Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, October 27, 1906, NEWS SECTION, Page 4, Image 4

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OuijIl lb u U lyJ U lb l!a
' t Jl - .
i t. Is.
TTscri rra rp f
r a
t nn r
Your Choice of Ail the
Men's Winter
actually worth $12.50,
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least 10 leiiiis -on the
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Brand eis has given greater bargains in mens clothes than any store hi the west. All Omaha knows
this.. Thit sale i the greatest thfct Brandeis ever held. The suits and orercoats are of the finest kind the bargains are enormous.
Buy your orercoat or suit Saturday and take advantage of this extraordinary sale. Such bargains may never occur again.
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x ! t ' - I' ' ) I I
1 li- :
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offer 5,000 pounds of pig
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Our Tea and Coffee Department Where the Ankola, Java and Mocha
blend la made, are offering for Saturday "f
our special 85c blend at, pound iUC
POTATOES Won't forget to let us have your order for your atock of
winter potatoes, now, as the six carloads from the sand
hills of western Nebraska will soon be exhausted.
We are selling them in lots, per bushel . .
CANDY' Our home-made candles, pure and fresh, made while you
wait are being snapped up by lovers of sweets In a degree that evinces
ths fact that people do appreciate purity and mholesomeness.
rattioa. an flavor Bltd Pfnut
per pound t OWfc, pr pound
TVantit Brtttl., 11,-. I Ans.l Food Tffy
P-T pound ItJfc. pr pound
See 'era made. Watch the man pull the taffies.
SPECIAL Sacred Lily Bulbs.
EDtbuiiaim in Foreica Itirtiani Difficult
ts Snitiia in Eaiiei's Laid?
Scnndlaavlaii Work la Reported
Makina Better Prosreaa, the
Varlona Drpartiueata Gala
las In , ftremfth.
various buIU1lng and pro2H.rtlc of tlic o-
clety, . vurloa from the varloun countricc. !
Ons . department 1 exhibiting and milling" I
drawn work done by the poor widows ot i
China under the direction of the Indus
trial school managed by Mli8 Jean Ada. .is
at Foochow. These widows aro from an
abandoned class, who have no relatives l j
support them and have been cant off lo
starve. They aVe taken Into the Industrial
school and taught to support themselves.
Thl. rlrnu-n twirU 1 inuFi'.lnnulv flni.
.. ... ,-,
much superior to the Mexican work, and Is
I done on linen of very fine texture that Is
I only to be had In China. The c.ollei tlon
! includes pieces valued from 'Jo cents to
i JWO, and the proceeds of the sale go to the
Reports . occupied Friday morning s ses- t support of the Work.
.'oil's toot Getting "Special Friilern"
Threaten to Vais Trouble.
slon of the Methodist Women's Foreign
Missionary society In progress at First
Methodist church, and few aside from the
voffiig strength of the convention were
present. The postponed report of the Ger
man work was made by Miss C. L. Roth
weller of Columbus, O., secretary of that
department. She sale' there Is little com-
Vltnas ho llerrd Tratifr end
impera that I'rlutrd Hepurla
Ar Condt'innrd bj tr-
lalu I'trtom. '
Out till a Branch
.Around tiie Grain exchange Friday inorri
in the talk, outside of the, rcstilar trading,
was on the mvoMlKution madn by the Intt.r-
The exercises began at 7:4j and were r,r.
prehension of the dlfnculty experienced In sided over by Mrs. II. Imbodon The prln
keeplng up the Interest among the German ,.lpal addreps.s were msde by Mlwi Fian
women of Europe, and expressed the die- c 8rolt FlorPnce Marshall vh.
appointment of tho German constituency at (Hlkod on Ulp dtail, of . wcrk , M,
the refusal of the last meeting to grant I w nere thpy nrft Ioratrd A lnln,b(.,.
Its retiucet.lo withdraw and organize as , of rxp,anatorv Bvc,h,. wrrp m h
one of the branchea. Paper, have been j oHlep WQmpn who ,,, of f
presnted for one new missionary candl- fent ... n, ,,,, , . . ...
and aress or the natives and sung the well
Friday evening .designated as India night,
had in store for the visitors a most enter
taining program at the First Methodist i tnt Commerce comiiiLssHm in the laM two
Episcopal church, but the rain and exceed- ( ,la'- u develops "iero weie- lew gium
ingly high wind Hcpt tiie attendance lower I M'n h"1 were-"siirprlsed" by sonic or the
than at the preceding gatherings of lhe ! conditions brought to 'ii;ht with reference
convention. ' to- relations of curtain of the elevators
with" tho railroads.
