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V" klw-w vast "
' " jUiin Wya Mud 4U tf:
Ordinasoe Dtfiaine Gas Tank tim t
. Etrenarthsns. Preitnt Cue.
Canvaae of Cnnncllineu Indicate Xevt
BUI Will Kot Meet Sorton
, Opposition (roia Any
. ," Member.
" Councilman Bridges' Ordinance, introduce
at the council meeting- Tuesday evening, fle
line certain limit within which tanks or
other receptacle for the storage or manu-
fae:tutng of fuel or Illuminating gae may
lm erected, prohibits the alteration of nuc.i
places already established In the city ana
precludes the conversion of other plucks
within the proscribed llmlti for put pores
referred to. The object of tho ordinance
eventually is to remove all gas planta and
tanks to points well removed from tho resi
dence district. A csnvaj s of the counellineti
Indicated the ordinance would not meet
vth much If any remittance when p:aead
on lt wnv tir- rtn'.l .. .....
m vwi
itii it
I i
.ii;.i;iuitg irrrimry is emiogea uy a
boundary-line' tai tln(r' from the northwest
corner of the city limits to Bhciman nvr
nue. south to Belt line, routheust to Thlr
teenth and Nlchola. ijoulh on Thirteenth
I to Capitol avenue, east to Ninth, snutli to
j-aciiic. cam io Histn. routh to Pierc, cist
to Second aoutOJo ,Jbo ,wr Hf.l'ttOi ft BuV-J
litigton right-of-way, routhwect to souther
lioundarr line' of city linlts, then arounl
the city limit to the first iwlnt referred In
This territory Includes nearly all the city.
CoBsrat of Property (hv-ir.
Tho ordinance which this one If passed
wuuld tllfplK-ii provides that the content ot
all property owtnrs within a radius of l.tfB
ftet shall first be obtained befors the city
building inspector s-hall grant a permit for
th wwllon of any building for gas manu
facturing or storage purposes. Two month
ago Ilullrting IiiKpoctor Wlthnell was citc",
to appear before Judge Day to'chow cause
why he should not grant the Omaha Qat
. company a pemilt to erect a large tank a
A Twentieth and Center streets. Tho build
f j lug Inspector stood upon ho ordinance, and
Vi showed that the gas company failed tc
Xv present tho required signatures of property
owners. The gas company held tha ordi
nance would not hold Inasmuch as the coni-p-iny
merely wanted to add another tank
to 'a battery of throe already established
t .the same -location. - -Judge
Day ruled In favor of the city and
me case was taken to the supreme court
and argued four weks ago. A declhlon will
ba rendered at the neSct sitting of theourt.
Bridges' ordinance, now pending, wll
'.''.'.';' .... m
Creates: Sensation
in New Orleans !
. L. T. Cooper, the young philanthro
pist, who, with his strsnge new
clnes has been exciting much atten
tion from newspapers all over the
country, now has New Orleans In a
storm of enthusiasm over Ills rcmark
sble work. The sales of )ils prepar
ations' has reached enormous figures
and the wonderful cures of stomach
trouble and rheumatism accredited to
bis medicines, which wero at first the
'ihjct of much conjecture, hive be.
come so common that their genuine
ness can no longer be doubted.
,Hls theory that fifty per cent, of the
so-called stomach trouble Is due to
Immense parasttles, or tape worms, la
verified in newly every raae reported.
Wherever he goa people bring to him
glass Jsrs and dishes containing these
- psraaltss which liv ben cxpelh-d their eystenis by his medicines.
Neatly three hundred of these rans
sre reported from New Orleans and In
almost avery Instance the patient had
been unaware that bis suffering was
caused by anything more than ordin
ary loiMaoh trouble.
Mr. A. R- Halle, a prominent busi
ness man of Ills Caroodelet ureal.
New Orleans, is aMthorlty for the re-p.-u-t
of one of the most remarkable of
theae cases.' According to his state
meut, Mr. Hail had been a sufferer
from a severe affection of tha stomach
for tk fut sis yui anJ i,4 ta
treaited by physicians wlio diagnosed
.' his fuse one of-tape worm, hut whose
-' treat nieiil f"led to relieve him.
hpeaklng of hla experience ,th Coop
:::$ 2SSS2i.BS
. v.
ur Grocer
" AS! .
