's Furnishings
You'll find here riot only the very greatest assortment but
you'll find the goods at prices that mean money saved to you.
Mxirs Wool Shirts n! REGU
LAR ti( VALt.'KS. In rrntuml grey or
' CAtn'i'i hiilr. thoromthljr hrunlc 1 KQ
nd wU rol. at, gitnnt
Ladies' and Children's hose
Lakes' Cashmere and Silk Fleeved Hose,
ribbed and garter top, extra fine qualitr
Ht ; 25e
Ladies Fleeced Hose, heavy quality, worth
up to 25c, special at . .". . .12Vi
LadieV Cashmere Hose, worth 19c rjair.
special, at 12Y2p
viuiaren a Mow, n
knee; 2Cc values
SCKN S PRAWBRfl. aro1 hvy weisht, , heavy
w yvj " in w ..... . v.niiT. in Liia vi a i
riNr MAHRAB SHIHTS-Bnlendtl line t
nw pttrri. ll ). worth vp to
pedal esturaay at ito 74f
ru)a.r Site value. 7Q
, grr. aplendlil valafs at, and.
i i:KPKRWEAR. vry ft and wall Hn
' llirt. xlrm ousllty, at, aarmsnt, ( )C
I and
i MS ORJTFON BH1RT la a, firat prin
1 winner with men who ara lew king for
iwv, well mad. prf?ct flttina gwr
I mnta at a moderate prle. Y' are Omaha
aanra and show complete llnea of oew
j full atylea snd ra-ttarcs at, Mc, tt.Sn QQ
colura, aiMdal P
lz'c and
pedal Baturdar at
MEN'S HEAVY HOSE, in pltlu or far . y
lal Saturday at f ff
... "V
and Irawra, peclal at
wool fleeced, a bygenic garment, W'irOt
f.M to tl.oO, special at Nee Tt.
Men's FWced Shirts and Drawers, WORTH
I P TO the, odd lota, mngle or aouoi
breaated ahlrta. heaT quality,
very ape rial raluea at
Tx!r!.r.lSi Extraordinary Sale of Millinery
Veils, Ribbons, Hose Supporters and Neckwear
Mosqnetaire Gloves, in all thu
shades, -12-15-hutton lengths,
wt $3.50. $3.98 and SU.9S
Jdlew' and t'hlldren's Golf Glows,
splendid qualtiles, at io. "A'f
new Silk Lined Mocha (iluves, exceplloually
flue quality. In all colors.
at $1.50 and S1.25
Flei.-ce or Silk Lined Gloves,
worth " ic, at and ,
Did yoa ever slop to think that for u
ery small Investment in s Victor Talking
Machine you could hear tho crraf -n sinn
ers, mudlclanw and niuuleul ovyanir.Ht.ion? in
your owu home and at. your own pleasure?
Ask anyone who has a Victor Melhn,
I'atti, Caruso. Sembrlclt und hundreds f
others sing only for tlui Victor.
Prices range from the Victor .lunior st
$10.00 to the Victor Victrolia at $2v0.00.
The lowest, priced hs tliv ';cior quality
as well as the hia'iest.
Easy payments If tfosdred.
Reefrds h11 at 05e for S-iu.. (10c
for 10-ln.. $1,00 rr 'l 2-in.
Ri-member there is nothing just as
god as the Victor, no matter 'iat
others may say. Call and see, hoar
New Lace Yells, regular price $1.50, In brown, black,
navy and 'white, very latest noeltles: special price
Saturday 91.00
Automobile V'-ils, regular price $1.00, all colors, 'of finest
hemstitched cbUl'on, o yards long; special price Sat
urday 49
Ribbon Sale No. B and 12 all silk Ribbons on rsle at.
per yard 5
No. 60 and 80 heavy taffeta Ribbons at 10
Hose Supporters The best Quality lisle elastics. 1-in.
wide, till slses side elastics, worth 15c to 26c, Saturday
P 10t
30c Satin Pad How Supporters, black, red. yellow, pink
and light bine, on sale Saturday at, pair 25
Ladles' Nw Neckwear, all kinds; special Saturday In $
lots, at 15c. 10c and ' -
83: Fancy YelUngs i'ouS
Iftc Pure Linen Handkerchief 7.7." .7 1! 5
Sole Agents for Hail Borchert Dress Forms', ' '' r
Hayden's the Greatest Grocery, Fruit, Fresh Drug Specials
vegetable, butter ana Cheese De
partment in Omaha.
for yourself. .NFost complete, depart
ment In O.r.ahs.
