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Women's and Children's Underwear.
Now Is the important time, between seasons. Not quite cold enough for heavy wool gar
ments, and a little too cool for summer garments. For between season's wear we have the poft
cotton flefcfd garments-which : are very. elastic and warmth giving, 'the ideal garment for right
now. We have the wool garments if you prefer them. All onr garments Are carefully made,
ftylish and well up to the standard quality. Modestly priced.
ffimwi'i fUse co'loft. vests, ecru rotor,
hlfH nek. long sleeve, drawer to match,
ankle length, French bund, 25c each.
WflinrtT fae.ay fleece cotton vests, cream
or white, high n"k; lohg sleeves, drawer
to imnleh, ankle length, nothing better for
cold weather.
Children' tine ribbed fleece wool shirts,
high ne-k; long sleeves, drawers and pants
tj match, ankle length, a good heavy gar
ment, SO each. Main Floor.
Knit Skirts.
Vniia'ual showing t the warmth-giving,
garments, .fn-e.ttjr new pattern!, elastic knit,
fits snugly t the body, an Ideal protection'
for then cold, damp days.,'
Knit sfclrt of plain gray, navy, red and
black,. - teo btak With red strlpei and
gray- with . UWck strip, price n.W, ?.
and tlCS each.
tklrt of Outing Flannel, rdaln pink. light
blue itrid white, !o plain white", with pink'
embroidered ruffle, price, BOc and $1.00 each.
Second Fleet.- . "
Free Lessons,' Art Embroidery.
Miss Bfeenstnip. expert needle artist,
gives free Instruction . In art embroidery
every day from I to B p. m. All th newest
slltchts are taught.' Materials must be pur
Chased here. Class meeta on aecond floor.
PARTMENT. We pay 4 per cent Interest on your an
pent, balance. . compounded . every three
months. Thl la not a bank. Auk about It
when In the- store. Balcony, Main Floor.
lien's Union Suits.
If you once wear union suit, you will
asv "Good-bye, forever" to the two-pleee
Many toilet which had not been seen pre
viously, made their appearance last
night And sprinkled themselves through the
boxes and along the arena rail. Visiting
between boxes was' general, and an air of
(.-as. and sociability pervaded the whole
scene. ! .
"I am agreeably "surprised, at the excel
lence of the show and also at the generous
patronage," said J. M. Kuykendall of Den
ver, one of the judges. "It Is very fin.
A hors show Is a good thing for a town
and Ha reputation, and It Is a good thing
for the country round. You Omahau are
sduos ting tbe people of Nebraska und Iowa
In the matter of fine horses, and the edu
cation will tell In the Introduction of many
irrwul horses'lnto the Kate.
"The Omaha show Is an Inspiration to the
horse lovers of the country to the west of
here. ' My city of Denver r building an
auditorium, and we.eVpect oiw day. to try
for entrance to the horse show circuit.".
..i rj i ''.-
Xebraek Entry ta Haatlasr Class a
' , lirsr$ie .;'. '-"'
'Jovftpo M. Cudahy rode his uhestnut mne
li a blue, ribbon, last night and showed to
tlie world that Nebraska has some Jumpei
w hich Cn take the as well as the
vaunted horne of New York and Cnnad.
No prtU"r exhibition of horsemanship' wjs
ever given In an Omaha show ring than
Hut nltfht when Mr. Cudahy took the jumps
with his favorite hunter. As the mare ap
proach the bar ihe nover hesitated and
Mr. Cu daily sat thn saddle In perfect form,
nemlng to be almoet a part of the animal
and the bars wre olcsred. He was
given an-ovation en. every Jump and Ju lge
Borden had little difficulty In deciding to
give him the first place. , When it, la con
sidered that he rxat such horses as Prarl,
Cltndale, Wyoming and Glenwater It ran
be realised what Nebraska has In the way
of hunters. He had another entry rhld'n
SILK and
Horse Show
Soccftsor t C FEED ERICH Ct.
Soma Nebraska Farmers
And a few la Iowa have availed them
selves -of the advantages we offer for
the investment of money and are well
pleased with their semi-annual divi
dends, paid January st and July 1st,
at the rata of per cent per annum..
They understand that w offer an
ideal Investment, because it Is safe,
profitable, easy to car for and readily
turned Into cash.
, We receive Investment of from
$100 to 15,000 any day and allow divi
dend from tbe date ct receipt of
Resource, 91,001,002..
llMrne, 970,000.
A card will bring you full information.
Th C:?4s:m!in Ss.Lies sr.
' ' Lean Assc:lai!:3 v,.
S05 feouth hixtrruth Strrcl
garment. No shirts rolling up, no draw
era sacking down, wh1 you wear a union
suit. Your cloth will fit. better and you
will feci a great deal better without a Jot
of bundlesome clothing around your waist.
