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The "Discovery
of the
Soda Cracker
For years the humble soda cracker remained
obscure and unappreciated. No one seemed to
realize its food value no one seemed to know
that it was one of the most nutritious rations
Then one day the soda cracker was
"discovered." The NATIONAL BISCUIT
COMPANY saw its value if properly pre
sented to the public. They set about to
bring its quality to the highest possible stand
ard the result being Uneeda Biscuit,
which are to-day recognized as one of the
staple foods of the American people.
Nearly 400,000,000 packages of them have
been sold, and the food value of the soda
cracker is a settled fact.
HJneeda Biscuit
Faith fil and UaUrrori sect Are Fighting
Orer Looatian of Headquarter.
Hitchcock Klrmrut Object lu llil
man Drnwrrarr Roodii and
Hot-! thr(fi Prohibitive
Prloe for Ita (rlrra,
Tlje democratic camp is still worked up
over the matter of campaign headquarters.
The present unsettled stata la not proving
conducive to good work on the part of the
central committee workers, who are chafing
under what they consider a bunsleaoine
, that of the location of their headquar
refer to OrnuliH. "Refreshments" are to
bo served after the speaking-.
Mayor Dahlmun, J. P. Kngllsh sml
"Mayor'' N'lck Dargucsewskl are the
speakers billed to speak this evening at
Twenty-sixth and Walnut streets, under
the auspices of the Polish Independent
A republican mass meeting will b held
nt McKenna's hall, Sixteenth und Locust
streets, at 8 o'clock this evening. Coii
gretisman John L. Kennedy will be among
the speakers for tiie event, and. other re
publican candidates will also address the
WednesdMy evening a meeting will be
held at Peterson's hall. Twenty-fourth and
Burdette streets, under the auspices of the
Sixth Ward Republican club. Congressman
John I.. Kennedy, Nelnon C. Pratt, John
P. Hreen and others will speak. All voters
are Invited to attend. The meeting will be
called shortly after 8 o'clock.
rapidly with better than an average crop
and the quality good. On the Alliance di
vision tiie year has been very successful
for all kinds of ctods. On the Sterling (II
vision the ttock shipments have been good
for the last wek and an Increase Is antici
pated. On the Sherldtn division fall work
is progressing rapidly and heavy ship
ments of stock are moving to murKet.
to the republican committee. Chairman
Uallughrr, Vice Chairman Anheuser and
Secretary Holmes of the democratic com-1 " t o" of VoBr Foel ,n "e
mlttee are finding It embarrassing to alt In! Three to Fir Years,
what Is how but nominally a headquarters, I ''' sreat saving will furnish two or
while Cliairman Donohoe and his staff Uil three rooms In ymr home in elegant style.
th rmnhiiP.n t-udniiiri.n hi u . it win repaint and repair your nouse or
beavers with the work of the campaign.
A look-in Monday morning at the repub
lican headquarters suggested that the cam
paign had been In progress a month, while
next door. In the democratic camp, a few
of the faithful are trying to keep up ap
pearances with a pad of paper, pencil and
an old roster containing names of voters.
Chairman Oallagher's executive commu
te, consisting of John Power. Mayor Dahl
man, Mayor Iloctor of South Omaha and
a few others, are taking the dilemma by
the antlers In the matter of getting suitable
headquarters. They do not take kindly to
the Idea of mounting a pair of s-talrs with
a large "Republican Headquarters" banner
staring them In the face every time. Ef
t'trts are now being made to have the dem-
-ratio headquarters moved down to the
Oahlman Democracy rooms in the Union
block. Overtures were made to get the
headquarters in some hotel, preferably the
one used last spring, but the rental of (300
waa said to have been prohibitive.
Tha Jefferson club . brethren, or the
Hitchcock democrats, bear the brunt for
locating the democratlo headquarters In
the Patterson block. The Dahlman forces
wanted it In the Dahlman Democracy
rooms on South Fifteenth street, but to
this Hitchcock 'men objected foi more
then one reason. In the first place, they
didn't propose to go that far In the direc
tion of conciliation with the enemy, and
In the next place they didn't think the
odor surrounding that place as a result of
past associations would help their cause
U any' great extent. It was some years
ago a gam bit rut resort, and later the
headquarters of Brooteh'e mayoralty boost
ers, though It Is not on record that any
Hitchcock cry . was lifted against it on
the latter account.
