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Office, to Pearl
Davis, dniga.
Clark's, sode.
stockert sells carpets. ,
Fine engrsvlngs at Ixffert's. ,
VA Rogers' Tony Faust beer.
Ot thou new photos at Scheldt's.
Plumbing and heating, t'.lxby A Hon.
Iewls Cutler, funeral director, 'phone 97.
woodrlng Undertaking company. Tel. 83?.
Hot and rold drinks. Fresh oysters on
I. and. Clark Drug Co.
Sea Stephen Bros, for tire brick and firs
clay, newer pipe. fitting and garden hose.
When In need of COAL, call 72, either
'phone. The Council Bluffs Coal and Ice
Company. '
I repair" talking machine, bicycle, and
sewing machine. 17 South Main struct.
H. M. Williamson.
An Infornifltlon charging Henry J. 8teln
beracr of Twenty-sixth avenue with
being a dipsomaniac, was tiled yesterday by
.Malnda Bloinburger.
1 puy il person for tut lrot(; mixed,
410: stove, s; rags, 1 io per lb.; rubber,
V':; copper, lto r lb. J. iUklnian, bv.:
Main, both 'phones tiM.
We have the finest line of sample monu
ments to select from In the west. Shecl'y
A Lane Marble, and Granite work. 17
East Broadway, Council Bluffs, lit.
r. 8. Kerr ha farina for sale, farina for
exchange, honxea on monthly payments;
noes rental business. w Hroadway. coun
cil Bluffs, la.. Tel. 417 and 41 lied.
WME.N OUlMJ TO BLJt.D fit) lO GL'.O.
Piano boxes make good coal bine. Bourl
ciua (IK aume. Their pianos come in boxes,
you know. 'US Broadway, Council Bluffs,
where tho organ elands upon tlio bulldlnjj.
The police have been caked to assist in
the aeaxch for Richard Kane, an old man
!lvlng at Twent v-tifth street and Avenue
ti, who rms beAi inlawing from hla home
since la I Monday.
The bent evidence that we are In line on
prices In thin: We have thirty men and
iweive teams tho year round In our whole
sale and retail yards- at Council Bluffs, la.
-. Hafer. Council Bluffs.
Avoca yesteroay to proaecute ilarry Bncllcr
ujul Fred Wave, the young men charged
with tho abauctlon of Mary Horai and
Ulauya Uanuliand, the Avoca girls toiind at
I'laiismoutU lu company wltti the, young
tellowa. ( .
Owing to her being quarantined for
meisie In the county jail, the preliminary
heaiiiiK of Umma Rlpke, tht youg woman
hi'lcl tor the death of Frank Keith Pott,
will not bo held, but the citae will be given
to the grand Jury, which will convene next
Do not forget wa are the sole agents for
the Radignt Home base burner, the most
f:onoinli'al slovo on the market today.
Will save one-third of your coal bill. CuJl
v v rui u as i va J nui iiraar-j iv
show you. We are also the sole agents for
LI I All
store ana we will be pieaaea to
ina I:xlngton steel ranges, the beat In the
vwurlu. Petersen A Bchoenlng Co.
Wo have a new box of codush. Silver
(Jem, 14 cent package. It Is very nice.
We also have In h new line of cookies Irom
Independent factory, only IL'1 cents r
Kuml. Salted waters, 11 cents Ixix. Wo
. nave new graham flour, whole whwut and
pincake flours. We havu dill pickles, large,
sweet pickles and aauer kraut. We have
sweet appl-s, 40 cents peck. Potatoes, in
0-bunhcl lots, tX) cents. Cranberries, 11 cents
imirt. Cobbages. pumpkins, squaehns,
sweet JK-itatoes. We are unloading another
ear of Goldtn Rule flour; It wins fil-iids
every day; only 1, per sack. Bertel it
.Mlll."r. Tel. So9.
Diamond Rlnsj Contest.
A beautiful diamond ring worth Hi will
be given to the lady receiving the Largest
number of votes, One voUs given with
every cent's worth of candy purchased at '
our store. - Purity Candy Kitchen, Vm W.
you do not need to watch us if you give
us th contract to paint, paper op do your
Interior decorating. We want your trade
In the future, so we sea that It Is done
right.' Lorwlck. 211 South Main street.
Let us show you the patented Eclipse
grute. It never clogs. Tou .will find It In
the Red Cross base burner only. Hwalne &
Muuer. gas and &IS Bdway.
