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I 1
Office, 10 Pearl
Davis, drug. -Clark's,
toekert ells earpeta.
Fin engravlnge 4 Letort't.
F.d Roger Teroy Fust beet.
i-t those new photos st Schmidt .
I'imbing and heating. Bixby ft Bon.
Iwls Cutler, funeral director, 'phone 7.
hvoodrlng Undertaking company. Tel. 839.
'Fluff City Masonic lodge will mMt to.
night for Work in th first degree.
tr-asee Stephen Bros, for Are brick and nre
' f .--T, sewer ptps, fitting snd garden hose.
?' ' Superfluous hairs- removed permanently
ny electrolyses at Graves . h Pearl street.
Tor sale nr trade for Council Bluffs
property, elf hty acre good land. C. U.
.Mcnolson. tM Broadway.
Do you want It done right? If you do lei
rtorwwk. 211.8; Mitln, do your papering,
painting and. interior. decorating.
I pay 13 per ton for cast Iron; mixed U;
Hove, tfc; rags, lc per lb.; rubber, 7"ic;
t-opper. Jtc.per lb,. J. Katelman, W3 Main.
lKtn 'phone ao.
We nave, the flnat line of sample monu
ments to seiect from In the west. Shecly
Lane Marble and Granite works, 217
ilost Broadway. Council Bluffs, la. ,
The defendant In the flra Insurance suit
of John C.r Bridget against the Mutual
l own Dwelling limine Insurance associa
tlon of Des. !((,.,. hied yesterday a motion
for a new trial. a
AH mertber of -Council Bluffs tent.
Knights of the Maccabees, ' are requested
o be present st the meeting this evening,
as there will be work In the degrees ond
a presentation to on of the sir knights.-
Rev.' Henry" be' Long performed the mnr
rlugs coreinony yesterday for H. L. Olon
in II of Jan avllie. Wis., and Jennie M.
Hatch' of Oakland. Is., ahd Ector Koche
ford and Josephine Yellnek, both of Omaha.
John L. Templeton. formerly of this city,
now chief of the tire department Of Musko
gee, I. T., has written friends in this city
contradicting the report of the death of
William lcgy of tills city In Oklahoma.
ttnail we Iiains that picture? We can db
It to suit you, we muke a specialty of fram
ing pictures. Let us do it, we know the
work snd price will be satisfactory. Coun
cil Bluffs -1'alnt.iOU and Glass Co., Merriam
The trial of Nicholas. Soencer of Love-,1-ind.
Indicted on complaint of a young
V"mao who charged him with betrayal un
utt promise of marriage, has been, on
motion of the defendant, continued to the
next term of district court.
Under peculiar circumstances we make
the following prices; Carpets, per yard, Z7C
and up; linoleum, per yard. 60c and up; oil
cloth, 26c and up; stave patterns. 7eo and
up; sink boards, wood lined. 76c and up. D.
W. Keller, Mi South Main street.
A chance for a bargain, do you want It?
We have a large stock of carpet and mat
ting retrtnants: must act rid of them: will
sell at -fnost any price. Stove oil cloth
Tom 2&o to 40c a square yard; cocoa floor
ruts, Wo to W.60N.' Btockert Carpet Co.
One thousand bounds home mads candy.
Opening canuy sale Saturday at purity
candy Jtucnenv - Homemade candy loe. a
pound. -.Butterscotch, 10c a pound. Pea
nut brittle Ufc: s. pound. Angel food tany,
loc a pound, v Oie Brown, manufacturer,
M Broadway '
The councilman took a ride about the city
last night to inspect the lights and ascer
tain as far as possible how they could be
rearranged so as to give the business por
tion of tb city better lighting. No de
cision was reached, but a report In ex
pected from the fire and light committee
at the. next meeting of the council.
3. . Black is- to have a heating befsre
Justice Field tomorrow morning on com-
filalnt of Miss Bessie Bundy, who charges
ilm with using In her presenoe obscene and
' " rofane language contrary to the statutes.
Black ia chef de rulslne at the Calumet
restaurant,, while Mlsa Bundy earns a live
lihood waahlng dishes at the same place.
Inea Clark, claiming to be the wife of
George Clark, a Broadway saloonkeeper,
waa before the court yesterday on a
dlpao charge. There Is a suspended sen
tence of eighteen months In the cttate Hoa
PttaJ to. ,lpebrtt. at Mount Pleasant
hanging over her bead, but as she pro mined
to leave, the stats, no committment was is
sued. .; .;
Another effort to secure, a meeting at the
rooms of the Commercial club last even
ing of those interested in the project to
hold Chautauqua In this city next yesr
failed (or lack of a quorum, only six mem
ber a of the club' and one minister putting
In an appearance. Those pushing the proj
ect, however, are not disheartened and
' intend to keep the matter alive.