"It all goes to show," remarked Mike, "that sweet harmony at 111 reigns In
the raeks of our friend. the enemy, In
your mind."
' 'u ' ' -1
A "home rule'', meeting lias been an
nounced.: for .Wednesday evening at the
Dahlman Democracy rooms. ; It Is under
stood that ""bom rule" to this Instance
barn, or build an addition to either. It will
buy the best piano made or send your son
or daughter to college for a year.
Fuel costs more each year and Is getting
to be a serious problem. Ask for a copy
of free pamphlet on scientific combustion,
which will solve It for you for all time to
come. It will teach you In one short les
son how to heat your home twice as com
fortably at one-half the present cost.
Ask to see It at Milton Rogers & Suns
Co.. 14th and Fttmam Sis.; Orchard &
Wllhelm Carpet Co., 414-1S-1S S. 16th St.;
John Hussle Hardware Co., 2407 Cuming
St.; K. I Jones & Co., 270J Leavenworth
HI.; U. F. Beavers, 424 'J N. 24th St., South
Omaha; Heyden & Bro., Benson, Neb.;
Paddock & Handschy Hardware Co., 41 S.
Main St., Council Bluffs, la.
if. Lyon's
Aaaoaaeemeuta ( the Theater.
A matinee this afternoon and a per
formance this evening will wind up the
all too short stay of "The Free Lance"
at the Boyd theater. This fine opera
with the splendid organisation that Is
presenting It, has made a tremendous hit
in Omaha.
Willie Collier, who stands alone In his
class, is coming to the' Boyd on Wednes
day evening for a single performance of
"On the Quiet," one of the comedies he
has made his own by his peculiar quali
fications. He is on his way home from
Australia, where he has Just closed a very
successful season.
, Walker Whiteside begins his annual en
gagement at the Boyd on Thursday even
ing, presenting his new play, "The Magic
The regular professional matinee will
be given at the Burwood theater this
afternoon and vialtlng players will be
made to feel at home in the cosy theater.
At the Krug theater, starting tonight
and for two nights only, Charles B.
Blanty presents the famous Irish tenor,
Flsks O'Hara, In the Irish-American com
edy drama, "Mr. Blarney from- Ireland."
Politics forms the basis of the play and
the scenes are laid In New Tork City.
Mr. O'Hara Is well supported by a lsrge
and capable acting company and the scenic
display in as pretentious as any sent from
New Tork this season. The usual Wednes
day matinee will be given.
('. F. Mrlirenr Elected to Place Left
Vacant by Death ( James
K. Boyd.
At a meeting of the directors of the St.ite
Insurance company of Nebraska nt the
company's office Saturday C. F. MoOrew,
vice president of the Omaha National bank
was elected to the directorship ma.le vacant
by the death of ex-Governor James K.
Boyd. At the same timo E. A. Cud.V.iy
was elected president of the company and
C. F. McOrew vice president, the other
officers remaining as heretofore.
The company Is in a very prosperous
condition and reports an increase of busi
ness of over 6' per rent as compared with
the corresponding period of last year.
The authorized capital of the company Is
tl.0"0,0O0. of which $100,000 has been paid In
cash, which, being held exclusively by Ne
braska bankers and merchants, character-
lies this as a strictly Nebraska company.
At the next annual meeting of the stock
holders will be considered the advisability
of Increasing the paid up capital to tlTO.noO
and paying Into the treasury a substantial
surplus, and do business In all part of the
county where the business has proven
profitable. The officers of the company
are: E. A. Cudahy, president; C. F. .Mc
Orew, vice president; Luther Drake, second
vice president: A. J. Love, secrot-iry and
treasurer; E. P. Fitch, assistant secretary
The following compose the directory: E
A. Cudahy, vice president Cudahy Packing
company; C. F. McOrew, vice president
Omaha National ban); J. C. Cowln. gen
eral counsel of company; F.. V. Lewis,
treasurer Crane company; John 8. Brady,
treasurer McCord-Brady company; L. M.
Keene, president Fremont National bank
A. J. Love, Insurance; O. W. Palm. Iimir
ance, Lincoln, Neb.; E. E. Howell, Insur
ance, Omaha,
Omaha Ministerial Uiion May Vat Not to
Esmarrt a rivorced Tenon.
Several Other TrovUloas Pertain-
laa? to Matter of Matrlmonr
and Divorce Demand Still
More Consideration..