V A marriage license waa Issued yealurduy
' to W. W. Kicker, aged ait, of Chicago, ami
l-eora Clare Lewis of Lincoln, Ni'i ntitd
1 IK. 'I'hey were married by Rev. Henry De
1 w LonK at tltt court houue.
j' Abslstant County Attorney Rosa went to
en&al rocery
and EU3eaft yJartsett
Pork Loins, pol ound
Fancy Hand Picjted
, Apples, per bu.
Jersey Sweet Potatoes,
per pk 4 . . .
Diamond "C" Soap,
1 0 bars .-
Sweet Pickles,
per qt .
Uucolored Japa' 1 Tea.
per lb i . .
Tea Sifting,
per lb
Strictly Freeh Eg,
per doz
Navy Beans, 10 lba.
Try our Central Flour, every sack warranted, .
per sack
Qrvis Market
New Kraut, per quart
Orvis be fet Flour,
per sack
Navy Beau.
i lbs.
Ileal Km-AU and Swift's
Pride Soap, 8 bara
Soda and Oyster Crackers,
ter lb
Good Butter,
per H)
per U)
per quart
Tea Dust.
2. lbs
Good ..'tflet
per lb
- i.-h Siip(,y " Fruit n u (I i -
St. Tel. 43.
Doi Not AtUmpt to Vine Matters Con
ctrnii tba Csmptits.
Dlattnaolehed (itsersl Interested
ad Interregna; Aodltor Opera
Hon Crowded to Hear
the democratic candidate for governor. !
man ror wnom 1 entertain .inmr , r.oo.v,
friendship, and whose character nnd nt- ,
Laiiiiucnis i nolo in ninn ivrin i. wui -
opposed at this moment, imd I dislike to
say It, by every polUlea! railroad In the
state of Iowa. In their opposition to me
they are conducting a bureau In Ls Moines
us an adjunct to the democratic state com
mittee," declared Governor A. B. Cummins
last night during tho course of hts speech
at the New theater.
Referring to the democratlo candidate for
governor, Mr. Cummin said: "Mr. Porter
hopes but does not expect to be elected.
There Is a great difference between "hopes"
ami "expects." I hope and I expect to !.
'elected. I will be elected." It was follow,
lng this that Mr. Cummins spoKo of the
opposition of fhe railroads In Iowa o him
before and since bis nomination. "Despite
their opiwpltlon. nothing will be said tby
me between this and November 6 to draw
these Influences to me, and I would not
have their support, even If I could. I will
be elected by the people of the grent state
of Iowa," wai the emphatic declaration
of the governor.
The meeting at the opera house partook
more of the character of a love feast than
a political rally and Governor Cummins'
speech differed greatly from those he had
been making elsewhere throughout Tft
state. Except towards the close of his
speech Governor Cummin refrained from
touching on the state campaign, and spoko
mainly on national Issues, describing In
his usual eloquent way the prosperity of
the country at large and the factors re
sponsible tor this prosperity,
Trlbote to General Podsre.
The presence of General Grcnvllle M.
Dodge in ono of the boxes near the stage
and a number of veterans of the civil war
In the body of the houses prompted Gov
ernor Cummins to pay not only the famous
army commander but the old soldiers also
un eloquent tribute. To Oeneral Dodge he
i .. , , . a ii.
I raid him the compliment of calling
the greatest living soldier of the republlo,
which tribute the audience re-echoed by
prolonged applause. To the old soldiers
grouped In front of him the governor,
speaking of them as the heroes of 1861,
declared that the old soldiers were still
the leaders of the republican party...
Hon. diaries M. Harl, who presided over
the meeting, referring to the presence of
General Dodge when Introducing Governor
Cummins, said: "It Is a great pleasure
to the republicans of Council Bluffs . to
have as their guest the most distinguished
soldier of Iowa and greatest citizen of
Council Bluffs. Today General Dodge
registered as a voter In Council Bluffs and
will pledge hla fidelity to republicanism
and the republican candidates by voting
the entire ticket, from Cummins to con
stable." Mr. Harl then called upon the
audience to salute the general and the audi-
sues roas to Its feat as one person and
with ringing cheers saluted , the famous
soldier. General Dodge a soon as the
applause had subsided and the audience was
reseated stood up and gracefully acknowl-
edged the compliment.
In Introducing Governor Cummins Mr.
