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rn make you
long for
dinner time
Best for flaky pastry.
wholesome bread and biscuit
best for crisp cookies
best for delicious cakes, tooth
some muffins, doughnuts that
will melt in your mouth.
Everything you make well,
It will help to male 6 better,
because it's "best by test.'
Aoybody eaa cook well If they as
Calauaaat Baking Powder. Failure with
It It almost Impossible. The food pre
pared with It I ire from Alnra.
Rochelle Salt! or any Injurious
Prlo Is Moderate
Stblman Opens Doors of City ti Well n
County JtiL
Vlthnat Apparent Flespect of Crime
thief KxecutlT S-tivwer Favor
with I.avlah Hand on
Mayor rtahlmsn'e largesse In the line of
pardon sejms not to have stopped with
the prisoners In the county Jail, hut ex
tended to those In'- the city prison a well.
Aside from the 100 he pardoned from the
county JuiL up to October 10, llfteen others
nave ocen discovered whose names were
not printed In the original 'Hot. but who
trained their liberty from Sheriff McDon
ald's bust He through the magnanimity of
the present mayor" of Omaha. And In ad
dition to these twnty-flve prisoners were
pardoned from the city JhII Iwtwpen Muy
32 and September 2H. That Is, thHt many
were pardoned whose records can lie found
on the books. It Is no small task to ex
tract' from these book? all'' the facts. It Is
possible th.con fused records may fall to
disclose the full number' Of the mayor's
fceneflclarlce. But at any rate this list has
been pardoned from the city Jail between
the dates .mentioned: "
June & Harry Mohblek, drunkenness.
June 11 John Doe, drunkenness.
; June 18 WIlliHm Toepfer. drunkenness.
June 29 Ray Lewis, drunkenness.
'. July 2 Frank Mcr'arlandi,' drunkenness.
July a-rGeorge Ibn'nohls, drunkenness.
July 12 Paul Stephens, drunkenness.
July 14 fellas Heedman, vagrancy.
July O. , I Urockman, drunkenness;
(1am Wallace, dfunkenncssv'
July 24IJUIa Hewitt.. petit larceny,..
July 6 R. D.., Evans, vagrancy.
July 38 John Hamilton, disorderly ' con
duct. , ' ..;',' . v" .
August 7tE Moor, .disturbing the peace.
' August SAlbert Scott, drunkenness
.August 15 Toip KaneJ drunkenness, j
August 17 Isaac. Margiis, peddling with
ut license. "' , .-. '
August 74 Mrs. Tom . Lawless, keeping
disorderly house.'- '
August !6 N. Geltr vagrancy.
. August 25 Ed , Frankenstein, vagrancy.
. August Nick Vakisl, drunkenness.
August SI lYes Jackson, -Vagrancy.
September '6 J. L. Jarralt. vagrancy.
September 14 J. W. Campbell, drunken
Bess. .''!-. .-!,
September 17 William ' Haman, assault
avnd battery. ... ,
Real from C'onnty Jail. -
It is Impossible for anyone but an ex
pert to tell what the record Is after Sep
tember SH. and difficult to decipher It be
fore thatldste. Here are those fifteen
pardoned from ' the county Jail whose
names were not Included' In the origimi!
list of too,- the entire number from cltv
nd county,' Jails,, so, tar its can be ascer
taiiifd being 140:
May 2S John Riley, drunkenness.
June 22 John Thomas," vagrancy.
July 2-J. Q, Charles, drunkenness.
August 4 Mabel ClarHii prostitution.
-August 7 Edna Well prostitution.
August1" Walter Cuaack. drunkenness.
August.'lJ-t'liarles Waltch, vagrancy.
.. August. 18 Fred Bell, . keeping opium
. Joint. '','-'"
August, .lir-Frank. Faulkner,' petit lar
ceny. .
August 27 Frank Williams, vagrancy.
