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How to Gavo It?
Who. Will Clvo Dcst Gtovc Values for It?
We have been in th gtotrw business
ovar 0 ypars and can help you decide
thpue question. We ask yon to gee
' onr rood and. get oor prices before,
yon boy. It will ray you.
Col'i Hot Blurt
The original from Chleaeo,
up from 810.00
Radiant Homo Air ttlals
With 20th orntury flrepot,
- up from -812.95
Radiant Home Bane- Runtrra
The world's standard heater:
, up from 820.00
Ruhr Onks ,
Nickol trlmmod soft coal heaters:
up from ... $5.05
Ciffc ' iutciation tj Peiia Tirfit o
Efspoilert of Natural f cenrrj.
ii. - . nl
I srcm CF A BAT.
iMttivn fi n re tn THK
, Fadiant Heme Sfesl Ranges
' Special Price ThU VVaaH
Fourteenth and Farnam Streets
rsons co.
Acllie tinpilitn In l'rorr for
Ihe (irMlrr Anikrnim of Ihf
t Irle ( on.l'liininriiii of
American I'eople.
MlLWAlKKE. Ot. Jl "Tux the .1.111- .
boards out o existence" will be-the bin Me
rry of the American Civic association for :
tho mut yiar as a. result of plans decid-el
upon at its annual convention, which
opened In Milwaukee today. Sentiment In ,
favor of aggressive step against the 1)111- J
board charatc rlxd all the addresses be- ;
faro tho convention today and the organ-1
Izntlun will bring to lcHr upon this prob
lem the an nip powerful Influence which
Coailn of t Un -Aaialarainallon ( Tn
Oraaalaat Ion.
Speaking f the plan to "inerge the West
ern I-hro" end Die Western association
wlh Pt. ,ln--ii as one "( the tonn? it
the circuit Prime up sirme thinas not so
I pleasant to contemplate. St. Jn-wpl). for
I oonic mystei ion ft'iwin. has proved Itself
a money loser as n bull town, not only a
I to if own management, but to th
1 manager of the other leaies In the lenc"'.
: t-:vcry one fHiiillhii' with Hie htotory of thu
. M'estem ' Iei4guc Hie lnt"con trmt Pt.
Jowpli Wn lit irw drnutf known what the
ves-n!" wan: known tlmt lw fore tho ee;ion
I v.n Irilr over tho 1enm limmp a 11 lond
ll i.t hnd 0 lie cniried by the rent of the
inaKn.iteu. who cut ud the loeees between
them nd Rhared thrri on n pro mt bei'
' Thnt Is not ktnxkloK. not cnmniry; that ir
a fact of record. The attendance drooped
' off Blmont to nothlnic. For some renBon
j oplp elniply in't iroinr to th" twtll pork.
A chicken riftht or a cliVns any tiny Was
anmclcnt to'd'vet-t the funs from the diM
I niond. At nn' rate. lh Iwll liark was de-
nruKc una
crratlon of Xlr.g.ira falia.
Pe.retr' Clinton
i ' - i .crloit llie iiuinnKerfirnt went
t Hot t'.iia wf not the first nor the last
Rogers uoill .Iff Of - ..,.. T.. .. -,.Hn its fran-
Phlhidclphlu- rend an lntere!ti!iK pair at ( hie waa ttnnnferrcl to tl.e Western bo
the nftemoon sesflon on. "National Impulse 1 elation and- before the soason was over It
. .. t, , 1,1 i.. ...( was tratixfetred from Sf. Joe to Hutchln
of Civic. Improvement. Ho iald in pnit: ,I1 a tOTrn not ,mlf , pf ,,r
"M hen President Roosevelt, on Juno li, Sli.sonil cltv, and since tb"n the o:iiet eld
W. attached his signature 'to 'A if act fur ; place thnt spurned Jay Oould'a offer to
. , . , ,f'rlione ii ahead of Kansns dty for Ins
the control mid regulation of the wut. ti. of , ,.nt,.rtri, tucked Itself In bed. drew
MaifH.m river for the preseratio or i Up the covers srjfl went brr.k to sleep.