Harl said that while there might be a dif
ference, of opinion among republicans as to
tariff, there was none as to protection and
prosperity. Mr. Cummins, he said, stood to-
600-602 W. BROADWAY.
Spring Chickens,
L.per lb
Good Lard,
3 lbs. for
Skinned Hamn,
per lb
picnic Hains,
per lb.
per lb. .
Oystars, solid packed,
per qt
Pork Sausages,
per lb
Hamburger Steak,
per lb. .......... .
and Grocery
Round Steak.
per lb
Lola Steak,
per lb
Porterhouse Steak,
per lb
Fresh Side Fork,
p r Jb
Pork Sauaufie, link or
Vulk, 3 lbs
Snare Ribs.
i lba
Fresh Dressed Chickens,
P r J
Pot Koa.t.
per lb ,
Boiling Beef.
per lb. . ) . . . ,
ice tables ltM-elved F.verjr Morning.
day as the Henry Rurr of republicanism In
Iowa today. What differences there nre
shouhl be settled In the council chamber of
republicanism and not by giving aid and
comfort to the enemy at tho ballot b"X.
Ovation to famanlas.
Mr. Cummins was given a tremendous
ovation on rising to apruk. In opening he
eeld: "I think t.s I pleas' and say Just what
I think. It la a habit of mine to look both men
and situations squarely In tho eyes. This
course I have pursued through this cam
paign and I will not depart from It this
evening. The preliminary contest which re
sulted In my nomination was earnestyes,
more than earnest. It vw a hard-fought
battle. There was a great deal of feeling
In It' and. unfortunately, some acrimony.
Many republicans were sorely disappointed
s In the outcomo of the convention, for thtlr
j preferences were pronounced and, to :
j tho least, most emphatically expressed. To
I an c n rr,iii"iicnna my oniy nwwpi is mm
although I waa not their choice for gov- !
lnor i was nominate by a republican con
vtmtloni 8ft(r R falr Khu ,,, T ftn
t(J th(,(r mlpport ,f ,npj. brl),ve tnat
lican supremacy In the nation and the stats
will promote the welfare of tlva country."
Corporations In Polities.
Regarding the harmful Influence of cor
porations lit politics, he said. In purl:
"The jiiosl Important subject to whloli
the if jvci iimervt must glvo Its attention, la
the control and restriction of the great cor
porations, of whlcii there are two classes,
tho industrial and the transportation. The
Individuals who compose corporations have
precisely the same rights that tyll citizen
have in publio affairs and .they should be
permitted to exercise them with the same
freedom and Independence as uuy other cll
lsen, but corporations as such should bo
rigorously excluded from politics as such
associated Influence Is a most harmful in
fluence. Corporations are necessary to the
business of the country and are the result
of the vast basinets of the country. I
care not how large they may become, they
are to be protected, defended, but must bo
regulated and ' controlled by the law, to
that they be not permitted to make lle
laws or administer them. They cannot be
permitted to run the affairs of the United
States and they cannot so long as Theo
dore Roosevelt is president." The mention
of President Roosevelt's name was greeted
wltii prolonged applause.
Governor Cummins before concluding
seized the opportunity to pay an eloquent
tribute to Congressman Smith, Senator
Dolliver and the Iowa delegation In con
gress. '
Following Governor Cummins. lion, H.
W. Byers of Harlan, candidate for attor
ney general, made an address In which he
tc viewed the situation In Iowa and made ,
strong plea for harmony and for republi
cans to stand by the entire ticket.
Soelal Wide of Visit.
Governor Cummins arrived In the city
hortly before 4 O'clock from Mitchell, S.
D. On reaching the hotel the. first nersnn
to greet him was General Dodge. After
a short talk with the general. Governor
Cummins retired to his room to secure
some rest, as he was somewhat fatigued
from his Journey. Before the meeting Mr.
Cummins was, tendered an Informal recep
tion In the rotunda of the hotel, music
being furnished by an orchestra. Headed
by the band the governor was escorted by
a number of old soldiers and others to the
opera house, where an audience which filled
the lower floor and balcony, was awaiting
Mr. Byers reached the city during the
afternoon, contrary to expectations, as he
had not been looked for until late In the
evening. The announcement that he was it
speak yesterday afternoon at Wlota ptlved
to be Incorrect.