' .
need for clhcr cereals now-
Cereal, Vito
The white heart of the wheat. A 2 lb.
retailing at 1 5 c, wher. cooked makes
of dainty creamy white food.
Made by the man who makes
BREAKFAST - Sbr Jowly one half cup
one bait cupt oi boiling water, salt to taste
minute. If too thick add bourns water.
not with cream andsugr.f. When cold it make
a debdom luncheon dish, hied and erred
with syrup. Nurneroua dainty
dinner deserts can be pre-
. parea wun mill - s
"NssN ana jcuy.
strengthen Vbe old ordinance and which-
ever way the supreme court may decide In
the case now before It the city will have an
other and stronger ordinance regulating
'ho establishment of gas plants.
Tlania tor WreeUlag? Household Iiead
Joe McDerniot Into Conrt
Whore He Is Fined. '
The penchant of Joe McDermott, who
sonrtts wlUi Mrs. McQreel at 1710 South
lgrhth street, for destroying the furniture
elunainr to nls landlady has been thr
neann of his appearing before the peoP''
ar twice within the last week, although
'ie must be credited with having varlod
'ils usual performance considerably. TueS
tav night he returned home after work and
Utenipled to complete, the undertaking of
Sreaktng up housekeeping for Mrs. Mc
Oreel, which he started last Friday night,
when he piled all the furniture in the mld
i! of the room and threatened to set fire
to It, for which offense he was fined S3 ami
?osU by Judge Crawford In police court
ast Saturday. 1
Tuesday night he completely wrecked the
furniture In the bouse, causing damasre to
ho extent of $100, and as a fitting finale
tote down the stove, which had a biasing
fire In it. filling the house with smoke so
thoroughly that the officers could not see
him within when they tame to take him
Into custody. Officer Frank Murphy tes
tified that he never saw: a house so com.
Plctnlv and thoroughly wrecked and that
v,.i-iAi-nirttt was an wni " mv
Dermott was not Intoxicated, as. ha svas-
wv.c'ii he trlod to burn the laneuacrr ou oi
house and home last Friday. As a result
of the last escapade McDermotfs Incen
diary Inclination will be curtailed for the
next ten days while he. enjoys the hospi
tality dispensed at the county Jail.
V Quick nnd Sale UmrOr tor Bowel
Twenty years ago Mr. Geo. W. Brock dla
covered that Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Plarrhcea Remedy was a o.ulck ani
rafe cure for bowel complaints. "During
all of these years." he says, '1 have used
it and recommended It many limes and tin
results have never yet disappointed ntt.''
Mr. Brock Is publisher of the Aberdeen
t.Md.) Enterprise.
Mirths nnd tlentbs.
ti, following births and death
.ported to the
tif. twenty-four
Hoard of Health rturins
hours ending Wednesday
(rth-Johrt Pobb, Twenty-eighth strc;t
nd Crown Point avenue, boy; OH-r Shall
erg 4124 Nicholas, boy; Luther Cher, lift
.oris Twenty-seventh. hoy: Krancls
lixidall. 441't North Twenty-fifth avenuo.
..v K. J. Hamlin. '914 t'arnam. girl; lii.-
ett Mollvalne. 41' ward, girl; Frank
"ek. VM Routh Fifteenth, boy; Andrew
tixenoulst, 3-'17 California, boy. , , .
l.avh-Slmon Williams, 8M North Forty-
th avenue, K. v
er's preparation he said: "Jly case has
been a stubborn one and nothing I
eould do seemed to alter my condition.
Several physicians treated me w.thcut
result sixl when Cooper's medicines
began to create so' much attention I
determined to give them a trial. The
worm which they excelled from my
system measured nearly fifty feet In
length and sa soon as I was rid Of the
horrlhle thing I to improve."
I'pon being asked about the attendant
symptoms he declared that they ar
much similar to those of any stomach
disorder, a variable appetite, dtaxy
spells, headaches. Constipation, 'ner
vousness, and a continual languid,
tired worn out feeling being the most
common, while one of the surest slgiis
Is dark spots that appear to float be
fore the vision after stooping over.
It .Is estimated ' that one hundred
thousand bottles of Cooper's Medi
cines have been sold during his visit
In New Orleans and Judging from tha
apace devoted to hla work by tho
newspapers of the city Cooper is the
talk of the town.