Piano Players and Self-Playing Pianos
tor ?Tif. Player,- St.OO per mo.
u;t: S4lf-Pi.-1.vinK Pianos, $10.00
fK-r nii. tip.
10 lba. best Wliite or Tellow Corn
meal i
10-lb. Sarks Best Pure Buckwmal
1 10 hara best brand Iaundry Soap ...
' 8 lbs. Beat land Picked Nvy H-ai.
' 2-ib. ' ana B"t Hwt Muaar corn 00 ! " "
i i-lh. ran. Kanrv W ax or Strtna BeenB.'o ! Tan'-y Full Cream New Toik White
erywhere for R0 to C0c per pouiid,
our price, tht sale 1
Fancy Separator Creamery Butter,
ac Pr pr.11 no bs
. .Stt
1 Kirk's Soap, per box Be
1 Munysn's Witch Hazel Soap..... 10c
Juvenile Soap, per box.. 80e
Beauty Brushes, each . . '. lOc
'.Almond Cream, at 10c
'iMalvlua Cream, at Hoc
(Java Rice Powder... 2.1c
Tooth Powder lOc
Hot Water Bottles. ........... ,Oo
Popular Music at Popular Prices
All late hits. Hl'ac co.-r. Add I cent for postage in ordering by mail.
' v)0Al. "Oond-by. Va y" "WiiHIiv' at the Church." "Good Old
U. S. A,," "f Know 11 (li:l l.ikt. Yon." "I'tn Up in the Air About Mary." "After
They Gather the Hay," "W hy Don't Ynu Try," "Cheyenne," "Everyone Is In
'lumber Land," "I'm Tlonej Moon Vaitcy" (new). "When the Mocking Birds
are Slnjrlng." "In L'ear Old tleoila." "Wait Till the Sun Shines, Nellie,"
' Kiss All the Girls Tor M" "Not Urc;iu.e Your V'air is Curly."
lAJiiiiL.MC.MAb Din pickles - (riew rsg ), "Moon Winks" (two-afep).
-r-risciiis. tinrermezr.o). Kod Homino' (now two-siep), "Paula" (nei
wslti), "Ixjrrts and Ladles," "lolo." "KMiiry Heine." "Alameda Waltres
tnew), "Manila American" (two-step), "Rubles and Pearls." "Silver, Hesls."
All Slamiard Classics, Utc a copy.
Hundreds of titleg to slcct from, vocal sod instrumental, standard sa red
aonB and teaching pines only 2 lie a copy. Any 11 copies 23c.
-lo. cans Fancy Lima Beana
2-lt. cans Karly June Hli'ted Paaa...8 1-o
t-lb. cane Fancy dgiinsh, Pumpkin,
Hominy or Baked Beans IHC
Rromoanpolon or J-llo. per rk. .....70
lea & Perrln'a Sauce, per bottle 40
sinyder'a or Blue Label Catsup, per
! bottla 0
I 'J-lb. pakajr Beat Pancake Flour. l-3o
I yt. cia iuld'!li Table fi-'rup Bo
j 'lie B-at Soda or Oyater Crackers, par
pound ...Co
I 4 pkia. l'reila Riaoults lie
i Graham or Oar.meu.1 f'rackera per pka I4
Fancy Santo toffee, per lb IS
Fancv Maracslbo Blend, pr lb 17U
Fancy Porto llco Blund, per lb aoa
Fanc y AiiKola Java snd Mocha, per lb.SJo
Finer O. c;. Java an.l Mocha, per !b..a(to
Fancy B. F. or Pun Dried Japan Tea,
per pound 28a
Fancy B. F. Tea Sidings, per lb ltVao
. I Fancy Oolong. Oumowder, Cylon or
(new E.'jgllsh Breakfast Tea, retails v-
l j. Fountain Syringes
Cheese, per lb lSa
BUM "FECIAL Mannflelit a Great New
Over l,0O Handsome Trimmed Hats Secured from
one of the largest millinery houses in the east at a
great bargain, in fine French Felts, Silks, Velvets, etc.,
beautifully trimmed with plumes, wings, large roses,
velvet ribbons and ornaments. Would sell in reg
ular way np to f 10.00 and (12.00 On Bale Saturday
In three lots
Lot i at $4.98
Lot 2 at $3.98
Lot 3 at $2.98
Every Hat marked In plain figure. Com early
Saturday and get your pick of these splendid bargains.