! IlPr mee,ln Governor Cummins and
,r" Ei'1" were guests of honor at a
"PP" served at the Grand hotel. Among
thos Preent were In addition to the guests
of honor, E. E. Hart, K. B. Smith, county
, l"'llu', eea, city cnnirman, and
the members of the city central committee,
Councilman Wallace, Spencer Smith. Judge
O. J. McManus, Judge W. R. Green, Su
pervisor H. C. Brandes, Wllloughby Dye.
J. W. Mitchell. W. C. Cheyne, Sheriff Can
ning. K. R. Jackson, G. G. Baird. H. V.
Battey, County Attorney Hese, Captain L.
B. Cousins. W. S. Balrd, S. Snyder, I.
Chernls; the following from Avoca:
Hon. J. H. Jenki.' John Fletcher. Dr.
Bpauldlng. A. L. Preston. J. M. Tollinger,
Dr. Williams, Henry M.aer, R. Frost.
H. E. Read; from Oakland: F. Collard. J.
Q. McPherin,
Pherin, A. Heckm.n. R. H.ckett.
Evans. I. X. Gardiner and O. M.
C. L.
Bruce of Walnut. .
I Tou can t afford to have vour ,.H
' . ,, . ,". : ' . .
,1V. -,.1 S. I - 1 . 1
via v. iib.q menu inorouguiy cieanea Dy
our process at such moderate cost, without r,,i , . ,,' ' nlures,
injury to the flne fabric Bring down C tt'oun yesZ T$
your last winter", suit and let us make It Fltaglbbon was also about to dlspo' of
Srtort' ,rWo Ma-t "naB,,'.hU Th5 Amertc JyZ.
Factory. J4 No. Main St. vanv bondsman for the three defendant. T.,. .. - .
vk. ti.u. every ruck
warranted. Central Grocery and Most Mar
ket. . Both 'phones 24.
Coal Oil Starts Fire.
In order to hasten the lire for hroaklast
Mrs. Case, wife of Rev. F. A. Case, pastor
I of the First Baptist church, poured hero- , ," .' lnS'r"nP. ". 5c; sour plck
sene In the kitchen stove at their home, ' """'" ),c! new" ' hum. per can. lie:
rX) Mill street, yesterday morning. The pncake floi,r' Pr kf.. c: new bu, Uwheat.
I lire coals underneath the wood csused an
i eiplosion, which bl-w the stovepipe down
and Idled th house with smoke and soot.
The fire department was called and was
ready to make the run when Mrs, Case
telephoned that there was no fire.
A burning chimney at the residence of
A. T. Rice, at the corner of Fourth stre-t
and Willow avenue, gave the fire depart
ment a run at a late hour Thursday night.
There was no damage.
A. Mttigir v Co.
Xew Location Of Wholesale Bakery.
! Mynster Street, Co. Bluffs, la.
Home-made Bread a Specialty.
Visitor. Welcome.
The famous Acorn stove; nothing In tha j
market like It for heat, .economy, dura- !
jblllty snd neatness. We make the most
reasonable price ou stoves In the city, con- j
I slderlr.g the quality. We handle a large '
stock cf carpets, linoleum and oil cloth. !
D. W. Keller, 109 South Main btreet.
Real Kstale Transfers.
These . transfers were reported to Ths '
Bee October Itf by the Pottawattamie
County Abktract company of Council
E. If. Lougee and wife to John H. Ep-
rsrson. lot !. block J. Burk s add. to
ouncll Bluffs, w. d $i5o
Iowa Land and Lot Co. to William
Arnd. lots . 19, j), a. ii 23 and St.
block 24, Omaha add. to Council I
l'luffs, q. c. d
Iowa Ijind and Lot Co. to J. P. GrVnl i
Meld, lot v4, 1,1, ick 0. Benson's 1st
add. to Council Bluffs, q. c. d 1
Heirs of Henry l'nlincr to Emma M.
palmer, lot 1, aubdiv. of lot IA, orig
inal plat of Council Bluffs, q. c. d 1
Four transfers, total $15J
Odd lace curtains at less than cost. We
want to get rid of them to make room for
others. Wsj still have some remnants of
carpets and mattings, foot stools, 2cc to 7ic;
door mats 4oc to 12 50. Stockrrt Carpet C.
Dekato al Hlaa ftehool.
