Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, October 27, 1906, NEWS SECTION, Page 5, Image 5

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v 2 Spcclih In Our 5
Second Floor Old Store
Children's white and colored bear akin coat
a Saturday pcisl J"
bargain at ..6m J"
Children's heavy winter roaf in f O
Jul 11 11
New Unclcrmusliti Depl.
Main Floor -Old Store
We cfi'er "ature,e cue lot r.. 40 doren ladies'
owting flannel night rsq
fowni, ra-gotarly wot th Tip T I I 1 j b
each. Terr atrial at, each B' Myk VV V
25 doan ladles miling flannel flown, eyu
Urly worth $1.00 and l.2i TP "V.
alt colon, goat. cu.
Children' pretty plaid wool
dresses, priced for Saturday only, at
0OS I ?v f
Children' nobby heavy mixture winter
Pcisll priced for Sat ut
da at, each
coats-an exceptional
offer at.
1 i -
I J i)J 0J
Saturday Specials in Cloak Depl.
1 I- o&vX
iW'r"' SI.'
. p-.-Tv. 1;!',
'' .'I'. '1 ,Vi
Udif' $10 Cloaks, all latest styles, at
$6.58 We place on sale Saturday
a epecial lot of 60-inch novelty
pattern coats, made with combina
tion cloth collar, wide fJ Qfl
ttfrtaa Inhnrlrnnrt fnnr.ii 1 1 ar VF
pockets a coo tfo
at $10-00' goes at
Long Novelty Cloth Coats at $9.98
The fancy plaids, checks and mix
turesthe popular 50-inch length
all thoroughly tailored, TyQ&
correc tly made and S&UJV
trimmou a reiruinr
$15 coat, at.
The Stunning Itlack Tlroadioth Coats Spe
cial uunibera in thpie very popular coats
with full aatin lining and wide braid trim
ming a fine as
sortment, priced
Our Sjtreial Silk Pettk-oat There never bo
fore was a petticoat of such high m Oft
1 ... . 4htM -n 1 .1 I 'U
iiiotii.j in 1.JA113 buui. oti euni
er bo-
This puit has lots of style it fits
vrell, wears splendidly and
gives all tht? appearance of a
much higher priced
suit; new styles,
new fabrics, at. . . .
The Famous Fashionseal Suits T
. broadcloth, serires. cheviots and novelties excellent
hand tailoring styles are the top notch of elegance
equal to most $35 suits
You have your choice of the styles or
materialA that are most becoming to you
the eton, pony coat or blouse style
many stylish checks and plaid effects,
in this group, every suit
well tailored and shape
.f f.
vnliie. at
A Stunning Dress Hat $
Suitable lor Horse Show or Evening
Saturday we show a maUhless Array of h
newly arrived copies of Parisian hats.
Ihese are shtwn for the first time and in- kj
elude silk velvet hats, trimmed with orna- y
merits and long ostrich plumes; also French $
felt hats, trimmed with long estrich feath-
ers and fine ornaments; also, beautiful felt
hats, trimmed with ribbons, breasts and Q
fancy feathers such stun- fT r,
ning hats as these couldt lj - ""-v
not be duplicated anywhere
else for less than $10 or $12 Q If
will go at, each.. ,
$5 Long Ostrich Plumes at $2.50
Beautiful long ostrich plumes in black, white and $
colors a large assortment, in millinery &
deportment regular $5.00 values, jpjw g
at I.
A Vonr TvfnlIeK Crnat ricAoc. lltir t 0 tZ V
These hats would bring from$3.50 to $5 almost anywhere else in America all the &
latest small and Urge shapes newest colors trimmed with feathers, f.
ilK JEWEIM, snvmwASEi
bbI wl
Tllflck Bends, 72 inclica i Our own imported' iet m
long, all imported chains. : jewvMry. all t he very hit- m
linked with gun metal, j reiislan ideas in plo.
worth mTo 5. at ; b,.a,..!pl!,. ()r8 collars,
' beaOb, l.a Vollieis all at
' popular prices. J
J Importer's entire ptof);
of.mounted combs. These
5 sre ssniplvs and worth up
H to 15. V) each. HnturilHy,
75c, $1, $1.25
59c to $2.00
FANCY HAT PINS Brsndeis Own Importation
2 Big special sale of Brantkis own impota- f A JfW, Vj
m tion ladies' fancy hat pins, the orettiest, most 4tth )x $11 VlP
:ie highest quality suits, made of fine
Brandeis is headquarters for the girlish effects and jaunty little novelties for child
ren. a large assortment oi velvet pokc Don nets ana oaoy
shapes. also school hats and Juvenile dress shapes special
prices in children's section, third floor
unique collection ever seen in Omaha ;have been
I H3f 25c-5c-10c-15c-25c
Extra Special Prices in Silverware
184 7, Rogers Bros.' bet quality 16
dwt., six knives and '
six forks,
IS 47, Roger Bros.' extra plate, Al
vintafte and Berkshire
patterns, set of six. . . .