We have carried the "Sterling" and "Su
perior" union suit for the past ten year.
Thla fact alone should be sufficient recom
mendation aa ta their fit and wearing qual
ities Pa sure to get the right else. If you
don't, you will feel uncomfortable. Thel
salesmen In our Men's Department are very
careful about this, and will see that you get
the right alia. '
Superior make Vnlon' Bulta, $1.00 to $3.00
per utt.
Sterling make fnlon Bulta, $3.60 to 13.00
per suit.' . ,; '.'
Before buying your winter underwear
come to our More. Ws will be pleased .to
show you our entire line. ,' j .
Main Floor. r
Sweaters for Boys and Girls.
Our department of wearable for the
little folks la ready with a plentiful array
of cold .weather wearables. Sweaters
have always been more or less In demand,
but right now they, are at the height of
popularity. For romping, playing or .achool
wear there could be. no better, garment,
yry protecting and warm, too, for thee
cold days.
Have you seen the Howard atreet window
display? Pretty dollies, daintily togged in
dresses from Thompson, Belden t: Co.'
Infants' wear department. Bring the chil
dren; they will enjoy It.
PETER PAN No. 161 Is a handsome all
round garment for boys or girls between
the ages of t and 12 years, knitted In
hinCwtn stitch., and Is wade for service;
comes . In whit, navy, cardinal, maroon
and oxford shades, with braes buttons
82.00 -each. -
Open Saturday Evenings.
Howard Cor. Sixteenth Street.
by a groom which took the jump e'ear
enough, but approached In poor form.
The competition we not a keen last
night as on the two previous nights and
some of the entries were drawn, seeming to
thereby say the prizes would go to the
crack stables. The heat horse were pres
ent, but many cf the lesser lights were
not sent to the ring. Murray waa present
and was again the favorite with the crowd,
buV did not drive the big coach a on the
ptwloua night. .
The. potato race is soheduled for tonight
as well as the. fnlcorn. the piir .of road
sters, the women', hunter and the xslt'd
mares. Ten classes re on the bill for to
ntght beeildes the exhibition by the big slx
horwt teams. ,
Bis; Kellaws - Arc Favorites.
The dappled beauties belonging to Swift
and Company again opened tho evening's en
tertainment by a fine exhibition around the
arena. With them wa shown the six of
the Stom' Brewing company" and although
these are smaller twrse and. qot of th
class' 'of the Bwlft team they mad a jood
allowing. When It Is considered that the
six' hore 6ft the Bwlft (earn average over
a' ton apiece the evolutions they ere put
through are truly remarkable. The ponder
ovia giants step as glibly around the arena
as do some of the horses In the lighter
clasoes and most of the time are kept on
a Irot. The driver got some wonderful
work out of them and showed to what j
degree of perfection a' heavy horse can be
brought for business purposes'. He Is ablo j
to turn his wagon In elmost any space'
and the big fellows make complete circles I
at one end of the arena, aometmng wnicn
I not often done by the Aery tour-In- ;
hands. This number . Is put on promptly
at S each evening and the spectators have
learned they must be oft hand promptly i
or tl.ey will miss this Interesting number.
Judge Kuykendall of Denver took a
hand at driving the four last night and
demonstrated he was no novice with the j
. - v
Farn&m Street
P,ve, October, 24, 1906.
"LA DDI K KNIT COTE" No. 141 1 as
cute a garment for beys and girl as la
possslhle to knit. Thl also comes In all
slses, from i to 12 years, and in the fol
lowing colors white, navy, cardinal, white
with blue trimmings, navy with cardinal
or ottford snide, trmmed In brans buttons
$2.00 each. .. .
"PA8TIME BLOV8K '-No. MI, Is one of
our most popular numbers .for boys and
s"irls between the age of t and 12 years.
It Is an absolutely practical garment for
hard wear at play or In school, has a
pocket; comes In white, , navy, cardinal,
maroon and oxford shade,' brans buttons
$.'.50 each.
NO. 61, In red and navy, plain knitted,
from I to 12 years, brans buttons $1.50 each.
Mnin floor. " 1
Something . New The Beacon
'-' Jacquaxd Comfortable.
Take health and warmth as the first
consideration. Manufacturers' have spent
much time and patience In perfecting bed
1 The Beacon Manufacturing company
have succeeded In producing an artlcje of
cotton that Is the acme of perfection. They
come to us marked
-These being made of the choicest, thor
oughly beautiful design and borders, and
the colors mode, gray, light blue, pink,
cadet, pastel greens are absolutely un
fadeable. Price, $3.00 and $1.00 and per
haps you'll do as others are doing, pick
out Christmas gift while the assortment
is t Its best, We'll do our port by care
fully storing It for you, and delivering It
the day before Christmas If you wish.
8ee them In our Howard street window.
Feel of them at our blanket store.