Tirmeri at Tepeka.' Would" Eliminate
Brokers in Meat tad Fruit.
itimti Mir ) Estatltshed at Kick
Packlna; Center t Wepreaent
' rirmtri la flair to
': 1'atkera. - .,
TOPEKA, Oct. 24 Plans for opposinK the
fiacklng companies and the fruit commla
arton dealer wrre'dlsjusned at the meeting
ef the Farniorrf National Co-Operative con
rr last 'night. - Two schemes trf be used
to break the force of the . packing trust
were. dcciUod ujiotj and. probably, will b
put into exetmtlon. ' One- Is that the iiieui.
bera of the congress will try to ' cure the
naJorty ( the meat which they use tbein
aJve and will also -frure meats for Ihf
markets. The other plan will lie to have un.
gent in ach county to handle all the stock
of the members, and ship to another agent
aU the market, who will scjl direct Jo the
packing- houses. There Intention 4o
build a co-operative paklnfe house.
Another grievance which, the farmers
have Is against, the fruit commiaeion deal
ers, and an effort will be tnado to . organize
the union in fruit growing aeotlona.
Todajr'a session wa dv'oted to a geneial
dlscuwlon .of ,-co-ope rath e- plana and -much
entiment .was manifested In favor -Of aov
rnnient' ownership of ruilroafjs." ,
A resolution urgi ig congress . to take
atcps to have the staU-s, us well as th
natlon, adopt, tyore jHrlngcht 1ure food
lawa wa,s p-'isypd.r.A committee jOn'thJa s'uj)
Ject was appointed. Including O.J.N. DaMs,
Georgia; W. A. Morrlo, AIabnnVa;f R. II.
McCullough, 'Ark'Hnsaa'. J, , Bel), Iowa;
O. P. Pyle." Texas; J. M. Sevier. IxiulPiana;
C. p. Hadrey, Mississippi; "and-J. H. Bear
rup, Now Mexico. ... ' '.' V
of cavalry and two light ' batteries from
"ort Mycr. Mr. Munor's body will rest
temporarily in tho receiving vault at Oa
Hill cemMery, but will be taken In h aliort
time to his native conn'ry, the Oaatemalati
government having directed that the mln.
Ister'a body be sent to his home as sooti
aa arrangement can be completed.
The honorary pallbearers were the French
and German ambnssndors and the Delglnn,
FCuadoreai llaltlen and Swedish minis
ters. , . ., . . .
Brigadier l.enrral Rlllntt Calls Atten
tion to Coras and What
' It Kreris.
WASHINOTOX. Oct, i'l.-In hla ajinuul
report Brigadier GeneraV B. F. Elliott,
comhiandant of the "mnrtne corps, calls at
tention to the necessity' for an Increase in
the conimlaslunr-d ami enlisted personnel
of the -corps, and cayr- 'the - demands for
both officers and men are jdatly on the' irt-creai-e.
lfe states tiiat, unless pronjpt
art ion ia taken in this -matter by i-oiiij.-ess
during Its earning, nasinn he will lie un
able to carry out the directions cf tho sec
retary of Ihe navy with regnrd to detail,
both ashore Htid afloat, apd the eftlclrncy
of tho corps wlP suffer msterliilly.
General Elliott tays that the pixivlslofts
of . the-Kcneral order of, the War depart
ment by which "the enlisted-men of tho
army are entitled to campaign badges (or
service ashore In Cuba, Porto Rico aod the
Phlllppplnc Islands during certain" periods
and for service ashore with the rvklng re
lief expedition during the 'Boxer rebellion
be made applicable to the men of the ma
rine corps-who were at that time serving
wftlr th army." .- '
Ho says the barracks at . Mary Island,
Cal., ar -unsafe,' Inadequate and obsolete
n design and construction.,- The fcanltary
condition Is bad and be recommends "aft ap
propriation of, kifl,ti;; fo'f,,jip.w., bVravU
and SGO.Otfl for'officers' quartej. The" report
4also ftn:' haf tli;( a'ceoTnuKuiatlon for
tno marines at. the naval station ar qavitc.'
P. I., are not only unsanitary ant -inade
quate, but conduce to discontent and dis
satisfaction, as the ordinary 7 comforts ore
not granted ' tn tlj men. He HUbmiu an
eStlniHt irf JT5."00 for the Improvement of
the grounds and building of barracks. An
esthntite. of JKO.0U0 i- submitted for the
construction of bnrracks and offic'rs qaat
ters at the navy yard at Charleston. ' 8. C.
General Elliott urges the necessity for the
Immediate conxtruction of proper marine
barracks on - the Isthmus of Panama, to
facilitate contentment, and especially neces
sary for sanitary reasons. ' , ...
Gepojal Elliott says that all the puolle
buildings of the marine corps. Including
thoee recently constructed, can lie replaced
by ni w buildtnii? at a cost of not more than
$1.S,M. ..- . ..- . ..