The receipts of the general fund of the
Christian home last week were $118.96, be
ing SU.US below the needs of the wenk
and decreasing the balance In this fund
to M8K.3J. The amount needed in the im
provement and contingent fund for the re
mainder of 16 is fj.uuO. In ths manager's
fund the receipts were XZi.bQ, being I10.W
below the needs of the week and increas
ing the deficiency In this fund to date to
Have, yyl beard the. good news? Our 1907
) wall paper patterns are coming In and you
will be right Jn It If you let us do your in
ferior decorating; and when It comes to
painting, wo do not allow anybody to' beat
us In furnishing good materials and good
work. Now Is the best time to paint, the
Insects are all gons and the weather nicely
settled. , Let us figure with you. Jensen
A Nicholson, JM Broadway.
Ths grandest opportunity ever known for
saving money . on high-class V'anos has
brought many buyers to A. Hospe Co., M
.South Main St, Council Bluffs..
Marriage Lleeaees.
Licenses to wed were Issued yesterday to
the fallowing: r'
Nam and 'Bertdenee.
H. L. O'Donhell, Janesvllle, Wis..
Icnnle M. Iaich Oakland, la...
Han F. Bcheel, Sliver City, la....
Dora J. Bendt, Mlneola. la.,,..
Ictor Bocheford. Omaha. .t
Josephine Yellnek. Omaha
... 24
... tt
... 17
... n
... 18
! Clean Things to
Eat and Drink
are as desirable at pur food.
Unclean food cannot bt
healthful. It .it the method
of barUiW)in the, manufao
turf of food product that
makes. ft clca or unclean. .
U jnn factored , from the
purest taateriaU br icrop
nlcmalT cleaa machinery.
From brew to bottla or leg
it it never touched by hitman
Kindt gad never conic ia
contact with anything but
pure, filtered air, ana pr-
rcctir atehlized tube, pipe
. . i . ,
asa soa-iea sioragv una.
sorts street. Oaaak. Xeb.
. Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer
I ..-... . -.
.. '.'
f rVasT 1
f I JOT Leaveai
fU. TeL 4S.
Daiih Esotheroood Tates a Day Off to
Allow Them ta Wart.
Bnlntn and Fresno Each ratting tp
a Lively Camnalga tor the Real
Qaadreantal Convention
of Order.
Outside of committee work no business
was transacted by the Danish Brotherhood
convention yesterday, the entire day being
given over to the several committee to
formulate their reports on the various
matters entrusted to them. Tiie delegates
not engaged on committee work enjoyed a
day of rst, but the convention ai a whole
will resume Its deliberations this morning,
when ail of the committees are eipected
to report.
One of the principal matters under con
sideration at this meeting. It Is said. Is a
readjustment of the Insurance plan. With
the possible reincorporation of the order,
a radical change In the Insurance plan Is
expected. It Is said that the present sys
tem Is too liberal and It Is proponed to cut
down the scale of benefits. Since the so
ciety wss organised In 1882 It has paid out
In Insurance $400,000, for sick bent (Its. $138,-
K0; to distressed families of deceased and
Incapacitated members, $u0,000, and In other
benefits, $3S.G67
The purpose of the organisation, as net
out In the constitution, is as follows: .
To work toward a union among the
Danes in America; to perpetuate the mem
ories of Denmark and to strengthen each
other In true brotherhood; to help one an
other by financial aid to sick and needy
members; to help unemployed brothers to
employment, and to provide a death fund
whereby every brother will have a guar
antee that his surviving relatives In case
of his death will receive a sum sgreed
upon on his admission to the brotherhood
that will protect them agsinet immediate
want, and to aid the local lodges in their
obligations to their sick and wanting mem
bers. Campaign for Xext Oanveattoa.
The campaign for the next meeting is
becoming interesting. Duluth la favored
by many of the delegates on account of
Its central position and greater accessi
bility to the middle west and northwest.
Fresno, however', haa Its adherents among
the delegates and quite a number are
anxioua to have the next meeting there for
tha reason that in California there is an
other organization of Danes known as the
Danla society, and It Is thought that If
the Danish Brotherhood society should
meet there In 1910, a merging of the two
societies might be effected and this, it Is
believed, would materially strengthen both
Last night the visitors were guests of
the local lodge at its meeting In Danish
hall and were entertained with an inter
esting moving picture show given by W.