West basement.
ribbons. He has road and park horses of
his own at Denver where he Is used to
driving over the stony country thereabouts.
Large-sized saddle horses took the place
of the business team In the arena nnd
started the judges with something
at the onset. The horss had to be XR.t
hands hlfth or over and up to carrying
200 pounds. Two post entries appeared In
Onlety Olrl. .owned and ridden by Joseph
M. Cudahy, and Red Wing, owned and
ridden by E. L. Heydon. Lawrence Jones
hod a stylish-going entry In High L-tSsle.
lAcey Crawford had. a splendid. bl?- horse
In Morning Glory, which looked like the
money, na the requirement were to carry
200 pounds. Joseph Cudahy's Gaiety Girl
was also a magnificent sorrnl and looked
the part. Morning 31ory evidently looked
best to the Judges, for he got the blue rib
bon. Masterpiece was second and Modesty
Women Ilrlte Tandems.
The tandera class Is always an Interest
ing class, but when driven by the women
t is doubly,, . While" "th entry a tint lii
this class last night was small., Jt was blah
class and -was a thlnff'of bearityv'to afeo
the women drive the spirited teams around
the arena. Two set of prlies were givn
In this event, the set for the hoi so by tho
association and the one for the best woman
driver, given, by H. P.. Whltniore. Three
tandem teams paraded for honors and the
purses, the first to enter being Miss Ruth
Brandel wlth her father's Chler and
Chatterbox; the second, Mrs.. ( C-
Kountze, with W. H. McCord'S Rsjnh nnd
Young Hob, and Mrs. Joseph Barker, with
E. P. Peck's Commodore and mate. Mrs.
jo.Dh Barker whs awardnH thn dr.t nri
, the best woman driver. She handled hr
team like a profesnlonnl and made the
drives without a hitch. Miss Brandeis had
difficulty with her beautiful blacks, hut
managed to handle them well. The first
prlxa was awarded to the McOord entry,
the second to the Ilrnndels entry and the
third to the Peck entry.-
The roadster class for standard or non
standard trotters brought' out srfme good
ones and the- judgeit had their hands full
In deciding where to place the . ribbon.
Winners of mn a. tanbark arena were
there to compete with the local horses
and some good local ones were there to
make them step before taking away the
ribbons. Don Riley of St. Joseph had en
tered Emma R and The King," the fast
ones with which he has been able to win
at the , Chicago ahow, at Madison Square
and ail over the country, Omaha was well
reprt sented by Sadie , N, F. A. Nash'
speedy chestnut mare, and Alive Wllkqs,
the rangy trotter belonging to Thomas C.
Byrne: Mr. Byrne drove Don Ttiley'a Emma
K. This !arge list of eleven starters-was
quite an enlgwa-for tu Judgrn to solve.
The Judgeic, however, decided to give the
to Don Riley's two beauties, put -
ting Fjuma R first. The King second and
Red Tlmoku, belonging to Davis & Sinai
Icy of Ladoga, Ind.. third.
nrlnars Oat the fleet Ohm,
The heavy iar for park pair
brought the givxl pairs at the show for
the. purse was $.Vi and was worth going
dfier. The best that Lawrence Jones, W.
II. McOord, Crow & Murray and Oeoige
Pepper had were pent out to win tho co
veted prize. The aise cr sex did not count
against the horses and they were Judged
for their adaptability aa heavy harness
horses. Style, aetlon, pace, conformation
and manners wore especially consldeied.
The ownsrs could show to a denil-mall,
spider or Stanhope phaeton. No prettier
ring of horses waa ever shown In the
" V. ' ". ' .... .. T ,, 1
bated breath to see If the Judses decided
to place the ribbon wIutm each individual
Only One, the winner of previous events.
who hurt his tonguo Tuesday nljtht, again !
got to cutting up and decided to run away, j
He and hla mate were gated for manners, '
leaving but throe rigs In the arena for .
the Judges to choose between.
(Several drives were made by the udge '
before attempting a decision, for the in
terest was keen and it was sure that
whatever way the Judge went mar.y
would think different. Lawrence Jones was
given the blue ribbon, but the applause
of th crowd wss for Murray, who was
given second. The Pepper pair waa third.