1.19 1
Sterling sliver 9J5-1.000 Souvenir Spoon, fcaaring picture High School,
Court House, Auditorium, or State House. v
after dinner size, at 1
Ladies Leather Wrist B&.gs and Strap Purses
25c I
All the leading ahades of brown, black, green, leather lined, with 2, 3 and 4 da.
ana orn
buy these becoming upto-date hats Saturday at, each
New and Stylish Hats for Children and Misses
fittings, at, each.
Ladies' Shoes ol High Quality
J. L. Brandeis (SL Sons
P. i
Ladies' fashionable footwear new styles in lace and but-
ton, all the correct lasts in all heels, from common
5 sense to extra French and Cuban heels, form fitting
and splendid wearing, $3"3 50
J fit ... , ....V
J Ked Cross Shoes Tha sole bends with the foot, per- - M
at feet shoe comfort and style, at . . . . )1
Dr. Reed's Cushion Sole Shoes for Ladies Absolute ( r
ease iu walking, stylish new lasts, at.
Bepubliots Ara Bhawine: atnob Eithu
iaim in ths Prsatat OampaicQ.
I ..(rtumu Kcaitdr, C'.nt.r .
trBy MilM.ti end t.esl.latfv
CiiUitci Make Kffrrtl.
following the orginla8t!rri of th repub
licans of South Omnha Into a c inral club
Wdneitday night, one that niU work In
harmony to a common end for a common
latin, cam. th. ovorflow meeting at Fran
t k'a halt, in Brown park, last night, prac
tically .vory republican voter In that por
tion of th. city waa there, a was a great
many democrat, to hear the principle, of
i republlcaniarr1 expounded. Such a me.tinff
a waa held laxt night has not h'm w'.t
nwitd In South Omaha In yean, for both
crowds and enthusiasm.
Congreaman John 1 Kenndy waa tha
principal apeaker and at once captured hi.
audience. Hta Introduction by Chairman
John Trouten waa followed by rounda of
applause. Mr. Kennedy made a brief talk
oov.rlng th. Iiwnies of the campaign and
Vropoeed a aland itat policy for reouhltoanei
et large. H alao atatod that thr.r. would
a number of democrata who would vote
th. republican tlrket becauo. of th. fact
' that In all the history of the United State
tli. republican party Vaa been the hl.tory
making parly of the country. In short, the
rrty that doe. thing..
Following Mr. Kennedy waa County At
torney Slabaugh with a short talk covering
th. working, of his office during hi. In-
cumbtney and asking support and election
at the hands of the party because of what
h. haa done. The placing of over 175,000
inheritance tax In the county treasury wa
thoroughly explained, as was the benefits
to th. taxpayers.
The first part of th. meeting w given
over to the candidates for the state legis
lature, all of whom exploded the Idea that
th. democratic party Is the originator of
the home rule Idea by demonstrating con
clvjilvely and to the entire satisfaction of
tho audience that a republican member of
the senate from the district of which South
Omaha Is n part, at th. last session of
the legislature, presented a bill giving the
two cities of Omaha and South Oinaha the
privilege of nelf-government or home rule.
Th. efforts of the same men will be put
forth to the same end this winter if they
are sent again to Lincoln. The Omaha can
didates to a man favored heme rule for
South Omaha and Omaha and pledged their
efforts along with those of Senator Gibson
to that end.
Between each talk an orchestra rendered
choice so!ectlons.
i All ir all. the meeting was a typlcRl re
publican one. full of enthusiasm, republican
good cher and demonstrated that the po
litical aspiration of th. democratic candi
date at the hands of the Routh Omaha
voter will be without avalL
lber AskeJ.
