Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, October 14, 1906, NEWS SECTION, Page 10, Image 11

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SOir nA
Look at the New
Geyseritelfg. Co.. Denver, Colo.
Gentlemen Please send ub at one 100
esses Oeysei-tte mi before.
Order No. 5S30.
Hept. 29. 1906. Wilmington, Dot.
Mr. C. C. Walker. Sec'y., Omaha, Neb.
Dear Hlr I have become Interested In
the Oeyeerlts Mtg. Co. and on behalf or
one or two other parties have Just com
rifted a satisfactory examination of the
proposition and herewith make applica
tion for 1,000 shares.
Tours respectfully,
Geyserlte Mfg. Co.. Denver. Colo.
Dear Hire ('lease ship soon as pnssllilc
12R rases, f os. Ueyserlte Soap,, the aame
as we have been having from you. Ship
us soon aa possible and oblige. Yours
10-10 Milk St., Boston, Mass.
Sept 21, 190S.
Dallas-, Tex., Sept. 25, iM.
Geyserlte Mfg. Co., lenver, Colo.
Pear Sits 1 called on the McDougle,
Craig Co. this morning and sold them fifty
cases more Ueyserlte. 1 hore to maku
their next order 100 cases.
Toura truly, . T. II. TEAL.
' . . . ' Tucson, Aril.
Oeysertte Mfg. Co., Denver, Colo.
Gentlemen Enclosed please And orders,
Tucson Oro. Co., A. & O. Hwd. Co., His
bee, A. A. (SJsttnarda, Benson, F. N. Wal
cott. Tomhatlne, O. 8. Hlapley Co., Mesa.
Oeysertte Is undoubtedly the best soup
. I ever used and will eventually have a
big sale. Yours respectfully,
',,.. Chicago, Oct. 6, 1906.
Geyserlto Mfg. Co.. Denver, Colo.
Gentlemen Please ship Immediately, C.
B. & Q. Ky. Co., care storekeeper, Lincoln,
Neb., 125 cases Geyserlte Toilet ttoap.
Purchasing Agent.
Colfax. Wash.
Geyserlte Mfg. Co., Denver, Colo.
Dear Kirs please ship us 10 cases Gev
serlte Toilet Noap and oblige. Yours
truly. The Pioneer Drug Store,
Geyserlte Mfg. Co., Denver, Colo.
Gentlemen Your communication, book
let. also sample of soap duly received I
. have carefully read the booklet and tried
' the sample. The first gives all the lnfor-
mation to a fair knowledge of the com
pany's prospects, the last seems good to
me. I believe you are all rtght, and, so
believing. I enclose my check for $100 for
400 shares. Yours truly,
A. F. B., Secy's Office, Treas. Dept.,
Washington, D. C.
Minneapolis, Minn.
Oryerlte Mfg. Co., Denver, Colo.
Gentlemen Please dullver, with Invoice,
Jno cases Ooyrerlte Toilet Soap, freight as
La Plata. (Vdoi, flept, 22. 19e.
G-yserlte Mfg. Co., Denver, Colo.
Gentlemen As per enclosed check. I sub
scribe for four hundred shares of stock at
Sac. I think the personnel of officers of the
company are an excellent one. also the- list
of present stockholders a representative
one. Yours very truly. c. C. C.
Mint of the TTnlted States, Denver Division.
Geyserlte Mfg. Co., Denver, Colo.
Gentlemen You are hereby advised of the
acceptance of your proposition to furnish
at the price given therein "Geyserlte Soap"
during the fiscal year from Julv 1, lick, to
June .TO. 1907, same to be In strict accord
ance with sample furnished. Please ac
knowledge the receipt of this letter without
delay. Yours respectfullv,
E. P. LEACH. Acting Agent.
Geyserlte Mfg. Co., Denver. CoYoT Trk-
Gentlemen I have arranged to plnce Gey
serlte in the II, B. Claflln Co.'s Syndicate
tores. ONell. Adams Co. have received
their soap and will put it In their Sunday
a. Yours respectfully,
mt , J. J. BRETSON & CO.
