Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, October 21, 1906, EDITORIAL SECTION, Page 4, Image 17

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will , uiif HI IB an. tor h
" ealtle.ii ! until r. m. for
Ik moraine- imdar edition.
Rates 1 l-B word rat Insertion.
1 word thereafter. Sethlnsr taken
for less than SA for the fleet Inaer
tlon. The adrert laemeat mail ha
ran eneeelvely.
Advertiser. y reejaestleg Mm.
nered check, ran harr answer
dreaaed to a numbered letter In rare
f The Bea. Answer ao addreaaetl
will be delivered .. .re.entatlo. .
students are admitted any day.
' Catalogue Free, Tel. Douglas 184.
Addres H. B. Boyle. President.
Boyi Building. Omaha. Neb.
Trunks, suit cases and shopping bags. Old
trunks In exchange.. Repairing.
410 N. lth St. Phone lxiuglaa 4WJ.
R 48 octzs
313 S. 16th St. Tel. Douglas bsl.
Ouiaha 6af and Iron Works make a spe
cialty of Are escapes, shutters, doors and
safes. U. Andreen, Prop., 102 S. 10th 8t.
, K 62
8IQN PAINTING S. II. Cole. 1302 Douglas.
R tHltf
TRT Kelly's Towel Supply. Tel. Doug. 8531
IOWA Sanitary Cleaning Co.. 1019 Far nam.
r 632
HEFLIN Locksmith, moved upstairs: en
trance. 1324 Farnam. Tel. Doug 2974.
WHAT Is worth having: la worth going
after; write for catalogue, A. Martin L.
Matlock, Box 637, Pittsburg, Pa.
R 223 21 X
WANTED To register with our
employment department com
petent stenographers and ma
chine operators. Have several
good permanent and tempo
rary positions open. Come In
and register at once.
17th and Farnam Sts.
B 112 22
MANAGER of Jewelry department, $1000
per annvn.i experienced dress goods sales
man lis per week; bookkeeper, $100 per
month; four stenographers and bookkeep
ers, 40 to $60.
840-1-2 N. V. IJTe Bldg.
B-137 20
WANTED A steady, reliable man to do
plumbing, tinning and het Iron work;
good wages and steady Job. Address
Zunlnl Faretto, Lovelocks, Nev.
B M9I7 2J
WANTED A first class, sober and steady
bread and cake baker at once, $12 per
week, day work. Address J. Renner,
l P, O. Box 38, Rockwell City. Ia.
B-M818 20x
MECHANICAL draughtsman. $100.
Experienced bookkeeper, grain business,
Architectural draughtsman, $100.
Mgr. Jewelry dept.. $200.
First-class dry goods man. $75.
I bookkeepers and stenographers, $50.
Experienced telephone men, all lints, $00
to $100. '
Stenographer, $65.
Dept B, 840-1-2 N. Y. Lite Bldg
B 329 21
WANTED Experienced second "hand
. candy helpers, on hard good. Balduff
Pure Candy Co., 1114 Farnam.
- I B M978 20
WANTED-Chlcken pickers; plenty of
work; hens and springs, 2c. Apply Swtth A
Company, 217 S. Union St., Ottumwa, la.
B M963 24
, WANTED Jeweler; young man preferred.
Address Lon Smith, Stuart, la.
'.... B M9SI20
WANTED Lumberman, one who Is fast
and accurate in tallying: also two boy;
On aha Box Co.. East Omaha. B 946
WANTED By a large establishment, mes
senger boys. State age, experience and
salary expected. 47, Care Bee.
B M994 21
WANTED For large general store, man
with experience with country trade. A
married man. Danish or Norwegian pre
ferred. Bute experience. Address I ,
Care Omaha Bee. B-M991 20
WANTED At once, 10 young men, 15 to
20 years. See Mr. L'.ndermun. Men's
Clothing Department. The Bennett Com
pany. B M9S 21
WANTED Chicken pickers; plenty of
work: hens nnd em-inss. Jc. Amity Swift ft
Company, 217 8. I'nlon St., Ottumwa, Id.,
B M16ti 27
CHICKEN pickers wanted at Swift and
Com puny. Falrbury, Neb.: fine new pick
Ink' mom; lots of poultty; hens, 2c;
epring. 2Wc. Write or come at once. E.
Byllesby. Mgr. B M264 27
START a plating business In your town;
big money for you at home or traveling
with a Victor pint In ; outfit: no experi
ence required; simply dip article to be
t la ted In melted metal and you have a
eautlful plate, more laming than silver
plate and will liever tarnish: demand for
replatlng enormous; every home, store,
shop, etc., has tableware, metal goods,
etc.. to replate; work Is easy, simple and
very profitable: we teach you free; send
for circular. Victor Supply House, Chi
cago. . . B 2!4 21x
tion manufacturing household necessity
desires Nebraska manager; demonstra
tion In leading department store; office
furnished, three years' contract: salary
$1,800 and rommlsHlona; good opening for
man of character and ability. AddreM
Mauager, 224 Ontario Bldg. Toledo. O.
WE will make you a present of $W0. give
your a splendid suit of clothes every to
dy, enlarge your picture free and pay
you a salary of $X6 per month and all
traveling expenses, with our check fur
$V when er gaged, to take orders for the
greatest and most reliable portrait hotiae
In the world; all this will be guaranteed.
Address K. D. Mattel, Dept. 150. t'hl
cajiro. III. i B 189 21x
TOI'NO M EN Lea rn show card lettering
and designing: It's a money maker; sam
ple free. Thompson School. Pont lac,
Mich. B 18S 21x
WANTED Clerk for general store In cen
tral Nebraska. Must be sober, of good
hablta and not afraid of work. Give re -ferenee,
age and experience In first 1'tter.
