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fremiiioi to Enforce tb.
Viximnm Kits Law.
J.laenla Man IMana to
I.lfe, hat l.nnfta In
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Jail Inalfnd
of fernery
(From a Staff Corresponded.)
LINCOLN. Oct. ii. (Bpeclal.)-Ncuraska
Is being flooded with letters from I.yiso I.
Abbott, democratic candidate for attorney
girTal, In which the writer promises the
P,mie enforce the maximum freight rate
Iflfr now on the statute book should he be
erected, and he charges the present repub
lican administration with having neglected
.'Is dutv In not enforcing? thnt law. Ap.
ding to the records oh file lit the stale
house, the. maximum freight rate law hnd
to be enforced by the State Board of Trans
portation, which was declared unconstitu
tional by the supreme ctitirt.' : Oovcrnor
Holcomh. in his mpsnage to the legislature
In 199, went on record favoring an elective
railway communion and he also said un
der the maximum freight rate law the re
lief afforded the people must come through
the gtata Board of Transportation. The
supreme eourtof the Ut.lted Slater held
the State Bourd of Traniorttion was
charged with the. enforcement of the law,
which at that time was not constitutional.
A portion of that opinion. Is as follows:
And It Is hereby declared, adjudged and
overbed that the act above entitled is re
pugnant to the constitution: of th United
States, fornsmuch as by the provisions of
Slid act the said defendant railroad com
potties may not exact for the iranBportA
tlon of freight from one point to another,
within this state, charges which yield to
the mid companies, or either of them, rea
sonable compensation for such services.
It In further ordered, adjudged and d'.
ereed that the defendant. niPiiilirri of the
Board of TrnnsiorUllnn of said state,
may hereafter, when the circumstances
have changed so ihat the rates fixed In tha
stid act sh:ill yield to the said companies
r"aonab!e condensation for the services
aforesaid, apply to thin court by .supple
mental bill or otherwise, a they may be
advised, for a further order In that behalf.
Holcomh oa Rat I.avr.
In his meaaage to the legislature In ISM
Governor HolcOmb said:
i The la 1 of Vila state regitlattng charges
y railroads and other coi pnrutlons are
J'pur.d In the maximum freight rate aot.
" hlch has been declared Invalid, and the
providing- for the creation of a state
tioard of transportation and defining Its
duties, powers, authority, etc. With the
minimum freight rale act Inoperative,
whatever protection and relief which the
people may have from unjust charges and
clNcrlinlnatlon must come through the
Board of Transportation. I am aware thnt
the operation of this law through that
board or tts secretaries has not been en
tirely satisfactory to the public at large.
I am and have been of the opinion that
en elective rxtlroad commission Is much to
Do preferred, ' ,
Randall hanses Routes. - .
- ... .,.-! nR inn illll'tpa in A SIOW i
parade,- banked around with sweet -seente.rl
natural flowers and mourned by ntimeront
friends and a faithful sweetheart, Ed Ran
dall, a teamster, Is piled away In a tell ot
the polite station, iliurgt'd with Inning
forged a check for 20. Randall had
bought his ticket to the other side of Jor
dan and It was labdAl 'carbolic add.'1
He had left his note, a fond and affection
ate farewell, to a cold, cold worlj and Id
that note ho said he had tone frit mi only,
"and I can't have her.". Alius livi iiroiuak
is her name, and the almost d.:norted
ked thai his cold, clammy body, which
encased his lonesome soul, bo laid out at
her, home. All these things young Ran
dalf did In his room at the Capital hotol.
For two whole days lie-.fondled that trans
portation across , Jordan, but he didn't
start the journey. And whilo ho tarried
on' thl JiV, te pcrVfcreTnwe- htisy; 'Khd
today they landed on Uundall to settle up
the check score b;fot digging out. In
his farewell note lie said lie had forged
the check. Randall doesn't seem to be
sorry that' he failed to carry out his in
tentions . reffurdinir .'ai) exit . from this
world. . Ha came to Lincoln from Bur
lington, Colo., where lie said his people
The new Cltlsens'. Street' null way com
pany started its first cars today. Sfo far
four cars have arrived ami others are ou
the way and will bo put into commission
at. soon as they, get here. The cars arc
painted white.