P. S.-Thls connection will handle 1.000
cases per year alone. Mfg. Co., DenverCol?- Mlnn'
Gentlemen Herewith And, my check as
pwyrnt on 1.000 shares. I am pleased
with the soap, and note that It Is all von
claim for it. There Is no doubt that when
Introduced to the public "the demand will
!THt- W,U bB Had to do whatever I
can for the good of the-romnanv. I om
sincerely, J. O. HARRIS, D. O. S.
r. ,.Color"do 8uPP'y C"-. Pueblo. Colo.
Geyserlte Mfg. Co., Denver, Colo.
Gentlemen Pleaser send ma 25 eases Gey
awilte. 8 os. Ship D. & R. O. Hy.
-. . , H. BELfllNfiTOX.
. 'vJfrCo'0- SiTPly.Co. have 46 stores op
erated by the C. P. A I. Co. f
,..V.iVIP.FT,TI0? "Dtver Is the strong-
ex'ch.Xe.V fri """y " U "
','R',:.NJy L'RT HOI'SB.
ALL TOWF.I. ai'PPi v r-na
Do not take
tir -.jt j. .
lor granted
look into
the matter
Address all Communications
Amtrioaa Chemist Styi (b Cpaatrj Can
' Es Xtds Httltaj.
' ' '
rreaeat Cealleaa are t Favor
able Kllaer far White Mea iir
the OreHaary Ueameatle '
Aalaaala. -
CAIRO. Oct. 11 (Special Cablegram to
Tha Hoe.) "All central Africa la soing- to
be matte perfectly habitable for the white
man. Its airricultursj. Industrial, and com
mercial resources will become available.
Ths Niles and tbelr tributaries will teem
with the commerce of a numerous and
haippy people."
Mr. Henry 8. Walloon,, whs made this
statauneHit, is the well known American
chsmlat and bacteriologist.
Bit years -o Mr. Wellcome went Into
th Sudan. '
OHneaaa was rampant." he said. "People,
llr stock, and grewlng crops were perlsh
Wf almost wtkboui a Hugt lifted to stay
We offer
In just 6 days this stock advances 40. You can buy Geyserite Soap stock until
next Saturday at 25c per share after that day the price will be 40c a share. Don't
pass up this sure profit. Read every line that follows, then act. but you must be
sure your letter of inquiry is postmarked not later than Saturday. October 20.
The biggest money-making concerns In
the country are those that sell a household
necessity something to use, something to
oaf, something to wear and when that
article Is held In practical monopoly the
profits that come, once the article has been
Introduced, ar enormous.
The Geyserlte Manufacturing company
manufactures two kinds of soap one for
toilet purposes (a household article known
as "Geyserlte Soap") and one for doctors
(a surgeon's soap known as - "Geyserlte
Surgical Soap'-) and It has a monopoly of
the principal Ingredient that enters Into
their manufacture. This is a surprising
statement, but a true one. Furthermore,
this ingredient make It possible to manu
facture the only absolutely wo per cent
pure soap on the market.
The sonp has been established for fifteen
years. This company Is Incorporated under
the laws of the state of Colorado. It
owns outright a deposit of Geyserlip left
by an extinct geyser near Orleans. Neb.
Geologists and chemists who were sent to
the field reported that the suhsium-e was
that of an extinct geyser, and chemical
analysis showed that the peculiar looking
earth contained remarkable natural cleans
ing properties. (In our booklet. "Gold in
Geyserlte," we tell how the discovery was
made and give the full details concern
ing It.)
The Geyserlte Manufacturing company
owns this deposit outright. The value of
the Geyserlte lies In the fact that It has
natural cleansing properties, and It fur
thermore contains such properties as nat
urally remove the Impurities In the fats
and oils that go to make up n soap. That
Is why Geyserlte Soap Is the only pure
soap on the market the onlv snap abso
lutely free from caustic alkali, the injuri
ous Ingredient In all other soaps.
Twenty-five per cent of every rake of
Geyaerlte Soap Is made up of this lava;
hence we have not the expense of other
manufacturers and we make a larger prollt.
Furthermore this substance costs us prac
tically nothing, as the ground Is paid for,
the deposit Is enormous nnd seemingly
never ending and we can ship It Into Den
ver at less than half a cent u pound.
Whether It makes a good snap Is attested
to by many endorsements that we have
from housekeepers from profesidonal men,
from hospitals, from loading hotels and
i .IT Placrs '"' UP re in the selection
;"L"ap!!; w ,v im f the names
In "Gold in Geyserlte".)