September J Far nam DJeuren, drunken-
Rt. Mary's Avenue Congregational church
In which you criticise my anions as chief
executive of this city, especially In where
1 have exercised the right of pardon given
mo under the Ihw. My policy Is and will
be. where a man is convicted simply for
being drunk and sentenced to ten. twenty
or thirty days In Jail, and he can convince
me that he will go to work or leave the
city, and there Is no other charge against
him. he will be pardoned by me after I
think he has been confined long enougn. ,
I rlnlm one day In most cases of that kind I
Is as good as ten days. In case where a
msn is sent tip for ten. twentv or thirty .
.1 .. ... i. ...... i .... . .-1 ... t .. 1 I
charge, ami he will go to work or leave
the city, he will lie pardoned If 1 think It
Is the best thing to do. In a few cases
where parties hMil been in Jail before and
those Interceding In their behalf brought
railroad ticket and allowed them to me,
where they Absolutely agreed to leave t lie
city. pardoned them. In some cases
where the man and wife had trouble and
the wife appeared egttlnst him, which re
sulted in conviction, and then In two or
three days she repented and needed her
husband's help to support herself and fam
ily, and she came In person and asked for
his release, and I felt certain that he
would change his ways, 1 pardoned him.
and ho on down the line. The class of peo
ple I pardon are not the men that hold tip
and rob and murder. Those cases are en
tirely out of my Jurisdiction and go to the
official of the county. To give my par
dons it fair and honest test Is to check over
the. names of those pardoned and see how
many have been in Jail the second time. I
aiways warn those pardoned if caught
again they will stay there.
Now. Mr. I'reacher. did vou ever slot) to
think how much It would cost this city to
feed these people? This money comes out
of the pockets of the taxpayers. I don't
know whether you pay any taxes or not.
Are you In favor, as a minister of the
gospel, In keeping some poor devil In Jnll j
Hint na wrongen no man. only oossiuiy
taken a little too much - liquor, Ihat he
shall remain In a crowded Jail, where most
of the time from eight to ten men ate
crowded Into one small cell, on account of
the limited condition or our Jails, and auffer
for from ten to thirty days? in many cases
families are dependent upon the support
of these men; others have good positions
they might lose.
I 1 ave recommended and urged, during
my short tenn In office, that we provide
more room In our jail. I'p to now nothing
Iihs been done, largely On account of lack
of funds. How much of an Investigation
have you made as to the kind of people I
have pardoned? I will venture to say that
you have never even looked over the
records. I know you have never had the
fairness to mention the matter to nie. I
will further venture to say that you have
never stuck your head Into either Jail or
the police station, and yet yon. sir, preach
it nermon to a great congregation) CTitlcU
ing me without evert a Hingis Investigation.
I stand ready to meet you or any other
man and defend my .action aa,V chief
executive of this city any place on. earth.
In conclusion, permit me to say that no
man will go farther than t will to punish
a criminal. I stand ready to do this at any
time. Your truly.
Family, Fritidi tad Elsbaucb. Still
Adhsrs to Murdtr Theory.
Relatives Relax So Fffort In Their
Determination to Ferret tint
the Mystery of Bny'e
However conclusive the deductions of the
sheriff's office may be (list Herbert O.
Burke came to his death by the accidental
falling from a cinder car at Florence a
week at') Sunday night, the family of
young Burke. John Steel and County At
torney Slabaugh are still of the opinion
that Burke was murdered and laid whore
he was found. Some recent developments
give color to the theory ofmurder.
New rumors and vague clues are coming
to the front at Intervals, the last one being
that young Burke wa heard to say that
he was going to Florence the Sunday even
ing of his death to secure settlement for .1
cow that had been bought there hy the
Burke firm. This story, while In the miun
true, referred to a transaction of two or
more weeks previous to his death and the
cow- had been settled for and the transac
tion closed.
"Kipert" Want Reward Flrat.
Saturday last a couple 6f men clnlinlng
to be detectives approached Mr. Steel wlt'.i
a proposition to unearth the murder of
young Burke If they were advanced some
preliminary funds. They professed to be
expert In the line of ferreting out
mysterious murders and while not claim
ing to have any clues, intimated they were
In a position to get hold of some valuable
Information.' Mr. Steel told them he could
not advance any money, but that the large
reward for any Information leading to the
upiirehenslon of the murderer or murderers
still held good.