On the tes-timony of tonic of the elevator
men that they have been enjoying certain
BENEFIT MATINEE GOOD ONE Man"or Burg and the members of the
different theatrical coiVipanlea playing In
Mill la Eaeelleat and Larar t Aialrnrr Omaha this week donated their services.
fSreeta the Artors from Varloaa
A large audience attended the matinee I
at the Boyd theater Friday afternoon. !
which was a beneilt performance donated
by the managers of the various theaters
for the Studio club, an organisation of
iievspaicr men., All the act were warmly
applauded, each being given .several en
dale from the Germans and this, having
one of their own women In the Held, will,
she said, tend materially to stimulate the
interest, and enthuMasin of the German
The Scandinavian work was reported by
Its secretary. Mrs. A. Farrell of Seattle,
Wash. The Swedish work was opened Ave
years ago end receipts for this year will
amount to a,'2.37. an Increase of
over last year's, Indicating the growth of
the work. The report of the children's
work waa equally gratifying, 166 new or
ganizations having been added In eeven
branches this year as follows: New York
branch, In: Philadelphia branch. 20; Balti
more branch, ; Northwestern branch, 218;
Cincinnati branch, 6U: Minneapolis branch,
13, and Pacific branch, 12. The' other
branches have not reported. ,
t kcnif To Proaraut.
The departure of the missionary candi
i date, Jtisscs Welthy H. Honslnger, Alice
Krethorm. Minnie L. Hank and Illene Tang,
for the west this morning, to Kail from
Seattle for Chin next Wednesday, changed
J tha prcgrani Tor the afternoon and instead
; of the candidates telling why they go to
the foreign field, the returned mlsftloiurl?s
Individual experience that
laid them to go Into the mlsson work. Two
l.lorer front
Fboalder Ills
SfiM Ella Glover of China, who is In this j recited their
country attending the conxemion of th
Methodist Women s Foreign MlaMotmiy o- ong In the signs language by pupils of the
cicty. in sesalon at tlio First .Methodist Nebraska 8 hool for the Deaf Contributed
nirea, and it was evident the assemblage I Episcopal church In Omaha, was painfully. 1 n lntcren.:.g feature to the program.
aa not, playing any favorites?
Momlxra of the -'Cuming T.'W the Rye"
company gave several, pleasing sketches.
May Holy ttttd "The Polly Girls'' from
I he Orpiieum gave a moat amusing per
formance and thes Kates Brothers, comedy
acrolmu from the Orpheuin, gave one of
U.trtr aplcndid productions, much to the
alight -uf tiie JunU)r portion of the audience.
One of the bits of the afrernoon was the
although not aeriously. Injured hi folllnrf A children' meeting, conduct td by the
while attempting to alight from a Harm y children's lender, Mrs. Lucie Harriaon, will
Street car, at Twenty-llfth and California I held thla afternoon at 3 o'clock,
streets Thursday evening. Miss Glover was Missionaries In costume will tell stories of
thrown to the pavement and suffered a I tiie children of other lands,
dlfclocated ahouMer, but 4s not believed to I Among the Inu-- jtting anivals on Fn
have any other injur k txeept those loci- I day was Misa Ida Jonti, president of Folt
dent lo the shock. , j institute of Herkimer. N. V. The Foils
Miss Glover was on her way to attend the 1 as bible and kindergarten departments
reception given the.
gate at tlii home of Mr. and Mrs. J. o. , women
known gospe.1 hymns of civilized toniru.s
In tiie words of the people of India, urn!
also sang songs st to native music.
By these methods an excellent ida of
the oriental conditions was conveyed to
the audience and some ImpresMon given of
the difficulties which it must have heon
necessary to overcome bffoiv a foothold
could be secured among the heathen na
tions. The progress accomplished since the
first representative of the foclety set foot
on East Indian soil was pictured In the
tales of successful campaign and In-the
descriptions of the large and ever-growing
.(.tin.ll. mat n , I-.t '
i.uvin inaiiiiaillcu.