The par value of our shares is $1.00 each
tarVelllnK th"m now t only turns
each. Yet we are established, own a fac
?I2r.lnJ"" "P"atlon at Hist nnd Blake
streets, Denver; four lots on which the fac
tory la situated, the deposit of Geyserlte a
Why Dollar Stock
Is Now 25 Cents
Investors unfamiliar with the inside of
targe businesses often feel doubtful of a
stock that sells below par, but there Is
nothing unusual in that. All fortunes are
made by getting In at the beginning, when
money Is needed and the ortl"efs wl 1 giv"
Proctor Gan ble stock at a very low
price at one time; today you pay over
three times Its face value. ScVrVely a
great manufacturing company can be
m,.mI,iiWu;,e tock th rly stages did
kin "flLbW?w The lat8 McKee Ran-
J V:, "t ."cto.r- couId hav bought a half
Interest In the Wcwinghouse talents at
one time for $SX). Today that man" ml"
v.0,"? '.Vuy 'V.. nd W that doesn't
prove that the Westlnghouse patents
Son" Mr"'U?h"; w,hen "'"red at " reduc
tion. Mr. estinghouse needed money to
promote the company.
It Is the same with any concern you can
name. If you are anxious to get anythlnr
you must make an inducement. That '
why Iwrrowera pay uttI.eHt, Oevserlte
r.1' IT" " its value because it
Is offered below par; that Is the attraction
You buy It as an Investment, 'and to g"
ou to buy It we make an Inducement. We
need that money to increase the value of
lh V.u W,V" tne value has been
r ached he sale of stock will stop, or the
stock will be obtained only at Its true
ft'?'. ,V:.,U- .nBvl" '"-'Ped us "o g"t It it
Xtune Pl"C' W'" '",are ln ,t'18 ,n"'et " attraction for the
smart Investor. He knows his money s
worth more than 3 per cent You can
hi" r?.V.OUr .T'A wort" mo' thanbat
by putting It in Geyserlte.
nav far , v ,777, readCr f ann0unccment to Scribe "any gh.reg as he can pogs.bly
pay for. cash or Installment. We want men and women In every part of the country-yet. In every part
of the world. The more scattered our shareholders the more universally known will our soaps become,
and this Is the prime object in selling ou stock to the public. Above all, do not delay in sending your
subscription. The price will remain at 25 tents per share until next Saturday. October 20th. and if you
send your remittance promptly you will be able to secure your shares at this mice. If you desire
more Information before investing, write us fully. We will answer your every question and do all in our
power to convince you of the solidity of this company and the safety of investment in Its shares. Wire
reservations for stock pending investigation to be on the safe side.
the calamity. I was granted permission to
found what have been named the Well
come Research Laboratories.' which were
accommodated in Ave rooms of, the eust
wing- of the Gordon ilrjnoiial college at
Khartum. The fitting of these laboratories
with every modern uppliance and ap
pa rut lit, w as completed lour years ago, and
Dr. Andrew Balfour, a man of great ex
perience In combating tropical disease's, wus
iiiuUk director. Ijiter. in. William Ream
of America, an authority oil economic
chemistry, was put In charge of the chemi
cal department. The staff, hard at ork
since Its formation, has stamped out
malaria In the Budan by exterminating the
millions of malaria-bearing- mosquitoes that
swarmed about Khartum on the uppi r
reaches of the Niles frequented by soldiers,
sailors, boatmen, traders and travelers.
"Smallpox has also been exterminated.
The medical staft of the British army had
nude this possible by establishing a rule
and practice of vaccination that knew not
the conscientious ebjector. The stubboru
est foe that now faces the specialists Is
the sleeping sickness.' It Is spread by the
tsetse fly. which breeds lu vast numbers
In central Africa, snd which has come
northward along Stanley's route from the
Congo and I'ganda. where It swept away
some so.uw people and wrought havoc
among the critic, goats and donkeys. 1 be
study ot this dUra, tike that of caucet
you an exceptional opportunity to invest your
where they will be absolutely safe and secure
complete equipment of modern soap-making
mex-hlnery and own a smaller poipertv
from which we get sufficient rent to pay
insurance and taxes on the factory prop
erty, own all formulas, trade marks, pat
ents and good will.