"Resolved, That the young man of today
ini Kreaier opportunities tomake life
,, financially than his t, n f .the- -
4 1 . 5 tLu o,ueaUou dibulcvl b) llii. L',.u.i:rt-
thlan society cf the high school yesterday
afternmin. Charles Arnold and James
Fonda, who took the negative side, were
given the decision against Charles McCon
nell and John Howe, who spoke on the
affirmative side of the question.' Adam
lllchmond gave on Interesting tulk on Culm,
while Irving Snyder contributed a reading 1
to the afternoon's program.
More Cole's Original -Hot Blast stove
doing satisfactory service In Council Bluffs
than of all other kinds together. lon't buy
an experiment. We have the tested and
tried Cole's Original Hot Blast Stove for
all kinds of fuel In twenty-four stylos and
sises. Paddock Handschy Hdw. Co., 41 S.
Main St.
Tor Imported wines, liquor and Bud.
.elser beer go to L. Rosenfeld. wholesale
Liquor dealer, 619 South Main street.
Pictures for weddins nrta.
C. K Alex-
3jj Broadway
!Hy Onleera of Army f Tenneeaee.
ot Sow Menihera.
The reunion of the Hoclety of -tho Army
of the Tennessee In Council Bluffs next
month Is expected to result In a material
Increase 1n the membership of the orgnnt
atlon. Major Richmond hs been ad
vised br many different officers of the Armv
of the Tennessee who nre not numbers of
the society itiat they will attend the re
union here and It is expected they will
become members.
Of the 394 living members of th-3 roclety.
about SftO are expected to attend the re
union. There are nearly 910 more officers
who served In the Army of the Tennessee
who are eligible to membership and In
vitations have been sent as far ns possible
to each one to attend the reunion lu
Comtcll Bluffs.
Major Richmond received word yesterday
that Mre. Leg-gelt, widow of General Mor
timer D. Leggett. the last commander of
the Seventeenth army corps, would attend
tho reunion and annual, banquet. Mrs.
Leggett Is a resident of Sandusky, O.
Major Dickey of this city, who was a 1
captain In the Forty-sixth Illinois at the
close of tho war. will, it Is understood,
become a member of the society at this
reunion. At the close of the war Captain
Dickey, as he was then, was brevetted
maJr V President Johnson for gallant
and meritorious services during the war,
These are the present officers of the So
ciety of the Army of the Tennessee:
President, General Grcnvllle M. Dodge;
vice presidents. General Fred D. Grant,
I', fi. A.; Colonel W. U Harnum. Chicago;
Captain G. H. Richmond, Council Bluffs:
Major A. Sabine. Garden City, Kan.; Cap
tain J. C. Banks, Cincinnati: Mrs. Jsme
A. Pexton, Chicago: Major Leo Rainier.
St. Louis; Cantaln W. L. Cadi", Berwln,
III.: Captain R. M. Campbell. Peoria, 111.:
General James G. Wilson. New York City;
Captain T. X. Steveis, Btunton, Mich.:
Captain K. B. Soper. Einmetsburg. la.;
corresponding secretary. Major W. H.
Chmborlin. Cincinnati: treasurer. Major
Augustus M. Van Dyke. Cincinnati; re
cording secretary. Colonel Cornelius Cadie.
Cincinnati. (
Our highest ambition Is, when we frame
a picture for you, to do It right . and
please our customers. Perhaps yeu have j
a picture that needs framing. Bring It to
our store and let u see what we can frame
it for. "We'll do It as reasonable as it
possibly can he done. Council Bluffs Paint,
OH and Glass company, Merriam block.
The path to your economical piano pur
chase leads directly to the A. Hospe Co.
store, 6 South Main street, Co. Bluffs.
nrety f ompanr Aaks Protection.
Tho American Surety company secured
In the district court here yesterday after
noon from Judge Orctn an Injunction re
straining George J. Oumb. M. J. Fltngtb
bon and J. X. Fitrglbbon, three saloon
keepers of Missouri Valley, from disposing
of their property. On behalf of the Amer
ican Surety company It was represented
that tho three defendants were seeking to
dispose of their property ir. order to avoid
liability for damages for the death of H.
H.immond and thereby throw the liability
on the plaintiff company.
Mary K. Hammond, widow of H. Hani
mond, broug-ht eult mraimi i,a
saloon keepers last month for tl2.600 darn-
ages, alleging that her huslwnd, wldle In-
toxicatcd with liquors secured from the
- uuuun io care ror mmselr,
wandered upon the tracks of the North
western railroad and was killed.
