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AUotbsj Gsosral Asiwtrt th Query of
Board of Fnblie Lasdi and finildinti.
Dairta CooM f trmtrt Ton Cut in U
Bain to Hear Him.
Repahllraaa Taalaat Practical Way to
irr-omvllaa Hemelklat, While Op
Dates All Made IP I Klfftlun Tlaie
Vkn latlmatloa ( oim He U
Wasted te Speslt la tht
. Empire State.
ponent as tsasl sheot Is
lata the Air.
(Tram a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Oct. 16. (Special.) At i
and Buildings this' afternoon an opinion
;1 was aeceived from the attorney serin. n .
relative to the claim of Dr. Aldcti for liny j
1 an superintendent of the Norfolk asylum
I subsequent to the appointment of Dr.
Voung ss his- successor.' No final action
vti take by the board, however. It txi-
Ing thought beat to obtain a written
' waiver from Dr. Young before allowing
the salary to Dr. Allien. The opinion
bold that Dr. Tonne having performed .
no services nor presented a claim for j
pay, Dr. Aldcn la entitled to the money. 1
The matter of the contract for food ,
elevators at the Hatting asylum wan I
also to be considered, it being understood :
that Architect Qeorge Rerllngbof, who I
was appointed to Investigate, wan, ready
to report. Mr. Berllnghof was unable to
.be present, however, bo the matter went
Bryaa Dodges Hearst.
William J. Bryan or his political man
agers have adopted an 'adroit and clover
method by which -the possibility of the
Nebraska gentleman entcredlng New York
stats to take to the hunting In support
of the gubernatorial aspirations of bailor
W. R. Hearst is rather effectually pre
cluded. Mr. Hearst, according to infor
mation leaking from exclusive circle In
the democratic camp, lias been anxious
for some time to Induce Bryan to go to
the Empire state and turn loose his oratory
la the editor's behalf. No formal re
quest from the editor campaign man
agers has reached Bryan for obvious rea
sons. Hearst hss ambitions higher thsn
ths New York governorship and as Brysn
Is on ths same track the editor evidently
has not cared to Invite a refusal on
Bryan's part by asking the latter to enter
i New York. The multi-millionaire pub
1 Usher has, felt,' howevet, that Bryan, In
y asmuch as he a-ea marked out a prolonged
tour of ths.. central states, should step
over Into New York to lend his aid to the
democratic ticket.
But f Bryan Is not going to New York.
This Is quite! evident. His msnagers have
gons ahead persistently for the past two
weeks booking him for speeches In the
1 1 central states, and it Is now apparent that
1 1 thsas da. is are to take all of his time,
thus shutting out any such thing as a
swing around the circle In New York
stats. ' Today if 'was announced at the
Bryan headquarters that he Is to jump to
ths east after his trip to Colorado next
Saturday and devote a full week to In
diana, and Ohio, speaking three days in
each state. The four days Immediately
preceding election day will find Mr. Bryan
eratlng to the voters of his horns state,
Nebraska. This ' program leaves only
three days open October 29. 30 and SI, and
with so brief a time at his disposal it Is
a polltlrs,! absurdity to predict that they
will be, devoted to is. tour of New York
!n support of Hearst.' The likely solu
tion will be the booking of two more days
In Ohio, Indiana or Illinois, while on the
third day he will be .hiking for that dear
Id Lincoln to -prepare for his four days'
tour of hia horns state.
Missionary 'funeers Rlected.
Ths most important matter' to come be
f ore;thS OBSuotrvtJoev of, Like -.Woman's Home
Missionary society of ths Methodist church
today' was the annual election of officers.
All of the old offlorwere re-elected and
are as follows:
President, . Mrs. Clinton B. Fisk. New
York; vice presidents. Mrs. Jans Bancroft
Robinson, Detroit;' Mrs. H. C. MoCabe,
Delaware, O.; Mrs. .William Christie Her
ron. Cincinnati; Mrs. John M. Walden, Cin
cinnati; Mrs. Charles H. Fowler. New
"York; corresponding secretary, Mrs, Delia
Iathrop Williams, Delaware; recording
secretary. Mrs. F. " A. Aiken. Cincinnati:
treasurer, Mrs. George H. Thompson, Cin-
nnnaii: managers. Miss Henrietta A. Bun
croft, Detroit; Mrs. William A. Goodman.