. t'raadnll Fined for 'hipping Rlrda.
C. N. Crandall of, Lincoln, who was
1i aught by Deputy1 Game Warden Pierson
cf Oituhi for checking a grip full of
prairie chickens through from the west end
(if the state without going with the ship-
n Correct?
"The majority of the beft rt
S reaef IS weiring
McKibbin Hats.
"The majority of the better
dreaaert ARE wearing
McKibbin Hats."
Best Dealer.
nient, tried hard but unsuccessfully to get
out of being prosecuted. He was fined t'iO
this afternoon. He called on Governor
Mickey and tried to get the latter to lay
down on Game Warden Carter to let up In
the matter. Crandall argued to the gov
ernor that he has suffered humiliation be
cause the story rot into the newsipcrs.
and he thought that sufficient punishment
without having to pay a fine. Carter was
sent for and the to had It out before
the governor. Carter assuring his excel
lency it was quite a habit with Crandall
to ship birds contrary to the game laws.
Governor Mickey refused to Interfere and
Crandall was prosecuted. Crandall put the
birds in his grip and then forwarded the
check to lils son in this city. He met
Pierson on the train and, being unac
quainted with Urn, told him how easy It
was for a person to get around the game
law. Pierson promptly reported to Carter.
Stat Committee Meeting.
W. B. Rose, chairman of the republican
state committee, will In all probability
call the state committee together shortly
for a general consultation. It waa under
stood Mr. Roae waa to convene the com
mittee once more before the election.
Bishop Visits Harlan dabs.
Deputy State Superintendent Bishop has
returned from Harlan county, where ho
attended a nieetlns; of the Boys' Agrlcul
turnl club and Gills' Domestic Science
club at Alma. ' The court houe was used
in which to exhibit the corn grown by the
boys and the work of the girls. Rome of
the corn, Mr. Bishop said, measured six
teen Inches in length and it will be brought
to Lincoln In December and entered in
the state contest. Mr. Bishop delivered
an address to the two clubs.
fined for Beating; TJame Warden.
Game Warden Carter received word this
morning from Grand Island that Finney,
Hrrested by Deputy Horstman and charged
with assault, had been fined $100 and costs
amounting to fan. ' Finney had been fined
rjoO in the justice court and took an appeal
to tha district court. Horstman arrested
him at North Platte on a charge of vio
lating the game laws. He, with' others,
chased the deputy into a livery stable
and a general fight ensued. He, with a
man named ' Ryan, were taken to Grand
Island later and both fined $.V. Ryan
skipped out while the men were trying
to get bond to appeal mid waa later caught
and is now in jail,
' Xtate Board of Horticulture.
'f'Th-qr-oTrU'erB tf the State' Board of Hor
ticulture are In session at the Llndell liot
tel,. .preparing e. program for the winter
meeting, anil wl'.l not conclude their ses
sions befo- tomorrow noon. It has been
W-M&u to make "Planting" the general
topic, and under, this head experts will
discuss the planting of evergreens, fruit
trees, small fruit, forestry, shrubs, roses,
bulbs, ornamental hedging, vines, shade
trees and such things. "
The board is preparing to inaugurate
a campaign to secure new members and
work it vigorously. At the same time
It has been decided to have the apeakers
at fHrmers' meetings and institutes ap
peal for members and be prepared to Is
sue membership certificates at (1 a year
or 5 for a lifetime certificate. At tills
time the membership only numbers 185,
while in Minnesota the membership is
over 2,000. The board will take up this
matter with the regents tomorrow and'
solicit aid from this source. T'io rtc
ent at the meeting are H. 8. Harrison of
York, first vice president; C. H. Greene
of Fremont. se-ond vice president: J. A.
Tager of Fremont, a director; Secretary
Russell -of Lincoln and Trof. Emerson.
InlTeralty Rrirata Meet.