L. T. Cooper, It will be remembered,
la tha man who created such turmoil
In 8i. Louis a short time ago, where
he Is said to have sold nearly a quar
ter million bottlea of his preparations.
At the Beaton Drug Co.'s drug store.-,
the local agency for Cooper'a medi
cines, it la said that the sales of his
two remedies, Cooper's New Discovery
and Cooper's Quick Ilrllef, have be
come enormous and that the most
gratifying reports have been roi-eived
from ibnae who have used them. .
has it now
Tlio Story of
Oxtlie White
W Hoart
1 2 lbs.
into two .
and bod
Tender little home grown green onions
und fresh, crlp lettuce are difficult to
reconcile with blcKk fate October, but they
are In the market and have been all week,
although the wet weather has prevented
the gardenera bringing them In regularly
Of course, they are hot bed and hot house
products, but they are as tempting or mere
so than they were last spring. The onions
sll for 5 cents a bunch and the head let
tuce at 10 centa a head. Another week or
so will bring most of the garden truck from
the south. The first of the Turkish fig
came In Wednesday, and sell for 13V4 cents
a pound. The first carload of New lork
apples arrived Wednesday morning and
will sell from 3 SO to It. 50 a barrel, accord
ing to variety. Quinces are scarce and high
priced In proportion, selling for 10 cents a
The scarcity In oysters and the corre
sponding advance in price has not mate
rially effected the retufl market . as yet.
Bulk oysters sell for 10 cents a quart and
"solid" for 45 centa a quart! selects, W
cents a quart.
Ttto Luncheon lleelpes. -
SWEET RICE BALLS Wash thoroughly
one scant cupful of rice In cold water, put
In a double boiler, with one point of milk,
cover and cook until soft. Afld one tea
spoonful of butter, two tablespoonfuls of
sugar, salt to taste, and the well beaten
volk of an egg. When cold mold Into small
balls, pretning Into the -center of each a
raisin, d candied cherry, or a little stiff
Jelly. Dip In egg. roll lit crumbs and fry
smoking hot fat. Drain and roll to paw.
dered sugar before serving.
JELLIKD CHICKEX-3elect for thin a
fowl rather than a chicken, . the long
cooking will make It tender. Singe, clean
and cut It up as for a frteasee, put In a
kettle with one-half of a small onion,
stuck with a clove, and one stalk of celery,
cover with boiling water and simmer until
the meat falls from the bones, adding one
teaspoonful of suit when half done. Take
out the chicken and cook down the liquor
to three-quarters of a cupful, then strain It
and skim off fat. Lightly butter a mold
and decorate the bottom and side with
slices of hard boiled eggs and atoned
olive. Free the meat from the skin, bone
and fat, and pack In mold, sprinkling wlih
salt, add the liquor and set aside to cool.
fieaslon Opeua Monrfny Mght at Kellom
nnd t'omenloa, Maine Buildings
t'sed I.nst Year.
The regular night school season In the
public schools will begin ' next Monday
evculi'g M Kellom and Comenlus schools.
The sessions will be from T:So to 9:30 each
Monday, Tuesday. Wednesday and Thurs
day evenings. ' The season will Inst five
months. No tuition fee Is charged and nil
persons 15. years or over are permitted ta
attend. For several years the public, ntgft
schools have proved a valuable adjunct to
the public school sstem of Omaha.
Annanneenientn of the Theaters.
(recrge V. Honart haa written some of
the best sluft that ever went Into print,
and part of this Is for the newest of musi
cal comedies, "Coming Thro' the Hye." I
With a book by HcLurt and music by A. J
Puldwin (ileiane, the brilliancy of the pieew i
is assured. Then with a company made .
np of competent pe-ople. tho general suc
cess Is certain. Will J. Block Is direcilng
tb (our, ami has provided an organisation
"lk Flour"
fully reiual to any that ever went out for nrusn a. id eif, and himki- your
the purpose of d-Ilghtlng the world alth' breath pure, f.rsli and saeeL, ' juai afitr
mu'le and fun. The migigemeni begins i 'uu ve ea-.n. imn nj'oiie iii turn in
at the Hod this at lerimon, end continues ' away ou hn you breathe or
the rest eif the week, with u matinee on ! alk; your breutu will be paie una tresu.