Possibly the most significant fact con
nected with young Burke's death and
which lias Just come to light is that the
night watchman at the Minne Lusa pump
ing station passed directly over the
ground where Burke's body lay between
7:30 and 8 o'clock that Sunday night nnd
did not see any body. Had the body been
lying there then he could not have avoided
seeing it. The Inference naturally fol
lows that the body must either have been
laid or fallen there after the watchman
had made his rounds. It Is now definitely
determined that the violence which
resulted In young Burke's death must havo
happened at 7:10 o'clock Sunday night, as
that Is the hour his watch stopped. This
watchman stated further' that on that
same night and at that hour, there were
three or four ash cars on the switch that
runs between the pump house and tha
cinder dumping platform which young
Burke must have gone completely around
to reach the dumping' platform from
which It la alleged he fell to death.
Family "till Searching.
The Burke family will not relax any
efforts to solve the mystery of Herbert
Burke's death. A member handed the
following notice for publication In The
The family of Herbert Burke whose
tragic death Is still a deep mystery Is
very anxious to, hear from any one wlii
was on the car leaving Ames Ave. for
Florence Sunday evening, October "til,
between the hours of 6:."0 and 1:15. who
may have noticed a young man resembling
Herbert Burke. Any such person would
confer a great favor by communicating
with the George Burke Co.. Exchange
building. South Omaha. Telephone, Doug
las 682.
b sent Friday ngslnst the mile record,
which Is held by Salvator. of 1 :3S4. over
the straightaway course at Monmouth In
lVi. Tmirennn. II to 1 shot; won the
iHanchn d 1 Paso stakes Jockey J. Har
ris, ('none, Sewell and T. dark were sus-
fiendei for the remainder of the meeting
iy the starter. Hommarlc:
First race, mile: Savior won. CSypsr
lti, MW-nmt tkn.v 41iltl . Time- t -'tftU
Second race, selling, steeplechase, about I
three miles: Bound Brook won, t aller
second. Adams third. Time: :17.
Third race, six furlongs, -rtrslirht: Zam
besi won. Landsman recond. Olrnham third.
Time: 1:12V
Fourth race. Vlie Rartcho del Taso stakes,
six furlongs:, straight: Tonrenne won.
Philander second. Scwell third. Time:
Fifth race, seven furlongs, main course:
Rnseben. lit; (Shawl. 1 to py won: Resu
clalre. fc (Powersi. an to 1. -second. Time:
i:Z'. Only two starters.
Sixth race, one mile and a quarter:
Sailor Rnv won. - AngW second, Orlv If
tliir.i. Time: !:iij,.
l.tiriSVILLK. Oct. lti.-Hesults:
First race, selling. Ave and a half fur
longs: Judith lmise ,-won. Hereafter sec
ond. Reitned thirU. Time: 1:I7-
Second race, selling, one- mile: Hadiir
won. Inspector Mlrl second, Minnehaha
third. Time: 1:42". ,
Third race. - purse, six furlongs: Mis
Officious won. Lightning Conductor sec
ond. Fair Fagot third. Time: 1:14".
Fourth race, free handicap, rtx furlongs:
Meadow Breew'won. Miltlades second, En
voy third. Time:' 1 :i:t.
Flflh race, selling, seven furlongs: Hard
ing won, Clifton Forge . second. Revolt
third. Time: l:8.
Sixth race, selling, mile and a sixteenth:
Oratorlan won. Arthur -Cummer second.
laxcle third. Time: 1:48.
blem to the donoi . It Is stat.-d tlist an
open tournament will he held to determine
pnrgnn's successor. Hnrgnn's Interesn in
billiards, lie sas. canned him to give up
the pool title, os he mold not affoid the
necessary time for practice.
The Metr. Rros. and O D. K. Uin put
up some great scores, again at the Ass - -tn
alleys last tight. Tie I r wot m
the first game by eight pins, but that .is
their finish, the tl. l. K.'s taking the sec
ond and last one by good margins. Sprague
rolled the best total, with MJ. Hrunke was
but three tiin behind him and Potter and
Ojerde hotn passed the son mark OJerde'n
2IS ws the best single. Tonight Hunting
ton and (ijerrte will bowl anoUier secliil
match with Cochrsn and Anderson. Score:
O. D K.'s.
1st. ?rt. 3d. Total.