The university repents will meet to
morrow to receive the report of the finance
committee and to fix up their recommen
dations to the state legislature. To
night, with the exception of Fred Abbott,
all the membera had reached town, e.n.1
these held an Informal meeting at the
Lincoln hotel. It Is understood the re
gents will not ask for an appropriation
for any new buildings, but will ask that
additions be made to the library building,
the mechanical arts building and the
women's building at the state farm.
An appropriation was made for the erec
tion of this building by the last legis
lature, but according to the notion of
the rcgenta the building, which is now
under course of construction, will be too
small and -more money la needed. The
regents will also, so it Is understood, ask
for more money for aalariea, making the
total appropriation requeated keep pace
with the increase In the atate assessment
The State Board of Agriculture will
ask the regents to erect a university
building, at the state fair grounds for
the university exhibit, but this in all
probability will be turned down.
Legal Department Stamped.
Deputy County Attorney Foster of Doug
las county has written to the legal de
partment of the state asking how to ar
range the constitutional amendment propo
sition on the voting machines. In his let
ter, which was received thin morning, Mr.
Foster asks what can be done and then
says it Is Impossible to put "for" and
"against" side by side on the machine.
Inasmuch as the Iceal dejmrtment of
Douglas county has the machine before
it and Is supposed to have some legal
knowledge regarding the election law. the
state legal department is at a loss to know
what to answer, for if the problem cannot
be solved In Douglas county, it Is hard
for the attorneys here to fliruro It out.
The State Board of Purchase and Sup
plies spent the day looking over furniture
to put In the new wing of the Norfolk In
aane hospital.
Fusion Forced In anndera.
WAHOO. Neb., Oct. 12. (Special.!
With the assistance of Democratic State
Chairman Allen. Dr. P. L. Hall and Kdgar
Howard, the difficulties between the dem
ocrats and populists were fixed up Sat
urday. The populists held their conven
tion early in September and nominated
J; L. Sundean for the legislature and en
dorsed Trenmor Cone for atate senator.
Cone was nominated by the populists at
the senatorial convention In Papilllon,
but the democrats nominated Judge Pat
rick. At the democratic county conven
tion last week Frank Vopalcnsky and
Emll Helslng were nominated for the leg
islature and the populists were turned
down hard. The populists retaliated the
next day by their central commtttea,
meeting and putting up a full ticket as
followa: For the legislature, J. L. Sun
dean and Frank, and John Barry
for county attorney. Saturday the demo
cratic central committee met and T. Cone,
I the populist candidate for senator, with
drew and was placed on the ticket for
representative, Helslng having withdrawn.
The other candidates withdrew and com
plete fusion was forced by the outside
manipulators. Harmony does not prevail
on either side and considerable scratching
of the ticket from both populists and
democrata la expected. The turning down
of Sundean, the populist nominee for the
legislature, was a bitter defeat for the
populists of Saunders county.
Dead Man I nldenllfled.
FALLS CITT, Neb., Oct. 22. (Special. )
Coroner Reneker was called to Dawpon
last Saturday afternoon to hold an inquest
on the body of a man found alongside the
Burlington tracks by the Dawson section
gang while they were going to their work
Saturday morning. The body was found
about one-half mile west of the station.
The. deceased was a man about 50 years
old, smooth shaven, blue eyes, 'five feet
five lnche? tall and weighed about 150
pounds. He was dressed In blue overalls,
size 33x32, lace tan boots, slse 8, a black
shirt with white stripes, blue and white
checked Juniper and a Prince Henry black
felt hat, size 7. He had a white silk
handkerchief wrapped around his let
ankle with the initial F in one corner,
the body had lain where It was found for
some time, as it was rigid when picked
up by the section hands. The skull was
The Children Enjoy
lifo out of doors and out of the game which they play and the enjoyment
which they receive and the efforts which they make, comes the greater part of that
healthful development which is so essential to their happinses whin grown. When
a laxative Is needed the remedy which is riven to them to cleanse and aweeten and
strengthen the internal organs on which it acts, should be such as physicians would
' sanction, because its component parts are known to be wholesome and the remedy
itself free from every objectionable quality. The one remedy which physicians and
parents, well-informed, approve and recommend and which the little ones enjoy,
because of its pleasant flavor, its gentle action and its beneficial effects' is Syrup
of Figs-and for the same reason it is the only laxative which should be used by
. fathers and mothers.