Oeneral Klllott suys he ' apprvclatea aho
akQling dan of th diplomatic corps. Barcn Justice of the recommendation made by tho
Heugelmuller, the ranking member pf the secretary of the navy last year that t"n
diplomatic 'body, , being detained 'in' Vcew eomMiandant of th innrlne corpt be .given
Tork. Baron Speck- von Sternburg-, thn THnit f major general,
waa the mly other; anibuswador $t I Tne report aj:a that- under the present
tho aervlees, all the other foreign niethodg and rHte of recruiting It is le-
repraenttl-a of that rank being
away ( from their posts. '" Senor Calvo, the
Costa, Rloin ndnixier, who is tiie , ranking
Latln-AnierkMur djplmnatlift . in Washing
ton, and the representatives Of practically
all, the South and Central American ' re
publics waa nresent. . Rev. Thonin a
Le. pastor of St. - Matthew's church, I ' lc " w num,K'r recommended- by the
read the niass, aoHlMcd. by aeveuU other Bm,orJ V01-1 of ,n? nvy and approv. d by
e4igymn. The body was escorted from "'W'"- There are thirty-clglit
St. MattheWa church to Oak Hill temoterv I . . ?(' enlisted nen now In 11m
by the Thirteenth Cavalry band, a squadron
Nlagaru. falls and for other purposes' he
signed the magna clmrta of the civic liu
provement movement. It was the first dis
tinct national recognition of the lights of i
the American people to free and unob-j
strutted view of the beauties bestowed on j
us by a beneficent tiod."
Ileaerratlon of l,nmlci-.
Mr. AVoodruff referred to, th despolia
tion by billboards of various ttcenery
throughout the country and sold thrtt the
next great work which the American ieo
ple niuft wage Is that ugalnst thu desecfa
ticin or our landscape and of our surround
ings by billboards- and unsightly posters. ,
"A good Suggestion has been made," he
said, "that they should lie taxed out ef ex
istence. . , ,(,
"Next In Importance to freeing our land
scape of objectionable billboards," said the
speaker, "is the movement for cleanliness
in our American .communities. The na
tional impulpc for . civic improvement Is
manifesting Itself not only in the movement
for the preservation of Niagara, 'not only
for the movement for the removal of the
objectionable billboards, but in a real desire
to clean up the various localities. Prac
tically no" city of Importance but has its
'cleaning up- days or periods of some
kind." . ".
Awake-blag; of Civic Coaaeloasness.
In conclusion he said that the national
Impulse for civic Improvement -is the bc-
J ginning of an awakening of a greater civic
consclousn-ss, which means the redemption
of our American communities) from the
Fordid, the selfish and the base."
Secretary Woodruff presented his annual
report, as did ulso William B. Howland,
the treasurer. The membership and finan
cial report waa Increased more than 50
per cent over last year."
Other departmental reports were also
hea-rd. .-
; j f X t, v fV.
. -: -"i
of Lata Reitreavutatlre
(iaitfmils Laid to nest.
' at Washington.
WASHINGTON, Oct. U. With full dlplo
tuatlo honors the funeral services of Senor
Jorge Munoi, late minister from Guate
mala to the tTnltd Stntes, who died in
thla city last Saturday, was hrld in St.
Matthew's . Catholic church today. Presi
dent Roosevelt, Secretary , Root and rcv
oral member of the. cabinet, and many
Other prominent army and navy ofTWrs, aa
wen as aeveral members of the supreme
Court, were In attendance. Mr. Juswerand.
tho French ambassador ' attended as
: -
Hlwh nlBultarles of Catholic Chorch
Assemble for Imposing Ccre-
tnonr at Pittsbarg. ,
" PITTSBURG, Oct 24.-The new St.. Paul
Roman Catholic- cathedral, said to be the
mot beautiful erfince In the rtate, represent
ing a cost of $3,M)0,000 and overthi;ee yeas
work of artisan, skilled craftsmen and
laborers, waa dedicated tody , by, Mgr.
Dlomede Falconk), papal delegate to
America, assisted by Cardinal Jameg Gib
bona of BaJtimote, Archbishops Fa1"1 or
New York and Ryan of Philadelphia and
a 'score of other' high dlgnatarles of the
church who Tlved here for the occasion
during yesterday and . bust . night. Ideal
weather conditions served to bring to the
ceremonies a crowd which even the big
cathedral would not bold.
.MavtH. Pt. Joseph wouldn't do that whv-
agan: maybe, jf given another base ball
franchise, it would turn' out to be a paytnt;
town. Tis. and myb it wouldn't. You
have experience -that It wouldn't and hope
that It would .