Jr., Tlnclnnstl; Mrs. E. L. Albright. Dela
ware, mrm. j. , w . uosnng, Cincinnati;
Mrs. O. P. McCarty.-Cincinnati; Mrs. I. D.
Jones, Cincinnati; Mrs. Anna Kent, East
Orange, N. J.; Mrs. W. L. Boswell, Phila-
eieipnia; airs. w. M. Ampt, Cincinnati; Mrs.
W.. F. Robertson, Norwood. O.; Mrs. D. D.
Thompson, Kvanston, 111.; Mrs. P. D.
Perchment, Pittsburg; associate managers,
Mrs. John - Neff. Baltimore; Mrs. J. p.
Negus, Biouz City. la.: Mrs. D. B. Street.
Washington, D. C.j Mrs. W. T. Brown, In-
nianspotw; Mrs. j. M. fattison. Milfoid,
0.;.Mrs, W, B. Mellsh, Cincinnati; Mr?. W.
J-. . tnirKieia, wasnington, L. c.
A committee consisting of Mrs. M. K.
Roberts of Lincoln, Mrs. M. C. Hickman
of Iowa and Mrs. "Winston of California
was appointed to' attend' the funeral of
Mrs. I sa belle Bpurlock, which occurs at
York tomorrow, and to secure a suitable
floral offering.
Ths report af ths enrolling committee
showed tflaT here are 20t delegates In
attendance. 'During Jhe day reports were
heard from a large numWr of conference
corresponding secretaries uiul almost with
out exception they showed the work to be
In a most flourishing condition.
At ths afternoon session temperance and
Immigration work occupied the greater
portion of the time, while at the evening
session hospital work was considered.
Maay Edaeaters Cosalasi,
Stats Superintendent McBrlen is receiv
ing assurances from , large numbers of
educators that they will be present at the
annual meeting of . ths Superintendents
and Principals' ' association, which occurs
in this city October IS. 19 and SO. The
annual banquet will be held at the Lindell
hotel Friday evening at 8 o'clock. the
toaetmaster will be rluperinteudont C. A.
Fullmer of Beatrice.
tkasft la Aaaesssseat Bleaks.
There will be a number of changes in the
blank schedules furnished assessors in the
future. Secretary Bennet made up thu
copy for the new schedules today and
fourteen, Items which were on the old
schedules . have beeu eliminated. These
are things which properly belong under
ths heads of merchandise or household
goods and which, while they, occupied.
y: All of this can be avoided,
however, by the use of Mother's Friend before baby comes, as this
jjreat liniment always prepares the body for the strain upon it, and
preserves the symmetry of her form. Mother' Friend overcomes all the
danger of child-birth, and carries the expectant mother safely through
this critical period without pain. It is woman's greatest blessing.
Thousands gratefully tell of the benefit and relief derived from the
use of this wonderful
remedy. Sold by all
druggists at $i.oo per
bottle. Our little
book, telling all about
this liniment, will be sent free.
Dji Brisfssli tictltttf Ci, AtUitt, Ba.
There b a McKibbin glove made lor
every known fjove need.
Attention is called lo trie dress or stteet
glove because it is a sample MeKlbbln
value; made of Imported Cape. Outtesm,
or Imported Kid. P. K. sewed.
RepreseutJtirs Dealers,
room on the old blanks, seldom had any
thing listed after them. A number of
Items have been added to take the places
of those which were cut out. For in
stance, automobiles, whjch have heretofore
been listed with bicycles, have been given
a separate line. There Is also a line for
cream separators and one for saddles and
Fresh mum President Ducked.