It had been hoped that when th. Tnti.r
atat. Commerce commission was In Omaha
It would South Omaha, There are not
a few In the city who think It I. due. Th.
reaaon Ilea In the presence of several hun
dred (Ireek laborers now employed In th.
packing hoUKea of the city. It Is believed
that they are working under a system bor
dering en peonage. They ar. shipped in.
so It U stated, under contracts from va
rious points of this country, and not a few
com. her. from Greece itself. Thae men
do not draw their own checks, but they go
through th. form of glvlrg a power of at
torney to the superintendent of the colony
and ho drawa the checks. It Is said that h.
exacts certain sen-Ice according to regula
tions agreed upon before the work la done,
and If they fall in any particular they are
subject to fines and dockage. The super
intendent has a bakery, a boarding house,
a restaurant and numerous lodgings, lit
also runs a pool table. No part of the
money spent by the colony got-e except
through his hands. Large numbers of
Greeks came Into, town during the past
summer with the expectation of working on
the South Omaha sewers, but this labor
failed them. They ore largely employed In
the packing houc. The bead of th. South
"Coin in a; Tbro' the Rye" at the Boytl.
"Coming Thro' th. Itye." a Bong-plny In
two acta; book bv O-orge V. llolu-tl
mtiHlo by A. Be.ldwln Sloane: under direc
tion of the Will J. Block Amusement com
pany. The princloals:
Nott. the tailor Frank Lxlor
Lord Battersbee, the Englishman
'. Fr;u)k Iioane
Vandyke Brown, the artist John B. I'ark
William C actus Claude, the cowboy
William Kiloy Hatcn
Maron Sna-ce. th. riresn agrtnt.Blllee Taylor
Omaha colony Is a (.reek, whose name In !-uguRtii3 J'lcto, matrimonial aacnt
hi. business transaction, i. P. M. Snyder. F.a.1Vr,hVr; the IndanV.V.rlcs Sw
Second Day of Real. (ratios. ! Prouoho Roy By Himself
Today Is tho second day of registration, i iIrr- Kobbtbe capitalist..
for the ,
An Elegant
$3 Hat for.
An Eleff&nt r ""T
510 Hat for.vf)
During the entire season we
will carry a good Silk Vel
vet Picture Hat, trimmed in
one plume or two f
tips, for vp D
Lergevt a.oortme-nt of Ventilated
and Wotea romp 1 the city.
We carry an extra good wary three
tent switch for S3.00. Ask to sue'
our Marcrl wavUig.
F. IX Schadell
It will ba a great convenience to the cam
paign committee. U' all the voters of the
city will see to It that they ar. registered.
An effort will be made to reach all th. un
registered votei. before the last day of
registration, so th. work will be materially
lessened if the voter, see to it that their
! names arj down. The following are the
j place, of registration:
j First Ward, First District Twentieth
and Mlusourl avenue; Second district,
I Thompson' plumbing shop,
j Second Ward, First IMstrlct Twentieth
ami K streets; Second district, Twenty-
fourth and Q .tree)..
' Third Ward. First District Rroadwell &
' Rich's coal yard: Second district, Thirty.
I fourth and U streets.
Fourth Ward. First District Twenty
plxth and P .treets; second district, Q
street, between Twenty-ninth and Thir
tieth. Fifth Ward. First District 722 North
Twenty-seventh street: Second district,
Thlrtv-nlnth and !, streets.
Sixth Ward. First District 114 North
Twenty-fnnrtli street: Second district, 416
North Twenty-fifth -street.
Xaale City !,.
G. B. Gstford. livery. Tel. 10.
Dr. Aberly, Wth and N. Tl. A S3
Mrs. Thon .a HfK-tor entertained a num-
I br ot guests Wednesday evening.
Chattel and salary loans, !4V N St. All
business, confidential.
1. Christiansen, Seventeenth and J
street, reports the advent of a son.
Jetter's Gold Top Beer delivered to all
parts of th. city. Telephone No. 1
Jsmet Koutsky has been enjoying some
fine duck shooting in the sand hills.
Andy Dupont and John t)nak were lined
small sums in police court esterday.
The Women's Afternoon club meets this
afternoon at the home of Mrs. L. C Gib
kOll. O. B. Gafford, moving and transfer.
Tel. lug.
.The Ancient Order of Hibernian, will
glv. a ball Tuesday .vening, October lo.
at Odd Ptlloas' hall.
N. D. Mat.n ha. been entertaining Dr. S.
Stewart of Kaunas City, dean of th. Col
lege ot Veterinary Surgery.