Which end do you want?
And Norrls O'Nell says Ire will rign at
th next irieetlr.g.
Ah. well, buse ball has survived some
heavy blows; It may yet prove equal to.lhls
This Is the person who said, "Give me thf
ball player with a red flame! tied around
nis tongue," or worda to. that effect.
The proposition' of merging the Western
league and Wee-tern. association has "one
cnmlnendnhln feature,' and that Is that the
Western leattur -niUKt undergo some S'-rf
of reorganisation to siistnln It. Whether
this plan Is the -best can be determined
later. And another thing that looks good
la the exclusion of the Colorado towns,
where money has been lost in large gobs.
Billy White, the - hortstop ' Fa Rourke
nas slgneo: trom M eon city. Is n ntnrdv i
little athlete. He has for three years been
touted aa the best shortstop In the West- t
em association and Is a fair batter, while '
his base running Is above par. White ia
another college man on the diamond.
though he left eollen shortly before crad-
nation. He attended Pnrk eolleee, Park i
vllle. Mo., where hin mother was for years I
one of the matrons. He and his brother.
Frank (now dead),' developed the love for '
base ball early and also developed Id-us
as to when It should lie played that did not.
coincide with those entertained hv the col- j
lege faculty. Sabbath desecration there '
was frowned on with a decidedly low brow I
and Sunday ball playlna was regarded n
the worst sort of Sabbiilh desecration But
for this combination of facta and ulrcuni-
stances Billy might have remained nnttl
graduation. But Billy was there fullv
seven years at that, taking four In the
academy and three oi more In the colletre. ,
Having gone there with bis widowed mother '
and the other members of the family when I
quite a little chap, Blllv was never, able to
outgrow me Irtea of His friends that he
was Just a little boy. He alwaya was th
pet of the Institution.,,. . .,.
After leaving- the college ne soon took up
ball playing aa a business. He spent some
time at the l"nlverlty of Kansas after
emitting park and thero, developed his baM
playing prowet. Ire tl winter he works
In a Kansas City bank. "
I1!C liaifCOl I Ul rlU&IIV,0 -a.uvdoere.l (like
row the richest barler crop in Ihe world. aBdbBrlev. ffn7-'''7"
waeavana uaia ana ryo. n i m i""""""' ;, ,.
. .Gund's. Peerless Beer .;
Fure. natural Juices ef the barley and bops are eomblned trf the famoua "Ooad Nator.l Ll'wr Wiw.udTOT
whose line fragranee aod rich strengthening food qimlitiea woo tor it the gold medal of highest eacetlcoce at fans. iwiw. uu w
oomtuaDdlng superiority w, Su Louis Expoiitioa, IW. ( ' , n A
"fWr Is liquid brnd." Thl la an anelent German saying and ia true In the ment literal aenae of vf, , whoil
rtwlll quench your thirst, give you atrenrth. promote d e(,iioo. satisfy your palate and enrich your b loud . ;tarK
Bop,e. sn.ppy aod deiidous Bottle at brewery only. Sold everywhere. A favorite home beer. Send ma trial order for a ra
delivered atyourdoor. Telephone, write or call. Ask for It at places of public resort if jou want eoaBctning hettar tana
coamoabreaa. jouN GUND PREWING CO, La Crosse, Wis.
W. C. HITDIS, Mgr., 1330-32-84 leavenworth trat, C.i.aua -l""fIB 8,344
BAAJTHaVt KiEIK, WHoleaale Blatrtbutei-;, 108 Broadway, Council Binffa, lor a. i
4eam H JMMmMJm,l Am'' JO 'Vt h- "Jfcarrv.. i).' WitT-
Will Meet Mlaaotirt Saturday, bat lias
Er en ,Wfaeanala,
IOWA CITYi la., Oel U -(Special.)-For
four days now Coach -Chalmers, assisted
by Assistant Conch-Catlln, haa been drill
ing the team to -meet Missouri tn.the open
ing game wnicn win ( ' plaj-ed here on
Saturday of thiA - Wt-efc
'bile Missouri
ofTielals have eeeu tbe Jfa-wlteves take, their
work-out, tho StrengtW of the: Missouri
teara.'I.s. a matter J ofapeculatlon here,
though the high scope Which have been
registered are taken-tcr indicate consider
able strength. r wpaart. Jtot-'only are
the . nieit being '.trained f or : the Mlasom-I
gam, but to meet turWincoaln attack
aa well. For the. V time before the'
opening of the seano: Hie eligibility rem
mitter of the lacultyi has canvassed -the
aituatlon, giving out the following list
men who are eligible, t-o play on Saturday;
Allen, Baker. -Boteman. BrugKenian.