Student circles at Nebraska university
were wrought up today over one of the
liveliest 'class scraps In the history of the
Institution. The turmoil resulted from the
annual election of a president of the
freshmen class. In which P. J. Heskett of
Lincoln was the victor over George Wal
lace of Omaha. It hss been the custom
for years at the university for the sopohO'
mores to either break up the freshmen
election or to heap some indignity upon
the "freshios" In order that the latter may"
not put on patrician airs.
Chsncellor Andrews heard of the im
pending row and made a personal appeal to
Samuel RlnaJcer, president of the "sophs,"
to urge his classmates to lot the freshmen
proceed In peace. Rinaker gave the de
sired pledge, but It was without avail, for
the freshmen had no sooner adjourned their
meeting when the sophomores captured
Heskett and loaded him Into a delivery
wagon. A mad drive followed through the
streets to the Thompson fountain, eight
blocks south of the campus, where a mock
court decreed that Heskett should be given
a ducking. A squad of freshmen appeared
upon the scene at that Juncture, but they
were routed and four of their party taken
captive. The ceremony of immersion fol
lowed in due form. Heskett and his four
classmates emerging from the ice bath
with the water streaming from their
The police had sought to prevent sny
demonstration, three uniformed men being
dispatched to the university to stand guard,
but the sophomores outwitted the officers
and proceeded with the ducking while the
guardians of the law were patrolling the
university grounds and hsd lulled them
selves Into the belief that they had the
situation well in hand.
nssband and Wife Drag; Fiends.
After once procuring his relesse on
habeas corpus from the Lincoln stse
hnnpKaJ. where he was confined ss a dipso
maniac patient, Leroy Craig of Mitchell,
Scott's Bluff county, has been returned to
the Institution on a charge similar to the
first one. His wife has been brought here
with him this time. It Is alleged that
both have. become, addicted to the use of
morphine and cocaine. Crnig' has been at
Denver and taken the Keeley cure sine
Ms former Incarceration, but It did not
remove his craving for drugs. He Is a
practicing physician. The couple have no
After Omaha Mai.
The presence of fifteen witnesses from
Council Bluffs at the federal grand lury
session in Lincoln this week hss given
rise to a rumor that an Indictment Is pond
ing against C T. Stewart, a wealthy resi
dent of Council Bluffs, who Is a member
of the wholesale grocery firm of Stewart
Bros, at Omaha, In connection with al
leged land frauds .In McPherson county,
Neb. Stewart Is heavily Interested In cat
tle raising, and In addition to a large ranch
has for a number of years been pasturing
herds on part of the -public domain which
was fenced in for the purpose. The, wit
nesses from Council Bluffs, It Is reported.
sre men who went to McPherson county
at Stewart's request, took up homestead
within his grazing area and shortly after
ward assigned their claims to him. The
rumors of sn Indictment to be returned
against Stewart have been so persistent
that his lawyer from Council Bluffs, Km
mett Ttnley, Is in Lincoln to Invellyate the
Besides the Stewart matter the grand
jury Is also Investigating the oharge that
Wellker, a Council Bluffs meat dealer, is
under suspicion ef having acted ss Stew
art's agent In the alleged fraudulent
entries. The specific charge s that he
secured claimants to go to McPherson
county to settle on the land. Nearly flf
teen cltlsens of Council Bluffs sre now In
Lincoln to testify before the Jury. Most
of them say they made the trip to Mc
Pherson county, filed on government lend.
and afterwards , sold their interests to
Dies sitting la Chair.
8lttlng In an upright position in a chair.
a knife tlgwtly grasped In his right band
and a pall of potatoes lying at his fet
the lifeless body of John Lefferdliik . of
8prugue was found today. Foul play was
at first suspeoted, but later developments
convinced the investigators that the man
had died of heart failure.
Salt ta Oast lies t'esnnaar.