The local suited saddle horse class
showed that Omaha ha. some ddl. horse.
the equal Of any In country. The
Brandeis entry waa a spris-htly bay geld
ing, bought Just before the last Hork
Show In Missouri by Emit BrauUelj nj
presented to hla nelce, Mlra Ruth Bran
dels. At the show Ut yoar ha was rid
den by Fred Bork, who condjeted a rid.ngl deore Pepper, driven by groom. thii
school in Omaha during th. winter but - TU
who Is ktpt away from the Omaha Horse ton ft, Foiet ITmce-.. At
Show becau of an accident at th. Kl. I Ki sis, lmari. la : Storm King. W. H
Louis show. O.O.,. W. Megyth eMered i thf '""
Highball, a magnificent ila;ipi.d gray hore, . , Uht , .-..i'r-in-Hand, h id Tem
whlth was ridden at the lari Omal.a Ilois 1 F1't S1 Crow M i'i v enuy. Jnn Mu'
Phow by Dr. Su-luer of pt. Mt. J," ' ;"! """ ''' l '"r -"
C. C Jdi'-toa i.l;icJ Lvt CjIuu-jI. Iwu
ItSM rod the Brandel horse snd rode
It well nougM to csptur the ribbon. Col
onel, Mrs. C. C. Allison's bmwn gelding,
was second -and Highball third.
l.oeal Ratrr a Wlsser.
The runabout class bsd large entry
list and some good ones faced the Judges.
The horse were to be between 14. t and 16.$
hands high and .were, Judged for conforma
tion, style sll-around action, speed snd
manners. . Rxcesslve action wss not re
quired. Thfl horse . counted but 80 per
cent In the Judging snd the appointment
counted the other 40 per cent. James
Murray drove Mr. Miles' Peacock of Kan
sas City and led the string a merry chase
around the arena, setting clip which
was hard to follow. W. H. McCord was
awarded the first place with Rajah, The
Laird O'Cochpen second and Lawrence
Jones' Clementine third. The Judges found
a boot missing from .the appointment of
Mr. Miles' entry and did not further con
sider that, horse. I -
Thn high steppers) walked ' around the
ring, stepping so high It looked for a tlm
aa though they would step pver the railing.
How some of these horses are; ever trained
to step so high Is an enigma to most people,
but an Omaha man ha figured out Just
how lt i done. An arena Is fixed On the
farm and covered with straw and ths
horses are driven through this until the
lifting muscles ef their legs are well de.
veloped. Sometimes brush Is added to
make them step. Thl Is one Idea, but tha
fact Is most of them are born steppers.
There I One "horse at thl show which Wss
working on a farm, pulling the plow dur
ing the early summer' and used by the
farmer's srn to go see his girl In the even
ing. When this horse was discovered by
a horseman ha was already a hlghtteppor
and can now step as high as any at the
show. Two women 'drove In this event.
Mrs. Joseph Barker driving E. P. Peck
Bessika and Mrs. Thomas Milton driving
her Bonnie Briar. Royal Salute wen the
plaudit of the multitude and yet few rec
ognized th horse as Cricket, the hot
shown as a roadster by T. C. Byrne cf
this city. Murray nought the hors. and
has made a high stepper of him that, Is a
wonder.' After the blue ribbon had been
awarded to Gallant Lad, the red to Royal
Salute and the yellow to Crelghton, Mur
ray Showed some of the speed qualities of
his horse as well as the high stepping at
tainments. Some ta.ri.; Combination.
The road four class brought out as pretty
ahd loud a team as It is often given one
to look upon. The Crow h. Murray entry
consisted of cross hitched seal browns and
blue roans. Murray Is a dealer at To
ronto and Is always on the lookout for
something new In the horse line. This year I
he returned to Omaha with but two of the j
horses he showed last season, outside of i
the hunters.. When asked what he had
done with the little bay mnres which won
so many ribbons' last year Murray replied,
"Oh, you know, the Judges get tired look
ing at the same horsee every year and I
have to get something new." The blue
roans are worth going good distance to
See. A road team Is supposed to be In
color, . the more the better and Murray
surely has a marked, team with his blue
roans. , HJ. nigh lead' horse la Baron
Buckner, a roadster he had Ust year
and when Murray, .wa making his famous
drive Tuesday night this borse never-left
his leet buttrotted as fast as the others
eouli ..riajij. Muhras js ' always wi:ing to
buy a. new horse and payn a good price
when he can get a ftood one. The bugler
wdjth his long hoVn IS 'always a feature of
the road four, altlfhukh the. harking dog
Murray had" last .yearwas' missing.
Murray was awarded first prlzq and the
Pepper entry , Wif)ifsocond. Murrey wno
hltcheff to a hrafce'wht"ti was high In 11)"
air Vn'd e did ,1191', drive" as on Tuesday
evenlntr. P ' ' ' . 1
'The' Judge' came-W'lhe press hox Aft-f
thl 'evnt rtd'Srs?hcer Burden, speaking
for the 'Judges, said: "You might say for
u that the'Judges think Mr. Murray lias
a good 4 road four a anybody ha and
will make it Interesting for the best of them
when he goes east."
Th local class' for horres suitable for
town work to a statfon wagon, brougham,
victoria or similar vehicle aroused con
siderable Interest and newcomers at the
show ' were ' surprised ' that Omaha could
send such ' splendid horses Into a hors
show arena. Every pair was well mated,
and blacks, bays and chestnuts nil v)cd
with each other for the honors. W. II.