Satui'lay allernoon. land bes.Uea your (oud will Uslo so muci
f ! b iter u you at your next jusi try
The regular shoppers' matlnes wilt be j
given at the Hurwocd th!s afternoon, "Mr.'' being the Mil. This offers a fine
rhaui-s for the women. esp.clally those
from out of the city, to spend a ileum nt
hour 4t the theater after making (he
roundb of the itores and shops.
A flue treat Is promised tl.e clientele of
women who attend the midweek popular
price matinee at the Orpheuni on Hiurj-'
days at tho performance this afiernoOn. I
Kdtth Helena, the distinguished aor.ran.i
Is especially In favor, iiclena, who haa
the greatest tang of any ringer on the
stage will shortly join the Metropolitan
Grand Opera company. New York, and 11
msy be a long time before the eminent
singer will be bcoked here again. Mile,
merer nena, wuu ner two famous at!-
Hone, an appropriate horse show meek at
traction, ate (coring heavily.
Williams and Walke r, in their all new
production Abytsiiim ' v. ill be t.,tt' t.
traction at the Krug theater for the re
mainder of the week starting tonight. The I
piece is brimful of muio and la staged
more elaborately than any piece in whl.-h
these popular comedians have heretofore
been seen. The management wishes to
Hate trial there la atill plenty of good
seals unit that they will b ante to n .
rare of njosl of their patrons, 't he ingage
ment e-losea Saturday nighl. Tlieti will he
a uikUiks on ta i uiu.
Vtrobtn tf 11! seed TrniJ TJader Iadict
meet Tn', Up Thomihd lach.
Cirand Jarr is Iaveatlnatlnsi AN
leged (einent Trait, eerf
tary t hleh Con not Be
Reached Jnst Sow.
Coal dealers against whom trust Indict
ments were returned Tuesday afternoon by
the county grand Jury have been going
Into court and giving bond for their ap
pearance In court when wanted. Judge
Button has fixed the amount of bond at
tl.Ono for each .defendant and In order to
expedite rratters the coal men have been
ordered to appear at t o'clock In the morn-
lrg or 1 o'clock In the afternoon In order
not to Interfere with the regular session
of the court. A special session was held
Tuesday night In order to enable those
who wanted to to furnish bond. The deal
era named In tho Indictment sre:
Joeeph T. Beatty, Jeff W Eedfcrd. Carl
Brandeis, Leon W. Bunnell, George .
Hadlock. Charles K. Coutant, George c.
Squires, Samuel' fi. Caldwell. Randall K.
Prown. Arthtir II. Ooodoll, Harry Chrlr
topherson. Alfred Hald. George D. Rice,
Luther A. Harmon. Joseph C. Weeth. Har
well T. t.emlst. Oeorge P. Cmnk, Edward
E. Howell, Charles S. Johnson. John P.
Kehoe, Isnao Levi, Leroy E. Lucas. Tav
ner R,, Morris Rosenblatt. Pamucl E.
Howell, Taylor J. Wells, William C.
lard. John E. Tetard, Edward E. Ie Beau,
Q. Frederick Elsasser, Alfred A. Tardun,
Alva B. Cook. Robert J. Altchlson, Samuel
A. Comeer. William T. Shackelford, Hlraro
H. Dickey, John J. Thomson, Arthur V.
Partridge, Patrick C. Heafey. James S.
Moneghan, Erneet'A. Blum. Edward Mc
Eachron, Robert A. McEachron. Fred P.
Loomls, Woodworth Allen, Oeorge F.
Howell, Joseph B. Kosiel, Edmund B. Cor
rlgfin, Charles W. Hull, Talbot D. Dakln,
Jnmefl A. Sunderland, Lester T. Sunder
land, Tom Colllne Haven, George W. Me
geath and William R. Wood.
Klne Reparole Connta.
The indictment Is a bulky document and
consists of nine separate counts, each nam
ing a specific violation of the Mate ant!
trust laws. Count one charges In general
terms a combination to fix prices and re
strain competition. Count two relates
specifically to an alleged combination
through the Omaha Coal exchange to pre.
vent competition. Counts three and four
cite two sections of the constitution and
by-laws forbidding soliciting by clerks,
agenta or otherwise or by letter except by
printed postal card, and count five charges
violation of the law In enforcing the re
strictions referred to In counts three and
four. Count six charges the defendants,
through the exchange, about September 14,
raised the price of anthmctte coal from
110.26 to $10.50 by conspiracy and In viola
tion of law. Count seven charges In general
terms a conspiracy to rafre the price of
coal, and count tight charges a violation of
law In fixing the price tf anthracite ot
$10.60. In count nine the schedule of retail
prices on coal, printed by the authority of
the exchange and circulated, Is set forth In
full and tlje members are charged with
violating tlie law In agreeing to It and ad
hering to It. . ,,,.v.,. . .