Geyserite Soep was exhibited at the Chi
cago World's fair and receive.! first itwatd
over all other soaps. It made millions of
friends there that are an asset to the busi
ness today. Without advertising or ether
stimulus It Is sold In every state In the
union. In nearly all of the !arn"t Ktures,
and many private users, who have grown
to prefer It to all other soaps, send to us
direct for it If their dealer does not keu It.
And that Is the very reason we are offer
ing some of the stock to the public to get
the capital to force every dealer In the
United States to sell It. Then we can In
crease our factory and have an outlet for
all we can make. 'Uolume Is whnt counts In
business and it cosu money to got volume.
This Is not a speculative enterprise. We
own something. We bnve put our own
money Into It. It Is an established prop
erty that only needs to be more widely
known to be the largest Of Its kind In the
world. We have the only pure soap ever
sold, and because of the principal Ingred
ients we can make
just 26 per cent
more money on
each sale than any
other soap manu
facturer. This Is
Interesting to the
W ask you to
Invest all you can
In this stock at
its present price of
25 cents a snare.
It Is certain to go
to pat and beyond
It. There Is profit
In soap and we
manufacture the
best soap, which,
when once used Is
nlways nsed again.
The stock Is there
fore a safe invest
ment, one that will
, increase In value.
VESTIGATION. The officers are
well known men;
many of the stock
holders are known
throughout the
country. Read the
names and see it'
you do not know
some of them. If
not, write to any
Denver publication,
any official, any
mercantile agency,
and especially any
Denver friend.
Original 'Oeysertte"
Is There Profit In
There are over 20,000.000 families In the
United States. It Is estimated that Sn
average family uses about 35 cents worth of
soap a month. The sales run into the mil
lions, and this only for toilet soap. But
America contains only a small part of the
population of the world, and soap is used
everywhere. We believe we can get a part
of these millions that are spent for toilet
soap and a part of the hundreds of thou
sands that are spent for surgical soap. We
manufacture Geyserite Surgical Soap and
doctor who have used It say that It is
superior to the German soap now generally
used. This soap Is simply a by-product of
tne ueyserlte Toilet rloap, so II costs us
practically nothing. Our profit Is very
large on both soaps, and yet we give the
best soap of each kind that has ever been
Some of America's largest fortunes hae
been made In soap. The Fair bunk. Kirks.
Cudahys. Armours, Swifts. Rabbits and.
outers nave Decome millionaires rroin tnia
household necessity, l'p to now they have
been getting these millions. We want you
to help us get our share of them.
We can sell a better srnp for less money
and still make more profit than any rival.
With these advantages why should we not
be able to make Geyserlte Soap the "Na
tional Soap?" is a continuous seller if
once used. All that we have accomplished
Is due to the superlative value of the nr.
tide, and the- fact that the business has
grown without advertising or other stim
ulus proves that it Is an exceptional ar
ticle. . If such an article Is explained to the
public and tlie dealer it Is bound to become
,n- great demand. When that demand is
obtained your share will rise in value.
i i it
and Make Remittances Payable to The Geyserite Mfg. Co.,
Is in Its Infancy; but sn Immense fund of
valuable facts is .accumulating-, and I fore
see the time when the scourge will be
Mr. Wellcome has been presented with
one of Gordon's old steamers by the
Sudanese government, and he wUl at once
convert It Into tha first complete floating
laboratory ever established. The boat will
Ply on the shallow branches of the Nile
south of Khartum, carrying a staff of
sciential who will make frequent landings
to study the disorders of th tribes and
their animals, and to collect or photograph
specimens of biting flies, mosquitoes, ticks
and beetles. Where possible the Insects
will Im preserved; but. owing to the fact
that they change In both form ami coior
after they are caught, photo-micrographs
will be made In order that they may be
studied not only In the stationary labora
tor at Khartum, but In the foremost
laboratories of Germany, America and
'It'll Marrlaa ef Heiress
ESSEN, Prussia. Oct. U.-f he civil cere
mony of the marriage of Frmulein Bertha
Krupp to IJeutenant Gustav von Bohlen
Vnd HaJbarh took place today at tbe reg
istry of ths village of Bredenry, near
here. The proceedings were stilly formal,
inly -ths brother of ths bridegroom and s
Have him look us up and Investigate from
any and every standpoint. We don't ask
you to take our word for It; we can stand
Investigation and urge It.
