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10, 100(1.
I Hatty Has Heaps of High Hats for
I qt the Low Price of
- . i -i ' fc i
Oa tb O. tot" mt Boyd.
William 'Collier in Augustus Thomas'
Comedy,' . h
The cast:
Phoebe Rldgway... .............. Grace Hadsell
Suke of Carbondaie Oram Stewart
yde Ogden George." Christy
Judg Rldgway J. O. Savllle
Agne Coll.... Nanette Comstock
Robert Rldgway .........William Collier
Ir. Woloott .. Charle Poors
Kthel. Duchesa of Carbondale
,. ....Florence Mackeniie
Horace Colt. John W. Dean
tSatsuma,., ..rrtco M&tsuho
Walter. W. McCu tcheon
Lucille , Bessie NflHon
Lottie..:..:. ....Helena Collier
Pearl . . Florence. W i Ison
Mcaeaehy.... George Ninth
Jllx .....; Howard Hull
Gibson. ...Thomaa Garrlck
Quartermaster Thomas Martin
Peterson John B. AUam
Willi Collier" found the same genuine,
enthusiastic,, reception at the Boyd last
night that Jie always rinds whan be comes
More Beer.-Less
' v Strong Drink
Tempenanc Worker He Signs of
Progress Ju Increased Kale
f Beer.
' Active ".temperance workers say the
graatly Increased consumption of beer In
this country la a good, sign of progress to
ward real temperance. It ahows that beer,
a healthful beverage. Is fast taking the
place of strong alcoholic drinks.
Superintendent Williamson of the Anti
Saloon League, one of the best known tem
perance workers, say the great Increase
In the consumption of beer does not show
any falling, eft In temperance sentiment.
Indeed, K la .proof of more real temperance
sentiment than ever before existed. In this
country. Interviewed by a Cleveland news
paper,' Superintendent Williamson said: ,
"It Is doubtless trim that there have
been ltJO.QOu.nori moregallons, of beer con
sumed during the past year than ever be
fore. There steady dbcreae In the
consumption ot spirituous liquors, such aa
brandy, whiskey and wine, and a tendency
to drink .more, malt liquor, ucb aa beer.
The decrease 1b doubtless aa marked In the
on as Is he' Increase In the other. Never
before hae temperance sentiment had such
strong grtu ou the people. I do not think
here Is any cause for worry because the
beer consumption has Junnit'd."
Superintendent . WlUUiusou takes . the
logical views for statistics prove that when
a community or a state, or a nation drinks
mcrrs beer It drinks less liquor. This is
Important because beer Is beneficial to the
health, a nutrttlou and strengthening food
drink. , The smalt percentage of alcohol in
been, only a'"Utt1e over three per cent In
Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer, aids the digestion
and la stimulating, . but not Intoxicating.
pabst Blue Klbbon Beer is the most re
freshing temueranoe drink. H . is brewed
from the best Ingredients that money can
buy or UU prodtu.-w-rPabst Vxcfuiiive elght
day wait,' choicest imported hops, pure
water and bi-ewed In absolute ciuauliness.
It Is th' )nost wholeeoma beer because
Pabst exclusive eight-day malt Is pro
duced froni th best barley by a natural
process of development. ' instead of by the
quick, cheap .pruoeea used In many brew
eiies. and thus retains all th food value
of the barley la predtgeeted form.
Richest ; In ' food strength, best to the
taste, moax healthful and always pur and
olean. Pabst Blue Ribbon . Beer is also
west Irt percentage Of alcohol th beer
r th home ' J '
illT 1KE1YUU CO, PhaeDg.T
137 Lsewrta Street. Omsk, rk.
Pabst Ribbon Beer ;
In Ftct, on ot Black's $15.00
inmant is wmrf to ww with jrmr Drm Soit.
to Omaha. "On the Quiet" probably fur
nlHhes Mr. Collier as fine an opportunity
for the exercise of his unique talents as
a comedian as any other part in which
he i has appeared, and he .arose, last night
t h full tature-t)f' these opportunities.
H I anrlvaled because he occupies a class
all his own to himself and It Is a class
that precisely fits Into the groove of popular
demand just now.