Syrup of Figs is the only remedy which acts gently, pleasantly and naturally
without griping, irritating, or nauseating and which cleanses the system effectually,
without producing that constipated habit which results from the use of the old
time cathartics and modern imitations, and against which the children should be so
carefully guarded. If you would have them grow to manhood and Womanhood,
strong, healthy and happy, do not give them medicines, when medicines are not
needed, and when nature needs assistance in the way of a laxative, give them only
the simple, pleasant and gentle Syrup of Figs.
. Its quality is due not only to the excellence of the combination of the laxative
principles of plants with pleasant aromatic syrups and juices, but also to our
original method of manufacture and as you value the health of the little ones, do
not accept any of the substitutes which unscrupulous dealers sometimes offer, to
increase their profits. Flease to remember, the full name of the Company
CALIFORNIA FIO SYRUP CO. is printed on the front of every package. In
order to get its beneficial
effects it is always neces- .
'T V--.-P. V sary w ouy ine genntne r n . V"
rtSk-i 0trV-& Jy- Tor sale by all re- OJ?P CVHi..
-W lkQt' liable druggists. f' V"W
1 s.
. t N..,. v. . .
" : ' ' " ' . I
I " A t - X
i t
v IT A A
v J) Ji j Jl li ill 1 f. (y AdilvijilllL
T)" h To)
Every cno of our corks
cr crowns is branded
To protect our customers we must expose the
dishonorable methods of unscrupulous dealers
who offer inferior beer put up in dark-colored
bottles' the same size and appearance as SchlitZ
bottles but without label.
imitation is sold as Schlitz Beer, under
the pretext that the label has been washed off.
To avoid being served with a cheap, inferior beer,
please examine the cork or crown and see that it is
branded like those
here shown.
Ask for the Brewery Bottling.
Common beer is sometimes substituted for Schlitz.
To avoid being imposed upon, see that the cork or crown is branded
D s rr Fl ojl
IhatWiade M
Be sure you
J get what you
order and
are paying
Phone 911.
Job. Schllts Brewing Co,
718 B. 9th St., Omaha.
crushed and there wa 'a eotnp'ound frac
ture of. both legs ' between tiie .knee and
ankle. The man was a laborer and It Is
supposed that he , was beating his way
east on one of the tfirough passenger
train on. the Burlington ' Friday night
and In some manner lost his hold and fell
from the train. The coroner's Jury brought
In a verdict of accidental death and the
body was burled in the Dawson ceme
tery. . . ,
a short distance below the crusher by
the crew on No. 14, lying: beside the track
with the head decapitated. Mattern had
been drinklp heavily for the last week,
and his friends believe lie committed sui
cide. He had lived in a hut near the
stone crusher for a long time and was
a bachelor, 45 years of age. The cor
oner's Jury decided the deceased came to
his death from causes unknown to It.
Snow t'aunot Keep Alliance Repub
licans Anay.
ALLIANCE, Neb., Oct. 22. (Special Tel
egramsNotwithstanding the prevalence
of the worst snowstorm of the season, and
the worst that this country has experienced
in years, a good nized crowd greeted G. W.
Sheldon, republican candidate for governor,
at the Phelan opera house tonight. What
was lacking in numbers waa made up In
the enthusiasm displayed by those -present,
as the various bsue of the campaign
were carefully and ably discussed. This
sure is a campaign of education and Mr.
Sheldon In no way is handicapped in be
ing able to enlighten.
Start on Woll.
REATRICK, Neh., Oct. 22. (Special
Telegram.) The Beatrice Oil and Gas
company started its first well today, three
miles southeast of the city.
Corn Hnakera Wanted.
FALLS CVll, Neb., Oct 2i (Special.)