Neale 215 191 IS'. ffll
.tone 184 'Jivt I'M 577
Molvneaux 1w! 1; 1(2 .".17
tijerde 172 :4s 192 I2
Sprngue 2m :32 210 M2
September 7 Pat Hughes, vagrancy.
September ',11 Wllifam,, Lahey. drunken
ness. , .-. .... :
Septcmltor 11 Mike O'Ponnell, vagrancy.
Peptember 14 Eugene Kitchen, vagrancy.
Announcements of the Theater.
William Collier, the Inimitable, will be
at. the Boyd theater this evening for a
single performance of "On the Quiet," a
comedy of the type Collier has made so
successful. He Is returning from a tour
the antipodes, where he wa very huccess
ful. and Is accompanied by a company of
players especially selected by Charles
Frohman for the Australian trip.
. Walker Whiteside this season haa a play
that tells a definite modern story In a
human way, and has been doing very well
with It. It Is called "The Magic Melody,"
and tells of the love of a German musician
for the daughter of a multi-millionaire.
Home startling complications are Intro
duced In the action of the drama, but all
are natural and plausible, and work out In
a reasonable way. Miss Wulstan is sup
porting the star this season, and a good
company Is back of them. Mr. Whiteside
begins his engagement at the Boyd on
Thursday evening and stays the 'rest of
the week, with a matinee on Saturday afternoon.
"Held by the Enemy" is doing very well
at the Burwood this week. The next
matinee will be on Thursday afternoon, a
convenience for the shopping women.
Hnrknniirl and ' Utrelf Don Mnlrakln
After. Soma Delay.
IOWA C1TV; la., Oct. 16.-(SpcciaU-lowa
has soen -tlie first real rift In the
cloud of gloom which has been hovering
civrr the toot ball Kridlron since the open
ing day of the present season. The silver
lining has appeared on account fit several
things, but principally liecouse Rockwood.
for two seasons a tower ot strength at
right guard, and Jack Streff one of the
best ends in the state, have finally decbl"d
to play with the tam this year. I'rged
on by the necessities of the situation,
botli men have decided that, desolte' tin
fact that they are In their senior years
in the colleges of law and medicine, re
spectively, tmj tesni Is In sore need of
their services and that they would re
sound to the call of l.fiiW rooters to don
the moleskin. Rockwood reported on Mon
day night. Streff is expected to come out
the middle, of the week.
fresco White, the big end who has b"en
laid up for ten days with a bad ankle,
and Chick Kirk, who has been following
the side line for the same reason for
four days, have returned to the gome. But
the greatest surprise for Iowa rooters this
year Is the moving of Morrey Kent from
his new position at left, halfback to' his old
position at qusrter. This change haa given
rise to a great deal of speculation as to
the man who is eventually slated to fill
Andy Chalmers' old place In case Knt
is kept at quartet-back. Collins has been
tried out there and there are several o'her
men who have been- sulwtltutlnp In the
back field, but-it Is confidently intimated
that Jack Streff will be moved Into the
back field, where hla speed should be a big
factor In the ground gaining ability of the
back field.
Rockwood may possibly line up In a new
position this yenr. 'a Iowa's weakness in
one. tackle demands a man of Rockwood'
treat strength. Knowltan ' han been play
ing a remarkably strong game on his to
siijnn, and with the return of Cresco White
to tlie game It is practically certain that
the end positions will go to them. The
guards are a' yet nnselected and the
coachea are up In tlie air over the m'n
who will play Hie- positions. Elliot lias
not shown the steam expected of him, but
It la confidently heller ed that the first con
test with Missouri will show that he has
the making of a grant foot ball player.
The situation Is not ,s critical here as It
has been, and rapid ., Improvement during
the next wtek la expected.
. Writes Letter ta Minister Who Dares
Criticise W'holeanle Pardons.