A large audience greeted the company
and- was generous throughout the evening
with the manifestations of Its apprecia
tion, but the climax of enthusiasm came
as the curtain went down on the second
act. The ovation was so intense and pro
longed that Mr. Collier ran oat of stage
hands to accompany lilm back to answer
the applause. Ills friends persisted long
enough to bring him out In front of the
curtain, but they couldn't wring a speech
from him.
Collier's yacht scene last night whs as
flue as ever and It made the ten-strike it
always does, but he knocks down a few
when he explains to his obtuse friend, the
duke, about Tale being Swedish for Jail.
"On- the Quiet" Is so Intensely rich, and
Collier's manner of handling it, with the
excellent support he has, so , strikingly
good that "one" wishes "one" . might sit
and enjoy "one's" self st this 'Muecedly
Clevah" little play all evening, doncher
knaw. The rest of the company forms a splen
did cast. Grant Stewart makes a decided
hit aa the English duke of Carbondale and
George Christy is very good In the part
of Hyde Ogden, while J. . Q. Savllle as
Judgo Rldgwsy la the most, natural of all,
except Mr. Collier himself. . r Nanette Com
stock as Agnes Colt, the loading woman's
part, and Grace Hadsell as Phoebe Rldg
way were deserving of credit.
Ken Jersey Man Foaad Vet Gallty of
Wife Murder After Sensa
tional Trial.
TO.M8 RIVKR. N. X. Oct. 17.-Afier a
trial Issuing about ten days, Dr. Frank L.
Brouwer, Indicted for the-murder ot lils
wife by poison, was acquitted today. . The
evidence was all In yesterday and touay
the arguments were made, followed by the
Judge's charges. The jury brought - in a
verdict of "not guilty" Inside of an hour.
' The court room was crowded when Judge
Ilendrlckson ascended the bench to luar
the rinding. , . . , ,
Dr. Brouwer was brought in looking pale,
but showing little signs of nervousness.
The jury then tiled Into the box and the
foreman was asked It they had agreed on
a verdict. He promptly replied: "We find
a verdict of not guilty,"
Instantly the court momwas In .an up
roar. Men and women cheered and ap
plauded in spile of the rapping for ordr
and the court officers had difficulty In sup
pressing the noise. Finally when quiet
was . restored Ir. Brouwer was formally
Trassed Ceaeret steel f'ampaay
x- ) Ote la Metropolis' vJ .
of Nebraska.
Further evidence of building activity In
Omaha la agorded this week by the fact
that the Trussed Concrete Hi eel company
of Detroit. Michigan, lias established . a
branch engineering and business office here
In the Ramge building. Fifteenth and
Harney street. This Is a million-dolls r cor
poration that uiakre a specialty of modern
Br proof buildings, erected accordaig to
the Kahn system of reinforced conoret
that has revolutionised building methods
of the east. This method is being used in
the new fireproof building for the Car
penter Paper company, Ninth and Harney
street, and is being watched -closely by
all persous hiterested Irt bullJlng fpratkns.
R. A. "LaidUw of Detroit is to take charge
vt Ui Omaha o files.
the Horse Show
Full Dress Vests
Full Dress Shirts
: Full Dress Ties
Full Dress Gloves
. Full Dress Mufflers
Full Dress Jewelry
07 So. 16th Street
. OMAHA ::
In honor or Mil's Eldrldxc of New York,
Mr. Klmer A. Cope entertained at dinner
at the Omaha club Wednesday evening,
and later Mr. Harry Tukey entertained
the party at the Boyd to see William
Collier, The table, prettily decorated with
American Beauty roses, was laid for: Miss
Kldrldge,. Miss Julia Hitsifinson. Mrs. Ella
C. Nash, Mr. Jerome Magee, Mr. Harry
Tukey, Mr. K. A. Cope. Mr. and Mis. K. 8.
U'etbrook and Mr. and Mrs. Ben Cotton.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Fisher entertained o.t
six handed high-five. Wednesday evening.
In honor of Mr. und Mrs. Robert 8. Roesch
lamu of Denver. The guests present: Mr.
and Mrs. A. B. Juquith, Dr. and Mrs. A. W.
KdmlNton, Mr. and Mrs. George II. Kelly,"
Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Van Court, Mr. and
Mrs. Harry I-iwrle, Mr. and Mrs. F. S.