The Lincoln city council tonight adopted
the report of a committee declaring the
Lincoln Gas company without a franchise,
and instructed the city attorney to bsm
suit of ouster. The gaa company is capital
ised at U,:j0,000. It la owned by what Is
known as the McMillan syndicate of New
York. H. L. Doherty of Denver is the
Every womti covet a
shapely, pretty figure, and
many of therrl deplore the
loss of their girlish forma
after marriage. The bearing
of children is often destructive
to the mother's shapeliness.
DAKOTA CITY. Neb., Oct. IS. (Special
Tcii t urn.) Notwiilismnuing that termers
aie i.u:- hum-sung a high-priced and
bountiltii crop of potatoes and a driszllng
run suit uft in just btfore the commenc
ing of the meeting, Uio afternoon repub
lican rally ueld at the court house halt
in this ptace today was will attended.
The tntetlng was addressed by Edward
O. Maggl oi Lincoln, Judge J. V. Boyd,
ri publican congressional candidate; Judgo
Melville It. Hnewell, candidate for lieu
tenant governoi ; G ?orge. K. Wilts of Ran
dolph, candidate for senator; Carl L. W(
borg of Cuming county, candidate tor
representative; Fred 8. Berry, candidate
for county attorney, and George L. Shel
don, candidate for governor, who deliv
ered the principal address. Mr. Shel
don's address was an able one, covering
the state issues and standing for thu
enactment of laws embodied in the state
platform. Mr. felieldon called attention
to the discrimination of freight rates
against Dakota City. In this regard he
said In part:
The rate from Omaha to Minneapolis
on wheat originating west of Omaha Is
rents per hundred; tin- rate on whrai
from Dakota City to Minneapolis, 10
miles shorter haul. Is 14' cents; the rate
on wheal from Dakota City to Omaha Is
H cents, the distance Is llii miles. In
Iowa the rate for the same distance is
RVfc cents. The rste on corn from Da
kota City to Omaha Is II cents per hun
dred, while In Iowa for the same dis
tance It Is 7 1-1 cents. The rate on lum
ber from Dakota City to Minneapolis, ITS
miles, is 18 cents per hundred, while the
rata from Omaha to Dakota City, IK
mlls, is 13 cents. The rate on lumber In
Iowa for 116 miles Is 6 63-100 cents.
Party Demands Equality.
"The reason these comparisons of Ne
braska freight rates with those of Iowa
and Minnesota were made." Mr. Bh!do
said, "was because the republican party
of Nebraska Is trying to secure railway
legislation through an elective railway
commission, such as Iowa and Minnesota
have, and by this means secure lower
and equitable freight rates with our ad
Joining states. The present plan pro
posed by the republican party Is one which
can be made effective and will not be de
clared unconstitutional, as was the case
with the maximum freight law."
In the adjustment of passenger and
freight rates, Mr. Sheldon said lie wanted
lower freight rates and a 2-rent passen
ger rate on all the roads In Nebraska If
It could be secured, but In fixing these
rates It should be home In mind that a
road such ss the O'Neill Short Line, earn
ing only $83 per mile per annum, could
not be placed on the same basis as the
Union Pacific system In Nebraska, earn
ing over 17.000 per mile per annum. Mr.
Sheldon urged his hearers to stand for
the policies sdvocated by him by voting
for the republican nominees for both
branchs of the Nebraska legislature and
for congressmen.
Judge Boyd stood for President Roose
velt and the principles enunciated by him.
MVLLEN. Neb., Oct. 15. (Special Tele
gram.) Congressman Klnkald addressed a
large audience In thin city this afternoon
In the Interest of his candidacy for re
election. His warmest friends are resi
dents of the territory affected by the 60
acre homestead bill and the vote here will
be almost solid for him.
Political Meetlagr at Kaotls.
EUSTIS, Neb., Oct. 15. (Special.) At
the republican meeting held here a large
and appreciative audience listened to
animated speeches made by L. H. Cheney,
county attorney of Frontier county; A.
Wllsey, eenatorial candidate for this dis
trict, snd Congressman Norrls. L. H.
Cheney spoke briefly of county affairs.