Since the suit was started It is alleged
the three saloon keener ho-u . . .
dispooe of their property. George Oumb
It Is sllesed. t ran. ...
; t0 hl8 1
" " '. motner covering hi. stock
u' gooaa ana fixtures.
J. X. FtUarlbbon. !
a chattel mortras-A In
favor of
hla Kir. nn hi. -
m lne uni Of J,0tO.
Halnrday l.rore,, Npeclals.
Peachea, per dos.. 10c; new figs, per pkg.,
6c and 10c; new dates, per pkg.. V; manic
". J',' , " ' n'aj),e R,,-UP" Pr can.
. J per ,b" new "uer
" c: n"1" """eemeat, pkg., He;
Ingush walnuts, lb.. l!)c. J. Zo.r Mpr Co
iwjt-im uroaaway. Ihcnes to.
Pla-eoa Cage la Rubbed.
Thieving vandals broke Into the pigeon
' ctige at Falrmount park Thursday night
and stole between firty and seventv-nve
birds, many of them being fancy ' bred
pigeons., The wire surrounding the cage
wag cut In several places. The peacock s
, cage was also cut open, but the birds were
'. not molested. ,
A nttmh., tt A Jt - a i .
, ,,.,,., nave been com
mitted recently In Falrmount park and the
need of a night watchman Is now realised.
Oroivn s
12! W. Brea.wii Both 'puones 65
Specials for Saturday
CHICKEN!, per pound
per pound
per pound
per pound
BEEF, pound
REEF, pound
pay pound ItlC
Pont forget, aay aad all Beef Pot
Boasts, So to Sc.
Mass avei to; regular prioo,
10a pei pousd.
a to
It tr: .,,l.air ,, 17 '!'' ;,i tit ,;rf " '7 ' n
Vr' vmi .'i ! ' .'IV : I, V.. i, !' ii'H s JX'- t
J have got to stop advertising at least until we can discover some new way
WE have got to stop advertising at least until we can discover some new way
to do it. The trouble is by the old method we cannot keep our advertising
within gunshot of our contents. We cannot expect to sell a weekly ten hours old
with advertising ten days old. This advertisement was written just ten days ago.
We had to write it ten days ago in order to have it appear all over the country
this morning.
Now that yoii know what Kidway's is trying to do, our only reason for further
ntlvertising would be to call your attention td the special features in each number as
it is issued, but if we are obliged to write the advertisements ten days before tho num
ber which wc wish to advertise eomcs along, we cannot talk in our advertisements
about these special features for the simple reason that wc ourselves do not know ten
days before what the special features are going to be.
With our mobile organization we expect to be able to turn Eidgway's
inside out any time big developments make it necessary up to within a fe'w
hours of going to press. Very often it will happen that the most interest
ing feature in Ridgway's will be something that your local editor has dug
up, something that the rest of the country would not have reason be as
much interested in as you are. We might ask each of our local edrtqrs to
write the advertising for his section, but they are so loaded up with things,to
do now we wonder when they find time to visit their families. """"i
It is a pity if we have to give up advertising. Possibly we could figure out some
way to send the advertisements by telegraph the same way that we edit the weekly.
That sounds good. It's new, too. Wonder how much it would cost. Wo shall look
into it. Heigh ho! How trouble heaps up for the fellow who tries to do new things.
Maybe you will remember to. buy Ridgway's every Saturday. It is bound to
be better every week. Just compare the issue this week with our first number.
Buy Rldswoy's
About a year ago the park commissioners
erected a dwelling house In ,the park at a
cost of considerably over $2.00"), ostensibly
for the accommodation of a park watchman
or care taker, but Instead of being devoted
to this use the family of a relative of Park
Commissioner Graham was Installed In tho
house at a nominal rental.
Farms for bale. -
12u acres near Logan, Improved and fenoed.
$b0 per Acre.
80 acre, in north central Missouri, well im-
proved, 155 per acre,
PiO acres In north central Missouri, well
Improved, $.'5 per acre.
Tel. til. Chas. T. Officer, 419 Broadway,
Council Bluffs. Ia.
N. T. Plumbing Co. Tel. 26 Night. ttl
yo PrM,.,c nLCKPTIOl FUR BRV tl
' Cmpalgn U strennons Bnongh Wltfc-
! oat It.
DCS MOINES. Oct. . (Special. ) Ar
rangemenis have been completed for ex.