J. Levsrett of this city. At the close of
the entertainment refreshment were
served, cigars lighted and a social session
enjoyed until quite a late hour. This
evening the visiting delegates will be
guests of honor at a banquet in the Dan
ish hall, the members of the local lodge
being the hosts.
Ptaaos. .
Ws are headquarter lor fine pianos.
No matter what may be your need we can
supply It. We offer you a line of pianos
that are fully tested and we guarantee you
satisfaction In the purchase of an Instru
ment from us. Call on us. Tour money
will go farther here than anywhere else.
Easy terms If desired. Swanson Music
Co., 407 West Broadway.
Don't pound the life out of your fine
Wilson or Axmlnster rug by cleaning It
the old-fashioned way. There is a better
way; cheaper In the long run. Our way
will not Injur the finest fabric Our
wagon will call. Tel. SIS. The Council
Bluff Carpet Cleaning and Rug Manufac
turing company.
For Imported wines, liquors and Bud
weiser beer go to L. Rosen f eld. wholesale
liquor dealer, 619 South Main street.
I'nabla to Keen In with Litigation
f tko Company.
In an affidavit filed yesterday In the dis
trict court by counsel for the Omaha tt
Council Bluff Btreet Railway company. In
support of a motion to continue the pet
sonal Injury damage suit of Mrs. Mary
Lorenzen against the company, the claim
I made that an unusual number of acci
dents had happened during the present
year and In consequence the legal depart
ment of the street railway ha been unable
to prepare for the trial of this case at this
term of court.
In the affidavit of Emmet Tlnley of the
firm of Harl A Tlnley, local attorney for
ths street railway' company, it 1 aet forth
that the collapse of the platform of the
Kuraaal at Lake Manawa. on July 4 alone
resulted in the filing of eighty claims for
claim or suits, on account of deaths re
sulting from this catastrophe. In addition to
the affidavit of Attorney Tlnley one br E. II.
Odell, until a few day ago local claim
agent of the company, waa filed. In hi
affidavit Mr. Odell stales that five Im
portant witnesses for the defense cannot
be secured at this term of court. The
court haa not yet passed upon tha mo
tion. Judge Wheeler has overruled the motion
of the defendant to transfer the suit of
Charles H. Huber against H. A. Larson,
proprietor of th Manhattan saloon ahd
safe, to the United Btatea court. Shortly
after the filing of thl suit Ander Larson
of Clay county, Minneaota, appeared on
the scene, claiming to be the owner of
th property Involved, and on the grounds
of being a nonresident of th state of
Iowa secured. In the federal court, a tem
porary Injunction restraining Huber from
prosecuting hi suit in the district court
This temporary restraining order ha not
yet been vacated. Th cult I to enjoin
Larson from operating tha saloon con
trary to the mulct law of Iowa, and waa
brought shortly after the city election la
the spring by Huber. who wa defeated
for counellman-at-larg on th democraUo
tleHet. At th time it wa alleged, that
politic was at tha bottom or ths suit. .
Tb taking of evidence In the personal
Injury damage suit of Edward Haefner
against C H. and Al Huber wa com.
pleted yesterday and the case will go to
th jury this morning. This Is th
second trial of the case. At the former
trial th jury disagreed. Haefner wa
employed In the meat market of th de
fendant' and while making sausage lost
tha four fingers and part of hla right
hand In a machine.
Th following additional petit juror
were drawn yesterday for the October
term of district court, to appear Novem
ber Ti
O. E. Knight, I. Cherni, W. 4. Kerney.
C. O. Hamilton. Tom Troupe, John Sandfl,
N. Celehaii. H. T. James. Ity; C. r
, Briggs. Washington; A. E. Woodworth.
Garner; Fred Heuwlnkel. Keg Creek; J.
It. I rede, silver t reen; James Keiton.
Neoia; otto lulls, Kocktord; J. JC. Hntler.
For Pair.
$1,600 A MONTH. WILL INVOICE fH.000.
A. Mtttgsr A Co.
New Location of Wholesale Bakery.
Sl( Mynater Street, Co. Bluff a, la.
Home-made Bread a Specialty.
Visitors Welcome.
Hare Beea Looking for Hiss Since
Before Csrslrsl.
Roy Green, tor wnom the police have
been looking since a few days before the
opening of the Council Blurts stieet fair
and carnival last month, was arrested yts
terday afternoon by Detective Weir. Oieen
Is said to be an all-round crook and hotel
worker. One afternoon shortly before the
opening of the carnival a man was dis
cove.ed prowling around the corridors of
the Grand hotel. He entered the room of
Conductor Sievert of the Northwestern
ratlrosd and finding 8l-ert In made an
excuse about seeking the toilet room.