The Protestant ministers of Unialiu who
are members of the Omaha Ministerial
union and that includes nearly all tha
Protestant ministers of the city have
before them a resolution "to refuse under
ail circumstances to marry a divorced per
The matter was presented at a meeting of
the union at First Congregational church
Monday morning, when a list of resolutions
on the divorce question was submitted by
a committee for endorsement. The list
contained nine provisions and the union
voted to consider them seriatim, beginning
with the ninth. The ninth Was
and that was as far as the union got, the
remainder, after much discussion, going
over until another meeting.
This Is the list of proposed resolutions:
Realizing the crejit urowlnir menncH to
the purity and stability of the home found
in Improper marriages and multiplied di
vorces and, realizing my re.potieihle re
lation to the matter as a minister oc the
gospel, and desiring to Join In u collective
movement for remedying these evils, 1 Mao
my name oeiow in declaration oc my pui-
pose :
1. To make careful iuuuirv of uersona
seeking to he married, as to picv;ious
marriage, etc., in order that 1 may Juduu
of the propriety of officiating.
i. lo require in me case or strangers,
that their reliability be vouched for by
some one In whom I have confidence.
a. To solemnize no marriage where I ant
convinced thai either party Is unfit for
marriage by reason of immaturity, ill-
health or vicious habits.
4. fo marry no divorced person within
one year from the granting of the decree.
6. To refuse In every case to marry a
divorced person whom I have reason to be
lieve is the ortender against tno lormtr
marriage bond.
6. To refuse to marry a divorced person
where the divorce Is obtained by collusion
without adequate ground on either side.
'. To refuse to many a divorced peison
except the innocent party In a case where
to the best or my Knowledge nnu ueiier me
other par'y was guilty of wilful desertion
or adultery.
. To retuse to marry any aivorcea per
son whatsoever except the innocent party
In a case where to the best of my knowl
edge and belief the other party was
guilty of adultery.
. To reiuse unuer an en cunisiaiices iu
marry a divorced person.
It is umtersiooa inai in an me nuum
cases the reunion or a coupie aivorceu is
biritri nnen uiinwiKu,
The report was submitted through the
chairman, Rev. H. C. Herring, pastor ot
the First Congregational church, the re
of Dr. Oorst to consider the propositions
seriatim prevailed. The amendment to
proposition No. 9. made by Father Will
iams was adopted.
It becoming evident that the dlscu.slnn
of the several propositions would take
some time, a motion to limit the discussion
to ten minutes prevailed. At this Juncture
Dr. Herring moved the sppolntment of a
committee of Ave to take the whole ques
tion ttnder consideration and to report at
the next meeting to be held two weeks
hence. This motion prevailed and Chair
man Clsscll appointed Rev. H. C. Herring.
Rev. J. It. Smith, Rev. A. S. O. Clmke.
Rev. J. W. Conby and Rev. J. K. Hummou
as such committee.
Officer Are Klerted
The meeting being the annual meeting of
the union the following were elected of
ficers for the ensuing year: President. Rev.
Clyde Clay Clsscll, Hanscom Park Metho
dist Episcopal chuch; vice president. Rev.
George Van Winkle, First Baptist chutch, j
South Omaha; secretary-treasurer, Uev. !
Andrew Renwlck. Vnlted Presbyterian I
church. South Omaha; executive committee
Rev. L. O. Baird, 8t. Mary's Avenue Con
gregational; Rev. M. V. Hlghbee, Knox
Presbyterian and Rev. R. V. A. McBrlde,
D. D., Central Vnlted Presbyterian church.
amended 1 l,p oncers are aiso memoers ex-oniclo or
the executive committee.
The only other matters considered at the
meeting were to complete the details for
the Torrey evangelical meetings and the
allowance of current miscellaneous bills.
A Certain Care for Creat- red
Ten Year WMliont a Failure.
Mr. W. C. Bott, a Star City, Ind.. hard
ware merchant, Is enthusiastic in his praise
of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. His chll.
dren have all been subject to croup and he
has used this remedy for the last ten years,
and though they much feared the croup, his
wife and he always felt safe upon retiring
when a bottle of Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy was in the house. His oldest child
was subject to severe attacks of croup, but
this remedy never failed to effect a speedy
cure. He has recommended It to frltiid
and neighbors and all w ho have used It say
that it Is unequaled for croup and whoop
ing cough.
Setting a tiood Example.