Owen. Mr. snd Mrs. R. S. .Wilcox. Mr. and
Mrs. B. G. McGilton, Mr. and Mrs. C. F.
Weller, Mr and Mrs. Harry Weller. Mr.
and Mr. Percy Fleishel, Mr. and Mrs.
Frederick W. Clarke. Judge and Mrs. Faw.
oett. Mr. and Mr. John bottridge and Miss
Km ma Fisher.
Mrs. Frank Harrett, was hostess of an
Informal luncheon Tuesday, followed by a'
box party at the Burwood and given com
plimentary to Mrs. H. H. Salisbury of 8t.
Louis. In the party were: Miss Isabelle
McKelvey, Mrs. Russell McKelvey, Frances
Salisbury. Nannie Barrett, Mrs. Salisbury
and Mrs. Barrett. '
Wednesday wss a quiet day at the Coun
try club, only three luncheons being given.
Mi s. J. S. Brady, was hostess of a luncheon
of eight covers, and Mr. C. W. Hull also
had eight guests, while Miss Marion Con
nell entertained three friends..
Mrs M. E. Done hue gave an Informal
luncheon Tueenay. followed by a box party
at the Burwood. In honrr of Mrs. Rathbone
of St. Louis. Her guests were: Mrs,' Rath
bone, Mrs. Ira F. Porter. Mrs. Fdwln
Pchnerr and Mrs. Sol Hopper.
The Ladies' Aid and Sewing society of
Temple Israel will give a whist party at
the temple Friday afternoon for charity.
Mrs. E. S. Westhrook will be hostess at
the meeting of th Bridge club Friday
Mr. Walter Roberts will entertain at din
ner at the Country club Saturday evening.
Mrs. E. M. Morsman will entertain at
luncheon Friday In honor of Mrs. Ryhurn,
who Is the guest of her sister, Mrs. Tyler
of Council Bluffs.
Mr. and Mrs. William Zlttman are re
joicing over the birth of a daughter. Mm.
ZJtsman is the second daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. A. Hoepe.
Rev. Frank U Iioveland. the new pastor
of the First Methodist church, has taken
the residence at 313 South Twenty-ninth
Qel at the Root of
Hair Troubles
by faithful, daily use of
HAIR TONic (oy
i7Zs the dandruff germ.
It ttimulalet the hah follicle.
It renews the lustre and
beauty of the hair.
Send 10 cents to pay the postage
and packing of a free trial bottle.
IB. mm. 144543-93 F ifii U . IEW TORI.
Aik ymit itilciji V. Pmwii ' pr esersiens.
Cmty Attorn y 81tbatich Gites Vettrt
Fetg to Poadsr Over.
Ceaaresssaasi Keaaedy Tells What
Tarty la atloa Has Don to
Kara It toatlaaaac la
Ceatrol of Coaatry.
The fsct Douglas county under a demo
cratic sdmlnistratlon of affairs had tiOO.Ono
of unpnld debts hanging ovpr It and after
two years of republican administration is
practically on a cash basis, was pointed
to ss a reason for the election of the re
publican ticket, by speakers st an enthusi
astic meeting under the auspices of the
Sixth Ward Republican club at Twenty
fourth and Burdette streets last night.
The list of speakers Included Congressman
Kennedy, County Attorney Slabaugh, Nel
son C. Pratt, John-P." Breen and a number
of candidates for office on the republican
ticket. . Ed Morearty presided and the
room was filled.
County .'Attorney Slabaugh . .referred In
his speech particularly to local affairs in
the county. He urged th election of every
man on the ticket.
"Do 3"OU know." he said, "that for th
first time In years this county has been
placed on a cash basis, so you can get
your money right, away? Do you know
that this has been done by a republican
administration? Do foil jlke It? If you
do, put back these men who have done It.
This Is the lire time we . have had to
pay filing fees in our courts In advance
and I see that the district clerk has paid
In IS. 000 In excess fees and the county Judge
over t&OCO. Now that we are on a rash
basis keep Mr. Keonard on the board, be
cause he worked to put us there.
LesTM from in Records.
"Is there any reason why you should
vote against John L. Kennedy for con
gress? If you do rote against him It will
be because of the magnificent record of
the lnst congress. If you do It will be
because of the record ot our great presi
dent. The democrats say we have stolen
their child. If we have, we have made a
man. of It. The man who knew enough to
vote for Theodore Roosevelt la a pretty
good man to send to congress or to the
county offices or the school board.