Sltvert detained the fellow, - whom he
recognised aa having entered his room on
a foimer occasion and made a similar ex
cuse, until he rang for a belt boy and then
ordered the boy to conduct the fellow to
Chief Clerk Park.
While Mr. Park was Interrogating the
fellow he made a dasn for the door leading
Into the alley between the hotel and the
annex and escaped, but lost his hat In the
shuffle. The fellow waa pursued and was
seen to enter a rooming house at First ave
nue and Eighth street, but a search by
the police failed to locate him. Two men
and two women found In the house were
taken Into custody, but later released on
their promising to leave the city, which
they did.
From the description of the fellow caught
in the hotel the police were certain Roy
Green, who was well known tc them, was
the man. Green waa positively Identified
by Mr. Park yesterday afternoon. It Is
understood that Green Is wanted In Omaha
on a charge of larceny and he will be
turned over to the authorities of that city,
If the police here are unable to make a
case against him. As Green did not steal
anything from the hotel, as far , a Is
known, It Is doubtful if he can be charged
with anything egcept vagrancy. When
arrested yesterday he was found to be
carrying a revolver and a charge of car
rying concealed weapons , was placed
against him. That Conductor Sievert Is
the owner of several valuable diamonds
Is believed to have been known by Green
and the police ascribe this ss the reason
for Green twice entering ' Mr. leverf
met restaurant. 120 Broadway.
If you want a good position, finish a
course at the Western Iowa college. Day
and evening school. Enroll at any time.
'Phone for Information.
Pictures for wedding gift,
ander, 133 Broadway.
C. E. Alcx-
Real Estate Transfers.
The transfer were reported to The
Bee October by the Pottawattamie County
Abstract company of Counoll Bluffs: '
Julia A. Daugherty and husband to
Nettie E. Drake, part of lot 3 in
the original plat of Council Bluffs,
la., w. B 12,700
John Goodchlld and wife to Nellie
E. Aywood, lot 2, block H. in Wil
liams1 1st ad to Council Bluffs,
la., w. d 800
George W. West and wife to H. L.
Robertson, nw ne4 6-77-44. q. c. d.. 370
H. L. H. Jennings to Martin P.
Schmidt, part of stt ae seV3b-75-44,
w. d i...... S00
Executors of the Etta P. Chapman
estate to Stella Chapman, lots C. 7,
8 and t, In Chapman ad; lot 17 and
wt, of lot 1, block 4. In Twin City
Place ad to council uiuns, ia., ana . .
part of nw4 ne4 1-74-44, and part
of sw se4 38-75-44, executors'
deed '
Five transfers; total 14.171
A Great Excitement.
We are making the lowest possible prices
on wall paper. The latest patterns. ' We
will make you the lowest figure if you will
let us do the work. Guaranteed to be first
class. Council Bluffs Pslnt, Oil and Glass
Co., Merriam block.
warranted. Central Grocery and Meat Mar
ket. Both 'phones 24.
Children's Hoars at Library.
At the suggestion of Superintendent
Clifford of the public schools of this city
the children's room In the public library
is to remsln open until t p. m. Instead of
until 7 o'clock. If the experiment proves
successful and the young folk behave
themselves It will be made permanent.
The library board ha further decided
to make an effort to Induce school children
to patronise the library more than they
do. Attractive circulars calling attention
to the advantages of the library are to be
sent to all children between the ages of
Honest ' Statement concerning
Honest Oood
Purity -
Never a question a to the Purity
of our product
Costliest and choicest material
need exclusively
Uniform ascaUaac always
Everywhere hifh ia favor ; who
ever taste th Lowney product
become a permanent customer
Makers ef Ceces sad Checolste -BOSTON,
12 and IS years. There Is also some talk
of holding meetings In the children's room
once or more esrh month, at' which ad
dresses will be made on some topic con
nected with the library and Its. use.
Hello, Central, give me everybody on the
wires. Tell them of our big candy sale
next Saturday. Home-mnde candy. 10o a
lb. Purity Candy Kitchen. 511 Broadway.
Opera House block.
town Women Injured.
DEFIANCE. Is.. Oct. .-8rcln!. While
H. R. Kelmes of Omaha and others were
driving a lot of cattle over a country road
near this place they met Miss Leon and
Miss McCaine. who wire driving In a
buggy. Their horse became frightened and
threw the women from the buggy, severely
Injurylng them. Mr. Kelrnos went to their
assistance and after giving them temporary
aid sent them to their homes.
n. I., and W.