Considering how general is the us of
Hungarian bitter waters, it is interesting
that the proprietors of the Apenta water
give assurance that the working of the
Apenta springs, Budapest. Hungary, at
which it Is bottled, la carried out not on
merely commercial lines, but under the sci
entific snd hygienic supervision of Dr. Leo
von Llebennann, professor at the Hygienic
institute of the Royal university at Buda
pest. The analyses of Apenta, as published
In the text-books on mineral water springs,
show that the sulphates of soda and of
magnesia, of which the latter Is predomi
nant, are the chief constituents. Apenta
Rain Coats for Men
The man who invented the traterroof over
root deter iw all the prahe that may be bestowetl
upon him. It i the tnot practical an I serviceable
garment ever created. It available at all hour ,
rain or shine-to wear on the street during, b'ti'
nets hour at the theater r to church anywhere
any time. And if 8 alwayi correct We carry all
the lines of rain coats that are truly worthy of
public attention. And we wish you would ak es
pecially to see our special lines that we sell at .
$12.00-$ 15.00-$ S.00-S20.00
is best known as a still or non-effervescent
port being mado the special order for this water, but It can also be had carbonated. In
meeting. The motion to adopt the report "' spun. 11 is am mai
broueiit out an animated discussion. Dr. . the Importation of this water has grown
.1. W. Conley of the First Baptist church
objected to proposition No. 2 on the ground
that to require the endorsement of
one else would do too acncaie a sudjcci
for the officiating minister to handle.
Father Williams of St. Barnabas Episcopal
church wanted proposition No. 9 so
amended as to read "excepting for causes
existing before marriage." Presiding Elder
William Oorst of the Methodist Episcopal
church was of the impression that the
whole matter should be left ovr until th
next meeting of the wsseclation. Rev. 11.
J. Klrchsteln of the North Side Christian
church moved an amendment eliminating
all propositions except Nod. 1 and 8. Rev.
Frank L. Loveland of the First Methodist
church stated that looking, at the matter
from a legal standpoint '.',the pledges sim
ply preent nine separate, lpdtctmcnts, and
after all I do not think this is really what
we want to get at. I was, a member of
the legal profession before .entering the
ministry and I cannot but see that in sub
mitting theee pledges in legal parlance we
would be laughed out of court."
Rev. B. F. Fellman .of Grace Baptist
church held that there was a legul element
In the propositions that the ministry could
not afford to Ignore. Marriage being a
civil contract a minister refusing to marry
a couple producing a legal license to marry
might find himself amenable for damages.
Want to Vole on F.aru One.
Rev. J. Randolph Smith of Trinity Metho
dist church thought the members of the
Ministerial union might subscribe yea or
nay to such of the propositions as they
desired; that the question was not upon the
signing of the pledges, but merely on the
a'doptlon of the report of the committee.
Presiding Elder Gorst moved that the
pledges be considered seriatim beginning
at the bottom. Dr. Loveland was still
anxious to know what could be accom-
very considerably In recent years, and It Is
well known that Hungarian aperient water
some I have been In world-wide use for many
Special Colonist Rate to Paclfle
As an Incentive for laborers and settlers
to move into the northwest, the Northern
Pacific railway has tickets on sale daily
until October 31, 190,. as follows: 8t Paul
to Billings, Mont., S15; Helena, Butte and
Anaconda, Mont., $30; Spokane, Walla
Walla, Wash., and Lewiston, Idaho, 122.50;
Seattle. Tacoma. . Wash., and Portland,
Ore., t'S- Proportionate rates to other
points. Further information furnished on
request. E. D. ROCKWELL.
District Passenger Agent,
A. M. CLELANP. Dea Moines, la...
, General Passenger Agent, .
St. Paul. Minn.
Ou October lyth the Illinois Central will sell round
trip tickets to all points in Indiana, Ohio and Lower
Michigan and to many points in Illinois, Kentucky, New -York,
Ontario, Pennsylvania and "West Virginia at greatly 4
reduced rates with long return limit. -
For tickets, rates, sleeping car reservations and full "
particulars call at
Very Low Ham Tvaaday.
Every Tuesday, balance of the year, tha
Chicago Great Western railroad will sell
homeseekers' tlcketa to Minnesota. North
Dakota and Canadian northwest at about
half rate; to other territory, first and third
Tuesdays. Writ H. H. Churchill, o. a,
!tf Farnam street. Stat number in party
and when going.