Salary $4o per month Steady position
for the right man. Address U-6. Omulm
Be. B 175 21
WANTED Men, everywhere; good pay; to
distribute circulars, advertising matter,
tack signs, etc.; no canvassing. Ad drees
National Distributing Bureau, 100 Oaklitnd
Bank Bldg.. Chicago. 111. B ITi Hi
MAN WANTED by Philadelphia mill;
work In own town, full or mu time;
sMlary and board paid; experience not es
sential. P. O. Bo 13C2, Philadelphia,.
WAKTED Reliable men to sell Diamonds
and Watch to everybody on credit;
- good comnuawion: salary to proved busi
ness gettera. Walker Edmund Co., It 8
State St., Chicago. B IN Us
WANTED Man and wife to go out on
stock ranch: will furnish transporta
tion te responsible people. Address U
19.'Be. B S$2 21x
WANTED Reliable man as general agent !
ror aaaiern ana central neorasKa; saiury
and expenses advanced; reference. J. E.
Mc Brady Co.. Chicago. B 301 21 X
IN eight weeks or leas wa prepar you as
a competent barber. Secure you a sal
aried position in a reaponethle shop Writ
American Barber Co11- Uth and Djug
IM fta, Ui5 Six
What do you do with your nightg
What actual, permanent GOOD do
you get out of Monday, Wednesday
and Friday night each I week?
Suppose you could transform the
Monday, Wednesday and ' Friday
nightg of this winter Into a position
paying from $800.00 to $1,200.00 a
year? Would you give up idling,
dancing and theater going for those
three nights each week to qualify for
a position paying such a salary?
Young man or young woman It'a
up to you!
Boyles Night School
offers you a glorious chance to be
come a telegrapher, a stenographer or
a bookkeeper In one short winter
and It asks you to go to school only
three evenings a week. If you are
sincere In your desire to become ab
solutely independent to become a
"crack" telegrapher, a well paid
stenographer or an expert bookkeeper,
you cannot excuse yourself for not at
tending Boyles College Night School,
the college that It pays to attend, for
the very simple reason that It Is the
college from which Omaha business
men have found it best to obtain their
business assistants.
If in doubt, write for catalogue
today or call upon us to morrow.
Boyles Cdllege
H. B. BOYLES, Pres.
of character are invited to cor
respond with us regarding an
exceptional opportunity to rep
resent a leading conservative
pompany, with an established
business in Nebraska. Several
agencies open, one in Omaha.
Address T 40, The Bee.
WANTED Fire boys; good wages; perma
nent Job. A. D. T. Co., 212 S. 13th St.
DRUG STORES bought and sold; drug
clerks wanted. F. V. Knlest, 824 N. Y. L.
CIV1I, SERVICE Want young men to pre
pare. Bee UnderhilU 3320 N. 24ih.
B-M774 02
to prepare for firemen and brakemen on
new roads and for fall rush; experience
unnecessary: firemen $100, promoted to
engineers $200; brakemen $75, promoted to
conductors $150; positions now orn. Na
tional Training association, 620 X Paxton
Blk.. Omaha. Neb.
B-M1S8 Nov$
HUSTLERS out of employment enn do well
to call on us; pay weekly. C. F. Adams
Co.. 1618 Howard. BM139 Nov2
Toothache? Frea treatment at Crelghton
Dental college.
Crown or bridge work. No charge at
Crelghton Dental college except for ma
terial. B ul&ii Novll
WANTED An experienced traveling sales
man who has an established trade In the
liquor Una In the state of Nebraska; good
salary paid for a competent, energetic
man. Samuel Westhelmar Bon W. L.
Co., St. Joseph. Mo. B M687 22
WANTED Two boys for the soda fountan..
Beaton Drug Co., 16th and Farnam 8t.
B 863
CITY agent and manager for Endowment
Health and Accldmt Co. Milan D. Wil
son, Gen., Delivery, Omaha. U-M900 ?i
WANTED-lsollcltor for the best' selling
household articles on the market; liberal
commission allowed and good earnings
guarantied rustlers. Applicants Inter
viewed from 1 to 2 p. m, at room 81, I. 8.
National Bank Bldg. B-901 21 X
WANTED At once, twenty boys and girls
to be einnloyed regularly. Must be over
15. See Mr. Harvey, Main Floor. The
Bennett Company. B M987 21
WANTED 2 good coat makers: also pants
maker; steady jobs. J. A. Oough, At
lantic. Ia. B 105 20x
WANTED Engineer to run Corliss engine
and" make planing mill reoalr with nre
nven. Lincoln Bash and Door Co.. Lincoln.
Neb. B-M139 22
HI'STLERS wanted everywhere, $2$ to
$30 made weekly, distributing circulars,
packages, overseeing outdoor advertising.
Experience not needed. New plan. No
canvassing. Address, Merchants Out
Door Advertising Co.. 79 Dearborn Bt.,
Chicago. B-M127 21x
WANTED Men to learn barber trade.
Splendid time to begin. Few weeks torn-
riletes. Top wage paid. Positions walt
ng. Best trade In the world for poor
man. Little capital start huslnesa. In
vestigate. Moler Barber College. 1116 Far
nam Bt. B-M124 Sx
BOOKKEEPER, experienced in grain busi
ness, $85 to $100. Apply at once or Sun
day between 8 and 11 a. m.
840-1-2 N. T. Life Bldg.
R-12C V
WANTED Toung man to solicit, must .be
a hustler; a good proportion to right
party; reference required. Apply Sunday
morning at M Harney. 11 S4 21 x
WANTED, for the V. S. marina corps, men
between aa 21 and 3$; an opportunity
to aea the world. For full Information
see poster In puetoffice of any county seat
In Nebraska for the addreea of recruiting
officer thereon. B M129 11
TAILOR for ladies' work; good wagea and
Kteady work. Apply al once. 2207 Far
nam St. B-142 21
WANTED Hustling young msn to aselst
nli it Otf pfi nhr Annlv at nm ttauS I1uv.
t ney St. B-M'.tO 20x
WANTED Young man to solielt; must be
a hustlt-r; good proposition to the right
rimy. Reference required, ISO Harnev
Bt. B-M141 2Vx
WANTED Toung man to learn the cabinet
making trade; prefer one who has had
some experience; a good opportunity for
the right party. Orchard A Wllhelm Car
pet Co. B 268 21
MEN to distribute samples, tack signs; $3
dally; steady; no canvassing. Oliver,
Monro Bldg., Chicago. B 26$ Jlx
Draughtsman, railway city office, Denver
Electrician for electric light planr-$125.