H. T. Brass and 1. A. Kellogg have
chosen oppoait. .idea for a membership
contest for th. Young Men's Chrlsilau as.
- K. M. Rohrbaugh testified before th.
Jirand Jury Wedneaday. Hi. testimony, tt
s auppoavd, referred to th. Missouri ave
nue paving.
Superior lodge No. 193. Degre. of Honor,
till nolj a special maeting Friday atter-
MIrs Stella Mayhew
IiIIta. the modl Miss Alma Toultn
Bossie Claude, the cowgirl
Wise Bessie Gibson
Co'jiitebS Christiana
Miss Christine Worthing
Llisette. Mrs. KohVs maid
MIrb Florence Townsend
It d'-fiee description this arrangement of
music and fun that Messrs. Hobart and
Bloane have concocted. In the mixture
there la a little bit of everything, and It is
put together like a good 'pousse cafe, ao
that you cannot only detect the colore of
th. cordial, and liqueurs used, but can
enjoy the separate and distinct flavor of
each, and yet all are blended with thot
exact nicety that make the drink an homo
geneous whole. Some folks may not under
stand this simile, but al! "who have known
the pleasing thrall of the clink of the Ice
In the pitcher the boy brought down the
hall" will appreciate the fact that It Is
Intended to be raid in praise of "Coming
Thro' the Rye." Taken to piece, it
amount, to very little; In Its completnesa,
tt la a delight.
Stella Mayhew la the "hcadliner" of th.
enst; she 1. big and brimming over with
fun Of th untlnct tired sorl-Jufcl good,
honest, every day fun. llr part Is a musl.
j cal comdy Mr.. Mulaprop. and she cer
tainly doe use th English language
it th. Work-
uoon, October 26, at 1 p. m.
m-ii tempi.,
The case, against Henry C. Murphy ar t
John Ungga have now oen closed, with
the diinlial of all th. charge, preferred
by Bradean.
Mr. and Mr.. K. S. Harlan of Atlantic. I
la., ar. the gueets of Mrs. O. M. B. hlndei
-cnjuyiuB m. attractions of th.
Oiuaha Horse Show.
Frank H. ftoberson ram. to town yea
terday and reported to th. Young Man
Christian association at rn u
would be rtady tomorrow to glv his lec- I
lure on Russia. 1
Bwlft at.d Company ba. their Improve
ments mell undr way, consisting of a
Urge four-story beef bouse, alth modern
cement walla. Th. coei 1. Mtluiaied at
about fluu.uuu.
It I. reported that the Mollti. Plow com
pany ha. purtba-a two acre, or land frjm
Kd. Hamlliuu. The tract la located on th.
cuurs. of tli. tracks which will socvuuuv
date th. Jetter brewery.
it. A. Young, th. new aecretarr of the
loung Men's ChriMlau .satiation, put in
hia m-kt day's work yesterday. He is a
i it. n of mtdilla age and haa Hie app. arance
ol bving a uplritrd mukir.
Muke an offc-r on th. nurthweat corner of
lMh and Mhmourl Ave. a nearly new
house, ,t front, and neat cottage, south
frunt; two new lot.. Rooux.for two more
houxe. W:i eil on cut te;m. Pi li e
.,; N. P. Vsrttg. t, ts, IT. aroa4a al
. NAMg ON tVISV Sltl'
f r t I
II Always Delicious Pure
I Wbolasome Digcatible
I Oa Box will make
II A Happy Hornet
h Every Sealed Peckar ruarantecd
Frecn and Full Veignt
flaar Sum mm4 BaaAsO aa axcJasiys
sjaa Am UiA
M&aars W Cm aad CfcauliM
ahafnefully, but with a smile and a charm
of manner and utterance that makes It nil
the mora delicious. She haa aome songs,
but ia suffering from a cold to the extent
that singing la almost out of the question.
Nevertheless, she had to ing last "night
until It waa Impossible for her to go on.
Then there is Frank Ijilor, wtth hi
lugubrious countenance and sepulchral ut
terance, also a well-spring of laughter
causing antlca and expressions. Frank
Doane as Lord Battersbee la a clever ex
ponent of tho musical comedy Englishman.
It may be doubted if they exlat anywhere
else, but they serve mighty well ft targets
In thi sort of thing. Alina Toultn ia the
aveet, graceful little singing girl we ad
mired In other roles similar to her preejnt.
Her voice la good and her presence a treat.