Congressman Waiter Butler to meet W, J.
lirjan at Grlnnell with other democrats of
this city. They will arrive in Ds Moines
over the Rock Island at 4;10 and retire at
once to the Savtry. There will be no at
tempt to entertain Mr. Bryan, as it is un
derstood his speaking campaign Is a stren
uous one. lie will speak In the evening,
October 29. at ths auditorium. Special
sc-nts have been reserved in the first lew
rows for old soldiers.
I Litigation over the building of a dam at
Marshalltown Involves the question of the
water supply for the soldier's home at
that place. Tho question has been up for
some years and was thought to be on the
point of settlement when the propertyown
eis who would be affected by the construc
tion of the dam raised the price of the land
the city troke off negotiations. An at
tempt waa mado today to get an lnjunc
tion against the city condemning the land.
The State Board of Control is Interested
with the city as the supply for the home
depends on the erection of the dam.
The supreme court, which has been In
session for two weeks, closed Its labors to-
j day and the members, except the two liv
ing here, left for their homes. Xo de
cisions were handed down today.
Mood or Wood Von Self
Would you like to buy better wood and
more of It for leas money? We sell
stove lengths snd-chunks. Missouri oak
wood at 11.60 a rick. This Is a bargain,
Brldensteln A Smith, 14th Ave. and Lh i
St. Tel. IS 2.
Hepbarn at Kidney.
SIDNET, la.. Oct. 26. (Special.) Con
gressman W. P. Hepburn delivered a po
litical address here last night. Most of It
was In the nature of an euhwy of the pro
tective policy of the runibllcan party. It
was atandpatlsm pure and unadulterated,
but at tho close he exhorted all republicans
to get together and vote for Cummins. He
declared that this mas a natlonrl election
and of great Importance. He devoted con
siderable attention to W. J, Bryan and
some, to Hearst, and d' fended his own po
litical record from traducers who he said
had been barking at hla heels until he was
tired of It. The house was crowded and
he was heard with attention and deliver J
an able speech which waa generously ap-
i plauded.
Swansea Moate. Co.
runn;, organs and musical
407 West Bdaay.
satisfaction guaranteed.
Jndn Oliver to Donate Sekoula.
OXAWA. la.. Oct. M. (Special.) Judge
AiIiIIfou Oliver, who donated the public
library to the town of Onawa and who is
well known for his liberality and intue-it
Ir everything pertaining to tho development
i of the town and County, has madi a prop.i
i ritloit to the Onnaa HU-ho.,1 bord to es
pial "lh a deourtniei-t if nirtnual training.
tar1 l.l0 d'.llTS),,-. .-I - rrtvr. t -. i
.With lb Cuart schooU. The boaid ,, atk.
Get It Early
The Ridgway Company
Publishers of Everybody's Magazine
pointed C. E. t'nderhlll and S. A. Uowaid,
directors, a committee to confer with the
Judge In regard to tame. At tho confer
ence held yesterday the matter was fully
discussed and It Is now up to tho school
board to accept or reject the offer. There is
row a department of manual training In
tho Onawa schools In charge of Prof. Rjy,
but the proposition of Judge Oliver will en
large the scope of the department wry
much. The 'Judge proposts to glvo 15.10-1,
or more should it bo necessary, to establish
the dipftrtm(snti the MniP to'be-uscd for
building, apparatus, etc., in getting the de
partments well established.
t.lrl Arrested for III eft.
ATLANTIC, la , Oct. 3d. (Special.) Leo-lioi-a
Hawkins, alias Leonora Mason, n
young girl 17 years of sge, who ran gwuy
from her home In Menlo last week, was
arrested here on the charge of robbery.
She had been staylngt the" home of Mrs.
Rose l'ates on Cedar street, and when her
parents found out where she was and took
her back home-, she carried with her from
the house wearing apparel valued at W.
Ilaagbtei-s of Revolution Fleel.
IOWA CITV, la.. Oct. 26. (Special Tel.
gram. ) The Mississippi valley conference
of the Daughters of the American Revo,
lutinn have elected the following officers:
Treasurer, Mrs. Luella McMenry, Des
Moines; registrar. Miss Ora Cole, Keokuk;
historian, Miss Kepler. Fort Dodge.
(iraln Dnmaaed In Staek.