Stationary Engineer for city block $110.
Consulting Engineer for railway company
Aaetatant Manager, department avre, Den.
ver $1,809.
Private Secretary, railway official, Colo
rado 41.4U).
Borkkeener. wholesale lumber company,
New Mexico $1. CM).
Stenographer, mining company, Montana
II v
BOx 101$, Denver, Colo.
First Winter Term
19th and Farnam Sts.,
The more you learn the more effi
cient you become and the mora you
can earn. If you are now In some
position where your Income Is not
sufficient to enable you to wear
better clothes, or procure more than
'actual necessities, of life, how do you
firopoee to ever do any better? There
s really only one way, and that Is
to learn more, so you can earn more.
The place to do this Is at the Omaha
Commercial college, where your op
portunities will be first-class. Few
schools are so good, and none better.
It has enabled hundreds to double
their salaries and can do BJi well by
Elegant new building, superior
equipment, practical courses taught
In a practical way by practical
teachers, two expert penmen, a liter
ary society, splendidly equipped free
ftymnaelum. free lecture courses and
iterary entertainments, collexe or
chestra, law school end school of
dramatic art.
We have now enrolled In the vari
ous departments more students from
Omaha, South Omaha and Council
Bluffs than all the other commercial
colleges In Omaha combined. We
have students from more states and
territories (.26) than all the other
schools combined. We have more
university students and high school
graduates than all the other schools
combined. This unnrecedented en
rollment plainly Indicates how the
Omaha Commercial College stands at
home and abroad. The reason why Is
With practical courses, practical
teachers, a progressive policy, and
splendid equipments, then you will
never ask for the return of your
It will give you an idea of a good
school. In a good location, good
building and producing good results.
It is free to any address.
Both are good. Either will help
you. If you cannot attend one at
tend the other. Take your choice.
Same teachers In both and equal op
i portunltles. Begin any time. Call
or write fur particulars. Address
WU and Farnam.
WANTED A hustiing young man to assist
photographer. 1808 Harney. B-356 21 x
WANTED Man each county to advertise
our goods and leave samples; salary $20
weekly; expenses advanced. Northwest
ern Co., Dept 1-A, 338 Wabash Ave.,
Chicago. B 246 21x
WANTED First -class coachman to work
around yard; Al reference. Address
U 18, Bee. B-281 2lx
WANTED First-class coachman to work
around yard; must have Al references.
$70 Farnam. B
WANTED Railroad laborers, stationary
fireman. Iron workers, carpenters, wood
choppers, warehouse men, barn man and
com huskers. Ed Rothery's Information
and Labor Bureau, 111 S. 14th.
B-M100 S
SOMETHING NEW In health and accident
Insurance; a leading company, with large
profits, to a good Omaha agent, and also
for outside agent. Great Western Acci
dent, Des Molnea. B
BOOKKEEPER Experienced man needed
for large Florida manufacturing concern;
$1.K00 yearly salary; transportation fur
nished; deserving man advanced; state
experience. Addreea Box 779, Jackson
ville. Fla. B 17 a
WANTED Four men to travel - In each
state, dletrlbute samples and advertise
our goods. Salary $21 per week and ex
penses, guaranteed. Expenses advanced.
Experience unnecessary. Address with
stamp, stating age and occupation. Reeve
Co., 407 Dearborn St., Chicago.
li-M 21 x
WANTED Several tip-to-date hustlers
throughout each state to represent a
western firm; will pay $12 per week to
those who qualify; chances of advance
ment; no deposit aked. Address, with
references, T 80, care Bee. B 212 21x
WANTED Vod man In each county to
ropreeent and advertise hardware depart
ment, put out samples, etc.; salary $21
weekly; expense money advanced. Dept.
A, The Columbia House, Chicago.
B 204 21 x
WANTED Boy 16 or 17 years old for mail
ing clerk in wholesale house. Address
1'30, Bee. B S38 21
WANTED Detectives-; shrewd, reliable
men for profitable secret service, to act
under orders; no experience necessary.
Write H. C Webster, Indianapolis, Ind.
B 198 2lx
WANTED Experienced pile driver work
. men and bridge carpenters $3.26. per day
and pile driver bridge foreman $o.50 per
duy. ' Free transportation to work In
South Dakota. Board $6 per week. W. M.
' Hauser, 271 Madison St., Chicago, 111.
B 217 21 X
WANTED Boya, 15 to 20 years old. Rex,
So 8. 16th. B M130 $4
AFTER th show' try a Cel-Pep-Ko. Ask
tha bartender. B $62 t2x
WANTED Coat makera. J. T. Oliver, S
Pear St.. Council Bluffs, Ia.
B-8H 23X
EXPERIENCED collector, single man pre
ferred; permanent position; $1$ weekly
and commission. Hlxenbaugh A Co., 600
Ware Blk. Call Sunday, $ to 4 p. m.
B-S64 a
WANTED Fifty girls to work In candy
factory; good chance to earn money to
buy your Christmas presents with. Tha
Voegsle A Dinning Co., 1316 Jones St.
FIFTT strong girls for turning bags; girls
14 or 1$ years old for clipping threads.
Bemla Omaha Bag Co. C-Mll
EXPERIENCED chocolat dipper wanted
at once. D. J. O'Brien Co., U02 Howard.
OIRI.8 WANTED. Loomls Co., 91$ Farnam
WANTED A competent girl for general
houaowork. small family. Mrs. 11. M.