Florence Townsend ia a aprlghtly miss wlm
danOa with wondrous grace, and the others
are worthy of the company. A chorus of
uncommonly energetic girls, among them
the much-talked about "Gee Gee" midgets.
enlivens the spaces between songs, and
adds to the effect of several of the numbers.
It you are Just looking for nonsense, and
like it served with a piquant sauce, "Com
ing Thro" the Ry." ia what you want. It
will be at the Boyd the rest of the week,
with a ma'.lnee on Saturday
Wll 1 la m a aad Walker at tke Kraft.
"Abyssinia," th. new v.hlole in which
Williams and Walker ar. thia aeason en
abled to exploit their talents, is proving a
real winner. Last evening at th. Krug,
where a 8. R. O. house greeted the come
dians, these colored leaders In their lino
gave evidence of genuine ability In the deft
touchea of comedy, while a strung support
ing company did sveil In dancing, soloa,
choruses and a general whirlwind of fun
and melody. The stage aettlnga of "Abys
sinia'' are superb, the fourth scene being
particularly pretentious, with King Menelik
IT. on hi throne and entertained by his
subjects and a company of colored people
kuppoaed to be visiting Abyssinia.
Bert A. Williams, aa Jasmin Jenkins,
"always with the money," and George W.
Walker, aa Raslus Johnson, V. 8. A., take
a trip from Kansas to Abyssinia with aome
colored friends. Johnson takea with him
nearly all the currency issued by tli.
United States government, and is rather
prodigal In hi. distribution of the same,
giving Jenkins an armful of greenbacks on
the slightest provocation. Jenkins spends
all hia allowance for a camel, and when im
portuned by Abyssinia pottery monger, to
buy a Jar b. find he doe. not have "th.
change." After a fight with All Foshah,
one of the mongers, Jenklna Is arrested fur
stealing a Jar and la arraigned before the
king. The acene In th. court room la a
rich bit of comedy work, In which act the
tars show their consummate ability as
A clcv.r Hone Show hit wa. given In the
second aceqe, when Walker sang "Rastus
Johnson, TJ. 8. A.," with four clever young
women in a danoe and aong specialty. Mr.
Walker, with whip In hand and Horse Show
color flying, drives hi four high stepper,
to a lively and captivating tun. A Ida
Overton Walker doc. soma clever work In
both singing and dancing, being graceful of
limb and tuneful In voice. There are other
clever people In the ahow, and all In all
"Abyssinia" 1 a well balanced entertain
ment . The management haa been lavish In
the costuming and generous In stage aet
tlnga. "Abyssinia" will be repeated thia and
Saturday evening, with usual Saturday
1 i- 1 -
The Oroaha club, commodious aa it is,
could scarcely accommodate the large num
ber of member, who went there laat even
ing Immediately alter the Horse show for
supper. One of the largest parties was that
of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cuiahy. who en
tertained Mr. and Mr. Charles Deuel, Dr.
and Mrs. Fred Lake and Mr. and Mr.
Floyd Smith.
Mr. and Mr-. J. W. Foye had as their
guests .Mr. and Mrs. William Tracy Burn.
Mr. B. C. McShane and Mr. Harry Tukey.
Mr. and Mrs. Ward Burgess and Mr. and
Mrs. Sam Megeath were together and Mis.
J. II. Pratt entertained Judge and Mrs. D.
M. Vinsonhaler and Mr. and Mr. F. B.
With Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Gilbert were
Mrs. Leroy Taylor of New York and Mr.
and Mr. W. B. Melkle. ,
Mr. and Mr. W. J. C. K.nyon enter-1
talned Mr. and Mrs. George H. Palmer and '
Mre. Frank Lightner of St. Paul. Minn.
In compliment to Mis Peck of Chicago
Miss Ella Mae Brown entertained at din
ner at the Omaha club Thursday evening
before the Hors show. Cover were laid
for Mis Peck, Mis Webster. Miss Brown.
Mr. Arthur Cooley, Mr. Stockton' Heth and
Mr. Earl Gannett..
Mr. and Mr. Nathan Merriam enter
tained at dinner at the Omaha club Thurs
day evening in honor of Miss Carey of
Chicago and afterward took their gueate
to the Horse ahow. Covers were laid for
Mix. Carey. Miss Natalie Mtrrtam, Mr.
George Redlck, Mr.' Barton Millard and
Mr. and Mrs. Merriam.