McCord' Storm King and Tempest were
awarded the blue ribbon, the Brandcls "en
try second and Ward Burgess' ' Prairie
Queen und Roseleaf third.
The hunters shown were the middle
weights, tip to earning lo5 to 1!W pounds
to hounds.' 8pencer Bordtn Was the sole
Judge In this class, and ns so many of the
Jumps were made without a hitch he hud
to rely upon conformation In reaching his
decision. Joseph M. Cudahy was first,
amidst the plaudits of the multitude, with
Gaiety Girl, one of jhe Pepper entries war
second and the chamslon Jumper of tho
world. Pearl,, was third.
' Later in the' wk these horses will be
sent over the higher Jumps and will be
given an Opiortuntty to show Just how
high they cart Jump.
, . Award of Wlaaera.
Class 66. Baddle Horses to Carry 208
Pounds- First $76. Murning Glory, G. 1-.
Crawford, bt. Ixiuls. Mo., riddan by Gus
Lull; st.iond lut), AJiiaterplcce, Georg. Pt
rT, Toronto, ridden by groom; third I'Jfi,
litli'Hl. Hull Bros., Versailles, Ky., ridOfii
by 11. Ball, tith.'-r'entrics were: Galetv
i ljlr- Josoph M." Cudahy; Biink, Ponevcp
Inisville; Had King. E, K Hughes.
. I. 34, Tandvnis (localt, Ioy to Drive
r irsi . ll. Mftora enirv, ariven nv
Mrs. C. O. Kountce; second 13', A. l.
hrandets entry, driven by Miss Rutn
lirandei; third J30.- E. P. Peek entry,
drlen by Mrs. Joseph Rarker.
.ClabS 3, Hoadsiaa. Standard or Non
standard Btulllon, k.lare or Gelding (horse
M pt-r cent, appointments 40 tier cent)
I Klret ISO, Emina R., lon Riley, Bt. Joseiih.
I Mo., driven by Mr. Trice; s.-cond tn, The
King, Don Riley, Ft. Joseph, driven by
J. C. Byrne: third $J. Red Timoka, Davis
v owtinry, liiaogu, illil., unven ov ... A
Davis. Other entries were: Columbia
Girl. J. A. hi.wart, Columbia, Mo.; Harrv
M. W. J. Cowles, Ashind. 111.; Delaard,
Weir A Rogers, Umi.r, la.; Sadie N.,
K. A. Nash, Omaha; Alice Wilkes, Thnmn
f tl.-t-ii fin, aha- I run ,ti,.H., Tlr Hull
W. l'laiul'lton. Council Bluffs, 'la. :' Miss
Pickwick. GfKrg.. Pepper. Toronto. Can. :
Bellalre H.. H. C Kernan. South Omaha.
- Class , Pair Harness Horsos. Purse. 1500
(nuy B,ze or horses alone considcredl-
Flist .00, Gallant Iid and Gallant Lord,
.' Iwrence Jones, driven by Mr. Hoberts;
Crow St Murray, Toronto, driven by Jim
Murray: third ITn, Creiuhton and t'reitth
ton, Gtorge Pepper, Toronto, driven by
Class 82, Oalted Saddle Horses tlocaH-.
First KO, Gee V,'hls, A. D. BranCeik, ridden
by Tom B 'sa;' so-ond, S0, Colonel. Mrs.
C. C. Allison, ridden bv f. 1. Mooei-es;
third $.i. Highbalt, George W. Mcgeath,
ridden by gioom.
Class 9 Runabout Horse fhorse SO per
cent, appoint mem a to per cent First 1VO.
lUijuh, W. H. McCord. dinaha: second 1"
The 1-airn o o hpen, eir r n.'Kr,
I briars, la., driven by Mr. Weir; third
Jia. Clementine, Lawrence Jones. Lnuln
ville. Ky.. driven iy Mr. Rotrta. Otlicr
entrlea wert: Ja.-k o' liuhn. Mr. Thom-.s
Milton. &t. Paul. M-n.. peaom-k. Mrs. V
! Sit? Nu.e. T ?l" y' MCK
! ion, Ueurse Peppr-r. Toronto. Can.;. The
Roii't. Crow 1 Murtsr. 1 orontu. Can.;
T..xaay. Tawusend. Merryvllle.
Class 15, Hisrh Stepiwr. Harnesa Class
Ovur IBi F:t 1'J, Osllant iid. Utt,
: n'lic Jones, driven by Mr. Ruovrts; sec
' ond hit, Itoyal Salute, Crow si Murray,
dnveti by Jiin Murray: third 140, Oelghton
- i..."si . .. iu',,.,,! Cia i i'aii l Hoiv J
Tj Shu.