This phrase, when applied, means the
best coal mined. W hnndle all the dif
ferent slses.
and Missouri oak wood In stock at all
times. Brldcnsteln & Smith. 'Prmne
14th Ave and th St. ,
It will pay you tq look over my stock
of phonographs, bicycles And sewing ma
chines before you buy. I have som espe
cial bargains In bicycles. I rent sewing
machines. 8. M. Williamson, 17 So Main et.
Papier Maehe Works Consolidate.
CLINTON, Ia., Oct. . (Special Tele
gram.) Charla 8. Cole, -proprietor of the
Western Papier Mache works, Denver, has
signed a contract to remove his entire
plant to Clinton. He hopes to consolidate
the Western with the Natolnal Papier
Mache plant here, the largest in America, i
C. 8. Richardson, former head of the Na
tional Papier works, leaves for Kansas
City. . '
N. Y. Plumbing Co. Tel. SO. Night, 693.
The Knabe piano will cost you more
money than any. other piano made, be
cause It is the best one:, and only ob
tainable at A. Hospe Co,, 28 Routh Main
street, Council Bluffs.
There la no getting around It, When
you buy anything of John Olson, 739 and
741 West Broad wayi you get Just what
you order whether you order over the
phone or leave the order at the store.
He does not handle anything but first
class groceries and sells them at the
most reasonable price possible.
Iowa Candidate Resigns.
CLINTON, la., Oct. . (Special Tele
gram.) H. W. Seaman, nominee for sena
tor on the republican ticket, declines to
run. .
Don't fall to see the Red Cross bsse
burner. Let us show you the Eclipse
grate, the only stove made with the
Eclipse grate. Swalne fMaurer, Vfi and
838 Broadway. '
Owner Heed Money.
Must sell elegant lot on Glen avenue;
also good dwellings on eleventh street, near
Bloomer school. Tel. fit., piias. T. Officer,
41 Broadway. . ' r.
In finite of -His Ktantki Jary Finds
"Al" Adams Committed' -
NEW YORK, Oct, . Thaf Albwt Adam,
the so-called "policy king,'' who, was found
dead In hla rooms in the .Hotel Anaemia,
waa murdered is the belief of Coroner Har-.
burger as expressed at the opening or the
Inquest into Adams' death, today. '.The?
coroner ald also that he. .'.was convinced
that bl investigation als would "reveal
evidence to show thgt the , murderer is a
prominent witness at the Inquest.
In opening the inquest' Coroner " Har
hurger told the Jury thai before eomlng
Into court this morning he had been
abused and vilified by an Important wit
ness In the ease."
Continuing, he said:
"Th relatives and police believe . that
Adams committed suicide,' but as coroner
I believe and expect to. show to yon that
Albert J. Adams was murdered and that
th murderer is sn Important witness in
this cass who will appear before you.''
The following Is a list fff the wltnrsses
subpoenaed at . the inquest1: Follre Cap
tain Burflend, W. E. D. Stoke, proprietor
of the Ansonla hotel; Mrp.: Adams, widow
of the alleged .suicide. Albert and Louis
Adams,' his sons; Dr. Tbornley, hnuss
phynlclan at the Ansonla hotel; William
Dunlevle, clerk at the AnionJa; Edward
Mill, bell boy; G. W, Robblns and William
H. Thomas, Adams' partner ahd friend.
Societies Start Building:.
. 8TURGIS, 8. D.. Oct. . (Special Tele-
gram.) The corner stone of the new benev
olent hall building waa laid today, four
lodge joining in the erection of the build
ing participating in the ceremonies under
the auspices of the Masonic lodge, J. J.
Davenport acting as grand master. Tho
old fraternal building, erected In was
destroyed by fire In March. ISiv;. It waa
owned by the Masons, Odd Felloas and
Workmen lodges. The new building Is to
cost S31.000 and will be owned by the same
orders, with the local lodge of Eagles
added. The Sixth cavalry hand furnished
music for the occasion. AH the. lodges had
speaker present to elaborate upon the ad
vantages and benefits of fraternallsm. An
Immense concourse of people from the city
and country waa present' All business
house and schools were closed during the
Wonnded Polleemaa Alive:
MITCHELL, 8. D.. Oct. 9. (Special Tele,
grara.) rWaiter Newman, the policeman
who waa shot last night. Is still alive snd
Is getting along well under Hie. -circum
stance. The bullet wa extracted from hla
leg today, but no attempt waa made to
probe for the bullet which Is lodged In the
left lung. For a time it appeared that the
prisoner was in danger of being lynched,
so high wa the sentiment, ut wiser eoun.
set prevailed. The atrong physical condi
tion of the Injured policeman stands much
In hi favor of recovery If complication do
not set in. Th city council employed three
physicians and a professional nurse to care
for the policeman.