Marriage License.
The following marriage licenses
have been Issued:
Name and Residence.
William Bena. Florence, Neb
Agnes Kornek, Florence, Neb
George A. Osborn, Booth Omaha
Clara Reeves, South Omaha
Charles O. Jarrett, Sarpy county
Mrs. Emma Jorden, Sarpy county....
Emll Hendrlkson, Omaha
Hllina Johunson, Omaha
t William H. Haull. Omaha
Mao Mlddaugh, Omahn
Tooth Poudor
Cleanses" and' beautlflea the
teeth and purines the breath.
Used by people of refinement
lor orer a quarter of a oentury.
Coarenient tor tonrlet.
Omaha Boat for Sale.
epltaer & Co., bankers, Toledo, O., are
offering for sale city of Omaha, bonds in
amounta and maturities ta antt the pur
chaser. Prlc and further particulars fur
nished on application.
Attention Royal Neighbor of America
Ivy camp. No. I. will meet In the hall,
Rohrbough building, corner 19th and Far
nam, Wednesday evening. October 17th.
Charles E. Friend Separated oa plea
of Wife that Ha Failed ta
apport Her.
Wellmiua Friend waa granted a decree
of divorce Monday from Charles E. Friend,
the founder of th Saline county town of
that name. On the witness stand she sold
ah and her husband were married thirty
years ago and at one time he was in fair
way to become wealthy. The town of
Friend waa laid out on his farm, making
it a very valuable property. She aays he
has dissipated practically all of their
money, leaving only a few lots In tha
town In his name. She declares life with
him Is intolerable owing to his habits and
says h has not contributed to her support
tor a long time, ene la now conducting a
boarding house in Omaha.
Kasper Suits, In an answer to his wife's
petition for divorce, denies that he has
been cruel to her or that the shoe store
he is running was bought by her money.
He says she was left some property In the
old country, but that was spent In their
fares coming over and In a Kan
sas crop famine. She Is insanely
Jealous, he says, but in spite of
this he has afforded her a horn.
Mrs. Suits was recently adjudged insane
by tha insanity commission, on complaint
of her husband, hut was released from
custody on a writ of habeas corpus by
Judge Sutton. ,
! Edmund P. Ixnders. South Omaha..
plished under this proposition. The motion ! Mary E. Habbeck, South Omaha
... L'3
... )
... 24
... 18
... 38
... 41
... 31
... 31
... 2.1
... 19
... M
... 19
Thru Sleeping Car
to Mexico City
Daily After October 15
From Chicago and Kaunas City, via El . Paso, thru to
Mexico City without change.
i.. leaving Kansas City at 11:10 p. m. '
A wide-vewtibulod Pullman drawing-room and snioklng-room
sleeper of modern type. This car will be carried on the Cali
fornia Fast Mall over the popular "El Paso Short Line" of
the Rock Island.
Apply to this office for tickets
and reservation of space..
- 1323 Farnam Street
Dyspepsia and
Stomach Trouble
Mr. W. W. Crouch of South
Framingham, Mass.,
who suffered severely
from complicated stom
ach troubles, says that
great tonic invigorator,
Duffy's Pure Malt Whis
key, has restored him
to vigorous health. He
' writes:
Prof. Charles Ovid Blakeale wlvliea to
announca that hi studio u open to tha
muaioal profMSlon and dilettante of Omaha.
AJa that a win iv insiruciion in ma
art ef Singing". Vole Building and Ton
. Placing afi.r th tradltloo of Italy, and
nthat ha will sacalva a few advanoad atu
nt of Flaao and Pip utrgaa. Prof,
fbiikesl will Clv .six parti! scholar
hips to worthy person during th nxt
M tiv day. Prof. Blakeale will b glad
lto coavers with any interested In musical
.Stadiofiiii CipUol'Aiii '
Sterling tlvr FTeuset. 16th A Podge sta
Crep la Wrtali,,
The Burlington soil and crop report for
the Wyoming district lor the week ending
October U show the threching of wheat
about completed on all divisions and th
fall wheat looking fine. All oat hav been
thrashed and th yield exceeded that of last
veur. Corn on th Sterllna division has
matured nicely and the ylttld is large, snd
on th east end of the Holdrcge line th
com is being husked. Beet on the Ster
ling division sr moving to the factories
roa ovaa aixr tbab.