See our ltth St. window display.
Our Special Saturday Tool Sale
rj.wuito .iarinp.iii a ureal rvew i a. m a
Trk Pepstn Gum, a alicka In package, Xor Om9n3 S ItidMg mOtlty SSVIHg
Meat Section
Fancy Canning Plums, per erne, six
baakcta ....$1.10
; Fajioy Cooking Apples, per peck lOo
Fancy White Onions for Pickling, H
huahel baske. M
I ranni MiiKhaifca n.iiaeli aarh ... Am
Fancy New Carrots, Beeta, Iarsnipa
or Turnips, per pound la
Fancy New Sweet Potat,oea, par lb... SVko
Fresh Parsley, per bunch So
Fresh fplnuch, per peck 10c
Cape Cod Cranberries, per quart.,.. -
81 Bunches Fresh Radishes
Two Heads Fr-sh Celery S
All Other Vcg-tablee and Fruits iu Pro
portion. Buy you r Harness, Blankets. Lap Vtoba,
etc,, etc., at lluyden's. It will eara you
money ,
Young Roosters 7
Fresh Spring Chickens 12V$
Nebraska City fancy Ham 12-
Rib Roast, rolled and boned
pound 10
Round) Sitak QYt
Shoulder Steak 5l$
Shoulder Roast ...S1.
Sirloin Steak . . r 9
SO-ln. 5so. D t Disston Saw .. 91.M '
S-ln, No. D I Wsaton Saw. ,.,..1JI
S-ln..No. t t Dtaatoo Rip Saw. , .!.
20-ln. Not! IHaaton,in,. .tl .
S-iS. Ko.;ll Disston Bsw,....'.t..'.,.$45
3-ln. No.1 t2 Dlaaton B)p 91 -7
Sic Ratchet Brace r.Bta,
tl.tO Ratchet B B Brace $1.18
BalUy Iron Smooth Plana. .... .$1.0$
Jl-tn. Bailey Iron Jak Plane
IS-tn. Bailer Iron Fore Plans fl.68
All aises Ship Augers for $ ,
wrmw rrora sii$naR-a srif
rka Ipalaa BU( SktlSLs; Baaa Bnrar?
ta absolutely tha beat and finest atov
'. made. - Coma and It before you buy.
TTa carrv a full Una of Universal Bar-a
' Burners, and can aall you a very hand
' aoroe atove of good alaa a rag- T t fl
tilar 140.00 atove fur ,,f
Alr-Tlght Oak atoves up ' t OK
from .Z.
Large 4-hole laundry Stove, reg- A AO
ular l SO, for f
Tout Oradlt la floed la Oor aTlava Bay.
Special Sale Stationery
A complete stock of fine stationery at rnoney-eavnig price.
As Saturday's specials:
All our 45c Box Papers
All our o5c Box Papers
All our 30c Box Papers
All our 25c Box Papers
All our 20c Box Papers
. . .14?
A complete line of Crane's Society Stationery; also Tally
and Dinner Cards at specially low prices Saturday.
"The Kvaslon," by Euaonla Erooks
lYothlnghain, author of "The Turn of thy
Road," which enjoyed remarkable popu
Inrlty a few years ugo, gives n. keen pic
ture of one phase of American society life
of today. It possesses an Itiuiglnaiivo vi
tality tn the conception of the situation:
and a natural intensity in t:o clniracters
that make It an extremely engrossing
study. Fubllshed by Iluushtuii. MiOImi &
"Purple and Fine Linen." by- Kmlly Poet
Cs a novel ot New York t-arlty. It Is u
problem novel of domestic relations und
the love of another man. Mr. Pot is aiu
to be a rcalitt and to draw her subjects
and characters from life. Sue lias con-
Eeechim's PiUs are the "ounce of
fretrentioa" that save many a dol
ar for cure. Keep di&euc from
getting la, and it will never by you
The saf-Ttroards against all life's
common ill arc: A Sound Stomach,
Healthy Kidney, Regular bowcU
ik! Fur Liood.