What Will
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Pretty designs in oriental colorings, made 1 (f
, extra full special at. - lUil
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fine quality of yarn, shaped yoke, 75c . C(J
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Buitable for Town Work-First r. T empest
end Btorm King, W. H. McCord: second
peacock and Chatterbo-x, A. D. Bran
dels; third Prairie Queen and Roseleaf,
Ward M. Burgess. . t ' j
Class 7. Hunters' Middleweight Flrsf
Galetv Girl, ' Arbor Lodae, Nebraska
City, rtdd'en by Joseph -.Cudahy; second
t-V. Nicholas. George Pepper. Toronto;
third 3C. Pearl. R. H. Weatherbee. New
York. Other entrlen were: Roubldonx,
Joseph M. Cudahy. Omaha; - Lord Mlnto,
George Pepper Toronto; Glendale. George
Pepper, Toronto;- Wyomlnsr. Crow & Mur
ray; Glanvater, Crow & Murray. Toronto.
Tlrsta-I.lncol. Xisrht. :
8:flo p. m.-Slx-hoine b.l ifsa team taliibjti
nurse Xl(). offered by Nebraska Clothing
company, ...
j . fc:20 p. nil. Class M. saddle horse, purse
I 'io p. m.-Class' 17. pair high steppers.
Durs.J. orletea uy rirsi fiaun uu...n..
h;4Z p. m. Class til A. galtcd mare, purse
ll'A offer. . y Armour & Co.
):00 p. m. -Class M. unicorn, puree
offered bv Omaha Natlcnal bank.
:20 p. 'm- class 6, coniblnutlon horse,
P9:ST p15i Class B. pair roadsters, purse
offered by Omaha Klectrla Light and
r'rJrpCmClss 11. Park horse, purse .
offered by M. .niltli & Co.
Hif. P. m. Class potato race, purse
V offered by Nebraska Clothing company.
10: p. m.-Clas.flit.. lady s hunter purse
Ilia, offered by King, Graham Manufacttir.
tug' company. "
Tblisl Slltht. If Anythlaar. More Brtl
llaat This Predeeesaars.
The third evening of the Horse Bhow
brought out fully es many handsome gowns
as on the preceding evenings. There was
h noticeable predominance, of blue cos
urtnes last evening. If one color more than
any other might be mentioned. Mrs. Jo
seph Cudahy a box might have been called
a studv in blue for ail the women of her
party were attired In blue. Mrs. Cudahy
w.!r was in' a llaht blue gown, elaborate
ly .eimmwi with lace with blue hat trim
..... .i.k ni.,m vi Iks Ioniax was In
ilU'U Will.
blue with large black hat trimmed with
plumes, and her guest. Miss Roe of Kan
sas City, wore a gown of the same shade
with blue hat with blue plumes, while
Mir Bessie Brady wa also In blue, with
blue hat with blue plumek
Allss Marie Mohler was all In white, her
tfUWII belli ll Willi Cjep U I ui-uo,
i,r''r!y trimmed with rose
la.icro effect. NVlth this M
i ins and a larae whttu hat
point lace In
wore crinuii
trimmed, witn
? Mrs. J. C. Cowln wore an embroidered
suit of gray with baby Irish lace bodice
and blacK hat with roBe colored plumes.
Mrs Alfred Harlow wore a gown of
pate blue iiiiM.dc.otn witn walsi ui '';''
lance lace with chiffon and velvet White
lai t hat with blue plumes and white broad
riot n coat and chinchilla f"r- .
Mrs. George H. 'auiier-Handsonie
aown of blaf-k chiffon over pink ana wnue
Irish lace.
li.,wre1 SIIK irimnifu -
Black liat with pink plumes
Mrs. Arthur Crlttenoen
h.nilaonie town of black
8mlth wore a
la,-e witn iiac
u, coat and black velvet
witn pink
'mtV George L. Hammer-Black and white
sinned veiling over white silk In princess
Vt wth trUn.lng. of .Irish lace Black
velvet hat .rimmed with blue and white
"'Mr.'' W. J. C. Ken von. always' well
aowned. wore a beautiful coetunie of pale
. m -en broadcloth. The kirt made -witn
; uvcrskirt eftect. was inset witn meaainoiis
of eyelet eintiroldery and the little jacket
made w ill cape eneci w """"
med and lo bands of ac-
coidion plaiting and French knots. This
was worn over a pooice ui 'r". v
i .i t. r.ke1 and inset with l and
h -.1,1, i,irl llttlu Dowa ana fc""i
buckle. With tl.ta was worn a white left
hat Trimmed with flowera and ermlu atol
"M,sri1lamMae Gowen-Plnk broadcloth
with pink lace waist and deep pink m-uie.
Brown velvet coat and hat w ith plumes nd
rilr.o!,p.' Moorhead Gown of black veil
ing trimmed with velvet and lace. Black
hat with pluinta
Mim Gertrude Moorhead Gown of iciu
crepe de chene. black hat with plumes and
Cost cf white broadcloth.