. Mayor Duhlman Tuesday morning mailed
t j. El.,-. I j v.4 r. f 13 .. I .4 Maln. a! , at
Mary's , Avenue Congregational church, a
reply to that, minister's, sermon of .last
Bunday morning, when Dr. Balrd took issue
with the major on the generous exercise
pf his pardoning power. The mayor con
tends the ends in each case pardoned by
him justified the means and has declared
his Intention nf using his pardoning pre
rogative' lri tha future at in the past. The
mayor's reply to the minister reads:
OMAHA. Oct. l.-To Rev. Lucius " O.
- Balrd, Omaha. Neb.: My Dear Sir I read
your sermon delivered on Sunday last at
via Chicago Ureal Wealern Railway.
to Indianapolis. Evansvllle, ' Cincinnati,
Columbus, Cleveland, Toledo, Buffalo,
Pittsburg and other points. Tickets at one
and one-third fare, for the round trip on
sale October 19. Return limit- thirty days.
For full Information,' apply to J. A. Ellis,
General Agent, 1612 Farnam street, Omaha,
Neb. - .
Wend Baya Ont Stock..
F. D. Wead has bought the Interest in
the Real Estate Building company of sev
eral members of the exchange, and the
company ' la now controlled by Mr. Wead
and interests outside the exchange. A
two-story building will be erected. The
grading of the lot at Eighteenth and Far
nam has been completed and bids have
been taken on the excavation for the
. V
The Best Bitter Llaueur. O
. a
. Physical exercise does not create more genuine appetite
thaa UtuUrberf Boonekamp Bitters taken beiore inealt.
' Vahhy dieestion follows and liie becomes worth the living.
A delicious drink always morning, noon or night,
EnlOVSbls as cocktail and Kettae Inrvm
6,000,000 bottles imported to the United States.
aff Jn, CM iwllimsnw, r O M ml ITmt Mim mU Cmmps.
M. Bilisliri AJarstat. tWism. Osrataar. aM HUa.
Railroad Department . Manager Gets
Away from Office Cares.
A former Omaha man. who Is now well,
up In the railroad world In Chicago, saw
the White Sox beat the Cubs at the Went
Side grounds last Thursday, and this Is
how he did It, according to the Chicago
A certain department head In one of the
l.taj Chicago railroad offices added a new
hint today to the life of base ball excuse
which are being (lerpetrated on employers
ail over the clty Desiring to get off to
the West Side contest yesterday, he was
at the same time afraid to set a "bad ex
ample" to his subordinates. In a confer
ence between department managers and
their superior In the morning he hit on a
"Can I get off this aft. to see game?" he
scrawled on a scrap of paper, which he
folded and handed to the "lioss."
The "big noise" of the office examined
the note and then allowed a pleasant ex
pression to Increase the distance between
his side whiskers.
"Kr you may attend to that matter this
afternoon." said the boss, aloud. "I'd like
to supervise It myself, but I shall leave it
entirely In your hands."
The wily department manager gravely
nodded his head and walked away as sol
emn as hla companions. In the afternoon
he partially occupied a grandstand seat,
and if the boss had been near to hear the
noise he would have been well satisfied for
leaving the matter "entirely In your
Losing Ball Tram la Gaeat of the
- Chicago Board of Trade,
CHICAGO, Oct. 16. Members of the Chi
cago National base ball team were the
guests of the Chicago Board of Trade at
the Auditorium hotel tonight. Several
weeks ago the grain men, in anticipation
of the National league representatl ves be
ing victorious, Id the series for tlie world's
championship, arranged a banquet for
Manager Chance's men tonight. Although
the team was defeated by the Chicago
Americans, the arrangements were not
changed and the program was carried out
Just the same as If Iresdent Murphy's
team had been victorious. Five hundred
of the team's admirers sat down to the
dinner. After the regular program had
been disposed of all those who desired
were given an opportunity of telling how
the defeat of the National league team
was brought about.
President Murphy stated tonight that
between $5.00 and S7.000 had been di
vided among the players on Ills team since
the post season games, in addition to the
loser's end of the prise money In the
world's series.
"We voluntarily gave tin- men nearly
I .l.mia from exhibition games." aald M..
Murphy, "and today we divided between
l. (100 and $4,000 more In bonuses and
Roarbea Makes New World's Record
for Seven Farlung.