McClanahan, 1112 N. 40th St. Tel. Har
ney 1402. C 4W
WANTED Good girl for general house
work. Mrs. 8. G. Petlcolaa. $51 Haw
thorn Ave., Bemia park. C 871 2lx
WANTED To register with our
employment department com
petent stenographers and ma
chine operators. Hav several
good permanent and tempo
rary positions open. Com In
and register at one.
Uth and Farnam Sts,
C 128 a
WANTED Young girl about 18. to aaalat
with housework in apartment, small fam
ily. Go home nights. Mrs. Del
Btrother. The Barnard. C M989 21 x
WANTED A young lady of good appearance-
and address for caahler and
tngle entry bookkeeper, also must be a
typewriter; references dalred. Position
la In a store, town of lfl.iico, In Nebraska.
Salary, $i per nioolb; Ji later on. Ad
Uicta V . Bee. C- Mini 21
ACTIVE Inily to work at home; $w paid
for U days ttlal; promotion; st.ite nH
tlvlty, religion. Engwall, 370 l.keli!e
Bldg.. Chicago. C 1H5 21 X
LADIES To make Sanitary Melt: mate
rial all cut ready u sew; $1 20 per dnsen;
Particular stamped envelope, lenoi Co.,
pt. 272. Chicago. C 2i) 21 x
IADY aewera to make up shields at home:
$10 per 110; can make two an hour: work
sent prepaid to reliable women: send re
ply envelope for full Information to l'r.1
vral Remedy Co., Desk B. Walnut St.,
Philadelphia, ra. C 1 21x
INTELLIGENT woman wanted by Phila
delphia Mill; work in own town, full or
spare time: salary and board pnld; ex-
P-rlenc not essential. P. O. Box 1;2.
hiladelphta. Pa. C
AGENTS handle our English Hearth Rug
Needle. Something new. Women quickly
buy. Sample 25c postpaid. Big prollts.
Brown s Patentees. 198 West Urondwa),
.New York. yC 220 21 x
WANTED Experienced ladv clothes
Ironer. City Steam Laundry. 211 S. 11th.
C-101 20
WANTED Woman who has experience In
demonstrating. Apply A. D. Hrand-Je,
between 8 and 10 a. m. J. L. Brando's (k
Bona. C 976 20
WANTED Competent girl at once. 1024
Park Ave. C 110 21
WANTED-Salesladles In the cloak and
suit department. Ilayden Bros.
C-M135 21
SEWERS Gingham apron?; make highest
wages; material sent to door free of
charge; stamped addressed envelope for
particular. L. P. Richards, 6W2 Korrest
vllle Ave.. Chicago. C 249 21x
LADIE8 for shadow drawing; natural tal
ent unnecessary; $20 weekly easily earned
at home; stamped envelope for partlcu
Inrs. Address Bureau of Commercial Art,
1917 Indiana Ave., Chicago. C 247 21x
WANTED A caretaker and a good laun
dress. The Creche, 19th and Harney.
C-M285 24x
LADIES to work piecework; $3 per doa.;
materials furnished, no canvassing;
steady work: stamped envelope. Best
Mfg. Co., Champloln Bldg., Chicago.
C 238 21 X
600 GIRLS wanted to work In shirt fac
tory. M. E. Smith A Co., Uth and Doug
las. C 177 21
SEVERAL young women can secure plnce
to study for profession of trained nurse,
by applying to Superintendent Nurses.
County hospltnl, for application blnnks.
Applicants must have good common
school education and be of good moral
character. C 114 21
WANTED Good coat and skirt hands In
alteration room. S. Fredrick Berger, 1517
Farnam. C 109 21
WANTED Good girl for general house
work; small family. 201 8. 25th St.
C-149 21
WA NTED Girl for general housework.
2126 Chicago. C 147 22
WANTED - Experienced salesladies for
"mi aepanmeni; nign salary.
8. Fredrick Berger & Co., 1517 Farnam.
C-146 22
WANTF.D-Cook for small family; wages
w iu s. ji Lrauge ot. C 146 a
TAILORESS for skirts andjackets; good
"-o. . nyvxy ni voce, tan t arnam HI.
C 143 21
WANTED Young ludy stenographer for
, 1 1 itt , piquet iiiiKiii oe permanent;
must have had some experience; Smith
Premier machine; salary reasonable. Ap.
ply by letter In own handwriting. Ad
dress V 19. Omaha Bee. C ISO 22x
WANTED A competent girl for general
lyuBCWUIK, iwci wages. Jit JM. Mlh St.
Tel. Douglas 8242. C-M327 22x
GIRL for general housework, 86 per week.
i-w o. nn Ave. (: 5o3 23
WANTED Experienced chocolate dippers.
rmiuuu ruro nnuy o., lilt r arnam.
C M972 20
WANTED Girl for general housework; no
cooking; ju a month. 2727 Cuming St.-
C-337 22
WANTED Second trimmer. F. M. Scha-
dell A Co. C 346 a
WANTED Salesman to introduce and
sell the Gallup Fruit Gatherer. Large
money to hustlers. Gallup Mfg., Co.,
Room 1 Patterson Bldg., Omaha, Neb.
J M620
NEW sleeve protector for office and house
work; samples free this week; other
novelties. Ladle Supply Co., 82&3 Prairie
Ave.. O., Chicago. J M636 Novl2x
SALARY and commission will be paid to
an oia line lire man oi experience. Ad
dress Box 1196, Lincoln, Neb. .
J-77S Novll
AGENTS wanted In Iowa to sell placket
fastening device; easy seller; territory
SHSlgned . without royalty. Security
Placket Co., 1017 Ny 17th St., Omaha.