Cement Trust Inqalrr.
Considerable difficulty has been encoun
tered In the alleged cement trust Investiga
tion owing to the absence from Omaha cf
H. A. Doud,-secretary "Of Ihe ' alleged com
bine. ' A' subpoena'pwas Issued for him
Tuesday afternoon, nnd, Inquiries at his
house brought out tftefact be,, was away
on his vacation. The officers were unable
to find out where he 1. lie Is one of the
prtnoipal witnesses in the inquiry relating
to the Investigation of the building ma
terial dealers.
The argument on the motions In the Coal
trust civil ult before Judge Troup which
were to have come up Wednesday morning
were put over until Thursday morning, as
some ot the attorneys Interested could not
be present Wednesday.
Mr. Doud Is deputy collector of the
Odor of Indigestion, Smoking,
Drinking or Kating Cuu 1
Instantly Htcppvd.
Other people your uau ureaih
whtre you would not notice it at all. Ii
Is nauseating to other people to stand be
fore the n while you are talking, gtvu
them a whiff or two of your bad breath.
It usually comas from food fermenting
on your stomach. Sometimes you have
11 In the morning that awful sour, bil
ious, bad breath. You can aiop mat at
once by swallowing one or two Biuait
Charcoal Losenges, - the most poweiful
gas and odor ausorbers ever pi'cpatod. your mels will iweal them
selves In your breath to those who M!a
with you. "You've, had onions," or
"You've been eating cabbage," and all of
I a sudden yu belch .0 th face of your
I filend. Charcoal is a wonderful absorber
! of odori, 1,1 evory on knows. That is
I w ?y btunrt'e Charcoal Loxengra are . gu
l QLick to s.op an - and oju.s or oJoi-
ut foous, ur gas from indigestion.
Don't use breath (,ei: wines, 'ihey never
conceal the ouor, u4 ne-ver absorb tat
gas eau.ifs the odor, liealiics, the
Very fact of iiilng II. em reveals l:ie reason
i'r their use. StU4rt' t-'!idcoaI Loaengca
ui the tirst pi ua for fcoud all sou.
, t-hafcoal doas other wonderful ihings,
u'- il cariies away from your itcmacl.
,nl ai.nea, all the Impin itles tiier9
'"asei logLiher and wnkh causes the
d breath,
as en absorber.
; Charcoal Is now by Tar the best, most
easy sua mua laxutive known. A whola
boxful will da no harir. ;
in fiit, the tno.-e
Siuiit Charcoal
I you take the betUir.
1 Losenges sre made of pure willow char
coal and mixed with Jusi a faint flavor
of honey to uie niem piliiuo, tor you.
nut not too sweet. You lust chew tnem
l:ke candy. They are absolutely harm
j Ofa hew, njre. sweet breath, frtshen
; your stomach, for your next mesl, nj
j keep the Intestines In good working order.
These two thtnas are the secret of
t sre rne secret of good
lift. You can get all ' tho
ry to do .haseVonder
health and long
charcoal necessary to no those wonderful
but 'imply things by getticg Stuarts
Charer.el Losengea. We want you tu
test ihesa little wonder workers yoursejii:
before you buy thum. Bo send us your full
nume and address for a fret sample of
Bturafs Charcoal Lotengta. Then after
)t,u have tha sample, and been con
vinced, go to your druggist and gtt a He
box of i hem. You'll feel better all over,
more comf irtable, and "elcaner" Inside.
Bend us your name and address today
and we will at once aend you by n.all a
sample parhsge, free. Address F. A.
, Stuart Co., Stuart fcldg. Marh;
r L! I f v)
sm all hand tailor,
ed by the best
workmen in the
Atk your dealer
to ihow you Amer
ica's Stsnditd Fuf
Coat. If he cannot
do so write us and
we will direct you
to oae who can.
Drlacoll 6.