Senator Wllsey then spoke of railroad
regulation In the state, saying that ths
fifty-ninth congress hsd set ths example,
and that "It la up to us in the next session
of the legislature to supplement tne na
tional law." That a railroad rate commis.
slon should be elected by the state to
amend ths constitution for that purpose.
Judge N orris, candidate for congressman
of the Fifth district, the main speaker of
the evening, was received enthusiastically.
Hs said, in part: "The government that
is most successful is ths one that brings
most happiness to the people. In these
political campaigns the only honorable
thing to do Is to treat every one as you
would have them treat you. The presi
dent's message to the Fifty-eighth con
gress, aa also to the Fifty-ninth, regarding
Interstate commerce, was Just and fair. I
voted for the bill with all Its provisions,
which were also Just, and an elaboration
Of the president's message. Congress' ac
tion on the meat question was prompt and
effective. The Panama canal, which has
been the dream of the American people
for so long, was made possible by the
Fifty-ninth congress. This canal will do
more good toward equalizing freight rates
than anything else in our political sys
tem. The republican party Is a party
that does things. The democratic party
Is a party that does people."
Vletlss Ssppesed ta Have Bees De
mented 4t Tisse.
FREMONT, Neb., Oct. 16 (Special )-
Pleasant Richardson, a renter living east
of this city. Jumped off thw hack end of
a lower Main street rooming house this
morning and sustained Injuries which re
sulted in his death a tew hours later. Just
how the affair occurred is not known. He
had not been quite right mentally for some
time, and had been drlnkii g considerably.
but not more than usual, and those whi
saw him Juat before hs Jumped say that
he acted as usual. A number of persons
saw him coma out on the root and Jump
to the ground, a distance of about twelve
feet. He was unconscious when picked
up and remained so until his death at the
hospital Just before noon.
Flaa Teaaa Stalea.
!. Neb.. Oct. It. (Six
i -
gram.) Aoui o clock last night a team
of fine black horses, a set of harness and
an excellent rubber tired buggy- owned b
R. Laumban' were stolen from a hitch
rack on Third street In this city. At the
sumo time a saddle was taken from a
hors owned by B. E. Aucker near by,
also u overcoat and a lap robe from a
buggy of Ray Herdue. 'Phone nut
sages wers sent In evt ry direction, but
without results. This forenoon two blood
hounds were brought here from t.'oncord
and wtre enabled to get the scent b
smelling nets thst hsd been on the horses
snd placed on the ground where the team
had been standing. They followed tbr
trail about seventeen miles and then gave
It up.
Oulsea Weddlag Celekratlea.
GOTHENBURG. Neb.. Oct. l.-(SpecU!
Telegram.) Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Peck
ham celebrated their .golden wedding st
their beautiful country home sevn miles
southwest of this city, fully m relatives,
friends and neighbors being present st the
reception. At L':3U a picnic dinner was
strtsd and at I M the wedding ceremony
LJ Ask for the Brewery Bottling.
O Common beer is sometiines substituted for Schlitz.
X To avoid being imposed uon, see that the cork or crown is branded
That Made' Milwaukee fa
was conducted by Rey,. Leedon of Kearney
in the presenc of several hundred people.
One of the features "of the occasion was
an offer of $100 to any young couple who
would get married with them upon this
occasion. This proposition was accepted
by Mr. William Howater, a prosperous
farmer aouth of the river and a neighbor
of Mr. and Mrs. J. 3. Peckham, who msr
rled Miss Alice Kleeb, a resident of Colo
rado, Just after the golden wedding cer
emony was performed.
Democratic Leader Has a Small
Crowd at Staaton.