Mill ot Lose Department of thr Ml,
aoarl, Paa Major General
Greel y.
visiting women d.;(.and i a pr- puratory school for young
at th? home of Mr. and Mrs. J. o. , women for wont in the foreign or home
monologue rendered by Carl Relter,
l'hllllppl. iaui California street, and was flfld. It Is the property it the Women's
There Is no danger of Omaha losing the
hi.adguarters of the 1 i pai tnieut of the
Missouri, accotding t) Major Gtncial A.
W. GreeJy. In response to a letter of l;i-"luirj-.
the Commercial club hus received
this answer from Gencrul tircely:
.. Heft!1Tliig to your Kile;- uf Octulier 20. I
have tu smv I lint thf beadiiarters of the
Northern I i vision Is ordered to be trans
ferred t-j 'hicago and likewise the head
quarters of the riuuthwtsterii ivUioi) io be
transferred to St. I.ouis.
The tat of Kansss In not transferred to
the Suiitliwestrrn IMvlalon. nor lus any
P-at containing lrooiti been so transferred.
The only territorial transfer ts that of ih.
j Hate or Missouri. In which there Is a Krn-
rrn.1 rrt-ruu nig aepoi at jeneron rinrracks.
I hear no talk of any change in the head
quarters of the Department of the Missouri.
Dr. W. F. Hutchinson. 20i Cuming, has
so far recovered from his recent accident
that he is able to attrctid to his office culls
from 1 to 8 p. m.
T 1 1 II 1 1 - I "
zt t il, e iii t.ln .urn n i. i ,. ij .i.o. I augiiiing n-oin li e cur hut . a few door l-orlgn Missuiui:y society or trie Meui-
audience with many of hlr well known
Hebrew dialect rtoriea, and he was re
eu'led scwral time. H.lrert Cuscadin
otitrlbuicd hi share to the entei tainment
a violin nolo, Sigmund 1jhi.1m.jits acting
as accompanist. . - -
from the Phitiippl lume wheu alie met nli odlst churcb and the only training school
the accident. She was lminetliately u-,- n America under the management of the
slated Into U end made u comlot t- aoclet. The course 1. particularly adapted
able as possible until th; arrival of to college women, the ordinary college
F. G. Sparling. Mil Soutlr Twenty-seven rat course being Incomplete preparation for
street, ' j these workers. There are about flfty young
ThA,,. ,r u ,iut u., i . 1 1 liv uinwairu nicni04-r was re.plui t d. w omen in mu himhh hi iiwriu, aiiionis
t;ii.i was me i)iritiur or Giulianis and !
walker, the .two colmcU comedians, u
allownncyk the other d. slers did not Gpt.
a n iii.ber of the latter have nniiouiu rd to
their fellows their Imenllon f presenting
bills to the railroads for the samei n!k
atice in proportion to their business thnt
the others received. In case the rallroa.1i
refie to pay, the grain men suggest n
resort to the courts in order to get what
they consider le rightly comin,-f lo them.
Several surprises were sprang during this
hearing and not the least was the, testi
mony of Tom WiVrrall. It was not supposed
Mr. Worrnll would be an 'brutally frank In
denting With bis relations? to the Nebraska
Grain Healers' assoclnt Ion. When he vlr
tunlly adinlttfd he hud been bnught off to
drop hie fight against the association after
prominent members. -K. P. Peck and others
of the association, had testified they had
no knowledge of a settlement having been
made, he threw a bomb Into the midst of
the line elevator men and aroused their
Newspapers Are Attacked.
The newspapers which printed the pro
ceedings as they transpired during the In
vest'gatlon also come In for abuse by cer
tain persons who deprecate the whole Af
fair as an "Ill-timed and nnnoylng piece of
burtness." The fact that Independent Rfaln
dealer wont upon the utand and told h'iw
tiie big grain dealers. In collusion with the
railroads, had cither froien tliom out or
tried to, in the judgment a It least one
n, ember of the Nebraska Gr-tln lii-alcrs'
association should not have been printed
In the columns of a newspaper. He didn't
regard this as news, but a "distortion of
facts. 1 Printing of verbatim statements of
other witnesses who told of harsh treat
ment they had received at the hands of the
association also was condemned as "un
just" and "false."
Onit-sra Oil la l.ood for Ai
that can be reached externally.
i I'aln
Trial lOe.