Brown, Carberry. Collins, Elliott. Freeso,
Forey, Frl'jiell, - GoeJoWn. . Glas-i. Haatlngs,
I)Hrrlen. Hazard. K'tTfiwH'nn K" n f wirtt
Following the aoleinn ceremonlea of- last I MaeFadden, Miller NVit.e, 'Peck. Plggoll
todav'a rites were nienaros. nocawpoo., i nompeon. White and
llevtd that the marine l-orpa wilt be re
cruited to Ita full Mrnitit before the end
of the present calendar ,ear. .
General Elliott ptatcs tliut as kooii as the
condition of the corps will permit It is the
intention to Increase the marine contingent
in trie rmnppines. to a total of l.wa) men,
Islands. '
; fnicktest. eleneeit. best
J most reononil-l. f "very r-"CI-
Police Look rr Man
Me Bv llrr la
. N West.
night's ritualistic vigil
lieguu shortly after daybreak, when the
etneourse of prelates, priests and acolytes
assembled at S:X to prepare for the service
which began at 6 o'clock. Promptly at this
hour Mgr. Falcono, , with; a number, ot
asslHtents, took up the mnrch about the
building, consecrating the outer walls.
Following this the entry Into the build
ing waa made. Here the vartoue altar were
consecrated by the various bishops and
their assistants, te consecration ceremony
of the main altar eing tsonducted by the
apostolic delegate. These ceremonies con
cluded, the clerjy assembled in a ngh
liorlng building for the nuirch to the cithe
dral where bis cmlneiire. Cardinal Gibbons,
celebrated the muse at 10:30 o'clock. Tlila
pnx-easlon was spectacular, with the im
posing train of church prelates and digni
taries arrayed In all the rich vestments
and lmprcf ive, pemp of . the Catholic
Tho choir waa compesWI of Holy Ghost
'fathers; PasMonlst fathers. Redemptorlst
fathers. Capuchin fathers, Franciscan
fathers, ( Carmelite tuners, Benedictine
fathers, -diocesan clergy, cathedral and
permanent reetora, doctors of divinity,
vicars, nionsfgnors. bishopf. arehblahops,
tlie apontollc delegate and the cardinal.
The feature of the music was als a boy
All of these men are. now working on
the squad with the exception of Captain
Allen, who is still suffering from an injury
tj one of hla feet. . In the practice the
team la being lined up with Hastings at
Center, Peck and MaeFfcdden at guards,
Washburn and Bock-wood at tackles.
Thompson and White at end. Kent at
quarter. Kirk at full and Colons and
Knowlton' at' halves.' Many materlul
changes .may - possibly be made ' in this
lineup, but it ia believed now that that
ia the way the lucn will go into the gane
with Missouri. .
The situation ha bei.u 'o unsettled here
that it haa been impossible for Coach
Chalmers to teuch the regulars anything
more than a few ordinary plays, and in
the game with Missouri the Hawkeyea will
have to depend for victory on only a few
simple formations. .Kent baa begun work
lug at drop kicking regularly now. and
Iowa will probably depend ' on that this
ye:ir. ;
Reoorls from Ames' indicate that Coach
Rlstlne and the agricultural .Mtudents r
confident of " defeating Minnesota in ti e
coming game on feattirdiiy. The victory
over Nebraska, heretofore one of the in
vincible teams In the' west. , hue filled the
farmers with, the bMief that' they are the
coming nil-western champions. Ames will
take a big .aquad up to , Mltmeaioli, and
it is reported that a heavy delegation of
rooters will accompanv the team.
, , WITT! THli Mti'lVHI.
The IJte Malt lor three games to the
Falstaffs on the siet ropolltan alleys. ien
; a Idle the choir of loual priests chanted the
BIRMINGHAM. Ala., Oct. It. Mrs. J. H. j movable parts of the mass.