NEW TORK. Oct. 18. D: C. Johnson's
Rnseben, carrying 12b pounds, created a
new world's record for seven furlongs
when he won the fifth race at Belmont pork
today. He - etepped ' the distance In the
fastest time ever made on an American
race course. 1:22. When lie finished and
Die phenomenal time was hung out by the
official tinier the big crowd arose and gave
tlie great sprinter a rousing cheer, which
continued for several minuiea In spit of
the fact that he wss quoted at 1 to 80 in
the betting, and they were unable to bet
on him. Johnson and Frank Fsrrell are
reported to have won over $ on hi
victory, aa they bet that the son of Ben-strome-Roaeleaf
would run faster than
1:25. Fourteen horses were carded to go
In this event, but they were all scratched
except Reauclalra, and it was after the
withdrawals that it waa decided to aend him
against time. Rose ben broke very quickly
at the liarrler and ran the first furlong in
twelve second. He kept tip a fast clip
and passed the quarter pole In 23V going
easily. Around the long upper turn the
favorite continued In faultless style, and
flashed by th half mile pole In 4tA.
When he turned Into the stretch the high
wind wsa behind him and he came to the
three-quarter-mark In 1:0,1V Shaw took
no chance but rode Roseben nut. coming
under the wire a winner In 1:3.' Th beat
previous time wan 1:24V lev Id by Halifax,
around the turns. -and the straightamsy
reeord was (veld by 1"-11 B-. made in
UAl at Monmuula. Rotsbcu f-robably will
Inlvrraltr ''EleyenV' Display Fine
Metal at Practice. .
The practice Monday -night on Crelghton
foot ball field reflected' the good results of
Saturday's victory over- Cornell. The men
showed lots of- gter and none of the
playera waa crippled, as a .result of the
game. A long, hard, .practice) was Indulged
In. Cavanaugh lj ctwwdlng the fore part
of the week .with-.lscTtmmag work so aa
to run no chances of paying up his men on
the eve of Saturday's, struggle with Bclle
vue. , , ,r .-
- Considerable time was devoted Monday
night to charging work and much satis
faction was felt.. Several new . men made
their appearance and Stevens and Bobby
Maglrl got Into the practice again after
a week's layoff from- Injuries received in
the Morningsld game.
, That the Bellevue game will be a hard
one and that the teams will be evenly
matched la the opinion uf all. Both teams
will be supported 4y. a throng of rooters
and a royal struggio is anticipated. There
will be little advantage either way aa re.
Kan! weight and speed, and kicking un
doubtedly will be tlie deciding factor.
Cavanaugh is not underestimating the
Mrcngth of his adversaries and has a week
of good, hard work . mapped out for his
men. Ho expect to have the Crelghton
team in prime condition, and lover of
open style foot ball wM have one of the
best opportunities of the season of wit
nessing the game under , the new rules.
97 1.010
1st. 2d. 3d. Total.
Bninke 219 227 tvw
Potter 217 23 178 24
Denman 178 K IrtS a.9
Blakenev 11 l8 1H4 515
Huutlnffton 191 170 I'M 551
Total 978 9S7 m
Jctter Oold Tops took three games from
the Armours last night on the Metropolitan
alleys. Th first game was a tie and In
the roll off the tkild Tons won by two
pin. Mahoney had high single game with
2"3, also high three games with 5I.V Score:
Collins ...
Orotte ..
White ...
Foley ....
..: 173
792. 7
.1.1. Total
II.'. :t;9
lis I'd
14 4.'
1 1S ,Vji
1.1ft IhS
Totals 7!!
5 IN
Does Wat
Other Stoves
In almost erery house there is
s room that the heat from the
other stoves or furnace fails to
reach. It mar he a room on
the "weather" side, or one having no heat
connection. It mar be a cold hallway. Ho mat
ter in what part of the house whether room or
hallway it can soon be made snug and cozy with a
Oil Heater
(Equipped with Smokeless Device)
Unlike ordinary oil heaters the Perfection gives satisfaction .
always. First and foremost it is absolutely safe you cannot
turn the wick too high or too low. Gives intense heat withou'.
smoke or smell because equipped with smokeless device.
Usn be easily carried from room to room, as easy
to operate as a lamp. Ornamental as well as useful.