Pur Manufacture ii
St. Paul. Minn.
mrf 'SJ
I'nlted States Internal revenue department
In Omaha, holding a federal office and at
the same time being secretary to the al
Ifged local Cement trust.
Treasurer gays , Flnnnees Are . Sneh
that Levy Will Not Exceed
that Flaore.
That Douglas county and Omaha city
finances are In mtlch better condition than
they have been for years was shown by
County and City Treasurer Fink in a talk
before the Real Estate exchange Wednes
This good financial condition Is due, he
said, to the scavenger tax law and eco
nomical administration. The county had
$215,000 warrants outstanding In ltt)4. $177,600
In I and to date In 1908 It has warrants
out only to the smount of $,tR,0n0. The gen
eral fund warrants are held by Douglas
county, so that today not $1 Interest on
the general fund Is paid to anyone other
than the count)'. He said $730, 31$. SI had
been real lied from the operation of the
seavenger law from 1903 and previous taxes.
Of this (S,oA5.fS had gone to the city,
$21S,13t.78 to the county and $42,646.74 to
South Omaha. For 1904 about 98 per cent of
the local taxes had been collected, he said,
a showing never made before.
. Due to its Income from the sale of prop
erty under the scavenger tax law the city
has redeemed and retired long-time bonds
tu the amount of $10,flu0, special Improve
ment bonds to the amount of $151,010 and
has transferred $181,000 to various funds,
besides paying Judgments to the amount of
$10,000 and interest to the amount of $11,000.
"I believe Douglas county can In another
year," said Mr. Fink, "reduce the tax levy
by 3 mills If you have a body, of business
men as county commissioners."
Commissioner Ure was called On. He
said that when the new levy la made next
August the county will have the entire
levy for the year before It and no- back
debts to pay. He predicted a reduction of
S to 4 mills In the levy.
City Engineer Rosewater, another guest
of t!.e exchange, arraigned the Omaha
Electric LIcht and Power company for its
so fur successful efforts to maintain a
monopoly on electric power. Its recent
public statements that It la furnishing elec
tricity cheaper than power could be fur
hlBhcVT by water Mr. Rosewater denounced
as untrue.' He made a long enumeration of
UtatlBtlcs to show that water power Is
cheaper and expressed himself in favor of
a canal o break the present monopoly.
Amount Sow In Hand of Y. W. C. A.
Home at Close ot Second
Cam pals a.
The second campaign to complete the
Toung Women' Christian association
building fund of IliS.OjO closed Wednesday
noon with approximately $80,000 available.
Fourteen thousand dollars more will be
necessary before the building can be be
gun and the women 'will continue their
soliciting until this has been accomplished.
Regarding their failure to raise the de
sired amount, Mrs. Emma F. Byeis, gen
eral secretary of the association, said: '
'We are not a bit discouraged, hut feel
confident the recessary money will be
forthcoming. We are disappointed that the
people of Omaha have not responded more
liberally to out- great need, but It Is a
great deol to have rnlsed $100,000 In the
lust eighteen months, snd that Is what we
have done, Including the $15,000 we paid for
our lot at Seventeenth and St. Mnry's
avenue. This Is more thun msny associa
tions have done Unit have raised their
money In small amounts as we have. We
have not yet heard from all the business
men, so cannot state definitely the rerult
of the last two weeks' canvass."
f- 1
At n nie"nng oi ene axsnciaiiem noara or i J. p. -immeriron. iwemy-nintn ann cen
dlrectora Wednesday Mrs. - Byers .,! trsl boulevard, Jl.nno dwelling; O. Hansen,
elected delegate lo the meeting to be heid
In New York City December h and S fori
the organization of the new united national
society to be known ss the Young Women's
Christian Association of the United Ptstea
of America, that will include the former
international beard and American commit- I
te of Young Women's Christian aasocla- !
tlons. !
MesOamcs J. V. Bal'ey, O. W. Wicker- j
sham, J. H. Diimont, P. M. OiiTett and R.
Q. pchseffer were elected delcgites from j
the association lo the stat" meeting !
to bo he-Id at Cotner college, Lincoln, No
vember 9 to 11 Mrs. Oeorce Tllden, Mrs.