It In safe to ssy that anyone who buys
five hundred aharea of this stock today
will have a thousand dollar property a
few years from now. All you need Is the
Initial investment. It cannot be assessed.
You will ask yourself why we want this
money. It Is an Important question and
deserves an answer.
We hsve the article, the factory, and the
men, and what we want now la more capi
tal TO PUSH SALES. To manufacture
an article Is one thing, to market It an
other. Thus far we have put our money
into the manufacture, letting the sales In
crease on the merits of the article.
We are at that point now where we must
spread out, and it Is for this reason that
we offer you the stock at 26 cents. We
will take your money and put it Into the
marketing of the article and increasing our
equipment, because as sales Increases fa
cilities must be Increased.
Nothing can sell unless it is known. It
costs money to make It known. Advertising
costs money, salesmen want pay. machin
ery is expensive, etc., etc., and all this
Soap Factory Owned by the OoM Present Capacity 80,000 Cakes Dally
Free Samples
Whether you Intend to Invest ln the stock of the Gey
serlte Manufacturing company or not, we would like to
have you become better acqua lnted with the merits of Gey
serite Soap.
We believe that If you wll 1 try Gyserite Soap you will
want to become a htockholder ln the company, or at any
rate you will want to continue to use the fcoap, and ln that
way you will benefit the present stockholders. We will send
a sample of the soap to anyone anywhere upon receipt of
name and address absolutely free.
It won't be long before every store In America will be
handling Geyserlte Snap, so, even If It Is impossible to ob
tain It now ln all (dates you can send for It direcl. If you
ilk It well enovgh. As soon as we get sufficient capital for
marketing the soap on the scale it deserves the most out-
of-the-way inhabitant will be able to obtain It with lacility.
DI8TUOTLT usDIIaBTuD this company Is organised under the lawu of Colorado for only 1,000,000 shares ipar value
$1.00). full paid, nonassessable; 400.000 shares are placed in the treasury and It is from this we are selling at this low price
sufficient to accomplish our object. We aim to always have a large treusury reserve.
FRANK WHITEHEAD. Vice Pres. FERMOR J. SPENCER, Director. Attorney and Director
. All are well and most favorably known and of the highest standing.
Geyserite Soap Is already used by the leading hospitals and sanitariums of the country ln their toilet rooms by tne lead
ing railroads east and west, by the leading hotels, etc., and other public institutions. It Is also on sale in the principal
stores of the country. It sells for 5 and 10 cents a package, the 6-cent size has the value of the usual ill-cent soap and the
10-cent of the 25-cent soap. It la the greatest money's worth In soap-making, the only pure soap sold, and yet a profitable
soap to the manufacturers.
HXBB I MOBB PBOOP The X.arrest anf Best Stores ln ths United Stats s
New York City
H. H. Claflln Co.'s 28 Stores.
R. H. Macy & Co.
Simpson Crawford Co.
Siegel. Cooper Co., and over 2.OU0 other
dealers. ,
Jordan Marsh Co.
Henry Slegel & Co., and over 1,000
r-l!,.i,S2 tne ml,ldlP WMt "uppll
BEETSON. 24-S6 E. 21st street. New York
How You
60 slmrefc ,12. SO rash or
100 shares ICS. 00 rush or
260 shares IR0 O0 rash or
400 shares 1100 00 rash or
R00 shares $125 00 rash or
1000 shares $250 00 rnsh or
6UU0 shares $U60 rash or
cousin of the bride, Arthur Krupp of
Vienna, being present.
Claim His at Which (oart Hays Hues
ot ICsUt anal May
Be Flaed.
BERLIN. Oct: 13. (Special Cablegram to
The Bee.) A social democratic member for
the Reichstag. Vr. Lebedour, baa been sum
moned t appear before the commission In
charge of the investigations Into the al
leged irregularities In the colonial office.
. It I understood that some of the recent
revelations had Dr. Ib?dour as their
author, and he wus summoned to tell the
commission the names of his Informants.
This he declined to do, on the ground that
the Information was supplied to him In his
character as a member of the Reichstag.