"Allow me to tell you a few of the
things I have done while In office. Twice
the usual number of criminals have been
convicted. Fourteen murderers have been
convicted in a year and. a: hart. There has
not been a dollar spent for special coun
sel, though the county formerly paid
money for such assistance.'
"The Inheritance lax Inw has been on
the statute books since 1901 and provided
for the payment of taxes 'by the estates of
wealthy men. But not a cent had been
paid Into the treasury Under It until I In
stituted a suit In my own httme to enforce
It. The result ot that suit is that 175.0QO
Is now lying In the -county" treasury waft
ing to be expended on permanent roads.
I won the water company suit. In which
It enjoined .1,000 In-taxes and the assess
ment this year wss on tbenlnoreaed basis."
Deafening applause greeted Congressman
Kennedy when he was Introduced by the
chairman. He referred to th work, of the
last congress and declaroT'for honest and
Intelligent service.' He had no apologies
to make to the -oters. .,1? referred to a
number of reform measures 'that had been
passed by that body ' ' im' . ,
"Some of these," hej-prJVirjued, ''were
passed by a nonpartisan, qte, . buj every
oy . or them, was a .repjbUpsn measure.
They say Providence has helped the re
publican party to bring prosperity to the
nation. Providence was working, in 1893.
But even providence' could not help us
out with the democratic party In power.
"There never was a time when the man
of limited means had a better show than
now. No man, no matter how high or
how rich he may be can now hold himself
above the law and I hope no man can
ever sink so low as to be, below the pro
tection of the law. The way to help peo
ple Is to help them help, themselves."
Mr. Kennedy referred at,, some length to
tho postal savings bank, declaring It the
duty of the government np only to make It
possible for men to earn a Jiving, but also
to provide a safe place for them to keep
their money. He pointed, out postal sav
ings banks have been established In the
Philippines snd he said the system would
be extended as rapidly 'as, possible.
The enthusiasm of, the meeting was
roused by addresses from f 8. Tucker, 8.
C. Barnes, Ed. Leader. James Walsh. W.
B. Christie, John P. Breen. N. C. Pratt and
With Only Three Kes of Ref resh
sseat Oratory Proves to Be
With only ' three kag of1 liquid refresh
ments on tap, the brand , of oratory ex
hibited at the meeting of th Dahlman
Democracy last night was not of the highly
explosive sort. Dan Butler's voice was not
In Its old-time form. Louts J. Plattl was
short-winded and only the fervid and ever
ready John E. Reagan saved tho occasion
with a teal speech. It cannot be said that
enthusiasm was rampant, for the presenta
tion before the gathering by Mr. Reagan,
In his most dramatic manner, of a picture
of Candidate Shallenberger failed to elicit
any applause.
Mr. Reagan talked about voting the dem
ocratic ticket and putting th railroads
out of politics In Nebraska; about the
eight-hour day; about th 'double shift for
firemen, and about the treachery of the
legislative ticket In Douglas county to Nor
rls Brown. He said that all the redeeming
features of the republican state platform
had been stolen from the democratic plat
form. '
J. P. Butler promised If he was sent to
the legislature very little legislation would
be done until a provision for horn rule
was made In the Omsha charter.
Louis J. Plattl appealed for votes for the
democratic ticket on the ground that Its
election would Insure home rule and a
continued liberal construction of the Slo
cunib law In Omaha.
John A. Rlne re-echoed the home rul
keynote. C. 8. Montgomery and George E.
Re rt rand spoke briefly.
Mayor Dahlman was not present t 'th
nieeting. The announcement was , made
that a democratic supper would be given
in a hall at Benson one day next week.
Maaafartarla Coarrras TaW Oat
Articles of larvrseratloas far
Baslaess la Ossaka.
The Metallic Revetment Manufacturing
company, formed for the purpose of manu
facturing revetment for the protection of
river banks, has been incorporated by An
ton F. Kellner and Frederick J. Larson.
The authorised capital stock Is HOft.nnfJ.