hu. vnrtxowa oormuro amra,
M taw w tor an SlITf TSAKS y MRJ-ION,
CiaSS WIKD COL4C ..4 ta Ik hMI Man in
MaaaHOSA. sm r immim t rt at
th M mn u4 uk tar
l acle Kaaa'a s lleadaaarter la l.lttl
ehraka Taw a Laoted far
Small Asaaaat.
ine posiomc ai jnaicom, reo., waa
broken Into and robbed early Sunday morn.
tug of a small amount of postal funda and
supplies. Jdalcom Is a small town on the
Lincoln A Dead wood branch of the Burl
ington, between Lincoln and Seward. Post.
office Inspector Moor has gone to Malcom
to investigate the robbery. The only clue
thus far obtained ia a pair of tan shoes
that the burglar I ft in th postofflce.
f '17,' f
Broadway. Fifth Ave. and 27th St, NEW YORK -
"For some yeara i guffered severely
from dyspepsia and complicated stom
ach trouble. I tried a number of med
icines and visited physicians. I hoped
to secure permanent relief, but to no
avail. I learned of Duffy's Malt Whis
key, and for some years past I have
been taking It regularly aa directed,
and I find that it gives absolute relief
from dyspepsia and stomach troubles,
from , which I suffered. As a tonic
stimulant It Is without a peer." W.
So. Framingham, Mass., June 20, 'OC.
A Modern First-CI aa
HoUL CompUt .la,
all Its appointments.
Furnishing and da
ratlona utlt:y new
throughout. Accom
motions . for 10 a
gut. lit sulta
with baths. Room.
II. 0 day up; with
baths, 13.(0 up. Hot
and eold - watar and
t.iephon in . every
roam r?tilln .iMAw-
Tfc mly hsti U sUahatUa (raatlat Bread way aad Fifth Areau.
Births aad Death.
ine following oinn ana attains were re
ported to the Board of Health during the
forty-eight hours ending Monday noon:
Births Paul Newman, tilt South Thirty,
flint, boy: Ralph Har. Ill Cuming, girl;
Henry Wllaon. 40S!1 North Twenty-fifth
avenue, boy; John Bwanson, tali Bancroft
girl; William Zitsman, 4sil Capitol avenue,
girl: 8. B. Porter. 2614 Hamilton, boy;
Clvd Mlchaelis, 4Jl Mason, girl
Death E. J. Kohrbough. Ti7 North
Foiiiuih, 77; John Lawless, Fourteenth and
Capitol avenue, bi; J. C. Kenworthy. UU
North Twenty-fourth, hi: V. . MuOuIr.
Vt'ahoo. 4; Edward Kelly, fifteenth and
Cuming, 29.
Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey
la the best cure for lndige.tion, dyspepsia, flatulency, nervousness and every form of
stomach trouble. It U an absolutely pure, gentle and Invigorating stimulant and tonic
builds up the nerve tissues, tone up the heart, gives power to the brain, strength ami
elasticity to the muscle and richness to the blood. It brings Into action all tiie vital
forces. It -makes digention perfect and enables you to get from the food you eat tne
nourishment it contains. It is Invaluable for overworked men, delicate women and
sickly children, as it la a form of food
already digested. It strengthens th sys
tem. Is a promoter of good health and
longevity, makes the old young and the
young strong.
rmlfy's Pure Malt Whiskey contains no
fusel oil and is the only whiskey recog
nized aa a medicine. This Is a guarantee.
OAtmOar Thers is but on Sasy's
Pare Malt Whisk?. Sold la aeaUd sot
tla only arv.r 1m bulk, Xaslat oa fcaelag
th g anln aad rsfuae Injurious sabsU
tuts aad Imitations, which are cheap nly
la aam. Xook (or th "Old ChsnUsV
trads-anark oa tha label aad sura tha
aat over th cork la uabrokaa. Druggist
aad gxaeera, r dlxaot, tl a tottle. Baa.
tor's advlo aad mdloal booklet free.
Bugy Malt Whiskey Co., Kochstr, w. t.
U84U CUf, OlMeaui
ThM saatThMeaot betai has K aaaa
ttful room and ta looatad at 11th and
MoOa strta la th shopping diatrtot.
Only half a block from lb. kUnory,
Bird, Thrr dry goods stor; oaar ail
th theatar.
1M rrlvat Baths.
Valaphaaaa la All awu. Mat aad
Oald ItaaaUf Water la Bery oa.
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