The judge who presided over the commis
sion pointed out that no law existed af
fording Immunity to members of the Reich
stag as witnesses In cases of this kind, and
that lflr. ax-hedour persisted In declin
ing to reveal the names, the consequences
for him might be serious. Two other mem
bers of the Reichstag, who have also been
summoned to give evidence, state that they
will adopt th saw atUlude aa lr.
requires capital. The original stockholders
would rather own less In a large company
than much In a small one.
But aside from all this there Is nn ad
vantage In having stockholders scattered
far and wide over the country. A soap
like Geyserite Soap is bound to he liked
If once used. If you are a stockholder you
will undoubtedly use It providing you be
lieve It to be as good or a better soap than
you have ever before used and you will
urge your friends snd neighbors to use it.
Your tradesmen- will have to buy it to sup
ply you, and that means business for us
and profit to you.
The question might also be raised, why,
If these Initial stockholders are so wealthy
and so confident of the success of the com
pany, do they not take up all the stock?
Millionaires universally distribute their
money. They prefer small holdings In
many corporations to large holdings In a
few. or entire holdings of one or two.
That Is why so many prominent names ap
pear on so many difterent boards of direc
Kach one must decide such matters for
himself. The question with you should
he: Do you consider this a good Invest
ment? If you do go Into It you will be with
good company.
Kich men do not
plten make mis
takes In their In
vestments. Some
of the wealthiest
men In Colorado
a slate known for
its wise investors
are interested In
the Geyserlte Man
ufacturing Co.
This sholild go far
towards proving
that it Is a good
Investment for
It is not a mine
tiiat may or may
not contain the
metal you think It
does. It Is not an
oiy well In which
you may strike
water. It is a
soap, and every
body uses soap.
Why should they
not be taught to
use Geyserite
Soap. It seems
reasonable that
with clever publi
city which we
have made ar
rangements to ob
tain It can be
done. And every
cent invested will
go towards In
creasing the value
of this property.
We are aa anx-
bitt Bros., and over 1,000 dealers.
8t. Louis
The Famous. .
Barr's. and over 800 other dealers.
Marshall Field & Co.
The Fair.
The Boston Store, and over 1,500 dealers.
ed by J. O. NOTTKR & CO., 4l River street,
City; the south by G. W. HAHN CO., San
May Buy Stock
12. B0 rash tl per mo. for 10 months
15.00 cash j per mo. for 10 months
$10 00 rnsh 14 per mo. for 10 montlifc
$20 00 rash g per mo. for 10 months
$25.00 rash $10 per mo. for 10 months
$r,0 00 rash $20 per mo. for 10 months
$250 cash $100 per mo. for 10 months
Lebedour. Much interest is displayed here
aa to the course which the commission will
adopt to compel those members to give
Shrine of M. Ktbeldreda Lost Kite
H sad red tears A so May
Be Foasid.
IXINDON, Oct. 13.-fpeclal Cablegram to
The Bee.) A romantic search for the body
of a sainted queen and the marvelously
rich hrine In which It was enclosed U about
to be Instituted In the hoary cathedral of
Ely. Nearly 600 years ago. when Henry
VIII suppressed the monasteries and Issued
an edict for the rentoval of all relics. Images
and shrines. Ely cathedral possessed a ven
erated relio of great value ln the Jewel
bedecked hr!ne of 6t. v Etheldreda, tha
virgin queen. The shrine mysteriously dis
appeared and notwithstanding all their ex
ertions tbe king's men were unable to re
cover It. From that day to this no one
has seen the relic.
Tradition had It that the shrine had
been placed In some cunningly devised hid
ing place within the cathedral, and from
time to tun search has been made for It.
Walls have beta tapped, flours have been
lous for this as you. We have our money
and our time Invested. You will have only
your money. We can make nothing If you
don't. It behooves us. therefore, to see to
It that we make money.
If others can make It we can make it,
for we have a profit of 25 per cent over
their largest possible profit, nnd we give
a better soap. But all this Is nothing If
the article la not presented to the public.
No popular aoap of today would have Its
demand If that demand had not been cre
ated by advertising and salesmanship. The
day of the lown-erler Is passed capital
now tells Its story to millions.