Hundreds of thousands both
men and women keep healthy by
. . . . .... . i
nuea to ner puuiHuern tnat "-purpie ano
I'ir.o Ltnei IS the most aerioua work sha attempted, and yet it Ik cIimi nilntfly
eutertulnlnn. It is only S very pretty
womun or an extraordinarily glflod writer
Who eu TfToid to be cerlous. Published by
the 1). AppleUm company. '
"A Lovatitlne Log Book." by Jerome
unit, auiiior i mo Argonauia in Diuin, j
is c. ocutt oi .;hi Hhcicnce in; iui cubi.
TSo book is illuMialtd with many full
page illustrations from plioiogrurihs. Long
mans, (irren & Co. are the publishers.
"LiLy Uul'ct. the nubble of Denlluy." by
I.lnyd Chounie. is an autoniotiilo romance.
Mr. t isboiii ti- 's insight into the at tliloiail
tics of over-clvlllsed love as evidenced In
"Baby Bjllet" contrasts strangely with the
wilil., f roe, Inordinate passion nhich he d' -plcts
In hi Houth M'H stories. It in diffi
cult o rce how tite man who can under
stand the love of gowns, frocks and man
ners can have al.o grasped the life and
death affection of the more primitive peo
ples. V. Appleton ait Co. is the fubllsher.
"Soinervllle's First Year in Algebra," by
Frederick H. Honierville of the William
Pfnn Charter athoul, Philadelphia, fur
nixhea a satlKfnetory one-year's work for
grammar schools or for the first year In
hlfch schools. The book takes tha pupil
through fractions ami almultaneous simple
equations. Although remarkable for Its
simplicity and careful gradnltoit. tt is char.
Jtt.-rlxed by.un unnaually scientific pre
sentation, which enables student a to mas
ter Hi fundamental princlp'os of the sub.
Jecl with less effort than is commonly the
i.wc. Publislled by (tin Ameiian Book
a remedy that has itod t'.ie test
lor hall a century and is now ticd
over all. the civilld nlobe. 'I hey
purify the blood, ktrenplUen the
nerves, regulate the boweU, aid the
kidneys and cure stomach troubles,
build up the nervous force and re
pair the ill effects of overeating,
the best safeguard against indiges
tion, biliousness and dyspepsia.
Take Beccham's Fills regularly
and you will laaiutatn good health
at small cot.
At Small Gosf
1 ' tuM tvery acre. la boxes 19c an Sc.
"The Faithless Favorite." by luj'SIn
fauler, is a mixed tragedy, to which if
appended a collection cf dotached trlfl'S.
entitled Hchedlasm. Fubllshed by the au
thor at The Sign of the Latch, St. Louis.
"The Congo'' is tli title of a complete
and uccuralu translation of the rtporl of
the Commission of Inquiry appointed by the
Congo Free Ktate government. Publialiet
by the . p. I'utuain s Sons.
X,Tbe Game,'" by Ja-k London, is meiely
the account of a prUe tllit bttu a
Couple of lightweights In Bun Frnncliaco for
a purse of Tha ccnteet la to mark the
retirement cf the h'.ro from the riim. lie
is ounlideiit of winning the purre, which la
to aK'tve aa a "ueat eag" for himself and
ins young bride on their approaching Mar
rlaae. He persuades the gnl l uveron,e
her repugnance and attend the tight in Ji
gutee. The description of the battle is
a holly Idealised, but spirttd. The host
part cf It U the analysts of ttie gtrl'a fe l-
iuga when she sees her lover stripped tor I
the rliig and her growing excitement as he
gradually weakens under the terrific on-j
1 an gilt of his mote powerful opponerd. He
bnrely escupea being counted out and then
pursues) taetlcn which enable him to re
cover his wind Hnd ntrcngth unill he acems
to have Ida antagonist at his mercy. But
the other man has a "lucky blow' left In
him at the last and he delivers it with I ho
result that the hero ia not onJy "knocked
out," but killed. The MacMlllun compiny Ia
the. publisher.
"Nuanor: Teller of .Tales'." by C. Liyson
Tajior. author of "la the Dwellings of the
Wildtrnean," id a story of Roman Britain.