J M132 21 X
PORTRAIT AGENTS Get your work from
the artists, the Kind that delivers; work
guaranteed; service best. Get our pre
mium proposition. L. O. Butcher, 7 Blue
Island Ave., Chicago. J 265 21x
BELL toilet aosp; make $10 day; 16c starts
you In business with us; we show you
how. Acme Chemical Co.. 68 Fifth Ave.,
Chicago. J-244 21x
SALESMEN wanted to sell clgnrs; palary
or commission; experience unnecessary;
enclose stamp. Metropolitan Cigar Co.,
Lowell, Mass. J 242 21 X
AGENTS 30 sample souvenir post card
18c postpaid: they pell at 'eight; moat
beautiful published; new subjects. De
fiance Photo Studio, 66 West Broadway,
N. Y. J 241 tlx
WANTED Agent, men and women, to
make from $4 to $5 a day; 200 easiest,
quickest selling household specialties;
catalogue and terms free. Halaskn Co.,
1169 W. Uth St.. Chicago. J-261 Six
AGENTS Sell our reservoir dustles floor
and carpet brushes In store, schools, res.
Idences, public buildings, hotels, halls;
field unlimited; reduce dust 97 per cent
actual test; gold medal at St. Louis
World' fair; strictly guaranteed ; big
margin and great seller; opportunity to
build great trade; exclusive territory; no
competition. Milwaukee Dustlean Brush
Co.. Milwaukee, Wis. J 268 21 x
WANTED Agent to handle new patented
name plates, etc.; more talking points:
exclusive territory to right man; liberal
rommlsMlons. Address Montgomery A
Ives, IS Niagara St., Buffalo, N. Y.
J-3. 5 ax
Inverted Gas Lamps; latest light out: ex
perience unnecessary; salary; nothing to
aell; sample free. Perfection Light Co.,
63 River St., Chicago. J 239 Jlx
AOENTS Farmer. ave money using our
Improved grain mill; beat aeller; low
price; hustlers wanted; particulars for
stsmp. Colerick A Rawlins, Ft. Wayne.
Ind. J-2 21 x
AGENTS wanted, male and female; big
fortunea made awlling up-to-date swlas
embroidered waist patterns: gren( oppor
tunity; $1 deposit required with order.
Joaeph Gluck, 621 Broadway, New York.
, J-180 21 X
WANTED Hustling agent to sell "FIRE
POWDR." A fire extinguisher even the
poorent can afford; veils at sight: special
terms and territory given. Addreas Mc
Comber Extinguisher Co., Adams, N. Y.
J 183 21 x
AGENTS WANTED-We are sole manufac
turers of a large, new and very aaleabl
line of household novelties and Christ
mas presents; exclusive territory to
hustling agents. Write now for term
and catalogue. Special low prices to In
troduce the line. Agents' Novelty Mfg.
Co., Buffalo, N. Y. J-
AOENTB 50 per cent profit, $30 weekly;
newest 10-cent household necessity; send
10 cents for eaniple; particulars. On and
Off Co.. 128 Charlea St.. New York. J-
AGENTB Write now for free sample of
work and terms. Star harness mender;
best 26c seller out; we make other quirk
S'UIng necessities. Columbia Nov. Mfg.
Co., St. Ioui. J
AGENTS to sell clothing on eay ternv: no
reference, no security; wear cl thing
' wlill you pay: small payment down: $1
per month; sample free. White King
riotr-in c-v, 28 "M St., New York.
J-lil ax
21, lOOfi.
WK PAT W t week and expense to men
with rl to Introduce poultry compound.
Year's contract. Imperial Mfg. Co.. IVpt.
64. Parsons, Ksn. J
AGENT" -Receipt for making read at nlgM
luminous paint for signs, etc.. I)c. Na
tionsl Pnlnt Works, Knglewood. III.
J-192 21 1
$3 WEEKLY easily mmle fitting eye
glasses; essv mall course; low fee; write
tolsy for free cntnlogue. ( Notional Op
tical' College, St. louis
J-li-l ax
THE AGENT (His Paper) It Different:
Fighting for lower licenses and priv
ileges; 3 months 10 cents. Salem O.
J-1S7 21 x
TRAVELER for established house: $12 per
week; expenses ' advanced: references.
Address, with Stamp, J. A. Alexander,
Omaha, Neb. J-1S6 tlx
AGENTS Something extraordinary, self
generating gas burner, fitting kerosene
lamps: brilliant, white gas light, Liberal
Inducements, exclusive territory, posittlve
monopoly; description free; established,
reliable. Eastern Gas Light Co., 2x0
Broadway, New York. J-170 21x
AGENTS WANTED I will atart any hon
est man or woman In a business that
will pav them from $100 to $M0 per month;
I furnish tho capital; you simply put
your work gilnst my capital; If you
don't have plenty of spare change to
Jingle In your pocket, wear good clothe
and start n bank account In S months
It's your own fault.' Ch.ts. W. Kelser,
XH Went. Ave., Englewood. III.
J 213 ax
HOT side line: pays hotel bills; consigned
goods; nocket samples; prompt commis
sion. American Chewing Gum Co., St.
Louis. J 211 ax
PATENTED-Hitch anywhere; weighs hut
few ounces; carry In pocket; effective;
no competition; horsemen excellent
scents. Pocket Hltchpost Co, Muncle,
Ind. J 2t 21 x
MEN willing to work positively make $2.0Ofl
to $S,onn per year selling our Just patented
machine. Engle Tool Co.. B 3, Cincin
nati. O. J 203 ax
HI'STLERS wanted to sell best specialty
of recent years: aggressive workeis make
$10 per riav (no exaa-gerntlon). Those who
MEAN RI'SINESS write for full partic
ulars'. SPECIAL: To those wishing to
lo? no time we will iand sample for 10c.
W. P. Chase A Co.. Wilcox Bldir., Ix
Angeles, Cal. J 202 ax
AOENTS $.1,000 cleared yearly selling omr
gasoline lighting system, $26. Demonstrat
ing outfit free.. Address Security Light
Co., Chlcag-o. J-221 ax
AGENTS Portrait and others send name
and get full particulars about our new
picture, portrait on pillow top. The latet
thing In portraits. Ifargls Bros., 3(6 W.