Made in two finishes nickel and japan. Brass oil fount
beautifully embossed. Holds 4 quarts of oil snd hnrns 9
hours. There'sreal satisfaction in a Perfection Oil Hester.
Every heater warranted. If not at your dealer's write our
nearest agency tor descriptive circular.
Tf-, wsa; T make the home htight.
Darkaea MJnps Exciting Match Re.
tween Brr and Smith.
HAMILTON, Mass.. Oct. 1. Five well
contested matches lit the Invitation golf
tournament at the Myopia Hunt club to
day brought the event almost to the finals
with Walter J. Tjravlaof Garden City aa
one of the survivors. Darkness stopped
an exciting match between Eben M. Byers
of Pittsburg, the national champion, and
W. P. Smith of Philadelphia at the nine
teenth hole Mils afternoon and the players
will continue their contest tomorrow morn
ing, the winner playing -Travle a 36-hole
natch for the trophy
The best contest that reached a decision
was that between Tra,vls and W. C. Chick
of Oakley, In the afternoon. . which the
Garden City player won on the last green.
Byers put out Hugo R- Johtibtone of the
local' club In the morning round. 6 up 4 to
Smith put out T. X3. Stevenson' of Myopia,
but Travis founi Ardan M. Jtobbins, his
clubmate from Garden City, a strong op
ponent. . . ' ...
.Saratoga. Tranta 4 lob.
After ia-. successful season on its courts
the Saratoga, Tennbv club, met Monday
1 . . - . i . - . J . . . - W. .. At
rilgnc hi .inc mmrutt- -h.i m.
Martin and enjoyed a social evening. A
feature of the occasion Van the presenta
tion to the club by Ms president, Guy Mo
Klnxle. of a beautiful cup to be competed
for In single. The cup will be known as
the "McKlnxle cup.'." Tlie championship
of the club I now held by, Herman Ijove.
It was decided to turn tlie tennis club into
a dancing club for the winter month and
a commit ite. mini posted of Messrs. Headley.
Hunt and Martin, was appointed to ar
range for the first dance to be held In the
near future. -. After refreshments and
games, dancing wss indulged In until a late
hour.' '
Horaan Surrenders Pool Title
ST. LOCIS.'Oct, IK John Morgan, cham
pion continuous, pool player of the world,
tonight formally surrendered his title and
returned the diamond championship em-
"Tks Whisk ty with lesUUo '
St, Lassla, 1904 Parts, 1903
Portfaod, 1903
For sale at all firat-da bars, cafes
and drag atoree
Lawson Horse to Re fold.
BOSTON, Oct. 18. Announcement was
made that the blooded stock at Thomas
La wson's extensive farm known as Dream
wold, located In the little town of Egypt,
a few mile outh of Boston, would be sold
at th "Old Dmry" sale, at New York,
next month.
Among the few famous snimals which
Mr. Lawson will Veep will be Horn 1 111 a. the
trotter which won the Kentucky Futurity,
and Transylvania, for him. Dare Devil,
which has s record of 2:09 and Is the son
of Msmbrino King, for which Mr. Lawson
paid ViO.onn, together with some of the
moKt noted brood mares in the count rv,
and registered cattle, dogs and even
fancy birds, all nre to be sold at public
Grand Islnnd Defeats llastlnaa.
GRAND ISLAND. Neb.. Oct. 16 (Spe
cial.) Th high school foot ball crew played
Its first game at Hastings, winning over
the team of that city by the score of 12 to
6. The local team is 'believed to be the
strongest the school has had for some
yen rs.
D. Ay Sampson. Can 1 Sains Agtnt. Omaha.
Spurting- Brevities.
The principal nportlng event at the H orse
show will be the potato race In which
but ten contestants will permitted to com
pete at a time. This Is an event full of
life and fun.
Fish Commissioner O'Brien Is. making
quite a hit with the fishermen of Omaha
by continually stocking Cut-Off lake with
members of the finny tribe. People of
Omaha are beginning to realize that Cut
Off lake Is an ideal spot for bass with the
heavy undergrowth and some beauties re
cently have been caught.