Reward far Mnrderer.
PIERRE. 8. D.. Oct. S-(8pecial Tele
gramsThe county commissioner of Stan
ley county have offered a reward of 1200
for the apprehension of Harry Brooks, the
man who killed Frank Llnder at Midland
last Friday night. Brooks is a young man
about six feet tall, very slender and with
hair and eyebrows so light that he wa
given the name of "Whltey" among his
Militia Preserve Order.
OTTAWA. Ont., Oct. f.-Eurklnghani ia
In possession of th militia today and all
Is quiet after th coafllct of yesterday. No
further disturbance la expected.
Employe god Hattcers f Traction Com
pany Iet ia Afternoon.
Alleara loan Woman Mole
tffeftloas. W btrh. Are t aleed
Twenty Thonsand Dollars
the Wife.
UYom a Staff Correspondent.)
DtS MOINES, Oct. .-KpeclaI.)-intll
the meeting tomorrow ufternoon between
the street railway official,, snd the oflVers
of the new union of the company's em
ployes is held It cannot be told whether
there will he a strike of the men or not.
The meeting Is called for t o'clock. Presi
dent J. 8. Polk got up from a sickbed 10
attend the meeting yesterday. A written
agreement was submitted by the new union
of the employes and wa verbally agreed
to with some minor restrictions. It re
mnln to be seen whether or not these will
be agreed to by the employes. The officers
of the union have agreed that the wage
contract signed by the men as Individuals,
and to run for eighteen months, shall be
carried out. nnd on this promise the com
pany agreed to reinstate the ten men dl..
charged. In the meantime, however, tho
company ha increased the number of
strike-breakers Imported from Chicago to
fifty, and they are still here. The com-
pany siys they will Temaln till all possl- i
ble need of thetn Is past. I
Monnt Ayr tilrl Rrlngs Sail.
An original notice of a suit for Jafi.tufl I
damages for the alienation of the affections
of Charles Blair wa served today on . Miss
Nanna Boyd. The suit Is brought by Mrs.
Dolly Blair.' wife of Charles Blair. She
charges that Miss Boyd Is responsible for
stealing her husband. Notice of the suit
was served on Miss Boyd by Deputy Sher
iff Wesley Ash at 1211 Cherry street, where
Miss Boyd Is living. The petition In th
Suit has not been filed. Sullivan tc Sullivan,
formerly of Creston, are attorneys for Mrs.
Blair. .
Dickinson Indicted. .
The Polk county, grand Jury this after
noon returned an Indictment against H. B.
Dickinson, the Insurance man, on the
charge of murder 111 the second degree for
the death of Ireie BIydenburg, the Elflora
telephone girl who died In this city from
a criminal operation.
Will Retnrn Mlssonrlans.
Governor ' Cummins todsy granted requi
sitions for jthe return of Grant Brown,
Pete Brown and Mamie Johnson, alias Ma
mie Brown, to the state of Mla-ouri. Grant
Brown is now at Oskalooaa and Is wanted
In Chilllcothe, Mo., for forgerr. He broke
Jail there August 20. Pete Brown and
Mamie Brown are in Sioux City and are
wanted in Buchanan county for the lar
ceny of $130 from the person of Edward
Coger. C
Captain Madden a Candidal.
Captain P. W. Madden, who w" warden
at the state penitentiary under Governors
Drake, Boles and Jackson. Is a candidate
for warden to succeed the late warden, W.
A. Hunter, at Anamosa. Madden's friends
are arranging to lay his application before
the Board of Control.
Freeslng Weather Continues.
Freeslng weather for all part of Iowa
was predicted by the weather bureau for
tonight. This Is a continuation of the cold
spell of yesterday and today. Though the
weather bureau thermometer In this city
registered S above at 7 thla morning, there
wa thin Ice in many part of the city. At
Sl'pux city it waa SO abov this morning. j
Appeals to Wanhlnarton. '. '-I'j
The case of W. M. Long sguinst the i
Bank of Clearfield i to be carried to the
United State supreme court. Long, as
trustee for Thomas F. Wells, a bankrupt,
brought suit to recover money collected by
the bank from Insurance companies. The
federal court for the southern district of
Iowa and the circuit court of appeals have
held against the bank. The bank Is now
In the hands of a receiver and It ha ap
pealed the case to the United States su
preme court, notice having been filed today j
in the federal, court here.