Madison St., Chicago. J-216 21 X
AGENTS wanted everywhere to sell our
specialties. Quick sellers, easily handled.
$25 to $75 per week for hustlers. Write for
samples and full particulars. General
Specialty Manufacturing Co., 10th A
Susquehanna Ave. Room 11 Phlla1el-
phiu, pa. J as ax
AGENT8 Cnpable hustlers to sell our
sanitary cooking utensils, an entirely
new line. Good for $6 to $8 per day over
expenses. Write for particulars. Victor
Manufacturing Co., Cambridge, O.
J-214 21 x
WANTED Experienced rlesman to sell
Scioto Sign Co.' calendars, advertising
novelties and elgns In Wisconsin, Minne
sota, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska and Da
kota; our salesmen now make $10 to $20
dally on commission, because we have
best line. Write Henry Hoffman. Box
143, Minneapolis, Minn. L 343 21x
SALESMEN, to place our Patent Adjusta
ble Umbrellas, with 100 6c cigar, for
$3.75. Salesmen sell ten and more a day.
For full particulars address Crown Cigar
Co., Milwaukee, Wis. L M8S9 22
WANTED A salesman to travel In eastern
Neb, and western Iowa on "commission or
sell a a side line for washing machines,
churns and kitchen cabinets. Address
The Easy Washing Machine Co., St.
Marys, Ohio. L M990 21
and expense to right man; get in line for
1907 by connecting now with a large, well
established, high-rated house selling an
unusually attractive staple line to retail
trade; experience not essential; write for
Sartlculars; reference. Sale Manager,
lox 725, Chicago. L 243 21 X
WANTED Eight experienced novelty
salesmen for 1907 to handle, under con
tract, our exclusive line or advertising
wall map hangers, pocket maps, art and
business calendars. The best selling line
out; liberal commissions, exclusive terri
tory, fine samples; state experience, send
references, or don't write. Kenvon Print
ing Co., Des Moines, Ia. L ML71 23
EXPERIENCED solicitors. $500 to 81. OX)
month; guaranteed proposition. 423 Roe
Bldg. L 2S6 ax
WANTED Experienced salesman for fur
niture trade. January 1st; give reference,
experience, etc. Address U 17, Bee.
L M291 27x
WANTED Salesmen, experienced, to han
dle Nonrust Tinware In unoccupied terri
tory; liberal commission: rapid selle
Rochester Nonrust Tinware Co., Rc'nes
ter. N. Y. L 267 21x
REPRESENTATIVES wanted to solicit
order from saloons druggists, hotel and
club for Woodland Whisky, adopted by
'V. S. government for hospital purposes;
easy seller; commission or salary. Writ
for territory, price, samples, etc Wood,
land Distilling Co., 79 Scott St., Coving
ton. Kr. - Le-
CIGAR salesman wanted In your locality,
city and country trade; silarv and ex
penr or commission: experience unneces
sary: enclose stamp for particular.
Madison Cigar Co., Dept. 28, Toledo. O.
L 193 21 X
SALESMAN for Nebraska; experienced
traveling man preferred ; line staple for
general trade; position permanent; $25
weekly, advance with commission. Saw
yer. Leslie A Co., Detroit, Mich.
L-174 21 g
TRAVELING salesman for Nebraska and
Iowa with a full line of snaps, perfumes
and flavoring extracts; furnishing the $J
for $1 selling plan to the retail dealer; $:0
weekly advance, F. F. Cook, Bulea P-pt.,
Detroit, Mich. L
WANTED Patent medicine salesman, one
making good In line at present In th
territory: exceptional opportunity right
man; replies confidenllnl; state age and
present line. Box 656, Chicago, III
L 208 ax
SALESMEN to handle our line In Ne
braska: we have men making over $ino
per week: high commissions; permanent
position for capable salesman. McAllls-ier-Coman
Co.. 356 Dearborn St.. lil
caso. tr 207 tx
WANTED Side line salesmen to ell fruit
elder to general stores, grocers and con
fectioners: neat pockt case free: large
commission, Lo Angeles Cider Co.. St.
Iuls, Mo. L 218 21x
MAN AND WIFE want position Nov. 1,
general housework or nurse man and
general work. References. Adilre.a I' 11,
Bee. A M126 ax
EXPERIENCED young lady stenographer
desire position. Address I.' 9, Hee.
A-M125 2ix
F1R8T-CLASS lady bookkeeper and stenog
rapher want position. Address 1' 12,
Bee. A-M122 22x
POSITION As salesman on the road or
In the house, by a man 20 year' expo.
Hence In general merchandise. Addres
U 14, Bee. A M130 ax
LIBRARIAN. 8 year' experience, want lo
catalogue private library or similar work;
recummemlatlbn f urnlsl.ed. Address L.
M , 2t'4 North 19th Bt. A 267 21x
MME. NELSON, the world-renowned palm
Int. I here by special request. Muduin
offers assistance for troubled or un
fortunate. If you are unhappy, liuve
doniemic or business troubles you will be
told how to overcome them. SHE TKLLS
LOVE. Call and secure her neve falling
advice. Fees within reach of all. Reduced
rates this week, at N. 18th St. Plion
Douglu 38. 8315 21x
Tr.e leading pulmiHt' of Omaha.
Revelation of pst and future described.
Parloia, IU U. lota til, Off. tioston Store.
8 -MoT 7
SEWINO machine rented. Any ""''
7c Per week or $2.00 psr rnonth. Beeun,!
hand machine for sale. $6 00 and up.
Neb. Cycl Co.. 16th and Harnejy
DR. ROY, chiropody- Do" 97- 1Xr"
Dr. King. 2018 N. t St. TeU IVJgil
PLEATING -gsssjsra
and anirl.