STANTON, Neb.. Oct. 15.-(Speclal Tele
gram.) The much advertised Shaflonbergcr
rally that was to have been held here to
day simmered down to a meeting in the
court house attended by thirty-one demo
crats and a dozrn republicans. Candidates
Shallenberger and Green put in an appear
ance at noon and for an hour walked up
and down the streets with a couple of
local democrats, inviting business men and
such others ss they could find to come to
the speaking. Shallenberger's topics were
taxes, passes and railroad ownership by
the government, and his chief stork in
trade was to take the money now being
expended in constructing the Panama canal
and build a transcontinental railroad. lie
talked nbout an hour, but'avolded explain
ing why he had heretofore used passes
himself. He left the Impression that lie
had no practical Ideas and made no con
verts, t
Maunders t'ooaty Democrats.
WAHOO, Neh.. Oct. 13.-(Hpeclal Trie,
gram,) The democrats htld their county
convention here this afternoon and nom
inated the following' ticket: Representa
L , m.. a. , zl ..j...... y. ... . .-.T!:rf --r'-'-rpi .-:JMMjjMmimm
Is said of "green beer" not of Schlitz.
Schlitz beer is aged in glass enameled steel
tanks for months before it is marketed. Fer-
mentation is finished long before you get it..
. .
That is an apparent virtue. But the chief
distinction of Schlitz is its purity a virtue that you
can't see. Yet the cost of that purity exceeds
The B
felsing; I
t ; com-1
tives, Frank Vatolensky and Emll Helsii
county attorney. Judge M. .Qalloway
missloner, August Elghmeir of Ithaca.
Swedish Lathers n Convention.
OAKLAND, Neb.. Oct. 16. (Special.!
The Omaha district meeting snd young
people's convention of the Swedish Luth
eran church was held her Friday even
ing, Saturday and Sunday. On Pnturriay
evening the new pipe nrgnn, which has
Just been Installed In the church here, was
dedicated, Rev. F. N. Swsnberg making
the dedication speech. Several selections
were rendered 'by Prof. A. O. Peterson of
Walioo. and solos by Prof. F. W. Hudson
of Wahoo and Axel Helgren of Oman..
Sunday afternoon the young people's pro
gram was rendered, delegates from Omaha,
South Omaha. Fremont and Oakland tak
ing part. Sermons were delivered by Pas
tors C. E. Elving, J. V. Carlson, P. M.
Llndberg and Elaf Peterson, and the meet
ing was well attended by delegates from
the congregations of the Omaha district
fm of Xrhraiku.
SHELBT The Ancient Order of I nited
Workmen buried D. L. Rinesmlth Sunday
BLOOM Ft ELD A series of revival imet
Ings is in progress at the ('oiigreKatloual
church, under the dl.ectlori of Rev. George
11. Williams, an evangelist.
COLirMBl'rt The demnciats of Columbus
met in supervisor convention Saturday. It
was a lively crowd and there were H goodly
number of candidates. The lucky man
WkS IOUiS SwhiIj.
HARVARD Thrre has been cloudy
wejthtr and ccrasloiial light rains since
Saturday, though hardly .enough to well
lay the dusc that had ixrome of a very
disagreeable nature.
FREMONT Gregrea P. Johnson of this
city died this morning at the nge of 7i
years, lie was a native of Denmark and
an old settler in Dodpe county, t'luilc
Johnson of Elkhora township is his run.
BLOO.MF1ELD - The Commercial hotel,
5yrup.of fis
the- best family laxative
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If you use it you have the best laxative the
world produces.
all other costs
of our
Phone 918
Jos. SchilU Brewing Co.
VI 9 So. 9th St., Om.-iha
the leading hotel In this city, will change
hands about December 1. N. P. Peterson.
the present owner, has disposed of his
Interests to J. H. Conley of Norfolk. Neb.
STELLA J. C. Relmers has leased hla
Interest in the firm of Relmers Brothers'
meat market to C. U. Miller of Pawnee
City, a traveling salesman, for the iust
few years In this territory for Cudahy &
HARVARD Work on the building In
which rvival meetings Is expected to be
held early In November Is nbout to com
mence und everything will be In readiness
for the union meetings at the appointed
STELLA Rev. G. H. Schleh of Omaha
was present and conducted the ceremony
of ur veiling the monument at Prairie I tilon
cemetery of W. N. Hodge. A large dele
gation of Falls City inemtwrs of the Wood
men of the World were present.