Muaalah Military onllaaem.
MADRID. Oct. . The military con
tingent for 1hu7 ha boen fixed at lou.OiO
and Mr. Itdlltppl insist d tlu.t ' them a number of natw girls from foreign
auiig and dance act rendered doubly at
tractive by the presentation of a petty
ballet of four member of their company.
1'l n-e of rbe theutar was donated by
sue remain ut thetr until al.c Is Weil
tn the i-oad to recovery. Ii la exi . teJ tUv
will be able to lvavv the huure today.
Correct quality goods, lowest prbi
Hubei liiaiui, Jcvcler, I3lh and luaiplas.
lands. Hlxty graduates hace bem aent out
fiom th two years' course the school
otters and many inure fi in the one year'
A inieMO'iary exhibit of much Interest hus
been arranged at the rear of the auditorium
Only Aathvrlard Collectors.
Officers of the Associated Charities an
nounced Friday morning that only i'tsnii
duly auiiioiizrd by the indorsement com
mlltee uf the Associated (lirllls should
Im. recognized by the public in th matter
of soliciting aid The endorsement commit
tee ron.flsts of II. K. Umkel, A. Husi.e and
E. V. Lewis of the Commercial club: V. W.
8labsug:i and T. F. s-Sttirgess of the Assn
clated Cbaritiea and J. A. Kimderland and
Joseph liaydeu, lueiubei at large.
Does Not
Coor Hair
Aycr's Hair V igor, as now made (rem our
new improved formula, does not etiln or
color the bair even to the (lightest degree.
Grsy ba!r, white hair, blonde balr is not
made a shade darker. But it certainly does
stop 'tiling bair. No question about that
This Is a ntlr!y aew prepara
tion. J iU puwd en In. tnst'l.
M.C. ArsrOa.
11' ".WSr:i
1 tQ
a S
Onc-thirtl Actual Si.c.
Store, 113 S. Sixteenth St.
A Beait Tul Souvenir FREE
To. all puroJmswa of ."iOc worth of
goods, any kind, Ton, Coffee, Spices,
Ks tracts, Cocoa. Chocolate or Soap.
This beautiful BLACK IRON CAN
TWI3TED CANDLE, gotten up ex
pressly for us as a Souvenir on our
Teulh Aiiiversi'.ry. Remember, it is
given absolutely FREE of CHARGE
- in addition to the tickets, usually
given with our goods. We will limit
1he purchase, or giving out of these
Candlesticks and Candles, two to
each customer, so each customer
may seure a pair. We will .guar
antee our goods to be as good as
you buy elsewhere, where no in
ducements are offered and this spe
cial pale is simplygiven to induce
you to call mid inspect our store
recently remod
eled), and to see
the fine line of
premiums , an d
inducements wo
offer to purchas
ers. Another
Great Oiler
To fitch piirclaei- of one (1) ran f our tirand I'nlon Baking
I'owder at .-Hlr jut an. we will GIVE A BSOI A'TKLY FKER
s rhliu Sulail Iiisli, nicely decorated in colors, size 104' In.
We have imported more than 8S.O0O of ttttBe. Thla Kalad IMsh. would
rr-tail in the open market -for not let-H than 50c each and in many
stores would re-tail lor 6ie or 7oc each. Hoe our window display.
We have received a larg number of tiiene for Omaha, but will hare
to limit, the nnrchafie, one to each customer, so all may secure one.
This Inducement is separate from the other, but with a II purchase
an above at our store, you can secure one of these riulads and a Candle
stick In addition to the tickets given aith a 60c purchase.
Wt t!l extend this special oftt-r to our Council 111 u ft patrons at
our More, No. 402 1 (roadway. Council 111 tiff.
Ten years ago we had HO Mores in the I'nited States. On October
27 we open at Great Falls, Mont., which will make 197 Mores and e
have not stopped growing. All will be welcome whether you buy or
not. Come and set our stores and inspect our foods. They will do
the talking. Kemember the date ONK DAY 0LV tSaturday, Octo
bcr 27. Those who can, please come in the forenoon.
Omha-Branch, 113 S. 16th St, . Council Bluffs Branch, 402 Broadway
Xaadquarursi Cor. Vaarl, Front aa 4 Watar, Brvcklrm, ar. T.