The Orr Gas Engine Starter company has
amended Its articles of incorporation by
Increasing the' capital stock from 130,000 to
The Demos Bios, coirpany, with a capital
stock of has bern Incorporated to
run a candv manufacturing business for
th wholexile aud retail trade. Athos,
Denosiliene and John Demos th im.
corporatois. j
' -1
F . .' f-J
' v ' A . .. . '. - ' .
eluding washing. This letter Is given of my own fre will and that It may
sufferers may learn of my wonderful cure. I am a lifelong resident of Mllw
MRS. ANNA HENKE, Milwaukee, Wis.,
If you wish to keep strong and vigorous and have on your cheeks the
glow of perfect health, take Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey regularly, according
to directions, and take no other medicine. It Is dangerous to All your sys
tem with drugs; they poison the body and depress the heart, while Duffy'
Pure Malt Whiskey tones up and strengthens the heart action and purifies
the entire system. It Is the only whiskey recognized as a medicine, and con
tains no fusel oil. This Is a guarantee. Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey has stood
severe tests for fifty years and has always been found absolutely pure and to
contain great medicinal properties.
CAUTION When you k your druggist or grocer for Duffy's Pure Malt
Whiskey be sure you get the genuine. It's the one absolutely pare medicinal
whirkey and Is sold only in sealed bottles; never in hulk. Look for th
trade-mark, the "Old Chemist," on the label and make sure the seal over the
cork is unbroken. Price, $1.00. Medical booklet and doctor's advice free.
Duffy Malt Whiskey Co., Rochester, X. V.
Fat Kistr, Polioy flhisf, and Other Land
Promoter Caiebt in Nst.
Frsad and Conspiracy lu Seeking;
to Obtain Title to Fifty Thoos- ,.
and Acres of Nebraska . .-.
"Land 1 flisrgt,
"Pat" King, the policy king of Chicago;
Lawrence King and V. J. Ualrd, promoter
ot the Chicago lUuicjh scheme In Sheridan
county, Nebraska, were indicted by th-i
federal grand Jury at Lincoln Wednesday
on the charge of fraud and conspiracy in
seeking to obtain title to oo.ouo acres of
land in Sheridan county by fraud.
The "Chicago Ranch" scheme was a
new one to the land officials and was u
pretty sharp piece of practice, nipped Ju.-t
In time. The company originally consisted
of fourteen or fifteen entrymrn, who filed
on whole sections of. laud und then organ
ized themselves Into a company known us
the Chicago Ranch. Thexe parties were
all Chicago people and each put In from
(50 to 20 cash and became stockholders.
Some of the proceeds of this stock
was devoted to fencing the entire tract
of tO.000 acres and buying live stock, the
whole number ot live stock consisting ot
one cow and five or six horses. An as
sessment of $-60 per month was made on
all the stockholders and things were mov
ing along fine.
Necessary to Get Titles.
Then It became necessary to secure tltl-.s
to ail the land enclosed by the fence
and the country was raked for a number
of old soldiers to make tilings on the
lands. They were paid a bunus of f'Ju at
the start, all expenses of filing being
paid, and then the soldiers were required
to sign an agreement to sell their hold
ings only to such parties as the Chicago
Ranch people might Indicate. Afler u
time the soldiers were persuaded to give
relinquishments to the land for an addi
tional consideration In order thai other
parties might be persuaded to file on
their claims. In no instance did the sol
diers see the lands prior to tiling on
them snd It was only In occasional In
stances that they made any pretense to
go on the lands. The purpose of the Chi
cago Ranch people was to cover up the
land by fraudulent tilings and then specu
late on securing other filings by parties
who could be persuaded to become stock
holders In the enterprise. The soldiers
were In no Instance to be considered uc
stockholder. By this method the Chicago
Ranch concern had procured filing on all
MO2-10 Doug
las Strew,
Corner VUt.
i ... i r
wJ.' .-Mu f""
April 12, 06.
Pure Malt
but about 6,000 acres of their 60,00f acres
in the enclosure.
Mrs. Thomas Stuart of 1BOR Corby
Street Decides to Keep th
Little One.
"Please take good care of this little baby
and give It a good home. From a broken
hearted mother."