Bias at Los Angeles.
LOS ANGELES, Cal., Oct. . Fir which
broke out mysteriously laat night on the
ton floor of the Chamber of Comeree build
ing caused damage estimated at HOO.000, i
per cent by water. The Chamber of Com-
merce building is a flve-story brick and ;
stone structure and waa erected In 1908. The
three upper floors are given up to offioes,
the second floor to the une of th chamber
thm first Is occupied by business estab
lishments. The office and rompoesng room
of the Herald, on the ground noor, wer
flooded. Some machlnerr and a considera
ble amount of paper In the basement were
Boy Bnrns Barns.
BATTLE CREEK, Neb.. Oct .(Spe
cial.) Fire broke out, In-C. A. Hedman'
barn, destroying the barn, with grain In
It; also a carriage house, with a carriage
In it. and a chicken coop and other out-buildings-
The Methodist parsonage barn,
across the alley from the Hedman barn,
was also burned. A high wind prevailed,
carrying the burning shingles, which set
fire in 'other place, but no damage wa
done. A little grandson of Mr.' Hedman
started the fire. No insurance.
Town In Kansas. ,
MARY6VILLE. Kan., Oct, . Fire today
at Summer field, a small town near here,
destroyed three stores and the Sun news,
paper office. For a time 'the town was
Cedar Haplds Man Get . Medal for
Low Soore.
SIOVX CITT. Ia.. Oct. . (Special Tele
gram.) The golf team from the Omaha
Field club, composed of Dr. H. C. Sum
ney. O. W. Shields, A. C. Jonee and J. B.
Clarke, won the team match In the inter
state golf tournament in progress here,
with an average score of 106. Dr. Sum
ney' score of 9t for eighteen holes wss
the lowest made by hla team.
H. H. Ferguson of C-dr Rapids, la.,
won the gold medal for low score In the
mmlifvlnr round, maklna the elshteen holes
In 78 strokes. Dr. Surnney of Omaha wn
runnerup with a score of 92 and Warren
Dickenson of Des Moines nude third low
score, 86. The cold weather was a hindrance
to good play. .
' lie Gins la St. Lanla.'
ST. LOUIS, Oct. J. The second gam of
the local American-National post-season
series todsy ended In tie 4 to 4. Dark
ness stopped the play. Soore: R.H.E.
Americans 0 It 0 0 0 0 04 11 i
National 4 0 O 0 0 0 04 T 0
Batteries: Americans. Pelty and Spencer;
Nationals, and Noonan.
Last Bar la Faaad.
NEW YORK. Oct. . Willis L bar bar,
the 4-year-old Italian boy who had been
missing from his home for more then
two weeks and who waa believed to have
been kidnaped, was restored to his parent
today. The little fellow was found wan
dering about the streets at the Brooklyn
end of the Brooklyn bridge last Saturday
night and taken to the rooms of the
Children oclety. He waa identified today.
Empleyera Ask Injnnetlan.
TOPEKA. Kan.. Oct. . A temporary In
junction was granted by Judge Pollock of
the 1'nlted States district court today re
straining the members of ths Iron Moulders'
union of Kansas City, Kan., from Inter
fering with the employes of the Riverside
Iron works of th-U city. The company
clsims that th men lmiorted to supplant
strikers have been Intimidated and annoyed
by tb union.
at little cost.
$1,000.00 "Lr.Vs'!
stance Injurious to tho health lnund
In Calnmet Buking rwrler.
lHirltr it prime essential
Cft.tnni4t is made only r( pure,
lngTdlent combined by skilled
and compltes with the purty.-Hi J laws of
all states. It is the only high-grade
Baking IViwder on the market gold at
a moderate prices
Calumet Baking Powder may be
freely used with the certainty that food
made with it contains no hnrmfnl
draff no Alum, no Rochelie Salts,
no injurious substance.
To Hyannis, Nebraska
October If), 1000, Leaving Omaha 4:10 P. M.
To Lakeside, Nebraska
November C, 1906, leaving Omaha 4:10 p. m.
To Hyannis, Nebraska
November 20. 1906, leaving Omaha 4:10 p. m.
I will personally conduct the above Homeseekers' Excur
tlons, at which times I will have with me townih,li plat
showing the homestead land In thette localities.