Corn husking has started in Richardson
county and it will be one of the biggest
crops and the best grade of corn husked
here for a long time. The farmer are
having a great deal of trouble to secure
help to .husk the crop and are adver
tising for men, offering 3 cents a bushel and
board, and cannot get men at that price,
as all the men who want to work are
picking or barreling apples. The apple
crop in thia county haa been a big item
to the farmers, as it has brought a good
many thousand dollars here that would not
have come if it had not been for the big
apple crop. There has been no wasle to
the apples this year, aa the vinegar fac
tory in Falls City has taken all the apples
the packers refused and the farmers from
a distance of twenty miles have brought
their cull and windfall apples to the vine
gar factorjt in Falla City. Taking every
thing Into consideration, this will be one
of the most prosperous years Richardson
county haa ever had.
Body of Missing: Mo a Found.
FRLMONT. Neb., Oct. 3U.-(Sp-clal.)
The mystery surrounding the disappear
ance of Michael Shannon from North. Bend
about three weeka ago waa solved yester
day by the finding of a badly decomposed
body on the bank of the I'lalte river near
that town. It was Identified as the body of
Shannon by tha clothing and especially by
a red necktie which his sister had given
him a few days before. Sam Wilson, a
farmer living near there, made the discov
ery. Shannon had been working on a farm
and was last aeen In North Bend saloon
about three weeks ago, and had evidently
been drinking considerably. On account of
the decomposed condition of the body the
causa of hia death could not be d linitely
determined, but lie probably fell off the
bridge and waa drowned.
Jail Breaker t aplared.
OA LAND, Neb., Oct. tt. (Special.)
Sheriff Phippa of Burt county anil the
sheriff from Onawa captured tha last of
the Jail breaker who broke Jail at Ouawa,
la., last week, four mile west of here
Sunday afternoon ou the farm of Swan
Btiind, where he was husking corn.
He was taken to Ponca, Neb., this morn
lrg. where he broke Jail previous to going
to Onawa.
Decapitated by Trala.
TiPlTP ll'W vK ri,.t .1
Telegram.) Rolert Mattern, t-mpioyd
ii me stone crti.icr si yniore, aa
etruck by a livlu yisiertlay uiorring and
lu.tvtly killed. The bvdy was IvunJ
Sfwi of Nebraska.
PLATTSMOUTH Rain has been falling
In this vicinity nearly all day.
WEFT POINT Albert Ross and Miss
Anna Buchholta were united in marriage
at the home of the bride In Kellgh town
ship. WEST POINT John Brooks and Mlsa
Anna DeJcan, both well known young peo
ple of Bancroft precinct, were married In
Pender laat week.
WEST POINT-W. J. Taylor, the photog
rapher, haa sold out hia business to A. L.
Krauae and has left the city. West Point
now has only one photographic studio.
WAHOO George L. Sheldon, republican
candidate for governor, received a hearty
reception in Wahoo Saturday evening. His
address at the opera house made him many
REPUBLICAN CITY The new Methodist
church is nearly completed and will be
dedicated November 11. Chancellor Hunt
ington has promised to be present at the
REPUBLICAN CITT-Aprl! weather has
been prevailing here for the last two weeks
and the ground haa been thoroughly poaked
with good ralna. This moisture is just
what waa needed for the fall wheat and
almost Insures a crop next year.
CEDAR BLUFFS George L. Sheldon ad
dressed the voters of thia vicinity here
Saturday afternoon. Congressman Tawney
of Minnesota, who Is attending a family
reunion here, gave a short talk and urend
the voters to return Congressman Ilin
shaw, complimenting him very highly.
WEST POINT A series or union gtwpel
meetings huve been commenced at the
Grcce Lutheran church In West Point. The
initial meeting waa held last night and waa
largely attended. Rev. J. C. Willert of
Tnennia,-' Wash., tot the evangelist, and
Prof. J. W. Poot is In charge of the mu
sical program.. 1
FALLS CITY The funeral of Simon M.
Baylor was held from the Baylor resi
dence here last Saturday morning. Mr.
Saylor was one of the oldest settlers In
Richardson county, having lived here over
thirty years. He had been sick for some
time with a cancer In his throat and died
Friday morning at he age of 64 years.