"With this note pinned to ' the clothing
covering Its little body,' a two-weeks-old
girl was found lying peacefully asleep .In
a basket Just Inside tho front door of her
home by Mrs. Thomas M. Stuart. 1503 Corby
street, early Wednesday evening, when he
wqnt to InvestigHte a noise which she
thought she heard In the front hall.
Her heart touched by the helplessness of
the . Infant, Mrs. Stuart cared for It all
evening and then made up her inlnd she
could not part with It. She then called up
the police station and told of the myste
rious visit and she said she would keep
the child.
There was nothing about tho clothing or
basket to give any clue as to the parents
or their circumstances, but Whoever left
the child evidently knew Mrs. Stuart would
be apt to keep It. The person acting In
the capacity of the long-billed bird care
fully opened the front door of the Stuart
home and set the basket with Its burden
Inside. Mrs. Stuart, however, heard some
thing of what wa going on and went to
investigate. It was then she made the un
usual find. No truce of the messenger
could be seen outside.
Fellow with Two Names Accused of
Sellloa Animal and Spend
ing the Money.
Detective Ferris arrested Claude Rridsc,
alias Otto Bell, of Courtland Beach, Thurs
day' morning on the charge of steallnr a
horse Wednesday afternoon from his for
mer employer, Mrs. Clawsnn, who resides
at Fifth and Locust streets In ICast Omaha.
Mrs. Clawson left her home Wednesday
afternoon and upon her return found thnt
Bell had decamped with her horse and had
sold it to J. Riohards, 1115 South Sixtli
Htreet, for 110. Bell was given a check for
tho amount, but preferred to accept $10 In
cah as part payment, which 'h thoroughly
dissipated Wednesday night, as only IS
cents was found ou his person whe he was
arrested by the detective Thursday morn
ing. Balldlnsr I'rrnilts.
Building permits Issued: Cox Realty com.
nany. Twenty-fourth and Dodge. $.0c0
brick dwelling; mizatxillt V. Wrlaht.
Twenty-sixth and Itke. rc.MO uwellliiK
Arthur Kedgwkk. 312 fhirley, $.1,5U brick
DuMla lull.
s ... r
Mrs. Ilctikc, known ns
the handsomest woman
in Milwaukee, states that
after physicians had
failed to Rive her any
permanent relief from
that dread disease, con
sumption, she tried Duf
fy's Pure Malt Whiskey
and has been entirely
Mrs. Henke thankfully write:
"For six years I have been ailing with
lung trouble, which ' kept growing
worse nntil my case bwanie serious.
1 employed tour different local physi
cians, giving each a fnir trial, but
with very little success. During this
period I was troubled with dizziness,
cold sweats, cold hands aud cold feet,
coughing, chills and hemorrhages,
which clearly Indicated consumption.
My physicians suggested that. I move
to a different rllmate. I tried several
widely advertised medicines, 'but with
no good results; then I tried Duffy's
Pure Malt Whiskey. Afler using on
bottle my condition' began to Improve.
I continued to use . this remedy for
two years and am now In excellent
condition. I used to be so weak that
I could hardly stand up. I am now
able to do all my household work. In-
, If desirable, be used publicly, that other
aukee and the mother of five children.
Remember we are headquar
ters for all drug rants.
$1.00 Cooper Remedies. . .89
50o Cooper Remedies. . . . .45
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$1.00 De Mara Wine of Cod
Liver Oil and Hypophos-
phates ....6S
50c Electric Liniment. . . .35
$1 Duffy Malt Whiskey . .89
15th and Farnam ,
Home of Omaha's Famous Soda Fountain,
She WeJeg
Adding Machine
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up-to-date Adding and'
Listing Machine on the
market. It must be seen
to be appreciated.
Correspondence Solicited.
Trial Examination Free.
A. L. McCreary
Nebraska Agent,
P. O. IlOX 301, LINCOLN.
Drug Sale Saturday
Don't forget our Drug 8tore when you
are making your Haiurday shopping tour,
for It Is surprising how many lines of
goods we are headquarter for. Our
store Is busy one Saturday, but with
plenty of help all will be promptly served.
Olive OU, Golden Gate brand, SSo,
So, Too and fl.tS
Olive Oil, Tuscan brand, (Italian).
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. Proprietors Boyd Theatre Pharmacy.
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Nssvsc work and youthful vigor
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cesses or Indiscretions should take GRAY'S
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