400 Douglaa Block. Tel. Dougl-
U 3
clothing: In fact, anything you do not
need; we collxM. repair and. sell, at ui
N. 11th St.. for cost of collecting to th
worthy poor. Call 'phona Doug, f,36,","0
wagon will call. U-611
FREE medical and surgical rtm.enAJ
Crelghton Medical college, Uth f"1.?8"
enport St.; rpeclal attention paid to
confinement eae; all treatment ,UPJ'
vised by co'-go professor. p !",",
Doug. llf?. Call anawered day p..n,12l"
THE CITY GARBAGE CO.. office 4th ami
Leavenworth eta. Tel. DouaU fflist
SURVEYING. Bllckensdtrfer. 112 B JBldl
OHAHA Stammerer' IruUltuta, JRm
Bldg. U-t4
SYRINGES, rubber good, by mall: cut
Erlce; send for free catalogue. Myars
lllon Drug Co.. Omaha, U-824
WE will find good comfortable homes for
bable whose mother cannot car for
them. See "Mother Ie, Supt." Tlnley
Rescue Home, 403 Bancroft Bt.
U 700 oct2t
M AnMV.TTr!tretment and bath. Mm.
HLflUrjii smith. 118 N. 16. 2d floor.
f ASiSAOP. Swedish movement, 410 If.
iUAOOAUiii ,6th. Room a, 2.1 floor.
U M107 novl
CHAMPION Carpet cleaning. Doug. V. 162$
Leavenworth. U M486 Nov8
ANY POOR GIRL In need of a friend call
or write to the matron of the Salvation
Army Home for Women at 8424 N. 84th
St., Omaha. Neb. U M100
TRY KELLY'S Laundry. 'Pbo&s Douglaa
$620. U-82S
PRIVATE home during confinement; ba
bies adopted. The Good Samaritan San
itarium, 728 First Ave., Councl Bluffs,
Ia. Tel. 774. U 382
DR8. VOOEL private hospital for women
and for ladle before and during confine
ment. 2319 8. Uth St., Omaha. Neb.
U-M960 oa
FOR anything In the sewing machine line
go to P. E. Flodman A Co., 1514 Capitol
Ave. U-M183 Novl
TYPEWRITERS rented. $2.60 per month;
all make: satisfaction guaranteed. Fox
Typewriter A Supply Co., 1823 Farnam St.
U 369 Nova
ARCHITECT O. L. Brollne, 618 Be Bldg.
U-M24 Nov
A Dollar Free for You.
This coupon will be taken as $1 payment
on a $10 purchase of shoes, hats or cloth
ing; balance paid a you earn It.
1520 Dodge St., Cor. 16th,
U US N18
PENNELL Millinery Co- $22 North 16th
Bt. U M268 Jani
RUPTURE CURED No knife, no pain, no
detention from business. Call or writ
for booklet, etc. QUICK CURE RUP
TURE CO., 611 Woodmen of World Bldg.,
Omaha. U 494
Crelghton Dental college. Patient free.
Free treatment at Crelghton Dental col
lege, U M640 Novll
IF LUCKT rot get your picture enlarged
to life else In genuine crayon free In our
drawing contest, every day, 10 a. m. to
p. m.. guaranteed worth $5. Waliac
Brlatol A Co., Artlt, 630 N. IGth St.
U-M570 NovlO
C. J. PA LMQUI8T Custom ahoe maker.
4124 Hamilton St.. and 107 S. 15th Bt.
U-M&65 Nov. 10
ECZEMA absolutely cured by W. A. Pax
ton' salve. B. J. Scannell, agent, M War
Blk. U-M896 NovlJ
CHRISTENSON. carpet cleaning. Tel.
Doug. 1669.
U 74 Nov. 14.
CARRIAGE CALLERS, with number, fur-
niwiea ror an private and publlo occa
sion. Myers, 1715 Jackson.
U-M85I tlx
THE ACORN Pres. Tel. Doug. $792
Commercial Printer. 1610 Howard St. '
U-M999 NovlS
HALSTED Show card and mall sign
(1 Douglas Blk. Tel. Doug. 3606.
THE SKIN Is beautified, perfumed, pro
tected, preserved by Satin skin powder.
25c. u
FRENCH Canadian girl, part Indian
pretty, wealthy, educated, would marry
refponslble white man. Address Francis
ftleh, 286 Wahlngton St., Boston. Mass.
' U 248 ax
If the party who lifted a C.avanette coat
from the Pullman "Ottumwa" at 7-46 Fri
day evening will rsturn It to 907 N. Y
Life he will taw tmuble, as his nmt I
known. No quertlons asked. I,:2 2ix
YOl NO lady go ng west, wishes acquaint
ances of elderly parties going sa,,.e di
rection. Address 17 X. Bee. -328 21x
RETIRED MERCHANT. middle aged,
lonely, kind and liberal, very wealthy
wishes 4o correspond with lady, obie?t
matrimony. Box 42S, Bt. Joseph, Mich
U 260 21 x
RETIRED gentleman of mean, going
south, seeks correspondence with refined
companionable lady; only matrimonially
t n;d.".n."wer- Robert. North Rroid
Philadelphia. I' 232 ax
OMAHA Steam paste CoT" rnVnufncuTre
Dr.r.rVa.'1'- C1 CUm'nr Tl.phon.