SMehottoin reported to the police today the nolo at the conf eerution
my.-terl.-iu disa ppnarance of her 18-yrar- Monnignor Neke' maaa In honor of St. j
choir of sixty voices, which sung the pro- ! man of the Life Malta had high single
, , , , ,t I game with La. Vtgne and Hr-er of
ecsaional. reeessionals and the responses. fh r3iaffs were high on totals with i'l
nesrs cnaqtea tne jpp.. 'J'hia takes a ternnie ran out or
is The feature of Philips chances for the covoiwd piaea which
i .....i . h ia looking for. Stapenhorst had very
al services w i hard U(ii in not getting ptna. Score:
never before presented in this
i. rii.MMi ai: f at ai o
I Ml.i; HAMl'Mi A.1.h4M Pept.1
tamqnt 1 ',tI'. .t I ' n. . H n SI . . V V
Every Ucn.25
wioverm(u ann nrHji4 in w
M4RVIL whirunq Spray
' nvaaa I . ..... l1M-Ar
Sj V?T-m i Ol.fniect,
.-"'. I"" .t.tiiB fur -x
l.-.i.4l...l-,U. Itrret ' f
t.-il tMn-wii.nd ."r-irt. Cs, f m
a t.. o.kT
fi4 sa) lit
HlXKMAfV' jt atotONNk J.L, up.u'U CtA
lttih ana L.uciit
,- Is iKB-Dlt.l.lN CO .
" at U- Vur. iua ud Kart.n ata
ol-J daughter. Miss Fannie I-Vnell. fro.n I Nicholas.
the family home . on North Ttveiit) -int j couuir: .
j street. 'Mrs. Siiiebottom believe rir Following the tnasa a banquet waa served
I daughter was cMorofm un-d and kliln iiid iu the Duqueaia. garden opposite the cathe-
between midnight and S o'clock this mom- ! dral. .
j lug. The examination, uf .Misa Feftn li s I Tonight another impressive pro-easion
j room ...iday ai,wei1 lhtit fht, rU.p, ,n , WHg lw.M wU(,n Art.nmhop Moelh r of-
her bed and I-ft her i-lutheg vudinurra d . fieiated at vespers, which close the con
em a The iitollwr ifaya an odor ol j secratlon servlres.
(i hloroforni perva.hd the room. Mrs. oide- : Moneignor Folcono returned to Wash-
biitti-ni ami daughter visit,. -d Ix-nver. Colo., j Ington tonight and Cardinal Gibbons will
; last August and afier their return M It a I leave for Baltimore tomorrow night,
jj-ennell, it I. claimed, began receiving 1. 1-1
iters from lr.lngr man. who said he had t CAST OF CARING FOR I FPFRi
-en Ik,- first out we,t .and,h.d followed ' ? ' UAniTIIU TUI1 Ltr-tKi
uer i tiumingtiariv Tha writer profe.-ped'
his love and said he would kill het If h.
Jdld not -get h-r. The letters have U-en
I lurncu ov r to tie i-lii-.-,sw h are workinu
Maaaaehaat-tta l-tads C ulnar flat
j I'.coaouileal, bat First Coat Is .
Comparatively Large.
...v ,..r. ii is saiu mat a mysterious,
, nuiii m a uaiE visiied the house
u.. 1 r I'ia i forraiBmrt
a i aitea. 1 d bi KM.iuaAaiLUAii.'h.,
iim,mi4 1 irrilmioit or a
imh i. utto-mr. vf Mtio.ll lueL.tei.Qe.
- .-.u iii I iiii. aaa aut aMria-
' Luis-.untff' i ' ii, or .. auud., al4 by Uruvalata,
t t. a. r mat ia pi.m wr..a.rt
, ' hf iipih.. rr q. fat
L. i iK i r i -iil-s . ii.
v Ci,
NEW HKITOKK, Mas."., Oil. Tfie
j live lepers cated for by the. mate of
i Massachusetts at the lnolateil colony on
Klanck- .....
La, Vtglie....
Total ...
Walclia .....
Put (on
Lelimann .,
Totals ..
. . .' 1t. !d
' ST1
S&o 851
. 1st.
14 J
2 m
' 454
1 .-v
Auiorleaa Jorkey Vlaa. -
LONDON. Oct. 4. At Nefwniarket today
the Cunibrtdseehlrc stakes for 3-yvar-oh1b
fSjfy1' -'-MS.
i n n n
re ciiiOAo
f""v n ; D "k r
lb.lsUG.IiBydUlI ;;;uiSJUUU..l!lJJliy
Leave Omaha 6:00 P. M.
Arrive Chicago 7;50 A. M.
.... .'' ' , -
Connecting with all early east bound trains. ;
Union Depot connections. : . ;
Steamship tickets to all European and Asiatic .points
Cafe Car Service. , ' ' ;
i. ;
Reservation1 and Information
1402 'hnfam 'Mreet:-Om
M . j - ia am'.-M, .i, mmm,rm-m,
.,. - , -- - ,
and upward, one milt- 1ind a furlong, were
won bv . PolyniehiH. ridden by "Dunny
Ma her, the American Jockey.
tosnil Defeata Eaette.