SPECIAL Ol'POKTl'NITIEg Lands that are now being
cancelled on reports of the Special Agents of the Government
are generally desirable homesteads. I keep track of all of
the cancelled lands for the benefit of the patrons ot thla bureau. .
R.Ti:a AM) TICKETS Very low round trip Home
seekers' Excursion rates will be In effect on above dates to
these destinatlona, and to any other points In the homestead
counties in Nebraska. Those holding excursion tickets desir
ing to visit other points will be furnished township plats show
ing the homestead land in any section they desire to visit
AKW l-XJLUER KKKK Write today tor our new tolder
with map of Nebraska, telling all about tha 640-acre tree home
steads, and how to acquire title. ,
. . , M purifies and enriches th blood, cleanse and hetl
th bladder and kidney when Irritated or congesteo. invigorate th liver,
revive th plrit brightens th intellect, snd restores the Wasted power of
Merro-Vital Debility. ,
DEBILITY and ail reflex complications and associate disease and weak
nesses of men. To these maladies alone we have earnestly devoted twenty
four of the best years of our lives. . Physician having stubborn cases are
cordially invtted to consult with us. W make no charge for private counsel,
and give esch patient a legal contract In writing to hold for our promise, if
affected. It la your duty to Investigate a cure that ha mad life anew te
multitude of men.
K. Y' Cor- 3th and
Bussiin Commission Lays Recent Trouble
to logligenc and Iniffioioioy.
Wearers of St. George's Cress ABTc,led
by Prevailing; Spirit and
One f Tnena Is Con
victed. ST. PETERSBURG, Oct. . The commis
sion appointed by Emperor Nicholas to in
vestigate the causes of the Sveaborg and
Cronstsdt mutinies have found that the
blame waa largely attribute! to the negli
gence and Inefficiency of the officer. It Is
considered probable that several of the lat
ter will be tried' by court-martial as a re
sult of the investigation.
The continued naval mutinies are re
garded by the commissions being un
avoidable under , the present condition.
Even wearer of the St. George' cross,
which la conferred, like the British Vic
toria cross, for acta of extreme bravery
and devotion to duty, are affected. One
of these ws condemned to death recently
Is tea you don't tire of. Its dHtrtous flavor appeals to you, its full body
hroil-fcly stimulate you, while It economy In use make it essential
to you.
McCORD-BRADY CO, Wholesale Agent, Om&h-,
In food.
For further information cull or write
D. CLEM DENVER, Agent, '
Homesetkcrs' Information Bureau,
100k Farnam Street, Omaha, Nebraska
Such a man controls the. respect of bis fel
low man and commands the a. miration of th
fairer sex. In his every action there Is mag
netism. His steady nerve, his sparkling eye and
his ruddy complextion all proclaim him a prince
socially, and In the business world he is th
peer of the brightest and best.
So many men fail to leach this highest stand
ard of physical excellence, because their vitality
haa been weakened or destroyed through errors,
excesses, everwerk or mental worry.
. If this I your condition we want you to hon
estly Investigate our special treatment for weak
men. It does not stimulate temporarily, but builds
up permanently. During the paat few months It
ha been tested on hundreds of cases right here
snd not a aingle failure or an unpleasant result
has been reported. What it haa don for other It
will do for you. It stops every unnatural drain
and builds ui the muscular and nervous svstem.
Farnam St., Omaha, Neb.
at 6t. Petersburg for. disobedience ef or
ders and striking an officer.
After a long investigation Colonel Semi
novakl of the Rostoff Grenadiers, which
mutinied In December last, ha been re
lieved of duty and will be tried by court
martial on the charge of laxity In main
taining discipline in the regiment, '
HELSINGFORS, Oct. .-A test vote at
the congress of constitutional democrat,
now in cession here, haa not yet been taken,
but the radical claim they have a working
majority, pointing out th attitude of th
speakers, . of whom 00 per cent advocated
radical views.
The belligerents, however, differ a to
how far It ahould he left to th party to
demand the Immediate financial boycott ef
the government. The extremists advocate
a bold appeal to the peasantry to refua to'
enter the army during the recruiting Ma
son, which' opens thl month. Th central
committee today wa mor strongly dis
posed to a compromise In order, to avoid a
dlsrupture of the party, but apparently
they can not hope to retain the moderates.'
Sixty speaker ar yt to be hsard. . ,
Addlrk', Patty Meets.
WILMINGTON. Del.. Oct, t. Th unlea
republican state convention, called by J.
Edward Addlck, met here todsy. Only
twenty delegstes appeared. The objeet ot
the convention, Addlck say. I to ar-.
serve the union republican organisation. '