PLATTSMOUTH Sunday night the prem
ises of Anton Buchek was visited by un
identified parties and but for the timely
appearance of a neighbor Mr. Buchek
would have been minus a few fine porkers,
as the fence to the enclosure was being
torn down when the thieves were discov
ered. The residence of Mr. Buchek, In
the western portion of this city, was en
tred and ransacked one day last week.
The residence of Mrs. Cooper in this city
was also entered and a gold watch taken,
but thus far there is no clue to who the
intruders were.
(Continued from First Page.)
central Nebraska today, breaking down
trees, telegraph and telephone wlrea and
causing suffering among stock.
WEST POINT, Neb., Oct. 22. (Special. )
Very heavy continuous rains have fallen
in the Elkhorn valley during the laat thirty-six
hours, almost causing a flood and
doing aerioua damage to the culverts and
bridges In the city. Corn husking, which
waa already commenced by the fanners,
haa been stopped. Trains eaatbound are
running late on account of the heavy anow
west of this place and in the Black Hills
WAHOO. Neb. Oct. 2?.-(Speclal.)-A
ateady rain has been falling here the last
twenty-four hours and the weather haa
turned considerably colder.
Bain la Eastern Xebraaka.
HUMBOLDT, Neb.. Oct. 2J. (Special.)
Thia section was visited by a fine rain
lant night, which settled the dust and puts
fall wheat in excellent shape. It Interfered
somewhat with the hauling and loading of
apples, which la one of the leading indus
tries of the neighborhood at this time, but
indications are that the stormy spell will
be of short duration.
BEATRICE, Neb., Oct 22 -(Special
Telegram.) Rain haa been falling hera
aince yesterday and about an inch of
water haa fallen. It will be of Ines
timable value to the wheat crop. Weather
TABLE ROCK, Neb., Oct. 22 -(SpeciaI.)-Aftcr
two or three days of cloudy and
threatening weather. It commenced to rain
about S o'clock yesterday afternoon and
rained nearly all night and a part of the
forenoon. The ground is thoroughly
soaked and the winter wheat and the pas
tures are greatly benefited.
LINWOOD, Neb., Oct. 22.-8peetal.)-A
slight snow fell here Saturday evening,
the first of the season. It turned to rain
and has been drizzling ever since. It will
leave thy ground In fine ahape tor winter,
alao benefit the paatures and winter w'teaL
FREMONT, Neb., Oct. 22. (Special.)
About an Inch of rain fell here today, but
the precipitation thua far this year is still
below tha average for the same period.
Trains were delayed on the railroads, but
the cause waa storms in the west rather
than heavy tracks in thia vicinity. The
rain will do much good. ' .'
HARVARD, Neb., Oct. 22.-(Speoial.)-A
slow, cold steady rain has been falling most
of the time for the last twenty-four hours,
with fully two Inches of rainfall.'
Banker Shoots at Robbers.
JOPLIN. Mo., Oct. 22.-A. V. Manning-,
cashier of the McDonald County bank at
Plneville. forty miles south of Jopiln,
early today exchanged ehota with two rob
bera whom he encountered at work at the
bank. No one was hurt and the robbers
escaped without securing any booty. Tha
bank was wrecked by a charge of dyna
mite eet off by the robbers.
Bank Robbers In Illinois.
MURPHYBBORO. III., Oct. 22 -Five rob
bers blew open the safe of the bank of
Vergennes early today, secured JtflO in castt,
fhr.t and mortally wounded Abraham Kim
inel, a merchant, and escaped.
n '
i 'jJtfc--Sjl'" 1 St an in im ttfL?r,lr,M"''
r !
The Backbone
of a
MigMy Mafion
is good food food tor brain, food for brawn, food that. is
strengthening, that gives energy and courage. Without a proper
appreciation of this great fundamental truth no nation can rise
to greatness.
As an article of food, soda crackers are being used more and
more every day, as is attested by the sale of nearly 400,000,000
packages of Uneeda Biscuit, which have come to be recog
nized as the most perfect soda cracker the world has ever known.
And so Uneeda Biscuit will soon be ou ever table at
every meal, giving life, health and strength to the American people,
thus in very truth becoming the backbone of the nation.
. 1 1
t !
i j
- n