A FLESH, white, pink, brunet gossamer
i ..." o.v oaun skin pow-
BCPERFLrOVB HAIR warts and mole
permanently removed by electricity con.
eultatlon free and confidential: all 'work
guaranteed. Mlsa Allenaer. 42$ N Y
Life. it '
MORPHINE, opium, laudanum, cocaine
habit; myself cured; will Inform you of
harmless, perms nent. home cur Marv
Baldwin. Box 1212. Chicago. u-
FREE Your fortune told, future and paet
reveaUd .urprlslng. by America s emj-
ST " t , hr' . ? " ro ' 1 " ' Clairvoyant.
fit'.i?i,n.' 11 hel,1n St.. Chicago. Bend
birth date and tamp. Know thyself
C-167 a x
LADY visiting city would like the ac
iunlntaace of respectable middle-aged
gentleman; object amusements Addreas
I' 10, care Bee. IT 206 ix
PHYSICIAN-Age 39. would like to meet
lady of refinement und oine meana Dr
H. E. Keiley. Hotel Royal. Lincoln, Neb '
u-2 ax
choice anthems for quartet or cl-o u
choir of twenty voices. Actual value
nesrly $175. Will s-II entire lot for $H
If taken at onre, account of leavlnr rltv'
Ned Mitchell. :J4 N. 1st St.. Counrl' Bluff'
JL: U-S51 2'x '
BEST nerv bracer for men. "Gray Narva
wi F'",!"r;n P'Pa'd- Sherman
McConnell Drug Co.. Omaha. -668
DR. PRIES, rcll!l.woen'sd!Is
weaknesses. discharges. In.guaiiiU.'
cured painlessly and afely. Withn
block, lith and Harney. Roonj 2. On fa "a
DR- HCTCHINSOX. specialist of Vont
6th Floor. New York Llfo Uldg.
3112 Mason St., $ rooms, all
modern. 60-ft. lot. paved strret.
furnace, nice slmde; owners
price, $3,000 wants offer.
02a Popplcton Ave., two.
story, six-room house, all mod
ern, paved street, $3,000.
608 S. 36th Ave., new six-room
house, with reception hall, nil
modern, gas and electric light;
price. $3,500. j
Corner lot, 86x132, well Im
proved, block and one-half
from city hall, bringing good
Income, eastern owner anxious ,
to sell. Investigate this.
Fine brick block on Cuming
street, for $16,000. Splendid In
vestment. , Bran new cottage, with five
room and bath, hot and cold
water, latest plumbing, fin
cellar. Just being completed,
two block from car. Will sell
for 1-3 cash, balance on time.
If a perfect little gem. Price,
18 lot In Denman Tlace, be
tween 23d and S4th, on Tay
lor and Boyd streets, one
block from Ame Ave. car.
Fine neighborhood. Price
from $178 to $160. Owned by
eastern owner who Is clean
ing up bunch for much less
than real value. Don't fall to
see these lot.
601-3 N. Y. Life Bldg.
Good Lots !
$2,600 for 66x200 feet on No. 2uth"
St., boulevard.
Make offer for 125x187 feet corner,
near 40th and Harney. WANT OKKLK.
$1,800 for 114x124V feet comer ua
No. 20th, near Mandoraon St.
$1,600 for 80x140 feet corner on No.
10th, near Manderson St.
31,200 for 40x182 feet, east front, on
good street, walking distance.
$700 for 70x120 feet, east fronf, on
No. 26th St.
$700 for 60x132 feet, two blocks north
of Be mis park.
$400 for 43x110 feet, near 27th, oil
Fort 8t. car line, fine, large trees.
This 1 only a few. Get our list.
Paxton Block.
1910 Blnney St., ! a two
story, nine-room house, with
fine billiard room on third
floor and storerooms galore.
House all modern, oak finish
solid oak. beautiful ataim '
heavy .sliding doors,
front, paved stree', Pei!'S'5
walk cement steps. VrJrty
cost over $9,000, mortgaged for
$2,600 and owner wants to un
load at once and will take, .
small houses or good acant 1
lots for his equity. Price,
$6,600. or will sell dirt cheap
for cash. Here's an oppor
tunity. PAYNE, BOSTWICK & CO.,
Bole Agent, 601-3 N. Y. Life.
Owner wants to move to New York and
must sell at once; 15 acres, finely Im
proved, 3 acre In fruit, excellent build.
Ings. close to Omaha and South Omaha.
$6,600. If that I not cheap enough muko
an offer.
905-6 N. YLlfe Bldg.
'Phone Douglas-ODO.
AVE., $1,900.
W have L flne nr.All.llu c
- ' t n nit j tix ww w-itiwill
onf tara am t, i t. i i . ... .
"v''-o v wi inin urn uiiiui Birffi, MlUflPI n
eopt furnace, nicely papered. In excellent
ttnnsitr Ion b-lna lu I... ..i. i
Hastings & Heyden,
1704 Farnam St.
Farms, Ranches and City
If you want to buy or aell real estate, let
ua serve you. Can locate you anywhere,
on any else of ranch -or .farm In the l ulled
States. Offer none but honest, up-to-date
service for a reasonable comiienaaliou.
Write or ee me.
304 Nevlllo Bldg., Omaha, Neb.
RB 151 a
Real Homes
$2,600 Hlx rooms; new, modern; cor
ner lot; near car; will trade.
$2,250 Five rooms; new, modern, up-to-date
cottage; near Bemts park; will
rent for $22.60; $100 cash and $31 r
$3,600 Six room; brand new, gaai
ern; near 22d and Pratt.
See Bemls and be ntlrfle4.
Paxton Block
Owner mui leave city Inside of ten d.ivs
ml will nr.ske a sii.ililce price and llhei'il
term cn his splendid residence, whi. h
would make a splendid r imlrg hou. ,
close to pnstnffice; $l.ooj cash will handle
thia Investment.
63 Douglas THlk.. 16th and Dodge.
'Phone Doug. tt,91.
RE-316 21
ir you want to buy a home or Investment
property, or if you have u place lo s i .
tell my about It. If you nave a piece n
rent. I make a specialty of taking g 1
care of ' auoti property. If you can't
me In tha daytime cn up ,ni av whe-i
"nlght001"' r"" t"""a,,n"'nl Uuy
, x. ... H R STRINGER.
227 Neville Blk. 'Phone Douglu. 7V.1.
Opposite the new Northwestern
te-minal corii- lot Mix 132. with
tr..-k and 2-tory frame- h1w:iv
rapidly Increaaln In value. I'nc
total ren ;,l. $iai; rrilr v.h ,, s,
Ave.; price $l.oi.
c i - 1
i: ' '
Paxton Block.
SEVERAL anioll bouses and on Urn
house for sal. 123 Nicholas.
RE $40 U