Wo want you to help us tell our story
to the whole country. In return for that
we are going to let you buy our stock at
a reduction of 75 per cent, so that instead
vi paying si.w ror a snare. Its par value,
we will only ask you to pay 25 cents until
October 20, after that date the price ad
vances 40 per cent. For 1125 you can get
$;00 worth of stock. It will draw interest
on its face value. Only a 6 per cent d.vl
dend means 2o per cent Interest on your
money at the present price. Where, else
can you safely invest your money to se
cure this rate of Interest besides having
the shares rapidly Increasing In value?
Our success to date Is phenomenal.
But above all we want you to remember
that you are going Into something that Is
tangible. We have a property, a factory,
equipment, patents, formulas, etc., all of
Which represent capital Invested. There
are practical soap men In the company aa
well as successful business men. who have
demonstrated In this and other ventures
that they know how to make money grow.
You are getting In with honorable and
successful men. They will help you to
make money and protect what you already
have. They will make money for you. be
cause every time they make It for them
selves they must make It for you.
The tork of the Geyntrite Mwiurarturtns To. t
an lnvfftmiit. not a upcculation. It Is an oppor
tunity for the Investor that doea not coma up every
The Oeyaerlt Manufacturing Co. la iiiatiflably
proud of tha promtnenre of Ita atookhotdera. They
rvpreaent aoma of the leading buaineaa. profaaalonal
and political men of Colorado. Thar all know Mr.
Joalln. tha Prralrient of lha company. II la worth
nothing that than auccemful man helped to take
up atock of the company before any effort waa made
to aell tha soap. That ahowa eonfldence.
Wa Invite you to write then men, to your frlenda
In Inver, or n any other way yon ehooee to make
a thorouKh Investigation of tha product, tha property,
the offlcere, etc. Some of tha etorkholders are:
Tred. W. park, Xrfsnt. OoTsroor of Colo
rado. Thos. T. Daly, President Capital tife In
surance Co.
KP. O. Bonflls, Publisher, DenTer Post.
Crawford Kill, Publisher, Dearer Be-
' pnbllcan.
Dewey C. Ballsy, V. S. Marshal of Colo.
Bennett ft Mayers, Beal X state.
B. Zm c blots, Drags.
fs. "Gold in Geyserite,,
This is the title of a bodklet that tells all about the Gey
serlte Manufacturing Co., how Geyserlte was discovered and
by whom, an analysis of the raw geyserlte, analysis of Gey
serlte Soap, and of Geyserite Surgical Soap, tells about ths
officers, gives the names of the principal stockholders, gives
a tabulated statement of the profits on Geyserlte Soap, etc.
If you don't want to send money now, on the facts given
ln this announcement, then send for this, booklet, clippings
from the press, etc. Then you can read it at your leisure
and think the matter over.
"Gold In Geyserlte" Is a very interesting booklet for any
one who ever Intends to invest. It is Illustrated, contains
statistics, and gives Information not usually given in "pros
pectuses." We will send it free to any Interested person upon receipt
Are Alrewdy I ailing Gsyssrite.
Hayden Bros., and over 300 dealers.
Kansas City
F.niery, Bird, Thayer & Co., and S00
Denver Dry Goods Co.. and 1.000 dealers.
All leading dealers In the south, west and
northwest. All prominent wholesalers
. and jobbers throughout the United
States and Canada.
Chicago, and the east by JOHN
Antonio. Tex.
Gentlemen: Kindly enter my subscription for shares of
stock in The Geyserlte Manufacturing Co.. at the rate of 25c per share, par value
$1.00. nonassessable, no personal liability.
I enclose $ .
Vote i If time payments are desired enclose 20 of amount subscribed as first
payment the balance to be paid at the rata of 10 per month. Make remittances
payable to The Geyserlte Mfg. Co.
Name .' Town State.
dug up snd numerous likely places have
been thoroughly explored. But disappoint
ment has always attended these efforts.
Now a further attempt Is to be made
and the dean, Dr. Stubbs, hopes that it
will be succersful. At the southwest cor
ner, In the two angles of the facade, are
two octagonal towers, with a circular stair
case In each. But while In the west tower
the staircaKe goes from top to bottom. In
the cast the staircase extends only from
the top of the Hrst floor. Below this Is
apparent! solid masonry, a'ld it Is con
jectured that the shrine maybe hidden
there. The shrine waa covered with rich
gems, and the sliver reliquary blused with
pearls, onyx, beryl, amethyst and other
stones. The corpse of the sainted queen
was placed In a sarcophagus of white
Caplala of Steamer Falls Is, Attempt
ta IJerelve (aslala Whs,
Sated Him.