Mrs. Casper E. Yost wa hostess at a
very enjoyable kenslngton Thursday after
noon. American Beauty roses were need
to decorate the rooms and pink carnations
and pink-shaded candle adorned the table
In the dining room. Assisting Mr.. Tom
were Mr.. Richard Carrier, Mr.. Parmelee
of .Council Bluffs, Mr.. O. A. Joslyn, Mrs.
C M. Morsman, Jr., and Mrs. J. R. Bcoble.
In honor of Mrs. Samuel Megeath of
FTonkltn, Pa., and Mr.. Edward Smith of
St. Joseph. Mo., Mrs. Ward Burgess en
tertained at luncheon Thursday. Th. tab).,
prettily decorated with red and white roses,
was laid for Mrs. Megeath, Mr. Edward
Smith, Mis Webster. Miss Peck of Chi
cago. Mrs. Herbert Wheeler, Mrs. Harry
Wilkina, Mr. J. T. Stew.rt. second; Mrs.
Charles T. Kuuntse, Mrs. Mclntyre, Mia.
W. S. Poppleton, Mrs. Joseph Barker and
Sir. and Mrs. Burgesa.
Miss Eldridg. of New York. Miss Julio
Hlgginnon. Mr. Gould piotx and Mr. Law.
rence Brinker were the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Edwin T. Bwobe at dinner Wednesday
Mr. and Mra. William Sear Poppleton
gave a dinner Thursday evening in honor
of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Megeath of Frank
lin, Pa. The table was prettily decorated
with pink row .and pink-shaded candle,
and was laid for Mr. and Mrs. Megeatl.,
Mr. and Mrt. Ward Burgess, Mr. and Mm.
A. C. Smith, Mr. Edward Smith of St.
Joseph. Mo.; Mr. Sherman Canfleld of
Sheridan, Wyo.; Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Kountse and Mr. and Mrs. Poppleton.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Walsh relebraud
their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary
Wednesday evnlng at their home, 1314
South Forty-eighth street, by entertaining
about seventy-fiV friends, who were cor
dially welcomed by the host In a short ad
dress, after which chort talks were made
by Rev. Dr. Schleh. Dr. Merriam, Mr.
Charles ITnitt, Mr. Wulpl of Chicago and
other. Dainty1 refreshments were oerved
late in the evening. Mr. and Mrs. Walsh
received many beautiful gifts. Mr. and
Mr. WalHh have resided in Omaha mar.y
years, and Mr. Waluh, who is state man
ager of the Woodmen of the World, stands
high among the American fraternal bene
ficiary organizations.
Mrs. Basford, the wlf. of Bishop Baas
ford. I th. guest of a classmate, Mrs. T.
S. Leavltt. 42 Cass street. Mrs. F. 8.
Stein of Lincoln and Mrs. E. D. Huntley of
Washington, P. C. acting aecretary of tha
Baltimore branch of the Women's Foreign
Missionary society, are also guest of Mr.
Mr. Grace Carter Haynea of Chicago Is
the guest of Mr. Fred C. Haynea and
mother at 830 South Twenty-ninth street.
She will remain a week.
Bid. for Strartare Asked of Loral
.Ceatractora by the tale
The Union Paclfle has asked local con
tractors to submit bid for the construction
of paint ahope, whli h are to be erected us
part of the terminal shop system In Omaha,
on which. Including equipment, the com
pany Is spending about tl.0Q0.000. The
building 1 to be of brick, one and one-half
stories In height, 6x3G0 feet In dimensions,
and similar In construction to the shop
building, now under way.
Bids are being taken by Met Bros, on
the construction of a new bottling house at
their brewery. This will be two stories la
h'-lglil and will huvc a large ground area.
Proarlel.r ef ll.r Uraaa sat Mil
lard Gate Half la
Tklrd Hetel.
Rom. Miller haa bought from K. H.
Hall a half intere.t In the Murray ho'ol
property, at the northwest corner of
Fourteenth and Harney streets, paying
120,388. The other half 1. owned by Mr.
N. P. Brown, who operates th. hotel. Th.
building 1. six stories and la Mill feet.
It 1. .aid at th. Murray that Mrs. Brown
will ccutuiu. t. vptrais la bvttl.
Cured by Dr. Bull' Cough. Syrup.
This dangerous throat disease haa Often led
to mora serioy. and fatal diaeaaes through Bg
leot to sure it ia its first ateges wits
I have iut rotten over severe case of Kron
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