W. P. Kirfnrd und Mrs. Kmmi F. Byers
will attend hh members of ttis state com
Aerretary of War Will Snenk
Mttht of Last Day In
Despite all contrary and varying reports, it, Is composed, in plain F.nqHtK oa every
word was received Wednesday morning bottle-wrepper.
that Scrieurr Taft would spesk In Omaha 4, if
WedriesC.f-.y evening. Octolier SI. Washing-j The formal a of Dr. rierce's Favorite Pra
toiV hull hss been selected for the occasion. ! scrlptlon will ber the Biostcrltlrsl eiairilna
When It was announced thu Secretary tlon of medical eincrt for It contains no
Tnft would speak here Wednesday after-
noon rffi'i ts a ere at once made to change
the time to Ihe evening. Congressman
Kennedy aired J. B. Fhernian, chairman of
the republican congressional committee,
ravins; the secretary ot war could make
train connections1 that would permit of
L. . .
h ' ,rr1V"' lJnV7 l""
!lm i0 'P"W 0,:,
sdiy evening In
rado metropolis
is arranged.
Later a telegram was received sajlng tr
Deuver meeting been dropped for the
present, so that Omaha Is rure of Mr. Taft 1
whether Denver gets Mm or not.
1 ' 1
.,, . .
Milkmen Fall to tppear.
Charged with wiling milk that had been!
adulterated by tho nigral use of tlie rump.
8 Hoeenthal. John Johrs' n and John H "1. !
ftihera of milk aaijims, a ho i arrested j
To. s.iay b 8ieul om.-er Jf,e Bcuiiy. ,-ro ,
before the police mag strate W "luesd y I
lbs iiiusttattng offlcer md livl put iu a
Nobby CloIIies for Boys
A Very Special Offering Tomorrow
Doys' Snits Tomorrow 2.65
Quality and price are our frtrougf&t attrac
tionsbut tomorrow wc have something
very attractive to offer exacting parents
and'full blooded. romping boj?. ThebojV
clothing season is just about half over
and naturally doing the largest boys'
clothes business in Omaha has left us with
lots of odds nnd ends of fine suits. To make
short work of these troken lota we have
cut the prices on several hundred
new, stylish, this season's suits,
and tomorrow your choice y C .
of $4 nnd $3.50 Suits at. .. a4.UJ'
lhat arc wcrlh $6 ' Omuu
An immense selection tomorrow of
boys' fiuo Overcoats that are 'worth
$6 at the exceptionally low prico
of $3.93. Made of strictly all wool
materials, in fancy and plain colors.
Made to fit boys 7 to 16 years of age.
Nice new long styles to protect
them from the cold. This is a' big
value and should require ? (IP
prompt action tomorrow.. a-' -r
, all A -Jws
Cor. Farnam
Is especially valuable aunng the
summer season, when outdoor occu
pations and sports ar most in order.
yield to it, and it is particularly
agreeable when used in the bate
after violent exercise.
appearance Ontll after the coses had bren
called and disposed of, much to the satis
faction of the three dispensers of Infantile
Bellevne Car Benefits Resident
Army station as Well as
College Town.
The liellcvuc line of the Oma'nu & South
ern Interurban' company Is proving to bo a
great benefit to the residents of Foil
Crook and Is being well pstronlxed by peo
ple wishing to go to the fort and by the,
soldiers and , officers and their families
coming to Omaha. The students at BeJJe
vue also are using the line extensively
and the oars have been well filled most of
the time. Funday, although a bfid day
overhead, the cars had all the buslne
Ihey could handle, or. rather, the car, fov
the switch wire is not yet In place and
but one car Is run. As soon as this is fin
ished two cars will be put on en crowded
Qnlnay. Kprnins and 9ne;ils(a Cored.
"in November. 1901. I caught cold and
had the quinsy. My throat wns swollen -
I could hardly breathe. I applied cairn
berlaln's Pain Balm and It gave me relief 1
In a short time. In two days I wss ail '
t.1,1 ' - v . Mrrn T. f nil!,,.. fl...k,. I
Mich. Chamberlain's Pain Palm is a Un..
n-.ent snd Is especially valuable for sprains
and swelllnga
CIna Gordon aad Hallowe'en.
Next Wednesday evening, October SI,
being Hallowe'en night. Clan Gordon brings
Gavin Ppence and Miss Nannie Gtrachiin,
Bcotland's greatest tenor and soprano.
Lyric theater -hss been taken. Tickets are
priced: Boxes, TSc; area and balcony, inc;
gallery, 26c.' Tickets exohnnged at box
office day of and day before concert.