SHELBY The new Methodist church at
this place was ddeicated yesteroay by
Chai.cellor Huntington of Wesleyau uni
versity. Although the amount to br raised
to clear the debt was aliout Wh more
than V were paid In at th forenoon
GENEVA A barn belonging lo J. C.
Frluk. south of town, burned yesterday
morning with all its contents, also tour
head of horses. No one was at home at
the time. It contained a lot of new hay
and this was supposed to have caused thu
lire. The loss was about tl.ono.
RX'LO Some person has been continually
stealing from William Wallace. The thief
recently stole twenty-five large spring
chickens, stove wood, dug his sweet pota
toes and even went Into his cellar and
took some of his canned fruit. The old
man. although near his sttth year, supports
himself by day lahor.
PAPILLION The coroner wua notilied
this morning of a man lound dead nar
Mcarhow, Sarpy county. He cliove out and
brouKht in the remains, which were badly
mangled. His nume is Frank McNaiaru
and he was about 30 years old. From
papers found be was a telegraph operator
from Kerby. O. A telegram was s.nt to
that place this morning.
ALBION In the district court yesterday
the Jury In the case of Jensen o fcwan
against Pulatlre Insurance con. puny re
turned a verdict for M.Onn, the full amount
asked by the plaintiff, with interest from
Its component parts sre all wholesome.
It acts gently without unpleasant after-effects.
It is wholly free from objectionable substances.
, It contains the laxative principles of plants.
It contains the carminative principles of plants.
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Manufactured by
(aufqrnia Ifd Syrvp(9
Sasa rraaclsco. Csvl.
Louisville, Ky. New York, N. Y.
date of fire, and costs of suit. ' Thin was a
hotly contested case, the trial of which
lasted for ther better part of three days.
Court adjourned until ' December 11.
Rl'LO The republicans of Rulo town
ship met In the council room at 7:30 p. m.
Saturday and placed the following candi
dates in the field for Rulo township: L. B.
Plumb, township treakurer; James Wlltse, !
township clerk; Ilarland Jones, road over
seer, district No. 1; 11. S. Morehouse, road
overseer, district No. '1; T. J. Asher, rond
overser, district No. 3. The democrats met
In the same room nt o'clock the same
evening and placed a full ticket in nomina
tion. Rt'LO The Burlington Railroad eomimny
finished painting its Sl.otKi.tmn brldit" that
crosses the river at this point today. It
wns a Job entailing about S-.K expense
and requiring fifteen or twenty men for
several weeks. The gang will begin paint
ing the bridge between here and Preston
Monday, which will require several days'
labor. Gust Johnson of Nebraska City has
charge of the work. The company paints
Us Iron bridges every five years.
Rl'LO L..f M. Jones has about 100 acres
of Missouri bottom land to corn that, ac
cording to several estimates, will yield
about seventy-five busnels to the acre. It
is an Immense crop and many other bottom
farms will equal this yield. Many ears are
ten to twelve inches in length and contain
twelve to eighteen rows of kernels; 1,1am tr
1,10' kernels lo a single ear Is not uncom
mon. The upland corn Is very good ever
on poor land. An experienced farmer said
the other day that ' the extremely dry
weather was the making of the Immense
crop of ones, wheat, apples und corn.
FREMONT An old two-story building
on Fourth street, at he corner of Main, is
causing the city officers considerable
Iroublo today. It .'us formerly occupied
by a saloon and wis moved to the present
stke until a brick block could be erected
Oh the corner. The brewing company
which owned It sold It to Charles I'eiiglei,
a Sixth street furniture dealer, who In
tended to move It ,to the rear of his store
for ue as a warehouse, but before he huil
it moved the council extended the lire lim
its and he had no use for the bulldlnK.
Nelthr he nor the hi t wing company show
any Intention of ir.nvino' It, and adjoining
pioperty owners are kicking ubout the ob
struction of the street. .