Nlcaii'ir, the story-teller, waa the son of
a wood cutter lit liv ed In lliitajn when
tha Island waa rjled by tlia ltonians, und
the slave of a Itomau, lord. Ypen Nicauor
went into the world meu and women forgot
everything In listening to the spell of hU
voice. Varia, the daushter- of a I Ionian
lord, was mowt bewitched and forgot that
Nlcanor waa a alave. And then came Kl
drlat, also a slave, who loved Nlcanor far
better than he knew. Of these two of the
lord's daughter and the one who went in
chain.--ni of Nlcanor'a life and deeda la
the story, which Is decidedly mediaeval In
coloring and atmosphere. The bvok is orn
amented with marginal bordera, initials und
he&d-piecca, and five Illustrations In clo.
by the Kinney s. A. C. MeClurg la the pub.
.is her.
"Elisabeth," by Captain James T. Klliott,
preaident of the Chicago Society of Proof
readers, is a heart tale of Interest, com
bining In description the attractive of both
r.orth and south, the scene of action ahift
Ins; from the tx-autiful southern country to
the metropolis of the west, closing In th.
pastoral quietude and beauty f (lie coun
tryside. Throughout the book he Inter st
Is maintained and d by a ell
dran plot, prettily unraveled In the clos
ing chapter. The book ia illustrated by
Tearoom Xlol.lll. and Is attractively bound.
The International Press associdtii-n id' Chi
cago is the publisher.
"The Watermead AfTuir." by Robert IWr,
author of -The Muuble Many," "The
Woman Interver.ta," etc., ia a love Hory
with a bero and a heroine Ingeniously and
apontaneously Fj'gliab. a pervaduig atmos
pliers of good bleeding and good clothes, a
delicious adventure luu motor car. and
love triumphing in the en.t There is a
frontispiece by Curtis Wagner-Smith. The
liunry AUenius company ts the publisher.
"Aore) 'a Outlines of Ancient History,"
by William C. Morey, profeaeor of history
and poliUoal science. Fniversity of Roch
eater. ta noteworthy for Ita simple an4
direct stj le aad Ucar and graphic piaetuU-
tlon. It indicates the historical relations of
the various countries and the contributions
made by each to the progress of mankind.
The continuity of history Is emphasised and
the particular features of civilization which
tiuvo distinguished one nation from another
are given prominence in the narrative. The
Important relation of geography to history
ia kept constantly in view. Published by
the American Book company.
"At the Emperor's Wish." by Oscar King
Dav la, Is a pretty little Jupanese romance
of the time of the conclusion of the Kusso
Japanese war. Jlr. Davis, as war corre
spondent, had many opportunities for se
curing material for his novel at firat liund,
and this novel allows a new side of tlio
versatile war correspondent. The D. Apple
tuu company is the publisher.
"The Torch." by Prof. George Kdward
Woodberry, comprises his fortes of Lowell
Institute lectures delivered In 1903. The
theme of these lectures la race poser lu
literature, or the power of the human race
to Inherit and make its owu, for the pur
poses of aplritual expression, the accumu
lated knowledge and experience of puat
generations. This idea Prof. Woodberry
develops In the two first lectures, on "Man
anr the Race" and the "Language of All
Hie World." and illustrates in the six suc
ceeding lectures, two on the "Titan Myth"
and one each on "Spenser," "Milton,"
"Wordsworth" end "Shelley." Published
by V-Clr.rg, I'hilllpa & Co.
"The Woman in the Alcove" is another
abaoibi: detective story by Anna Kather
tue Green, author of "The Leavenworth
Case." The murder of a very beautiful
woman fr a diamond at a very unusual
time and place is the crime about which
the author weaves her story. No one la
whom the reader ia particularly interested
Is incriminated, but to discover tha identity
cf the murderer keeps up the reader's at
tention past his usual bedtime hour. Thoae
who are familiar with Mrs. Green's stories
will enjoy this book. Published by the
Bcbbs-Merrp! Co.
"Money and Currency." by Joseph French
Johnson, alms to present a complete ex
position of facts and principles of mone
tary science. Tbe book is intended for the
UFe of practical men as well ss students
of Mgh schools and colleges, it contains
very few technical terms or phrases, as
used . in t-conomlo science. He discusses
in an able manner the monetary experi
ences of the United States. Bibliographies
attached to every chapter and useful ap
pendices are very belpfvl to the student.
The book is published by Glna Co.
"The Story of Paul Jones," by Alfred
Henry Lewis, author of "The Wolrvllla
Biortea," "IXa Sunset Trail." Xae Throw
back" and others. Is an historical ro
mance. The life of Paul Jones from boy
hood until the close ot his career is one
of the most interesting subjects for a his
torical romance, and Mr. Lewis In this
work haa excelled any of his former writ
ings. The book is Illustrated by Seymour
M. Btons and Phillips Ward. The Q. W.
Dillingham Co. Is the publisher.