El'STIS. Neb., Oct. 24. The. final game of
base ball between the Cosad nnd Eubtis
High schools was played Saturday at
Coz-td. which rr-ultcd in favor of the for
mer bv a. acor.- - ' ' l-irge number
of Euslls people drove over to Coiad to
witness the a,...i. tf to inclement
weather were compelled to remain there
until Monday.
Policyholders of Hartford Life Want
Oae Knod nlatrlbated to later
ested Parties.
HARTFORD, Conn , Oct. ;'4 The suit of
the, committee of policyholders against the
Hartford IJfe Insurance company and tho
Security. Trust company, to secure an ac
counting of the so-culled "safety fund," Is
bOBCd entirely upon the alleged failure of
tho officera of these corporatloiia, who are
named Jn the wr't, to make a distribution
ef this fund. . ,
The Hartford Life 'Insurance company
wasr originally incorporated In lSH7.-and. al
though it A name waa changed from that
under which it waa first incorporated, it is
still doing an active business m many forms
of insurance.' The writ In the suit doe
not make reference to the present busi
neas of the company except as relating to
the "safety fund" plan. It sets forth only
that the defendant Insurance tympany
rcam.d to do business tinder the "aafety
fund" plan and ceased to admit members to
it after March. IM.
I, y v
: A.-
., - V '
When your 4iealth 'Is concerned don't ex
periment -wito "Free Treat men t" schemes.'
or the many misleading deceptive and un
businesslike propositions which are alluring
and rulctiiHted to lead you to believe .that
you are going to gel something for nothing,
or for less than it Is worth. When your
health and your future happiness are ut
stake, consult competent and reputable
physicians. ,
I : READ .
the announcement in next Sun
day's Bee of the
o in s for ; il s
. or Call and Oe Examined Free.
1308 Farnam St., Betweea 13th and 14th Sts., Omaha, Neb.
lVrniuucntlj- KaUblUhtl in Omaha. Nebruska.
If you want to sell real estate quickly j
j ..... i rv T i X". ' . . : . . , '
BUVCrilbB III J L. 117V UUIIl i-iMuuiiia.
tiameae Woni.-i 1les.
WAS1 flNQTON, Oct. ...-Announcement
has Just been made of -ht death of Mra
Luang Ratanayapli, wife ot the Siuineje
charge d'altaiiri., which occurred here Oc
tober iS. The removal of the body to
r.-ceivlng vault was the ftret that bi-caine
known publicly of the death. She had ben
!i for a week. In accordance with the
Siamese custom the body wnl be cremated
and the ashes sent to Slam.
Island In Buaard a l-ay.
durirg lai-t night.
- i cost the Bay stale for the first fourteen
hibualtua Kimtlie q,uara Arrest j months of the experiment 49.04.i, ace-ordlng
ir Prr.oiii TboaKlit l if. ' 10 ngurva hibuk puunu uw). ine greater
jpoilloti ul -. tuts -aunt, However, was ex
! penied for nei-essary initial expenses,
f u-hl, h Included the nurehnse of the l!n4
EL P.vau, Tex , Oct. ii.-Uuvi rrnr Cieel i the building of four cottages for the
ot I,. yesterday aurf u, t ight t patients ami other equipment. l"r. Johua
caused the arreM throughout that site of I F. Lewis, aupertntendeut f the board of
more than tifty person, J.-ttci fror.i wham. ' v!uUii,a r the .tale adult poor, vati-
nirchM-a to r.. jrioiv. .Mit.M.n
mm vrimnh
In Plot.
head of the St. I..
Li s'.r 4i.i a rt
J I J ,U-et
a a uf li'.-
Tbosa Miir-nif from wak.
1 til. !l sup the pleftni.'S
uriiiet i4e juti-r . wi.
ti'ie t- 'i a ul i!l a nr ef
ai.u, i.Au.tH. J't,ui Oi,:u-tiHi La taa-ia
r-Juviia(iLg I'tahiiMtf fwr-a tttsn liac rer
ei-.ra l. o uftrrt. ..nt p.&t i;d in pla.a
p.. uiJy &n ir.n Ipl uf t:,tp ft-iv. ar d $1.
i.l ty -.m en j n,i.,r I'. L Ituvd ei.. pro-Wj-,w
Jiv4 a liuviU.a, LvweiL i-a
Jl M kitail lint i h.,
fuund !n' p-wi m of ain-gesi revolutl,n
bts who recently v-ere aneKt-Hi here.