One thing Is certain and that is there
will be plenty of rooting at the Crelghton
Bellevue game next Saturdav. Both school
have easy access to the park, where the
game will be played and both mill turnout
en masse. Crelghton has a braes band, the
members of which are supplied with uni
forms and this Is a greet help In tlie inolee
making line besides furnishing good musfo
between times.
Nebraska haa a hard game on Its hands
for Saturday, when the Ames team from
tho Iowa Agricultural college, will be the
opponents. The Iowa college opens its
doors a month earlier than most institu
tions of learning and the members of the
team have Just that much advantage in
preparation for the games which are to
follow. The consequence Is the teams that
have to meet Ames early In the season are
at an immense disadvantage and are often
vanquished, although later In the season
they may have the better team of the two.
Ames has shown up well this year and on
this showing the rooter are banking on a
victory next Saturday.
The match game of golf between two
teams of the Omaha Country club selected
by E. H. Sprague and F. H. Galne as
captain promises to be the center of at
traction in golf circle next Saturdav. Hoth
captains have used great care and Judg
ment In the selection of their teams and
hoth. being among the most enthusiastic
golfers in the city, will leave no stone un
turned to win the victory. While the prize
Is simply a supper at the club to be payed
for by the losers still much more Is a.t
stake. After, this informal banquet the
presioeui 01 me ciun. r.. jt. nprague, will
present the various cups and prizes, which
have been won during the year. Golf i
an uncertain quantity and no game is aut-
ject to sucn a reversal or rorni among the
players. Surprises are the order of the
day, although there were many who ".ere
not surprised when Jerome M 11 gee won the
championship from Sprague Abbott.
Jteyb Lamp I
the safest and best lamn
for all-round household
tise. Olrrs a clear, steady
light. Fitted with latest
improved homer. Made of brass throughout sad nickel plated.
F.rery lamp warranted. Suitable for library, diniag room,
parlor or bedroom. If ant at Tour dealer's write to nearest agency.
I II rVlf I il IJlj Tne Epm f Increasing value,
MMrM-1 Ws are both iuxrv and an in-
" vestment at all time, but more
so now than ever. Some people think you squander money
when you buy them. AVe claim you are saving It, besides
having the pleasure of wearing it and the satisfaction of
knowing that you can get back
nine-tenths of what you paid sas-mas''"'
us for it at anytime within one fJff fi J
year from date of purchase. aCaVy aTA-t
Rings from $5.00 to $600.00. MC"llil""''
Call and see them. - aCil5 DODCE
Low Katies Has
Home visitors9 excursions
On October 19th the Burlington will sell round
trip tickets from Omaha and Nebraska territory
to many points hi . . ..,, .- . '.' .
Illinois. Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Ontario, New
York, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, West Virginia.
liATI') Fare and one-third for the round trip.
The Burlington's service to Chicago, Peoria and St. Louis i
excellent. With these three gateways we can ticket you to your
destination over the most convenient route.
Rates and information, berths and all details, at
'Phone Douglas 3580.
...v --.
f I rr:;?l
FARE AND A THIRD for the round trip from Omaha to many points in In
diana, Kentucky, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Ontario, Pennsylvania and West
Virginia. 1
Tickets on sale Friday, October 19th, good for return in thirty days via the
Here are some of the round trip rates from Omaha:
Toronto, Ont., $33-55
Buffalo, N. Y... $3300
Indianapolis, Ind $23-20
Muncie, Ind. $23-90
Detroit, Mich $2535
Columbus, Ohio $28-15
Cleveland, Ohio $28.35
Cincinnati, Ohio $27-35
Dayton, Ohio ....$26-70
Toledo, Ohio. $25-70
Pittsburg, Pa $31-00
Wheeling, W. Va .$31-70
Louisville, Ky ...,$20.00
. Three fast trains from Union Station, Omaha, to Union Station, Chicago,
every day. Leave Omaha 7:55 a. in., 5:45 p. m. and 8:35 p. m. For folders and in-,
formation call at City Ticket Office, 1524 Farnam St., Omaha, or 25 Pearl St., Couu
til Bluffs.
F. A. NASH. General Western Agent. Omaha. Nebraska.