VERMILION, 8. p., Oct. fi. (Special )-
Somewhat discouraging conditions greet the I
farmer of Clay county today, rind he Is not
so sure but that a portion of his summer's crew of the Minneapolis will be divided be
work ts wasted. Thoss t'nrmera who 1iinUe,t. tween the cruisers Washington and Ten-
,, . . , , - , .. .
well to the stacking of their small grain
..Glen Avenue Grocer;..
i!0 pounds Canei Sugar
strictly Fresh Kkkh, per dozen
Extra Flue Country Butter, per pound
Sweet Potatoes, per peck.... 20c
Extra fine large Onions, peck.SOc
4 cans Atlantic Corn
3 cans Peas
2 cans Bartlett Pears 25c
3 cans fancy Wax or String
Beans .-..a.'K!
2 cans 20c Salmon 2.V
Extra fine Hams, per lb..,.0)sc
3 quarts Cranberries 25c
All kinds Patent Flour, per sack $1.03
Meadow Gold Flour, per sack -m 1.00
We liamUe all kinds of Vegetable at the lowest market price),
fiive us a trial order and convince yourself.
lO-lb. Hack Cornmeal J5
Advo, Aau t Jemima's, Square Brand Pancuke Flours,
or Saturday only, three packages for "25e
Everybody has a chance to save money
Pt Parent Flour, per sock. . . .11.0s
lrly Ohio Potatoes, per bushel. ..
inesap Apples, i pcka Ban
While Turnips. 2 wck B&o
lAat Vear'a Popcorn, per peck . , . . 8(V
Kreah Hulk Oatmeal, pounds . . . .Sso
Dry peas, I pounds !.. SBc
Lima Beans, 4H pounds too
Jaian Rica, 4 pounds 9&o
lrge also Raisins. I pounds tt&e
Currants, packages Sao
ILt-ll Phone 013.
I nde-penrienl Phone r)'l.
Ten Cents
are not worrying, but the man who hurried
through Kvlth his work Is likely to be a
heavy loser. In some poorly constructed
stscks the grain is rotting, while In others
it has commenced to grow. Threshing has
Just started In Clay county. But the ex
tremely wet weather has caused n setback
all around. In a great many field, corn Is
down pretty badly, and at present Is cov
ered with, water. Tho fields are thoroughly
soaked front the- three days' rain which
ended today. It will be at least a weel,
before huskers can get Into the fields. With
the season already two weeks late for com
husking, the big corn growers will not gel
through before winter Is on In full Mast.
One of the most serious problems thnt eon
fronts the farmer Juct now is that of secur
ing corn huskers. Ialorers are mighty
scarce, and thoso who arc here have long
since been engaged. Corn Is a fine yield
this year, and the man who can work from
sun up to sun d'.wn will moke unusually
large wages.
Change In Board of Agriculture.
PIERRE. 8. D., Oct. 20 (Special Tele
gram.) George II. Wnillng of Yankton has
resigned as member cf the State Board of
Agriculture and Governor Elrod has named
H. C. Warren- of Forestburg as hi. suo
:t.or. .
American Marines Como Howe.
PHILADELPHIA, Oct. J. With nearly
4(4 marines on board whose terms of an
llbtment arc about to expire, the United
States cruiser Minneapolis passed In the
Delaware breakwater today from Havana
for tha League Island tiavy yard. The
cruiser will arrive at the navy yard tonight
and will be placed out of commission. Tho
I iieaeee, which are to act aa a convoy to
president Roosevelt on his visit to Panama.
, ... .4K
6 lbs. hand picked Navy Beans. 25c
4 lbs. best Japan Rice ZSe
2 combs Honey 2Ac
4 lbs. best Oyster Crackers. . .2.V
4 lbs. Soda Crackers 2.V
4 lba. beat Ginger Snaps 23c
Syrup, per gal , . SOc
40c bottle Maple Syrup 25c
Extra fine hand-picked Apples,
per peck .'15c
Cranberries. S quarts fsa
Square Brand or Grandma's Pan
cake Flour, t paoaavts IM
Baking Powder. I -lb. can, I cans.. ass
I'ajiton Sweet Corn, cans Bs
Peaa, J cans toe
hundrled Japan Tea, too grade, on
aula, per pound SS
Iowa Honey, 2 combs Six
Best Lard, i pounds S6
Heinle Vinegar 1'lckles, per gl..S6
132 W. Droadvvoy
S. ( IIEltNE.S, Irop.
! t
; i
, t
; r