JIAMBt'RG, Oct. IS. (Special Telegram
to The Bee.) The discovery that th
steamer Russiand. which was towed Into
Lubeck with Its machinery disabled, had
on board gold to the value of ll.OOO.uW.
For forther Advertising So the
People May Know That
Gojrajerit is product of (rey
Hon, which, comhlned with our pur
vegetable oil compound, forms a pr
duct which for purity, cleansing anl
healing qnalltlr far surpass any toilek
article ever produced.
The soap that won the highest
award (diploma and medal) at the
World's Fair for superiority and pur
ity over all known soaps.
Geyserlte, cleansing, antiseptic and
healing properties are of the highest
order, through Its 3 ATI' It AL cheml
cal combinations. ,
The purest soap In the -world ly
technical chemical analysis.
The only soap that keep the pores
free from impurities.
Made to prevent skin troubles,
restores natural complexion and In
sure absolute cleanliness.
It produces an abrasion without Ir
ritation. r
It removes dirt and all Infectious
material from the skin.
It softens the outer skin and pre
vents It from cracking.
RARBKRS use it for shaving. No
witch hascl or bay rnm Is required.
MANKTRK ARTISTS will find it
the best for softening purposes. .
OFFICK PEOPLE will find it re
moves ink stains quicker than any
other soap.
find It removes' grease more quickly
and leaven the hands In better shape
than any soap known.
IN THE BATH, it gives the skin
that smoothness so much desired and
so hard to obtain.
QUALITIES are healing and cleans
ing and will cure all ordinary "kin
It is used exclusively In all offices,
S- ops, buildings and cars on the
It is the, only absolutely pure soap
known Contains no free caustic
It possesses an Individuality which
makes It unlike any other soap.
Ita natural chemical combination
destroys the Impurities in the fata
used in its manufacture.
It has the unqualified endorsement
of all who have ever used It.
Any person who has ever used this
soap will never use any other If Gey
serite can be secured.
tFOR A SHAMPOO, It removes dan
druff and keeps the scalp white and
clean. Makes the hair glossy and
Its use keeps the hands tn the best
of shape, both winter and summer.
AS A TOOTH SOAP, It is most effi
cacious. v Being absolutely pure It
does not leave a bad taste ln the
mouth -It sweetens the breath and is
laealing to the gums.
ARTISTS and PAINTERS will find
this soap will remove paint from the
hands quicker than any soap known.
It makes good on one trial and rep
resents more value and soap satisfac
tion than- can be found in any other
soap in the entire world.
It not alone beautifies but benefits
the skin.
It acts as a balm, cures and pre
vent chapping.
There Is no soap like it or "Just as
Made of the purest oils 'and every
Ingredient beneficial to the skin.
It Is recommended by the medical
Instantly removes stains of all
It is absolutely .pure I and anti
septic. THEATRICAL PEOPLE will find
it removes makeup quicker and leaves
the skin in better shape than any
other soap made.
Denver, Cold.
shipped from Londoa for Bt. Petersburg,
will mean a difference of (30.000 In th
amount of salvage money which th Ger
man steamer Elbe will receive.
The Elba met tha Russiand near tha
Guedser lightship, and the captain declsred
that he had only Cok as cargo. In this
case the salvage award would hav beea
Vlrtorls Falls I Allractlas; AMe.tle.
f People of Baajlaod as
CAPK TOWN. Oct. 13-8pecil Cable
gram to Th Be.) Th popularity of Vic
toria Falls. Rhodests, as a winter rosort
for English men and women Is Increasing
to such sn extent that It has been found
neceassry to th railway service
and to Increase th hotel sccommodstlons
st th falls.
-Mosl-sa-tunys," as th nstlves call the
new watering plao. had. until quit re
cently, only a temporary railway station
and an hotel answering th asms descrip
tion. New substantial structures havs bee,,
substituted to form the nucleus of Lb fu
ture Brighton ou th Zambesi.