Mi Eoa cotton rn w ...
prini." gown of lavender chiffon tr.mmed
with silk , lac, with lavender bmadciotn
Ooat and black hat trimmed with I n
Dlomes. With this was worn ermine lur.
Mrs. Ben Cotton wa all In white, her
giMn being of white chiffon cloth, tucked
and shirr, d and trimmed w lih Maltese !a-e.
With tills she wore a whit hat with white
plumes and a while f.ather boa.
Mi E A Cudahy wore a Milt of black
velvet, trimmed with ermine and ermine
fura, with w'.ite aatln waist and large blsck
hat with plumes.
vi,. !.,... l.ov Paxton wore a hind
of blu meKiline with waist of
lace si.rapM-d with bunus of blu-. tin
with green and trimmed with VHieiiSenn
Th. .knt was adorned with flotii.c
With this h wore a black vtlvrl ht.
trimmed with plume and a cm if whit., j
bf.adcloth. '
Mi. V. T. Burn -Costume '-f tan broad-
(i.ilh t;lmn-.d il.h 1 n veuei ai.u eiu
k, .. .1. w I '...- e, . 1 In.,, e
M.. j'. U Wtls.-.k was UtlU Ui Uht
We Offer Thursday?,
Cotton Fleeced Blankets, Worth f 1.&.V 110c Each
100 pairs, extra heavy Fleeced Blankets, grays.
white and tan, very large size, worth $1.25 Qf
pair, Thursday pair J ..... . . .V-.' OJC
Extra heavy twilled cotton BlankeUrin taos, grny and '
white, regular $2.00 grade, Thursday., 4 ffi
fair .....n.j..I.pU;.
Full size all wool gray Blankets, very flue T 7 C
$5.00, quality, Thursday pair. J, I D
flWd Comfort 91-2 Each Extra Jarse Bed tonrforts,'
...filled with a nice white cotton, .covoed wJtU pretty
-floral sllkollne, both sides alike, cheap at I 7 C
$1.75, special Thursday each. . . . . . . 1
Full Slwd Comforts Filled with nice wWte cotton.
covered with sllkollne, our $1.25 Comfort, QQ
' Thursday, each. , . .yPC ;
NECKWEAR SALE, B. ..--j.-w
Thursday we will offer a cut prlcesole of pretty neck
wear, about 6 gross of fancy" Stock Collars and
Turnovers that sold for 10c each wilt go for . f
this sale, each. DC
Which we will have on sale Thursday over 3,000"
yards of fine Nainsook and Cambric Edges, 2 to 10
inches, worth up to 20c yard; 15c and 200 Insef--
Panamas, firm tex
tlons, I9c Bands and ftne Appliques all in f '
one lot, your choice a yard. . . -. . . 1 .. . . . . .'1UC
A big stock of fancy little Venice Bands, Appliques
and Festoons. In creams, ecru's and white, 'worth
25c ysrd, must be sold Thursday a ,, r
yard , . V. . OCf
An excellent heavy cotton fleeced Hose, . with, jeln .
forced heel and toe, worth 15c special for - a
Thursday pair 1UC
,v CHILDREN'S' HOSK 4 ' " '
Heavy ribbed cotton Hose, boys'.' and glrlsV doni -heel
and toe, fat dye, that sell for 15c pair
Our Leader Thursday pair. . . . . . .. . v ";l. . lUC
Spliced heel and toe, a 25cvalue special for:'
Thursday pair
Heavy fleeced Union Suits, mlssee' fleeced. Y' n(1
Pants and boys' heavy fleeced underwear,, &U zes,
'' 'worth to 40c the garment sale ,p rU-e . '"C
Thursday garment , . . . . . . , . , v J C
69 c
blue satin trimmed 'with ' cream Spanish
lace, with hat of wnlte moire and lace.
Mis lary Peck of Chicago, the guest
of M las Webster, wore a hanoaome suit of
black velvet, with waist cf black lac and
black velvet hat . trimmed witn pink
Mm C. C. Allison Gown of blue with
lace trimming..- Black , hat with ' plume.
Mr. Leroy. Taylor of New York, t ho guest
of Wr. ,W,. Ct-. Gilbert,, wore a handsome
gown ef whit lace, with while hat i imined
wtUi long canary- colored plumr.
Muss Marlon fount 11 wore a atwn of blus
silk trimmed -with lace and pink hat with
iplume and ptnk feather bwa.
, Mm A. V. Klnsler Yellow orepede chenc.
L wlt)link hat trimmed with plumes.
. iMws. fljury , pie sAioenaac-riiown oi t Diue
sjlk, black , ha; trUHnied with,. Bower. . -Mrs.
W. H, Clurke-Pln!c;own, trlinmed
wnrt' iacv. j-ina nai witn.ijiaca piuines.