"The Praying Skipper and Other Stories"
Is a collection of seven stories by Ralph
D. Paine. For eight years Mr. Paine acted
ss war correspondent In Cuba, Chine, and
the Philippines and has travelled exten
sively. For two of his storles he has drawn
on his trip to the orient, while the other
five are stories of the water. The ft rat
of i he collection, from which the book
derives its title, Is the story of a religious
captain whose ability ts doubted by the
manager of the line. The skipper proves his
worth by eteorlng the ship through a storm,
with Its rudder gone, and himself suffering
with a broken rib and ankle. The other
stories sre of equal interest. The book is
published by the Outing Publishing com-
"Chip of the Flying U," by 11. M. Bower,
is an entertaining story of life on a Mon
tana cattle ranch. As there is not a
woman at tha ranch, great speculation
and excitement prevails after the news
that the "old man's" slater la coming to
spend her vacation with her brother. The
fact that she has just completed ' her
course at a medical college in tho east
adds to the interest incident to her ar
rival. Chip Is one of the cowboys, who
adds much to the story, as well as to the
business of the ranch. The reception the
"little doctor" receives on her way to the
ranch prepares her for n.uch that Is to
follow, but after becoming accustomed to life ehs continues her vacation Indef
initely. The atory is written In a very
entertaining manner and will create many
a hearty laugh, while holding the reader's
attention to the end. Published by the O.
W. Dillingham company.
"The Life of a Star" is the title of a
number of entertaining reminiscences, by
Clara Morris, In addition to a short auto
biography of herself. While there is noth
ing of great Importance related, the Inci
dents are told In a vivacious and interest
ing manner. Those who have bad the
pleasure of reading soise of this author's
serial work will be especially pleased- ta
read her book. McClure, Phillips fc Co. is
the publisher.
Above books st lowest retail prices,
(hews, 112 South Fifteenth street.
Br vast In Ohio.
MILLKRSBt'Rfi, O., Oct. W. J.
Brvan begjn the second dny of his speech
making tour of Ohio here today, delivering
an eWtuent nddres to an audience of sev
eral thousand people. Mr. Bryan spoke of
the tariff, taxation and cf Uie trusts.
The headaches and dizzy feellnga
that trouble so many persons, are
often but symptoms of Kianey com
Kidney diseases are very treacherous.
They come on silently, gain ground
rapidly, and cause thousands of deaths
that could have been prevented by N
treatment in the beginning.
Nature gives early warnings of every
disease, If you would but note and
heed tbem. Backache, twinges of
pain when stooping or lifting, head
aches, falut spells and urinary disor
ders are among the first warnings of
kidney trouble.
If these signals are unheeded, tbero
comes a steady, dull, heavy aching la
the back and Hons, a noticeable weak
neas and lo.s of fleBh, rheumatic at
tacks, weakening ot the eight, irregu
lar heart action, langor, attack of
gravel, irregular passages of the kid
ney secretions, sediment, painful scald
ing sensation, dropsical bloating, etc..
But there Is do need to suffer long.
Do an 'a Kidney Pills cure all kidney
troubles. This remedy haa made a
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TT (Ls every T icture
vol fTel,s
roots and herbs that have a direct
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lady. It was given to the public by
James Doan, a druggist, and is knows
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Home cares prove the value of
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Mrs. S..J. Gaymore, of 1209 Arbor
St., Omaha, Neb., says: "I did not say
opo word too much about Doan'a Kid
ney Pills in my statement given in the
spring of 1899, and which bas been
published in our Omaha papers. The
remedy proved the. permanency of its
cure by keeping me free all this time
from any trouble with the kidney se
cretions. I have tried other remedies
b"t derived little or no benefit from
them. Doan'a Kidney Pills were in
every sense of the o'rd a perfect suc
cess in my case and since using them
I have never had a symptom which
would la any way indicate kidney
trouble. My son places great value on
Doan's Kidney Pills. Their use cured
him of kidney complaint and backache.
We are ever ready to recommend this
sterling remedy."
sow y an teaJsrs. rrfc a oaatu. resTsA Miiswtta Banal., H.Y.. rrspvwtor.
t I