. It now 'dYr!o thnt Cuptnin Juainei
Castro of tho M xieau army, who ws ar
retted t a pi .KUi.g uf to. El Ps j,mUl
a as a Mexican ip .
Mexican f'o;ist.l Malieu j iha 1 iu' h
K-ceiving scur of Iftteis, tigot.i -Tii.-J.inta."
threuu-nii.g him wUrt dedth for 1.1?
activity j.aal the leveitXtoiuata, .
mates that, now that the culouy Is e-jith-llelied.
an annual appropriation of I5.i
will be adequate. , -
In Ku4 the Hale lg alalure apprvpi iated
C.Out) for the etab)ihnient uf a h-pvr
colony. lr said the first year of
the ixpeiiirert had bet-u a nuoei.s and
jilaimed thttl th plan piert-d more ioiw
nilcat than the old yt-m of curing for
il,;,iis in ui-iUterrtl jMrtioua of tUe .ulu
I uiuuwe-alih. llil.hertu ilia ' httms i the
1 d.Bai bad cuM tli slat a $li.Ju auiiaiUiy.
The real cause Sot Eczema is the presence of humors and sour acids in
the blood. These impurities get into the circulation because of imperfect
action of those Bierubers of the system whose duty it is to collect and carry
off the refuse and waste pf the body. As this effete matter lies in the
system it ferments and generates acrid humors which are abi-orbed into the
blood, overcharging- this vital fluid with acid. In its effort to keep the system
healthy the blood throws off the humors through the pores and glanda
d the skin, causing this tormenting skin disease. The escape of acids and
'lumors) through the pores and glands irritates and burns the skin, producing
juituks filled with a clear, sticky fluid, which dries in crusts and patelir
;ausing the most intense itchhi;?, and often pain. Ihe trouble is in the blood.
wd S. S. S is the remedy for Eczema, because it is a real blood purifier, 1'
,'oeg down into the circulation, removes all acids and humors and makes t':e
Mood rich, pure atid healthy. When S. S. S. Las doue this the symptom
pass away, the blood ia cooled and the disease cured permanently. Nothing
tu ts so promptly or pleasantly in all s'.in diseases as H. S. S., ar.d it is j
the Mine time a fine tonic to the eutire system. Boole ca Skin Diseases i.
it'lKM aavicc xxe SWIFT CPLCir.Z CO ATLAXTA, CA
Do not waste any time or money
on fixke Dandruff cures
You can eomplately rid yotireelf of Dandrutf by usinfc' ',. , ' ,: ,
. Try it and be convinced. . ,
SCH AEFER'S Cut Price Dm! Stor
If Cor. ISth and CblcaEO Streets, OMAHA
h tv. i or. ,'4tb and ft rt South Oiuglta. Cor. Stn and Main Bta.. tjuncl Bluff., ia.
ra f1"1 "'- a
By the Old.Eeliabla Dr. Eearles & Senile.
Established in Omaia for li yeara The n.any tliJiiaatds
of easaa cured by us make us the most exi i ,euci.d it-" -
- i&llsta In tne West, In all aisaasaa and ailments of man.
We know Jual what will oue you-nd cure '
We make no mlalaadipg or falae atatameata, or offer yju
chaap, worthieka treatuusnt. Our reputat-u an4 naia
are tuo favorably kr.own, avary eaa ira.t, our reputa"
' ' tlua la at ataka. Your healin. lira and hapalnesa Is t v
arrtnus a matter o alaca in Lha haada'of a "NAM
i Kr-i? ' lHM'leiR. H r.t eioHwrs of nb'ilty ,u S en
OWN VAilK IN THICK ft dlNtbl, cun afftci f
veryorva a Ufa-long CURE f(,r V.'eag, Nrvo-js M.a,
Varlci.cel trout if . t.'ervoua rbliltv ' t,iicd Fuiae a,
I'roatatlc troublva. Kidney, l ladder. w'aST1NI M'KAKa
T KKhS, Hydrnceir. hroiile Lnaeasea. Contraotad T'lsaaaaa)
- ; tl'iiiicli m fKIn Iiavae. ... . ,
.1 if ii 1 ixaintiii.o. and fonmiltation. "WHu fat
' "' a av a a- fcvmotjrn Blank for huma LMinuiiL
DO. Bh.ll,t.l,iB at LlLLTrlX. 14U. aaad liOM-m bUa4dt Ouulaa, bvLrtiL,