Mrs, Edward Binitn or m. joaepn, mu
guest of Mrs. H. w; Yates, wore a beautl
rul gowti of pink silk, elaborately trimmed
with chiffon and lace. With this was worn
a large pink hat with pink plumes and
roses. : ' . ' v.
Mrs. Hargens of Ijot Bprtnrs, 8. D., was
all In' white, with large white hat with
plumes and white boa.
Mrs. B. H. Sxu Pale blue gown, trim
med with , lace. .Black hat with pmmes.
Mrs. B P. Peck White gown with large
white hat with plumee and white boa.
Mrs. Charloe lomtze, who drove, wa
gowned In a suit of heliotrope broadcloth
with hat to , match, trimmed In shade
Mrs. Joseph Barker wore ft suit of green
broadcloth, with Grebe turban.
Mrs. P. B. Myers Gown of blue Change
able silk, with blue chiffon hat, trltiimud
with blue plumes. -
Mrs. Milton Barlow White silk with lace
applique. White hat with white pluipts.
Mrs. Samuel Burns Gown of black lace
with white yoke, with white gloves and
black hat with white plumes.
Miss Jeanne WKeneld-Mown vi r-u,,.! m-iih lure and white hnt
j faced with black velvet and trimmed with
i white plume anrt gold braid. Whit broad
I cloth cape, with silver Egyptian ern-
broidery. . . t . . .
Mrs. W: I. rs-un
white hat. trimmed with pink osprey and
tips and while boa.
w .t T.enion colored
rAA slik i rimmed with auplique. White '
hat, trimmed with flowers and wings.
Mrs. 8ara Mgesth of Franklin, Pa., who
Is the guest of Mrs. Ward Burgess, wore
a handsome gown of old rose chiffon vel
vet, the ekirt pleated.-with lace bodice and
7 'iConttnucd on fourth Page.)
t i ' ' i
Headaches and Rearalgta Fresa .CoIs.
Laxative Brom Quinine, the world wide
r...ia and Hrtn remedy, removes cause. Call
for- full name.. Look for signature
Grove. . , , t
E. W.
WB WON'T mince words about our
handsome display of -Fall-and
Winter fabrics. Discerning- men about
town tell us that our showing Is by
far the best In tbe city:
WHY NOT? Who else can boast
i -- ......Hn.n... . r oft
an aori.iiiru., 6sit6
choice selected aeiens-r-irom mo pem
mills at home and abroad?
Tromrt 55 to 512, Su;!.520 tj $50
A 11 H fr-
200-11 U 15U Ht.
Office and' Infirmary, Sth ana Mason St.
OMAHA NEB. Teleplvon Harney W.
"It "i it
1510 Ilownrd 5t.
The Only Popular-Priced
Restauriuu in tho Cily
Rplivprlrs to
' I
,(.0U. -.l,
..South Omaha,
' AdVrtl lr ". A V.
Best West ?:i
DOYD'3 w'gV.V".'1
Tonight,; Friday, Haturday ,,nd Sat
urdajrMatlnee fTh Distinguished'' ;Mus1cal'itirtii'c&y
r.,' " . Success; :r r "i,i.
Coming Thro' The Ry t
Presented by '"' '" "
Stella Mayhew . . . .Frank Lalor.
The Reigning Musical- gueces.
With , - j,-.
FRED MACE , ,. .
' Beauty Chorus of B0.' '
... vyse .
In William Collier s Farce, , ..
Same Prices '...iflc-Rc
Next week: "Alice of Old i Vm
eennea." Monday night, Ooti 23. lfih
Prformance Souvenir Photo pf Miss
Elliott. .-.-.' - - ' -r -
cpuial nluLji r
Flsnty of Good Seats:
With Privilege of Pronrcnade '
IVtmra OiM-n at 7:13 P. M.' Vtny
nienres HlOO P. M. Sharp "
'Phone Doug. iM.
TODAY of Hous
: TOiaaMTSiia. ''
Prices loc, 26c, SOe. ' ' '' '
aBW'ei . X8o-flS-0-T
TONIGHT: 16 , ,
The Premier Colored Comedian,'
Williams c Walker
IDtl-Hamti ile.rls.
14th and toorls Bt.
KflULli VAlfclVlitl
Admission. - l')c
A Few Choice Reserved H-ats. oEttra.
P- 1
snd Kunny, 1 JO and 4,'l p, 111.
1 SO and :0ft, Saturdays and
7 :U0, S OU and Ml p. ni.
Hon. Geo. n. Wendlinil
Of Washington. D. C (
Kevait,r , at SiOO V. X.
ublect Klrabea sad tk Treaeh BVev.
Tickets to ud 73 easts.
Tbet 111 ik hi Ci-oh'ii a H'n"heu
Jew!, ir. '" s : t. l'HIi ai. a. iuiir
lu t,UM tkkcis.
H " ft cfitioMTbi;'. .