Well a" be there!
DIAMONDS Kellioim. mth and Harney.
Building Permits.
Building permits issued: E. W. Sinndt,
North Tklrty-elshth. dnelMnir:
2UX l.nrcniore, tl.HO dwelling.
Do You Thfnlt
Fer Yourself 7
Or, da yon epea your mouth like a ymirg
tlrd aV gnlp down whatever food or aaea
a ins ma a se offered you $
L 1 V V
tKmvian Intelligent thinking woman.
la need ofrif from reeknesa.nervonanesa.
pain and auxVrir. then It aarana much to
you that IherXmisJvlej nd tne br.res
r"tr'" f"r the c"r rt ""V$Ljit
The makers of Dr. P'.t:ree"a Favorite Pre
scription, fur tha cure ot wetk. nervous, run
down, over-wrrked. debilitated, pain-racked
women. Unonlng this malic Lne to be made up
ot ingredients. eery one of which has the
Strongest possible Indorsement of the leading
and standard authorities of tbe several
schools of praetl-B, are iierfertl j willing, and
In tact, are ouly boglsil to print, as they do,
tbe formula. Or Hit of lorrr llcots, of which
1 alcohol, narcence, narmrui, or aatiit-torailog
drura and no agent enters Into It that 1 not
highly recoaimeod.-d by tbe most advanced
and loading medical teacLera and author
ti lea ot their several schools ot practice
Thee aa'ortttes reorrtnerel the Inrreillerfs
rite Tr
C'J re of t '! 1
n-r.M f r
p tirl)f
No other uedtclne hit womtii'i HU hu mr
ucb pnfriong.lrniijicti''nl s It. rit n
Vb wrtr-ii. PfrrlnlAn K a si iw gal sv'i ika sseu
QIllUSod recommendation cf .'i:h of lu
awveral IngroelleoU by scores of leading Biedl-
cal men ot all tbe schools of practice. Is
.urn an endorsement not worthy of you
coOkldersUoa t
. . .
oooklot nf Inrrtdienta with numerous
autboratlTe prufoljnal eniorseruenta by the
leading Bie lli al authoriilos tf tills country.
.1U ra4illKj fnt to ,nT on sending nan a
, . . . . - ilUlMI
Ir. IL 1 . I ten JtaSaia, N. Y.
7 b cf A
y o o ,,J
and 15th Sts.
Champion hunter of "gd" copy
aqd of durks, . . , .
General hustler for Ak-Sar-Ben
and . any old , orgnaJzation that
needs a boost.
AV'e are the champion hunters of
flne cloth, and latent stylea, and
general givers of eatUfactlon. -
We carry the largeet line of
woolens ever displayed In Omaha.
They are all new good and right
up to the minute in style.
We carry H"of the new shades
In brown as well as the staple
sreys and blues.
Suits and Overcoats to Order.
$25.00 to f.ftO.OO
Juut received a flne new tan top
coating- to malte up for $25.00.
'Phone Doug. iste SO4-J06 8. lth 8t.
Next Door to Wabash Ticket Office.
6 ." ...
V J .
aW o m
best malted bar
ley, the choicest Bo
hemian hops, sparkling
Artesian water, and
brewed In one of the
most modern and scien
tifically managed plants
In Uie Unltod States,
Stora Beer la pre-oml-nently
the beat. It hag
won honors whervver
exhibited because of Ita
high quality and purity,
and Is today recognized
as the leading beer of
the west. Insist on hav
ing fctorx lieer. It meant
health, good cheer, and
true temperance In your
home. Order a case to
day. Eitora Brewing Co. j
Omaha. , Dl f
It eaully and comfortably reached bf
leaving Nebraska and Iowa points la
(be forenoon, arriving Kansas City la
time to tonnect with the Southeaster
Limited ot tbe
LeiTlng Kaxsaa City dally :!d p. m.,
tarrying Pullman Drawing Room
Sleeper through without change. Any
ticket agent ia Nebraska or lowg will
cheerfully reserve berths ia thl
sleeper snd tell through round trip
tickets at (ready reduced rates.
t.irv VETKHiartiA!.
Office and Infirmary, 'JMh and Mason Sta,
, OMAHA, UlUt. Velea-nvne Uwnajr,
i 1